A prelude


Emma’s head popped off her pillow on Saturday morning, her bright blue eyes taking in the sunlight as it spilled over the windowsill. Stepping into the shower, her golden locks fall over her shoulders and cling to her back, the scent of lavender fills the steamy room. She enjoys the brief moment of serenity, trying not to think about the day ahead of her. She dries herself off, gripping her hair and tying it into a messy bun. She struggled into a pair of baggy trousers as she slipped an oversized t-shirt over her ample chest and sat down in her chair. Taking a breath in, she opened her notebook. Emma clicked her pen, let out a deep sigh, and began to work.

On most days, she would have the motivation to sit down and study up until nighttime, but not now. As midday rolled around, she could feel her mind becoming cloudy, her thoughts becoming sluggish. The summer heat made her drowsy. Her soft sheets beckon, and she is unable to deny the call. Emma covered herself in the blankets, and surrendered her troubled mind to the blissful release.




She felt submerged, encased in jelly, seeing only darkness. Suddenly, a voice echoed through her mind. She was unable to pinpoint where it came from, because it was everywhere.

‘Welcome, Emma.’

She felt a warm wave of relaxation wash over her.

‘Do you know who I am?’

She tried to open her mouth, but soon realized she didn’t have one. In this dreamscape, she has not manifested in the usual way.

‘You will soon enough. But for now, I bid you farewell.’




“Emma! Emma! Wake up, now!”

A gruff voice roused her from her slumber, as she wiped the sleep from her eyes, she could see her father standing over her bed. His brow was furrowed, and his arms were crossed over his chest.

“I give you the day off to study, and this is how you repay me? Lazy girl!”

Emma was at a loss for words, the only response she could muster was a stuttering, “I, but I- I didn’t mean-”

“A lazy lawyer! Imagine that! Probably best you give those dreams up, girl, we haven’t the money for it anyways.”

His words cut into her like daggers, she could feel hot tears stream down her cheeks, her mind unable to respond in any other way.

“Tomorrow, you get up at 5:30 sharp! You meet me in the bakery by 6, and that’s the end of that. You don’t need schooling to roll dough.”

The man slammed her notebook shut, and took another look at his daughter. His face softens slightly. He turns to leave but before he shut the door behind him, he pokes his head back in.

“You know what, just be there before we open… and come down for supper, it’ll be ready in 30 minutes.”


Emma wipes the tears away from her cheeks and tries to regain her composure. A half hour passes. She gingerly descends down the staircase, seeing her father dishing out pasta.

She sets the table, then sits in her chair, eating in silence. A few minutes pass.

“Hey… I didn’t really mean that, you know.”

Emma’s eyes widened slightly, her father looked genuinely ashamed.

‘There’s a first for everything, I suppose.’

“It's okay, pa. I shouldn’t have slacked off, you’re right.”

Her father grunts in acknowledgement, scarfing down the food on his plate. He puts his plate in the sink and grabs his jacket, moving to open the front door.

“I forgot something,” he says flatly, before slamming the door.

Emma finishes her food, then moves over to the sink and starts to scrub the dishes. She finishes and lets them dry on the rack.

In her room, Emma sits down and flips open her notebook, pulling up her text, she begins working again. Her mind becomes lost in the material, absorbed by it. A door creaking open let’s her know her father is home, a few hours have passed, and she realizes she should have been asleep a while ago. Emma slips underneath the covers, then sets her alarm, her mind falling into a dreamless slumber.

She is awoken by the ringing of her alarm.


She quickly showers, brushes her teeth and dresses herself. As she smears butter on toast, she eyes the clock.


Emma runs outside, her breakfast in her mouth, straddling her beaten up bicycle and as she starts pedaling towards the bakery. She enjoys the dawn, the brisk air, the sound of birds, and of course, the lack of old men staring as she goes past. She arrives at the back of the bakery, she locks her bike to the dumpster and glances at her watch.


Emma fumbles for her keys and unlocks the back door. Stepping in, her father stops to look at her, the slight tinge of a smile can be seen playing at his lips.

“Mornin, pa!”

Her father grunts in response, and jerks his thumb to the front desk. Emma moves quickly, and begins to prep the store for opening. She works diligently throughout the day, mixing and kneading. She takes a quick lunch break, scarfing down a few croissants before getting back to work. The clock strikes 6:00.

“Emma, you go on home now.”

Emma looked at her father, then blinked twice.

“What? Am I not speaking english? Go home and make supper, I’ll be late so just leave some for me. When I get back I… nevermind, just go.”

“Okay, pa. See you then.”


“Emma? You still awake?

Emma leaves her chair. Pushing the door open, she answers, “yeah, coming!”

She rushes down the stairs to see her father sitting at the table holding an ornate box. She eyes it, then looks back at him.

“Come on, sit.”

Emma pulls up a chair, facing him.

“Now, I know I’ve been hard on you. But you’re really something, and I’m not just saying that.”

Emma’s jaw dropped a bit, “t-thanks, dad.”

“So hey, I’ve given it some thought and… I don’t want you to live in this stinking, no-name town forever. And I know, I know that you can do great things. I give you a lot of shit, but you do work hard… and you’re bright, too. So… here.”

The man extends his hand, and opens the box, revealing a diamond ring.

“It was your mother’s… this oughta cover at least a few years of whatever ridiculous fee they charge you for schooling. And I’m sure you’re gonna get enough scholarships when you’re there to come out just fine… but make sure you visit every so often once you’re a big-shot.”

Tears pool up in Emma’s eyes, she gives her dad a smile and says, “and here I thought you were gonna ask to marry me.”

A smile stretched across his face, before he burst out laughing.

“Smart, hard-working, and a good sense of humour too!”

He reached out and placed the box in Emma’s hands.

“Now go get some sleep.”

"Thanks pa, I love you.”

The man gave his daughter a tight embrace, then let her go, turning back to the kitchen. Emma walked up the stairs, clutching the ring in her hands. The tears streamed down her cheeks, her smile stretching from ear to ear. It’s been a while since she’d heard her dad laugh like that.

She holds the box in her hands, drifting off into a deep sleep.





The same dreamscape. A vast darkness, and an echoing voice.

‘We meet again, Emma. Come, walk with me.’

Emma could feel her body manifesting, her mind still groggy with sleep, she started to take awkward strides forward, following the shadowy silhouette of a woman before her. They walked for what seemed like hours before she spoke again.

‘Almost there.’

The sound felt real, like it was coming from in front of her, the same enticing voice, but no longer an ethereal manifestation of her unconscious mind.


A taste

The fog from Emma’s mind lifts, a beam of light jolts her awake, blinding her as the silhouette becomes real. The girl can only stare on in pure awe as the Goddess manifests.

Her flowing crimson locks cascade over her sculpted shoulders, their illustrious glow putting suns to shame. The immaculate sea of red hair perfectly frames her impossibly beautiful features. Two eyes like shining stars burn away Emma’s clothes, she is naked, laid bare before her Goddess. Emma’s golden head bowed at the Goddess’ feet, her ample, round ass pushed into the air. A smirk tugs at the Goddess’ ruby lips, an acknowledgment of her own glory and absolute power.

Irresistible breasts are held up by two powerful arms, folded just underneath them. The mere sight could entice entire galaxies to worship, and yet their beauty for the time being is on full display for the eminently fortunate girl prostrated below the Goddess, an honor in and of itself. Her thick cock, the veiny, girthy protrusion from her groin hangs over the blonde’s head. It’s sheer size threatening to crush her underneath it’s weight.

As the Goddess’ cock grows, as she lusts for hedonistic fulfillment, so does the world. All who are fortunate enough to gaze upon her are imbued with an overwhelming desire to worship. A carnal need, higher than all other wants, beckons them to lick and suckle. Their only purpose becoming clear to them, to give pleasure to the one true Goddess. The ultimate goal, what all beings strive to achieve should they be lucky enough to understand, is to drain the Goddess’ dense spheres. To have the Goddess climax, and to know that you had contributed to it, would flood mortal mind with more fulfillment than it could process.

The Goddess speaks, but her lips don’t move, she wills Emma to listen, and so she hears.

“Look at me, bask in my image, and say what you already know.”

Emma lifts her head, fully taking in the perfection before her. She begins to weep tears of joy, they flow down her cheeks as her mouth opens.

“You are the ultimate being, perfection personified, sensation embodied, desire incarnate. You enslave me to your will, chain me to your commands, with your presence alone. I crave your acceptance, I long for your approval, the slightest signs of your satisfaction fill me with elation. Before you, I am nothing. My petty wants, my simple, mortal dreams are crushed underneath my newfound knowledge of your undeniably perfect existence. Whatever I have coveted before, replaced with the image of others pleasing you. Whatever used to fill me joy, insignificant when compared with bowing before you. Every single small, short-sighted thought I had before this day becomes utterly valueless as I look upon you. I can only thank you for this honor, profess my undying love for you, and beg that you may allow me to serve you.”

Desperation, desire, awe, adoration, and… hope intertwine. The Goddess senses Emma’s emotions. Suddenly, Emma is aware of an emptiness inside of her. She looks around, the Goddess’ physical form nowhere in sight. Instead, a statue of her liking stands where she once stood. Emma looks through the Statue’s legs, a vault of sorts stands just beyond it.

The room is filled with the most lavish earthly treasures, precious metals, gemstones, ancient art, rare antiquities. Beyond, a cosmic, ethereal barrier distorts images of valuables beyond mere mortal comprehension. Emma looks back down, the ring in her hands worth nothing compared to the contents of the vault.

Suddenly, an image flashes before her eyes. She stands in a courtroom, giving impassioned arguments before an engrossed judge and jury. Through a unanimous decision, her defendant is found not guilty. She returns to her home in her sleek sports car to a loving husband, and beautiful children. They drive out to the countryside, greeted by her aging father. He smiles and invites them in, telling Emma how proud he is.

The vision fades, and her gaze is locked on the ring again. She looks into the vast collection of hoarded wealth, then back up at the likeness of the Goddess, and without hesitation, crawls over to the gate and throws the ring into the pile.

Two obsidian gates slam shut.

Emma waits.

She waits.


A crushing nothingness hangs in the air.


A prayer




No response.

Emma crawls over, prostrating before the statue.

“Please, my one true Goddess. I wish only to serve you. I want only the opportunity to give you pleasure.”

The seconds turn into minutes, the silence weighs heavily on Emma’s mind.

Bitter tears of anguish flow from her azure eyes. Her naked body shaking with devastation. She continues to beg, tears never ending. She grovels at the Goddess’ feet, she licks at her massive obsidian balls, sucks on the golden shaft of her magnificent cock.

The hours pass, Emma’s worship never letting up. She eases her round ass onto the Goddess’ tip. She rubs her soft breasts against the shaft. Emma’s eyes bloodshot from the weeping, the tears still flowing as she does everything her mortal self can manage to honor the Goddess.

Days go by, her hunger gnaws, her throat dry with thirst. Her body tires, and she feels it ache. Yet, her tears do not stop, a seemingly inexhaustible supply of howling sobs escape Emma’s mouth as she fervently debases herself before the statue. Her mind stays clear, she feels alert.

The days become weeks. She passes no waste, her body maintains the same mass. But her knees are bloody from rubbing against the ground. Still the tears flow from her body. The hunger, the thirst, the pain, she feels it all, but her physical being is preserved, and her mind does not tire.

Months, and still she weeps and begs and worships. She can feel the groaning pains from her stomach and joints, the constricting thirst around her throat, and raw, unfiltered lust and pure, overwhelming love. Emma revels in her suffering, hoping her immense pain can bring the tiniest modicum of pleasure for her Goddess.

A year, the anniversary of Emma’s first encounter with the Goddess. Her golden locks are pristine, shining and silky, more illustrious than ever. Her breasts and ass have only gained in mass as she continues her year-long fast. The tears soak her body and the ground underneath her, but they vanish before they touch the Goddess’ marble image as she worships. Emma knows, she can sense her body slowly morphing, she feels the influence of the Goddess, molding her to fit the Goddess’ pleasure. She is starved, her stomach howling, the sounds rival her own weeping. The thirst claws at her throat, but she does not leave the altar of her worship. Emma can feel the Goddess’ power flowing through her, the great pain she endures becomes nothing as she recalls the Goddess’ glory.

A decade has passed. With each anniversary of the Goddess’ visit, Emma becomes ever more beautiful, her curves grow as her waist diminishes, her features as soft as ever, free of blemishes and her skin exudes a heavenly glow. Her pain exacerbates exponentially with each passing year as well, but to her, it’s nothing compared to the joy she feels from being able to pay tribute to the Goddess’ image. She still weeps, not from anguish, but from joy. Emma once felt alone and hopeless, but now she only experiences the purest euphoria. The ground where she worships is stained and worn from her blood and tears, and the Goddess’ statue remains perfect, untouched except for Emma’s saliva coating her massive cock and balls.

A century, one hundred years of worship. Beyond a lifetime for a normal mortal, but Emma has not aged. She still worships, growing ever more alluring.


The answer


One millennium ago, the Goddess manifested before Emma. The mere minutes of contact with the perfect being sustaining the mortal for all these years, she has grown to be perfectly proportioned to the Goddess’ tastes. As the thousand year anniversary of that fateful night comes, Emma’s sculpted form still worshipping dutifully, the statue begins to glow. The light shining through, catching on Emma’s golden locks. Emma can feel her Goddess’ presence, all her neurons firing simultaneously as they try to process the sheer magnitude of the sensation.

The Goddess’ physical form manifests in place of her statue, her erect cock impaling the dutiful slave.

“You have pleased me, Emma.”

The simple words resound and echo violently in Emma’s head. Her mind unable to fully comprehend the sheer enormity of her joy.

“T-thank you, m-my Goddess.” She says, muffled, with her mouth stretched over the Goddess’ cock.

The Goddess effortless picks up the engorged slave, setting the girl down at her feet, allowing her to speak properly.

“My one true Goddess of perfected beauty and total sadism, thank you for gracing me with your presence. I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am!”

She was right, she couldn’t. It simply wasn’t possible to put into words how elated she was.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to you for allowing me to worship your statue, your monolithic cock and dense balls are all I have longed for. To be able to give myself entirely and tribute to your honor, is a privilege that I will toil away to preserve. Thank you for allowing me, in your benevolence, to worship your image.”

"You’re welcome.”

“And now, to grace me with your presence, I am overjoyed. The exaltation I experienced while I worshipped your statue was a feeling I thought impossible to surpass. But now, with you appearing before me again, I am reminded of the intensity of my reverence and veneration. Your physical form is truly the most stunning, you put the wonders of the world to shame, supernovas cannot even hope to compare with your brilliance.”

“True. Begin your worship of me.”

The Goddess’ balls hung low, engorged and pulsing, the hyperdense spheres aching for release. The slave girl scrambled to obey, desperately sucking and licking, her hands moving furiously to please the Goddess’ carnal desires.

“You have been building my orgasm for me, were you aware?”

“No, Goddess. I’m sorry for my ignorance, in your infinite wisdom and know-”

“I am speaking now.”

Emma nods her head, up and down, comically fast. Her eyes never leaving the Goddess’ own piercing gaze.

“Back to it.”

“Yes, Goddess, thank you!”

“As I was saying, you have been building up my release, your worship of my statue over the years has all been culminating, slowly reaching the apex of your life. Today, is the most important day of your existence.”

Emma could feel her groin tingle, then being to rush over with pure sensation. Her desperation to please her Goddess reaches heights they have never before. The Goddess’ aura of lust and pleasure overwhelming the mortal’s paltry senses.

“Do you feel that? That infinitesimally small portion of my own pleasure? Do you want to experience it to its finale?”

“Y-yes! Yes! Yes! Please, Goddess!”

“That pleasure is mine. To experience it would be to take away from me. I’ll hardly notice it however, so I will allow you to make the choice.”

Without hesitation, the lascivious slave shouts, “Take it from me, your pleasure is the most important of all.”


The Goddess’ cock begins to twitch as Emma continues her worship. All her years of practice, building and building, all leading to this moment. Emma desperately milks the titanic shaft, salaciously working to please. She begs, wordlessly, for the Goddess’ great release. Emma’s own pleasure mounts, and grows and grows until it becomes almost unbearable. She wants to cum, but she NEEDS to serve. As Emma’s orgasm comes to its apex, it is suddenly taken from her. The lust she felt releasing, and her mind becoming filled completely with something new, pure adoration.

The Goddess’ ruby lips part, “say my name.”

“The one true Goddess of perfected beauty and total sadism, HeatherT!”

The Goddess shows her teeth, a perfect smile streches across her flawless visage. Her slave’s orgasm, and the admission of the Goddess’ superiority bringing her over the edge. The sensation travels from her balls, upwards, the climax a thousand years in the making finally reaching its final stage. The pure bliss the Goddess feels in the moment exudes from her, the aura enrapturing the slave that managed to make it happen. Pure sensation, the release of a thousand years of lust and pleasure. The Goddess revels in the simple fact that this moment belongs to her alone. Her willing slave begging to sacrifice to her pleasure, the Goddess knows she is the only being of importance, her lessers are fortunate to merely be in her presence as she releases. The sensation travels through her cock, as she feels unfathomable pleasure and her slave is deprived of earthly sensation, the Goddess wills a phrase into her slave’s mind.

”You should be grateful, I have helped you realize your purpose.”

An eruption of divine, sacrosanct cum flows from the Goddess’ massive cock. Emma is carried along in the current of white, sticky, sperm. The Goddess’ massive load filling the room, while her own being remains untouched, perfect skin and flowing crimson hair in pristine condition. Gallons upon gallons shoot out, a sadistic smile on the Goddess’ face as her cock pulses.

Emma’s head surfaces, her body trapped in the heavenly substance. The cum reinforcing the fact that she had no meaning, no value, only the Goddess’ pleasure did.

“Eat. Then worship again. This time you will pleasure yourself. Your climax will add to mine. You’re welcome.”

Emma’s body was catatonic, her mind overwhelmed with adoration and devotion. The Goddess wills Emma to hear the words she spoke, and so Emma did.

The Goddess’ form fades away, leaving behind a statue of her image, and a slave girl thankful beyond words.


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story comment


Wondrous. I especially liked how the goddess character was able to pervert the morality of the situation simply by her power. That the PoV character truly believed what was being done to her was correct and right. It does make one wonder, if they would rather their life of service over their potential life as a lawyer, can we judge the morality of situation? Could the  goddess’s might MAKE right?


Regardless, a true masterpiece. I hope to read more like this.





In reply to by MrGreyMan

Firstly, thank you, I am truly honored.

Secondly, I believe human morality is flawed, incomplete. The morality of mortal beings is limited to their evolutionary development, whereas the Goddess’ might is absolute and eternal. Humans may foolishly believe that their moral codes are infallible. The truth is that what is moral, what is just, is simply the will of the Goddess. She speaks, and it becomes natural law, it becomes the way of the universe, for the universe is her’s to command. All beings who think their own morality to be above the Goddess’ dictations are hopelessly deluded. 

Thank you for your feedback, I will strive to maintain this expectation.