Real Life With Cheat Codes Pt. 2

After her unnaturally above-average prime rib dinner, Colleen rushed back to her room to get away from her parents for a bit, knowing they were going to yell and moan at her for “playing with her phone” too much during dinner, and she didn’t want to risk them finding… whatever this thing was.

She closed the door behind her and pulled her phone out of her pocket, immediately flopping back up onto her bed and burying her face deep inside the screen to find what else this thing could do.

Real Life With Cheat Codes Pt. 1

It’s an overcast day in Northwest Pennsylvania, as Colleen Kirkpatrick is home from college helping her parents clean out their attic to pack for an upcoming move. As she dug through some cobweb-ridden boxes in the corner of the attic, she noticed an old computer monitor and wire-coiled keyboard next to a dust-covered tower.

“Huh, I don’t remember seeing this computer before…” Colleen thought to herself. “We always used a black Dell computer in the living room when I was a kid, this computer must be older than *I* am!”