High school boy meets Ultimate Futanari in future.


High school boy meets Ultimate Futanari in future.



In 2132 a probe was found orbiting beyond the moon. A non-human-made sphere with strange overlapping ellipse markings. The world went crazy with excitement  and speculation. However the sphere did nothing and mankind was unable to open it until it’s course was altered with atomic explosions and it crashed into the moon. It broke revealing many smaller spheres.

 Further attempts to open these sphere even using atom bombs were unsuccessful. Some scientists made noises about metallurgy but ultimately mankind learned nothing useful from this investigation. Years past and people calmed down and went on with their lives. Sci-fi became less popular possibly because it reminded people of the disappointing anti-climax to mans’s first contact.

Then in 2138 the ships came moving at something approaching the speed of light decelerating at the last moment to landing gently in Brazil, the Congo and Indonesia. These ships were like metal towered cities and anyone who approached them was vaporised without warning.

The world went insane. People rioted. Governments made unsuccessful attempts to attack the cities. Religious leaders predicted the end of the world. People would sacrifice themselves to the death barriers of the alien cities.


But the ships did nothing. People went on with their lives and tried to ignore the cities.

113 years later a door opened in the Indonesian City and a huge armoured figure walked out.

Locals, then officals, then the army, then scientists, then more important scientists tried to talk to the figure. It was quite awkward as the alien knew no earth language to start and though it learned quickly, it still found it hard to understand and make itself understood. Eventually one message was clear: “We have job for twenty-one. Reward will be generous blessing. Come in 6 cycles”

Official from a hundred governments argued furiously, but six days later 21 expendable people who would represent the various interested parties gathered before the  door to the alien ship. The door opened and the alien lead them inside.

They were not released for a year. When they came out they were different. They had received blessings from the Dichos as they called them as payment for their job. It seemed the Dichos wanted to interact with humanity and had taken the volunteers to learn about earth and it’s peoples. The volunteers had been teachers, students, test subjects and diplomats inside the alien city for a year.

Their blessings were indeed wondrous. Each person had received an Endowment. A small but significant increase in strength, speed, durability or  intelligence. One subject could slowly alter their appearance and another possessed some telekinesis. In addition they all seemed somewhat healthier and more attractive

Some were traumatised but others were more or less calm. After being thoroughly interviewed they were given some free time. They joined the massive party that was taking place in the town outside the alien city. There was a lot of drinking and one reporter wound up in a hotel room with one of the volunteers an Asian guy with a strength endowment. It was then the other part of the Dichos’s blessing was revealed. The Asian guy was *hung*. A little more than seven inches.

This was a big deal. Human penis size had been decreasing steadily over the past few decades and the average was three inches. Pollution or interbreeding with Asians was blamed. Some suspected the Aliens, though it had started before they had arrived. Five inches was probably as big as a natural penis got. Seven inches was awe-inspiring.


 After an energetic night the reporter checked up on all the volunteers’…sizes. It seemed all of them had received a seven inch penis. All of them. Even the women. All of the volunteers instantly became even more popular. Even the women.

The women were naturally quite embarrassed about this but gradually the huge penis became a symbol of the superhuman nature of the Endowed as they came to be known and they became quite proud of it.

Years passed. It seemed earth was now part of the Dichos empire. However the Dichos seemed to want earth as a refuelling station for their starships and didn’t care if humans carried on with their “civilisation” without interference.

 Every year a hundred or so volunteers went to work for the Dichos and became Endowed. Their Endowments were very valuable and Endowed became great politicians, businessmen, celebrities, prostitutes and even crimefighters. They tended to socialise together and formed communities and developed something of an elitist attitude.

Then something else was discovered.  

Volunteers worked now as guides, assistants, dancers and interpreters for the Dichos. Some were even hired for cleaning corridors inside the cities.

Some Endowed returned to serve the Dichos for another cycle. When they finished they received not only a new Endowment or an improvement on an old endowment (stronger, smarter, a greater range of shapeshifting, etc) but every time their penis size would be made larger. For every endowment a Human received they would also receive an increase in penis length of about a quarter of an inch. This gave the person who had spent the most time serving the Dichos the man (It was a man naturally) the biggest penis on earth.


Ten years later the most endowed was one Perez Satiago. A man with two endowments of strength (he could lift a car by it’s end), one of intelligence(he could memorise a whole book in a few hours),one of speed (he could keep up with a moving car),three of durability (he could take a bullet to the chest and receive only a bruise and he would live an extra hundred years), Two of shapeshifting (he could look like any human he wished) and one of telekinesis( with concentration he could move small objects) he was the extremely proud owner of an erect nine and a quarter inch penis- the largest dick on the planet.

Time passed and Endowed married and had children. And it was discovered that the genes for Endowments were passed on to children giving boys and girls the powers ( and johnny size) of their endowed parent. Not much later a two endowed married and had a child- a baby girl.

Of course she had a penis. Moreover as she grew it became clear that she had all the powers (and combined quarter inches) of the parents. (that’s one endowment for the base 7 inches from say the mother and then more quarter-inches from all the mother’s extra endowments and the father’s total endowments combined). Little Anya at age eighteen was the somewhat shy bearer of a ten and a half inch member- the largest on earth by a full inch and a quarter.

Time passed and there was a population of around ten thousand Endowed in the world.

An Ideological movement (some say encouraged by the Dichos) took root. It stated that it was the duty of Endowed to “spread their power” across the earth and mate with as many average women as possible. Thus more endowed would be created and gradually the whole human race would gain endowments and become worthy of been seen as equals in the eyes of the Dichos. Endowed (male and female. All the penises were perfectly functional) were encouraged to bed many normal women.


Homes were set up to house all the pregnant women and raise the new children who when they were mature would go out and mate with more women. Thus the Endowed’s numbers grew and their grand plan came closer to fruition.

However one thing was forbidden. An Endowed could no longer mate with an endowed. This was considered a waste of energy and time that would be more efficiently used “gifting” ordinary women.

Also the leaders of the Endowed feared the powerful being that would be created if two particularly well Endowed individual produced a child.


At about 11.00am a girl accompanied by the principal walked into Pemberton high school 12th grade gym class.

Bobby  Chysnik was playing dodge ball and the first things he noticed were the responses of his other classmates.


“Oh my god”

“It’s an Endowed”

He looked over and saw her.

It was a girl.

She was more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen in his life and she was obviously an Endowed.

Firstly she had an air of perfect confidence. Every part of her posture said “I just want to get this over with and you all mean nothing, but if you bother me I will squash you”

Her skin was pale and flawless.

Her unsmiling face was stare-at-it-for-hours gorgeous with perfectly proportioned, perfectly symmetrical features. She had large green eyes that flashed with intelligence and her perfect lips were set in a slight sneer.

She had curly raven black hair that billowed down to her thighs without a hair out of place.

Incredibly full, incredibly firm, incredibly large breasts the size of watermelons were stretching the fibres of the gym shirt and had pulled the material up exposing her taut midriff and narrow waist.

Her legs were very long contributing to her height which was taller than anyone in the class.

The true proof however, that she was an Endowed was an utterly flaccid penis that gave a bulge that ran along the top of her gym short… all the way around her curvy hips and back around to her crotch area.


The class stopped and whispered.

“Oh my god! she’s soo pretty!”

“Look at *that* dick! She must have like 20 Endowments!”

“More like 50!”

“Check out those babies!”

“I want her to give me *her* babies!”

The principal a worried looking woman clapped for attention.

“Attention students!  Attention students! I’m honoured to announce that we have a very special new student coming to our class”

The Endowed girl took out a portable screen device and stared at it with a bored expression.

“This girl is Shanna Vi Pretoras.” The principal said “She is transferring to our school for a while. She is an Endowed and I want you all to show her proper respect and … um… be friends with her”.

There was silence.

The gym teacher asked everyone to go back to Dodgeball and politely requested that Shanna do the same.

Not taking her eyes off her screen device Shanna strolled over.

The match started and began to heat up.

Shanna didn’t move much, just a casual step here and there left and right. Dodgeballs flew left and right past her but nothing seemed to hit her. Eventually all her teammate were knocked out and she stood alone on her side of the field. Still holding her viewer in one hand she reached up and grabbed a ball mid-air, then threw it.

It hit a boy right in the forehead knocking him over and bouncing right back to her hand where she flicked it back to hit another classmate. She sent a flurry of about six rebounds and in a matter of seconds had knocked out the other team. She sighed straining the fabric of her gym shirt even more, adjusted the position of her flaccid cock around her waist and then returned her attention to her viewer.

In a matter of hours the whole school was talking about her.

Everyone knew Endowed often travelled to mate with non-endowed. She was a bit young-only fifteen, but Endowed with Endowments of intelligence were often mentally mature earlier than regular people and so considered legally adult if they displayed sufficient maturity.

Everyone was wondering if she would mate with some lucky girl and if so with whom.


Not only was a girl who mated with an Endowed financially secure for life (the Endowed had foundations that gave generous allowances to mothers who were “gifted” Endowed children), there was the instinctual desire to mate with the most genetically superior mate and thus produce a more genetically superior child and there was the common knowledge that sex with an Endowed was incredible.

The few students that dared to approach her were rebuffed with eerily precise and effective insults.

One boy who didn’t take a hint had his arm broken in about a quarter of a second.

Shanna had then walked away from him leaving him gasping in pain. There was no complaint. No one in this small school, this backward town would dare challenge an Endowed’s actions for risk of causing any offense.

She handed in an essay on ancient Mesopotamia written in what turned out to ancient Mesopotamian.

A girl who caught a glimpse of her viewer saw that the writing was a blur scrolling too fast for a normal human to read, let alone comprehend.

She turned in her Shakespeare report with a rewritten version of Othello that the English teacher after reading it, had to admit was superior to the original.

One day as school finished she tucked her books away, lifted her bag over her shoulder and then vanished. There was nothing but a blur of dark hair and a gust of wind down the hall and she was gone.


One boy had said he had found her in the gym drinking a soda with one hand and effortlessly lifting with the other hand a barbell crammed with most of the gyms weights.

Someone said they had seen her one time reading in the library with a number of combs and brushes moving apparently by themselves brushing her gorgeous flowing black hair.

She was so pretty she made the previously hottest girl at school look like a guy in comparison.

Somedays she seemed to eat  nothing.

Others she ate amazing delicacies or strange pastes.

Once the school came into lunch to find a dazed lunch lady who claimed Shanna had come in and simply eaten all the food in the canteen. Before the disbelieving students she simply sat there reading and with a handkerchief brushed a crumb from her lip.

Bobby was too scared even to fantasise about her, in case she could read his mind. He didn’t even jerk off. Just in case. This was hard for him since the sight of Shanna’s breasts alone could provide a lifetime of fantasies.

Esme Willis was a twenty nine year old teacher’s assistant and had had been for about seven years. She was a short morbidly obese woman and was painfully shy. She was often teased by the girls at the school and spent most of her time in the library. She had a large collection of Happy Bird dolls and merchandise.

She thought Shanna was amazing and having an amazing, exciting Endowed at her school was by far the most interesting thing ever to happen in her life. Still she was terrified of the thought of meeting Shanna but collected photos from the school paper of Shanna and listened to other teachers talk about Shanna.

So when one day she was having a bag of potato chips in an aisle and suddenly Shanna was standing there, she nearly had a heart attack.

Esme dropped her crisps.

Shanna was wearing the school uniform- a navy jacket, tie, white blouse, navy skirt, white socks and black shoes. The largest size blouse was barely containing her breasts. The buttons were stretched.

No one knew exactly how Shanna’s dick was arranged inside her uniform.

With her long legs Shanna stood a head and a half above Esme.

Shanna smiled gently and said “Hello Esme”

Esme started to tremble.

Shanna pushed a lock of her dark hair back and said “How are things in the library? Everything going well?”

Esme managed to nod.

Shanna smiled a smile as beautiful as a sunrise.

“I’m so glad” She said.

Her expression turned a little sad.

“Esme I was wondering if you could help me with something?” Shanna said seemingly a little nervous.

Esme was feeling a little woozy.

“Of course” she said “Anything”

Shanna smiled like a naughty school girl.

“Could I come over to your house this evening?”

Esme wondered if she was dying and this was a dream she was having while she was dying.

“Yes… uh… yes” Esme said.

“Great” Shanna said bouncily. “At seven pm?”

Esme made a vague noise of assent.

“Good… oh! You have some crumbs on you” Shanna reached over and with her pale slender fingers wiped some potato chip crumbs off Esme’s face.

“Ok!” Shanna turned and walked away her dark hair swaying like a shampoo commercial.

Esme managed a “Wuh”

“Don’t worry. I know where you live” Shanna called back and she was gone.


Esme sat in her room and waited. She was desperately afraid Shanna would not show up or perhaps her mother downstairs would interfere somehow and Shanna would go away.

Esme had just told her mother a friend was coming over.

Esme was wearing her best dress the blue one she wore for funerals. She had gained weight since last time she wore it and it bulged in places and she was wondering if she could just hack off some flesh to make it fit better

If Shanna turned up and spent just a few minutes talking to her that would be perfect.

If Shanna turned up and then killed her right there even then Esme would die happy.


The doorbell rang Esme headed down stairs. She was trembling. Her mother answered the door. There was a pause. Esme waddled onto the top of the stairs. Shanna was saying something to her mother who looked stunned.

Shanna saw Esme and gave her a smile and a wave.

Shanna’s long black hair was in a huge pony tail. She was wearing a grey sweater and long skirt. On another girl it would have looked ugly, on Shanna it looked like it was holding back an explosion of sexiness.

Shanna steeped inside, turned to Esme’s mother and said sweetly “Perhaps you would like to go to a restaurant or something for say half an hour?”

Esme’s mother got a strange look in her eye

“Yes. Of course” She said. She got her purse and left.

As the door closed Shanna put her hands behind her back and gave a cute little head tilt.

“Can I see your room Esme?” She asked her beautiful hands touching the bannister.

Esme stepped back. She was so sweaty. Shanna ascended the stairs with effortless grace and the slightest sway of her hips.

Esme considered her room and prayed to God that all of her happy bird junk would just vanish.

She opened the door.

“Oh my God you have so much Happy bird stuff!” Shanna steeped into Esmes room and picked up Sparry Sparrow and gave him a little hug. Shanna moved around the room looking at all the doll and making appreciative noises.

Esme was about three times happier than she had ever been in her entire life.

After a few minutes talking about Esme’s collection Shanna stood up a serious expression on her face.  She held Jay the Jaybird in her hands.

“Ok Esme the real reason I came here is this:

You know that Endowed are supposed to spread their gift by well … making love to girls and things. Well I’ve chosen you to be a mate and bear my child.

So get naked.”

“What?” Esme farted a little.

“Take… your…  dress… off”

For a second Esme considered if this was some cruel prank. If she would take her dress off and Shanna would laugh and some kids would come in and then maybe someone would take her to prison.

But she realised whatever happened, that for whatever reason Shanna had given her the greatest moment of her life and Esme would do anything for her.

Esme reached with her chubby fingers and popped her buttons. Her dress fell to the floor.

Esme’s body was basically rolls of fat from her chins to her ankles. Sweat was rolling of her. She felt like a piece of dirt in front of Shanna.

Shanna placed Jay the Jaybird carefully on the floor.

“Sit down” She said.

Esme sat on the bed.

“Now Esme I want you to remember whatever happens I promise I Will Not Hurt You.

Do you understand?”

Esme nodded.

Shanna reached under her skirt and unfastened something.

A tube of meat fell down to hit the floor with an audible thud.

“Oh sweet Jesus” Esme thought.

Shanna stood which one white stockinged, black leather shoed foot placed gracefully in front of the other and a look of concentration came over her face.

In one second the tube hardened and swelled until it was pointing downwards at an angle at the floor in front of Esme.

One second later it hardened again and it was larger and sticking out horizontally, it’s massive head a few inches from Esme’s face.


One second later It hardened and thickened and it was now pointing upwards at a 45degree angle above Esme’s head.


One second later It hardened and thickened until it was pointing upwards at a 80degree angle.


One second later it was longer and fatter.


One second later it was longer and fatter.


One second later it was longer and fatter.


Shanna was daubing precum onto the ceiling of Esme’s room.


“Are you ready?” She said.




Part 2


Shanna pushed her mega-cock slightly to one side, slipped her black shoes and panties off,(her dick had been jutting out over the top of them) walked carefully across the room and sat on the bed beside Esme.

She was still fully clothed except for her shoes and panties.

Even sitting her dick stood higher than her and Esme’s heads.

Her huge breasts in her sweater were pushed slightly apart by her erection.

“Do you want to touch it?”

She lay back seductively. It throbbed slightly.

Nervous, Esme gave a little fart again. Slowly she reached out to touch Shanna’s cock.

Shanna made no reaction. She just sat and looked pleased with herself.

It was like white, softest skin over warm steel and so big.

“B-but it’s too big”

“Oh I can fix that”


Shanna placed her hands on her dick and it slowly contracted down to a beautiful slender five inch erection.

Shanna ran a finger over Esme’s body.

“So are you ready? Or I could just go if you really want”

“No! No please I’m ready”

Smiling Shanna pushed Esme down and crawled over her.

Her perfect raven-black curls fell against Esme’s skin and her immense breasts pushed against Esme’s saggy rolls.

Shanna placed a single perfect kiss on Esme’s cheeks and drove her penis into Esme’s virginal snatch.

Esme started to pant. It felt soooo good!


Esme didn’t know but Shanna was using her psychic abilities to make their coupling even better.

The slightest movement was ten times more pleasurable than it would otherwise have been.

If Shanna hadn’t been using the same power to keep Esme conscious, the fat girl would have fainted with ecstasy. She was already having continual orgasms.

The sensation of Shanna’s penis inside her was the focus of all her being.

Shanna gave a few thrusts and then smiled.

She gave one thrust and her penis enlarged inside Esme’s vagina.

It filled every part of it completely and then stretched each part almost but not quite to tearing point.

Every last microscopic crevice in Esme’s vag was now completely filled with Shanna-dick-meat.

Even Shanna struggled to keep Esme conscious through the explosion of ecstasy.

Shanna didn’t thrust but slowly, rhythmically shrank and enlarged her penis inside Esme.

Each swell stretched out Esme’s vagina bigger.

She was already too stretched out to ever feel pleasure from a normal boy’s penis again.

Esme felt so unbelievably filled.

Shanna took a second to remove her sweater, revealing a white blouse underneath.

Her tits stretched the buttons.

The huge distortion in Esmes belly was visible and getting bigger.

Esme struggled desperately to catch breaths.


As she worked, Shanna was psychically working through Esme’s brain removing traumatic memories, making her thought processes more efficient, boosting her self-esteem, dropping useful data directly into her mind. Basically making her a better, happier person.

This made her act of joining akin to a religious experience.


Shanna kept this up for almost hour, casually keeping Esme at a peak of ecstasy the whole time.

Shanna amused herself by looking through Esme’s long term memories.

Esme had cum for so long and so hard, her pussy could now only gave feeble twitches.

When Esme’s vagina had being stretched to four times its original capacity, Shanna decided it was time.

She brought her penis down to ten inches and came inside her.

She finally let Esme slip into unconsciousness  and her goose-egg sized balls twitched and let loose a mere fraction what Shanna was capable of off-loading.

Shanna shot a warm, white stream of her sperm which quickly filled up  Esme’s stretched vagina.

The sperm surged in towards Esme’s womb .

Shanna made sure to pump in as much in as she could. She paused for a few seconds and then quickly pulled out, got up and stepped aside.

As soon as she pulled out a flood of sperm poured from the unconscious Esme’s vag onto her bed.

Esme groaned .

Shanna let her cock return to its full flaccid size and fitted it into her special underwear.

It was an effort to keep it shrunken and as an Endowed she felt she had to display the symbol of her superiority at all times.

Shanna patted Esme’s head affectionately, slipped her shoes back on and left.


For the next few days Pemberton had a great deal of activity on social networks and through other communication.


Bobby  Chysnik was cutting the grass on the school soccer pitch.

The coach paid him a little to mow it once a week.

His mom and dad both worked at the same fast food restaurant and didn’t have a lot of extra cash, so he had to earn more some other way.

He realised someone was standing and watching him just a few feet away.

It was Shanna.

He was startled.  He stopped the lawnmower and looked at her. He couldn’t see how she could have gotten so close without him noticing.

She had a blank expression.

“Um” he said.

“You’re Bobby Chysnik” said Shanna.

It was a statement. Not a question.

Shanna was wearing the school uniform, her huge tits stretching the buttons of Pemberton high school’s largest shirt.  Shanna’s breasts jiggled considerably in response to her slightest breath or movement- long and heavily.

“You’re seventeen years old. You have one older brother in college. You collect Punisher comics.

Your blood type is O and you going to get an “F” on your next English test.”

She ran her hand through her long black hair.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

Bobby hadn’t let go of the lawnmower.  He nodded a little.

Shanna moved one leg to the side and moved her hips just a little.

That movement was the most sensuous thing Bobby had ever seen.

“Do you want to have sex with this body?”

Bobby gulped

“Well sure I gu…”

Shanna moved and he received a blow to his chest that knocked him on his ass.

“How dare you? How dare you? You disgusting pervert!  Do you understand how the world works?”

“Beautiful…” She straightened her skirt over her perfect thighs “…people go with other beautiful people. Average people go with average people. Ugly wretches like you…” She sneered

“…die virgins”

“A nothing like you shouldn’t even dream of touching my perfect body. I am better than you. I am much better than you in every conceivable way. You should be ashamed to be alive. You should be worshipping people who serve me. You shouldn’t even be aware of my existence. In a way you aren’t aware of my existence because you don’t grasp what I am. I am an Endowed.”

She let her penis loose from its holding.

Even flaccid it hit the ground. She grasped the hilt and pulled her hand up letting her dick run through her fingers until she held the top part of it in her hand. Even the top part was fifteen times longer than bobby’s entire penis erect.

She regarded it with a disinterested expression.


“I am Superhuman. I am beyond superhuman. I possess one hundred and sixty-four Endowments. I have a forty-eight inch penis. I can bend titanium with my bare hands. My intelligence is beyond what your kind can measure. I am beautiful beyond what any artist could depict.


You on the other hand are below an average human in every way. Your penis is one inch.

You can barely lift two bags of groceries. You can’t do basic algebra. You look rather like a mole rat.”

Shanna flipped a ten inch length of her penis slowly back and forth with one hand as she talked.


“You bruise easily and probably will die in your forties from too much beer and pizza.

I take no damage from machine-gun fire and I am basically immortal.”

Shanna spun a length of her penis in a little circle.

“I possess advanced telekinesis, telepathy, enhanced senses, super-speed, resistance to heat, cold and radioactivity, oh and I can shape-shift.”

Shanna ran her fingers through her hair and it turned snow-white.

“You can’t even swim.”


“So do you understand just how wrong it is, that someone like you would even look at me, let alone consider…”


“…touching me?”

Shanna sniffed and placed the tip of her penis in her breast pocket and the rest of its considerable length hung out and reached down to her thighs before leading back under her skirt. She folded her arms.

“You should give thanks you are allowed to live on the same planet as me. Your very existence is an insult to me. You should not dare to even think of having sex with this body. The idea is unforgivably degrading to me. Do you understand?”

Bobby was hiding his face and close to tears.

He nodded shivering.

Her dick swelled and popped out of her pocket. Just before it hit the ground it had already hardened enough to become to stand horizontally. In a matter of seconds it raised and Shanna had reached her full massive size.

 Its tip was higher than her head and it cast a shadow that completely covered Bobby

She sneered.


“Oh. By the way. You know those girls you’ve being trying to go out with? All those fillies who turned you down with disgust. All those who saw you as the ugly little troll that you are. All those who would *never* - I promise- have let you touch them?”

Her cock head swelled popping back her foreskin and revealing its huge roundness.

“I HAD them. ALL of them!”

“It took me three days”

“Every Female teacher, female student and female staff member in this school over eighteen”

“I told them I was available and they just lined up”

“I could have had them all in an hour but I wanted to take the time to give each of them the greatest sexual experience of their life time. So I’ve pretty much ruined them for any man”

“Oh and they’re all pregnant. My sperm is 100% fertile. They will all be baby girls. I…”

She fondled her balls.

“…arranged it. So in a few years there’ll be a couple of hundred Shannas running around blowing girls’ minds. At which point any chance of you finding a single girl who would settle for you when they could experience ultimate bliss with my girls is pretty much gone forever”


Shanna paused.

She read Bobby’s mind and found that to her disappointment it was currently filled by a desperate desire to be rammed by her mega-girl-cock.

Shanna seemed a bit upset.

She sighed.


“You still want me? Fine.”

Shanna strode forward with her erection swaying, bent over and in one movement tore off Bobby’s jeans with her bare hands.

She then flipped him over so he lay face down in the grass.

As he lay down in confusion she walked back a distance so that she could aim her penis.

She tossed her show-white hair and angled her penis downwards aiming at his bare ass.

She let a dollop of pre cum fall on his hole for instant lubrication

Then she made a superfast hip-thrust and impaled him.

He made a weird noise of pain and happiness.

Shanna had tightened the fore of her penis but not too much. She had only fitted in ten inches and was still standing three feet away. She didn’t even have to crouch.

She had caused a lot of long term damage with a single thrust.

She took long elegant steps forward and each step/thrust pushed Bobby another foot across the muddy grass with her penis.

He continued to make moans of pain and pleasure.

She pushed him until eventually they reached a hedge.

She pushed him into it and desperate not to be pushed anymore Bobby grabbed onto it.

Shana smiled and realised she now had traction.

As Bobby held on to branches Shanna folded her arms and began to move her hips back and forth, pushing her penis in and out of Bobby.

Gradually she built up speed.

First she thrusted very slowly like a super-endowed tortoise.

Then at regular speed.

Then fast.

Then faster like a piston.

Then her hips were a blur.

All the while the rest of her body was still and she still kept her arms crossed except for one time when she checked her portable viewer.

Bobby’s whole body was vibrating.

Then she stopped thrusting.

She got a mischievous look on her face.

Using her incredible penis control she raised her penis lifting Bobby out of the bush, until her erection was pointing straight up.

He gave a cry of surprise.

Then he was stuck on the tip of Shanna’s penis above her head.

She was holding him aloft with just her penis.

She looked up at him smiled.

“What's the matter Bobby? Scared of heights?”  She asked sarcastically.

Her goose-egg-sized balls twitched.

Shanna’s face flushed red.

Slowly she let Bobby back down into the bush.

She thrust, one, two, three more times and CAME.

She made a purring noise.

In a second Bobby’s overstretched ass was filled with angry sperm looking for eggs to inseminate.

Shanna’s dick popped out and warm sticky sperm blasted his lower body for several seconds  before her throbbing dick lifted up and blasted semen continuously over Bobby.

A stream like a fire hose shot fifty feet before hitting the short grass.

There a pool of cum formed and Shanna fed it for two minutes.

The ability to produce and store immense mounts of ejaculate was another gift of the Dichos and Shanna was as talented in this respect as she was in all things.

A sticky pool of thick semen ten feet wide and surrounded by large splatters formed in the middle of the no.2 football field.

Eventually her output faded leaving a trail of cum between her penis and the pool.

She was still fully erect and moved up to a 45 degree angle.

She sighed happily and stretched.

“Ahhh! It’s good to empty out once in a while”

Bobby had managed to roll over and looked at Shanna. He was still dazed and covered in cum spaltters and his butt hurt like hell.

Shanna casually ran a finger down her penis.

“There is something… I must explain. I was not supposed to exist. Those with great Endowment are not supposed to produce children. The resulting offspring  are…”

She smiled and looked up at her penis.

“…simply too powerful. But my mother and father fell in love and just once joined. I was the result of that joining. As punishment and to redress the balance of power my father was exiled away from my mother and as punishment for existing with so much power…”

Shanna closed her eyes and her cock swelled visibly.

“…I was sentenced to go out and spread my seed. I must mate with many, normal girls so that more children are born with power like me and I am less obscenely superior to the average human. And also…”

Shanna sighed.

“I must mate with males and bear children.”

She glared at Bobby. Then she sneered.

“That is why I selected you. You are easily one of the most pathetic creatures I have ever seen and choosing to empower your pathetic lineage will do much to redress the balance and bring closer the day when I can be free of this loathsome duty.”

“Of course your genes are so pathetic my ovums will reject practically every scrap of your DNA meaning the daughter of our joining will be almost entirely of me. That is the reason I am doing this and I wanted you to grasp just how blessed you are and how degrading it is for me and why.”

Shanna snapped her finger and the splatter of cum fell off Bobby’s body.

As she got close her erection instantly wilted and fell to the floor with a “Whump”.

She picked it up with one hand and held it clear.

As Bobby watched she moved to straddle him trying to touch him a little as possible.

With a look of concentration, Shanna positioned her perfect pussy onto Bobby one inch nub of an erection.

The sensation of Shanna’s soft, warm pussy covering his nub was exquisite. Instantly her pussy muscles began to squeeze and twist and pull and bend and vibrate his little penis all at once.

He came in five seconds.

His orgasm was as always like a tear drop.

Shanna instantly got off him and stood concentrating.

She was focusing her inner muscles on first expelling most of his sperm as a droplet spat from her vagina and then forcing one single sperm directly to her ovum, where it was consumed in fertilisation. The bare minimum needed for conception was taken and then immediately  dissolved down to its molecules.

Shanna holstered her penis and walked away.

Neither Bobby nor anyone in Pemberton ever saw her again.


Almost nine months later more than a hundred beautiful baby girls were born in Pemberton.

They were able to talk at six months and walk at nine months.


One afternoon Booby was drink a beer and watching sports at his parents’ house when there was a knock on the door.

He opened it and saw no one until he looked down.

There was a beautiful baby girl in a tiny suit holding a suitcase looking at him with an appalled expression.

“By the Dichos, You’re ugly!” She said.



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