Omnipotence - Episode 1: The Talented Teenager

Cover Art


After a Saturday night of partying and clubbing which had started no different than the rest, Armando Teran woke up to the greatest thing any young stud in his early thirties could hope to wake up to: a gorgeous, voluptuous, eighteen year-old white girl sucking his rock hard cock. While the brain in his head struggled to wake and enjoy the moment, the brain in his dick was already wide awake and bathing in the saliva of a naked, horny, blonde girl. Resting between Armando's thighs under the bedsheets with her too-big-for-a-girl-her-age breasts acting as two massive pillows for her otherwise tiny body, this eighteen year-old babe bobbed up and down on Armando's mighty shaft, sucking and licking and jerking his dick as if it was going to leave her in the near future. Longing to remember what this girl looked like who was hiding under his bedsheets, Armando quickly tossed the sheets from her naked body, finding nothing more than her short, gorgeous, golden hair bobbing up and down between his thighs while her phenomenal, bare, evenly-tanned ass looked up to the ceiling above with its round, firm, flawless cheeks. With skin as rich, as smooth, and as sweet as flowing honey, this tiny yet extraordinarily busty babe popped Armando's cock from her mouth for a second to look up at him with her gorgeous, foxy, magical eyes, smiling as her tongue slid up and down his cock and telling Armando she wanted him to fuck her again without saying a word. Remembering that this girl's name was Jenny, Armando slowly brought his arms back behind his head, easing his body back against the pillows and slowly thrusting his 9-inch cock up into the younger girl's mouth. With his thick, strong arms now stretched out across his pillows and his mighty abs now free from the bedsheets, the equally naked man with the brown-skinned skin let this younger babe suck his cock as if it was his gift to her, blessing her with the right to give him head.


Armando Teran was no stranger to one night stands for he commonly took at least one girl home from the Miami night clubs a few times a week. If he was exceptionally handsome on a particular night, he might just convince two girls to join him in his bachelor pad: a three-story apartment designed to entertain lovely ladies ... but only for one night. Armando loved to challenge himself: trying to get two girls who had never met each other to share a double-sided dildo, trying to convince a wife to leave her husband at the bar and let him drill her in the back alley while he got her a drink, and even trying to get twin sisters to forget they were related for one night and sixty-nine on his bed. Armando was a player to the greatest degree, and despite all of his successes, his accomplishments, and the many stories he told which made his friends jealous, he felt like snatching up this eighteen year-old blonde girl and convincing her and her alone to come home with him was his greatest achievement to date. As he rested on his back and tried to look over her bobbing head and get another look at her too-good-to-be-true ass resting behind her, he continued to mentally pat himself on the back, give himself mental high-five after mental high-five, and even considered trying to sneak a few photos of this girl's impossible body.


Jenny something-or-other was simply out of this world when it came to her looks, and she did not seem to even realize it. How an eighteen year-old girl was able to sneak into a night club was the least of Armando's silent queries for she was not the first teenager he had found sneaking around a club. It was the fact that Jenny seemed so out of place, so naive, and so confused as she walked around the club in her tiny, skin-tight, extremely revealing, shimmering-white mini-dress, walking around almost awkwardly in her stiletto heels while her short, blonde hair danced around her gorgeous face. With a waist so small that Armando could almost wrap both of his hands around completely, and with breasts so big that Armando needed both of his hands just to grab one of, this blonde teenager's hourglass figure made hourglasses feel fat. Her round, tight, toned ass swayed as she walked while her massive, firm, astonishingly large breasts bounced above her tiny waist as if she was trying to tie down two huge water-balloons with white, plastic-wrap. Everyone stared at this young girl as she walked across the night club with Armando in her sights, wondering if she was a porn-star, a super-model or some kind of fitness model who just so happened to also have breasts bigger than her head. Maybe she was some drug-lord's daughter, a billionaire's trophy wife, or maybe she was just some ugly duckling who had recently become a swan. It was after this girl that Armando would come to know as Jenny finally walked up beside him at the bar that Armando discovered she was exactly what he wanted: a shy teenager who was new in town and looking for some company. It was too good to be true, but after she did indeed come home with him, stripped naked, and let him try out several positions in a sex-filled night that only ended after Armando passed out from sheer exhaustion, Armando realized it was true. He was in heaven. She was an angel.


"Mmmmm. Fuck me again, Armando." Jenny said as she bounced up from Armando's cock, elegantly sliding up to her knees while still jerking his saliva-soaked shaft.


Watching Jenny move was enough to almost make Armando cum, but he had cum so many times the night before that his balls ached. He rested on his back and let his eyes go wider as she witnessed her gigantic, bare, astonishingly round breasts bounce up and down as she rose up on her knees, opening her bare thighs for her shaven pussy while letting her short, golden hair dance down over her young, beautiful face. This teenager was not waiting for an answer as she opened her legs and pushed Armando's rock hard cock between her thighs, placing it under her soaking wet pussy before pushing it up inside herself again, forcing him to fuck her whether he wanted to or not. Armando's hands seemed to magnetically snap up along her tiny waist as he felt her wet pussy envelop his cock, sliding around his shaft and almost pulling him inside. As Jenny's ass and thighs fell down into Armando's own bare hips, her humongous, bare breasts bounced up and down above her tiny, toned, perfectly flat stomach, bouncing like they were real yet far too big to be natural. It only took a single thrust from the man who rested on his back below to force the tiny, busty, blonde teenager forward onto his chest, knocking the young babe forward as her short, gorgeous, golden hair tickled Armando's handsome face. With her hands now down against the pillows behind Armando, and with her sensationally large breasts inches away from burying Armando alive, Jenny tossed her golden hair back from her eyes, placed her hand down on the beautiful face of the lady-killer, and then started to slowly pull and push Armando's thick cock in and out of her pussy just by moving her naked ass up and down behind her.


"Oh .... oh that's what I need." The blonde named Jenny said she started to ride Armando's dick, convincing the thick stud to sync up with her own body and thrust up into her just by using her tight, wet, teenage pussy to guide him.


The young girl ran her hands over his face while breathing heavily into his lips, inches away from kissing the man while her bare ass slowly moved up and down behind her. With the white bedsheets of Armando's 'bachelor' bed barely covering the bare thighs of this girl who was easily ten years younger than he was, the hung stud took the opportunity Jenny had clearly given him to fuck this tight teenager one more time. He clenched her firm ass behind her and bucked up into her, hanging on to her tiny body and watching as her phenomenally large breasts started to sway in front of his face above her toned abs. Her short, blonde hair bounced around her face as well as her mouth opened wide in one long, silent, continuous moan, a moan that echoed into Armando’s own mouth for he was still inches away from kissing her. It was as Armando inched forward to try and kiss the teenager girl that she cried out in lust, slammed her tiny hands down on Armando’s hard chest, and pushed herself upward, tossing her short hair back from her face and sitting down on his dick.


“Oh fuck me!” Jenny called out, now sitting upright with her hand on Armando’s chest. The blonde girl arched her back wildly and pressed her glorious, bare breasts up into the air, allowing Armando to take note that there were indeed no surgery scars under her massive melons and proving every inch of her body was somehow natural and real. As she shoved all of her weight down on Armando’s dick, her enchanting pussy enveloped his massive cock, driving the older man mad yet again even though he had fucked her over six times in the last eight hours. Whether it was the fact that this young girl had the greatest, sexiest, most sexually charged body he had ever fucked in his life, or whether it was just the sight of her giant breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust he gave her, something was fueling Armando's cock and keeping him not only rock hard, but full of hot cum.


Something inside him was making sure that he was going to get every fuck that he could get out of this hot little piece of ass, and he was eternally grateful for it.


With her giant breasts bouncing above her tiny waist, and her short, lovely, golden hair swaying in front of her ravishing, youthful face, the skinny teenager with the obnoxious chest started to rock Armando’s bedspring, bouncing up and down and all around atop his large, thick, perfect cock. Jenny ran her own hands up her body, feeling her own curves and cupping her gigantic breasts as best she could. She looked down at herself and watched her own hands as she continued to ride Armando’s giant cock, bouncing and moaning while exploring her own astonishing curves. Her hands roamed along her tiny waist and back behind her, feeling her own flawless ass and arching her back once more. She let her hand slide between the crack of her flawless ass-cheeks, teasing her own asshole with her finger before roaming back up along her sides and down over her chest once more. As if she wanted to share the experience of feeling her own body, the bouncing blonde reached down and grabbed Armando’s hands as they gripped her hips, grabbing his large hands and bringing them up over her giant breasts, and forcing him to grab them as best he could with his larger, stronger, manly hands. Yet with breasts far too big for even Armando’s hands, he could not squeeze her as completely as he wanted to, squeezing her chest and still finding no signs that she had anything plastic or silicon inside those young, full, giant breasts. Together, Jenny and Armando rolled her mighty breasts in their hands, pushing them together and bouncing them about, trying to cover both of them with two sets of hands and still finding it hard to grab them everywhere at once. Soon Jenny was bringing his hands up around her neck and into her short, golden hair, helping him comb his fingers through her hair while her hands went back down to his chest, slamming back down and trying to grab his chest as he grabbed hers.


“Oh fuck, baby.” Armando moaned as his hands fell back down her back and grabbed her ass. “You’re … you’re too much.” He almost laughed, realizing that her body and her sexual desires were quite possibly even out of his league. He could still not fathom how this girl was so sexually perfect, sexually needy, and yet at the same time so naive, so young, and seemingly so single. With a body and a set of breasts like hers, how could she not have been discovered by modeling agencies already … even if she never auditioned and instead walked the shopping malls in ordinary clothes. How could she hide such a physique from rich rap stars, billionaires looking for a young bride, or even movie stars? How was she so … unknown?


“Yeah.” Jenny moaned back, pushing herself down on Armando giant cock as it drove up between her thighs, hitting her deep and filling her fuller than ever before. “Yeah, I need it.” She continued, seemingly ignoring Armando’s words and instead craving nothing more than his cock.


The tiny blonde lifted herself up off of Armando's towering cock only to drop herself back down again, taking every inch of his 9-inch dick between her soaking wet pussy lips and up into her beautiful body. Each time the young blonde dropped all of her weight down on Armando's thickness, she let out a loud whimper of both pain and pleasure, crying out for more despite the fact she sounded as if she was in pain from the immense size of the well-hung hunk's fantastic cock. She bought her hands up off of Armando's chest again only to take her own in her hands, cupping her volleyball-sized breasts in her hands and hanging onto them for they clearly had no support to aid her with her frantic, furious bouncing. Her short, blonde hair danced down over her face and her eyes, yet she did not care in the slightest about not being able to see. All this young babe wanted to do was feel what Armando had up inside her body, every indentation, every sensation, and every inch of his cock was all that she cared about and all she seemed to want from him that morning.


Armando on the other had was losing himself to his own cock, finding it hard to hold back yet another orgasm in only the last few hours. His balls ached and his mind was weary, yet the beautiful pussy of the busty blonde and skin as rich, as smooth, and as sweet as flowing honey was driving him mad with lust. He felt that if he blinked, he would lose a nano-second of watching this phenomenal body ride his cock, the morning sun sneaking in through his windows to accent each impossible curve of her tight, toned, and now sweaty body. He clung to her ass and plowed up harder into her body, matching his thrusts with her falls and reaching new depths inside her. He watched her breasts bounce and her short hair dance in front of her face, a sight that made him hold on tighter to her round ass and drive himself up deeper between her thighs. His large, round, thick arms flexed and strained while his veins pulsated up under his skin, his blood rushing faster from his heart to his cock. His face flushed red and he too could feel the same sexual sweat upon his arms and his brow that he witnessed on the evenly-tanned skin of the naked teenager who was on top of him. The bedsprings below his bed was used to such activity at all hours of the day, yet cried out louder than it had ever cried before, squeaking and moaning right along with the naked teenager who was on top of it. Realizing he had no recourse but to shoot his cum up into this teenager, a teenager who swore she was clean and on the pill, the mighty man with the giant arms, rock hard abs, and mighty, 9-inch cock dug his hands into Jenny's ass, flexed his thick muscles, and grit his teeth for now there was no going back. He had to cum, and he knew he was going to cum hard. It was going to feel fantastic, yet it was also going to hurt.


“No!” Jenny suddenly called out, tossing her hand down at the older man. “Not yet! Fuck me from behind!”


The second Jenny cried out, Armando felt his orgasm suddenly subside. He felt his cock stay stiff while his body seemed to back off from what was going to be a monumental orgasm. Yet, as he felt his brain start to function again and his heart become less frantic, Armando felt both disappointed that he could not cum yet but also felt grateful that he could continue to fuck this blonde goddess. Not only that, but as he watched the naked teenager bounce her massive breasts right off of him and crawl onto his massive bed on all fours, he felt a renewed vigor rushing through his veins. He felt his strength somehow magically return to him, allowing him to take his cock in one hand and push himself up off of pillows with the other. Now on his knees and bouncing along his own bed, the naked man with his cock in his hand crawled behind the tiny teenager and looked down at her tiny asshole and soaking wet pussy, taking note of just how slender she was yet also noticing her massive breasts bulging out of the side of her frame as they hung down from her chest. The blonde teenager tossed her head back, tossing her short hair from her face, and then looked back at Armando as if she was wondering why she could not feel his dick inside her. She wasn't mad, but having his fantastic cock out of her body for only five seconds was five seconds too long. As if he was not even in control of his own mind, Armando grabbed into Jenny's waist with one hand and drove his cock down between her pussy lips with the other, guiding his cock so that he too could get back to feeling this fabulous pussy wrapped around his shaft.


"Oh fuck!" Jenny screamed down into the pillows below her face, resting on her moans while her breasts and her knees supported the rest of her naked body. "Oh yes ... oh that's deep." She continued to call out through the pillows, crying a muffled cry for she was momentarily unable to pick herself up.


With her ass up in the air and her hands grabbing at the pillows around her buried face, Jenny became nothing more than a hole for Armando to bury his cock into. She was just a naked teenager with her ass up and her face down, a face that was soon held down by Armando's strong hand as he grabbed onto her golden hair and held her in place. He placed his other hand on the small of her back and then began to give her the punishment he somehow knew she wanted, driving his cock down and smacking his thighs against her round ass over and over again while she screamed down into the pillows. The neighbors could not hear her cries of pain and pleasure, but Armando secretly wanted them to. He wanted his stupid neighbors to know he was fucking another hot babe, but what Armando did not know is that everyone was sick and tired of hearing him have sex. They didn't care that he was butt-naked on his knees behind a ultra-hot supermodel or bikini model or porn star or whatever Jenny was and fucking her hot pussy as hard as he wanted to. No one actually cared that Armando was grabbing her by her ass and ripping her back against his dick while also holding her face down in the pillows to keep her from being so loud that the police showed up again.


"MMmmmfuck!" Jenny screamed down into the pillows as Armando held her down with his big, strong arm, an arm that was probably as thick as one of Jenny's sexy legs.


Yet longing for some air and a chance to push back, Jenny calmly lifted her head up from the pillows and pushed herself up on all fours, shocking Armando for he was trying to be dominant and hold her in place. He tried to push her back down again with all of his might, but the tiny teenager didn't even budge, instead remaining on all fours and propping herself up with her hands. Surrendering to Jenny's will, Armando brought both of his hands back to her hips and pulled her back against him as best as he could driving deeper and deeper while Jenny joyfully pushed back. Her massive, round breasts swayed back and forth under her tiny body, bouncing up and almost hitting her in the face. Noticing her breasts again, Jenny reached down under her body and grabbed one of her swaying breasts, grabbing and pinching herself hard so that the pain could surge through her body and push her closer to her own orgasmic moment. Longing for even more, Jenny cupped her massive breasts and easily brought her own nipple to her mouth, sucking and biting herself and pulling on her breast with her lip while Armando watched and fucked her from behind. Jenny sucked on herself for quite some time, enjoying her breasts almost as much as the cock that was plowing between her thighs.


There were times when Armando had complete control over his body and his cock, but this was the first night he had spent with this blonde girl named Jenny: a girl who seemed to be more powerful in the bedroom that he was. Too beautiful to fathom, too tight to believe, and too horny to contain, Jenny seemed to own Armando’s cock now, which almost bothered the man who no girl was supposed to be able to tame. Yet tamed by this teenager and unable to control himself any longer, Armando felt his head become too weak to control his mighty cock. He felt his urges climbing up from his aching balls and into his giant shaft. He tried to close his eyes and not look down at the hot blonde he was fucking, but her body had been burned into his memory, ready to haunt him for all time. With Jenny’s hips in his hands and her teenage pussy taking every inch of Armando’s giant cock inside her body, the defenseless man-whore grit his teeth, let his arms strain, pulled back from Jenny one last joyful time, and then drove himself deeper than ever before, slamming his cock into her body and blasting a monumental load of cum up inside her.


“Oh fuck!” Jenny screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear, screaming the second she felt her tiny body fill up with his hot sperm. It was enough to weaken Jenny’s arms and send her back down into the pillows, falling face first so that she could continue to scream muffled screams. She cried out even more as Armando pulled back and unloaded yet again, blasting his cum up into her and finally pushing her over the edge herself. The tiny teenager came hard all over Armando’s cock, exploding onto him as she began to literally overflow with joy. Her hands ripped at his pillows, accidentally tearing them in her hands as she continued to scream. Armando’s brain was all but gone when he pulled out of Jenny a third time, draining their cum down onto his bed before finding the strength and the sperm to drive himself into her one last heroic time, unloading yet another impossible amount of cum into the teenager before finally falling over on to his side and popping his cock out of her body. Armando couldn’t think, he couldn’t move, yet as he fell on his back and felt his cock sticking straight up in the air, he felt himself cum a fourth time, squirting his cum straight up from his cock and back down on his sweaty, strong, glistening abs.


Time either froze or sped up because Armando could not remember the next ten seconds or ten minutes, however long it was. He was just on his back and could feel the teenager next to him falling over as well, her bare, sweaty, back falling against his side as she began to quiver with ecstasy. The bedsheets were clearly wet with cum and sweat under the two naked bodies, but neither of them seemed to care as they slowly crawled over each other, trying to find the strength to move or find a towel or do something. Thankfully, Armando’s shirt from the night before was still near by, a shirt that he would have never used to mop up cum because of how expensive it was, but again, Armando’s brain was quite broken.


“Oh … shit … my shirt.” Armando said after having used it to wipe his own cum off of his chest. “Dammit.”


“What’s wrong?” The teenager moaned, flopping down onto Armando’s chest after realizing it was clean. Her short, lovely, golden hair was dancing down over her eyes as she tried to look up at him, but all he did was look at his shirt and realize he was going to have to add it to his dry-cleaning pile. He knew he should have hung it up on a hanger at least, but Jenny’s passions from the night before had caused him to skip a few steps in his normal routine, and now this expensive shirt was nothing more than a cum rag.


“Just … nothing.” Armando said, disappointed in himself only for a second before remembering what he had been doing all morning. “It’s nothing, babe.” He continued, running his hands through her short, blonde hair as she rested on his chest.


Jenny suddenly pushed herself up off of Armando’s chest as if she just realized she was naked, pulling the white sheet over herself for a second. The sex-crazed teenager soon became a normal eighteen year-old girl again, a little confused as to what she was doing or where she was. She knew Armando had not tricked her or drugged her or actually done anything that would make him seem like anything less than a gentlemen. As Armando stared at her confused state, watching her as she propped herself up on one hand and looked out of the view from Armando’s third-story window, he felt like he could read her mind. He knew exactly what was going through her mind for this was not the first girl to let her guard down around a man as handsome as he was. With a slight chuckle, Armando let Jenny know he knew what she was thinking.


“First one-night stand, hu?” Armando asked as he looked up at Jenny from his pillows.


“Um … sorta.” Jenny said back. “I just … I’m not used to waking up in someone else’s bed, I guess.”


“Well, there’s a first time for everything!” Armando smiled. “You’re what … twenty?” He continued, knowing she was at least eighteen, or at least that’s what she told him the night before while hoping it was at least the truth.


“Eighteen.” Jenny reassured.


“Yeah well … with a body like yours … I’m honestly shocked.”


“Thanks.” Jenny said awkwardly, looking down at her breasts as she covered them up with the white sheets. “I’m … not used to the … attention ... it gets.”


“They are real, right?” Armando asked, honestly discerned for he didn’t mind fake breasts at all.


“Yes.” Jenny chuckled.


“Nuts.” Armando laughed, still very overwhelmed at Jenny’s level of beauty: her gigantic, round, firm breasts, tiny, toned waist, and simply flawless ass. “ And … you’re not a model?”




“Not even a fitness model?” He asked, well aware of her toned abs, firm arms, and tight thighs.


“No.” Jenny answered again.


“Uh … porn star?” Armando was afraid to ask, yet would not be surprised if she was considering her figure.


“No!” Jenny yelled and laughed, playfully shoving the hot, naked man who was in bed with her. “Fuck you!”


“Well you fuck like a porn star.” Armando used in his defense, not about to admit that he had done his fair share of porn videos and fucked a few porn stars, both male and female. “Just wondering.”


“I’m not a model, okay.” The tiny teenager with the gigantic breasts finally said with much assertion.


“Well you should be.” Armando finally admitted. “With your looks, your body, your … tits. You could model anything: bikinis, lingerie … or just model yourself. You should audition for Plaything Magazine. You’d be an instant star. Plaything of The Year, no doubt at all.”


“I don’t want to pose nude. That’s … weird.” The teenage girl with the obnoxiously perfect nude body said with a bit of confusion in her voice, realizing instantly that she was only saying ‘no’ because it had always been an obvious default answer.


Armando suddenly bounced out of bed and stood up with his bare ass looking back at the blonde girl. He quickly spun around and gave Jenny a bit of a distraction for his huge cock and hard body was now standing before her young, teenage eyes. Jenny’s eyes locked on to Armando’s limp, yet still quite thick cock as it hung between his thighs, teasing her to try and suck it again despite the fact that Armando’s balls honestly ached and his mind was now clear from sex, eager to move on to other matters.


“Okay. Don’t start with nudes. That’s a big jump.” Armando said, standing naked before his young lover yet talking as if he was in a board meeting. “But hear me out: You need to model. How about a website? Let’s just start by taking some pics of you in your normal clothes. There are dozens of websites … non-nude … of girls built like you who make millions showing off their goods. How do you think Erica Milani got started? She was just a girl like you with a body men craved, and she got a photographer to take pics of her in her normal clothes ... sometimes bikinis and lingerie sure ... but she, like you want, did not pose nude. Erica Milani in a parka is hotter than any other girl naked.”


“Erica Milani’s tits are way bigger than mine.” Jenny sighed, pulling the white sheets from her naked body to remind Armando that, while her breasts were very large for her age and her frame, she was not built like the obnoxiously busty, multi-millionaire, self-made supermodel, Erica Milani, a woman who was now reaching her thirties and never posed nude for anyone.


“True. Her tits are bigger than watermelons.” Armando joked, as if to say that her breasts were a bit too big for the world to handle, which was true. ”But I’m just saying you don’t have to pose nude or sign contracts yet.” The naked man continued as he started to walk around, his massive cock bouncing between his thighs and distracting the horny teenager. “Let’s build a website, takes some pics of you in … I don't know … tight, low cut shirts. Maybe a bikini. Toss them on the internet and see what happens. I bet you’ll get offers from hundreds of modeling agencies in days … and we only have to sign the ones you want.”


Armando just stood naked for a moment and could tell the naive teenager was considering his offer. With her eyes now looking out the window of his third-story bedroom instead of at his hanging cock, Armando knew her mind was doing some serious thinking. Armando figured the poor girl, a girl who was too beautiful for her age and recently became legal, never thought of posting pictures her astonishingly sexy body up on the internet for all the world to see. Armando knew he needed to be that spark and help her achieve greatness. He knew he could persuade her to go along with his idea, even if he did not own a very good camera other than the one in his phone. Yet, he knew, with his help, her body could make them both very rich. All it would take was a tiny investment in a camera, a few internet pages from some free sites like Instapic, and the multi-million-dollar offers would start rolling in.


“You think about it.” Armando quickly interrupted, sure Jenny was considering becoming a worldwide, internet sensation, and taking him along for the ride. “I need to go to the bathroom.” He continued, giving too much information to his new friend.


With that, the naked hunk darted out of his bedroom, leaving the insanely sexy, completely naked teenager with the body that would make him very rich to consider his idea. As his bare feet clapped their way across the floor to his bedroom door, he knew that Jenny was going to accept his offer. What else was she going to do with a body as perfect, as busty, and as sexually explicit as hers? Become a waitress or some kind of secretary? Why settle for a normal job like a normal person when you clearly had looks far above normal? He knew Jenny could just open a website and post photos of her eating cereal or walking a dog, and millions upon millions of people would click on her website just to witness her beauty. With that, hundreds of huge companies would pay her obnoxious amounts of money to wear their logos across her massive chest for it was clearly greater and would be more looked-at than any billboard on any interstate. She could maybe even get her own television show like that stuck-up snob Kristi Kardashia. It was finally as Armando left his own bedroom for Jenny to ponder her new life that he gave the teenager a playful wink, a wink that hinted that this was more than just a one-night-stand, a one-night stand that was actually not Jenny's first, but not far from her second. 


The second that Armando stepped out of the bedroom and left the naive yet amazingly beautiful teenager all by herself in bed, the naked girl with the short, blonde hair and the sweet, honey-colored skin simply closed her eyes as tightly as she could, a simple gesture that caused her body to literally vanish from below the sheets of the bed, leaving the sheets that once rested over her giant, round, bare breasts to simply fall to the mattress below now that there was no one under them to keep them up. Yet as suddenly as the naked teenager had vanished, she reappeared in a blur standing on bare foot at the edge of the bed with her giant breasts standing firm and proud above her tiny waist. With her short, playful, beautiful, golden hair dancing in front of her eyes, her young, firm, bare butt resting in the morning sun, and her bare feet upon the hardwood floor, she was not at all shocked or startled to have suddenly vanished from the bed only to reappear a few feet away. She was not startled at all because it was exactly what the naked, eighteen year-old girl wanted to do.


The blonde teenage girl with the giant breasts and tiny, toned, phenomenal body also somehow had the ability to teleport: she was literally somehow able to disappear and reappear wherever she pleased. The gorgeous blonde’s ability to teleport was a secret skill she was not going to let Armando know she possessed, a skill that was only one of many things that Jenny did not want Armando to know.


The second thing that Jenny did not want Armando to know was that ‘Jenny’ was not her real name. The blonde girl’s real name was Hannah Deangelo, a name that meant everything to everyone. Armando Teran was right to think that the gorgeous blonde teenager who he thought was named ‘Jenny’ was something special, but he had no idea just how special or how famous the high school senior was. Having adopted a fake name and visited a city far away from her home outside of Chicago, Hannah Deangelo was able to slip into the night club quite easily, using her astonishing looks to conquer a club she was supposed to be too young to even enter. With her identity a secret, Hannah had visited the far away club in search of sex, adopting the same shallow attitude that Armando lived with. Yet her shallowness had led her home with a very hot and well-hung man whom she only wanted for sex and had no desire to go into business with. Hannah was well aware that she was busty enough and beautiful enough to make millions of dollars modeling for the masses, pick and choose what magazine covers she wanted to be on, and appear on as many websites or television shows as she desired, and she did not need Armando’s help to do that.


Famous around the world for something other than her looks, Hannah knew that if Armando knew even her first name, the arrogant man would have been able to put the pieces together. If he had known her true identity, he would have likely stopped his pursuit of sex with her and instead begged Hannah for everything under the sun: wealth, fame, a new car, a new condo, or even something as outlandish as eternal life. The womanizer would have asked Hannah for these things because everyone in the world knew this eighteen year-old girl was simply able to ‘do things’, things that went far beyond just being able to teleport out of bed.


After having teleported right out of bed, the naked girl with the caramel skin looked down at her fingers and then her toes too as if she was making sure there were still ten of each, which there were. Hannah had been teleporting here and there all her life, but after having taken somewhat of a break from using her special powers for almost four years, she was still getting used to teleporting again. Hannah looked down at her toes and wiggled her bare feet playfully, remembering the sensation of zipping faster while also noticing the yellow nightie she had taken off of her body the night before resting by her feet: a tiny yellow piece of lingerie which she told Armando she always brought with her for 'special occasions', which was a lie. With a smile and a brush of her hand through the air, the discarded lingerie literally sailed up off of the ground and into the air without Hannah even touching it. It was this simple gesture which pulled the nightie up off of the ground and up into the same hand which had asked for it, sailing into Hannah’s hand so that she could quickly pull it over her head and down over her naked body.


There was no way that Hannah was going to let Armando know she was the teenage girl from Chicago with telekinetic abilities. The gorgeous girl was literally able to push, pull, move, and levitate objects with her mind no matter how big, how small, or even how far away. As long as she could remember, the eighteen year-old girl could move anything she wanted with her thoughts, a power that had made famous the world over. It had taken her years to convince the world that she was not the subject of horror movies, movies that always depicted people with such powers as evil, wicked, or violent, so being caught using her telekinetic powers again would likely only reignite long dead fires of hate and fear.


As she struggled to pull the tiny, yellow nightie down over her gigantic breasts, the telekinetic teenager was reminded about what had happened the night before. She remembered the night club, the men, the women, and the desire to stand out a bit more than everyone else. She remembered not drooling over hunky men like Armando but instead staring at the incredible bodies of the other girls and longing to be more beautiful than they were, studying their curves, their legs, and of course: their bursting breasts. She remembered how much attention all the more bustier girls received from the more handsome men, and realized she had to do something to conquer everyone without using the telekinetic abilities she was already known for. As she struggled to stretch her tiny nightie back over her massive chest, she remembered how she snuck into the bathroom at the night club, looked at herself in the mirror, and stared at her breasts until they simply grew bigger. She remembered glaring at them with her young, hungry eyes and watching as her breasts inflated inside her tight, white dress. She remembered staring at her own reflection until her breasts were the biggest in the entire night club. She remembered staring at her waist and demanding it become smaller. She remembered turning and staring at her butt until it tightened up and rounded out. She remembered using her strange shape-shifting abilities to alter her body so that it was the greatest body anyone had ever seen, which is why she ended up going home with the hottest, most successful, most well-hung man at the club. 


Yet, as Hannah finally pulled her tiny, yellow nightie down over her gigantic breasts and discovered that it was so small over her chest that it was barely long enough to even cover her belly button, let alone her shaven pussy or her bare ass, she discovered that she needed to be careful not to transform her body out of her clothing, or perhaps get some new clothes that were better suited for her wild, new curves. After all, Hannah did not want to transform back into the body she had before, not after it had clearly been such an awarding change.


Armando and the rest of the club-goers had been so mesmerized by Hannah’s sexually perfect body because it was perfect: young Hannah also had the ability to alter any part of her body at will, and she was just beginning to realize how fun it could be to play with her shape-shifting abilities. All her life, Hannah knew she was born with the weird ability of being able to transform into anything she wanted simply by thinking it, but it was only recently when she decided to stop transforming completely into other things and instead try altering herself inch by inch until she was what the world considered to be beautiful. Of age, and quite curious about sex, Hannah had come to realize the benefits of being beautiful after having slept with a man who never would have even looked at her if she had been in her old body. This new way to look at her odd, supernatural ability seemed to be a bit more fun that Hannah expected, now enjoying being an ultra-hot, mega-busty super-babe who no man could resist. Hannah now accepted she could look any way she wanted, but after possibly pushing her looks a bit too far and making herself a bit too perfect, she discovered her newly enhanced beauty might also have a bit of a downside for men like Armando might want to not only enjoy it, but exploit it.


Curious of what happened to the hot man named Armando she had mistakenly gone home with, the eighteen year-old girl with the strange, supernatural talents carefully walked across the room, her round, evenly-tanned butt swaying completely bare behind her and her short, golden hair dancing in front of her magnificent eyes. With her towering, new breasts eager to rip the tiny strings of her yellow nightie from her shoulders and her shaven, pleased pussy tucked between her bare thighs, the teenager walked up to the door and prepared to at least find out what Armando was doing outside of the bedroom. Yet just as the basically naked blonde girl placed her delicate hand over the door knob, she suddenly knew the things she wanted to know. She knew that Armando was in the bathroom texting another girl, typing into his phone that he was sorry they did not meet up and that he went home sick. She knew he had managed to put on a towel over his waist as if he was preparing to take a shower. Not only that, but Hannah now knew the door would creak when she opened it, signaling to Armando that she was up and about. She suddenly knew the hinges were old and that opening the door was not wise. With her hand still hovering over the doorknob and her bare feet on the floor, Hannah not only saw the present state of everything around her, but she also suddenly saw the future, a premonition that she did not ignore for she knew it to be true.


Hannah didn’t want Armando to find out that she was not just clairvoyant, but extremely telepathic. Hannah was able to read minds with staggering ease, and if Armando knew Hannah could read his mind, he would realize his scheme was no secret.


The talented teenager's amazing mind could tap into the thoughts of others, allowing her to process and predict the actions of others with near perfect accuracy. Without even being near them, Hannah could pry into the thoughts, desires, and memories of anyone and read them like a book, absorb their knowledge and dig through their secrets. Not only that, but Hannah could sense and read non-living things as well, gaining knowledge merely by being around the things that contained the knowledge she wanted. It was because of her telepathic prowess that she knew she had to escape Armando, hearing his thoughts and knowing exactly what he was thinking even though he was not even in the room. While Armando only thought he knew what Hannah was thinking, Hannah always knew what Armando was thinking, as well as what he had done and was capable of doing. She knew that Armando thought Hannah to be nothing more than a ditzy blonde with a giant set of breasts which the world needed to see in porn magazines, on websites, and even on television, and Armando was going to make the world pay him to see Hannah's god-given beauty as her self-appointed agent. Thankfully, Hannah had already figured he was a bit of a scumbag out even before he woke up, and yet he was as scumbag who knew how to fuck. Using him just as he had planned to use her, Hannah had gotten all she wanted, and now she knew it was really time to just get downstairs, out of his house and get far, far away.


Remembering what she was truly capable of, and knowing she could not open the door for it would be indeed loud, Hannah decided she did not want to touch the door, and instead pushed her busty body right through it, lifting her bare foot up and simply moving it right through the door as if it was not even there. The bare foot of the gorgeous teenager slipped out of the door on the other side and eased down on the ground as Hannah took a step forward, pushing her face, her hands, and her giant breasts through the door as well. Just like her foot, the lovely, youthful face of Hannah Deangelo simply slipped outward from the solid door on the other side as the gifted girl  of amazing ability began to pass through it as if it was not even there, electing to not use the door like a normal person and instead walk right through it as if she was a ghost. Her gigantic, honey-colored breasts and her soft hands were soon to follow as the gorgeous blonde literally stepped right through the solid door without disturbing it, making no sounds as her bare feet eased back down on the hardwood floor. Now in the hallway, the basically naked girl in the yellow nightie and nothing more stood in the hallway, curious to find a safe exit from Armando's large apartment.


Telekinetic, telepathic, and able to alter her body at will, eighteen year-old Hannah Deangelo was also able to literally walk through solid walls and doors like a ghost, a ability which made it quite simple to go anywhere she pleased.


The eighteen year-old girl knew her ability to walk through walls, a strange ability she had apparently been born with, was not something she should be showing off. As cool as it was to be able to ignore walls, doors, and even floors, Hannah knew such power made it possible for her to not just steal anything, but get away with anything. Even if the busty blonde with the short, lovely hair needed to steal, and was caught stealing, they’d have to catch her first. Trying to lock Hannah up in a prison cell behind bars was pointless for the busty teenager could just walk right back out again, slipping through the bars as if they did not exist to her. Police could try and handcuff her but the handcuffs could slip right through her wrists the second she wanted them to. Then, when all else failed, they'd just try and shoot her, but bullets would have the same effect and pass through her body without ever doing any harm. Able to teleport, walk through walls, read minds, and also blessed with telekinetic powers to boot, how could any police or even any army contain Hannah and her abilities? But then again, Hannah had no desire to commit crimes. She just wanted to have fun, but for now, she needed to get back to getting out of Armando’s apartment.


Still standing barefoot in the hallway in just her tiny nightie and nothing else, the gorgeous teen was careful not make a sound while her telepathic powers scourged and scanned everything around her, not only telling her where Armando currently was, but also telling her how old the paint was on the walls, how old the milk was in the fridge downstairs, and even how much gas was in the gas tank of Armando's BMW in the garage. Hannah's telepathic powers were something profound, giving her far more information than she needed to know and making it hard for the teenager to concentrate. Her mind zipped through the bathroom door where Armando waited beyond, talking quietly on his cell phone so that the naked girl he presumed was still in his bed could not hear. Hannah’s mind heard him talking to another girl, apologizing for not ‘hooking up’ last night and claiming he went home sick.


As the phone conversation continued, Hannah’s mind continued onward, entering his cell phone, traveling along the signal, and exiting back out of the other end where a lovely redheaded girl a few years older than Hannah waited on the other end. Even though she was still standing calmly in the hallway just outside the bathroom, Hannah could see this girl named Mindy standing in her kitchen in a tiny shirt and underwear as if Hannah was in the kitchen with her. Now mentally in Mindy’s kitchen and looking over her sensational body, a body that was nearly as voluptuous and perfect as her own, Hannah found herself staring at the redhead’s remarkable ass inside her blue thong and longing to touch it. The blonde who was still physically standing in Armando’s hallway was enjoying the view of the redhead as she stood in her kitchen, clearly displeased with Armando standing her up. Hannah felt bad for Mindy, and even started to wonder what her night might have been like if she had gone home with this beautiful redhead instead, fantasizing about a night with this beautiful, young woman instead of the arrogant, yet gorgeous man. Hannah’s vision showed her the redhead’s massive breasts stressing her blue shirt as well as her round, phenomenal ass behind her as she leaned over her counter, a perfect ass that Hannah found herself longing to grab. It was a mind-boggling, breathtaking view that hypnotized the blonde teenager, yet she knew she had focus her attention back on her current location and end her view of the redhead’s magnificent body. Saving the idea for later, Hannah placed her hands over her face and wrangled in her amazing powers of sight, remembering where she was and what she was doing.


Despite knowing exactly what Armando was thinking, the blonde teenager in the yellow nightie was so overwhelmed that she failed to realize that Armando was no longer talking on the phone. In fact, he was thinking about coming in the bedroom and giving ‘Jenny’ some kind of ultimatum, as if his offer to make her famous was fading away and there was no one else in the world who would make her such an offer. Yet standing in his hallway was not where she wanted to have this conversation, and as she looked right through the bathroom door and saw him standing naked with his hand reaching for the knob on the other end, the busty blonde quickly turned and leapt right back through the bedroom door, slipping through it once again and pulling her bare toes through the solid wood just as Armando stepped out of the bathroom, oblivious to the fact he had some kind of teenage witch in his bedroom waiting for him. Ready to give Jenny the final pitch, a pitch that he would hope was going to make him lots and lots of money, as well as bring him into a world of greater sex with greater girls like Jenny, Armando opened the door to his bedroom like a normal person and found the gorgeous blonde teenager standing in his bedroom in a tiny yellow nightie, realizing she had woken up and started to dress again.


“Look, this is a no brainer, babe.” Armando said, still stark naked with his huge cock hanging between his thighs, clearly proud of the work he had put into his body both through hours at the gym and a few procedures under the knife. “I’ll be your agent. I’ll get you everything you need to get started. You seriously don’t have to do anything. Just let me or some other guys take some photos of you, then sit back and rake in the dough.”


“I don’t really want to be famous.” Hannah admitted, which was only partially true. She had already entertained the idea of being some kind of big-shot supermodel or sexy movie or television star, but then again, she was already the most famous person in the world, just obviously not for her new looks yet.


“What?” Armando shouted. “Why the fuck not?” He continued as if he had never heard anyone say such a thing. The naked man walked right up to Hannah and quickly took her in his arms, wrapping her up with his strong arms and grabbing her bare ass as it hung out from under her tight nightie. The second Armando touched her, Hannah felt her own body become weak. She hated Armando’s mind but was obviously quite enamored with his body and his cock. Shallow just like he was, Hannah was not concerned with Armando’s personality when it came to sex. She felt her knees weaken and her pussy become wet just by smelling his manly musk and feeling his mighty muscles wrapping her up. As tempting as having sex with Armando over and over again might have been to the young, oddly gifted teenage girl, she knew she had to stay strong. She liked his ideas … but she did not like him.


“Everyone wants to be famous.” Armando continued, as if he was speaking for her. “You’ll be famous. You’ll be rich. Erica Milani? Kristi Kardashia? Tiffany Rose? You’d be just like them ... even more famous cuz you’re even younger and hotter! With a body and fame like what you’ll have, they won’t just let you skip the line at night clubs, they’ll let you in the back. You’ll never have to sneak into a night club again.”


Of course Hannah was not about to actually tell Armando how she got into the club last night. A teenage girl with talents like hers already had no need to go through the front door at all, let alone wait in line with all the other normal people. It was as she stood outside in the alley between night clubs the night before that the eighteen year-old girl looked up at the tall buildings not with her lovely, young eye, but with her mind. With her short, playful, golden hair dancing in front of her eyes, the tiny teenager in the tiny white dress closed her eyes and saw everything going on in both buildings, helping her find the greatest cock as she removed the walls, removed the floors, and removed the pants of everyone with her amazing eyes. This was how she found Armando, a man with a cock greater than all the rest. Hannah was not about to accuse Armando of being shallow for Hannah knew she was just as shallow as he was, or at least she was for the moment. After finding Armando as she stood outside in the alley, the blonde girl made sure the coast was clear before unleashing more obvious powers that just her x-ray eyes. With nothing more than a calm, silent wish which she formed in her mind, the lovely blonde girl wished herself into the bathroom stall three stories up, teleporting right out of the alley, through the wall, and reappearing instantly with her white heels upon the tile floor of the bathroom stall. Rediscovering the benefits of being able to disappear and reappear somewhere else and avoiding the line outside, the cover charge, and the bouncers who would surely keep the eighteen year-old girl out of the night club, Hannah knew it was a special power she needed to remaster. It was going to take practice to figure it all out again, and that’s why she was standing in Armando’s bedroom in the first place: practicing her powers while enjoying some hot, random sex.


Yet now that she had Armando standing in front of her, she couldn't just disappear and teleport downstairs and out the door. If only she had thought of that earlier, she would have been gone and out the door instead of having her bare ass in his hands and his strong chest pressed up against her giant breasts. Experience with using her powers in such awkward situations would come in time, as well as remembering what she was capable of. Remembering what she was indeed capable of, Hannah just smiled up at the handsome man who was holding on to her ass cheeks while her telekinetic mind moved down through the floor, moved through the living room, slipped through the front door, and then hit the doorbell button. A loud ring echoed up through the three-story condo, prompting Armando to look away from the gorgeous blonde and back behind him as if someone was standing there. Hannah’s telepathic powers heard Armando’s worries, wondering if it was the police or perhaps some girl who finally remembered where he lived and was going to try and kick his ass. He clung on to Hannah’s ass and did not budge, forcing Hannah to use her strange powers and ring the doorbell again.


“Dammit.” Armando sighed, letting go of Hannah’s ass and quickly rushing towards the door. “Hang on. Might be the mailman.” Armando lied, for it was far too early for that. Hannah stood by and watched the naked man dart into the bathroom, grab a towel, and then wrap it around himself as he darted down the stairs.


A flick of Hannah’s hand through the air shut the bedroom door from afar, telekinetically closing and then locking the door behind Armando as he bounced down the stairs. Hannah was very much done with Armando having gotten everything she wanted out of him, and was actually considering just using her powers to smack him around before running down the stairs herself. Yet as a new plan formed in her young, powerful mind, the naked blonde in the yellow nightie looked down to the empty bed before her, glared at it with growing desires, and quietly told the universe what she wanted. Somehow she knew that no matter what she asked for, the universe was going to obey her.


“Suitcase.” Hannah quietly whispered. “I need a suitcase.”


With the thought strong in her mind, the busty white teenager tossed her hand down at the bed before her as if throwing her desires out of her mind and on to the bed. It was with a toss of her hand that a large, black suitcase exploded into existence, appearing before her eyes in a tiny burst of glitter just as she imagined: large, black, and complete with a combination lock even though she did not need it. It sat on the bed before Hannah quietly, appearing to be just as real as the bed sheets and mattress below it, which it was. As her telepathic powers told her Armando had still not reached the front door, prompting her to ring the doorbell again, Hannah smiled down at the suitcase as if it was an old friend. The truth was that Hannah had just remembered seeing something like it being held by one of her teachers back at school, and from that memory, Hannah had created a suitcase of her own. She had pulled her memory right out of her mind and brought it into reality.


Hannah didn’t need anything from Armando, or anyone else, because the eighteen year-old girl could literally create anything she wanted or needed out of thin air, a power that made her more famous than her ability to walk through walls, read minds, or teleport instantly anywhere she desired.


Walking through walls and reading minds was nothing compared to Hannah’s strange ability to bring her memories, or even her imagination, out of her mind and into reality. Hannah could create things at will: from the yellow nightie she was wearing on her body, the white dress she had worn the night before, to even food, jewelry, shoes, and even sex toys if she was in the mood. This astonishing ability came in handy for if she forgot a pen so she could take notes for her science class, all Hannah had to do was make sure no one was watching her, open her hand, and poof: a ball-point pen appeared in her hand. Hannah didn't even have to buy clothes as she could simply skim a catalog and recreate anything she saw. Much like with her new perspective on her shapeshifting powers and using them to make herself as beautiful as possible, Hannah had started becoming a bit of a fashion designer for she could recreate outfits with her imagination, wrapping up her new body up with new clothes in sizes and shapes no designer ever dreamed existed. While most of Hannah’s powers hinted towards those found in comic books, it was this ability to wish anything into existence that made her think she was something more than just a ‘gifted girl’ with special talents and supernatural abilities. She had created a new car, a giant plasma television set, a Thanksgiving dinner, and even an entire house from memory … and she had created them all with just a strong thought and a wave of her fingers through the air. Simply put, the little blonde teenager could create anything she wanted out of thin air, anything at all.


With another calm flick of her fingers, the suitcase opened and suddenly sucked up all of her belongings, pulling her white dress, her heels, her purse, and everything she had taken with her the night before. Sure Hannah could create a few things out of thin air and leave behind what she didn’t really need, but then again she did not want to leave anything behind for Armando to potentially use to either contact her or bait her further. She stood by and watched as these various items floated right up off of the floor or from Armando’s dresser, moving around her on their own flight paths before landing safely inside the suitcase. It wasn’t so much that Hannah was using her telekinetic powers to orchestrate such an event in as much as she simply wanted these things to get in the suitcase, commanding them like a pet to do whatever she was thinking. With all of her belongings inside, the suitcase then shut on its own and then burst into light again, leaving behind nothing but a tiny necklace with a single diamond hanging from its tiny chain. With yet another calm gesture from her hand, Hannah picked up this necklace with her mind and pulled it through the air towards her, watching it as it sailed towards her, unhooked, and politely placed itself around her neck. It was within this tiny diamond that Hannah’s purse, wallet, ID, dress, shoes, and cell phone were all safely stored, able to be transformed back into a suitcase the second Hannah finally got back to her bedroom.


There was no simple explanation for the powers that the young girl possessed, including the power to alter and change things around her with a whisk of her hand.


Even Hannah feared such power, for if Armando made her too angry, she might accidentally turn him into a toad as if she was some kind of witch. It was that same fear Hannah had encountered in the past, finding fear in the minds of everyone who felt they should not make her mad, including friends, family, police officers, and government officials. What if Hannah decided to turn tanks into water? Police officers into cockroaches? Entire cities into dust? Those were the reasons why Hannah was famous the world over: everyone in the world already knew the teenage girl possessed strange, unfathomable, god-like powers. Even after Hannah promised the world she would not use her powers and tried to attend high school as if she was normal, no one wanted to be friends with a girl who, if they wronged her, might just turn them into a new bracelet or a new pair of shoes. It was this fear that Hannah had hoped to put an end to if she made her own beauty greater than her powers, hoping people might like her more if she was beautiful and not just some freaky teenager with powers. Clearly Armando liked her a lot, but he still did not know her true identity, or her true power.


With her secret still very much safe, her belongings around her neck, Armando downstairs noticing that there was no one at his front porch, and the bedroom door locked in case Armando tried to interrupt her escape, the naked blonde in the yellow nightie walked over to the large window and opened it with her mind before she even arrived, watching as the large window opened and revealed the backyard of Armando’s neighbor’s house three stories below. With her giant, round, deep cleavage spilling out into the morning sun, the blonde girl looked down at the yards below, then out over the city which was still waking up. With her bare feet on the ground behind her, the eighteen year-old girl closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then quietly whispered to herself once more.


“Remember: I can fly. I can fucking fly. Heights don’t matter … because I can fly.” Hannah quietly whispered to herself as she stood in the bedroom the third floor, her hands on the window sill, her gigantic breasts eager to rip out of her tiny yellow nightie, and her bare toes nervously clenching the carpet below her.


Having convinced herself of the far-fetched idea that she could just fly like a superhero, the eighteen year-old blonde girl in the yellow nightie let go of the window sill with her fingers, and then let go of the floor with her toes for they calmly moved right up off of the carpet. Basically naked with the morning sun staring at her giant, bulging breasts inside her sheer, yellow lingerie, the high school senior felt her body move upward into the air not a second after she had convinced herself of such a thing. Somehow using mind over matter to convince not only herself but reality that she could defy gravity, Hannah looked down over her massive cleavage and down at her toes to witness her feet now over six inches above the ground. She just smiled at the sight while she demanded to move not only higher, but further out of the open window. With her short, playful, silky, golden hair dancing in front of her eyes, and with her flawless, bare ass peeking out from under her tiny, yellow nightie, the young girl with the gigantic breasts and tiny body moved right out of the window as if she was under water, floating effortlessly from the third floor and out over the back lawn of the three-story condo.


If being telekinetic, telepathic, and able to create things out of thin air was not enough superpowers for the teenage girl, Hannah Deangelo was also born with the ability to simply fly, a supernatural power that might have been her favorite.


Too bad Steve Mathews, Armando's nosey neighbor, was just out picking a few weeds early that morning when he looked up to his neighbor Armando’s condo and saw a blonde girl of just eighteen suddenly drifted out of the third floor of Armando’s condo, floating like a bubble in her tiny, yellow nightie with her bare ass high above his head. He stood there silent and disbelieving as this beautiful, basically naked, blonde girl literally floated above him, watching as she turned around and slowly closed the window while her bare feet wiggled under her long, naked legs. Her tiny, yellow nightie was lifted right up off her her bare ass as she bent over and closed the window, kicking her bare feet behind her softly as if she was under water. In awe of her flawless figure, yet startled by the fact that this girl above him was in fact somehow floating well over twenty feet above the ground, Steve Mathews did the only thing he could do as he stood below on his side of the fence, staring up at the bare butt, gorgeous legs, and sweet, honey-colored skin of this floating, blonde teenager.


“Hey!” Steve shouted out, having no other idea of what to say or do.


The floating blonde heard Steve’s voice, panicked for a split second, and then suddenly knew everything about Steve. Before she turned around and looked down at him with her own eyes, her telepathic powers knew where he was born, what his favorite beer was, and exactly what he was seeing at that very moment. Through Steve’s eyes, Hannah saw her own levitating body high above his backyard, able to see what he saw so that she could fully understand the extent of his discovery. Hannah had been very careful not to be caught using her powers up to this moment, but her constant focus on Armando and what he was doing had clearly preoccupied her mind. Without any idea of what to do in this situation, the super-powered teenager in the tiny, yellow nightie reacted much in the way Steve had done. With panic in her mind, the floating teenager tossed her hand down at Steve with more power than she meant to unleash, and simply shouted.


“No!” Hannah shouted as she tossed out her hand, causing the heavens to open as a bolt of lightning suddenly blasted down from the blue sky above, zipping down and blasting the back lawn beside Steve.


While the bolt did in fact miss Steve and instead fried a large patch of lawn beside him, it was enough heat and power to scorch his arm, his leg, and send him back against his workbench as if he had been hit by a truck. As Steve flopped down to the ground in front of him, already knocked out by the power of Hannah’s lightning, his massive, 350 lbs. work bench fell forward on top of him, tipping over and crushing both of his legs. Too far gone to feel his bones break under the weight of the bench, the man who was clearly no match for Hannah’s mere words slammed his head against the concrete as blood started to ooze out of his head. Rain started to suddenly fall from above both Steve and Hannah despite the blue sky above, hitting Steve’s newly scared burns yet doing nothing to cool his skin. He was burned, crushed, unconscious, and a few minutes away from being dead.


"Shit!" Hannah shouted as she floated well over thirty feet above the scene, rain now soaking her tiny nightie and causing it to stick to her sweet, honey-colored skin. "Shit shit shit!"


In a blur, the gifted blonde teleported down from above, vanishing instantly only to reappear just as fast standing with her bare toes in the grass and bounced over to the unconscious the injured man. With her massive breasts bouncing and her bare ass behind her, the eighteen year old girl who was basically naked except for her tiny, yellow nightie that barely covered her belly button quickly bend down and let her vision move through the man's skin, allowing her to see his bones, his veins, taking note of his broken legs, ribs, arm, and also discovering that he was indeed hemorrhaging on the inside, apart from the external wounds on his face and burns on his arm. As the rains above started to become heavier, the naked blonde looked down at him and could not hear his thoughts, knowing well and good he was out cold yet also sensing that his lungs and his heart were still working. Soon annoyed by the water that was falling from the sky, Hannah tossed her short, wet, blonde hair from her face and looked straight up into the rain, glaring up at the sky as if she was annoyed by its decision to rain. Right after the rain stopped falling on her and Steve, the unconscious man was unconscious no more, his eyes opening wide as he started breathing frantically. As if he had also been drowning, Steve started to enter panic mode himself, sucking up air while feeling the surging pains racing through his entire body.


“Don’t talk.” Hannah said, not only giving him instructions but making it somehow impossible for Steve to scream out in pain and wake more neighbors.


“You’re … her.” The dying man muttered.


“Shh.” Hannah said. “I’ve got you.”


“I’m sorry ... Hannah ... Ms. Deangelo ... I ... didn’t ... know it was you.”


“Just be quiet.” Hannah muttered, unhappy to hear this stranger call her by her real name. “This’ll just take a second.”


The dying man who was both soaking wet, bleeding, and covered in burns just rested on his back with the 350-pound work bench still crushing both of his legs. Knowing she had to fix what she had caused, the tiny teenager in the even smaller, soaking wet, yellow nightie eased her hands under the giant work bench which was still on top of Steve’s legs. Then, as if it weighed no more than a cardboard box full of Styrofoam packing peanuts, the tiny teenager lifted the 350-pound metal bench right up off of the dying man, picking up the work bench which would likely require two, large, strong, thick men to lift. Nevertheless, Hannah had no problem picking up the work bench and putting it back where it belonged, saving the man from certain doom and standing above him with her bare thighs and short, golden hair her long legs, bare thighs, and monumental breasts towering above. The eighteen year-old girl just smiled calmly down as the man was overwhelmed by not only her beauty, but what he had just witnessed. Hannah had always thought it was cool to have superhuman strength, but even when she was just a little girl, she had to be careful about how she hugged her parents, opened doors, and even typed on a keyboard. It was one of her powers that she sometimes regretted having, but also could not deny that it came in handy.


Despite having no massive muscles like an Amazon goddess, the tiny teenager with the short, golden hair and slender arms could pick up anything she wanted. It did not matter how big, round, heavy, or awkward anything could be: cars, trees, train-engines, trucks, elephants, or even boats, the little blonde girl could pick them up as if they all weighed the same as an inflated beach ball.


Yet as Hannah stood above in her yellow nightie and nothing more, she could see this man was still in pain and was only hiding the pain because he was overwhelmed by Hannah's beauty and display of superhuman talents. Without time to spare or complete confidence in modern medicines, the teenage girl dropped down to her knees and placed her hands upon the man’s chest. The man tried to inch away from her touch, but as Hannah touched him he felt weary. He felt dizzy. He fell unconscious again the second Hannah's young hands touched him, putting him into a temporary slumber so that Hannah's mind could climb into his body, under his skin, and repair his wounds. Hannah's x-ray eyes watched as his ribs fused back together and his veins sealed, stopping the bleeding which just might have killed him. His legs were next as the bones reconnected and solidified in seconds. The burns upon his skin, cut on his head, and even his burned clothes all seemed to sew shut and repair themselves while Hannah kept her hands upon his bed. Hannah's hands only rested upon his chest, yet her mind was inside him, fixing him faster than any doctor could ever dream of doing. With the man now fast asleep and his body completely repaired, the young, busty, nearly naked blonde teenager smiled down and knew that he would not remember this moment. With her short, playful, gorgeous, golden hair dancing in front of her eyes and her soaking wet nightie still sticking to her evenly-tanned skin, Hannah lifted her hands from his body and slowly stood back up on her toes, standing above the now softly sleeping man and happy to see that he was well.


The last thing Hannah wanted the world to know was that she was using her healing powers again, powers she swore off years ago. Yet in a bind, she had no choice to be revisit her ability to heal anyone instantly with her thoughts, anything from diseases, wounds, and any ailment anyone might have just by using her powerful mind. For years, the younger girl was begged to use her healing powers to cure everything: cancers, broken bones, diabetes, and even minor cuts and the common cold, but she simply couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn't that Hannah had become selfish, it was that the rest of the world had become selfish. Hannah was not seen as an individual, but a way to get prayers answered. People exploited her healing abilities right along with the rest of her powers, begging for gifts and money and fame and fortune just as she knew Armando wanted. While Hannah had long rid the world of most diseases, hunger, and even crime, the young girl had long become tired of babysitting humanity. While only a year ago she had cured her own aunt’s developing cancer before the doctors had even found it, Hannah had publicly sworn off her powers so that everyone would leave her alone. She did not want to be famous for her ‘gifts’ anymore, and yet here she was using them again as if she never stopped. Now that Hannah was of age and longing to explore her sexuality, she couldn’t help but abuse her gifts to help her experience the joys of intimacy. She was an eighteen year-old girl with seemingly infinite power, she an omnipotent teenager who wanted the same things other teenage girls wanted: admiration, freedom, and a bit of sex. Could she have all those things and still not let the world know she was using her powers again? Did she still have to hide them?


Tired of being wet, and this time knowing very well that no one else was watching her, Hannah peeled her soaking wet nightie off of her giant breasts, lifting it over her head and letting her massive, round melons bounce freely about her tiny waist. Honestly having no need for her nightie, the naked teenager with the giant breasts and the short, wet, golden hair tossed it over her head and towards the large, plastic trash can in Steve’s backyard. The nightie curved its flight and the trash can lid opened all on its own for Hannah’s wet lingerie as if it was ready to eat her nightie and helping her getting rid of the evidence. As the now completely naked teenager walked across the back lawn wearing nothing more than her diamond necklace of all of her belongings she actually needed to continue living a ‘normal life’, the busty teenager with the amazing, supernatural powers calmly and silently asked for a new nightie to come into existence instantly creating a new, white nightie which simply appeared on her body. Without even saying a word, the eighteen year-old girl seemed to create a tiny, sheer, playful bit of lingerie by simply wishing it into existence with her mind, a sheer, flowery, white nightie which flowed down over her bare thighs while hugged her massive, recently enhanced breasts. Feeling quite sexy and free with her naked body still quite visible through the sheerness and transparency of her white, see-through nightie, and loving how her new body felt as compared to her old one, Hannah’s telepathic powers told her it was time to get going for Armando was starting to get angry about his door being locked. Knowing she had to escape Armando’s life as quickly as possible now that she had repaired the damage she had caused, and knowing that Armando’s true colors were starting to show as he yelled through the locked door back up in his bedroom, Hannah turned her attention to the skies above, opened her arms, and decided it was time to fly.


Now remembering quite vividly that she could fly, the gorgeous teenager wearing nothing but a tiny, sheer, white nightie calmly plucked her bare feet right off of the ground as if a rope was lifting her beautiful body from the ground. Without anything more that the desire to move upward, Hannah effortlessly plucked her cute, dainty, bare toes right up from the green grass, moving slowly upward without having to jump as she opened her arms and prepared to take to the skies. With nothing on her naked body but her newly created lingerie, Hannah’s completely bare butt and shaven mound were soon kissed by the rising sun as she elegantly floated up from Steve's backyard, smiling up to the sky as she opened her arms to embrace it. What was ten feet soon became twenty, thirty, and finally well over fifty feet as the skinny, eighteen year-old girl with skin as rich, as smooth, and as sweet as flowing honey sailed up over Armando's condo, her massive breasts bursting almost completely out of her cute, angelic nightie and her bare toes hanging below her without a place to stand. Even though the blonde girl had been born with such amazing abilities, including the ability to fly like a superhero, it had been so long since she used them on a regular basis that she had forgotten how much fun it was to fly. Quickly forgetting about Armando and the morning’s adventure, the voluptuous high-schooler in the skimpy, sheer lingerie focused less on escaping and more on soaring, turning her attention to the horizon in the distance. As she opened her arms further and spread them like wings, Hannah’s thoughts focused on sailing out over the rooftops of Armando’s neighborhood, and that is exactly what she did. In a matter of seconds, the levitating teenager was no longer just floating high above the rooftops: she was flying free and fast over the world below. With her arms stretched out from her tiny body, her massive breasts hanging from her tiny lingerie, and her short, blonde hair dancing in the winds as they rushed down her fantastic curves and her bare feet as they dangled behind her, Hannah flew out over the houses and towards the rising sun.


The tops of the nearby trees reached up to try and touch Hannah's naked skin as she flew overhead with her arms stretched out like wings. Her tiny, white nightie danced up off of her bare thighs as she soared over the neighborhood rooftops, flying softly overhead and smiling down at the world below. She saw a few people down walking their dogs around on the sidewalks, elderly women watering their gardens, and kids playing with plastic baseball bats and toy baseballs as their day began. With her toes dangling behind her and the warming winds of the morning brushing through her short, blonde hair, Hannah just kept her hands out from her body and looked out towards the ocean far in the distance, remembering the simple joys of flying that she had enjoyed so many years ago. Yet unlike so many years ago, no one below was allowed to notice the blonde in the white lingerie as she flew overhead because Hannah would not allow it. Not even the leashed dogs could see Hannah, nor could the birds see Hannah as she slipped down between the trees of a nearby park, ducking down towards the green grasses for a moment before shooting back up towards the sun. Everything, even the trees and the grasses below were oblivious to Hannah’s flight, only feeling the gentle winds the flying teenager created as she zipped by them. Hannah sailed over parking lots, shopping malls, and gas stations in her skimpy, white lingerie, flying anywhere she wanted to go while the world below her went on as it always did. Even when Hannah found herself flying directly towards a five-story office building, the gorgeous blonde continued sailing towards it, closed her eyes, smiled, and slipped right through the glass windows just as she had slipped through Armando’s bedroom door, flowing right through the glass like a ghost, zipping onward through cubicles and offices, and then popping out the other side of the building without smashing any glass or even disturbing the papers that had been cluttered on so many boring office desks. The eighteen year-old girl just laughed as she looked back down her body, looking back at the building as it became smaller and smaller in the distance.


Clearly already having far too many supernatural abilities for any one person to have, it was not that much of a surprise to discover that Hannah also had the ability to turn invisible on a whim; instantly vanishing from the world around her while still remaining quite visible to herself. It was not exactly an ability that she had used much in her youth, but now that she was stepping back out into the world and using her powers once more, she found it quite beneficial to cloak herself when she went outside, longing to let the world go on without knowing she was playing with her powers again. Yet thanks to her new looks and the new outfits she had been creating for herself in the last few weeks, Hannah had already become tired of turning invisible to hide herself as she flew through the air. Part of her wanted everyone below to look up and see this hot, young girl sail over head, and part of her knew she had better not reveal herself. Other than the fact that she was basically naked, Hannah was still quite anxious about stepping back into the spotlight. In a world fixated on fear, consumed by jealousy, and corrupted by far too many scary scenarios thanks to horror stories, religions, and paranoia, Hannah did not think the world would enjoy discovering she was now using her powers again just so she could be beautiful and get laid. Just like when she was younger and people turned on her despite the fact she did so much to help them, Hannah knew that same unwarranted hate, anger, and overwhelming jealousy would return. And so as Hannah flew on invisibly out over the suburbs of Miami, the beautiful, magical teenager in the white nightie turned her attention from the tall buildings ahead of her on the horizon up towards the white clouds above her, giant clouds that sat calmly above like cotton balls drifting high above the city. With her bare feet dangling behind her, the blonde girl who could fly clenched her fists and blasted off up towards the sky, zipping away from the world and sailing up towards somewhere more secluded.


Longing to get away from everyone below, the blonde girl who could fly flew higher and higher, her arms stretched out and her bare feet hanging back behind her as the world below became smaller and smaller. Soon fifty feet was five-hundred feet, five-hundred feet was five-thousand feet, and yet that still was not far enough away. Rising higher and higher in the air, the magical blonde girl in the white nightie soared up towards the puffy clouds above, flying far above the world below. She spun left and right and twirled about, shooting upwards like a rocket until she was above where airplanes might fly. Still flying effortlessly and with her short, blonde hair dancing in front of her young, blue eyes, the eighteen year-old girl who could fly finally zipped up along a giant cloud and crested up over the side, gliding above a giant white cloud as she slowed her speedy flight down to an elegant glide. Now well over forty-thousand feet above the tiny world below, the young girl in the white nightie looked out over the white cloud as if it was a snowy field, a snowy field of pure white that she could ease her bare feet down upon and walk. That was exactly what Hannah did as she lowered down towards the cloud, finding it somehow possible to walk on the otherwise intangible cloud as she calmly ended her magical flight.


With far too many supernatural abilities to count, the eighteen year-old girl with the massive, round breasts stretching her tiny, white nightie, both of which she had given herself just by thinking it, calmly walked across the cloud as if it was the grass lawn she had been walking on down below. She did not feel cold from being so high above the world nor did the air pressure around her affect her in any way. Very much feeling like she was walking on a beach instead of a white cloud, the teenager opened her body up to the rising sun and soaked in its warmth, happy to be free to do as she pleased high above the city. Hannah’s momentary dance across the top of the white cloud was soon interrupted as she felt a sudden rush of wind flow from behind her, a supernatural gust of wind that blew up her bare legs, up her thighs, and rushed up over her naked body under her tiny nightie and up through her short, blonde hair. Her sheer lingerie was tossed up from her bare ass and thighs, exposing her nudity to the rising sun behind her. This rush surprised the teenage girl who otherwise could know and see everything, blessing her with a white smile of joy for she could not help but enjoy the air around her. As the wind moved on and away from the young girl, Hannah combed her hand up through her blonde hair and put it back in place as the white fabric of her skimpy nightie fell back over her phenomenal ass cheeks. No longer feeling like she was alone, Hannah looked up above her and smiled at the colorful sky, seeing nothing but clouds above before hearing a familiar voice echo from above.


“I’m so glad to see you out and about again, Hannah.” The sultry voice of a woman called down to the blonde girl in white, a powerful voice that still seemed to speak softly to the teenage girl. “No longer hiding in that bedroom of yours ... out enjoying the world like the rest of us. Tell me: was he everything you hoped it would be?”


“I don’t know, Nika.” Hannah answered the voice, calling out to the clouds above her. “It was … an adventure. It was fun.” Hannah then shrugged, thinking about her sexual adventure back down on Earth. “Where are you? I want to see you.” She playfully giggled.


By Hannah’s request, a small area of clouds in front of where she stood started to become darker, richer, and then finally as black as smoke. This patch of darkness rose up from the cloud, swirled into form and quickly took the shape of a human being. Not to keep Hannah waiting, it was clear that this cloud was a woman, but not any ordinary woman like back down on Earth. The cloudy aura was a voluptuous woman, a gorgeous woman, and soon she was made of cloud no more but flesh and blood. Now standing in front of the blonde teenager in white was a body just as unbelievable and exposed as Hannah’s own body, the body of a gorgeous,  ravishing, simply flawless Japanese woman with short, jet-black hair, pale skin, and an obnoxious set of breasts that were just as big and round and full as Hannah's own magically-enhanced set. Not to be outdone by Hannah’s choice of attire for her own beautiful body, this Japanese woman wore a tiny, pointless, black one-piece bikini that tied behind her neck, stretched out in two tiny strands over a set of breasts that were bigger than her own head and yet only covered her nipples, dove down into separate strands towards her thighs, covered up her shaven mound, slipped between her legs, and then rode back up between her milky-white ass cheeks before finding its way back up to the tiny knot behind her neck. With a sheer, black shawl hanging from her wrists and flowing in the air behind her, with far too much of her fantastic body exposed to the rising sun, and also walking in a pair of matching purple stiletto heels which somehow failed to sink into the cloud as well, this radiant woman with the oversized breasts bursting above her tiny frame elegantly walked towards Hannah after having used similar powers to give herself a human body after having existed as only the wind. Clearly alone with Hannah atop the cloud, the Japanese woman, a voluptuous woman who appeared to be at least ten years older than Hannah and whose tiny, pointless, one-piece bikini barely covered any part of her astonishingly sexy, nearly naked body, walked right towards the blonde girl in white, her exotic eyes unwavering as she smiled at the teenage girl whose body was just as outrageous as her own.


“I felt it was a good idea to watch over you on your first night out in the world with that new body of yours.” The Japanese woman named Nika said quite proudly, tossing her short, black hair from her exotic eyes before tossing Hannah a sultry smile. With her sheer, black shawl tied to her wrists and flowing behind her divine ass, Nika walked proudly and confidently across the cloud towards the teenage girl as the tiny straps of her one-piece bikini stretched far down over only her nipples before diving down between her thighs to cover up her hairless mound. “I just wanted to make sure your night out on the town was a good one. I know you’re still concerned about attracting attention and all, but I think a part of you is tired of hiding and wants to remind this world who you are ... and show them what you have become. Your … metamorphosis.”


“I don’t know. I guess ... I just ... I forgot how … powerful I was.” Hannah said with a sigh, finding it hard to look into Nika's eyes for she was lost in the sight of this fair-skinned woman’s phenomenal curves and outrageous attire. This black-haired woman whose long, bare legs stretched down to the cloud while her massive, round, flawless breasts bulged out on both sides of the pointless straps of her bikini finally stopped and stood proudly before the younger girl, standing as if the two had planned on meeting at that very spot. “It’s just been crazy these last few weeks ... it’s like I’m learning how to use my powers all over again.” The teenager admitted. “And I do like this new body. I want to keep it ... but I still don’t think my parents would approve of me looking like this. I mean ... my tits are huge! If I go back to high school like this ... everyone will lose their minds!”


“You always felt like ... despite your power … you had to listen to your parents … to society and its simple laws.” Nika stated quite obviously, enjoying the sight of Hannah’s new body under her sheer, white nightie. “You always obeyed them because you were just a little girl, but now that you are of age and longing for independence … it’s different. You must finally be free ... free to do and be whatever you want ... especially be free to look how you want to look no matter what. You don’t need to limit yourself to your parent’s ... simple ... genetics.”


“I ... I just want ... I don’t know. I do want to be free.” The eighteen year-old girl who could also fly and teleport and create things out of thin air mumbled, looking up to the blue sky above as if it had the answers. “I don’t want to have to hide my powers ... but I also don’t want people being all bitchy about what I do with them.” She continued as she stood on the cloud high above Miami. “I also feel like I still need to listen to my parents. Not just because they are my parents ... but ... I caused so much trouble when I was little. I didn’t understand what I was doing with my ... abilities. I owe them everything.”


“You should be free.” Nika smiled, stepping closer to the blonde in the white lingerie. “That city below us? This world? This reality? They are all yours to do with as you please. You are God ... you can do anything you want. No one can judge you.” She continued, trying to get Hannah to once again understand the extent of her supernatural powers.


“I don’t want to have this same-old discussion right now, Nika. You’re not helping.” Hannah said, changing her tone while placing her hands on her hips and causing her round, bulging breasts to bounce up and down inside her tiny, white nightie. “That’s the exact reason I stopped using my powers in the first place: everyone thinking I was like a god or something. Begging me for things while blaming me for all the bad stuff. I’m not in charge of everything. I’m not a god. It’s not ‘my reality’.” She continued with air quotes. “I’ve told you just as I told everyone else: I was just born this way … born with ... gifts.”


“These gifts also make you the most powerful being in the universe, Hannah.” Nika smirked as she stood on the cloud in her obnoxious, black bikini. With her black heels still somehow unable to sink into the cloud she stood upon, and with her highly exposed breasts still dazzling in the eyes of the blonde teenager before her, Nika took a few steps closer to the confused teenager, pulling her black shawl back against her ass cheeks as she moved towards the girl in the tiny, white nightie. “The sooner you accept who you are … truthfully … the sooner you will find happiness.”

Hannah knew that Nika was mostly speaking the truth for she could not deny just how powerful she was. There were so many things that she was capable of doing with just her thoughts, things that went even beyond flying or walking through walls or creating anything she needed out of thin air. Sure Hannah was telekinetic, telepathic, and could teleport anywhere she wanted to in the world, but that was still barely scratching the surface of what she, and the rest of the world, knew she was capable of. Despite having very average parents who had not lived next to a radioactive power plant, had not experimented with any strange drugs, and had not exposed their daughter to magical spells, alien lifeforms, or anything out of the ordinary that would have affected their baby’s development, the eighteen year-old girl had indeed been born with more than just mere gifts. She had been born with strange powers, unbelievable powers, and quite possibly limitless powers to do as she pleased. Nika, as well as many other people in the world, were convinced that this girl was God for her supernatural gifts were indeed god-like simply because no matter what Hannah thought, desired, or wanted, no matter how impossible or ridiculous it was: it would simply come true. If Hannah wanted to fly, she would fly. If Hannah wanted to disappear and reappear back in her bedroom in Chicago, she would do just that. If Hannah wanted to have bigger breasts or walk through a wall or know what her parents were thinking, it would just happen. Hannah had no idea what the limits of her powers were, resulting in her simply accepting that there were no limits. Perhaps Hannah was indeed omnipotent and capable of doing anything she pleased for she had put even the most impossible and outrageous concepts to the test, but that did not mean Hannah considered herself to be God. She may have been all-powerful, but that did not mean she was going to simply declare herself the supreme being of the universe. Just because she was born ‘different’ did not give her any right to use such differences to her advantage. She had always believed that … at least until the day she decided she wanted to be the sexiest, most beautiful, and most impossibly busty eighteen year-old girl on the planet.


“Just because I’m ... the most ... powerful being in the universe ... doesn’t mean it’s my universe.” Hannah sighed, feeling a bit embarrassed to admit that she was indeed so powerful despite still feeling quite human. She was trying to make sense of her powers while also fighting the urge not to just stare down at Nika’s phenomenal body on display before her. She felt a tingling between her thighs as she stood alone with the Japanese woman, trying not to stare at what was clearly a body begging to be stared at. Hannah’s hands trembled nervously as she stood atop the cloud, standing just a few feet in front of the black-haired woman in the black one-piece bikini. She bit her lower lip and looked down at Nika’s massive breasts, staring at their giant, round shape as they remained pulled back by the tiny, black strap that covered only Nika’s large, perky nipples. Hannah cracked her knuckles in her hands as she felt her heart quicken, finding it hard to think about much else as she just stared at the Japanese woman standing before her.


“That’s fair.” Nika thought, unable to find fault in the teenage god’s statement while the high winds blew by and tossed her black shawl up from her thighs. The Japanese woman could feel Hannah’s eyes upon her body, a warmth that coated her light, fair skin and begged her to step closer to the blonde in white. Hannah’s heart sped up as Nika stepped closer, stepping so close that their massive breasts nearly touched. Nika didn’t mind slipping into Hannah’s personal space, almost tempting the teenager into doing something drastic for it was clear Hannah was fighting some secret urge. 


“But when you gave me gifts of my own and appointed me as your advisor, you also asked me to be honest with you at all times and not be afraid of your power.“ Nika reminded the teenager, inching closer and now standing chest to chest with the blonde girl. “And as your advisor, I advise you to stop hiding. If you don’t think you are God, then fine, but stop pretending you’re one of them. Just use your powers and do whatever you want ... whenever you want ... wherever you want. You’ve given this world so much already, perhaps it is time to take something for yourself.”


“Like ... what?” Hannah thought, unsure if she should look into Nika’s eyes, down at her lips, or down towards her huge breasts which rested proudly a mere inch from her own.


“Whatever you want.” Nika thought as she moved in closer, now pressing her huge breasts right up against Hannah’s own as they stood face to face. “Tell me ... what do you want? Right now? At this very moment?” Nika continued with her telepathy while tossing her short, black hair back from her face and slipping her hands delicately along Hannah’s tanned thighs.


“You.” Hannah finally said aloud as she felt Nika’s body up against her, quivering nervously as she felt Nika’s fingers slide along her hips and inching around her towards her ass-cheeks. “I want you.”


“Then why don’t you take me?” Nika grinned seductively while finally reaching back and grabbing hold of Hannah’s amazing ass. “You’ve done it before. Who is going to stop you? I know I won’t.”


Overwhelmed by lust, and all alone at top the cloud with no one to stop them, Hannah’s hands and lips exploded in a rush, her hands diving up into Nika’s short, black hair and pulling her lips against her own. Unable to contain herself any longer, Hannah pulled Nika against her and started to kiss her as they stood above the city, prying open Nika’s lips with her own so that she could suck on her tongue. The blonde teenager in white and the black-haired woman well over ten years older began to kiss passionately and without restraint as they stood breast-to-breast and toe-to-toe on the cloud, kissing and touching and moaning into each other’s mouths as if this was not their first kiss. Nika was not afraid to embrace her own bent-up lesbian desires as her hands gripped Hannah’s bare ass-cheeks under her white nightie, pulling at her tanned butt as she slipped her thigh between Hannah’s legs so the horny teenager could rub against her. Hannah did just that as she felt Nika’s thigh rub against her pussy, begging the teenager to grind down against Nika’s leg. Hannah moaned into Nika’s mouth as she sucked on her tongue, her hands now roaming down Nika’s slender back and moving under her massive breasts to cup them. The second Nika felt Hannah’s hands roam under her large, round, nearly completely exposed breasts, the Japanese woman broke her lesbian kiss with the eighteen year-old bombshell, tossed her short, black hair back behind her, and pulled Hannah’s body firmly against her own.


Nika and Hannah were both very similar beings of great power, each of them quite capable of doing anything they wanted just by thinking it. Both Nika and Hannah were quite capable of flying, walking through walls, and making themselves as beautiful and sexual as they wanted to at any given time, the only difference between their seemingly infinite ability was that only one of them had been born with such astonishing abilities, and one had not. Obviously it was Hannah who had been the one born with great power, powers that had convinced the world that she may in fact be some kind of omnipotent god. Yet always disbelieving that she was in fact the creator of the universe and everything in it, a then twelve year-old Hannah stumbled across a then ninety-five year-old Nika, a dying woman living in extreme poverty with no family, friends, or even a last name. The naive little American girl was in tears for she could not stop herself from seeing and knowing everything, able to witness the horrors mankind would inflict upon itself no matter where they occurred in the world. Begging for freedom from such nightmares, Hannah gave Nika omnipotent powers of her own with a snap of her finger, begging the woman who had survived mankind’s worst to do what the twelve year-old girl could not: purge the world of evil. Of course the dying, old woman agreed, quickly harnessing her god-like power and giving herself her youth back before doing as the omnipotent little girl asked. Sharing almost equal power with little Hannah Deangelo, yet tasked with doing what was necessary to clean up mankind, Nika adopted the last name of Yin despite being Japanese and not Chinese, believing herself to be the dark ‘yin’ to Hannah’s innocent ‘yang’. She did as Hannah asked with more joy and pleasure than the little girl expected, dishing out judgment against those who harmed the innocent. While Hannah remained stuck in the spotlight even after she swore off her powers, Nika lived in the shadows, sometimes quite literally, and remained completely unknown to the world around her. Of course all that was six years ago, and while Hannah had grown up without using her powers, Nika had embraced her new youth while becoming so enamored and obsessed with her infinite power that Hannah had started to think that Nika was better at being the so-called God. Yet while Nika did consider herself to at least be a god, she was quite content with being Hannah’s advisor, using her mature experience to guide Hannah while also bowing to the younger girl’s greater power. But as the skinny blonde teenager with far too many supernatural abilities stood with her massive breasts eager to rip free from her tiny, new, skimpy, white nightie, it was quite clear that the advisor-ruler and teacher-/student relationship had changed. Standing atop the white cloud high above the normal world, Hannah waited not for her confidant, her aide, or the ‘yin’ to her ‘yang’; Hannah waited for the woman she had given her virginity to just a few weeks ago: her very beautiful, very powerful, super-secret lesbian lover.


“Oh baby.” Nika smiled, happy that Hannah had decided to take her, pulling the teenage girl’s nightie open and exposing her giant, round, godly breasts to the rising sun. “I am really starting to love this new side of you. This horny side.” Nika continued as she massaged Hannah’s giant breasts in her hands, squeezing their massive size.


“I just want to know how everything feels.” Hannah admitted as her bare breasts rested in the hands of the older Japanese woman. “I just want to experience all kinds of sex … gay … straight.”

“And everything in between?” Nika added, pulling her thigh from between Hannah’s legs so she could replace it with her hand, a hand that quickly slipped a finger up inside the teenage girl’s soaking wet pussy. “Anything you can think of?”


“Yes.” The topless Hannah moaned as she felt Nika’s finger glide between her wetness. “Anything that ... feels good. I don’t want to be contained by … them. By their idea of sex and pleasure. I just want to play with my body … try everything … try anything.”


“Believe me, I want to ‘play’ too.” Nika said as she softly fucked the blonde girl as they stood atop the cloud. “It’s something we all have been thinking about for some time now: what you would do when you started to become ... curious about sex. Sometimes the younger minds are the more creative ones, and you have proven to be no exception. You've opened my eyes and shown me so much in just these past few weeks. I never would have thought of what you have thought of. I never would have considered being so …experimental. So open to such … impossible pleasures.”


Hannah was almost literally in heaven as she stood atop the cloud getting fingered by her beautiful assistant with her giant, new breasts resting exposed to the sun, but she also knew her normal life was in need of her attention. Her parents were still back in Chicago and had assumed their daughter was up in her bedroom having not gone all the way to Miami the night before in search of sex with some stranger. Fighting the urges to embrace her powers and the kinky sex she had already enjoyed once or twice with the Japanese woman, Hannah suddenly disobeyed Nika and pushed Nika’s hand out from her thighs, grabbing Nika’s wrist as she began to catch her breath. Standing in a tight embrace atop the white cloud, the gorgeous teenager in white fought the urges inside her and let go of Nika’s body, pausing their explosive lust for a moment so Hannah could think things over. Even though Nika refused to let go of Hannah’s bare ass under her white nightie, Hannah let go of Nika’s beauty and calmed her heart rate, her hands now up off of Nika’s soft, white skin and clenched in fists of anger. Hannah was not mad at Nika or even herself, she was mad at the situation. She was mad that she was horny and could easily have sex with Nika atop the cloud without a care in the world, but she also needed to continue to practice self control. If she was going to embrace her powers again, she needed to do so with a bit more discipline.


“I need to get home.” The topless teenager in the white nightie admitted as she stood horny and nearly naked with the overly-busty Japanese woman in the pointless black bikini. “I … I don’t want to get caught.”


“You control time, sweetie.” Nika reminded Hannah. “Just stop it and fuck me.”


“No.” Hannah suddenly said with a bit more aggression as she pulled herself away, still refusing to cover herself up and fix the straps of her lingerie. “No ‘time-play’. Not again.” She continued. “And … I’m not infallible. We’ve discovered that before.”

“Then put your parents to sleep or something.” Nika begged. “If sex is what you want, then you should have it. Take what you want. Take me.”


“Soon.” Was the only answer Hannah could give, sighing at the beautiful body of her magical assistant. “Very soon.”


Then In a zip of light, the blonde girl in the white nightie was gone, teleporting right off of the cloud in a blur and leaving Nika standing alone under the sun. Nika stood quietly for a moment atop the cloud, looking at the spot her God had once stood and watching as the last tiny flickers of white light Hannah had left in her wake fizzled out. The soaring sounds of the high winds around her was all Nika heard for a moment as she sighed a soft sigh, embracing the solitude that was her life as Hannah’s assistant. Nika honestly had no friends beyond Hannah and her fellow gods, forsaking a normal life and embracing the shadows of obscurity. But thankfully for the Japanese woman in the black bikini, Hannah had heard Nika’s words and did indeed remember that she was a master of time. Hannah sensed Nika’s loneliness and saw a perfect opportunity to show her that time itself was not always so linear, or at least did not always flow in the same direction for everyone.


“I hope you didn’t have to wait long.” Nika heard a familiar voice say behind her, causing the pale-skinned woman with the short, jet-black hair to turn and find the familiar face looking back at her.


Standing atop the cloud in a long, white, magical robe that was tied over her body, and with her short, golden hair styled perfectly over her gorgeous face, it was indeed the young and beautiful Hannah who was standing behind Nika, only this Hannah wore a much more luxurious, godly robe which was completely solid, hiding her naked body underneath and forcing Nika to try and stare through it with her supernatural vision. When that failed to work for reasons beyond the robed Japanese woman’s understanding, Nika turned completely around and quickly realized this was not the same Hannah who had left her seconds before. Diamonds rings dazzled on Hannah’s fingers as even more diamonds hung from her ears and around her neck as she stood a bit more like she was indeed a god and not some naive teenager. Yet clearly still a teenager, this Hannah seemed to be far more experienced sexually, far more accepting of her powers, and far more assertive and demanding of Nika’s attention. As Nika did her best to scan Hannah with her powers and uncover anything that may tip her off as to who this gorgeous blonde in the white really was, Hannah just stood in her solid robe and let Nika try to figure things out, well aware that Nika could if she just put a few pieces together. The confidence this Hannah exuded, the power that radiated from her body, and the demeanor in which she presented herself told Nika the truth, and the truth made her smile.


This Hannah was from the future, and this Hannah wanted to fuck.


“Very much so.” Hannah said, standing in her robe and reading Nika’s mind, able to tell that her assistant had discovered that she was a different Hannah visiting the past.


“I thought you were against time travel.” Nika smiled at the robed blonde who had joined her atop the cloud. “I thought you did not want to mess with time?”


“Times change.” The Hannah from the future answered. “And so do I.” 


Before Nika could say another word, Hannah pulled her robe open and let it drop right through the ground behind her, revealing not only her exceptional, naked body, but the reason why she had made her robe so solid-colored and not sheer like she commonly preferred. As if she was unwrapping a present for her friend, Hannah dropped her robe and revealed the glory that rested between her thighs, a long, thick, beautiful present which the nineteen year-old girl had given herself so she could give Nika the hard fucking she so badly wanted. If Hannah possessed the power to make her breasts as big as she wanted, she clearly had the power to change any other part of her body, and it was this new body part that she had magically given herself that made Nika wet. Proud of her body no matter what form it took, the naked blonde draped in diamonds stood before the Japanese woman with her present unwrapped, waiting for Nika to finally take it however she wanted.


“You read my mind.” Nika said, smiling at the naked girl before her, smiling at the fact that Hannah had abused her time travel abilities to come back in time with the intention of not only filling Nika’s schedule, but filling her tight, wet, needy pussy with something very big and very hard. 


“Of course.” The Hannah from the future replied, and with a snap of Hannah’s finger, a giant, white, angelic bed simple appeared out of thin air ten feet from where the naked blonde teenager stood, a massive bed that rested atop the cloud without falling through.


With the instant creation of the bed and the amazing body of the naked teenager standing before her, Nika saw not reason to engage in any more conversation. As Hannah slipped her hand down between her thighs and took hold of what now hung there, Nika began to peel her bikini off of her body, pulling her giant breasts free as she started to walk towards her god: the equally naked, all-powerful, time traveling teenager who had traveled back in time if only to have sex with her.




Sunday morning could not have been any more boring for eighteen year-old Hannah Deangelo for she was basically stuck resting on her back in her bed and staring at the ceiling through her thin reading glasses. Well aware that she wasn't supposed to do anything exciting, the dorky-looking, freckle-faced a teenager in the pink shirt and white shorts sighed a bored sigh as he looked over at the clock, a clock that was now ticking closer and closer to noon. She had been up all morning, eating breakfast like a normal person, acting exactly how a normal daughter should act in front of her parents, and waiting for someone to come and amuse her in the hopes of bringing some sort of momentary joy to her otherwise boring existence. Wanting to at least amuse herself, the blonde teenager looked across to her dresser and saw her cell phone sitting on the ledge. As the eighteen year-old calmly opened her hand toward the phone, the phone magically lifted right up off of the dresser and into the air, floating nearly seven feet across the room before gracefully landing in the young girl’s open hand. Somehow extremely telekinetic, young Hannah Deangelo had pulled the cell phone across the room with her thoughts so she could find something amusing to do with it: play a game, surf the internet and read stupid stories, or maybe watch a video online while she remained confined to the house. The poor girl had done as she was told and obeyed the rules placed over her, rules that she knew were impossible to defy. However, the longer she sat in her bedroom and waited, the more she thought about defying the rules and possibly going out into the world in search of some fun. But just as she started playing with her cellphone, her bedroom door opened and peaked her interest, hoping to see someone who would free her from her captivity. Unfortunately, it was just her mom.


“Hannah why don't you go outside and do something?" Hannah's mom Denise Deangelo said as she peeked in her daughter's bedroom and saw her resting on her back. "You do know you have school tomorrow right?”


“Maybe later." The freckle-faced teenager in the thin reading glasses and loose fitting T-shirt answered.


“I hope you’re not waiting for Sabrina to call or something.” Hannah’s mom said with a bit of a glare.


“No.” Hannah said, still looking at her phone. “Sabrina’s … busy.”


“Well still. Go outside. Do something.” Mrs. Deangelo started. “Just … don’t do too much. You know.”


“Yes.” Hannah moaned with a bit more annoyance.


Thankfully the annoyed teenager was left to her bed and her phone as her mom closed the door, leaving her to pout or grumble or do whatever it was that eighteen year-old girls do when no one wants to hang out with them. Hannah knew no one wanted to hang out with her because she was that ‘weird girl with weird powers’, powers that drove fear into almost everyone she had ever met. On top of that, it wasn’t like Hannah was that desired either, at least not like her one friend Sabrina Rodriguez: the hottest girl in high school. Popular and pretty, the dark-haired Sabrina was off with her other friends in downtown Chicago, shopping at stores and laughing freely while Hannah sat at home and played with her phone. Hannah knew this not because Sabrina had told her, but because she could see Sabrina and her friends downtown over forty miles from her house in the suburbs without even looking out the window. Hannah’s telepathic powers allowed her to not only hear Sabrina’s thoughts from such an obnoxious distance, but see out of the eyes of anyone around the gorgeous, young, brunette babe in the slender, blue dress. Hannah’s ‘weird powers’ allowed her to look out of the eyes of the creepy, older men who looked at the small group of cute girls walking down the sidewalk, out of the eyes of the old women at the coffee shop glaring at Sabrina and her friends as they bounced by in their tiny dresses, and even out of the eyes of birds who sat above Sabrina and her friends, standing on top of light poles and looking down at the world. From the comforts of her bedroom, Hannah could see out of anyone’s eyes she wanted to, and even with ‘weird powers’ like that, she was bored.


The freckle-faced teenager was bored no longer after an explosion of light erupted in her bedroom, a flash of light that was joined by a soft shockwave that blew wind up along the posters that hung from her walls and ruffled the curtains that hung beside her window. The scrawny teenager bounced up from her phone and looked across the room to find that there was a gorgeous, busty, exceptionally beautiful blonde girl no older than she was now standing in her room and wearing the thinnest of white robes over her otherwise completely naked body. This teenager who had magically appeared in her bedroom opened her eyes and sighed a soft sigh after appearing at the foot of the bed, taking in her surroundings quickly while somewhat ignoring the other blonde girl who sat before her. All Hannah could do was stare at this other girl’s sensational body under her robe, staring at a pair of breasts which were bigger than her head and stacked above tiny, trim, tight abs which Hannah could see clearly through the sheerness of her white robe. This blonde girl turned around and looked for a mirror after having appeared in Hannah’s bedroom in a flash of light, turning as if she knew where the mirror would be. As she turned her back to Hannah, the blonde girl on the bed took notice of this girl’s bare butt through her robe, able to see she wore no panties under her robe, or anything at all. This beautiful, sexy, naked blonde bombshell who was still no older than Hannah turned away and looked in the mirror at herself, staring at herself for a second before finally turning back to the other blonde teenager in the room and acknowledging her existence. Hannah knew this naked blonde with the gigantic, round, perfect breasts and tight, toned, slender body very well for she too was Hannah Deangelo.


“Mom and dad don’t know I was gone, right?” The Hannah in the white robe said as she looked to the mirror after having changed out of her white nightie and into the robe during her magical teleportation all the way from Miami to Chicago.


“No.” The scrawny Hannah answered as she watched the other Hannah started to untie her robe as if something was out of place. “They thought I was you.”


“Well I’d hope so.” The taller Hannah said as she opened her robe and fixed her tie, flashing her other self her completely naked body for a moment before tying her robe shut again. “You look just like me and were supposed to act like me.”


The freckle-faced Hannah was happy to see the beautiful, busty Hannah for this other blonde was actually her creator. The Hannah with the thin reading glasses and loose-fitting shirt was merely a decoy created by the talented teenager Hannah; the real Hannah Deangelo who was now standing before her in her sheer, white robe. Longing for freedom the night before, the real Hannah had created a copy of herself to stay behind and fool her parents while she transformed into something more beautiful, more desirable, and whisked herself off to Miami in search of some fun. The dorky Hannah was given simple rules to follow for she knew she was not actually a real person. She new she was a copy. She knew she was a prop. She knew her existence was to be short lived for the real Hannah had told her so. Yet this decoy Hannah also knew what her real self had been up to for she had watched her at the nightclub, watched her with Armando, and even watched her on the beach with Nika up until they vanished into the rock and disappeared from her vision. Unable to follow for she was obviously not as powerful as her creator, the decoy Hannah had found herself bored the rest of the morning and waiting for the real Hannah to return. This gave her plenty of time in her meager existence to hatch a plan upon Hannah’s return, a plan that she was certain would work.


“You remember that the walls are still soundproof, right?” The decoy Hannah said as she suddenly floated right up off of the bed and into the air, gliding towards the real Hannah who remained standing in her sheer, white robe. “Mom and dad can’t hear anything that goes on in here … and you don’t have to delete me just yet, do you?”


“No, but … the last thing I want is mom and dad to see me like this.” The beautiful Hannah said as she stood in her robe, looking through her decoy’s glasses and into her matching, blue eyes. The decoy Hannah was much shorter than the real Hannah, and yet the looked at each other face to face for the decoy’s feet still remained over eight inches above the carpet, levitating in the air calmly in the middle of her bedroom. “They need to see you, not me.”


The decoy Hannah ignored the real Hannah’s answer and reached down to untie Hannah’s white robe again, pulling at the knot with her fingers and quickly pulling her robe open with a soft tug. The taller, far more beautiful Hannah did not stop her shorter, levitating self as her robe fell open again, revealing her giant, round, perfect breasts and her shaven mound to the freckle-faced blonde in the tiny glasses. The real Hannah did nothing to stop her decoy as the floating blonde girl carefully eased her shoes back behind her in the air and leaned down to suck on Hannah’s giant, round breasts.


The freckle-faced teenager who was supposed to be Hannah quickly took Hannah’s nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue around her areola as the girl in white stood in on the carpet in her bare feet, fighting the sexual urge to have sex for a third time that morning with yet another person: a girl she had created out of thin air to pretend to be her. It was finally when the floating girl in the tiny, reading glasses slipped her hand down Hannah’s tight abs and touched her pussy lips that the real Hannah snapped out of her trance, bounced back from the floating girl, and threw her robe shut, turning away as she fought off the fictional teenager’s advances. Left alone to levitate in mid-air, the decoy Hannah watched as the real Hannah spun away from her and tried to cover herself up, failing to do so for the floating blonde in the reading glasses could still easily see Hannah’s perfect ass through her robe.


“Ug.” The real Hannah moaned. “Why am I always so damn horny!” She continued, well aware that her parents could not hear her no matter how loud she screamed.


In a blur, the levitating teenager vanished from where she floated and reappeared now standing with her back against the wall, and her eyes locked on to the taller blonde who was still trying to tie her robe shut again. Having teleported across the room, and still standing over six inches shorter than the other blonde, the decoy Hannah looked up to her other self with her sneaky smile, trying to tempt Hannah into letting her exist for just a little longer and perhaps give her a taste of what she had seen from afar. Equipped with Hannah’s memories and personality so that she could trick Hannah’s mom and dad, the decoy Hannah had a pretty good idea of how to tempt the taller blonde in the white robe, well aware that she had clearly fallen victim to the desire to not only be beautiful, but be with beautiful people. After all, Hannah was supposed to look like her decoy: short, flat-chested, freckle-faced, and not the ravishing, young, and impossibly busty teenager she had decided she wanted to be.


“What’s the matter?” The shorter decoy said as she stood against the wall, standing below the taller blonde in her loose-fitting shirt and shorts. “Am I not … hot enough for you?”


“Stop. It’s not.” Hannah began, but the shorter Hannah shut her up fast.


The dorky Hannah’s pink shirt suddenly exploded outward from her chest as her small, supple, barely B-size breasts didn’t just expand under her shirt but erupted instantly inside her tiny bra, ripping her bra from and stressing the shirt as her breasts suddenly became something more akin to DDDs, if not even bigger than that. As if someone had just dropped two cantaloupes inside her top, the freckle-faced Hannah’s breasts instantly bounced outward, growing and bouncing so fast that the real Hannah barely had time to let her jaw drop. And yet the shorter girl stood calmly and quietly, not moving a muscle after having instantly made her breasts just as big, as round, and as massive as the real Hannah’s magnificent set. The shorter girl just stood with her brand new set of giant, mouthwatering breasts bouncing inside her shirt like to giant water-balloons, allowing them to stretch her now very tight shirt and give her incredibly deep cleavage to capture the real Hannah’s attention. Now with breasts as big as the real Hannah’s giant set, the decoy Hannah suddenly started to grow taller, her legs stretching longer and her stomach stretching thinner as she gained inch after inch in height. The freckles in her face started to blend into her cheeks as her short, blonde hair started to shine with a new shimmeringly glow. Yet the decoy Hannah did not stop growing taller as she passed six-feet in height, now standing taller than the real Hannah in her stretched, pink shirt and tiny, white shorts. With her long, slender legs, toned abs, exceptionally deep cleavage resting in the real Hannah’s eyes, and her gorgeous, supermodel face hiding behind her tiny, cute, reading glasses, the six-foot-six-inch, eighteen year-old girl with the giant, round, bursting breasts now looked down at the real Hannah and waited for her to lose control. The decoy knew she had morphed her tiny body into that of a beautiful, voluptuous babe whom the real Hannah could not resist, and she could not wait for Hannah to give in.


“How about now?” The giant eighteen year-old said as she looked down at the real Hannah, her bulging breasts right in Hannah’s face for she stood over six feet tall.


“Oh, fuck me.” The Hannah in the white robe moaned in lust for she knew she had been defeated at her own game, fighting urges she no longer felt she had to. Defeated, Hannah opened her robe again and allowing her decoy to witness her perfect, naked body once more, offering herself to herself with no reason to resist.


“That’s the idea.” The decoy said.


Then with a calm push, the taller blonde in the reading glasses sent the naked blonde in white flying back onto to her bed, pushing her with her superhuman strength and sending Hannah bouncing back onto her mattress. Just as before, the decoy blurred as she stood against the wall and reappeared on top of Hannah before she could finish bouncing, her naked body and her own mighty, bare breasts dancing atop her bed as she felt the weight of the taller blonde pin her down. In seconds, the two blonde girls of impossible beauty were kissing, touching, and fighting for each other’s love. Hannah ripped her decoy’s shirt clean off with a mighty tear as she used her own superhuman strength to get the false girl naked as well. For the next thirty minutes, the two girls kissed, sucking, fingered, and fucked atop Hannah’s teenage bed, wailing and screaming in joy as they rubbed their clits, sucked each other’s breasts, and sixty-nined up on the ceiling instead of on the bed. Hannah’s parents would hear no cries of joy or crying bed springs bouncing up and down as the two girls scissored atop the bed. Hannah’s parents would go about their day as always, oblivious to their teenage daughter’s strange powers and teenage lust. They would never question Hannah, for an hour after she tore her decoy’s clothes from her body so that she could suck upon her breasts, the freckle-faced teenager with the thin glasses and scrawny body would walk downstairs as if nothing had ever happened.


To Mr. and Mrs. Deangelo, their daughter was just an innocent little, eighteen year-old girl, an eighteen year-old girl who also possessed the powers of a god.



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Well, it looks like the last stuff I read of yours was circa 2015-16 on EnchantedErotica. So, I do have quite a bit of catching up to do.
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