Supanari Chapter 8


Superego Maxine awoke in darkness.

She was getting fucked: spitroasted by eager tentacles that filled every hole and wriggled inside her like a nest of snakes. More tentacles milked her perpetually jizzing cock and suckled at her hugely engorged, milk-gushing tits. The slick, throbbing appendages were oil-black, streaked with faintly glowing purple veins that pulsed and writhed with sensual rhythm. They bound her wrists and ankles with irresistible strength.

The Quintessential Mary-Sue

My stories are over-the-top by design. So, it should come as no surprise that the motif of the "Mary-Sue" is one I find particularly intriguing. The fact people write the character spontaneously and without realization is almost enough to make me believe in the collective unconscious, almost. I know it is traditional to write a Mary-Sue unintentionally, but I did so with the greatest of intents. This story goes from Earth to space to the gates of Heaven and Hell as Mary-Sue proves her superiority over all of creation. I wrote the story to be as the title boasts: The Quintessential Mary-Sue, the definitive work for this pervasive motif. I am happy with the result. I was going for the "High Score."

5 Short Stories by Mr. GreyMan

Author's Note: It is unlikely that all of the following stories are of your taste. Yet--if you are reading this--I would strongly suspect some are. If you find yourself reading something you don't find enjoyable, my suggestion would be to simply stop and quickly move on to the next. Since--if you continue--the distaste will -likely- only grow. The delineation between the stories are clearly marked for this reason. If you start to grow uneasy with the images being called forth, just move on to the next story. Oh, and you do have my permission to write sequels or prequels to any one of these stories or to create other art inspired by them. In fact, I would be most appreciative if you did.

Silver, Ember, Magic: Part 2

Renee noticed a silver aura surrounding her heels, while the silver puddle of her magical essence at her feet is being drained by Jade inside her heels, the whole puddle had a value of about 10% of her power but 5% remained. 

"We are going to make a scene, I better freeze everyone here." Renee clicked her fingers together and everything non magical came to a standstill, cars, people, trees, wind, everything with in the city radius, constantly looping and expanding when people entered or even witnessed the radius.

Silver, Ember, Magic

"New day, I feel like a change for today" Renee mumbled to herself in her regressed form, which doesn't resemble anything human like, her essence form is more like a silver ember swarm that are gravitating toward their hive.

She has her own place on Earth, Far below ground, close to the core, humans would disintegrate instantly at this depth. Nothing of this world can hurt Renee, she has almost limitless powers, that are growing, other rivals have to thank for that. "I happily oblige to to that." Renee winked, knowing you are reading her story.