A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 05


When Matt had woken up on Tuesday morning cuddled up to a nude Sophie, he’d enjoyed it greatly, and it was something he'd definitely wanted to repeat as often as possible. This morning, Matt had the pleasure of waking up with not one nude girl, but 4, all of whom had wanted to get in on the group cuddle. Matt opened his eyes, and examined the current positions of everyone. He was laid on his back, with Sophie in pole position, cuddled up properly with him.

Under a Genie's Power


Jacob Masterson was an 18-year-old, 1st year university student. Like most 1st years, he lived in university accommodation, and in his case that meant a small, university-owned house. He lived with 2 other students, a boy named Andrew, and a girl named Lizzie. All 3 of them were typical “losers”. None was particularly attractive, and all 3 were virgins, though none knew this of the others. They sometimes hung out, but mostly kept to themselves.

I Reject Your Reality, and Substitute My Own

It had been the first time Orihime had ever fought, and yet here she stood, victorious over the strange creature that attacked her and her friends. She hadn’t been entirely sure how she had done it, but somehow she and her Shun Shun Rikka had not only managed to drive back the creatures, but also to heal her best friend, Tatsuki. So, in an attempt to to learn more about her powers, Orihime went to her favorite source for any and all information related to the supernatural: The Journey to Bust Ghosts on Hallowed Ground forums and chatroom.

Excessive Force

Lekku had long been considered a status symbol amongst twi’leks. In addition to containing part of a twi’lek’s brain, they also served as signs of beauty. Most of their kind were born with two such braintails, but Ghistatualin was unique. Three or four lekku were a rarity... Ghistatualin had no less than six. And there was no doubt she put that extra brainpower to use; she was constantly studying, constantly analyzing. Ever since she was a young padawan, the Jedi masters could remember her constantly questioning everything, everywhere, everytime.

Epic Equipment

Jessie and James shuddered a bit as they walked through the Silph Co. building, the disdainful glares of their coworkers upon them as they marched through the hall. Every step toward Giovanni’s office felt like a heartbeat closer to a death stroke… They knew that they hadn’t been in good graces with the rest of Team Rocket lately, and when Giovanni asked to see them? They only hoped that the rumors of him using a charizard to literally fire those he was displeased with were nothing more than hearsay.

The Living Triforce part 2

Zelda had ruled as the will of the Triforce for a short while... Not that a period of time such as “short” had meaning to Her any longer. She had created countless worlds, and devoured each of them as effortlessly as She had destroyed her original world. Sometimes they would be reflections of Hyrule, other times they would be things which no Hylian had ever dared to dream of.

The Living Triforce part 1

Zelda stared down at the tome she held in her hands. She had been hesitant to use it, its dark powers calling to her, tempting her, promising her things she never dared to ask for. But as she saw the battle before her, the temptation grew. The Master Sword had been shattered, Fi’s form now little more than shards of metal on the ground. Link fought valiantly, using light arrows to keep Ganon at bay, but without his sword, he couldn’t keep the advantage whenever he got close, and any damage he did was only temporary without the sword of evil’s bane.