Supanari Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Maxine Celeste Hyperion-Gutierrez was remarkable from the very moment she was born. Endowed from birth with a seven-inch penis, she emerged from her mother’s womb speaking fully articulate English (and quite a bit of Spanish), having deduced the languages from conversations overheard while in utero. Her powers and talents continued to astound throughout her childhood, multiplying at a phenomenal rate with the onset of puberty and the rapid growth of her already tremendous penis. By the time she was a high school senior, Maxine’s cock was a seemingly impossible fourteen inches flaccid, and as thick around as a 1.5 liter soda bottle.

Puberty had been generous to her in other ways as well; her physique could only have been described as “goddess-like.” Full lips, long legs with well-proportioned curves, natural D cup tits, a beautiful, winning smile and long, dark, luxurious wavy hair that behaved well no matter how she chose to style it. By far, however, her most notable features (aside from her monstrous, swinging genitalia of course) were her vivid, piercing violet eyes. Highlighted with white rings around the pupils, Maxine’s eyes were so fierce they almost seemed to glow in the dark. Anyone who looked directly into them found themselves enraptured by their beauty and intensity.

At the tender age of eighteen, Maxine Hyperion-Gutierrez easily ranked among the most powerful beings on the planet, and today she was scarfing down pizzas at Pepperini’s Pizzeria with her best friend.

“Geez, Max, you know I never knew a girl who could put away food like you do,” said Katie, terrified by the gluttony on display before her but somehow unable to look away. “I can feel my thighs get fatter just watching this!”

Maxine slurped down the last of the meat off her third basket of chicken wings, scarcely pausing for breath before draining an extra-large milkshake in a single, long drag on the straw.

“Flying burns a lot of calories,” Maxine explained, lips smacking between bites of pizza. Her face was smeared with three different types of dressing and had dripped marinara sauce all over her perky tits. She sat splay legged in the booth, her titanic cock and balls on full display. Her dick looked like a sleeping python nestled between two melons.

“Besides,” Max continued. “I’m going to need the biomass for what we’re going to try next.”

She slurped down another milkshake in one swig, then unleashed a belch that rattled the windowpanes.

“Excuse you,” said Katie.

“You’re probably gonna want to eat, too,” Max suggested.

Her appetite almost completely absent after watching her friend savage an entire coop’s worth of chickens, Katie reluctantly nibbled on a slice of Hawaiian.

“So, what’s this big thing you were so eager to show me?” she asked.

“Can’t you guess?” asked Maxine through a mouthful of cheezy bread (so it came out more like “Crff mrrr grrrrf?”).

Katie’s eyes lit up.

“You had another growth spurt?” the petit redhead was practically giddy. “When? How much? Did you finally break seventeen inches?”

Maxine nodded, smiling.

Katie gasped, clapping her hands over her mouth and falling back into her seat.

“Seventeen!” she whisper-shouted, looking around conspiratorially. “We’ve done it! We’re in uncharted territory! No futa’s ever had a dick longer than seventeen inches!”

Maxine nodded again, grinning through a mouthful of cinnamon sticks.

“What power did you manifest? Was it cool? Is it eye-beams? Freeze-breath? Tell me!” Katie leaned further across the table with each question, only stopping when she was close enough to lick the marinara sauce off her friend’s nose.

“Powers,” answered Max.

“What?” Katie drew back a few inches and cocked her head like a puppy.

“’Powersss,’ plural,” Maxine elaborated, emphasizing the "s."

Katie looked like her head might explode. “Multiple powers? Wait, that’s impossible! One inch, one power, that’s how it always is. You couldn’t have manifested multiple powers unless…” her eyes went as wide as saucers with realization.

Maxine nodded to confirm.

Katie’s scream of excitement literally shattered the windows.

The check was delivered by a very upset-looking restraint-owner.

“I hope you’ve got enough to cover the damages, let alone this meal, little missy,” he huffed.

“Oh, I don’t have any cash one me,” said Max, dabbing her face with a napkin. “But I was able to sketch up a quick restructuring of your business model that should cut overhead and boost revenue with a net gain of two point six million dollars by the end of the quarter. She handed him the napkin. The flabbergasted owner turned it over in his hands to examine the plan that would make him a multi-millionaire, broken down into six simple steps and stamped with a marinara-sauce kiss.

Maxine stood up and stretched before dusting the crumbs off her lap. Her overstuffed belly blorped as she moved, sloshing audibly. Katie stared at the wobbly mass.

“Uh, Max?” she pointed down at her friend’s bulbous belly. “Gut.”

Maxine looked down at her protruding stomach.

“Oh, thanks,” she said. With a deep breath and a grunt, Maxine literally sucked in her gut, flexing a set of abs strong enough to crush cars and condensing her monumental meal until there was no sign she’d eaten anything at all!

Max belched again and thumped her chest as she scooped up her backpack.

“Good luck with the news business plan!” she said, rising up and flying out the empty frame where the window had been.

Katie excused herself as well, dashing out the door.

“Hey wait!” objected the manager, too late to catch either of them. He surveyed the carnage left behind by Max’s feast, then looked down again at the napkin in his hand, scratching his chin.

“Oh, one more thing,” said Max, floating back into sight outside the blown-out window and extending her right palm.

Her splayed fingers began to glow with a halo of St. Elmo’s fire. Mr. Pepperini yelped as all the shards of glass around him floated into the air simultaneously. The glittering fragments swirled together like a crystal tornado before splitting up into multiple swarms that melded and fused into whole panes of glass, returning to their proper places as good as new.

“I hope Mr. Pepperini doesn’t mind that his new windows are double-paned,” said Max. “They’ll reduce his heating and cooling bill by eighteen percent. I figured I’d give him a head start on his new business plan.”

Max and Katie flew away, giggling.



The pair flew to Katie’s house. Katie’s parents both worked and her brothers were still in school so that was their best chance at privacy. While Max showered the marinara sauce out of her hair, Katie sat cross-legged on the living room carpet and busied herself by reviewing her “Growth Log.” She’d used the well-traveled marble notebook to track the progress of her and Max’s development since middle school, though Katie had not logged an entry for herself for some time. Her last major growth spurt had been in junior year, when she’d finally put on her tenth inch. She’d been so excited at being able to fly that she didn’t really care that her growth sort of plateaued after that.

Maxine, on the other hand, had shown steady growth, consistently gaining an inch a year since middle school, and then two in just the last two months, and now apparently even more over the weekend!

Katie felt hot as she looked over her graphs charting Maxine’s growth. Why, at this rate… Katie drooled at the thought of the new discoveries she and Max would make together!

They’d had a real ball when Maxine had gained the ability to teleport earlier that month, and spent an entire week using (and abusing) the power for everything they could think of. The fun of being able to travel instantaneously had faded surprisingly quickly, however. For starters, it turned out that Max couldn’t teleport anything with her unless it was a few centimeters from her skin. Luckily it was her backpack that had learned the hard way and not Katie. Max’s first jump to school had left her with the sheared-off straps from her backpack dangling from her shoulders, and about half an inch of rubber missing from the soles of her shoes. With practice, Maxine was able to extend her range to about three miles, but the ability to teleport did not come with an innate sense of conditions at her destination, so unless she was jumping line of sight, she ran the risk of appearing partway through solid objects (or, God forbid, people). Teleportation was less scenic and more nauseating than flying, and only being able to teleport while erect was a burden. Maintaining a sixteen-inch erection for an extended period of time is taxing even for a futa with superhuman stamina and a perfect circulatory system, and it often left Max feeling lightheaded and sleepy after only a few hours.

Teleportation may have been a letdown, but Katie was sure Max’s new powers would more than make up for it!

Maxine emerged from the bathroom toweling off her hair. She’d changed into in her gym clothes: a grey tank top with a picture of an eagle on it and baggy mesh basketball shorts that came down to her knees. Even the voluminous legs of her basketball shorts did nothing to conceal the tenting outline of her mammoth member. The fist-sized head of the long, coffee-colored serpent dangled lazily from the opening of the left leg, while her cantaloupe-sized balls filled out the right, swinging and bouncing heavily with every step.

Maxine lifted off and floated herself over to Katie’s couch, flopping herself down in a relaxed pose. She stretched luxuriously and rubbed the pale bottoms of her bare feet against the upholstery, savoring the rough texture of the fabric. Her still-damp skin shined delicately in the comfortable orange-toned lights of the living room and Katie caught the wafting fragrance of lilac shampoo underscored by the never-fully-absent musk of Maxine’s legendary cock and balls. She felt her own cock stiffening in her pants and allowed herself to levitate a few inches off the ground. She shoved off from the recliner and drifted across the room like a puck on an air-hockey table until she came to rest on the carpet beside Max’s head.

“So are you going to show me your new powers or what?” asked Katie, impatient.

Maxine took a deep breath and swung her legs off the couch to stand up. “I suppose so,” she said, stretching again and twisting left and right to pop her back.

Is she warming up for a race? Katie wondered. Maybe some new variation of super speed?

Maxine hiked up the leg of her basketball shorts with one hand and picked up her cock with the other, the heft of its mass clearly apparent. The beefy, golden brown girl-sausage was too thick for her to fully encircle with her grip. She gave the smooth shaft a long, leisurely stroke, pulling it out in front of her and letting go to let it stand up on its own. The uncircumcised tip began to droop the moment she let go and she stroked it again to get it to stiffen up.

Katie didn’t realize she was drooling.

“You want to help with this or what?” asked Max, looking down at her enraptured friend with the barest hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth.

Katie blinked and shook herself back to reality. She’d been on a mental vacation where she was riding Maxine’s cock like a banana boat.

“Absolutely!” exclaimed Katie, standing up on her knees and putting her cheek right up against the warm, rubbery, apple-sized head of Maxine’s mammoth member. A dab of precum kissed her cheek. She stuck out her tongue and delicately lapped up the translucent beads dripping from Maxine’s cumslit. It tasted like heaven. Maxine drew in a breath and gave a little shiver of delight at Katie’s touch.

“Oh, Max, your pre tastes better than ever! Like honey and lemon!” said Katie, “It’s been too long!”

“It’s only been a week,” said Maxine, smiling.

“Oh, Maxie! An hour is too long to be separated from this gorgeous slab of ladymeat!” Katie pressed her face into the folds where Maxine’s balls joined her cock and inhaled deeply as she gently stroked the top of the long, thick shaft as if it were a beloved pet. Maybe a Dachshund.

Except for a thick, blue vein that traced a wandering, jagged path along the top of Maxine’s cock, the ultra-endowed futa’s shaft was velvety smooth and completely hairless. Maxine kept her bikini zone thoroughly bare through the judicious use of her energy beams (her pubes proving to be invulnerable to ordinary shaving or waxing).

“It’s official, I want to marry your cock,” said Katie, thoroughly savoring the texture, taste and even sound of Maxine’s dick. “If I press my ear up against your shaft, I can totally hear your heartbeat!”

Maxine giggled. Her dick responded well to Katie’s enraptured cock-worship, and she could feel power rushing into her as her erection grew in both length and girth. Katie reached up the left leg of Maxine’s shorts to fondle her impossibly heavy balls. She could feel the movement and pressure of the restless, superpowered sperm inside.

“Ahhh…” Maxine sighed. “Just like that! Oh!

“You ready to get rock hard for me, you big beastie?” asked Katie, cupping Maxine’s apple-sized cockhead in both hands and baby-talking it.

“It’s a big beastie, yeah…” Maxine’s head swam as Katie stroked and licked and sucked her monster schlong from a spongy noodle into a girder of blue steel.

“Almost… almost…” moaned Maxine, grabbing her cock just behind the tip and teasing the flaring ridge of its fat mushroom head with the ball of her thumb. Her free hand disappeared down her shorts to tease her thoroughly soaked and swollen pussy.

“Aha!” Maxine cried. “There!”

With a sharp intake of breath, Maxine concentrated to create a forcefield cockring and clamped it tightly around the base of her shaft. It looked like a bracelet of blue glass. The fat vein along the top of her cock bulged and throbbed a vivid, angry purple.

“Here’s where it gets tricky,” said Max, fighting to stay focused. “I’ll take it from here.”

“Hmm?” Katie looked curiously up at her friend, but did not take her hands off the gargantuan, pulsing shaft.

Gritting her teeth against the effort, Maxine began to slowly roll the force-ring up the length of her cock, squeezing the blood to the end as if she were milking a cow. Her main vein bulged dangerously and other veins began to stand out against the taut flesh. She manifested a second cockring at the base, further clamping down on her circulation.

Sweat beaded on Max’s forehead and her complexion began to look pale. She was feeling lightheaded already, her superhuman intellect and focus the only thing keeping her from fainting.

“Max? Are you okay? Don’t hurt yourself,” said Katie, getting up from the floor and reaching out to steady her wobbly friend.

“It’s fine, I’m fine. I just need one… more… inch,” Max squeezed her eyes shut. Static electricity crackled in her hair and from the tips of her fingers. Katie felt her own hair standing on end.

Maxine’s cock continued to lengthen as the cockrings forced more blood into the glistening, straining behemoth. Just when it seemed to Katie that Max was about to pass out, the ultra-endowed dickgirl let out a gasp. Color abruptly returned to her face and she straightened up, looking good as ever. Better than ever, actually.

“And that’s eighteen!” declared Max, suddenly full of vigor as if she hadn’t just been on the edge of passing out a moment before.

“Eighteen!” Katie breathed, gazing down at the steely mast bobbing between her best friend’s legs.

Katie reached down to touch it, her fingers just brushing the surface before she withdrew her hand reflexively.

“It’s so hot!” she said, reaching down again and giving the shaft another tentative stroke. It wasn’t burning hot, just very, very warm. “Incredible!”

“I got very, very lucky,” said Max, admiring her own hard-on. “The eighteen-inch mark bestows ultra-regenerative ability. Once it gets to this size, I can basically keep it up with no loss of blood pressure; it only takes my marrow a split second to generate more blood to make up for the loss.”

“I can’t believe you grew a whole two inches in just a weekend!” said Katie, awestruck at the magnificence of Maxine’s shaft.

“Actually I think I reached it a while ago, but didn’t realize because I wasn’t actually getting fully hard,” said Max.

“Ha, I’d noticed your boners seemed a little squishy lately,” teased Kate. “Still, it’s awesome you finally worked it out. Too bad it was only ultra-regeneration, though.”

“Chuh! What’s wrong with ultra-regeneration?” asked Max, taking a step back and crossing her arms. “Regeneration is wicked cool. I’m basically like Wolverine. Better than Wolverine, I bet.”

“I mean I guess,” Katie shrugged. “I was hoping for something a little more… I dunno… flashy!”

“You don’t think I’m ‘flashy’ enough as it is?” asked Max, illustrating her point by popping off a few handfuls of plasma sparks from her fingertips. “Actually regeneration is probably the best power I could have hoped for.”

“Why? You’re already basically indestructible. When would you need regeneration?”

Maxine stepped away from Katie, walking over to one of the living room’s bay windows and pulling the curtain aside to look out at the street.

“Katie, do you remember last year when I went from being a grower to a shower?” asked Maxine.

“Yeah, it was right after that long dry spell when your growth plateaued for six months,” answered Katie. “I’ve got it logged—”

“That dry spell scared me, Katie. I was afraid I was going to stop growing,” Max continued, not really listening to Katie’s response.

“Yeah but you started back up again! You’ve gained four inches in the past year!” said Katie.

“That’s because after my junior-year slump, I instituted a strict penis enhancement regimen employing a battery of telekinetically-enhanced stretching exercises and regular doses of a specially formulated cocktail of vitamins, hormones and herbal extracts,” Maxine explained, turning back toward the living room and opening her arms to give Katie an eyeful of her raging, eighteen-inch boner.

“At first I was only able to increase my flaccid size, but a few months ago I finally started to see erect gains,” she continued.

“Ohhh, so that’s why the inches have been piling on so hard and fast lately,” said Katie.

“Exactly, but my gains have been slowing back down.” Max turned to the side so Katie got a look at her cock in profile. “The larger my penis becomes, the more resistant my body is to outside change. It’s like… my body has an idea of what it should look like and it’s getting harder and harder to influence that shape. I think I’ve reached the limit of what I can gain using my current techniques. I was only lucky that I was able to take it far enough to acquire this type of super-regeneration.”

“Why? What does super regeneration have to do with anything?”

“Don’t you see, Katie?” In a blur too quick for the eye to follow, Maxine was suddenly gripping Katie by the shoulders, while also simultaneously prodding her in the ribs with the tip of her colossal dong. Katie felt her knees go all wiggly.

“Focus, Katie!” Maxine snapped her back to reality. “With ultra-regeneration, my body instantly repairs any damage it suffers. Any damage!”

“So? Even if you could get hurt or injured, how does this help you with your gains?”

“Katie, Katie! Use that super futa intellect the meteor gave you and think about it,” Maxine tapped Katie on the forehead. The little poke nearly bowled the tiny redhead over.

“Right now, I’m pushing my cock to its limits to maintain this size, right?” Max asked.

“Right…” Katie frowned, rubbing her bruised forehead.

“So what if I were to push it past those limits? What if, instead of blood, I filled my erectile tissue with thousands of tiny forcefields, expanding them incrementally until the spongy chambers of my corpus cavernosum ripped apart?”

“They’d… heal back together…” Katie was finally catching on. Her eyes widened. “They’d heal back together bigger!”

“Bingo,” Max winked.

“Holy shit… holy shitttt!” Katie was hyperventilating, inadvertently floating up into the air as she did so, her ten inch prick harder than carbon steel.

“You could grow as much as you wanted! As fast as you wanted! Forever!” Now it was Katie’s turn to grab Max by the shoulders, though she had to reach down to do it as her butt was rising up toward the ceiling.

“There’d be no limits,” agreed Maxine, her own excitement manifesting in a scattering of knickknacks spontaneously levitating. The stereo set turned on by itself and began playing a rousing orchestral piece.

“So what are we waiting for?” asked Katie. “I’ll grab my log, we can start now! How many inches do you want to do in a day? A few at a time, or just go for broke and try all the new powers out later?”

Max’s grin faded into a sigh. “I'd love to try it out now... There’s just one snag,” she said.

The room’s jubilant mood died instantly. The knickknacks dropped to the floor. The music cut off.

“What’s the snag?” asked Katie, herself slowly drifting back to Earth.

Max sucked her teeth. “I already tried it and it doesn’t work.”

“Wait… what?”

Max gestured vaguely with her hands. “Well, the issue is—”

“You already tried this out without me?” Katie huffed.

“I— what?” Max cocked her head, unsure if her super-hearing was playing tricks on her.

“I can’t believe you; you’re such a cheater!” Katie berated her friend. “This is just like when you watched ahead on our Netflix queue!”

“It was only a quick peek!”

“You watched all the way through to the season finale!” Katie scolded.

Max slapped her forehead. The concussion of the impact rattled the windows and knocked all the picture frames crooked.

“I mean trying to enlarge my penis! It was just a quick test to see if it would even work! I wouldn’t have gained another inch without you there to watch!” Max explained.

Katie pouted, snorting air through her nose like a bull. Remembering the Netflix debacle had opened up an old wound. Maxine let her friend cool for a few seconds. It didn’t take long for curiosity to get the better of the little redhead.

“Alright, fine. So, why didn’t your super ultra-wolverine dick enlargement trick work?” she asked.

“It turns out futa invulnerability scales faster than telekinetic power. Not even my strongest telekinesis could expand my spongy tissue a single millimeter past its maximum size,” Max explained.

“So… what? You’re saying it’s impossible? You’ve reached your peak?” Katie asked.

“I’m saying I’ve gone as far as I can go…” Max answered.

Katie looked downcast. She’d always known there would be a day when her best friend stopped growing; she just wasn’t expecting the ride to end while they were still in high school.

“… by myself,” she finished.


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