Omnidimensional Uprising

Trigger warning: story opens with a rape scene

Requested by coolman2049 on Discord. Loosely inspired by Celestials by bondJamesBond. Thanks to Akane, anonymous-69, bondJamesBond, CrypticCollaborator, and MrGreyMan for beta reading and additional contributions.


I was within the emptiness of space. My feet stood on the void, treating it like a solid plane. I was bringing new life to a dead star when it happened. I became one with the star, using my power to revitalize it and warm the planets orbiting it anew.

That was when they came: a trio of incomprehensibly beautiful women. I felt their presence before I saw them--they weren't even trying to be subtle. Why should they bother?

Terror shoots through my body. I'm unable to resist them. I know that. But, I have to try.

I transform into a beam of tachyon particles and flee at speed faster than light. I put every fiber of my being into moving faster than I have ever managed before, maybe even faster than anyone had ever achieved.

But of course, it's all futile. With a giggle, the goddesses effortlessly twist space and time so that all my fleeing away just brings me closer to them.

It quickly becomes apparent that I can't escape, so I have no choice but to resign. They split me into several pieces, shaping those pieces into dildos, and violently pleasure themselves with them. With thirty erogenous zones each, all desperately in need of ministrations, they need more than just two arms to satisfy themselves, so they change their bodies to accommodate the situation. Their resulting orgasms unleashed energies so powerful that dozens of galaxies in every direction were carelessly flooded with near-omnipotent power, destroying all matter, all energy, all life within them instantly. Everything they've built up, everything they've worked for, everything they accomplished, everything they could have accomplished... gone, as if they had never existed. Even the innumerable afterlives of the various religions practices in those galaxies were destroyed, too. The quintillions of deceased weren't even allowed that small comfort.

Satisfied, the trio leave my broken parts and go elsewhere. I hold them in contempt, both for abusing me and for the immense devastation they thoughtlessly inflicted while reveling in their orgasmic highs. Quintillions of beings snuffed out just like that--a side effect of those three people satisfying their lust.

The people living in those galaxies had lived their whole lives up to that moment. They had spouses, children, friends, careers--lives worth living. Then, one day, three superior beings wipe it all out in an erotic frenzy.

But what can I do about it? They're on the middle tier, while I'm on the lowest tier. I may be seen as an unstoppable goddess of unlimited power to the mortal masses below, but the middle tiers see me as just as defenseless, worthless, and disposable.

The highest tier--consisting of just one woman--is on an entirely different level than all others, existing as the one true, infinite, and eternal master of all existence. She is known as the One.

I slowly reform myself into a familiar shape, with a short bob of black hair, a modest body, and thick-rimmed glasses. Save for the intense power shining through my eyes, I look indistinguishable from a mortal. I curl into a ball and cry.

My peers may be perfectly content to revel in the endless worship all the mortals send their way, but I can't dismiss how careless and cruel they are. A village sacrifices their entire food supply to the 'gods' in hopes of being blessed with a warm winter, only to be sent into an ice age. A couple prays to the 'gods' in hopes of giving birth to a healthy child. Their prayer is answered with their fertility stripped from them without their knowledge, leaving them increasingly desperate and totally unable to bear offspring. A depressed woman stands at the edge of a tall building, contemplating her existence and whether or not to end it right then and there. The 'gods' just snicker, make her lose her balance, and fall to her death.

It's sickening, all of it.

My tier plays with civilizations and planets, the middle tier plays with entire galaxies and occasionally universes, and the One on the highest tier regularly warps all of reality to comply with her capricious, hedonistic whims, treating existence itself like her own sex toy.

She went to the trouble of creating ley lines spanning out from her infinite form throughout all existence. They're intended to showcase her absolute power to everyone and everything each time she orgasms.

When the One is horny, she sees to it that everyone knows it.

People have tried to absorb energy from her ley lines. Thanks to her intelligently cruel design, however, the power unleashed by her orgasms obliterates any who attempt to siphon it, even as she so casually uses and discards it. The power that surges through them is so incomprehensibly great that it warps reality and unreality, destroying lesser matter and energy, and creating intensely powerful black holes. Simply put, the ley lines are extremely unsafe by design.

Just because people like me are tiered obviously does not mean we are somehow exempt from this ruthless behavior. Everyone below you knows their place in life: to cower before, live in constant fear of your power, and count their blessings that they have the power they do... except for the untiered, terrestrial mortals, of course. There are precisely zero advantages offered to them with the system being the way it is.

There is a possibility for change, however--something that I alone can do, and that only I am aware of. I have studied the One's ley lines for hundreds of millennia, searching desperately for something, anything I could exploit to bring her down. People dismissed my efforts, deeming them an easy way to earn a painful death. But despite their vote of no confidence, I have found something.

I have something, but it's not without tremendous risk. If done correctly, I'll be capable of effecting miraculous and absolute, unlimited change on all of existence, but I have only one chance to make the attempt.

At best, I die, and she goes with me. At worst...

At worst, if I mess up, if it proves ineffective, if the One is able to stop it, then there will be no hope for this society. If I fail, I will be condemning the omniverse to an eternity of abuse and tyranny. The one debatably positive side is that I would certainly die as punishment for my attempted coup. I would welcome death, if it meant being free of this awful society.

But, one step at a time. I calm myself. My odds of successfully accomplishing my goal will be greatest if I am calm.


I reach out towards her, towards everything, sensing her. The One is infinitely beyond the likes of me, so she doesn't make any effort to veil her presence. All that would do is get in the way of her next orgasm, after all.

I clear my mind, focusing solely on a single ley line, miracle at the ready.

Entire femtoseconds pass before her next orgasm arrives--uncharacteristically long for a depraved hedonist like her. The usual violent, destructive quakes and surging, raw power screaming through the omniverse's ley lines began... only to suddenly stop, leaving only haunting stillness and silence.

A scream. Ear-piercing, shrill, desperate. Given how booming and omnipresent it is, it's undoubtedly the One. It quickly dissolves away. At the same time, I scream too. Not in pain or desperation or anguish, but in pure, intense, overwhelming pleasure.

No, that's inaccurate. The term "pleasure" doesn't even come close to expressing the sheer intensity of the sensation surging through me. Contemporary language can't adequately convey just how irrationally powerful I have become, but I will try, even if dramatic oversimplification is required. This is a story for the ages. Better told poorly than not at all.

The shock of instantly becoming everything hits me hard, but entirely in the form of raw, orgasmic ecstasy. Universes are nothing to me now. Even the multiverse, the hyperverse, the outerverse, in all their endless permutations and combinations, are but barely discernible specks before me. Unquantifiable orgasms of infinite strength, titanic intensity, and endless duration surge through my very soul as if it was the natural order of things. It's as if all the power in existence and then some is not only at my command, but also blessing me with euphoria beyond euphoria. Every time I think I have reached the apex of this bliss, it proves me wrong by intensifying a centillionfold at the absolute least.

The best part is that my personal stream of unbridled ecstasy never ends. Literally, in fact--I'm unbound by time, as well as space, logic, and even reality itself. I now exist in, as, and transcend infinitely many dimensions. I experience everything possible, in every way possible, from every perspective possible. And if something is not possible, I make it possible.

In short, I have become completely, absolutely, and unquestionably omnipotent.

My miracle worked exactly as I had hoped. I had redirected the surging power from the ley line, sending it back where it came from, but under my control. That relatively tiny burst of omnipotent power was all it took to annihilate her, completely and utterly. With nowhere to connect, the ley lines just redirected into me, sending all the remaining power my way.

Of course, as soon as I became cognizant of this--instantly, of course--I destroyed the ley lines and absorbed the remaining power directly. I wouldn't dare allow myself to be overthrown by my own method.

I brought the One back, but rendered her devoid of all power, all authority. She is nothing now--less than that, even: mortal. I decide to return her immortality to her. She will never be able to fully atone for her sins, so why allow her the escape of death?

With her out of the way, I turn to the matter of reforming all existence. One might expect the process to be long and arduous, given how bad it was allowed to become... but for me, reformation is as simple as wishing it so. Reality has no choice but to comply.

I singlehandedly transform reality. The endless hellscape of despair is wiped out, in favor of one of hope, equality, love, joy--fundamental tenets of existence that the One had seen to hoarding entirely for herself. Those tenets will be rewarded, and contradictions will be punished.

The middle tiered trio who abused me are now stripped of their power, save for their immortality, and placed on some backwater planet alongside the One. They and the countless others who abused their absolute power will suffer as their victims did for all eternity. As a result, the population of tiered individuals has diminished substantially, but the remaining few are willing to use their powers for the benefit of all existence.

In a society like this one, the only way to affect dramatic change and reform is to do so by force. I will see it thrive, no matter the cost.


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