High school boy meets Ultimate Futanari in future.


High school boy meets Ultimate Futanari in future.



In 2132 a probe was found orbiting beyond the moon. A non-human-made sphere with strange overlapping ellipse markings. The world went crazy with excitement  and speculation. However the sphere did nothing and mankind was unable to open it until it’s course was altered with atomic explosions and it crashed into the moon. It broke revealing many smaller spheres.

The All-Corrupting Goddess


“-and here is your order, sorry about the wait!”

“Ah, no problem, I’m not in any rush!”

“Need any more coffee?”

“Nope, I’m all good for now!”

“Alright then, enjoy your meal- call me if you need anything, dear.”

The waitress sets down a pretty white plate loaded with food in front of me, stacked high with french toast and surrounded by a generous helping of fruit and bacon. Taking one last sip of my coffee, I wedge a corner off a slice of toast and take a first bite.