Registration Issues

I've had multiple people complain that they haven't received an email when registering a new account.  I have no idea what's causing it; the only thing I can think of is that gmail and hotmail are blacklisting the omnitopia email domain for some reason because the emails are in fact being sent out by the server.

To alleviate this for the time being, I've disabled requiring email verification to create an account.  If this causes us to be overwhelmed by spambots I'll come up with something else.

Ten Lines


Author note: Many thanks to Codexdrinker and MoreFriction for their ideas and help in editing this story.

Ten lines
By Max

**Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to be better than others? Do you want to tease your husband while doing it? This is the site for you.**

**For a limited time only, you will be granted an exclusive beta testing of our reality bending software. Using the following ten text boxes below, write sentences comparing yourself with people nearby and watch as your comparisons become reality.**

Major League Skullball

Note: This text describes extreme cartoon violence, and is very silly, but still has some objectively cruel and violent moments. This text has been edited from its original version for consistent pronouns, and to remove "time-loops."  Some names and images have been replaced for the sake of privacy.

A Party with Belle

7 pieces of art and the conclusion to this trilogy is available on my Patreon!

A Party with Belle
Written by HarmonyMotion
Commissioned by Annihilator10k

Chapter 1 - Peer Pressure
“Yo Adam, you going to the end of year party?”

“Naaah, I’ve got plans. You guys have a good time though!”

“Come on dude, loosen up a little. You heard what happened last year right? Angela got drunk as hell and tried to take off her top on the dance floor!”

A Lesson in Quarian Biology (A Mass Effect Parody) [Extreme Breast and Ass Growth, 4th Wall Break]

To see the story with the Tali breast expansion sequence image sequence that inspired it, check it out on my blog.


“I don’t get it,” Tali said as Shepard returned to her cabin. “Why is your computer filled with all these pictures of scantily clad women?” The bottom-heavy quarian stood, hunched forward with an arm on the desk, wearing her form fitting bodysuit as always.