Supanari Chapter 6


Just as Katie started to experience her catastrophic growth spurt in the nurse’s office, Ms. Tracy was delivering some big news to the girls in the thirteen-plus homeroom.

“You’ll all be excited to learn the construction of the replacement hydroponics module for the ISS has finally been completed,” announced Ms. Tracy. Her even, white teeth sparkled between her collagen-puffed lips.

Supanari Chapter 5


San Futas High was no ordinary high school, and not just because many of the students and most of the teachers were super-powered futanari. SFH was also a research laboratory, an industrial prototyping shop and the seat of local government among other things.

Paula, the Ubercop

2293 AD, the world has come to be configured far differently from what we know about the past, most people live in city states confined to the coast of each continent and the mainland is mostly populated by robots working on farms and factories to sustain the population, although there are jobs that require human involvement to function properly, one of them is the police. This story is about two buddy cops that happen to be in a really extraordinary situation. One of them is a simple human, but the other one is actually a stunning Super Goddess.

The Dream Girl

This is the story of a normal 9 year old in a small rural town in Lousiana, well, on the outside, you would think he was a normal boy; short, light brown hair, green eyes filled with innocence and curiosity and someone who likes to play all day long in the street with his friends. However, this one, which we will call Steve Summers, is one of those one-of-a-kind examples that sticks like a sore thumb in a little town where everyone knows each other. 

Super Goddesses

We are in the year 2040, the world has changed a bit by this point but it hasn't become that distant from the one my parents lived on when they were young, we still use gas to fuel our cars, we still live in cities, working for money or studying to prepare us for the workforce, medicine and science are only a bit more advanced but we still can't cure cancer or revert permanent body disabilities.

Supanari Chapter 4


Maxine took her time going home, drifting slowly over the city with no particular urgency as she watched the tiny people below going through their tiny lives.

I’ve already left most of them so far behind, thought Maxine. How much smaller will all of this seem once I’ve reclaimed my true power?

Supanari Chapter 3


Chapter 3


“You want me to do what?” Katie’s eyes were wide.

“You’ve swallowed my loads before, what’s the issue?” asked Max.

“Your loads never gave me superpowers before,” Katie answered. “Sure, your cum is super delicious, but super-powered? That’s a lot to take in.”