“Name?” John kept an impersonal gaze fixed on the petite young blonde woman across the table.

“Maya Summers,” she stretched back in her chair and yawned, “Yours?”

He scribbled on his pad, “Detective John Mason. Age and profession?”

“Twenty-one, and college student,” she answered without a hint of hesitation, “You look kinda young to be a detective.”

He put on his best bad-cop face and ignored the question, “Do you know why you’re here, ma’am?”

James the god (Part 2)


James lounges on his bed for a minute, basking in the newly discovered power he has. With every trace of fatigue or weakness being banished from his body the moment he touched the ring, he simply looks around and perceives details that normally would be inconsequential. The color of the light blue walls, streams of sunlight filtering through the leaves of the tree outside his window, and the miniscule weight of his miniature girlfriend; still sitting atop his chest. James smiling, and tilting his head down at her as he says "You're super adorable! But I want you like this~"