Supanari Chapter 3


Chapter 3


“You want me to do what?” Katie’s eyes were wide.

“You’ve swallowed my loads before, what’s the issue?” asked Max.

“Your loads never gave me superpowers before,” Katie answered. “Sure, your cum is super delicious, but super-powered? That’s a lot to take in.”

“My loads are always a lot to take in.” Maxine smirked.

“Ha ha. So run the whole thing by me again. The eighteen-inch superpower is ultra-regeneration and the seventeen-inch one was…?”

“Trait selection,” Maxine reiterated. “At its most basic it allows me to determine whether my reproductive material is fertile or infertile, and what traits I would pass on to my children.”

“Max I love you but I’m not ready for kids right now,” Katie deadpanned.

“Thanks Katie, I love you too, but I’m not talking about getting you pregnant,” said Max.

“Good, because if you had been I’d be worried that you’d really missed some pretty crucial information during sex-ed.”

Anyway,” Max took back the helm of the conversation. “That’s just what the power is at its most simplistic. At a fundamental level it means I can reprogram and redesign my sperm along whatever specs I desire.”

“You’re talking about recruiting your sperm to act as all-purpose nanobots,” Katie induced.

“I wouldn’t go that far, but you’re in the ballpark. I’ve loaded each of my sperm with a genetic payload designed to raise the cap on your growth potential, and restructured them to deliver that payload to all the cells in your body simultaneously, rather than just your ovum,” Max explained, her bouncing leg and waggling fingertips betraying her excitement. Pushing the boundaries of human evolution and scientific knowledge always got Max hot and bothered.

Katie considered this.

“So… you want to fuck my mouth and impregnate every cell in my body so that my cock grows big enough that I can use my telekinesis to help your cock grow giant?” she asked.

“Exactly.” Max nodded.

“Why not just drink the sperm yourself and unlock your own genetic potential?”

Max sighed.

“For the same reason I can’t use telekinesis to enlarge my own cock: my body’s invulnerability renders my cells impenetrable to my improved sperm.” Remembering Katie’s earlier outburst, Maxine tactfully omitted the fact that she’d already also tried this tactic with no success. “It has to be someone vulnerable to my sperm’s penetrative abilities.”

“So why me?” asked Katie, looking down at her own erection, pale and small compared to Maxine’s towering behemoth. “Why not someone already closer to your level of strength, like Dezerea?”

“The bigger the subject already is, the less effective my sperm will be. If I were to try Dezerea, at most she might gain an inch, maybe two before her body became immune,” explained Max. “But there’s a more important reason why I’m not using Dezerea.”

“Oh?” Katie looked up.

“You’re the only person I want to share this adventure with,” answered Max, taking Katie by the chin. Her vivid, violet eyes shined into Katie’s green.

“So, what do you say?” asked Max.

“What do I say?” Katie scoffed. “My best friend wants to rewrite my DNA so I can use my powers to help her transcend humanity! I say hell fuckin’ yeah!”

“Yeah!” Max held up her hand and they locked palms Kung-Fu team-up style. SMACK!

The windowpanes cracked and thunder rumbled outside.

Max and Katie held their grip for a few seconds, staring into each other’s’ eyes before succumbing to their mutual passion and colliding in an earth-shaking kiss. Literally, it shook the neighborhood.

Within moments, the two horny dickgirls were naked in midair, locked in passionate embrace. Their clothes shredded in their rush to tear them from each other’s invulnerable bodies.

They slammed into the ceiling, Maxine above, Katie below. Katie sucking Maxine’s tits as Maxine moaned with wild delight as she fingered her friend’s pussy.

“D-don’t make me climax in your house!” Maxine warned, struggling to keep her intellect cool amid the flames of passion. God it felt so fucking good!

“We can get a new house,” Katie breathed, sticking her face into Maxine’s bellybutton and inhaling the scent of her perfect body.

“Don’t make me climax in a populated area!” Maxine revised. “Remember spring break!”

Poor Daytona Beach…

“Spoilsport…” Katie reluctantly allowed herself to drift a few inches away, floating down to take position at the head of Maxine’s rock-hard anaconda.

“You’re not gonna blow the back of my head off are you? You know your last load…”

Poor International Space Station…

“I’m gonna keep the force field ring on to restrict the flow. It should be perfectly safe…” Max reassured.

“I guess I’ll be the first to know.” Katie gave a meaningful look before taking Max’s colossal cum cannon in both hands and wrapping her lips around the bulbous, rubbery tip. Precum was already drooling out in a steady stream and she swallowed it eagerly. It really did taste like honey and lemon. Katie wondered if flavored sperm was a minor power that all futa got when they were big enough or if Maxine was just special. She’d recorded instances of what she called “secondary powerups,” that occurred at the half inch marks. Not necessarily powers in their own right, but other traits that seemed to accompany futa as they rose in power level. Things like being well-proportioned, tall, having a pleasant voice that kind of thing. Maxine of course had all of those and delicious jizz on top of it.

I wish I could bottle this to drink later. Thought Katie, her eyes rolling back in her head as she lost herself in the pure joy of bringing pleasure to her friend.

Katie worked Maxine’s pole and slurped her cockhead. Max’s apple-sized mushroom tip was too big for Katie to fit into her mouth, but she knew how to use her tongue and she worked Max’s foreskin like a champ. Even fully erect, Max had a lot of loose foreskin; it was as if her cock knew it needed more slack to grow into. Katie stuck her tongue inside, licking beneath the delicate folds, tasting the salt flavor and inhaling the strong, musky odor.

“Ahhh! Ahhh!” Maxine panted as Katie’s delicate hands and soft, skillful lips milked and caressed her throbbing shaft. She put her hands on Katie’s head, grabbing handfuls of her curly, auburn hair and flexing her fingertips as her whole body came alive with pleasure. She curled her toes. The two of them dangled in midair, twisting gently around one another.

A moaned“Get ready!” was Katie’s only warning. A split second later, Maxine’s shaft bulged dangerously. Hot, thick cum the consistency of Greek yogurt flooded into Katie’s mouth, bulging out her cheeks and almost making her gag. Luckily her super futa reflexes saved her from choking on the monster load.

Maxine’s first rope was only a quart. She was closely regulating the flow of jizz to her cock with her forcefield cockring. The second load was much bigger. Katie didn’t gulp it so much as relax her throat and let it pour into her stomach. Gallon after gallon of steamy spunk poured into Katie’s belly, filling it in seconds. She choked and coughed on the oversized torrent of jizz, turning her head away to clear her airways of the sticky goop.

Maxine was still cumming. While Katie was catching her breath, another fat rope slapped into the side of her face. It was like getting slapped with a water balloon full of hot mayonnaise and then immediately getting sprayed by a garden hose full of even hotter, thicker mayonnaise. Katie gargled and spluttered as Maxine’s girlchowder coated her head, shoulders, torso and much of the living room behind her.

Katie took a deep breath and dove back into the fight. She grasped Maxine’s cock with both hands and clamped her lips around the torrentially jizzing opening. The pressure in her stomach was immediate. Her belly bulged out as a raging river of cum gushed down her throat. She could only handle a few more seconds before pulling away in a desperate gasp for air.

Maxine’s control was slipping. The flow of her jizz had gone from being like drinking from a garden hose to getting drenched by a fire hydrant.

“H-how can there be this much?” gurgled Maxine, trying to block the spray of cum with her hands.

Her regeneration! Katie realized. Her balls must be replenishing semen as fast as she can cum it out!

Maxine was practically insensate, her eyes were rolled back in her head, barely able to sustain the concentration necessary to maintain the cockring that kept her flow from becoming truly destructive.

“Max!” Katie yelled. “Max! Stop!”

“I-I can’t!” yelled Max, her body going rigid in midair as her hips thrust forward of their own accord, blasting out rope after heavy rope of superpowered girlspunk. “It feels too good!”

Every surface in an expanding cone beginning at Maxine’s cock was coated in several inches of steamy jizz except for a cartoon silhouette on the wall directly behind where Katie floated. The flying ropes of spunk were firing out with such force that they knocked over lamps, blasted picture frames off the walls and even toppled furniture. Katie narrowly dodged a blast that punched a hole in the wall, but didn’t recover in time and the next shot clipped her shoulder, spinning her around and knocking her to the ground with a wet SPLAT!

Aaaargh!” Katie screamed. A vivid, purple bruise bloomed on her shoulder. Above her, Maxine was still locked in the throes of continuous orgasm.

“Max!” Katie screamed.

“Just a little more!” Maxine begged, blowing another load through the wall into the kitchen where it collided loudly with the pots and pans. A crack appeared in the glassy surface of the forcefield cockring and Katie knew it was only a matter of seconds before Max went nuclear.

Acting on instinct alone, Katie reached up and grabbed the base of Maxine’s cock with both hands. With every ounce of her super strength, she squeezed, clamping down on the flow of jizz blasting through her friend’s shaft.

“YEOWCH!” Max cried, her eyes bulging as she doubled over in pain. The back pressure in her nuts was enough to crush the hull of a submarine like a soda can. Her cantaloupe-sized orbs ballooned outward, swelling to the size of watermelons and turning a painful-looking blueish purple color.

“Mother fucker!” Max yelled, dropping out of the air onto Katie. The two girls collapsed into a tangle of limbs. Katie lost her grip on Maxine’s cock and the blast of suddenly released pressure propelled Max backward like a rocket, slamming her against the wall and pushing her up to the ceiling.

The sudden bust of pain in Maxine’s balls was enough to break her out of the feedback loop of orgasm and, with her restored concentration, she materialized three more forcefield cockrings and clamped them tightly around her pulsing, veiny shaft. The pain was intense. Her scrotum ballooned back to its previously inflated size.

“Are you alright?” asked Max, panting breathlessly.

Katie nodded shakily. Wads of cum quivered, dangling from the tip of her nose, her lips, her chin and hair and eyebrows. The second Katie made eye contact, Maxine vanished in a flash of Cherenkov-blue light and a thunderclap of imploding air.

“Max?” asked Katie, weakly. Her arms trembled beneath her as she tried to sit up, but she fell back down, collapsing like a rag doll, her face half-buried in the inch-deep, steamy muck. Her gurgling belly sloshed out in front of her. She was so stuffed full of cum she looked like she was pregnant with a beach ball. The last thing Katie remembered before she lost consciousness was burping up a mouthful of Maxine’s jizz.



Maxine rematerialized twelve miles away at an altitude of 45,000 feet and took off toward the Canadian wilderness at Mach one.

Boom! She felt the shudder of air as she passed through Mach two. She enclosed her body in an aerodynamic forcefield so that the wake of her passage wouldn't cause destructive cyclonic winds, then she accelerated.

Boom! Mach three.

Boom! Four.


Within eight seconds, Max had exceeded Mach thirty five. In just under three minutes she covered almost twelve hundred miles, braking hard in a ball of fire over an isolated mountain range. The concussion of her arrival flattened trees for miles around and blew out the windows of an abandoned weather station over forty miles west. She slammed into the mountaintop like a meteorite.

Her cock was throbbing like the beat of a bass drum. The pain was incredible. She could feel every foot-pound of pressure in her balls like an inside-out vice.

With as much telepathic energy as she could spare, Maxine scanned the surrounding wilderness for people. Finding none, she aimed cock at a nice-looking spot on a nearby peak and dissolved the forcefields holding back her orgasm.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGH!!!” Maxine howled. Pleasure and pain mingled in her mind in levels so intense they overwhelmed every other thought. The force of her ejaculation hit the mountainside like a pressure washer cutting away at a urinal cake. Semen traveling at over four-times earth’s escape velocity washed away trees, boulders, rocks and soil by the hundreds of tons. A flood of pearly white ooze engulfed everything in its path and splashed onto other peaks like the breakers of a hurricane sea.

In some deep partition of Maxine’s mind that she had shielded from the cyclone of endorphins raging through the rest of her cerebellum, Maxine wondered at the volume of her ejaculate; this was far more than could be accounted for by the massive lunch she’d eaten. She had mistakenly assumed that her newfound regenerative powers would rely on available biomass in the same manner as her healing ability, but it appeared this was not the case. Her phenomenal brain quickly went to work trying to figure out possible mechanisms that could explain where the extra matter was coming from, but as it was working at less than a hundredth its normal capacity, she could only formulate vague, half-formed theories.

“My IQ must be in the low eight-hundreds right now,” Maxine’s severely-reduced superego thought to itself. “I feel like I’m back in grade school!”

She made a mental note to experiment with the new phenomenon later, but for now she opted to enjoy the refreshing vacation from sensibility. Superego-Maxine lay back and relaxed to the muffled sound of the endorphin storm raging at the walls of the shielded portion of her mind.

Even super-regenerating balls can’t cum forever. Well, they can, but Maxine’s erection didn’t last that long. After about thirty minutes of solid orgasm, her cock began to soften. The moment she lost her eighteenth inch, her regenerative powers shut off and her balls emptied themselves of their remaining load in milliseconds.

Maxine collapsed in an ankle-deep puddle of her own goo, mentally and physically exhausted.

It was almost nightfall by the time Maxine returned to full consciousness. She’d been basking in the afterglow of the largest orgasm any being on Earth had ever experienced for what felt like years, but had really only been hours. She was cold and sticky. Standing up, she surveyed the devastation wrought by her orgasm.

She was used to her vaginal orgasms wreaking earthquake-level destruction —there was a severely cratered beach in Daytona Florida that was a testament to that— but this was the first time her cock had done worse than launch a few liters of spunk through the roof into low earth orbit.

What she beheld now was on a completely different scale. The mountain peak across from her was gone, washed away like a sandcastle, as was the peak behind it. The snowcap of her own mountain had been melted by the intense, steamy heat of her ejaculations and everything she could see in front of her was a wasteland of white ooze. Cum glooped in slow-moving rivers down the mountain, cascading down the crags like waterfalls of white molasses. In the valley below, a new lake had formed, its surface only just crusting over in the evening air. Even in the late afternoon above the snowline, the atmosphere of the place was like a tropical swamp. The humidity was oppressive and the stench was colossal. Doing some quick calculations, Maxine estimated her new lake had a volume of about seven hundred and forty eight million gallons, give or take a few tens of millions.

“Can’t wait to see this on google maps,” she said aloud, proud of her new creation.

Using her energy beams, she carved the name “LAKE MAXINE” into the mountainside so the mapping satellite could read it.

“I hope Katie is alright, I didn’t expect to be gone this long…” said Max, lifting off and heading back to San Futas. She briefly spared a thought for what effects the aerosolized cloud of her super potential-unlocking sperm might have if the wind carried it to a populated area, but it was a little late to worry about that. In the time she’d been insensate, the prevailing winds would have dispersed them too much to be recovered anyway.



Her phone was blowing up with messages within seconds of re-entering her coverage area.

“32 Missed Calls from BONNIE MCLEOD,” read the screen.

Crap. Katie’s mom.

There were dozens of missed calls from other members of Katie’s family, and several more from her own parents.

“Fuck,” Maxine cursed. It had taken her a lot longer to get back than to leave —almost fifteen minutes. She hadn’t wanted to decelerate so hard over the city as she had over the mountains, but every extra second felt like an eternity.

Soon —though not nearly soon enough for her liking— Maxine had re-entered California airspace and was soaring through the evening air over San Futas. She was completely naked except for an inch-thick bodysuit of cold jizz. Here and there she spotted other futas drifting through the night sky in singles and doubles. Mostly couples out for an evening flight or groups of giggling girls playing doing airshow stunts together.

Normally Maxine was not bashful about her naked body, but she felt embarrassed to be seen like this, covered in her own congealed girlchowder. She swiftly descended down to the street level to a spot where a clothesline had been strung between two buildings. She scraped off her layer of congealed spunk with her telekinesis and grabbed a yellow sundress from the line that looked about her size. She felt bad stealing some random person's laundry but she made a mental note of the address and resolved to return the dress with suitable compensation as soon as she could.

Wearing nothing but a yellow sundress with no shoes or underwear felt good in the cool evening air and she flew off in the direction of Katie's house.

Just as she’d feared, Katie’s parents’ cars were in the driveway of Katie’s house. She landed lightly on the doorstep and rang the bell.

“And just where the hell have you been?” demanded Katie’s outraged mother. Through the door, Maxine could see the state that she’d left the living room. Katie’s family had made a valiant effort to clean up, but the stench wafting out of the open door and windows was intense enough to wrinkle Maxine’s nose, and of course there was the smashed furniture, the shattered lamps, the holes in the walls…

An extremely apologetic Maxine used her telekinesis to clean up the remaining puddles of jizz and repair most of the broken objects and structural damage, but the smell had soaked into the upholstery and wouldn’t be easily dislodged.

“Here’s the number for a good stain-removal service,” said Maxine, tearing a strip of paper off her notebook and handing it to a heavily-scowling Mrs. McLeod. “They’re using a proprietary formula I developed for them so I have lifetime free credit with them. Just mention my name and they’ll hook you up free of charge.”

Mrs. McLeod took the paper wordlessly, her white-hot glare never wavering for an instant. Somehow even an invincible superfuta like Maxine could still find herself cowering before the rage of a Scottish housewife.

“H-how’s Katie?” Maxine finally worked up the courage to ask.

Mrs. McLeod stared Maxine down for a long moment before answering.

“She’s upstairs, asleep,” she answered. “We tried to send for an ambulance so she could get her stomach pumped, but she refused to go. Said something about it being ‘too important to Max.’”

Max swallowed.

“May I see her?” she asked.

Mrs. McLeod slammed the door in Maxine’s face.

With a sigh, Maxine lifted off and flew around the house to Katie’s window. It was open, so she flew inside.

Katie was snoring, sprawled over the bed, her bulbous, bloated belly lifting up her pajama top and forcing down the waistband of her sweatpants. It looked like she was immensely pregnant.

In a way, she is. Thought Maxine. Pregnant with the future.

She put her hand on Katie’s belly. The tiny redhead stirred in her sleep, but went on snoring like a buzzsaw.

Looking at her, Maxine felt guilty that she hadn’t told Katie the whole truth about junior year when her growth had stopped. She’d also concealed from her that she’d already tried the regeneration growth trick with Dezerea, hoping that her super-healing ability would allow her to overextend her erectile tissue and allow for accelerated growth.

The results had been disastrous. Dezera and Maxine’s combined power had shredded Maxine’s corpus-cavernosa. Her super-healing had prevented her cock from being reduced to a bloody pulp, but the experiment had still left Maxine’s erectile sponges little more than a mass of scar tissue. Her once-promising growth stopped dead and she was incapable of getting hard at all without telekinesis. All her “special stretching exercises” and “hormone formulas” hadn’t been to enlarge her cock, but to heal the damage she’d already done.

It was only the blessing of good fortune that Maxine had been able to regain some of her lost growth potential and achieve the miraculous eighteenth inch that healed her scar tissue and restored her cock to its fully-functional glory. Unfortunately the damage was already done; Maxine had missed the bulk of what should have been the most spectacular growth spurt she could ever hope to see. Maxine could only imagine the heights of magnificence her cock could have reached if she hadn’t interfered. Her most conservative estimates placed the figure at around twenty four inches but the truth was almost double that. Everything she could have been… should have been. Lost. Because she’d gotten impatient.

Now she was at the end of her teenaged gains. A late growth spurt was still very much a possibility, but if she ever hoped to regain the full power that her genetics had promised, she would have to take the risk of trying again.

Of course, if Katie had known what her first attempt had cost her best friend, there was no way she would go along with it. Never mind that with super-regeneration the technique was almost certain to work, never mind that the reward far outweighed the risk. She would only think of her friend’s well-being above all else.

Katie was irrational and softhearted that way.





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Now this is getting interesting.  The description of what Max did to herself and her endowment made me cringe a bit, but it will certainly be interesting to see her grow lager.  I like the consequences of her actions being acknowledged as well.