Mizuki Nagano


She was having the dream again.


Blue fire arced across her skin, etching ethereal runes on her body. The feeling was exhilarating, like the embrace of a familiar lover. But, like any embrace, these sigils were ultimately confining. They wrapped themselves around her form, hugging her, binding her.



The Chaos is like an endless charcoal cloud crackling with bright blasts of kaleidoscopic lightening. It’s like an impossible mass of squirming stygian snakes, each with a lone luminescent layer running down their spine. It’s like a dark scintillating gem on the braided band of Order that is the ring of creation. Yet, mostly, it is like itself: the Chaos that Comes Before and After; the Start and the Finish; the Alpha and the Omega.


Here it is, a new site for posting content related to powerful women (and men, if that's your thing). For the moment, this site will be focused on story content on the main page. The same way brawna served the female muscle community and overflowing bra serves the breast expansion fetish, I would like this site to become a haven for those who like to take all of those related "improvement" kinks to their most extreme. Stories need not be focused around ascension. Any content with one person growing better than their peers will do.

Into Eternity

Rachel tried to make herself comfortable in the small folding chairs that had been set up in the lab.  Nearby, the machine hummed its steady hum, just like it always did.  Occasionally one of the array of monitors she was observing would finish whatever program it was displaying and switch to a different task.