Omni: Pretty Cure


Ten years have passed since Momo Hanamura, also known as Cure Unity, relinquished her infinite magical power in exchange of a wholesome life as a mother of two, leaving a pink, heart shaped Sun as the only reminder that this omnipotent warrior of love and justice ever existed. However, while Cure Unity's power was unsurmountable, her time as a guardian eventually ended and so The Council needed someone to replace her to fend off the hordes of evil that want to destroy both the human and the magical world.

Super Latex Saga V: Simple Pleasures

This is the fifth installment of an eight-part story about latex clothing that gives you superpowers (and orgasms) and a mysterious goddess who grants her chosen ones incredible power. This installment is only character development, plot, and romance, with no latex or supernatural feats. Feel free to skip this if you're just interested in those things.