The day-to-day lives of omnipotent women who have reached the highest level of ascendance.

This entry contains both existing and only chapters, Parched and With the Snap of Her Fingers, the second of which contains some Avengers: Infinity War spoilers. 



An office worker does a favor for her older sister


Two months later and our discord is pretty active, yay.

I added comments, ratings, and tags to RP logs.  Not sure why I didn't do that in the first place.

Something else I need to do is get around to codifying rules about content on this site.  However as I am incredibly lazy that probably won't happen for a while either.  I would like to point out that I am allowing male content on this site, despite the site name (I didn't think omnipotent-people would be as catchy).

Alien to Ambition

This is completely different from any other full story I wrote, since the protagonist is male. The Nameless Protagonist is a likely psychopath that subjugates a race of supple aliens. These aliens have no notion of ambition, and become his willing slaves as he uses their technology to grow physically (but not metaphorically). To paraphrase what I wrote in the description of that story: "The Nameless Protagonist was crafted such that the reader could easily put themselves in his place. Shamefaced, I must confess Alien to Ambition contains my real Sue. I only ask that the reader not look for my true self within, for I only put the blackest parts of my soul into the Nameless Protagonist. I cannot -with a clear conscious- completely disavow myself from him, but he is without any of the white that makes me Grey."

Cass, lets play with magic!

On a beautiful Summer day, Cass smiled to herself and thought, "Today I just want to test out some new ways to use my magic." She couldn't help but giggle at the thought of all the fun she could have. She loved using her magic at all times. She had the power of pure creation, eased through life with anything she desired at a click of her powerful fingers. Her powers grew every time she used them, that made it almost impossible to resist using them for anything.

Supanari Chapter 8


Superego Maxine awoke in darkness.

She was getting fucked: spitroasted by eager tentacles that filled every hole and wriggled inside her like a nest of snakes. More tentacles milked her perpetually jizzing cock and suckled at her hugely engorged, milk-gushing tits. The slick, throbbing appendages were oil-black, streaked with faintly glowing purple veins that pulsed and writhed with sensual rhythm. They bound her wrists and ankles with irresistible strength.