Krakatoa part 3 - The Mission

Morning comes slowly as the night seems to linger on. Time itself slows down when basking in the afterheat of two Goddesses in love. Tris awakens in moans which signal equal amounts of pleasure and pain: In her overt excitement, Toa must’ve broken all of Tris's limbs last night. By Tris’s own admission, no less.

Tris: ”Ooo-hohooo… Wow, that was some night. And by ’some’, I mean awesome!”

Krakatoa part 2 - On a Date

Tris and Krakatoa eventually got up to get all of the formalities out of the way. Toa was given a proper work contract as a member of the Secret Task Force. This entitled her to an abundant salary, an entire PR team, and free use of Tris’s mansion and any of the four other Task Force members for sexual favours. All she needs to do is train herself up to standard and participate in missions she’s needed in.

Krakatoa part 1

It’s a bit loud in here. Must be all of those sirens and people screaming. I wouldn’t exactly say that this is preferable, but what can I do but ignore it? Something about this place draws me near. I don’t know exactly what. Must be something really extraordinary, ’cause I get all tingly just thinking about it.