Registration Issues

I've had multiple people complain that they haven't received an email when registering a new account.  I have no idea what's causing it; the only thing I can think of is that gmail and hotmail are blacklisting the omnitopia email domain for some reason because the emails are in fact being sent out by the server.

To alleviate this for the time being, I've disabled requiring email verification to create an account.  If this causes us to be overwhelmed by spambots I'll come up with something else.

The Demi-God's Husband.

A Foreword

this story stems from a reoccurring nightmare I had when I first started dating my partner. it really conflicted my brain, as it was very graphic in nature, hurtful to the soul, but also strangely arousing. I didn't know how to process it for the longest time, but I wrote it down, and today I can confidently say I still don't entirely know how to process it. I revisit it sometimes, clean it up a little bit here and there, as do I visit here too. I'm not really sure who this is for, but I do hope you get some semblance of entertainment out of it. 

Rising Star


“Darn it Mikky you messed up the chorus again.”


“Sorry Monica my bad”, he replied weakly.


“Come on Monica, lay off him, you’re only gonna make him more nervous.”, Beth interjected.


“Says the person that couldn’t even wear clothes to match the rest of us”, Monica replied.


Seeing the tension escalating Tina got out from behind the drums and announced she was done for the day. “Let’s start fresh in the morning, I need to get ready for a date later.”, she said very bubbly.




After another grueling day of work, Sophie returns home. Years of hard work have finally paid off, now that she’s realised her dream of living in a lavish mansion with a hunky boyfriend. All it took was gumption, elbow grease, and ascension into the supreme Deity of the multiverse.