Epic Equipment

Jessie and James shuddered a bit as they walked through the Silph Co. building, the disdainful glares of their coworkers upon them as they marched through the hall. Every step toward Giovanni’s office felt like a heartbeat closer to a death stroke… They knew that they hadn’t been in good graces with the rest of Team Rocket lately, and when Giovanni asked to see them? They only hoped that the rumors of him using a charizard to literally fire those he was displeased with were nothing more than hearsay.

The Living Triforce part 2

Zelda had ruled as the will of the Triforce for a short while... Not that a period of time such as “short” had meaning to Her any longer. She had created countless worlds, and devoured each of them as effortlessly as She had destroyed her original world. Sometimes they would be reflections of Hyrule, other times they would be things which no Hylian had ever dared to dream of.

The Living Triforce part 1

Zelda stared down at the tome she held in her hands. She had been hesitant to use it, its dark powers calling to her, tempting her, promising her things she never dared to ask for. But as she saw the battle before her, the temptation grew. The Master Sword had been shattered, Fi’s form now little more than shards of metal on the ground. Link fought valiantly, using light arrows to keep Ganon at bay, but without his sword, he couldn’t keep the advantage whenever he got close, and any damage he did was only temporary without the sword of evil’s bane.

A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 04


Matt woke up the next morning to the feeling of soft, warm flesh on top of him, two mounds pressing into his chest. His cock was rubbing against something wet, and he could hear soft breathing. He opened his eyes, and saw that Sophie was laid on top of him, sleeping peacefully, her big, pink duvet covering them both. Matt looked over at her clock, and saw that it was just after 7am. He figured it must be about time for them to get up for school, but truth be told, he didn’t actually know how far away from school Sophie lived.

A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 03


“Hi Matt,” Sophie smiled. She was naked, and sat on his bed with the equally naked Alexis.

“Sophie!” Matt gasped. “How…how the fuck did you get in here?”

“Why, I just wished myself in of course,” Sophie smiled.

“Wished?” Matt asked, confused.

“Alexis, I think he needs some proof,” she said to her friend. “So I wish Matt was totally naked.”

“Your wish is my command, Mistress,” Alexis grinned. She snapped her fingers, and Matt’s were torn from his body, aside from his rucksack. Both girls giggled.