Paradise (Lisa Basillisc)

A Day in the Life


Lisa Basillisc’s thin frame lounges on a golden throne, her body resting upon a red velvet seat. A disinterested look on her bespectacled face as a voluptuous, blonde slave-girl slides her body up and down Lisa’s disproportionately large cock, the servant moves ferverently, desperate to please the monolithic length, tears flow from her sapphire eyes as her Goddess’ cock tears her insides. Another, equally well-endowed redhead has one of Lisa’s massive balls in her mouth, tongue running furiously over the supple skin. The redhead’s hands massaging the other massive sphere as her emerald eyes glow with envy, fiercely coveting the blonde’s position. Lisa senses her slave’s jealousy, a slight smirk tugs at her lips as she is reminded of her own perfection.

Two brunettes sit on their knees, both worshipping the Goddess’ feet. Their minds replete with pure ecstasy and adoration as they lick and suck her pale toes. Their hands rubbing the soles and arches with precision, exactly the way Goddess liked, for that is what they have evolved to do.

A line of golden-headed women, scantily clad in revealing french maid attire, rush to and from the Goddess’ sides, bringing her dish after dish. They travel on their hands and knees at an exceptional pace, being able to constantly feed Lisa’s insatiable gluttony while still showing the proper respect to their Goddess. Gourmet meal after gourmet meal being shoveled into Lisa’s gaping mouth as her mousy-blonde head leans against her throne’s plush backrest, capable and equally alluring cooks slaved away in a vain attempt to fulfill Lisa’s monstrous appetite.

Suddenly, the blonde on her cock starts to slow down, her body writhing in pain and her face contorted in anguish. Without a second’s notice, the redhead grips the blonde’s shoulders and tears her off the Goddess’ cock, ripping the whore in two. Lisa chuckles as she watches the entrails of her former slave splat on the Brunettes at her feet. The blood covers the three women servicing her body, while leaving Lisa untouched. She begins to laugh, a harsh sound, arrogant and haughty, music to her slave’s ears. With a snap of her fingers, the carcass disappears, and she fixes her Godly gaze on the girl with the gargantuan teste still in her mouth.

“Take her place.”

The redhead eagerly scrambles to stretch herself over the Goddess’ cock, all the while singing her Goddess’ praises.

“Thank you for allowing me to service your cock, oh great and almighty Goddess! Although I am unworthy, I will strive to please you!”

Her tight hole grips Lisa’s member satisfyingly, the Goddess lets out a slight moan, happy with the sensation. Lisa’s powerful aura washes over the slaves in her vicinity, their minds suffused with excitement. Lisa grins, watching the redhead move. Her crimson hair cascades over her shoulders and hanging breasts, her body moving at an impressive rate as her plump ass bounces exquisitely. Her trim waist and wide hips seem to defy both biology and physics as the Goddess’ immense length disappears into her hole, all the while pleasant sounding moans of delight escape her ruby lips.

As a horde of dancers trip over each other to be the first on Goddess’ balls, Lisa throws her head back, a beautifully sadistic and twisted smirk on her face as she grows the size of her cock. The redhead does not slow down, although she starts to weep and scream, the Goddess’ growing girth pushing against her vulnerable hole. Two of the nimblest dancers make their way to Lisa’s balls simultaneously, each happily sucking on one of her massive orbs. The redhead screams, a salacious cocktail of agony and ecstasy flavoring her cries. At this exact moment, a particularly delicious morsel is placed into Lisa’s mouth, and with her fawning, sycophantic horde of busty women clamoring to lick her balls, she roars.

The bliss travels from the soles of her feet, where the brunettes still dutifully worship, up her legs where the failed dancers gather, through her massive balls as the lucky ones lick, and into her colossal phallus where the redhead desperately squirms.

As Lisa bellows in pleasure, her aura becomes overwhelming, her followers’ fragile minds beginning to break. Lisa wills them to withstand, and so they do, frenzied with lust and sensation beyond anything they have ever felt. The redhead still moves up and down, using her strained hole to squeeze against the Goddess’ cock as she cums. Lisa vanquishes her slaves’ pleasure, drawing the energy back into herself as she explodes. The unfathomably pleasurable sensation she feels is heightened slightly with the addition of her slaves’ paltry orgasms combining to give the Goddess and additional tingle of sensation. The glory of her climax is highlighted by the emptiness of her slaves, whose sensations have been taken for her own pleasure.

The divine nectar of the Goddess flows into the eager, waiting womb of the fertile redhead, howling with pain and pride. As the Goddess experiences pure, hedonistic sensation, her slaves are blessed with unquestionable admiration and love, oxytocin flooding every synapse in their puny minds as they gaze upon perfection. Lisa’s momentous orgasm coming to its end, she decides to finish with one last act of sadistic cruelty. Her slaves suddenly feel a piercing pain shooting through the entirety of their fragile bodies, as they wail in torment, Lisa laughs, the last drops of her seed flowing into her grateful vessel.

The mass of indebted women prostrate themselves at Lisa’s feet, as is customary after she cums, awaiting instruction. Lisa pulls the battered redhead off her cock, the massive erection becoming softer, dangling over her throngs of followers. Lisa revitalizes the woman’s mind, allowing her brain to fully recover from the destruction the Goddess just wrought. Lisa speaks.

“Your name is Ruby. You will bear many daughters for me.”

Ruby’s joy is boundless as the heavenly seed oozes out from her, she opens her mouth to thank her Goddess but is silenced by a shaking of Lisa’s head. Lisa conjures up a collar around Ruby’s neck, the redhead’s new name elegantly cut into the leather.

“Leave, return after you have borne my children.”

Lisa tosses Ruby into the ground, she crawls backwards, out of her Goddess’ sight. Lisa feels a drowsiness wash over her, and allows it take hold. Before she tends to her sloth, she gives one last command to satisfy her pride, lust, and gluttony.

“Lick the remnants of cum from my cock, and have a feast ready for me when I awake.”

Lisa rests her mousy head on the armrest of her magnificent throne and lets her mind drift into an unconscious bliss, as she hears her slaves chant in deliriously elated unison, “Yes, Goddess! Thank you, Goddess!”


Daughters of the Divine


Ruby strides into the room, practically prancing through the doors, she is greeted by a raven haired woman in a revealing nurse uniform.

“Glory be to the Goddess, sister.”

“Hallowed be her name, fellow child of the almighty.”

The nurse looks at the collar around Ruby’s neck and purses her lips. A slight tinge of jealousy flashes on her face, then she speaks again.

“How fortunate, the Goddess has decided to name you, you must have been exquisite to have been bestowed such an honor.”

“I bear this reward with humility, my only goal is the Goddess’ pleasure.”

The nurse ground her teeth, upset that the redhead answered well. She leads Ruby to a bed, and takes care to help the redhead rest comfortably, still understanding her duties to the Goddess despite her own envy. Two hours pass, and the nurse returns, Ruby’s face is twisted in pain as her stomach bulges through the sheets. The nurse grits her teeth.

‘Truly blessed, this girl.’

She lets out a sigh and moves to the bedside, lifting the blanket up, she gently places a hand on Ruby’s belly, feeling the pulsing.

“It usually takes at least two days to get to this point, you are very fortunate. Judging by the size, it seems that it will be an exceptionally large litter. Congratulations sister, well done!”

“That praise belongs to the Goddess, I am humbled she would grant me such an honor, but I don’t dare take credit for the work of her divine seed.”

“Yes, of course.”

The nurse rolls her eyes as she leaves the room, feeling insecurity, and jealousy. She knows enough to understand her role, however, and utters a prayer.

“Goddess, forgive my envy. Please understand that it is my honor to facilitate the birth of your daughters. I only wish that I may receive the honor one day.”

Ruby’s stomach enlarges to substantial proportions, her womb cultivating the Goddess’ seed at an outstanding pace. She can feel the kicking of the Goddess’ offspring, the extension of her abdomen fills her with immense pride, and near unbearable pain. She prays for the strength to bear as many of the Goddess’ children she possibly can, taking quick, shallow breaths as the babes push against her. Ruby starts to weep, a constant and burning ache spreading throughout her lower body, growing in intensity as the seconds pass. A pulsing pain shoots through her, and she lets out a scream in both hellish agony, and heavenly bliss.

“T-thank you, Goddess!”

Ruby manages to offer some words of gratitude before wailing again. Nurses and nannies rush into the room, one gives her a glass of water and checks her signs, while the others lift the blanket off her and examine her lower body. Two nurses move her legs apart, spreading them as far as they can go.

“Only three hours! By the Goddess, this is a new record.”

“Shush, stay focused, your purpose is to bring forth the Daughters of the Divine, not gawk at her pets.”

Ruby releases another primal, piercing screech. Her hands clutch the bed frame, eyes flowing like waterfalls. She forces herself to speak, she cannot contain the words she wishes to say.

“Goddess, I am so grateful for your heavenly gift. I can only pray now that my womb is befit to bear your children! Your perfection is tainted by my own inadequacies, I pray that… I p-pray th-”

Another howl. Ruby’s lips bleed as she stretches her mouth beyond its limit, the sheer enormity of her screams requiring it. The nurses hold her in place, Ruby’s arms and wrists locked by the grips of the women around her. They push forcefully against Ruby’s limbs, while being careful to not damage the important parts of her. Ruby’s pain subsides slightly.

“I-I pray that these daughters I bear in your name will please you, that they will serve you adequately! I also wish is that I am… that I am fit to serve you again after… after I, after this…”

A sudden onset of sheer, unmitigated torment burns through Ruby’s body, shattering her mind. Ruby’s fragile consciousness in pieces, she still manages to push and contract by reflex, a trait carefully evolved in Lisa’s progeny over the millenia.

“She’s dilated fully. Expect the first within five minutes.”

“Reflexes are good… pulse is regular.”

“Hold her in place, help her push.”

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

The first golden haired babe pushes through, another one tumbles out, Ruby’s ballooned stomach deflating as the Goddess’ daughters exit her womb. One by one, until finally, the last child arrives, a head of crimson.

“S-seventeen children! Seventeen new daughters!”

The nurses call for more assistance as the ones already present scramble to nurse the Goddess’ offspring. They run in, breasts already exposed, cradling the newborns to their chests as they feed. Ruby lays in the bed, her face gaunt and pale, her assets considerably diminished.

“Some nourishment for the mother! We can’t return the Goddess’ pet in this condition!”

Ruby, oblivious to the goings on outside her dreamland, recounts her own childhood in her unconscious mind.




Survival of the Fittest


Ruby remembers the daughters that didn’t make it, she was lucky, well-endowed and beautiful even by Basillisc children standards. She matured quickly mentally as well, and was quick to learn the etiquette, always able to answer the instructors’ questions. From very early on, she could feel the glares on her back. Jealousy, resentment, the others always hated how she always knew what to do, what to say, how to behave.

In primary care, the children all learned the language through reading scripture, and giving praise to the Goddess. These were usually scripted, intended only to give the developing girls a rudimentary grasp of speech. Ruby still recalls the first time she came up with an original prayer, her instructor told her that she would grow to be a proper and moral servant to the Goddess. Ruby’s peers would hate her from that moment on.

The first year of her formal education. She corrected the instructor’s prostration form. The young prodigy demonstrated in front of the class, her posture was flawless, and her figure was exquisite as she kissed the marble toes of the Goddess’ image. From that point on, her instructors hated her as well. The others had their insecurities exposed by Ruby, their fears that they would not be as presentable as the other aspiring slaves, their dread at the possibility that they couldn’t perform well enough.

Ruby still felt anxious, always knowing that her performance could be better, that she still had more to learn. But by observing her peers, those anxieties diminished. She remembered the lectures on birthing, that very night she measured herself. Ruby remembered the instructor saying that most slaves bear anywhere from 5-7 daughters, and this was usually determined by the mother’s dimensions. That same night, Ruby measured herself and did the calculations, she was disappointed.

‘Twelve? Should I ever be so fortunate as to receive the Goddess’ seed, I wish to bear more than that.’

As she grew up and cultivated the hatred of those around her, she grew to become more and more viscous. She used to fear judging others, but by this point she was confident in her abilities to assess. She applied the scripture well, every execution she made, she would recite the verse, a requiem for the unworthy.

“The vile and detestable failures of this world will perish before you. Mine own power will flow through your hands. Unappealing. Insubordinate. Clumsy. Unskilled. Those of no use will crumble as the righteous and beautiful mete out my divine judgement.”

Hatred soon turned to fear, and would slowly foment into jealousy. Her classmates would quickly look to her before acting, but would just as quickly berate her when she had her back turned. It mattered not to Ruby, she didn’t blame them, she studied the history. Ruby knew jealousy was vital to the ecosystem, that those who spite her only do so out of love for the Goddess, that they so desperately craved to be able to please their Mistress as well as Ruby could. She knew what she should think, and so she thought it, and so she believed it. Ruby accepted the words she spoke, not that her peers did not, but that her genuine devotion was purer than most.

‘I pray that they surpass me, that they realize their ambitions. That they become exemplary specimens for the Goddess’ pleasure, for that is the only thing of any importance.’


Judgement Day


Ruby’s heart rattled against her ribcage, the first time she felt true anxiety. She feared the magistrate would deem her unworthy, or worse, impure. Lined up with her peers, bowing before the golden image of their Goddess, a voice echoed through her mind.

“Now begins your examination. I hope that you prove yourself a worthy servant.”

Suddenly, everything disappeared, ruby knelt in a vast void of nothingness. The voice rang out again.

“Hello, prospective slave, you have passed the preliminary examination. 16 726, or roughly 5.8% of today’s applicant pool were deemed ‘not beautiful enough’ for the Goddess. You have been placed in the 97.8th percentile. Congratulations.”

Ruby gulped, knowing that the difficulties would only just be beginning.

“I am the magistrate. Your fate for the foreseeable future now relies on your ability alone, I simply pass judgement.”

Suddenly, Ruby was manifested in a state of the art kitchen. She immediately understood the task and started to slave away diligently. She cooked for what seemed like hours, she understood the importance of quality, and always took care when preparing the dishes. She understood the voracity of the Goddess’ appetite as well, doing her best to prepare quickly, but she knew it wasn’t quick enough. As she moved to set another tenderloin on the grill, her kitchenware vanished.

“You showed adequate proficiency, prospective slave. You are now in the 86.9th percentile, overall. Keep this level of performance, and you will graduate.”

Ruby gritted her teeth, she knew she wouldn’t be a favourable servant if she kept this up. She was grateful, to serve the Goddess in person would be preferable to being absorbed by her, but she wanted to be better than ‘adequately proficient.’

Suddenly, she was in an expansive, lavish mansion. The sun shone through the windows as Ruby scrambled to search out messes, cleaning every nook and cranny. As night fell, Ruby’s pace had not slowed, nor had the quality of her work. She suddenly felt the onset of drowsiness, the magistrate is testing her and she knew it, she shook her head violently before throwing it into the mop bucket. As she emerged, she felt refreshed, and determined, she would not let this obstacle stand in the way of her service. The sun rose again, hot rays making Ruby sweat underneath her maid uniform, her perform had not dropped since. As it reached the apex of its movement, Ruby was once again in the void. The same voice reverberates through her head.

“You showed excellent performance, prospective slave. You are now in the 93.5th percentile, overall. Keep this level of performance, and you will graduate with honors.”

Ruby smiled, she was close to distinction. Almost to that coveted ‘one in every twenty.’ She would be satisfied with that, but this result only fired her up to achieve even greater things.

Her next task, she was suddenly kneeling at the foot of a bed, many women in scant nurse uniforms looked to her as she faced a woman in the last stage of her pregnancy. Her mind sprang into action.

“Keep your grip on her limbs tight! Don’t let go! Get me a reading on her vitals!”

“Heartbeat is slowing! Everything else is fine.”

“Oxygen mask, two doses of 48E-7 stimulants, now!”

A nurse scrambles to comply as Ruby examines the mother, ten seconds pass, a silence hangs in the air.

“Vitals normal! Mother still unconsciousness, will not regain until after.”

“Expect birth in 2 minutes… 6-8 offspring! Keep your focus! Remember to apply as much force on her as you need to stabilize the movement. I will count you down, facilitate the pushing gently, do not harm the offspring… 30 seconds, begin preparations.”

Two nurses move to Ruby’s side, hands outstretched. Two others gently place their hands over the mother’s stomach.

“Counting down… 10… 9… 8… 7… 6…”

The hands on her abdomen gently ease along as the mother contracts and pushes, her reflexes kicking in.

“No complications, looking good… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1!”

One after the other, seven in total, another litter of the Goddess’ daughters are pushed out.


The nurses move quickly to nourish the babies as Ruby looks over the patient.

“Not abnormally thin… color still in her cheeks… she’s stable. Get the daughters to the educational wing.”

The nurses hurry off, cradling the blonde babes.

Ruby’s vision fades to black.

“You showed exemplary performance, prospective slave. You are now in the 96.4th percentile, overall. Keep this level of performance, and you will graduate with distinction.”

Ruby should be elated, she was happy, but she wasn’t satisfied. She knows she can serve her Goddess even better, she’s sure of it now.

A classroom was the next test, she followed and taught a cohort of 100 children. She kept their attention, taught them the appropriate material, answering questions with accuracy and speed. She always demonstrated the techniques properly, never forgetting a morning prayer, or after class tribute. She would thin out appropriately, while still allowing her students to identify unworthy ones for themselves. As she congratulated her students, and wished them luck in the final examination, she was suddenly pulled back to her own.

“You showed exemplary performance, prospective slave. You are now in the 98.5th percentile, overall. Keep this level of performance, and you will graduate with distinction.”

Ruby was close, so close.

“The final stage. Entertainment and sexual service. May the Goddess bless you.”

Ruby’s heart pounded, her mind clear and focused. The adrenaline rushed through her aesthetic frame as she prepared for the most important task of her existence so far. She danced, praised, and debased herself in front of the likeness of her Goddess. She fellated and licked, sucked and rubbed, she eased her tight holes onto the length, moving expertly on the conjured image of her Goddess. She was wrought with pleasure, finally feeling like the years of her training were coming to fruition, that she was fulfilling the purpose she was always meant to. Until suddenly, it ended.

“Truly exceptional performance, honorary slave of the Goddess. You have performed in the 99.35th percentile, overall. You will graduate with excellence. You may offer your thanks to the Goddess.

“I am truly humbled to be so fortunate. I thank you for allowing me to manifest from your perfect, divine seed. I am blessed to be given this opportunity to serve you, and I can only hope that my performance will live up to your standards. My purpose, to please your hedonistic desires, is a privilege that I will toil to maintain. May I be gifted enough to…






… give unto you the pleasure you deserve. May I serve for a thousand years. Please accept this tribute to your immortal greatness. I thank you for your allowance of my offering, I am truly indebted to you, that would permit me to sacrifice the entirety of my being to your everlasting glory and power.”

“That was a wonderful prayer, sister. Truly beautiful. Are you awake now?”

Ruby blinked twice, her emerald eyes glazed over as she slowly regained consciousness.

“I-I, yes, I am.”

“Congratulations, you were able to birth seventeen children for the Goddess! Remarkable!”

Ruby’s mind flushed with excitement… and guilt.

“That’s… wonderful. Wonderful that I was able to grow the Goddess’ seed… shameful that I could only create seventeen with such a potent, heavenly gift.”

The nurse by Ruby’s bed bit her lip, unsure of what to say. She decided to move on to the next item on the agenda.

“I would like to bring to your attention, that although your body took a toll, you have made a near-perfect recovery.”

Ruby looked down at her body, she felt her assets. Weighing them carefully as she smoothed over her stomach.

“I-I have become less appealing… I’m so sorry, Goddess.”

Tears of grief fell down Ruby’s rosy cheeks as she lamented the reduction of her allure. She felt awful, not for herself, but for the fact that she is lesser now before the eyes of the Goddess.

“As is customary, mothers have one full day of rest for every child they give. You still have sixteen days.”

“I will take as long as necessary for me to look acceptable again, be it one hour or the full duration.”

“Y-you will not gain anymore before this, i-it’s a miracle that you recovered this well!”

Ruby’s devastation was obvious, she held her head in her hands. She recalled her dreams, how hard she worked, she recalled when the Goddess impregnated her, how amazing it felt when her orgasm was taken for the Goddess’ own pleasure. How euphoric she was as she fulfilled her purpose. And now, she faced bitter dejection. She only hoped that when the Goddess took her soul, that she would be at least somewhat appetizing.

“T-then I am finished. The Goddess commanded me to return after I birthed her children, I will obey now.”

“U-uh, yes sister, that is your prerogative.”

Ruby dropped to her knees and crawled all the way to the Goddess’ lavish palace, she climbed the stairs on her hands and knees as tears flowed from her eyes, arriving at the throne room. She dared not even look upon the Goddess’ perfect image as she awaited.

Lisa tilted her head, looking at her dejected slave through her glasses. She spoke.

“Approach, Ruby.”

Ruby did as she was told, prostrating before her better, her breasts pressed into the ground as her plump ass sticks into the air.”

“I am sorry for failing you. I am sorry I could only give you such a paltry amount of children. I am sorry for my disgusting appearance. I can only pray that my soul can sate a measly portion of your divine gluttony, oh Goddess.”

Lisa looked on, a silence hangs in the halls as she halted her maids and cooks. Wanton whores still worshipping her massive genitals, she starts to grin. The smirk stretches into a smile until she cackles with glee. Lisa flings a blonde slut onto the floor, her body starts to waste away as the divine being drained her essence.

The Goddess spoke.

“You have pleased me. Come. Worship me.”

A sadistic grin still dawning her pale face, Lisa points one finger at her massive cock.

Ruby’s mind is filled with blissful ecstasy as she scrambles to her Goddess’ massive shaft. She is enraptured, jubilant, and oh so grateful.

Lisa snaps her fingers, and her maids and cooks become animate again. Lisa looks down at Ruby, gleefully worshipping as she praises her Goddess and offers her thanks.

“You’re welcome, slave.”

The words saturate her love-stricken mind, Ruby melts into a reverent pool of pious joy, feeling true fulfillment.





Lisa’s gaze locks onto the slave’s emerald eyes, she sees the adoration in Ruby, she senses her devotion. Pure and unadulterated, Ruby’s reverence was stronger than the others’. This brought out Lisa’s most… sadistic tendencies.

“Turn around.”

Ruby slid her Goddess’ cock out of her mouth with a satisfying ‘pop.’

“Y-yes, Goddess.”

She expertly eased her soaking hole onto Lisa’s awaiting obelisk, moving with precision and speed as she wrapped herself around the Goddess’ member.

“Thank you for allowing me this honor, I am forever indebted to you, your divine highness. I will never forget your gracious benevolence, this privile-”

A gasp escaped Ruby’s mouth, she slowed her movement momentarily, before quickly resuming. She felt the newly grown spines, and the additional girth and length pressing against her vulnerable flesh. She continues her task, but her mind is overcome with pain as the Goddess’ cock shreds her tender insides.

“Why have you stopped your praise?”

“T-this… ah, privilege… fills me with joy.”

“Among other things.”

Lisa’s cruel smirk widens at the remark, she feels satisfied with herself. She glances at the entertainers, bouncing and jiggling, moving in seductive but… ultimately uninspired ways. Without warning, the ground beneath their bare feet begins to sizzle, they yelp and squeal, but continue their dance as they fight back tears. Lisa’s own brutality makes her chuckle as she watches with twisted delight.

“Ruby, look at me.”

Ruby turns her head, red locks flying behind her. She is in tears, it flows like twin waterfalls from her rich green eyes… which still bear the same love and admiration, perhaps even stronger now. The desperate pain in the slave-girl’s gaze, coupled with that unrivaled fealty and zealous devotion, makes Lisa feel incredible. She grows her cock again, increasing the length of the spines as well as the mass of her cock, the suffering she elicits from the willing recipient fills Lisa with pleasure. Her own power and magnificence on obvious display as her servants suffer for her amusement. She snickers with sadistic joy, watching gleefully.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you sluts.”

A toxin begins to permeate the skin holding Lisa’s gigantic balls, it spreads through the bodies of the sex-slaves worshipping her massive spheres. Their tongues and limbs burn with intensity, Lisa can not only hear, but feel their anguished screams on her gigantic testes as they continue to lick and suck.

“And you too.”

The maids and cooks suddenly feel a gnawing hunger, it eats away at them as if they haven’t been fed in centuries, but they dare not take even the slightest morsel of Goddess’ food. They know better, slaving away over hot stoves and ovens, crawling fervently on their hands and knees to deliver decadent meals to their superior. Lisa revels in the suffering of her slaves, she slakes her thirst for torment, their agony feeding her own enjoyment. She can also feel their desperation to serve, overriding any other impulse, Lisa’s sadistic pleasures being enhanced by that knowledge.

“And finally…”

The slaves rubbing and licking Lisa’s feet feel shooting pains surge through their outstretched tongues and expertly moving hands. Their Goddess’ feet are colder than ice, every contact with them sends intense shocks of distress through her slaves’ vulnerable flesh. But they do not stop, they want to avoid the terrible jolts of pain, but they crave pleasuring their Goddess, and they fear the possibility of denying her of her rightful enjoyment.

Lisa can perceive her slaves’ torment, their pain feeding into her pleasure.

Ruby’s sensitive insides being pushed to their limits by Lisa’s needlessly large cock, her tender skin mercilessly ripped apart by the spines. The hot floor searing the dancers’ supple flesh, the hunger pains of Lisa's maids and cooks ravaging their stomachs, her toxic balls and glacial feet bestowing her gift of fiendish torture unto her willing worshippers.

Lisa can feel the earthly thrill building within her, that carnal pleasure, the hedonistic sensation she knows she deserves. She takes in the suffering of her slaves, their torment not even worth considering in light of her own mounting gratification. A weak and undeserving maid attempts to sneak a sip of broth meant for the Goddess’ mouth, she is instantly torn apart by her former peers before Lisa has even decided on a prospective punishment. This pleases her, she feels her climax growing, her lustful aura whipping her worshippers into a frenzy as they are overcome with sensation.

Ruby begins to speak, her voice tortured and whimpering, desperation clearly present on her pained expression as she slides her battered body up and down her Goddess’ cock.

“I-I would like… to thank you, my Goddess… for allowing me to suffer for you.”

Lisa’s vicious grin grows wider.

“All lessers. Repeat that.”

In unison, the dancers, sex-slaves, cooks, and maids, all being to chant as they serve.

“I would like to thank you, my Goddess, for allowing me to suffer for you.”

Lisa can sense her orgasm coming, she feels the phenomenal pleasure surge through her balls, and is reminded of the fact that only she is deserving of such contentment. In an instant, the lustful sensations in her slaves are taken, adding an iota of intensity to the Goddess’ own climax. This pulls the lust from her slaves, allowing more room in their puny minds for idolization and worship, they speak.

“Thank you for denying us of our pleasure, it is an honor we do not deserve!”

With that, Lisa’s orgasm is pushed over the precipice. She roars. The hellish torture, the denial of pleasure, and the utter humiliation of her lessers combine with the pure sensation they enthusiastically yield to her. The divine feeling rushes up her balls, and through her taint. She takes as they give, and they thank her for the privilege. The unrestrained, raw, hedonistic thrill surges through her massive cock, filling up her exceedingly grateful receptacle. Lisa watches on in perverse ecstasy as her followers scramble to contribute to her glorious release. Her orgasm coming to its finale, she sends a flood of miserable suffering outwards. Her slaves drown and writhe in torment as she experiences blissful gratification.

The end has come. Ruby is filled to the brim with divine cum, other lessers clamor to lick the godly spunk that oozes out of her battered hole. The Goddess, in her benevolence, reverts the painful changes she made. Everything returns to its normal state. As Lisa's cock deflates, Ruby, no longer stretched beyond her breaking point, slides off the monolith, collapsing in a heap at the Goddess’ feet. Lisa snaps her fingers, and Ruby’s body is restored.

“Leave. Bear my children. Then return.”

“Thank you Goddess, you honor me greatly.”

The ever present submission and devotion clear in her eyes, Ruby crawls backwards out of the Goddess’ sight.

Lisa glances downwards, pleased to see her slaves all uniformly groveling before her throne.

“Prepare a feast, slaves... and erect as many monuments in my honor as you worthless beings can manage before I awake.”

Lisa lets her eyelids fall down, watching her servants scramble like ants as they rush to do her bidding. Her entertainers and sex-slaves know their duty as they remain in her throne room, heads touching the cold ground as they await their Mistress’ awakening. Lisa’s eyes close fully as she falls asleep, her godly mind soothed by the abundantly clear fact that she is perfection.




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Wonderful. I especially liked the bit in the very beginning. I am guessing orgasm theft is one of your fetishes? I loved the description of all Ruby went through to serve Lisa, and how she will bare more children for her in the end. Thus the subspecies continues to evolve slowly for Lisa. I also like how brutally Ruby obtained her position.