Interview with God


Hi! You don’t know me, but we’ve met before. Countless times, actually. I call myself Omni, but in a few minutes my name will be Amanda, a cute little blonde from down the hall.

Oh, don’t bother calling campus security. Your phone has turned into a banana. No, it’s real! Eat it. See? Pretty good, right?

I’m in your room to tell you what’s about to happen. I just love to watch your expression while I tell you about the true nature of reality. It just never gets old! Sit down. Yes, there on your bed, if you please. There you go.

The Exchange Student

14 year old Nadia Gasana couldn't believe what was happening to her right now. The world around her faded into a mishmash of colors and shapes as the speed of her ride went well beyond what any vehicle on current Earth could reach.

Screams followed. She was having a great time, and her journey into Prosperia hadn't even started yet, this was supposed to be their equivalent of travelling by plane and there was no comparison.


Contains: Unaware dominant female, low sci-fi, contemporary.

Just an idea that I was really into, so I hope someone else likes it too XD I may do more.


‘Match-Up!’ sounded like some sort of dating site. Liam hovered the cursor over the link – he felt queasy every time a new page opened on his browser, as anything could be on the other side – then again, Unwor was considered the safest dark web browser out there.




Servitude (1,966 words)

(genie, some physical transformation, sex)


“So you’re… a genie. Like – a genie genie.”

She looked at me with an expression that was so joyful, it seemed like she might cry.

“That’s right, mistress.”