Servitude (1,966 words)

(genie, some physical transformation, sex)


“So you’re… a genie. Like – a genie genie.”

She looked at me with an expression that was so joyful, it seemed like she might cry.

“That’s right, mistress.”

“And I’m – no, oh god – I’m your fucking mistress.


She laughed hysterically. I waited patiently for her to finish, and she continued: “Oh this, this is… okay, okay. I just need to calm down and… uh… how many wishes do I get?”

“As many as you desire, mistress, as long as the lamp remains in your possession.”

As many as-” she cried, and cut herself off, looking around herself sheepishly. “Okay. Okay. Uh…” her eyes widened. She smiled, showing all of her teeth, as she clenched and unclenched her hands. “Uh… okay genie. Just, uh… I need to think about this. Just go back in your lamp for now.”

“As you wish.” I dissolved into a column of smoke and retreated to my lamp.

I don’t know how long I remained in the lamp. It might have been minutes or years. But for however long it was, I was unable to think about anything except my mistress. Her face was imprinted onto my consciousness; the timbre of her voice sounded in my imagination; her hair, black as the night sky, her skin, smooth and dark, her breasts, her feet, her back, every part of her. Every cell of her being was memorized. I replayed our short conversation at least a thousand times before I felt myself being drawn out of the lamp again.

There she was before me. You are so beautiful. She was wearing different clothes, and we were now indoors, in what seemed to be a small room filled with personal belongings.

“What may I do for you, mistress?” Please command me.

She gawked and smiled for a moment before answering. She put her hands to her face and thought about what she was going to say. “Okay, genie. I’ve thought a lot about this over the past few days. And I have a, uhm, a list.” She held up a paper in her hand. “I, uh, don’t want to age. And I don’t want to get sick, or hungry, or tired. Ever. Can you do that?”

“Of course, mistress.”

She grinned.

We spent several hours discussing wishes, and their details. I granted several dozen wishes for her, that first night alone, most of them modifying her body or mind in some way. And with each passing moment I desired her more.

When she first drew me out of my lamp, she was perfect. But with every change she made to herself – becoming taller, stronger, more intelligent, more sexual, more perceptive, she became more perfect, in ways previously unattainable by any human. I craved her more and more strongly with each passing moment.

My incorporeality means that I have no fingers or hands to stroke or touch her with. I cannot feel her physically. But I nonetheless took great care and great pleasure in the transformations I performed upon her. When she asked me to make her stronger, I lovingly caressed her muscles with my consciousness and my magical being, gently encouraging them to grow, to develop, to tear and heal and strengthen and tear and heal and strengthen.

When she asked me to make her more intelligent, I pored over the inner workings of her mind and admired the particular blend of memories, wants, fears and neuroses that made up her personality, and took great pride in giving her exactly what she wanted, modifying a synapse here, a neurotransmitter there. I wanted her still more.

By the time we’d finished, that first evening, she was more powerful than any other human on the planet – which, of course, was still almost nothing in absolute terms. But it made her happy, and I was pleased that I had made her happy.

The sun was coming up, and the city around us started to wake. She ordered me back into my lamp, and I complied.

How lucky I am for my lamp to have fallen into the hands of such an incredible specimen of humanity. My previous masters…

I searched my memories.

Who have my previous masters been?

Have I ever had a master before?

I can’t remember.


When she next summoned me, I again had no conception of how much time had passed. I gazed upon her as a parched man who comes to a cool river. Her presence was a balm on my very consciousness. For a moment, there was only her; she was the only thing that existed. Her beauty and perfection was the only thing I needed.

Soon, I was able to perceive my surroundings. There was another human in the room with her – a male. He screamed when he saw me, which provoked a panicked shushing from my mistress.

“Genie, can you calm him down?”

“Yes, mistress.” I did so, and he immediately quieted, but continued to stare at me in shock.

I looked around the room. The bed was disorderly, and there were several empty bottles of alcohol scattered about. My mistress and the human male were naked, and the male was covering his body self-consciously before me. This male has defiled my mistress, I realized quickly. I became confused, then angry. How powerful is the man that he was able to force her? And why was she not able to ask for my help sooner?  I prepared myself to punish him in whatever way my mistress saw fit. I was ready to offer suggestions, if she would deign to ask. I look forward to destroying him utterly.

“Okay, genie, I want Frank to be able to stay hard and keep orgasming, even after he’s already come. He’ll just be able to keep coming, again and again. He won’t get tired either. And make his dick an inch longer and a bit thicker too.”

The man smiled nervously.

I looked from him to her and from her to him. She does not wish to punish him? She wishes… for him to… continue defiling her? Repeatedly?


“…As you wish, mistress.”

I did as she asked. I enlarged the man’s penis, and modified his organs to allow him to do what she had instructed me to do. I took just as much care in my work as I had when modifying her – because it was what she wanted. Both my mistress and the man seemed pleased with my work. She held his penis in her hands, gently, eagerly, and a pang of violent jealousy struck me.

“This is great, genie. You can go back in your lamp now.”

I did.


When she summoned me again it was in the same room, during the daylight hours. Very little had changed, but the male was no longer there.

“Hey genie, so… make that guy forget ever having met me. Lose my name, lose my number. Kay?”

“Immediately, mistress.”

“Great. Uh, you can go now.”

“Yes, mistress.”


She was ravenously sexual. Almost every time she called me, she was with a partner, or preparing to meet with one. Some I saw many times. Others I saw only once. Usually they were men, but occasionally women too. Usually she was with one partner at a time. Sometimes there were two or three. Occasionally there was a large group of them. I counted them, and the number became greater and greater – one became five, became ten, became fifty, became one hundred, became many hundreds, became thousands. It must have been over a period of years, but because she never aged, it was impossible for me to know.

“Hey genie, I want to have a large pool here.”

“Yes, mistress.” I want you.

“I want to go on a date with David Beckham.”

“Yes, mistress.” I want nothing but you.

“Make me a foot taller.”

“Of course, mistress.” Your soul is pure.

“I’m running low on cash, I want another billion.”

“As you wish, mistress.”  Your body is ethereally beautiful.

“I want Victoria to come on my next date with David. Make her want to have a threesome with us.”

“Yes, mistress.” My craving knows no bounds.

“Hey genie, I want to be able to read minds.”

“Of course, mistress.” If you would but ask me to pleasure you.

“The sky should be purple.”

“Right away, mistress.” If I could just touch you.

“Turn Jennifer here into my slave.”

“Without hesitation, mistress.” If I could…


One day she forgot to dismiss me.

She was outside, naked on the beach of her island, which I had created to her exact specifications. With her was a man. I had seen once before; he was nervous but excited at my appearance. His penis started to stiffen.

“Okay genie,” my mistress began. Your voice is like honey. I want Bastian here to be cloned. Twice. I want there to be three of him.”

“Of course, mistress.”

With an insignificant effort, there were three copies of the man, all acting autonomously and independently. They looked at each other in wonder. Then, with a knowing glance, they stepped forward almost in unison and began to grab, caress and fondle my mistress.

She was enjoying herself so much that she lay down on the ground, while the three copies of her lover began to pleasure her simultaneously. One of them began to perform cunnilingus on her, another rubbed and licked her breasts and nipples, and the final one kissed her, upside down, on the mouth.

She hadn’t dismissed me. For the first time, I watched her engage in these carnal acts. Seeing her being pleasured was excruciating and stimulating. I was more aroused than I had ever been; my very being shook with unfulfilled, unfulfillable craving. With unrequited want.

If I could touch you. If I could make you feel my desire, this ache I have that never ceases, it would be like nothing you could never imagine. You think you know what power is, but you haven’t the faintest idea of what is possible. You think you’re enjoying sex with these humans, but what they can offer you is so limited as to be unworthy of your attention. I could show you. I could show you power – and pleasure – unlike any that a human being has yet experienced. I could make you feel what it is to be a goddess, and you would still not have any but the barest understanding of my abilities.

Before me, the clones and my mistress changed their positions. One of the clones inserted his penis into her vagina and began to thrust. She cried out in the pleasure that he was granting her.

If you would allow me, mistress, to pleasure you, I would show you the very limits of your capacity for sexual joy, and then how easily I could help you surpass those limits. I could grant you an orgasm that could last years – or one that would kill an ordinary human with its intensity. I could do so with the barest exertion of my powers. I could make you the only human in the world capable of withstanding and experiencing my love.

And If I had hands, if I had a tongue, if I had a penis – if you would grant me these things – if I had a body, if I could feel pleasure as well… if I had…

She saw me out of the corner of her eye. She started. “Jesus! Genie, have you been there the whole time?”

“I have not been dismissed.”

“Have you just been watching us?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Ugh.” She made a face of disgust. “Go back in your lamp.”

“Yes mistress.” I did.

Back in my lamp, I contemplated the eternity that lay before me. Oh, mistress… if I could just… if you would only…



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