(2020) (2060 words)

(omnipotence, kinky discussion but no actual sex)


Jessica and Derek stared at the vial on the table.

"Are you... are you gonna..." Jessica began.

Derek shook his head. "We don't know what it'll do."

"Yeah, but..." she trailed off. She looked around the room timidly, “he said it was safe.”

Derek shook his head. “I’m not putting that inside of me.”

Jessica glanced around her, thinking. “Aren’t you… curious?”


"The Vorlons ask only one question, over and over: who are you? You--for you, the question is, what do you want? I have never heard you answer that question. Who are you? What do you want?" "You don't know, do you? You've been fighting each other so long you've forgotten. You've lost your way. So how can you guide us, how can we learn who we are and what we want if you don't even know it any more?" "It doesn't matter which side wins this today. A thousand years from now it'll start all over again. You're as trapped in this cycle as much as we are. But we can't afford it any more. We don't need it--we don't need you. We've learned how to stand on our own. We'll make mistakes, but they'll be our mistakes, not yours." "Your secret is out. All these other races know you for who you are. So what now?" "You do not speak for the rest." "They will not follow you if you are dead." ... "The others have rejected you. How will you have a war, when no one will fight for either of you?" "We refuse to take sides in this any more. And we refuse to let you turn us against one another. We know who we are now. We can find our own way between order and chaos." "Kill us, one by one, and those who follow us, and those who follow them, on and on, every race, every planet, until there's no one left to kill. You will have failed as guardians. You will be alone." "It's over because we've decided it's over. Now get the hell out of our galaxy, both of you!"

Birthday Present


It should be just another usual day, like the endless amount of others before it. Victoria celebrated her 21-st birthday, just like thousands of people. Herself, she was quite plain girl, by standards of the most people. Short, messy raven hair, a bit below average height, with quite attractive, young face, but unremarkable in seductive body assets, she stood, preparing to meet her guests…


All for One

I was running incredibly late. The first test of the RIFT device (Reality Inversion and Fluctuation Technology) was going to begin any moment now. I’d been hired for this top secret project because I apparently had ‘a high level of desire and passion’ that they thought could be used to improve the device. Something about how it’s scanning and operating systems worked. I don’t fully understand what they meant by that, but I doubt I was supposed to. After all, I’m just a low level researcher who helped build the code while the real eggheads managed to theorize the technology.

Saintly Perfect Goddess

Author's declaimer: This is not about the nearly unknown Antarctic Press character by the same name as the title. She was, however, something of an inspiration for this work. I will probably not be writing more in this universe, but I invite others to do so if the fancy takes them. Please, just put my name somewhere near your own if you do. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan

Sophya and Niky

Author's declaimer: This story was inspired by an series of illustrations by N647 about "Sophya and Niky." This work is meant as an over-the-top Mary-Sue story, right down to the color-changing eyes. It is overdone by design with no apologies. I will not be writing more in this universe, but I invite others to do so if they wish, either before of after these events. I know N647 will not mind. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan

Gender Bender Warhammer 40,000 Idea: Isis's Heresy

I was thinking of making my own "Isis's Heresy" idea were the Emperor made Daughters instead of Sons, Matriarchs instead of Primarchs. And, he made 12 instead of 20 (making it more like Jesus and his disciples). Thus, he has Femmarines (or 'Super Sluts') instead of Space Marines. This also causes sex to replace violence in this version of 40k. Sexual subjugation is used when possible. Though, many forms of Xenos need to be put down the old-fashioned way. In this version, the Emperor falls to his own libido and fuses with the Chaos God of Lust, Slaanesh.


"Humans share one unique quality: they build communities. ... [E]verywhere humans go, they create communities out of diverse and sometimes hostile populations. It is a great gift and a terrible responsibility, one that cannot be abandoned."