Rivalry - Chapter 1

   It had been seven years since Allie and Kimberly had begun developing strange abilities. Over the course of that time Allie had manifested a few other psychic abilities on top of her telepathy such as telekinesis and mind control, teleportation, light manipulation, invisibility, and had just begun dabbling in gravity manipulation . Kimberly had, in addition to flight, had developed super speed, energy projection, hyper attuned empathy, super senses, and had yet to gain a sixth talent. That is, until she had called Allie over urgently to the lake house for a “secret” discovery.

Rivalry - Prologue


For as long as they could remember, the two of them had been rivals. Allie and Kimberly had known each other since they were toddlers. Their first major battle was over a dino nugget. There had been nine left in the bag and Allie argued, that since she had brought the nuggets, she should have the fifth one while Kimberly said, that since they were at her house, she should get the nugget. Kimberly’s mom came in and settled the debate by eating the ninth nugget herself but the spark had been lit and since then the two competed in everything.


The following story is extremely weird. It involves a woman becoming wildly, absurdly, grotesquely fat via the application of her own omnipotence. Proceed with caution.

Molly would have happily described herself as a hedonist if she knew the meaning of the word. Her mom and dad described their unemployed twenty-year-old daughter as “a big eater” and “a good heart”. Friends of the family often ended sentences about her with “bless her heart”.


Some of the scenes are inspired by Rhen and his ideas~

Eric was starting to get angry after realizing that the woman he was supposed to date wasn't home at the moment they accorded. She said she would be waiting in her house for him to pick her up at 8:00 PM but the door was locked and the lights were out. Did she give him a wrong direction on purpose?

Interview with God


Hi! You don’t know me, but we’ve met before. Countless times, actually. I call myself Omni, but in a few minutes my name will be Amanda, a cute little blonde from down the hall.

Oh, don’t bother calling campus security. Your phone has turned into a banana. No, it’s real! Eat it. See? Pretty good, right?

I’m in your room to tell you what’s about to happen. I just love to watch your expression while I tell you about the true nature of reality. It just never gets old! Sit down. Yes, there on your bed, if you please. There you go.