Godspeed: Pretty Cure (Part II)



                                8 YEARS LATER

A lot of human years passed since I parted ways with Momo, even if we were together for a few days, I had always felt that we were meant to work together forever, we formed a pretty intimate bound and I got used really fast to the comfort of her house.

Supanari Chapter 6


Just as Katie started to experience her catastrophic growth spurt in the nurse’s office, Ms. Tracy was delivering some big news to the girls in the thirteen-plus homeroom.

“You’ll all be excited to learn the construction of the replacement hydroponics module for the ISS has finally been completed,” announced Ms. Tracy. Her even, white teeth sparkled between her collagen-puffed lips.

Supanari Chapter 5


San Futas High was no ordinary high school, and not just because many of the students and most of the teachers were super-powered futanari. SFH was also a research laboratory, an industrial prototyping shop and the seat of local government among other things.

Paula, the Ubercop

2293 AD, the world has come to be configured far differently from what we know about the past, most people live in city states confined to the coast of each continent and the mainland is mostly populated by robots working on farms and factories to sustain the population, although there are jobs that require human involvement to function properly, one of them is the police. This story is about two buddy cops that happen to be in a really extraordinary situation. One of them is a simple human, but the other one is actually a stunning Super Goddess.