Hi I'm Brittany!

Name is Brittany, you can call me Britt if you want ;) . So pretty much, I feel like writing somethings about my life. I am pretty much a big deal; I get what I want and I never lose so just remember that haha. Hmm.... well I guess I'd better explain more what I do in my time. I recently started college at the ripe old age of twenty one haha, I live in the States, (Cali girl represent ;) ) and live on my own in New York mostly though I have a few places in Los Angeles to crash if I feel like it. Studying performing arts in Los Angeles currently, just to fit in I guess...


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The clash of metal on metal and the roar of fire woke up the cockatiels at the bottom of the futuristic laboratory with a start. Irina Volkoba paid them no mind, fully confident in their safety. She continued welding her invention together at impossible speeds. No human being could do more than speculate about what it was she was creating, but, knowing what kind of person she was, it was obvious that it was going to be a technological advancement that would push mankind forward decades in that field.