The Lab of God


Bobby sat idly at his keyboard. It was hour six of a last minute sprint to complete his term paper on “The Making of the Atomic Bomb.” To tell the truth, it had been pretty easy since he had copied much of it nearly verbatim from the book of the same name, but he knew his history teacher was pretty lazy and he was unlikely to get caught. Now all he had to do was construct a believable bibliography.

Dating God - Chapter 6

“Come on Sabrina, I feel bad!” Steve said as he paced back and forth across the white marble floors of his once-dingy shithole of an apartment, in the middle of a heated conversation. 

Despite not physically moving from his cheap and comically tiny studio apartment downtown, it was now easily 1000x bigger on the inside than it was the outside; an entire mansion and estate, even the outdoor garden, swimming pool, and hedge maze, all behind the unsuspecting door of room 420 of the Ronald H. Jeremy building on 69th street. 

No Easy Answers

In the year 2498, the filming of a documentary about the famed but elusive Secret Task Force coincided with a press conference revealing that the Task Force had attained a new member. These following exerpts of dialogue are snippets of the interviews from the film, scheduled to release in Spring 2499. Each member of the group will get their voice heard.



Interviewer: ”How old are you?”

Tris: ”Twenty-one. Plus five hundred years.”


An Exception to the Rule

Meet Jill, a twenty-something woman of considerable intellect. A tireless researcher of theoretical mathematics at her University, she’s been working away at a proof for a single conjecture for three months now. She’s barely able to take a shower every week. Her diet: noodles every day. Alternating between chicken and beef to stave off boredom from the bland pasta. Sometimes when feeling like splurging, there’ll be takeout pizza.

The Power of Pink - Part Three

Katie walked hesitantly from the changing room. The volleyball boys had disappeared, but the beach was filling up with sunbathers and swimmers. Down the beach a quarter mile rolled a break with a handful of surfers carving graceful paths through the waves.

Katie found herself an empty space on the beach and sat her round firm ass in the sand. Laying back, she felt the tingly embrace of the sun, and hoped the magic swimsuit wouldn’t let her burn.

The Power of Pink - Part Two

Kim scrambled to get dressed and opened her door.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I must be on the wrong floor,” said a small undeveloped redheaded girl shyly as she stood at the door with two suitcases.

“Katie!” said Kim. “Come in! For some reason time got away with me and I forgot classes ended this week!” With all the excitement of her recent developments, Kim had nearly forgotten that she had promised that her little sister Katie could spend the summer with her after her freshman year in college.

Super Ultra Maid - Chapter 3

The gentlest hint of sunlight stokes forth a blinding show of glimmering crystals. The room fills with multicoloured sparkle, like inside of a chandelier of the stars themselves. Your brain has decided to maintain its stance on the status quo of your pedestrian lifestyle, leaving you again momentarily confused to your lavish surroundings. That is, until you again remember.

The Adventures of Scarf-Chan


*Poem compilation collab between superdegenerate64 and Akane*


1 - The Amnesiac Goddess


From up above the clouds,

A flying saucer floated down.

With a scarf around her neck and in a blanket wrapped,

Is Scarf-chan, sleeping peacefully, taking a nap.


Into the ocean the spaceship fell,

Waking her up in a place whose name she couldn’t tell.