New Goddess on the Block Ch. 1

*Author's note: this is a Dongstar story so you should know what to expect by now. Just because there's no futa right now doesn't mean there won't be later, so don't be upset if you were hoping otherwise.*

New Goddess on the Block




“You have godlike powers now, you gross nerd,” said the tiny imp sitting at the foot of Li’s bed.

Double Life


A herculean behemoth was calmly devouring its prey in an underground cave on Planet Xigal, an unknown world in the outer rim of the galaxy that was being explored right now, unbeknownst to the natives. The careful photographer found herself hugging a stalactite with her slim legs, her entire body upside down with her glorious, curly blonde locks miraculously not being affected by the puny force of gravity.

“A little more… stay there a little more…” She muttered with a slow, deliberate, soft tone, resembling a mother talking down to her child.



"And you are sure this is safe?" Paige glanced up nervously at the lab tech who was helping her get ready.

"Absolutely,” he replied.  “We have had four unresponsive subjects and two very responsive subjects.  In all cases, everyone came out of the chamber perfectly healthy. We would never test on human subjects if we weren't sure of 99.99% possible outcomes."

Thalia's Goddess Roommate

Thalia's Goddess Roommate

By Han216

“At the beginning there were beings beyond any life. Immortal Gods beyond comprehension. Though not many still believe in them they are real and more powerful than any other species, in fact two of them created the universes which these species reside. Their true names are impossible to say from a none Deity tongue, but Oserbik and Pateimonia are about as good as can be done in this tongue. There is one whom has another name for them though, Father and Mother.”