The Test


CONTAINS: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Intelligence, Futanari, and impregnation.


It was supposed to be a simple test.

Felicia was extremely nervous when they strapped her to the metal table, and fastened her to it with metal bindings. They told her again, “This is only to make sure you don’t move an inch. As long as you stay still, everything will be fine.”

Keeping up With The Queen

9:50 AM, December 31, 2029


Good morning world! I've heard that human celebrites use this service to keep up with their fans, and what am I if not the world's greatest celebrity?

I'll be using this so you can keep up with the best news about your favorite

...This character limit is infuriating. Hold on.

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High school boy meets Ultimate Futanari in future.


High school boy meets Ultimate Futanari in future.



In 2132 a probe was found orbiting beyond the moon. A non-human-made sphere with strange overlapping ellipse markings. The world went crazy with excitement  and speculation. However the sphere did nothing and mankind was unable to open it until it’s course was altered with atomic explosions and it crashed into the moon. It broke revealing many smaller spheres.