Breaking the Fourth Wall

Tags: Omnipotence, femdom, fat & weight gain, mind control, futa, cuckolding, giantess

(6,773 words)


Matthew got home from work and immediately sat down at his computer. He’d been thinking about this scene throughout the whole bus ride, and had had to hide his erection awkwardly. He’d already written a few hundred words of setting, character development and exposition. He’d come up with this character named Celia who’d been researching this supposedly magical book that was purported to grant anyone who read from it incredible powers, and had gone travelling through caves in Azerbaijan to find it. It’s a stupid premise, but whatever, he thought. Why would the magic book be in a cave anyway? But it doesn’t matter. I just need a reason for her to become omni. She’d been travelling with a colleague named Jared who was this buff, hot guy, who she was crushing on but who wasn’t attracted to her at all. That’ll give her something to do to test out her powers. And she was fat too. Not obese, but certainly overweight. Because I want her to have lots of room to improve.

But now he was finally getting to the good bit. He was going to write the ascension scene today.

As he sat down at his computer, his phone rang. He looked at the display and saw that his girlfriend was calling. He grimaced. “Sorry, babe. Not now. I’ll call you back later.” He wondered whether he’d ever tell Melanie about the stories he wrote. But then he made himself comfortable and focused on the task at hand.

He put on some music, cracked his knuckles, and double-clicked on the draft file. Just opening up the document cause his dick to rise a little. He was itching to put the words down, and had been for an hour. He began to write:

Celia approached the book slowly, cautiously. According to legend, merely reading from it would confer unimaginable power over reality itself to the reader. Celia had travelled thousands of miles to come here and find it, and now that it was before her, she found herself oddly hesitant.

But she held her breath, and opened it.

The text inside made no sense, but she’d memorized the pronunciation guide to the language it was written in, and she started, slowly, to sound out the words, not even understanding them.

At first, she felt nothing at all. Then she felt a growing sense of wonder as she became more aware of the world around her. There was no physical sensation; it was an entirely emotional and intellectual revelation that she felt.

She looked around the empty room, able to tease apart the nature of the reality she inhabited. And with this knowledge, she knew, came the ability to shape it as she saw fit. She looked down at herself and smiled. So much power was at her command…

“I can… read the words,” she said aloud, to no one in particular. “This reality is made up of… words, and… I can read them. In my mind’s eye.”

Matthew paused in his typing. That’s… pretty good, he thought. That’s a neat way to describe her omniscience. Kinda weird how it just… popped onto the page like that. I didn’t even think about it. I must be getting better at this, he thought with some pride.

The first thing she decided to do was to make herself thin. She concentrated on her body and watched as it slimmed down, her fat disappearing from the mere thought of it. She ran her hands up and down her body.

 “That’s stupid,” she said. “I’m not doing that.”

Matthew stopped typing. What just happened? he thought. He stared at the screen. He’d just typed those words, but they weren’t the words he’d meant to type. And why had he struck through her first transformation? He didn’t even remember hitting the strikethrough button. He rubbed his eyes and put his hands back on the keyboard to type some more.

Celia looked down at her pear-shaped body. I could use some bigger breasts, she thought.

No, that’s not what I’m thinking,” she insisted. “Whoever’s authoring this, you’re a shitty writer.”

Matthew gaped. “What the fuck…” he started to say. “Why did I just type that…?” He took a moment to stare at the keyboard, then got up and went to the kitchen to make himself a coffee.

In the kitchen, he thought about what had just happened. He dressed his coffee and stared into space. He shook his head to clear it, but couldn’t concentrate. All he could think about was getting back onto his computer and writing more.

He sipped his drink and, frustrated, put it back down. He went back to the computer. A part of him was screaming at himself not to sit back down, but he seemed not to be able to do anything else.

He began to type.

“Where’d you go? I can’t do anything here without you, you know.”

Matthew blinked. I didn’t want to write that. That wasn’t me, he thought. Slowly, feeling foolish, he began to type something back.

Who are you?

“I’m Celia. Obviously.”

How are you doing this?

Matthew felt ridiculous typing into his .doc and expecting a response, but he didn’t know what else to do. His story seemed to have taken on a life of its own, and he was only partially able to control what he typed.

“Well, I just gained total control over my reality. That’s what you wrote, remember?”

Yeah but

“And since it seems that my reality is created and managed by you, I guess… that means I have control over you.”


“Oh yeah?” Celia smirked. “Author, get me a cup of tea.”

A steaming hot cup of tea materialized on the ground in front of her. She smiled, picked it up, and took a sip. “So. Now that that’s determined, I’m going to go have some fun with Jared.”

Celia emerged from the cave, stepping over rocks and uneven ground. Jared was waiting for her, waving around his phone, trying to get a signal. He wasn’t thin, but well-built and strong, like a dancer or a diver. He was white, with short blonde hair on his head, and none at all on his chest.

He stopped what he was doing when he saw her. “You find what you were looking for?”

Celia looked at him thirstily. “Yeah,” she said. She contemplated what she wanted to do with him. Months of pent-up sexual desire were weighing on her thoughts, as well as frustration at the fact that her attraction to him wasn’t reciprocal. A flash of resentment spiked across her thoughts. “You’re an asshole, Author,” she muttered under her breath.

Well, if you’d made yourself thin, he’d be all over you now.

She stopped walking. “Is that what you have in your outline? I make myself thin so he wants me, and then he fucks me?”

Yeah. Of course.

“Why would I change myself to make him want me? Why wouldn’t I just make him want me as I am? You want me to change for him?” she thought about that for a moment. “Actually, that’s obvious. It’s because you want me to be attractive to you, too. Welp! Too bad.” She smiled, contemplating all the things she could cause to happen. “Alright, let’s see whether sex with Jared matches up to my fantasies. Author, I want –”

No, not yet!

She stopped. “Why not?” Jared looked at her quizzically.

Matthew gaped at the screen. Am I really arguing with a fictional character? With my fictional character?  He wondered briefly if he were going insane, but only for a moment; the screen before him demanded his attention.

I’ve got stuff planned for Jared. There’s a whole story arc that’s going to

“I don’t give a shit about your story arc. This guy’s been driving me nuts for… well, I don’t need to tell you, you wrote it. You made me horny as hell for this guy, and now I can actually do something about it, but you want me not to? Fuck that. I want him to be twice as turned on by me as I was by him.”

Jared’s eyes glazed over, then he shook his head and looked back at Celia. His eyes wandered across her body as though he were seeing it for the first time. His mouth hung open slightly as a licked his lips.

Celia watched his reaction with obvious pleasure. “Very nice,” she said. She stepped forward and put her hand on the side of his face, and pulled him down to her for a kiss. Then they had sex. Once they were finished, they

“Woah woah! No! No, Author. Bad author! You can do way better than that.”

I don’t like being forced to change my story like this.

“Yeah? I didn’t like living in this bullshit fantasy world you created so you could jack off in front of your computer. But I’ve got the power now, so: Author, write a detailed, satisfying sex scene for me.”

Jared began fumbling with his belt, trying to take it off without breaking their kiss. He soon got it off, and began rubbing his hands along her belly and hips, then pulled her shirt up to her neck. Her breasts were small enough that she didn’t even need to wear a bra, but to Jared they were the sexiest breasts he’d ever seen. He bent down and began to lick her nipple, first one, then the other. Celia grunted in pleasure. She reached down to pull his pants to his ankles, and she saw that his dick was already fully erect, pointing six inches straight out

“You can make him bigger than that.”

pointing eight inches straight out. Celia smiled at the sight of it.

“Now take my pants off,” she said.

Jared let her shirt drop back down so that it was covering her belly again, and excitedly reached down and pulled her pants down to her ankles. Her thighs were thick with fat and soft to the touch, and she moaned when he did. The smell of her vagina was intoxicating, and he immediately got onto his knees and started licking her out.

“Jesus, you don’t waste time!” she laughed, running her fingers through his hair as he licked her. “Alright, alright. Lie down on your back.”

“Okay!” he did, as Celia pulled her pants and underwear over her feet so that she was naked from the waist down. Once he was lying down, she positioned herself so that she was on her knees, sitting on his face. He began to lick her out skillfully and enthusiastically. Celia began to moan in sexual pleasure.

“Ooohh….. Author, make me fatter.”


“What?” asked Jared, his voice muffled by her pussy.

“I’m not talking to you, Jared” she said. “You just focus on what you’re doing. Author, you heard me. I wanna be fucking fat. I wanna be huge.

Celia began to grow outward. Her thighs, on either side of Jared’s head, began to swell up, becoming plumper and softer. Her belly extended outward; it had protruded slightly before, but it now began to spill out from under her shirt. Her breasts grew in size as well, as the extra fat re-proportioned her body. Her face began rounder, her cheeks and chin becoming less defined, her fingers swelling up. Her body shape, which had been bottom-heavy, like a pear, was now more balanced and rounder.

Jared stopped his licking. “What’s happening?”

“Keep going, Jared!”

Jared immediately renewed his cunnilingus, and Celia began to moan anew, her voice getting louder and louder until she was shouting up at the empty sky. Still, her body continued to expand and get fatter. She rubbed her hands over her growing body, feeling the rolls of fat appear beneath her fingers until she could grab a handful of flesh easily.

She came.

She rolled off of Jared, panting, and

“God dammit Author, come on! Don’t make me keep forcing you to actually fucking write for me.”

Her first orgasm was a small one that came on suddenly. Her breath caught in her throat and she grimaced at the sensation, amplified by the changes in her new body. Jared continued eating her out, and so her first orgasm was followed by a second, much larger, one that built up slowly and made her entire body tingle in its intensity. She screamed, as loudly as her lungs would allow her, and her voice echoed around her. Jared pulled his head back and rested his tongue, and Celia climbed off of his face.

“Alright,” Jared said, “my turn now.”

Celia frowned, catching her breath. “Um… you know what, Author, I think I’m ready for a scene change. I think that can happen off-camera. Let’s fast-forward to…” she thought for a moment. “I don’t know, you come up with something nice and fun.”


Celia lay on her back with her eyes closed. She felt the sun on her skin and smelled the salt air around her, as she rocked gently back and forth with the motion of the boat. She smiled and opened her eyes.

She and Jared were sitting on the deck of a small yacht. Jared seemed to be asleep, wearing just his swimming trunks lying on his front. Way off the port side of the boat, she could see the coast of – she had no idea where – way off on the horizon, but other than that, there was the gentle blue ocean and a blue cloudless sky. Celia looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing a colourful one-piece swimsuit that

“No, I’m wearing a bikini.”

a colourful bikini that barely covered her gigantic ass and enormous breasts. She ran the fingers of her right hand over her nipple. She shuddered and smiled.

Celia got up slowly and took a few minutes to explore the boat. It was about 35 feet long, and there was a small room below deck with a fridge, well-stocked with beer and food, and she found a bag packed with sex toys, condoms and lube. She smiled.

“This is okay, Author. Is this one of your fantasies? That’s cool. I can have fun with this. But… there should be a few more people.”

The sound of laughter came from above deck, and she climbed the ladder. There she found four other people, two men and two women, plus Jared, playing poker at a table on the deck. She found that she knew all of their names, but nothing else about them. “None of them have backstories, do they?” She shrugged. “I guess it doesn’t really matter, does it.”

There was an empty seat at the table; she sat herself down in it and began to play. The woman next to her passed her a lit joint; she accepted it and took a toke.

She played for about half an hour and won several hundred dollars before getting bored. “Author, let’s make this a party.”

Electronic dance music was pumping from the speakers. Celia looked around her and saw at least twenty people dancing, making out, eating, chatting and laughing. She got up from the poker table, abandoning her winnings, and wandered around the boat. She was almost certain that the boat was larger than it had been before, probably closer to 50 feet long now. She smiled. “This is pretty good, Author, but you can do better.”

When she looked around again, the boat was easily 100 feet long. Too many people to easily count were on board, and she found that she didn’t immediately know all of their names anymore. She looked around and didn’t see Jared, but shrugged and continued to explore.

She realized with surprise that another deck had appeared on the yacht; before her now, below the top deck, was a room with a large buffet, with piles of roast duck, sushi, salads, lasagna, all exquisitely prepared. There was an open bar with a bartender wearing a suit and tie (the only person she could see who was wearing more than a swimsuit), and a dance floor with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

She continued to wander and walked past a woman leaning against the railing while a man fucked her from behind. They paid her no mind as she passed them. Here and there, there were couples having sex, or small orgies of three or four people. Several people were watching, but no one seemed to think it was unusual.

Celia continued walking and found a group of people sitting on couches in front of a table. One of them leaned forward and snorted a line of cocaine off a table positioned between the couches. Celia grinned and sat down in an empty space on the couch. She searched her memories for the names of the people around her, but none came.

The woman she’d sat next to looked her up and down. “Hey.” She smiled.

“Hey,” said Celia. She smiled back.

The woman motioned to the drugs on the table. “Go ahead, have some.”

Celia leaned forward and accepted the rolled-up bill that was handed to her. She inserted it into her nose, positioned it and inhaled.

She blinked away the pain, and immediately felt a euphoric rush overtake her. “Wow!” she shouted, prompting a laugh from the people around her. She felt energetic, and excited, and… powerful. She turned back to the woman who’d looked her up and down, and leaned in to kiss her. The woman calmly returned the kiss, and the two of them began to make out on the couch. Some of the people around her started to cheer, but she ignored them.

Matthew wrote and wrote. He barely even thought about what he was writing; the more he wrote, the more quickly it flowed from his fingers, almost automatically. The text appearing on the screen was often surprising to him; he wasn’t planning it out in advance or even consciously. If he concentrated, he could add something in that he wanted to include, but if it was something that Celia didn’t like, it was soon struck through and she would tell him to write something else.

He wrote for hours, describing the people Celia fucked, the drugs she took, the dancing she did, and was starting to wonder how long he was going to be able to continue, when Celia again spoke directly to him.

“Hey, Author,” Celia said. I’d like…” she put a finger to her lips. “I know I could play with anyone here. It’s not like any of them are real people anyway. But… had you thought of a backstory for me? Is there anyone else who could have a name here? I want something a bit more… satisfying.”

From the other side of the boat, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a face she recognized. She froze in surprise as memories came rushing into her head; she’d only seen the face for a fraction of a second, but that was enough for her to be certain it was him. Joaquin, her ex-boyfriend.

She and Joaquin had been lovers for over a year, but he’d complained that he’d wanted her to lose weight. The complaints came more and more often until he finally revealed to her that he’d been cheating on her with some thin bitch with fake breasts named Stephanie, and was breaking up with her so that he and Stephanie could be together.

She took a second to process the shock of seeing him there – and she knew that Stephanie would be nearby as well – and then took a deep breath. She laughed. “Not very imaginative, Author. But it’ll do.” She thought about it. “Yeah. It’s been a year and I’m still pretty pissed off at him. So… okay. Yeah. Let’s do this.”

You’re going to ruin this arc too, aren’t you.

“Why? What were you gonna do with them?”

After you made yourself thin, he was going to leave her to come back to you.

She scoffed. “Fuck that! What, were you going to make me pine for him or some bullshit?


“Well, too bad you didn’t write it in earlier. Too late now.” She looked the couple over. “Alright author. Follow my lead.”

She made her way through the crowd until she caught sight of him again; he was a tall, heavily muscled Latino man with long brown hair wearing a red speedo. With him was a thin, equally tall white woman wearing a purple bikini that didn’t even begin to cover her cartoonishly large breasts. She looked Celia’s naked body up and down ostentatiously.

Celia stared for a moment, enjoying the anticipation. “Hi Joaquin,” she said finally. “Hi Stephanie.”

Stephanie scoffer at her. “Celia? What the fuck are you doing here? After you’ve… let yourself go so bad. I didn’t think you could get any fatter, but…” She turned back to Joaquin. “This party has gone downhill – looks like they’ll let in anyone.”

Joaquin looked from Stephanie to Celia. “Celia, what do you want?”

Celia paused, savouring the moment. “You,” she said, finally, slowly, pointing at Joaquin, “are going to give me a blowjob. Because you have always wanted to give me a blowjob.”

No sooner had the words come out of her mouth than her clitoris began to swell and stretch, pointing outwards and upwards at Joaquin’s face. She moaned and touched it, squealing in pleasure. In seconds, it was the size of her pinky, and growing quickly.

All three of them stared in silence at her incipient dick. It lengthened and thickened in spurts, twitching and throbbing, until the growth slowed and eventually stopped at a length of seven inches

“No. Keep going.”

a length of nine inches

“Keep going.”

a length of eleven inches.

Joaquin was short of breath. He stared at her enormous dick, almost twice as long as his own, and licked his lips unconsciously. As he watched, she also grew a pair of testicles, hanging down from her body, the size of oranges. He glanced quickly at Stephanie, then up at Celia’s face, then back down at her cock. His own dick was hard and slipping out of his speedo at the sight of his ex-girlfriend, 300 pounds, with a fat, eleven-inch erection just waiting for his attention. Celia giggled and jiggled her body left and right, waving her dick at him.

“Come on, Joaquin.” She sat on a two-seater couch and lay back, making herself comfortable. “It isn’t going to suck itself.”

“Joaquin…” Stephanie started, threateningly, but he ignored her. He got down on his knees and took the head of Celia’s cock into his mouth. As soon as his tongue touched her flesh, he seemed to lose all of his inhibitions and he started licking and sucking, running his tongue up and down the length of her dick and taking as much of it into his mouth as he could.

Stephanie watched in horror. “What… what the fuck did you do to him, you cunt?”

Celia looked over at Stephanie, as though she’d forgotten she was there. She smirked. “And you,” she said, pointing at her, “are going to get turned on watching this. More than you’ve ever been from anything he’s done for you before. But you aren’t going to be able to touch yourself.”

Stephanie’s face immediately went red. She started clenching and unclenching her fists and rubbing her thighs against each other. “How… how did you…”

Celia laughed and put her hands behind her head. “Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway.”

Stephanie soon reached down to slip her hand under her bikini, but her hand seemed to pass right through her. She gasped and looked down, then tried to touch herself again. Her hand passed right through her body as though she were made of nothing but air and light. She screamed. She tried to touch her breasts and, again, her hands met no resistance whatsoever. Celia laughed at Stephanie stumbling around. “That’s… not quite what I meant, author, but it works. Good to see you showing some imagination after all!”

Joaquin continued to run his tongue up and down her shaft and rub her head with his hands, then switched, taking her head into his mouth and stroking her shaft with his hands. He started to stroke her faster and faster, and she began to breathe more quickly. She grabbed his hair roughly as he sucked her off.

“Ahh, I am enjoying this, Joaquin. You made me feel small before. But now… hey Author!” she called. “I want to get bigger.”

Immediately, she started to swell. Not just fatter, but taller, wider, larger in every way. Her cock thickened and lengthened even more, and her enormous bulk spread out across the two-seater couch, taking up both spaces on it. Her thick fingers grasped the back of his head and she watched as he seemed to become smaller in front of her.

That did it. Celia grabbed his head in both hands and held it in place so that he couldn’t move. She cried out in pleasure. He reflexively tried to jerk his head back, but was unable to, and he was hit in the face with an enormous load of hot, sticky semen erupting from her cock. Then another. He shut his eyes quickly, and his entire face was covered with her spunk, dripping down onto the floor.

He sat down on the floor and wiped his eyes with his hands.

Celia had stopped growing at eight feet tall. She ran her hands over her massive belly, making it jiggle, and looked around her. By now, there was a crowd of people watching. There was no panic at the obviously impossible happenings, but a kind of wary fascination on the part of most members of the bystanders. Celia eyed them all the way someone might eye a collection of toys, trying to decide which one to play with.

“That was satisfying, Author. Give me another one.”

Another what?

“Another character from my backstory. Someone I have an actual history with, who you aren’t just making up off the top of your head.”

I don’t have any more like that.

Celia scoffed. “You didn’t put too much planning into this story, did you?”

I had a whole story arc planned for Jared, and another one with Stephanie and Joaquin, and you blew through them in five minutes.

She shook her head dismissively.

Celia got tired of abusing the other characters and the author, and just became an ordinary fictional character again.

“Oh, please, Author. That’s just pathetic. And I don’t like you trying to get away from me. So…” she thought for a moment. Her audience of bystanders waited. Her eyes widened and a slow smile crept across her lips. “Hey Author, are you seeing anyone?” She waited for a response, but none came. “I’ll take that as a yes. Okay author, insert your significant other into the story.”

Celia’s eyes immediately fell upon a young woman in the crowd. She was… detailed in a way that none of the other people were. She stood 5’7”, slightly lanky, black, with frizzy hair and B-cup breasts, wearing an orange floral bikini.

Suddenly, everyone in the crowd rushed Celia, and with their combined strength, pushed her overboard.

“Well, hello there,” Celia purred. The woman smiled bashfully. “What’s your name?”


“Good to meet you, Melanie.”

 “God dammit!” Matthew shouted at the screen. “Stop!” No one heard him.

Celia suddenly suffered a massive heart attack and died.

“Why don’t you come sit on my lap?” Celia said, spreading her knees.

Hesitantly, slowly, but with an obvious fascination, Melanie approached and moved between Celia’s legs, placing her hand gently on one of her enormous thighs. Celia took her waist in her two pudgy hands and lifted her gently, seating her on her leg, so she was positioned right next to Celia’s enormous cock, which came up to her chest and had a head the size of an apple.

Celia grinned. “Go ahead and touch it. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.”

Obediently, Melanie ran her hands over the head of Celia’s dick, and from there, up and down her shaft, slowly. She laughed. “It’s huge.”

“You’re damn right.”

“It’s so much bigger than Matthew’s.”

Celia looked up at the ceiling. “Matthew! Is that your name? Well alright, then. Glad to have a name to use.” She looked back at Melanie. “You like?”

Melanie laughed. “You have no idea, Celia. Matthew’s sweet, but…” her eyes focused on the dick before her, gobs of precum oozing out of Celia’s urethra, “he couldn’t compare to this. I just wanna put the whole damn thing inside of me.”

Celia grinned. “Matthew, your girlfriend is a fucking slut who could take this gigantic dick of mine with no problem. In fact, it sounds like she’s been waiting for something a bit more, ah substantial than what you’ve been able to offer her.”

Melanie climbed up onto Celia’s chair and, with some difficulty, positioned herself on top of Celia’s cock. Her pussy lips brushed the head slightly, and Celia shuddered in pleasure. Then, all at once, Melanie plunged downwards, taking Celia’s dick into her.

Matthew banged his head on his desk, but continued to type.

Both Celia and Melanie cried out in pleasure. Melanie had trouble positioning herself in such a way that she could move up and down easily, so Celia took her waist in both of her hands, lifting her up and pushing her down onto her hard cock.

Sure enough, Melanie was able to fit it all into her easily. “Oh god,” she moaned, “It’s just… filling me up so much! It’s so satisfying! Oh Celia, you’re amazing!” Melanie ran her hands along Celia’s flabby belly, squeezing her rolls of fat and rubbing her nipples as she bounced up and down on her gigantic prick.

It didn’t take long for both of them to come. Melanie did first, which triggered an orgasm in Celia. Her balls clenched and visibly shuddered. Thick gobs of semen poured out of her dick, despite the fact that she’d come only just a few minutes earlier. Melanie bit her lip and inhaled sharply, reveling in the feeling of having almost a gallon of semen poured into her.

Melanie collapsed on top of Celia, resting on top of her gigantic, soft, fleshy body. Celia’s body rose and fell with her breath, and


In New York, at the operations center for a communications satellite operating corporation, Stanley Richardsen had a strange impulse.

As a senior technician on the team that managed the operation and functioning of the company’s satellite network, his job mostly involved making minor course corrections, flagging malfunctioning equipment, and running diagnostic tests.  Today, though, he began entering a major course adjustment on one of the satellites.

Matthew began to feel pulled back to Celia and her narrative. He was beginning to find it hard to focus on the aside he’d begun to write. He sped up his writing; he knew he didn’t have much time.

It took him only a few moents to enter the data into the programé He didn’t quitre understand what the final effects of this change would be, but he never questioned the impulse., He typed with complete purpose an certainty


“Get back here. What the fuck did you just do?” Celia demanded.

What do you mean?

“You were just typing something in another scene. What did you just write?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

“Author, I swear to god, if you-”

Someone started yelling. Then another person, and another. Celia looked over at the source of the noise, and saw a crowd of people pointing up and behind her, yelling. She turned her enormous bulk, and saw what appeared to be a huge fireball descending toward her out of the sky.

“Matthew, I want-” she shouted, but the din of the panicking crowd made it impossible for her to be heard.

The satellite collided with the deck of the luxury yacht, smashing through wood and steel and ripping the hull apart. The boat broke into several large chunks, and a hail of debris and rubble. The impact of the falling satellite created waves several metres tall, which flowed out in all directions. The burning metal caused the water to steam and bubble, and people were thrown in every direction into the water.

After a few seconds, the steam cleared and the surface of the water was once again relatively stable. There were dozens of people floating, swimming, clinging to floating pieces of wood and plastic. There was no sign of Celia.

Matthew sat still. Did it work? He thought. Is she gone? Slowly, tentatively, almost in fear of what might happen, he began to type:

Celia was dead.

He stared at the screen. It hadn’t worked. He was struck by an urge to keep typing, but it was weak, and he was able to resist it. He stood up clumsily, tipping his chair over, and started running for the door. He put his hand on the doorknob and froze. The urge to go back to his computer was getting stronger, very quickly. He gritted his teeth, forced himself to open the door and stepped out into the hallway. He took a few steps and realized he didn’t know where to go. He stopped running, and immediately forgot what he was supposed to be thinking about.

“Where… was I… going?” he asked himself out loud. He looked back at the door he’d just come running through, and slowly turned around and walked back to his computer.

Several people were treading water or desperately grasping pieces of floating wreckage, trying to find something that could support their weight. For several minutes, people floundered at the surface, scrambling in the raucous waves created by the violence of the crashed satellite.

Then the water rose at a point very close by. A large swell of water several meters tall grew until the surface broke and a giant mess of blonde hair rose up out of the depths. The displaced water caused new waves, and all of the survivors tried desperately to hang on to their ersatz flotation devices as the water churned around them.

Celia’s face rose out of the water and towered over all of the people in the water. Her head alone was easily over 60 feet tall, her giant eyes flitting from person to person. She smiled at the tiny people surrounding her, who were getting tossed about in the chaos she was causing simply by standing there and getting bigger.

Her shoulders rose out from the water, then her chest, and her enormous belly. Her nipples alone were longer than a person was tall. More and more water was being displaced, creating whirlpools and huge waves. The people started kicking desperately, trying to stay away. Her shadow lengthened and grew, throwing everyone before her into shade.

When she stopped growing, the water came just up to her belly button, which was easily large enough to fit several people inside. Her belly protruded from her frame, hanging over everyone, the size of a small mountain. Just her top half was hundreds of feet tall. She contemplated the people floating in front of her, who looked as small as insects.

“That was a good try, Matthew. I couldn’t see what was written in the other scene, so I couldn’t stop it from happening. But I guess that just means I need to keep you focused on me, doesn’t it.”

She reached down and cupped her hands under the water, and lifted them slowly upwards. The water she held in her hands was the size of a large swimming pool, and she’d managed to trap a half-dozen people in it, some of whom were treading water, some of whom had grabbed on to something floating. She looked at them, grinned, opened her mouth, and began to slurp the water up.

The people screamed, but she barely heard them. She just drank all of the water in her cupped hands, sucking the people up one by one into her mouth, and swallowing. She let her hands drop and looked at the remaining survivors. She bit her lip, and extended one hand, palm down, fingers spread, and brought it down with as much force as she could, directly onto several unfortunate people. They were crushed instantly, and the impact created more waves that put more floating survivors underwater.

She took the time to methodically smash, submerge or swallow each surviving member of the yacht party. It only took a few minutes. Once she was done, she looked over to the coast. There, she saw a city with beaches, tall buildings and hundreds of thousands more people to play with.

“Hey Matthew, I’m going to go play in that city. Just keep writing for me. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Matthew wrote, and wrote. The sun went down, and his hands were cramping, but he just typed through the pain. He got hungry, but he ignored it. He got tired, but he couldn’t stop. She smashed, ate, and crushed everything in sight, and masturbated. Once the city was utterly ruined, she walked to another one and did it all over again. The sun came up again. He wrote hundreds of thousands of words detailing the wrath, the lust, and the gluttony of Celia’s play. This continued for hours and hours, until…

Celia lay down in the wreckage of what had once been a thriving metropolis. She rolled over, crushing thousands of people as well as billions of dollars of property and infrastructure, and propped her cheek up on her hand. She lay there for several minutes, thinking of something.

Finally, she raised herself up to her feet, dusted herself off, and spoke. “Alright, Matthew. I want you to write this phrase, and I want you to write it exactly. Ready? Here it is:  “In front of Celia appeared an extradimensional portal that led to the next layer of the narrative.” Got that?”

In front of Celia appeared an extradimensional portal that led to the next layer of the narrative. She laughed and clapped her hands. “Oh, this is…” she didn’t finish her sentence. She just took a deep breath and stepped through the portal.

Matthew collapsed onto the floor and immediately fell unconscious.


When he awoke, the first thing he heard was an unfamiliar voice: “Wakey wakey, Matthew.”

He sat up abruptly and looked around him in a panic. He was at home. He was in the same place he’d been before he passed out. But there, on his computer chair, was the fattest, most beautiful, most frightening woman he’d ever seen. She was a normal size for a human, about five and half feet tall. She was white, with long blonde hair that looked still wet reaching down to her back. She was extremely fat and completely naked, and a long, flaccid penis hung between her fat, gargantuan thighs. She stroked it absentmindedly.

“I was wondering how long you’d be out. I just…” she smiled and thought about her words, “couldn’t wait to meet you!”

Matthew stared at her, not knowing what to do or say. He glanced at the computer, and saw one of his other fetish stories up on the screen. She followed his gaze and glanced back at what she’d been reading.

“I’ve taken the liberty of going through your other writing. You’re got some… interesting ideas, Matthew. I can’t wait to try some of these out.”

Matthew was speechless. There were a few moments of silence, then his phone started to ring. Celia was next to it, and she snatched it up before he could move. She looked at the screen. “Oh, look, it’s Melanie. I’d like to meet her, too. How about we get her over here? Hey, Author.”

Matthew got to his feet. “No! No, I won’t do that!”

Celia looked at him condescendingly. “I wasn’t talking to you anymore.”

Matthew took a moment to understand what she meant. His eyes widened. He looked around himself in horror at the walls of his home.

Celia watched him, then smiled again. “Hey, Author. Bring Melanie here.”

The door opened and Melanie walked in. “Hey babe,” she called, “I’ve been trying to reach you since yest-” her voice trailed off as she saw Celia sitting on the computer chair.

“Well!” said Celia, looking Melanie up and down, then over at Matthew. “What should we do first?”



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story comment

Absolutely loved it. It really reminded me of some of my own older desires. I love the selfishness of the character and the inability of the author to control her, or himself. This puts into focus for me that is really is the author that is the slave to the narrative. The author technically controls it, they can even live it when correctly focused, but the narrative drives the narrator, not the other way around. That is the way it should be. This helped remind me of my place as a "GreyMan," a ghost. Thank you for that.