The Power of Pink - Part 1


Kim was not happy, not happy at all. Twenty four, short and skinny, and with an English degree that only got her a crappy job as a barista, her boyfriend through college, Tim,  had dumped her the evening before.

They’d both been outcasts in their respective high schools, so when they met and clicked in college she’d thought it was a dream come true - she, a five foot five brown haired mouse with nary a curve to be seen, and he a acne-scarred scarecrow - two skinny misfits finding love together. However, in his senior year of college Tim had started going to the gym more and more often - buffing up, he said, so that when he went job hunting they’d respect him more. Then he’d graduated with his business degree and went to work as a management trainee at a chain of gyms. That’s when he really started hitting the weights. The whole culture there was focused on fitness. If you weren’t pumping iron, you weren’t moving up, and Tim was definitely moving up.

They had been out to celebrate his promotion to junior vice president of finance when he’d left to go to the bathroom, absently leaving his phone on the table. That’s when the texts started rolling in. First one from some girl named Trish saying “look at this, cutie!” along with a selfie of a girl pulling her shirt above her right breast, nipple erect atop a firm round ample tit, with rippling abs below leading down to yoga pants pulled down just to beginnings of her pussy. This was followed shortly with another pic, obviously taken in a mirror, of the same girl completely naked, arms squeezing her now naked breasts together and her left hand between her legs caressing her sex. “Can’t wait for later,” the text read.

This had led, of course, to an argument, which had led to his admission of cheating, which had led to his calling her a scrawny bitch, and suddenly it was over. Six years together, and it was over. Turns out that Tim had developed a thing for buff women during all his time at the gym, and she, five five and thin as a rail, did not fit the picture.

“Fuck him,” thought Kim. “Fuck him and his fucking gym rat bitches.”

Of course, his remarks had hit home more than Kim would have liked to admit. The next morning, face puffy with crying, Kim stood in front of her mirror naked and stared at her body. Short and skinny, Kim could count her ribs from her flat but untoned tummy to her prominent nipples, set on her undeveloped chest, breasts barely perceptible. Her pasty skin and limp hair only added to the spectacle.

Maybe Tim had had a point, she thought. Perhaps she should hit the weights herself.

It was with this mindset that Kim found herself walking into a new gym that had opened the previous week just around the corner. This place catered to women only, with pink lettering on all the signs and promises of a stress-free workout without the leering eyes or judgement of a normal gym.

She sighed and walked in, ready for a change in her life.

When Kim entered she nearly turned around and walked right back out. Despite the promises of a judgement-free workout she could see that she was definitely going to be the odd woman out. The room was divided between aerobics machines - treadmills, stationary bikes, and stair climbers - and weights, both weight machines and free weights. There were maybe fifteen women working out, but from what she could see they were all strong, beautiful, buff even - everything that she wasn’t.

“Hi!” said the perky girl behind the counter. “Here for your free trial?” she said.

“Um…” said Kim.

“Oh, don’t let them scare you,” the girl waved her hand at the other women, “we cater to women of all shapes and sizes. My name’s Amy. Let me show you around!”

Amy extended her hand and and Kim shook it. Amy’s grip was iron strong. “Kim,” she said, warily.

As Amy took Kim on a tour, and as she did so her soothing voice and enthusiasm calmed Kim’s worries. The facilities were brand-new and excellent, complete with sauna, pool, and hot tub, and Amy assured her that the place was started by women for women. There would be no men leering at her while she worked out. With the other buff women in the gym for them to salivate over, Kim thought they’d have hardly given her a moment of attention had they been there.

Finally, Amy took Kim back to the main floor and spied someone waiting at the front desk. She waved at some of the hand weights.

“Why don’t you get started here and I’ll come back in a few to see how you’re doing!” she said, and skipped off.

Kim looked at the weights and her eyes got wide. This end of the rack had 50 pounders! She wasn’t sure she could lift that with both hands, let alone one. She moved to the middle of the rack and tried a 25 pounder. Pulling with both hands, she lifted the weight an inch off the rack before it slipped through her fingers and back into place with a clang. She was going to have to start off smaller. Kim looked at the other end of the rack, which ended with five pounders, but leaning up against the steel frame were two small pink cylinders.

Kim picked up the pink weights and looked at them closely. There was no writing or branding of any kind. In fact, there wasn’t even an indication of how heavy they might be. She pumped one in an inexpert bicep curl. The weight felt light, almost weightless, but her bicep bulged a little with every curl. Smiling, Kim sat down on a bench and started curling the weights, satisfied with the tightness she could feel developing in her chest and upper arms.

After five minutes pumping the two hand weights, she decided to do something else. Looking over to the mirror she watched as a woman who looked like a fitness competitor lunged back and forth along holding two twenty-five pound weights. The woman stared at herself in the mirror admiring her own bulging quadriceps and glutes. The fitness girl looked up and caught Kim looking and nodded, smiling widely.

“Wanna try?” she said, standing straight and motioning Kim over.

“The name’s Tammy. New here?” Kim nodded. “Well, this place is great! Used to have to brave the meatheads over at Fitness Pro before this place opened up.”

Kim winced at the mention of Tim’s employer.

“Here, just do what I do.” Tammy proceeded to help Kim get into position and lunge properly, and then picked up her much heavier weights and lunged along with the skinny girl.

Holding the pink weights at her side, Kim stepped deeply back and forth, trying to imitate Tammy’s perfect form. Rather than feel winded, as she had expected, she instead felt invigorated! Her legs felt tight and firm, but she never really felt the burn and pain that she had with her previous forays into exercise. Back and forth the pair stepped along the mirror, and she could hear Tammy’s breath become more labored until the larger woman stopped, panting.

“Gotta take a break,” she said. Looking over at Kim she did a little double take. “Wow! Working out really agrees with you!” She motioned to Kim’s legs.

Kim looked down to see her legs actually beginning to fill out her sweat pants. Biting her lip, she reached down and caressed her butt, which felt hard and round - still slim but with the beginnings of some actual definition!

“Wow! Thanks for the lessons Tammy, you’re an awesome teacher!”

“Um, well you’re welcome! Anyway, good to meet you.” Tammy shook her head as if she’d seen something impossible and walked over to her bag to get some water.

Kim, still buzzing with energy, decided to get some aerobic exercise in. Not wanting to leave her lucky weights behind, she walked to the front counter with them.

“Amy, do you mind if I go running with these?” She held up the pink weights.

“Oh, I thought those were yours! They’re not ours. Feel free to keep them. We can’t have unauthorized equipment lying around. You know, for liability reasons.”

Kim looked at the mysterious weights. “Ok, thanks,” she said as she stepped out the door and started running.

Instead of taking the short route home, maybe a couple blocks, Kim decided to run through the nearby state park, weights in hand. She’d gone jogging before and she’d always found it a profoundly tiring and pointless exercise, but this time the invigorating high she’d felt in the gym continued during her run, and she found herself constantly picking up her pace rather than slowing down. She even began pumping the weights, first bicep curls, then raising them to shoulder level over and over forming a T with her arms, and then lifting the weights above her head. After a two lap trip around the park, a journey of about five miles, she headed home and dashed up ten flights of stairs.

Finally panting and sweaty, Kim stepped into her small apartment. Setting down her weights, Kim stripped and stepped into the bathroom to take a shower. She turned on the water, glanced at the mirror and stopped, stunned. She stood staring for five minutes.

There, reflected in the mirror, was the familiar girl who greeted her every morning, but now cut with long tight muscles on top of her previously-skinny frame. Her formerly stick-like legs pulsed with new muscles, while her arms throbbed with little bulges every time she moved. Even her hollow tummy had filled out with barely perceptible ridges of new muscle. Her whole body seemed to glow with new vibrancy and health as the mirror slowly fogged over with the steam from the shower.

Somehow these pink weights were transforming her, making her grow muscle faster than should be possible! In a single day she had gone from stick-thin to wiry but strong. Imagine what would happen if she really put some time and effort into it! Imagine what Tim would say!

Tim. Kim imagined herself all buff and muscular and imposing - even taller than him - walking into Fitness Pro and parading her towering powerful physique in front of him and his new floozy. Kim licked her lips and imagined stepping up to Tim as he strained on the bench press, easily taking the barbell from his hands as he stared up at her sneering face. In her imagination, she curled the barbell three times easily, moaning as if with sexual arousal, and then lifted the bar above her head. Bringing both hands to the middle of the bar, she let go with one one and allowed her free hand to caress her body as she stepped forward to straddle Tim’s face. She held the heavily laden bar up single handedly in an incomprehensible feat of strength.

Her breath shuddered with anticipation as she reached for her shorts and tore away the skin-tight garment to reveal her hungry naked pussy. She lowered it to his mouth.

“EAT ME OUT!” she ordered, and Tim’s tongue thrashed at her sex in response.

“Fuuuuuuuck! Yes! Yes!” she groaned.

Back in her shower, the daydreaming Kim shuddered in orgasm, one hand rubbing rapidly against her sex.

After her shower, Kim sat naked on her bed with her laptop, researching new exercises to perform with her magic pink weights. There was actually a surprising amount of free information online for small weights such as hers, but she even looked at the more strenuous routines meant for heavier lifts with full anticipation that the magic pink weights would somehow expand her muscles as large as she could imagine.

Every morning that week before work, Kim worked out with the weights in her bedroom staring into the mirror. Curls, squats, triceps extensions, shoulder flys, calf raises, lunges, crunches - whatever she could think of she would do. Then, every evening after work she would take a run around the park holding the weights, going faster and faster, developing better endurance than she could have hoped for with every stride.

Every night before bed, she’d inspect her body while waiting for the shower to heat up, and every time she was bigger, harder, more perfectly cut than she had dared dream. Her arms rapidly expanded, growing from the stringy filaments she had started with to the cut and diamond-hard definition of a top-notch fitness competitor. Every night she would flex her arms, and watch as her biceps grew from imperceptible, to lemon-sized, to baseball-sized, and by Friday to softball-sized mounds, little veins running down their length to fuel them. The rest of her body followed suit, her abdomen developing hard ridges that ran from just under her breasts down to her pussy, crunching like an accordion with every sit-up. Her legs were sculpted pillars of meat - toned calves leading up to an explosion of muscular thigh meat and a perfectly hard round butt that stuck out a good five inches from the top of her leg.

She had even grown taller! Measuring herself that Friday night she discovered she was now five eleven! Six inches of growth in one week!

Everything about her new physique felt amazing! Moving, running, even bringing in the groceries was effortless, painless. She yearned for every opportunity to push herself. Moving the hide-a-bed in her living room to dust - a task she had previously dreaded - became a pleasure as she easily raised each end in turn and pulled it out four feet to get behind it. Hell, she even cleaned behind her refrigerator for the first time ever, electing to lift it out of its place instead of sliding.

Her only regret was her lack of boobs. Throughout all this growth, while her pectoral muscles filled out her chest, her actual breasts were as flat as ever. Despite this, though, she was excited about her growth and imagined becoming a seven foot behemoth demanding servitude from her former boyfriend.

Smiling, Kim reached down to caress her moistening pussy again at the thought of it. Just as her orgasm was mounting, however, she was interrupted by someone knocking on her door.


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