Charlotte, part 2: Play

Part 2 – Play

(13,148 words)
(femdom, omnipotence, various physical transformations, mind control, corruption)

Author's note:
This story is about someone who, upon gaining her power, loses the ability to empathise with others and becomes controlling and cruel. If that doesn't sound good to you, I don't recommend that you read it.

Day 48

Rich’s phone rang. He swallowed the pickle he was chewing and answered it.


“Hoy shit, he’s not dead.”

“Hey Michael, what’s up?”

“Hey man, you haven’t been at the apartment in like a week, is everything ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, things are great! I’ve moved in to Charlotte’s, though.”

“What? You’ve moved in with Charlotte?”


“Dude, all your stuff is still here…”

“I’ve gotta go, dude. Talk later.”

“No, wait-”

Rich hung up the phone. Charlotte and Pat were sitting in the living room with him. Pat’s ears were long, sticking well over the top of her head, and Charlotte had performed a number of requests for her over the past week; her breasts were larger, her pupils were shaped like slits like a cat’s, and Rich thought she seemed just a bit more muscular, too. She laughed and sipped a beer. Charlotte still had four arms, and an addition, had played with coloration; her hair, eyes, lips, nipples, fingernails, and toenails were all a bright, vibrant blue. These were all visible, since Charlotte had stopped wearing any clothes some days prior.

Rich went to the kitchen to get another pickle. He noticed that the jar was empty, so he put it in the sink and opened another. He went back to the living room.

“You ready, Rich?” Charlotte asked.


“Okay! So the thing I need your help to practice with today is basically mental imagery. I want you to think about an image – any image at all – and hold that thought in your mind as steadily as you can. Ok?”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it. Rich, you go first, ok?”

“Sure.” Rich thought for a second and then pictured the poster of a movie he’d seen. Charlotte sat in her chair with her eyes closed. A pencil lifted up off the table and started floating in the air, and began frantically sketching and shading an image on the top sheet of a small pile of white paper sitting next to it. After just a minute, the pencil floated back down to rest on the table and the paper rose up to present itself to Pat and Rich.

It was the poster, kind of blurry and inaccurate, but recognizable.

“That’s so cool!”

“Alright, your turn, Pat.”

“Hrm, okay…” She thought.

The pencil rose up again and the paper flipped over, exposing a fresh sheet underneath.  Charlotte sketched. When the paper rose up, it was an image of Charlotte sitting in the chair she was currently in, her top arms folded, her bottom arms resting on her knees, exactly the position she was sitting in at that moment, from Pat’s point of view.

“Holy shit, that’s so good! Okay lemme try one,” said Rich.

This time, it was a piece of artwork he’d seen of a drawing of two hands, each one holding a pencil and drawing the other.

Pat’s turn. This time, on the paper, the floating pencil produced an image of Charlotte – again. She was seen from the side, three of her arms raised up in the air, her last hand cupping one breast. Charlotte raised an eyebrow at Pat. Pat bashfully looked back at Charlotte.

Rich spoke up. “Is it my turn? Let me think of something.”

Charlotte kept her eyes open this time, maintaining eye contact with Pat. Pat looked back at her. From Rich’s thoughts, she produced the façade of a restaurant in the neighborhood where they’d often eaten.

From Pat’s thoughts, next, Charlotte drew an image of herself and Pat embracing, both naked, Charlotte’s four arms wound around Pat sensuously and tenderly.

Rich looked at the image, then at Pat, then at Charlotte, then back to Pat again, slowly, cautiously. “Hey – that was yours, Pat?”

Charlotte blinked and Rich seemed to get distracted. “Oh, my turn! Alright… lemme…”

“Actually, Rich, I’m good.” Charlotte interrupted. “Thanks for helping me out, guys. This has been really good practice for me.” She walked out of the room, the fingertips of her two left hands trailing gently across Pat’s shoulder as she did.

Rich stood up and followed Charlotte into the kitchen, ducking under the doorframe. He had done it so many times it was now automatic. He ran his hand along her back. “Hey, babe, if you’re done with your practice, I know what we could do-o-o,” he said, teasingly.

Charlotte gently moved his hand away. “You know what, babe, not now. Sorry.” She briefly made eye contact with Pat, just outside of the room. “There are a few things I want to try. But…” she thought for a moment. “You know what, sit down.” He did. “You know I’m learning more and more. And it gets so exciting for me that I sometimes don’t want to stop.”

“Yeah, you can go for days.”

“Right. And that’s not fair to you, and that sucks. So I tell you what.” Charlotte stopped talking and breathing for a moment. Rich felt a tingle all over his skin. He shuddered.

“What was that?”

“I have a question for you, Rich. Who would you like to fuck?”


“This isn’t a trick. I know that you sometimes get horny when I’m not able to be with you, and I don’t like that you’re left unsatisfied. So…” the pencil and paper floated in from the next room, and before Rich’s eyes, the pencil sketched the face of a woman. Charlotte smiled at the image. “Who’s this?”

“Uh…” Rich shifted uncomfortably. “Her name’s Jessica. She plays basketball on the women’s team at the gym.”

“Alright.” Charlotte smiled. “Well, why don’t you go talk to her. I’ve given you a bit of a boost in your pheromone production, so… just be your usual charming self. I think you’ll find her… amenable”

“Charlotte… are… are you breaking up with me?”

Charlotte put all four of her hands on Rich’s two. “No! Babe, I love you and I want you to be with me. I want you to keep living here. And I’m still going to fuck you. I just… don’t think it’s fair to you… to either of us… to be limited like that.”

“I don’t know if I like this, Charlotte…” Charlotte tweaked something in his brain. He twitched, then continued on as though he hadn’t noticed it,“…but, I mean… we could try it.”

Charlotte stood up. “Go for it, babe. Have fun. Bring her back here if you want.”

Rich looked at her. “Really?”

Charlotte grinned. “I’d love to meet her.”


Day 50

Pat came home with Jamal, who stormed down the hall loudly. He entered and immediately went to find Charlotte, who was sitting at the kitchen table.

“Char-” he began, but his voice died in his throat. The first thing he noticed was her nudity. The second thing he noticed was her lower set of arms. Finally, he saw that from her fingertips on one of her right hands extended long claws, like those of a cat, curved and several inches long. She flexed her hand, and retracted and extended them, learning to control them. Jamal stared stupidly.

“What is it, Jamal?”

He didn’t answer.

Charlotte sighed and tweaked him. He shook his head, and was suddenly unbothered by Charlotte’s transformations.

“Charlotte, what the hell did you do to Pat?”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to do this,” said Pat as she pushed by him into the kitchen.

“No, I think I do.” He stared at Charlotte expectantly.

Charlotte shrugged. “Um, a few things. Her ears, her eyes. She’s stronger, too, a lot more than she looks.”

“Yeah, no shit!”

“Everything I did, I did because she asked me to.”

“What did you do to her mind? Did she ask you for that?”

Charlotte hesitated. She felt a pang of something uncomfortable, but shook it away. “It was pretty unpleasant here for a while, Jamal. You don’t know, you weren’t here. All I did was make her happier.”

“Oh yeah? Why is it that she can’t talk about anything but you anymore?”

Charlotte looked at Pat. Pat looked down at the ground, sheepishly. “He’s… exaggerating.”

Shit, thought Charlotte. Not quite as accurate as I’d thought. I’ll have to go back and take a look at that. She looked back at Jamal. “I see.” She paused. “I’ll… um… fix that today. Sorry about that.”

Sorry? To who? To me? She sounds like a damn cultist! What about sorry to her?

Embarassed, Pat interjected, “You don’t have to do that, Charlotte! I feel really good. I’m really happy right now, the way things are.”

Jamal pointed at Pat. “That is not Pat talking!”

Pat shouted, angrily. “Yes it is! Yes I am!”

Charlotte concentrated and calmed down the two of them so they’d stop shouting. “Look, Jamal, I think you should… stay here for a while. See how happy Pat is.”

Pat’s eyes lit up. “Yes! That’s a great idea, Charlotte!” She turned to Jamal, who was looking at her in horror. “Sweetie, it’s so cool here ever since Charlotte awoke.”

“Awoke?” his eyes grew wider.

“Yeah that’s how she calls it. Oh, it’s the best! I promise you you’re going to love it!”

Of course, her promises weren’t necessary; Charlotte had already tweaked Jamal’s mind to make him amenable to the idea. He gave the pretense of thinking it over, but soon nodded his assent.

I’m going to need to do quite a bit of rewriting with him, thought Charlotte. “Jamal, tell you what, you look tired.” And, suddenly, he was. “Why don’t you go take a nap, and I’ll wake you later.”

“Uh… sure.” Blinking, he made his way to Pat’s bed, fell onto it, and was asleep.

“Oh my god, thank you Charlotte!” Pat was ecstatic.

“Anything for my friends,” smiled Charlotte. She got to work.


When she emerged from Pat’s room, where Jamal was still passed out, Rich had come home with Jessica, who was sitting in the living room, chatting with Pat.

Charlotte was impressed; Jessica seemed totally unfazed by Pat’s ears and eyes. Even when Charlotte entered the room, her eyes widened, and it took her a moment before she could speak, but she didn’t panic. She stood up and shook Charlotte’s hand, hesitating only slightly while she tried to decide which of her right hands to grasp. “You must be Charlotte. Rich has told me, uh, a lot about you.” she had only a slight tremor in her voice. “I’m Jessica.”

“Good to meet you. What exactly has Rich told you about me?”

Jessica looked over at Rich, “Oh, um…” she didn’t want to say anything stupid, but Charlotte had four arms. “That you can do anything.”

“Pretty much. You like his body?” She smirked. “I made it myself. I mean, I mostly made it for me, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it too.”

Jessica coughed nervously. “Yeah, I’d seen him around the gym a few times, and people talked a lot about him when his body changed, but just last week I really started to… notice him a lot more.” She paused. “That was you too, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was.” Oh, she’s great. I might not even have to tweak her at all.

“Well, when he invited me to come over and meet you, I just… had to come.”

“Hrm? Why’s that?”

“Well, I like Rich. A lot. But it also sounds like… an experience… that I’m never going to get anywhere else.”

“And this experience sounds… attractive to you?”

“Uh, yeah.” Jessica laughed.

Hrm. Let’s see… Charlotte read Jessica’s mind and her eyes widened and she broke into a huge smile. “Oh, I think I see why. You’re going to be fun. Well, may as well get right into it. Why don’t you and Rich get naked.”

Rich grinned and immediately started taking off his pants. Jessica hesitated, but once Rich had finished, she slowly started to disrobe as well. “Jumping in the deep end, I guess…” she said. Once they were both nude, Charlotte walked over to Rich and held him gently by the crotch with her upper right hand. Rich took a deep breath, but didn’t resist. Charlotte grinned at how complete his trust in her was.

After a moment, she dug her fingers into his flesh, which gave way like clay, and, bloodlessly, painlessly, she removed his entire crotch. She held in her hands a chunk of flesh with a scrotum and flaccid penis hanging down. Rich looked down at the missing chunk of body where his dick used to be. He looked at his dick in Charlotte’s hands, silently, stunned. Jessica and Pat gasped. Pat then started laughing, as she realized what Charlotte was doing. Jessica looked on in shock. Her adrenaline started to spike, and Charlotte quickly turned it down to stop her from panicking.

Charlotte then did the same thing to Jessica, scooping out her flesh with her bottom pair of hands. Jessica placed her hand on the wall to balance herself. Charlotte then carefully placed the chunk of flesh with Rich’s genitalia into the hole in Jessica’s body, smoothing it over with her hands until it was impossible to see the line which separated the flesh that had been taken from Rich from the flesh which had been there before; then, tenderly, repeated the process, transplanting Jessica’s vagina onto Rich.

When the operation was done, Pat started to clap. Charlotte grinned and took a bow. Jessica’s dick twitched, and slowly, started to swell and stiffen. She gasped and touched it gingerly. Rich cautiously touched his clitoris, and laughed at the sensation. He then slowly, carefully, inserted one finger past his labia into his vagina, a stupid grin stuck on his face.

Jessica sat down on the couch, falling into it as though she might faint. Her erection stood up in front of her, and she stared at it, unable to take her eyes away from it.

“You like it?” asked Charlotte. “It’s what you wanted, right?”

“…Yeah. It is.” Jessica responded, in a daze.

Rich pulled his finger out of his vagina and stood up. He held out his hand to Jessica. She stared at it. In a daze, she asked him, “What?”

Rich clicked his tongue. “I wanna fuck you. Right now. Come on!” He motioned with his head. “Bedroom!”

Jessica, still not quite certain of how she was going to react to this new situation, hesitantly held out her hand. Rick pulled her up out of her chair and, with one muscled arm, hoisted her over his shoulder. Jessica shouted in surprise, but didn’t object. Rich then turned and carried her to his bedroom.

“See you later guys!”

“Enjoy!” Charlotte called after him.


Day 51

Jessica woke up in the morning and went to the kitchen to make herself coffee, her bulge pushing against a pair of Rich’s underwear. She passed Charlotte in the living room, who seemed not to be doing anything, just sitting on the coffee table motionless. Jess stopped and stared for a moment. Charlotte opened her eyes.

“Good morning, Jess.”

Jessica smiled. “Hi.”

“So, you’re moving in with us.”


“You’ll be living here. Permanently. You can sleep in the same room you slept in last night.”

Jessica stared back, speechless.

“Welcome!” Charlotte smiled.

“Oh… do I… get a choice?”

“Not really. But I promise you that you’re going to love it.”

A crash sound came from above them. Jessica looked up. Charlotte shrugged. “Except for them. One of these days, we may get cops knocking on our door because one of our neighbors has killed the other.”

Jessica was silent for a few minutes. She walked into the kitchen and paced back and forth a few times. Then she came back, inhaled deeply, and said, “Okay. I’ll… get my stuff.” She laughed, not quite believing what she was saying.

Charlotte smiled warmly. “I’m so glad.”

“So, I’ll head off now, then, and I’ll be back later today.”


There was an uncomfortable pause.

“So…” Jessica prompted Charlotte, who waited for her to finish. “Can you give me my pussy back? Please?”

Charlotte frowned. “No.”

Jessica‘s mouth dropped open. “Wha- I’m leaving, though. Back into… you know, the real world.”

“This is the real world, Jessica. This is very real. But more importantly, you can’t have your old pussy back because it isn’t yours anymore. It’s Rich’s.”

“…I’m sure he won’t mind!”

I would mind. I don’t want you to have it anymore. I want him to have it.”

“No- no, I can’t… I live with my sister. What if I get an erection while I’m talking to her? This thing is a damn monster, I’m not going to be able to hide it!”

Charlotte began to understand that Jess wouldn’t let this go. At the very least, she would want to talk about for longer than Charlotte wanted to talk about it. She sighed in disappointment. I guess I got excited there for a minute. I at least hoped it’d have been longer than this. She blinked.

Jessica’s expression changed, as though something had occurred to her. “Wait…” she began. “Who cares?”

“Exactly, Jessica.”

“Yeah…” She shook her head. “Yeah! Sorry about that. I just got kind of self-conscious there for a minute. Yeah. I’ll go get my stuff and see you later today!”

“See you soon.”

Jessica left.


Day 56

“Best two out of three!” Rich shouted, frustrated.

Pat laughed. “Look, I’m just stronger than you.”

“Again!” he insisted, slamming his elbow down on the table. He had to crouch down to be at the right level. His muscles bulged as he flexed them, getting ready to arm-wrestle Pat once again.

Pat shrugged. By outward appearances, she didn’t appear to be particularly strong – certainly not stronger than Rich, whose physique was more impressive than that of a professional bodybuilder – but when she hooked her hand into his and he counted to three, she defeated him easily, slamming the back of his hand down on the table. Jamal cheered her on.

“I’m going out for a walk,” Charlotte announced to the three of them. Pat and Rich immediately interrupted their competition.

“Really?” asked Jamal. “Are… you going to cover up?”

Charlotte looked down at herself. She wasn’t sure whether Jamal was referring to her nudity or her extrahuman attributes, but it didn’t actually matter; the answer was the same.


“Uh, okay. Good luck.”

She smiled back. “I don’t need it, but thanks.” And, for the first time in over a month, Charlotte left her apartment.

She strolled down the street happily, enjoying the sunshine. She swung her four arms and enjoyed the breeze on her bare body. There were a number of people walking down the street, but she quickly and deftly tweaked their sensibilities, and they thought nothing strange of her as they passed her by. She had to repeat this procedure for each individual person who saw her, but it required only a minor effort on her part. The changes were made quickly enough that they were complete before anyone even had time for a second glance. She walked down the street unbothered.

A picnic, she thought. I’d like to have a picnic.

She made her way to the grocery store where she had worked before her awakening. As she entered, she saw a man working at the cash – named David – who she’d been pleased not to have to talk to since she’d stopped working there. He didn’t notice her. She walked by him, picked up a basket and began filling it. Potato chips, sandwich meats, pickles for Rich. Maybe I should turn down his craving for pickles. It’s nearly an addiction that I gave him, she thought. I was so clumsy then. She shrugged and continued down the aisle. The mundane task of shopping for food was a pleasant, nostalgic reminder of a life that seemed so far away, even though it had been less than two months since her awakening.

She approached the fruits and picked up a plum. These are kind of small, she thought. She took two and combined them together. It was such a simple thing to do, now that she had practiced it. She added another, and another, until she had combined all of the fruits in the display, and she was holding a plum the size of a watermelon. She smiled and placed it – gently, with three hands – in her basket.

Another customer was glaring at her from just a few steps away. Charlotte looked up at him. “What?”

“You going to leave some of those for the rest of us? I wanted some goddamn plums! How rude do you have to be to take all of the fruits in the case?”

“There are more in the back,” replied Charlotte coolly, “just tell an employee it’s empty.”

“That’s not the point! I don’t have all damn day to wait for someone to-”

Charlotte became bored with the conversation and blinked. The man stopped talking. He turned and picked up a cantaloupe and put it down. Then another, then another, until he found one with a soft spot. He jammed two fingers into the spot, breaking the skin and creating an opening in the fruit. He then undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles, revealing a hard, purple erection, and there, in the middle of the grocery store, began fucking the cantaloupe.

Several people screamed in shock or indignation. Charlotte smiled and walked away.

She wandered the aisles for a few minutes more until she saw Nicole, the manager of the store. She’d liked Nicole, and was suddenly reminded of how she had disappeared suddenly on her. She tapped her on the shoulder.


“Hi, Nicole.”

“What happened to you? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I want to apologise. I went through a… I guess you could call it a crisis.”

“I tried to get ahold of you, I was worried.”

“I know, I should have called. I’m sorry that I just stopped showing up to work. But I’m fine. I’m really good, actually.”

“Well, you look great. I really like your new hair colour…”

As they spoke, Charlotte distractedly made slight alterations to Nicole. Her voice was deep for a woman’s, and Charlotte began absent-mindedly shortening her vocal chords. Nicole coughed a few times, and when she spoke again, her voice had risen in pitch by two octaves, as though she had inhaled a helium balloon. She seemed not to notice.

“Look, I’m really sorry, Charlotte, but I had to hire someone else,” she chirped. “I didn’t know if you’d ever be coming back.” She fumbled uncomfortably at her back, and sighed in relief as she pulled a long brown furry tail out from between her shirt and pants. It hung down to her calves, twitching reflexively. She was also a fraction of an inch shorter, but it wasn’t noticeable; she was missing only enough mass as was needed for the tail.

Charlotte giggled. “It’s fine. I’m not looking for work right now.” She made a small tweak in Nicole’s mind so that ice cream now made her uncontrollably horny. Even just the sight of it would have an effect on her. That should make the rest of her shift more interesting, she thought. She considered sticking around to watch, but was impatient to get on with her picnic. “Hey, when are you done work today?”

Nicole frowned. “5:00, why?”

“Come on by my place. I’d like to see you.”

“I don’t know, Charlotte, I’m pretty busy…” another tweak. “…but I could stop by for a while, sure.”

“Great,” she smiled. “See you then.”

She walked to the checkout with her basket full of food. Standing at the cash was David, who looked at her with surprise.

“Hi Charlotte.”

“Hi.” Charlotte considered him for a moment. “You’re hot, David. I was really attracted to you. But you’re an asshole.”

He started back at her. “Huh?”

“You enjoyed embarrassing me – and the other women here too – by saying just the rudest shit to us.”

David recovered from his shock. “Hey, if you can’t take a joke, that’s not my problem.”

“No, David, it really is your problem.”

David started to respond, but when he tried to speak, the words didn’t come out properly. His lips twisted and reshaped themselves, and his tongue and teeth shrank until they disappeared. He put his hands to his mouth, and they came away with a slippery liquid not quite like saliva. He looked back up at Charlotte, unable to speak, his mouth replaced with a pussy.

“Bye, David,” said Charlotte coolly, reaching past him and grabbing a few plastic bags, and loading all of her groceries in with all four of her arms. David ran to the bathroom silently, and Charlotte left the store.

Charlotte walked back home, humming to herself. She carried the bags of groceries up the stairs and entered. Rich and Pat had moved the living room furniture to the sides to create a space in the centre large enough to wrestle. Rich was currently pinning Pat to the floor, as his weight gave him an advantage. They looked up when she walked in the door.

"Did you go grocery shopping?"

"Yeah!" She entered the kitchen and started putting the food away.

"Why? Couldn’t you just…" Jamal waved his hands in the air awkwardly.

She shrugged. "I felt like it. Sometimes it’s fun to do things the old-fashioned way. Also, I wanted to go talk to my old manager. She'll be moving in with us, by the way. Her name's Nicole. She's cool, you'll like her."

Pat looked around. "Okay, but... we're running out of space, aren't we?" Charlotte looked up. Pat continued, "I mean, Jamal and Jessica have moved in, too, and... I guess someone could sleep on the couch, but it's a really small space for six people."

Charlotte put all four hands on her hips. "You're right."

Just then another series of thumps and shouts came from upstairs. The sound of breaking ceramic, and another large thump.

Charlotte said, "I'll be right back. I want to have a picnic, so can you guys get that ready? Get everyone together, too. Everyone’s going to come."

Without waiting for an answer, she stepped into the hallway and took the stairs up to the next floor. Her neighbours' door was locked, but with a quick mental manipulation, it wasn't. She let herself in. They didn't notice her right away. 

"Oh, fuck you! Fuck you!"

"Fuck me? How is it so fucking hard to keep your goddamn drugs out of the house? I told you I was going to flush them, so don't act so-"

“Oh please! You really think I believe that you flushed them, you junkie cunt?”

Charlotte cleared her throat. Both of them turned to look at her. She hadn't imposed any kind of mental control over them, so the sight of the four-armed, naked, blue-highlighted woman made them both go instantly silent. 

Charlotte looked around. There was upended furniture, broken ceramic scattered across the floor and some kind of sauce or gravy stuck on the wall where it had clearly been thrown just a few moments before. 

Charlotte raised her eyebrows and looked at the two of them. “Some of my friends are going to move in here. You don't need to leave, but you are going to have to take up less space."

The man, still dumbfounded into silence, began to sweat profusely. He gasped and moaned as he started to shrink, and his clothes were suddenly soaking wet. His body dwindled as dozens of litres of water spilled onto the floor, the extra mass of his body being released. His head soon disappeared into the neck of his shirt, and soon there was a set of sopping wet clothes in a large puddle of water on the floor, with something small struggling to get out. After a moment of tense silence, he emerged from his clothes, about eight inches tall, and looked around, his eyes open wide.

The woman, her face white, turned to face Charlotte, but had no time to say anything; she also began to shed water and shrink into her clothes. In less than a minute, there was a dripping naked woman sitting in the floor.

The two of them looked at Charlotte, then at each other. The man started to grunt and moan, and the woman screamed wordlessly.  The woman lunged at the man, and he turned and ran away, scrambling under the couch.

Charlotte watched them with interest. She walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge, found some leftover pizza. She spoke out loud as she ripped it into small pieces and put it on a plate on the floor: “Hrm. I thought that if I took away your language and reduced your intelligence you might make good pets, but… I may have to separate you two.”

She paused, watching them. If the two tiny people were listening, or if they could even understand her, they gave no indication. The woman still had climbed up onto the couch and the he was still hiding under it.

“Or,” she corrected herself. “I could just do this.”

She concentrated and he they both topped yelling. The tiny woman then got on all fours and moaned, as loudly and sensuously as her little lungs would allow. He climbed out from underneath the couch and frantically started trying to get up onto it. Once there, he ran over to her, she raised her ass up in the air, and he immediately stuck his dick into her pussy and started pumping.

“Much more pleasant,” Charlotte said. She took a moment to evaporate the puddle of their leftover body mass, then left, closed the door behind her and went back downstairs.

She entered the kitchen, where Rich, Pat and Jamal were making sandwiches. "Everything okay?" Rich asked.

"Yeah. Hang on…” she looked around at the different corners of her apartment and eventually settled on the far corner of the living room. She stopped breathing and the ceiling in the corner fell inward, deconstructing and reconstructing itself into a wooden staircase leading upwards to the newly available apartment.

Charlotte smiled. "Done. I made room for Nicole, and a few more people even. Let's go eat."


Rich texted Jessica, who joined them at the park. With her was a young man. "Hey guys," she said. "This is Andrew. He'd really like to meet you all." 

Andrew shook hands with everyone, and sat next to Charlotte, staring at her lower arms. “So… this is for real? Jess was telling me about it, but it just sounded kinda… far out.”

“It’s real,” said Charlotte. “And any friend of Jessica’s is a friend of mine. What can I do for you?”

“What do you mean?”

She spoke slowly, enunciating each word. “What would you like me to do to you?”

Andrew looked at Jessica, who nodded.



“Can you give me a bigger dick?”

Pat laughed. “Bo-o-o-o-o-ring!”

Charlotte motioned with her head to Charlotte. “She’s not wrong. Here, let me give you something else I think you’ll like.”

Before Andrew could protest, he felt a curious sensation in his crotch. “What the…?” He opened his fly and looked down. He then looked back up at Charlotte incredulously.

“What, what’d you do?” asked Pat eagerly.

“Go ahead and show them,” Charlotte said.

Hesitantly, slowly, Andrew removed his pants and underwear. He had two dicks jutting out from his crotch. Everyone else started laughing. “How’s he supposed to fuck anyone like that?” asked Jamal.

Charlotte glanced back at him. “Clearly, you lack imagination.”

Rich opened the bags they’d brought, and they ate all together. Jamal sliced the plum like a watermelon, and they all took sandwiches. Andrew was silent, but he ate. He kept feeling his dicks, as though to check if they were both still there. Jessica shifted uncomfortably, trying to adjust her unfamiliar erection so that it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Charlotte lay back on the grass, and Pat lay back on Charlotte. They all lazily ate as the sun crossed the sky.

"Hey Pat," Charlotte said. She pointed at a man jogging along the path, coming towards them. "What should I do to him?"

Pat thought for a moment and grinned. "Give him tits. Big ones.”

Charlotte nodded, and the man’s nipples began to visibly poke at the fabric of his T-shirt. He seemed not to notice at first, but after a few seconds, they bounced and flopped with every step he took. He stopped running and looked down at himself in confusion. He held them in his hands and looked around himself to see if anyone was staring. No one was, that he could see. Charlotte blinked and the man’s shirt contracted until it morphed into a sports bra. He felt his breasts again, through the bra. He took a few experimental steps, and eventually shrugged and continued his run.

There was a young woman sitting by the artificial lake. “Ooh! Now do her!” said Jessica.

“Make her go fishing,” suggested Rich. Charlotte nodded.

The young woman got up from her seat and crouched down by the water. She stared at it intently for almost a full minute, then suddenly, quickly, jumped and dove in. She stayed underwater for about fifteen seconds, but when she broke the surface, she had a fish in her mouth, one of the orange Koi fish that the pond was stocked with. She climbed back out, sat back on the bench, dripping wet, and started eating the fish raw.

Charlotte saw two young men playing frisbee. She nodded towards them. "Watch this." One threw the frisbee, and the other leapt up into the air, gracefully and quickly. His mouth opened wide, far wider than humanly possible, and he caught the frisbee in it, swallowing it whole. Both men stopped moving, trying to understand what had just happened. The one who'd swallowed the frisbee touched his stomach as though he were trying to find the toy.

Her friends laughed. 

Charlotte looked around at the park. There was a large wooded area off opposite the artificial lake. Behind them there was a hill. Charlotte started thinking about how she’d like to change the landscape of the park: she liked the wooded area, but wanted it to be bigger; as she concentrated, dozens of new trees sprouted up from the ground and rose until they were just as tall as the decades-old trees already there. She thought of how nice it would be if there were a brook running down the hill into the lake, or maybe a small waterfall, but the hill was too far away…

The ground began to tremble and shift as the entire hill, slowly, seemed to roll closer to the water. The ground the six of them were on rose higher and higher until they were dozens of feet above where they had been, and a spring emerged just a few steps from where they sat. The clear, clean water rolled down the hill into the lake.

She congratulated herself on a landscaping job well done, and a thought popped into her head: When did I start thinking of all of this as mine?

She shrugged and took another slice of plum while her friends laughed and joked.

Doesn’t matter.



Day 87

Aiko had been dating Sydney for a little over seven months, and things had been going very well. They’d had a few arguments, and had made up, they liked each other’s friends, the sex was great, and they had even been talking about moving in together.

Then Sydney hadn’t shown up for a date they had planned, and hadn’t answered her phone.

This was so unlike her that Aiko had started to panic, wondering if she had upset her, wondering if something bad had happened to her. Then, suddenly, two days later, Sydney had knocked on the door at Aiko’s apartment. She had been giddy, and apologetic, and acting… weird. Aiko had even started to suspect that she might have been on drugs. Then Sydney had removed her hat to reveal that she had cat ears.

They were five inches high, furry, and very sensitive. They twitched when Aiko touched them.

When Aiko asked how, Sydney had told her about a co-worker who’d invited her to some kind of house party, who’d been invited by a friend-of-a-friend… and there’s she’d met Charlotte. Who had done this.

Sydney had insisted that Aiko come to meet Charlotte. Aiko had protested, but Sydney was persuasive. This was clearly something that had meant a lot to Sydney, and Aiko wanted to make Sydney happy. So she had gone.

And then, before she knew it, she and Sydney were moving in together, into Charlotte’s building. She had the vaguest sense that it was a little unusual, but just didn’t seem to care.

Charlotte had arranged for her and Sydney to occupy an apartment on the top floor. She didn’t know if Charlotte owned the entire building, but it seemed that everyone who lived there – at least fifty people – knew her. And she had been promised that rent wouldn’t be an issue. So she had broken her lease with her old landlord and moved in.


Aiko brought up the last of her boxes in the elevator. Carrying her stuff through the hallway, she’d received help from a woman who was normally sized in most respects, but who had an ass that must have made it difficult to walk through doorways, and from a man with ram’s horns coming out of the top of his head. She thanked them and stepped into her new home.

She was tired and sweaty, but happy to be in her new place. She opened the fridge, took out a beer and flopped down on her favourite chair. Unpacking can wait ‘til tomorrow, she thought. From another room stepped, cautiously, a naked eight-inch tall man who looked at her with wide eyes.

“Oh, hey little guy. Yeah, I’m moving in. Don’t be scared.” She saw some leftover french fries from her lunch and put them into a bowl, which she placed on the floor.  The man approached them, inspected them and began eating.

“Hrm… what should I name you? How about… Murgatroyd?”

The man ignored her and continued eating his fries.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll think of something else.”

There came a clatter from the balcony; she looked up in alarm, but relaxed when she saw someone perched on the railing, a huge pair of blue scaled wings folding up behind her.

It was only Charlotte.

Aiko got up and opened the door to the balcony. “Hi Charlotte.”

Charlotte turned to look at her, her neck arcing around with superhuman flexibility, while the rest of her body moved not at all. She seemed perfectly at ease, balancing perfectly on the railing of the balcony on the 15th floor. She smiled.  “You don’t need to get up, I’m fine. I’m just going to sit on the balcony. It’s sunset.”

Aiko sat back down and looked at Charlotte. She was a sight to behold. In addition to the wings and extra arms, she had blue scales running up her arms (both sets) and down her back. Her legs were powerfully muscled, and as she stepped down from the railing, their movement was perfectly efficient and graceful.

She then sat, her wings folded behind her, and watched the setting sun.

Aiko, after a moment, got up and picked a second beer from the fridge. She picked up a chair and brought it to the balcony.

“Can I join you?”

“Of course.” Charlotte smiled.

“Want a beer?”

“Thanks.” Charlotte took it and sipped it.


Aiko sat down in the other chair on the balcony. They sipped their beers in silence.

“So…” Aiko began. “This is pretty wild.”

Charlotte nodded.

“I saw a guy – I thought he was on a Segway at first, but he’s actually got wheels instead of feet?”

“Yeah, that’s Jacob. What can I say, the guy hates walking. He was really excited about that.”

“Really? That was his idea?”


“So… do people just… tell you what they want?”

“Sometimes they do. I’m open to requests. If I like it, I’ll do it. Mostly, though…”Charlotte paused and looked Aiko’s body over, thinking. Aiko squirmed in her seat. She felt a curious sensation all over her body, like very gentle pins and needles. She looked down at herself and the first thing she noticed was that her breasts were getting bigger. She stared at them, her mouth hanging open. She then realized that her stomach was swelling outward, as well as her legs and arms. She dropped her beer and it hit the ground, spilling out. She didn’t notice. She placed a hand on her belly, feeling her flesh expanding in her hand. Her thighs began rubbing against each other as they grew thicker and wider, and rolls of fat started appearing on her sides. She looked up at Charlotte in wonder. Charlotte smiled back at her.  “Mostly,” Charlotte continued, “I just do what I think looks nice.” Aiko looked down at her still-swelling body.

After half a minute, the sensation faded. Slowly, Aiko stood up and examined her body. She had weighed about 110 pounds, but she was now easily three times that. Her clothes had expanded with her, and they fit perfectly – in fact, even better than they had before.

Charlotte rose, stepped forward and extended both pairs of hands toward her. With her upper pair, she removed Aiko’s glasses; she ran her lower pair under Aiko’s shirt and across her soft, fleshy belly, then reached around with one hand to squeeze her ass. Aiko gasped at the new sensations, but pulled away.

“Charlotte… you know I’m dating Sydney…”

“She won’t mind,” said Charlotte. She blinked, and Aiko knew it was true. Sydney wouldn’t mind at all.

Charlotte kissed her on the mouth, and Aiko felt something like an electric charge run through her. Aiko kissed her back.


Day 140

Pat and Nicole strolled down the street, enjoying the brisk autumn air. They had become fast friends, and had gotten to know each other very well over the past several months, both casually and sexually.

There was no longer a need to remain cooped up indoors; plenty of the people they passed by had received some kind of blessing from Charlotte, some obvious and some not. Over here, there was a person whose right side was decidedly male, and left side was decidedly female; over there, Pat saw a woman chatting with a man, who absentmindedly twisted her wrist around once, twice, five times, before letting it go and allowing it to spin back to its normal position. She passed what first appeared to be two men making out, but upon second glance, she saw that one of them had a pussy on his mouth, and was actually receiving cunnilingus on his face. She smiled at that. She passed a woman with a layer of fine white fur over her body, and a man with a third eye in the centre of his forehead.

Then there were the dozens of people who could have been bodybuilders or supermodels, or both; they could plausibly have had those bodies naturally, but the sheer number of them made that highly unlikely. Many of them strolled around nude, or nearly so, occasionally having sex, unselfconsciously, right in the middle of the street.

Pat and Nicole didn’t stick out – at least not within a radius of a few blocks. As they laughed and walked further and further from where they lived, they saw fewer and fewer people who had been blessed by Charlotte, and started receiving uneasy glances, occasionally even hostile ones, from the uninitiated.

They passed by an ice cream stand, and Nicole was instantly distracted from their conversation. Pat followed her gaze, and laughed when she saw what she was looking at. “Nicole! Right now? Really?”

“Why not?” she chirped in her augmented voice.

“You’re going to make a scene. We’re a little far from home…”

“Yeah but the ice cream here is so good, and I haven’t had it in so long! It’ll be fine.”

Pat shrugged and walked up to the stand. The two women behind the counter looked at them, and then at each other, uneasily, but served them professionally. The girls sat down at a nearby table.

Nicole eyed her ice cream. Pat eyed Nicole.

“Just looking at it…” Nicole breathed. She dug her spoon in and, closing her eyes, took a bite. Her face flushed slightly and her breathing became quicker.  She started slowly, gently, rubbing her thighs together. Pat watched her take another bite, and she began to get turned on as well. She made herself comfortable and enjoyed the show. Nicole ate slowly, taking her time and savouring the feelings she was experiencing from each bite. She moaned quietly, then again, more loudly. She took another bite and cried out softly, some of the melting ice cream running down her chin. Her breathing became heavier and heavier, and her cries louder and louder, until…


Pat and Nicole looked up with a start at the man who’d yelled, then around them; they realized suddenly that everyone around them was staring at them. Some were clearly disgusted or offended, some seemed to be getting turned on themselves, but the man who’d yelled was clearly furious.

“You better just stay in your area.” He pointed angrily back toward their home. “You’ve got like six blocks to yourselves, all you freaks and perverts. Just stay there!”

Another man placed his hand on his shoulder. “Hey Ed, come on, you don’t need to do this.”

Ed pushed the other man’s hand away. “No, man, I see them more and more every day. It’s fucking disgusting! I ain’t afraid!”

Pat stood up, placing herself between the man and Nicole. “Look, we don’t want any trouble…”

“Then get the fuck outta here!” The man shoved Pat hard, and she tumbled backwards, tripping over her chair. Nicole stood up, still breathing heavily, and stood behind the table.

“What’s happening here?”

Charlotte was suddenly right next to them. She was completely bald, and seemed to be sitting cross-legged on nothing at all, hovering several feet off the ground. No one had seen her approach; she was simply there. Her four arms were crossed, one set above the other. Several people screamed, and one started to run away, but Charlotte took no notice. She glared at Ed, who looked back at her in horror. “Oh, shit,” he said, almost quietly enough not to be heard.

Charlotte placed one hand on Pat’s shoulder. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Pat nodded. “I’m fine.”

Ed took several steps backward, his hands raised in front of him. “Look, I don’t… I don’t want trouble.”

Charlotte blinked and he suddenly stopped walking and speaking. He dropped his hands to his sides and looked calmly back at Charlotte. He even smiled a little. Charlotte looked him up and down. “What shall I do with you…?” She turned to Pat. “Would you like a servant?”

“A servant?” Pat repeated. Several onlookers gasped.

“What!” the man’s friend shouted, but Charlotte and Pat ignored him.

“Sure.” Charlotte responded. “You know. Someone who’ll just… do whatever you tell him.” Charlotte looked around at the crowd of people watching her. “You want him to do your cooking?” She snapped her fingers, adding a bit of theatricality to her performance. “There. He’s now got all the knowledge and skills to prepare whatever dish you could ask him for. What else would you like him to do?”

Pat started getting excited. “Um… clean and tidy my place?”

“Naturally.” She snapped her fingers again. “What else?”

She curled a finger and put it in front of her lips. She thought for a moment. “Oh, you know what? I want him to sing and play guitar for me.”

Snap. “Done.”

Pat came over and walked in a slow circle around him, eyeing him up and down. He followed her with his gaze, but didn’t react in any other way. “I want him to be really good at sex.”


“Especially cunnilingus.”


“And…” she thought for a moment. “Can you make him a bit shorter?” Snap. “And thinner.” Snap. “With… blond hair.” Snap. “And lower his hairline a bit too.” Snap. Pat laughed. “How about a tattoo on his shoulder that says, ‘Property of Pat’?” Snap. The words appeared silently on his skin. He lifted his arm to get a look at it, but his face remained emotionless.

His friend’s face had gone white; he looked as though he might be sick. Aside from Pat’s and Charlotte laughter, the scene was completely silent; the crowd stared in rapt fascination. Even Nicole looked disturbed by Ed’s transformation.

“What do you want to name him?” Charlotte asked. Her question surprised Pat.

“Oh! Hrm… how about… Floyd?” She laughed again. She picked up her purse and tossed it to him. “Here, Floyd, carry this for me.”

Floyd caught it and held it casually. “Sure, Pat,” he responded cheerily, and waited for another instruction.

“Alright, I’ll see you later,” said Charlotte as she winked out of sight. “Have fun.”

Pat walked by her new slave, and he turned and followed her obediently as she turned and walked back the way she and Nicole had come. The other people on the sidewalk scrambled and pushed to get out of her way. Nicole followed awkwardly behind. She met the eyes of the friend, who stared at her in shock.

“I didn’t want…” she began, but her words trailed off. She turned and left.



Day 238

Charlotte was at home, alone, feeling restless and horny.

Not that she spent much time at home, or even really needed one. It had been months since she hadn’t needed to sleep or eat (though she occasionally still did, for pleasure more than anything else), but she reserved the entire top floor of the tallest building in the city for her personal, private use. It hadn’t been intended for a living space, but that hardly mattered. It was now.

A fountain flowed in each corner of the room, and large, floor-to-ceiling windows opened onto a balcony which granted her a spectacular view of the city. A half-dozen pet humans, about eight inches tall, scampered around on the floor, climbing on the furniture, stealing food from each other, fucking each other.

Charlotte sat on her bed and watched them for a few minutes. She selected one, a young woman with both arms covered in sleeves of tattoos. She had been one of Jessica’s teammates, but she’d had some very strong and negative reactions to meeting Charlotte, and so Charlotte had taken her in as a pet.

Charlotte issued a series of mental commands. The pet stood up and faced Charlotte, quickly growing back to her full height of 5’10”. The others all scampered out of the room. The pet blinked, and looked around, disoriented. “Where am…” she looked at Charlotte. “What the fuck are…” she began, but Charlotte waved her hand and she stopped talking. Her eyes glazed over, then focused on Charlotte. She smiled. “How may I serve you, mistress?”

Charlotte, still sitting on the bed, spread her legs wide. “You can eat me out.” Smiling, without hesitation, her pet got on her knees. “Oh, thank you mistress!” she said with complete sincerity. “It would be my pleasure.” Charlotte played with her pet’s hair with her lower pair of hands while she licked and sucked. She let her continue for several minutes, but soon ordered her to stop. Her pet immediately did, worried, but said nothing, only looked up at her questioningly. This isn’t doing it for me right now, Charlotte thought to herself.

She thought for a moment, and waved her hand. Her pet stood up, and, instantly, the two of them were fully clothed, wearing matching private school uniforms that had manifested out of thin air.

Her pet looked down at the floor, bashfully. She blushed and smiled. “I don’t know about this,” she said. “I just… I’ve just never done this before. Not even with a boy.”

Charlotte smiled back. “Hey... that’s okay. Me neither,” she played along. “We’ll take it nice and slow.” Gently, she put her hand on her waist, and her pet’s heart started to race. She continued to avoid eye contact until Charlotte placed her hand under her chin and lifted it up until she was looking directly into her face. “You’re so beautiful,” she said.

Her pet blushed bright red. “Do… do you really think so?”

Charlotte bit her lip and nodded. Slowly, tantalizingly, she started to unbutton her pet’s blouse.

Her pet looked around. “But what if one of the nuns sees us?”

“The nuns don’t know about this place. We have it all…” she kissed her gently on the lips. “to ourselves.”

She continued unbuttoning her blouse, but halfway down, she stopped. She let her arms fall. “No,” she said, “still not right.”

“What’s not right?” her pet asked, but Charlotte ignored her. She turned abruptly and walked away. She waved her hand, and, suddenly, before her was a teacher’s desk and chair. She looked down at herself and suddenly, she was wearing a suit and jacket. She sat in the chair and looked back at her pet, who was staring, mouth agape. She waved her hand again, and her pet’s eyes glazed over, then sharpened once again.

“You, um, wanted to see me, professor?” she asked timidly.

“That’s right. I wanted to talk to you about your coursework.” She crossed her arms in faux disappointment. “Your assignments are often late, and always sloppy. I’m afraid you’re failing the course.”

The look of shock and dismay on her face was genuine, she knew.

“No… no, I can’t fail. My parents will kill me!” She began to pace back and forth out of stress. “What am I going to…” she looked back at Charlotte. “Isn’t there anything I can do?”

Charlotte frowned at her, thinking. She waved her hand, and suddenly, her pet was no longer a young woman, but an awkward, lanky young man, still wearing a private school uniform, complete with necktie and neatly laced shoes. He shuddered, then repeated, as though the last ten seconds had been erased, “Isn’t there anything I can do?” His voice trembled slightly.

“Well…” said Charlotte slowly as she stood up, “I don’t do this for just any student, but seeing as how you’ve been so… attentive…” she walked toward him predatorily, “I think we could make…” she began pulling on his tie, “alternate arrangements.”

He gulped.

“Pull down my underwear,” she said.

Shaking, hesitating, he did.

“Now smell them.”

He did.

“Now take your own pants off.”

He avoided her gaze, looking around him as though someone were playing a trick on him, then he started fumbling with his zipper.

Charlotte frowned. “No… no! Still not right!”

“Wh-what’s not right, professor?”

“No… I know. I know what I want.”

“I don’t under-”

Her pet started to speak, but his voice was cut off as he suddenly expanded outward, his shoulders becoming broader, his head reaching higher, his legs swelling thicker, his muscles bulging out all over his body. In just a few seconds, he was well over six feet tall and had a physique that would have put most athletes to shame.  His eyes glazed over and sharpened yet again, and he smirked down at her. He flexed his body, and the school uniform burst off of him. He ripped off the ruined tatters of cloth. His dick, already stiff, pointed up at her eagerly.

“Hey, little girl,” he said. “I hope you’re ready for this cock, because you’re about to get fucked harder than you’ve ever been fucked before.”

Charlotte bit her lip. Yes.

He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around roughly. She gasped in surprise, then again as he pulled her hair back with one hand and grabbed her waist roughly with the other. Wasting no time, he inserted his dick, all nine inches of it, into her waiting cunt. She cried out in pleasure, and he began ramming himself into her. He slapped her ass – hard enough to leave a large bruise on most people. Then again, and again. The sound echoed off the walls. Charlotte grit her teeth.

More, she thought.

With each thrust, he grew taller, more muscular, more aggressive. His cock thickened and lengthened, penetrating her more deeply and roughly. His fucking soon became painful to Charlotte, but she continued to grow him so that he reached seven, eight, nine feet in height. His grunts became deeper, more guttural, and his skin started to change in hue, becoming tinged with green. He started breathing through his mouth, panting, his tongue lolling out.


He let out a roar, an inhuman, monstrous sound, as his head rose toward the ceiling: ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen feet. His muscles grew yet again, as firm as rock, a grotesque display of physical excess. He pulled his gigantic dick out of her, making an audible POP sound; it was almost two feet long and thicker than Charlotte’s arm. He grabbed her waist with two hands and lifted her clear off the ground. He flipped her over and held her with both hands by her waist, so that she was facing him, and she saw before her a veritable ogre. He grinned at her, a toothy, terrifying expression, and he once again jammed his enormous cock into her, something that might have killed an ordinary human.

Charlotte allowed herself to feel the pain of being fucked by a twenty-three-inch dick. She cried out in agonizing pleasure, again and again, held completely off the ground by this monster cock, until she came. She screamed until her lungs were empty, then inhaled and screamed again, laughing.

The beast fucking her snorted and flipped her over again, throwing her roughly onto her bed. Charlotte felt him grab her from behind, but simply said, “No, I’m done.”  He suddenly shrank rapidly, and let go of her in confusion, dwindling until he was, again, only eight inches tall, looking around the room in bewilderment. Charlotte propped herself up on her lower set of arms, a silly, satisfied grin on her face, and watched her pet with amusement. “That was great, but I’m done. Go.” She waved her hand to shoo him away. “Go fuck one of the other pets.” He started at her for a few seconds, then snorted and wandered off stupidly, reaching his tattooed arms down and running on his knuckles, looking for someone else he could fuck.

Charlotte lay back on her bed and bit one of her fingers gently. She smiled.


Day 322

Jack came home from work, hung up his jacket, and shook the snow out of his hair. He got something to eat and sat down at his computer. He didn’t want to be late; he had an appointment.

It had been some months since he had stumbled across an online community dedicated to Charlotte. He had lurked for a while, at first thinking that it was some kind of erotic role-playing community, based in a large city several provinces away, but as he read more and more, and viewed pictures and videos, he started to question that assumption.

He had reasoned that there was no way that something like this could be real and not be all over the news. People posting on image boards and discussion forums had argued that Charlotte wasn’t in the news simply because she didn’t want to be. There had also been people arguing that the copious images and videos were photoshopped, or very, very good CGI, that it was all an elaborate hoax.

But Jack had been intrigued, and had wanted to know for sure. So he had started sending e-mails and making phone calls. There were lots and lots of members of this community who claimed to actually have met Charlotte, or to live near her, and to have been transformed by her in some way. Many had taken pictures of themselves, flaunting their bizarre or impressive bodies. He had contacted a few of them, and eventually, had set up a video call with one, a young woman named Aiko.



“Hi! I can hear you but I can’t see you.”

“Hang on. Let me…”

An image flickered on the screen, and Jack saw the image of a young, very good-looking, very fat woman smiling at him.

“Hi Jack!”


“So…” she gestured to herself. “This is me!”


“I mean, I know that this isn’t proof of anything, but I showed you the pictures of me from a few months ago.”

Jack had the pictures up on his screen already, and was looking back and forth between them and the live video feed. It was clearly the same woman.

“And, I mean, I know that that also isn’t proof of anything. ‘Cause people do gain weight. But…” she smirked. “I actually have something new that you might find a bit more convincing.”

“Okay, show me.”

Aiko grinned sheepishly. “I just ran into Charlotte the other day, and stopped to say hi, and then, after we chatted, when I was walking away, I realized that… well, here.” She reached down and pulled up her shirt to her chin.

Hanging on her chest were two large, round, full, beautiful breasts, and on each breast, where there would normally be a nipple, there was a mouth.

Aiko smiled at the camera with all three of her mouths. One of her breasts licked its lips. Jack stared, his mouth hanging open.

“I can… sort of control them? They kinda do their own thing but I’m learning how to make them smile, and lick, and things like that. It takes concentration, but it’s getting easier.”

Jack’s erection rose in his pants.

Aiko turned around. She put her shirt down. “Oh, hang on, my girlfriend’s home. In here, Sydney!”

“Hey babe!” A voice came from off-camera. She leaned into the frame and kissed Aiko on the lips – the ones on her face. As she did, Jack noticed what distinctly resembled large cat ears on her head. He also thought he could see some movement underneath Aiko’s shirt as one of her breast-mouths started unconsciously biting and licking the inside of her shirt. A wet spot formed on the fabric.

Aiko broke off the kiss and gestured to the computer screen. “Sidney, this is Jack. I met him on the forums.”

“Oh, the skeptic, yeah?”

“That’s him.”

“Hi Sidney,” Jack offered.

“Hi Jack. You want to take a look at these?” Sydney showed off her ears. She gave one of them a little tug, to show that it was firmly attached to her head. Jack gaped.

“Are you convinced yet?”

“Uh…” he laughed. “Yeah, getting there.”

“You know what!” Aiko almost shouted. “You should come visit!”

Sidney widened her eyes and grinned. “Yes! Totally! You could even stay with us! We’ve got room.”

Jack’s heart started to pound. Could I? He wanted to, desperately. “I, uh, don’t want to impose.”

Sidney responded. “No, dude, we’re inviting you. Come! It’ll be great. Got to satisfy your curiosity, eh?”

“Okay…” Jack’s mind was racing for reasons not to, and couldn’t find any. I can take a bit of time off of work, and it’s not like I have a girlfriend… “Well… how long could I stay?”

“Um…” The women exchanged knowing glances. They smiled. “Maybe you should leave that open,” Aiko answered. “People who come visit sometimes… stay longer than they’d planned.”

“But,” continued Sydney, “you should for sure get here before the festival!”

“What festival?”

“Oh!” Aiko started clicking through windows on her computer. “Hang on, there’s a thread about it on the forum, you must have missed it… Here!” A link appeared in the chat window. “In a few weeks it’s going to be the first anniversary of her Awakening. There’s going to be a huge street party, there’s going to be a parade and everything. It’s going to be wild. If you’re going to come, make sure you come for that!”

Jack scanned the thread she’d linked him to. It featured a discussion of what kind of events were planned, and sure enough, there was a parade route along with a list of entertainment, food that was going to be available, as well as other information. There was even a place to sign up for people who were going to be coming from out of town to attend. It looked like there were a lot of people – hundreds, easily, maybe a thousand – who had already registered.

“Thanks, I’ll check this out.”


“Alright, I’ve… gotta go, but I’ll send you an e-mail soon, ok Aiko?”

“You better!”

“Alright, bye.”

“Come!” the two women shouted at the screen before he hung up.

What the fuck, he thought to himself. What the fuck am I getting myself into, as he opened up a new tab on his browser and started looking at airfare.



Day 366

In late April, the city celebrated the first anniversary of Charlotte’s Awakening.

The festivities, the result of months of planning by thousands of people, in co-operation with the municipal government, began at sunrise. There were live concerts featuring musicians with expanded lungs or extra fingers, and augmented senses of rhythm and pitch. There were acrobatic performances by people with prehensile feet and tails, and displays of martial arts by people with near-indestructible bodies. There were dances, feats of strength, and games. Murals depicting her likenesses were unveiled throughout the city, featuring her pre-Awakening form, as well as several different forms she had taken post-Awakening.

There were sports games. Rich, now just over eleven feet tall, was the captain of the team he had played on at the old gym and had become somewhat of a celebrity among the city’s basketball enthusiasts. He insisted on playing naked, proudly displaying his vagina – formerly Jessica’s vagina – during the game. Jessica was the captain of the opposing team. She wasn’t any larger than she had been, but she had been granted superhuman speed and accuracy, allowing her to sprint across the court faster than humanly possible, or sink baskets from anywhere on the court. All of the players had been modified in some way or other. The crowd watched and cheered enthusiastically, placing bets and rooting for their friends or their preferred team.

There was food, alcohol, entertainment, laughter, and sex. Even those who hadn’t been modified by Charlotte now barely blinked an eye at the sight of an orgy blocking traffic, any more than they would at a man laying eggs in a public park, or a woman suddenly crying out for no discernible reason as a large gob of semen erupts from the hole at the top of her head.

And then, in the afternoon, there was the parade. Charlotte sat on a float which hovered about eight feet off the ground as it moved slowly down the street, past screaming crowds.  She was almost twenty feet tall, to allow all of her followers to see her more easily, with a halo of glowing light hovering over the top of her head, silvery white hair cascading down her back, and wings, over forty feet from tip to tip of beautiful, pristine, white feathers extending from her back. Feathers, some of them over a metre long, fell gently behind of the float as she moved down the street, and people scrambled to collect them.

Charlotte waved at the crowd, smiling and laughing, and lounging on the float near her feet, sipping wine, laughing and waving, were Pat, Rich, and a few of her other favourite people.

Charlotte’s followers numbered several hundred thousand people at this point, over a third of the population of the city, almost 10,000 of whom had made pilgrimages from nearly every country in the world to attend the celebration. Everyone in the city, by this point, had been tweaked slightly to make them more accepting of Charlotte and her transformations, but other than that, the vast majority of these followers had received no blessing from her. She had personally made mental or physical modifications to perhaps a few thousand people; the rest had come to her. The sight of her drove the crowd into a frenzy; as her float passed people by, they screamed and cried in joy, pleading for her to bless them with a transformation.

Charlotte waved her hand and a group of people to her right, about two dozen, suddenly began to feel very constricted in their clothes in their chest areas and just below. Their flesh expanded and softened, and it became extremely tender. They all started ripping their tops off to find that they were all quickly growing udders. Extra nipples blossomed into existence on their expanding and sensitive bodies, and they extended quickly into swollen teats, as milk started dribbling out of them and down their skin. Some began fondling and sucking on the teats of others in the crowd, who were crying joyfully at the blessing they’d just received and at the sensations of being milked.

She waved her left hand and another group of people’s hair turned blue. All of the hair on their bodies was now a bright, cheerful blue, and would always grow blue. They started tearing the clothes off their bodies to check themselves, all over.

She waved again and a group of forty-six people immediately changed both sex and gender. She didn’t alter any of their memories; they would remember their lives as they had been up until that point, and they would now learn how to live as different people. They cried out in surprise and pleasure, feeling their new bodies and new parts.

She swept both of her hands from her left to her right; thirty people on the left side of the street suddenly shrank by twelve inches, and thirty people on the right shot up in height by the same amount.

She waved, and six people in the crowd began to groan as they seemed to be moving forward, yet standing still at the same time; they became thicker and thicker until they split down the middle, leaving two identical versions of each one. They looked at each other, then up at Charlotte. She blew them a kiss.

Another fifteen people all suddenly had all of their memories and personalities replaced by those of the person standing immediately to their left.

Everyone she passed, regardless of whether they’d been transformed in any other way, found themselves intensely aroused and intoxicated by her mere presence, and almost everyone in the crowd started fondling themselves, or the person next to them, some without even realizing they were doing it. The fondling quickly became groping, kissing, undressing, and fucking. The street behind her float was a mess of bare skin, magically modified genitalia, and unselfconscious ecstasy, a chaotic, messy, slippery orgy of tens of thousands of people.

The crowd produced a cacophony of moaning, growling, screaming, lowing, crying, fucking, sucking, singing and laughing. People fell over as they lost their balance from their unexpected body transformations, and landed on a mess of people already on the ground. Most of them didn’t get up, choosing instead to join the mess of tangled limbs and public sex. Sweat, vaginal juices, saliva, semen and milk mixed together and flowed in the streets underfoot.

Charlotte smiled and laughed.

I wish Pat were here, she thought.

She frowned. Where did that thought come from? She thought, as she looked down at her feet to see Pat sipping wine happily and waving.

But it isn’t really her, she thought. Is it.

She stared down at her former roommate, thinking. She closed her eyes, a sudden rush of repressed memories and unresolved thoughts flooding into her mind. She was almost able to make sense of it, but not quite. Old, familiar emotions she hadn’t been able to feel – hadn’t allowed herself to feel – in a long time began to surface. Charlotte started to breathe deeply. And she became unable to concentrate, the emotions were too much, and she wasn’t sure what to do, and the thought that presented itself to her consciousness was:

I wish Pat were here.

Yes. That’ll make this day even better. I want Pat to see this.

She smiled suddenly, down at Pat. Pat looked up at Charlotte and raised a glass of white wine to her.

Charlotte waved her hand and restored Pat’s memories and personality.

Pat looked up at her. Her smile faltered. Her eyes widened. She looked up at the face of her twenty-foot tall all-powerful former roommate gazing down on her beatifically.

She looked around her at Rich and Jamal, and the other people she knew, sipping wine and laughing.

She looked at the crowd of screaming followers, fans, and worshippers.

And back up at Charlotte.

And she started to scream. And scream.

Charlotte realized very quickly what she’d done. That was stupid, she thought. Why did I…? She frowned at herself. Pat continued to scream, and the other people on the float were talking to her, trying to calm her down. Shit. I should get her out of here.

And, in an instant, they both were back in their old apartment, Charlotte at her original human size. Pat still lived there, though it had been months since Charlotte had entered it. Pat was still screaming, her eyes closed, and Charlotte calmed her down reflexively, without even consciously deciding to. Pat looked up at her in horror.

Floyd came in from the other room. “Pat, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Pat looked at Floyd and gasped in sudden recognition of who he was and what had happened to him. “Oh, god… Floyd… no… Ed! Your name is Ed, isn’t it?”

“My name is Floyd. You named me Floyd.”

Pat put her hands over the side of her face. “No, but… that’s not your real name. That’s just some bullshit thing I decided to call you becau…” she shook her head. “Your name is Ed.”

“Sure thing, Pat. I’m Ed now.”

“No, I… Oh god, go home, Ed.”

He looked uncomfortable. “…this is my home.”

“No, your real home! Where you lived before you lived here!”

He brightened up. “Oh. Sure! I’ll get going.”

He opened the door and walked out. Pat looked back at Charlotte. Charlotte looked back at Pat.

“You know,” said Charlotte, “he’s not going to know what to do when he gets there.”

Pat clenched her fists and opened the door, calling down the hallway. “Ed! Come back!”

“Okay!” Cheerfully, patiently, he turned around and walked back.

Pat turned to Charlotte and shouted. “Undo what you did to him!”

Charlotte hesitated. She had never undone a change she’d made before, with the exception of restoring Pat. But this situation was strange and confusing, and she recognised that it called for a few unusual decisions. She nodded.

Ed gasped, and looked at Pat, and back at Charlotte. He looked down at his body, then, without a word, turned and ran out the door as fast as he could.

Charlotte and Pat stared at each other in silence for a few moments.

“What are we doing here?” Pat yelled, finally. “What is this? Why did you bring me back?”

“I…” Charlotte stumbled. She, surprisingly, didn’t have an answer.

Pat walked over to the window and looked outside. The parade wasn’t on her street, but she could hear the crowd continuing to celebrate, several blocks away. “Why did you do that to me?”

“You tried to kill me,” Charlotte responded.

“Yeah? Well you did kill me.”

There was another long silence. Charlotte was confused, and even a little frightened. What is going on? she thought. Why did I restore her? Why do I feel so bad that she’s upset? Why is this affecting me so much?

Her thoughts were interrupted as Pat asked her, again, “So, what! What are we doing right now? Why are we here? Why didn’t you want to stay at your god damn parade?”

“I… wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“…I missed you.”

Pat was speechless. She sat down and put her head in her hands.

“Well, I’m here.” She responded, finally. “What do you want to say to me?”

“…I don’t know.”

“I hope you aren’t waiting for anything from me, because I just woke up from a year of being mind-controlled, so I’m a little fucking disoriented!”

Charlotte folded her arms and looked down at the floor. “I just… it’s been a long time since I’ve actually had a… real conversation with someone. With a real person who knows me and who hasn’t been… tweaked.”

Pat glared at her. “Poor fucking you!

Charlotte narrowed her eyes. “You know I could…” she caught herself and stopped.

“Yes. Yeah, I know you could. Whatever you were going to say, yes I know you could. But it doesn’t matter, really, because I don’t think anything you could do to me could be worse than what you’ve already done!”

There was another long pause.

“Fuck this.” Pat stood up. “Fuck this and fuck you.” She started walking to the kitchen. She rooted around in a drawer until she found Rich’s car keys; it had been months since he had been able to fit into his car, and it had been sitting idle, but he had never moved his keys from the drawer where he’d left them. She started walking toward the door.

“Where are you going, Pat?”

“I don’t know. I’ll decide later.”

“Come back.”

Pat whirled around to face her. “Are you going to put me back on that fucking float? Are you going to mind-control me again?”

Charlotte paused. Then, quietly, surprising herself again, she answered, “No.”

Pat stared at her for a few seconds longer, then turned around and left the apartment. Out of the building, through the empty street. She could still hear the sound of the crowd over by the parade, still fucking and celebrating. She put it out of her head as best as she could. She found Rich’s car, jammed the keys into the ignition, and turned it on. It started.

She was outside of the city in less than twenty minutes.

Charlotte was still sitting in the old apartment. She followed Pat with her awareness, but did nothing to stop her.

What just happened? She asked herself. Why did I do that? Why didn’t I stop her? Why don’t I bring her back, right now?

Charlotte suddenly felt very tired.

She began to shrink. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. In a few moments, she was too small to be perceptible to the human eye.

I need to clear my head, she thought. I think I’ll take some time to explore the subatomic universe. I’ll take some time to be by myself.

I’ll come back later.



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