Little sister goes to a luxurious big penis school while brother goes to little penis school...and eventually it ends with Earth going to war with Futa space pirates


Most Girls have penises then get bigger, then big brother gets sent to a ratty, small penis school while little sister goes to a luxurious big penis school and gets even bigger.

Inspired by chikahii’s art


“Name?” John kept an impersonal gaze fixed on the petite young blonde woman across the table.

“Maya Summers,” she stretched back in her chair and yawned, “Yours?”

He scribbled on his pad, “Detective John Mason. Age and profession?”

“Twenty-one, and college student,” she answered without a hint of hesitation, “You look kinda young to be a detective.”

He put on his best bad-cop face and ignored the question, “Do you know why you’re here, ma’am?”