Supanari Chapter 10


Dezerea was awakened by Dr. Copwell’s psychic screaming.

The hapless scientist had been blasted out of the de-monsterization chamber by the supersonic river of cum that had erupted when Celeste had ripped open the blast doors. Unlike Celeste, who’d been launched clear out of the facility by the eruption, Dr. Copwell had become caught on a piece of stuck scaffolding in the elevator shaft. She was badly injured. If she hadn’t been rock hard from lusting after Dezerea’s impressively-enhanced organ, she probably wouldn’t have had enough invulnerability to survive. Even as it was, she was barely clinging to life. Mach-speed blades of shattered ultradiamond glass had cut her badly, and even a futa couldn’t hold her breath indefinitely, especially when thousands of PSI worth of boiling hot jizz were forcing themselves up her nose and into her lungs.

Dezerea was still cumming at a terrifying rate, and the flow through her bulging cock was increasing by the second. The pleasure that filled her body with the blinding light of a thousand atomic explosions made it nearly impossible to think. If her mind wandered for even a moment, she became lost in the swirling storm of ecstasy. The lack of oxygen further intensified the already unimaginable orgasm, her futa resilience allowing her to ride a protracted wave of erotic asphyxiation.

Still, bit by bit, she was regaining control of her conscious thought and her powers. She couldn’t stop herself from cumming, but she could at least act if she mustered the force of will to fight through the orgasm scrambling her brain.

The first thing she did was alter the makeup of her jizz to transform her sperm cells into workers and healers that would protect Dr. Copwell and move her to safety while treating her injuries. Within half a second, she’d produced two Olympic swimming pools’ worth of the benevolent swimmers. Within one and a half seconds, she’d filled the entire volume of the one hundred foot cube with the most advanced nanomedical substance ever produced on earth.

She used her psysight and telekinesis to track and guide the flow of her new creations as they enveloped the unconscious doctor and carry her through the maze of passages until she was safe on the slope of the mountain. Along the way, they healed her cuts and oxygenated her blood.

Dezerea also guided her friendly super jizz to conduct a search and rescue throughout the rest of the facility, rescuing and reviving any baseline humans who were trapped or drowned by her careless ejaculation. Thankfully, even those that had been drowned had only been “dead” for a minute or two at most and were easily revived to full health after the ambulatory jizz blobs had carried them into the open air.

Hundreds of non-futa scientists and security personnel awoke, dazed and disoriented on the slope of the Monster Control Squad mountain complex as rivers and waterfalls of Dezerea’s super-spunk oozed down the slope around them like pearly white magma. More of the steamy spunk erupted from fissures nearby, blasting out into the air in milky arcs before splashing down to merge with the rest of the fragrant ooze as it slid its way down into the growing lake around the base of the mountain.

Though Dezerea had enough control over her powers to direct the flow of her cum, she still found herself unequal to the challenge of actually making it stop.

“It feels too good!” thought Dezerea, every microsecond of coherent thought won only through bitter struggle against the mind-melting orgasms that surged through her body and brain like an electric storm. “I never want it to end!”

She felt her balls surge again and the flow of jizz doubled and redoubled.

Fuuuuuuuck!” Dezerea’s psychic scream echoed through every mind for fifty miles.



“What the hell was that?” Chance Heartway clapped her hands to her ears in a futile attempt to shut out the voice ringing in her head. Zhi and Ms. Tracy were similarly affected. All around them, futas involved in the rescue efforts clapped their hands over their ears and dropped to their knees. Forcefields flickered out of existence and heavy objects suspended by telekinesis surrendered abruptly to the pull of gravity.

Only stoic, silent Tawnya seemed unaffected by the mind-numbing howl of psychic agony sweeping across the city, the only indication she’d heard anything was a slow, curious turn toward the MCS headquarters, which was bursting at the seams with gushing rivers of jizz.

Without the other futas holding the line, the makeshift dams holding back the tidal wave of Katie’s super-spunk shattered within moments. A four story wall of white ooze swept down Sixteenth Street, sweeping up cars, trucks, mailboxes, anything and everything in its path. The dazed, hapless futas cowered before it, cringing like bugs under a descending boot.

The white wave crashed down over them and the girls screamed as they were enveloped in darkness. It took even their super-minds the better part of a second to register that they hadn’t been swallowed up by a million gallons of gushing girlchowder.

A ball of white plasma flared in the darkness, illuminating Tawnya’s emotionless face, like an ebon statue hovering in the dark. Over and around them, Tawnya’s flawlessly transparent forcefield curved like a dome of zero-refractory glass.

“What was that scream?” demanded Zhi, regaining her bearings.

Several other futas were curious as well and they clustered around Tawnya’s globe of light looking for answers.

“Deserea,” answered Tawnya, cryptically.

The floor lurched and the trapped futas gave cries of surprise as the entire bubble began to drift upwards. A few dizzying moments and they were out, breaking the surface of the goop with a stubborn pop. Tentacles of ooze lashed out at the sphere, trying to drag it back down into the muck, but Tawnya’s will was implacable and their ascent remained steady until they were well clear of the tentacles’ reach.

Back in the daylight, the futas’ courage and rationality returned, and the girls who’d lost their erections started stroking themselves hard again to regain their full power.

Chance, Zhi and Ms. Tracy clustered around Tawnya, who was staring blankly off into the distance.

“Hey uhh… thanks for saving us down there,” said Chance, shuffling her feet on the transparent forcefield.

“It’s nice that someone didn’t go all to pieces,” said Zhi, nonchalantly straightening her ponytail.

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” demanded Chance, scowling at Zhi. “You were just as fucked up as I was!”


“Oh yeah?”

The two girls immediately started bickering in earnest, with Ms. Tracy rushing in to try and break up the scuffle.

Tawnya paid them no attention, continuing to stare off toward the erupting cum-volcano that was once MCU headquarters, and the mind stirring within...



Superego-Maxine sprinted through the twisted labyrinth of her hijacked mind. Corridors that had once been full of insatiable sex-monsters were now eerily silent as SuperMax traversed the slime-encrusted passageways and tunnels. Discarded condoms, massive puddles of jizz and glisteningly-moist sex toys of all shapes and sizes littered the abandoned highways and byways of Maxine’s once-pristine mental landscape. After one wrong turn, SuperMax found herself plunged neck deep into a canyon filled to overflowing with cum-bloated condoms tied off like water balloons. The canyon stretched for miles, curving and recurving on itself in a pattern SuperMax quickly recognized as the folds of a human brain. Limited though she was to the high upper echelons of normal human intellect, estimated the analogous volume of the canyon network to be several times that of the Pacific Ocean, and all of it filled to the brim with swollen jizzbags.

“Katie always did say I had cum on the brain,” SuperMax tutted to herself as she waded through the still-warm sacks of semen.

She had no idea how deep the canyon was beneath her, though she had a sense that if she sank, it would be days and days before she reached the bottom. Keeping that cheerful thought in her head, Superego Maxine made her way gingerly across the rubbery river.

Halfway across, she felt something stir, a reverberation that set the multicolored rubber cum-ballons quivering.

“What the—” Superego Maxine stopped in her tracks, fearful that the tremors could cause a shift in her tenuous footing that would pull her under.

Another, stronger ripple moved through the canyon and SuperMax screamed as the slippery bags beneath her feet parted and she plunged several feet beneath the surface of the condom sea. For a long panicked moment, SuperMax thrashed mindlessly among the cumbags, popping several of the spunk-filled balloons and ending up drenched in warm jizz. The coating of slick juices made it even more difficult for her to gain purchase in the rubbery depths and she could tell she was sinking deeper even as she tried to dig her way out. Hot cum from bursting condoms covered her face, filling her nose and mouth.

There was a sudden rumble and Superego Maxine found herself squeezed as the pressure around her intensified dramatically. A moment later, she was flying through the air; something had thrown her free! SuperMax tumbled in a long arc, landing with a muffled splash of bursting condoms.

Gasping and spluttering, SuperMax had barely extricated herself from the cum-filled crater she’d created when she felt the condoms around her shifting once more. This time, she could see the origin of the turbulence: a raised hump in the surface of the condom sea, moving swiftly in her direction, like the wake of some pelagic monstrosity lurking beneath the surface. There was something burrowing through the condoms!

Maxine’s Superego turned and crawled as quickly as she could in the opposite direction, but it was impossible to gain any traction in the slimy muck. Something huge heaved beneath her and she felt herself thrown into the air once again.

Below her, a huge, serpentine shape breached the surface of the condom sea like a gargantuan whale.

“Of course it’s a giant cock,” said Maxine, rolling her eyes in spite of it all.

The titanic phallus was the size of an oil tanker, its enormous, dark, gleaming head twisted toward the tiny, falling girl, its urethra a black pit yawning wide to swallow her whole.



Dezerea found herself conscious once again. She had no idea how long this period of lucidity would last before the swells of orgasm would overtake her once more, but she didn’t intend to waste a single millisecond. Her body’s oxygen levels were dangerously low; the next time she lost consciousness, she might not wake up.

Dezerea noticed that each time she regained consciousness she had greater control of her powers. She took the reins of them now, accessing her ability to teleport.

It’s time to get as far from the city as possible. She thought. The first responders outside have enough jizz to deal with falling from the sky without me flooding it from below.

In a flash and a thunderclap of imploding cum, Dezerea vanished from the inside of the mountain base and reappeared in the upper atmosphere in an explosion of white goo. The shock of freezing air against her bare skin was like the blast of a cold shower, snapping her back into lucidity like a lightning bolt. Gasping for breath, she found the hold her orgasm had over her body and brain beginning to weaken.

Dezerea did the calculations in her head and was fully prepared for the thrust effect her still-erupting cock would have on her momentum. She figured the correct angle to the thousandth decimal point, and mere seconds after materialization she was on a vector that would take her into orbit and intercept the curvature of the next band of jizz. She sealed a pocket of air around her head in a forcefield bubble that gave everything a slightly orange tint.

“I’ve got all this free thrust,” Dezerea said to herself. “I might as well use it.”

Rising on a plume of spunk, Dezerea rocketed upwards toward the falling rope of Katie’s cum. The fifty-foot wide cable of ultra-jizz seemed thinner than a strand of floss from Dezerea’s current distance, but the force of Dezrea’s ejaculation drove her upward toward the rope at thirty gravities of acceleration.

The petit Indian girl had soon matched velocity with the strand, and was satisfied to note that her own cumstream was nearly as thick as that of the mysterious being that had blasted a rope clear from the Earth to the moon.

“It’s time to fight cum with cum,” said Dezerea, grinning. The vacuum of space was nothing to her. Eventually, Dez knew, she would have to replenish her oxygen supply, but her super-invulnerability protected her from the harshness of the hard vacuum and she knew she wouldn’t need that long in space to accomplish her mission.

First things first, Dezerea arrested her acceleration by applying her flight power in an equal and opposite vector from her ejaculation. Next, she angled her cock so that her jizz stream would impact in the San Futas bay area. She restructured her jizz from an ultra-healing formula into an even more complex structure: fully mobile and intelligent, Dezerea’s little helpers would soon corral the troublesome space-sperm and have the city spotless by the time she returned from orbit.

Dezerea could feel herself coming fully into her new power level now. The mind-melting orgasm had almost faded completely, though she was still blasting cum as strong —and stronger— than ever before. With a little willpower, Dezerea found she could actually control the flow of her jizz, cutting the stream down to a pitiful trickle or opening it up in a furious geyser that made her earlier ejaculation seem like a spurt of precum. Grinning with this newfound power, Dezerea clenched her balls, turning the flow of spunk to its full might!

The stream of baby batter blasting from the ultra-hung futa’s bulging cock started off only a few inches wide when it left her cumslit, but quickly expanded to a mighty torrent almost a hundred feet wide as the compressed spunk expanded in the freedom of open space. For every second that passed, Dezerea blasted out enough hot jizz to fill twenty five Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Fuck, this feels good! Thought Dezerea. And now I can do it at will! I can orgasm hands-free anytime, anyplace, for as long and as much as I want. I can even ejaculate without orgasm if I want to keep my head clear!

Dezerea’s next order of business was to explore her other powers. She discovered she had the power to reshape her bodily proportions at will (except, frustratingly, the size of her cock) and quickly set about adding pounds, inches and curves to her slender frame. A narrow tube like a drinking straw extruded from the force-bubble wrapped around Dezerea’s head and dipped into the cumstream. Dez sucked it down eagerly; by diverting the tiniest sliver of the flow of her jizz into her mouth, Dezerea had all the biomass she needed to make whatever changes she wanted to her body.

She started by adding height. Dezerea’s limbs lengthened, her torso stretched. Bones thickened and ligaments expanded as Dezerea grew from a tiny girl just over five feet tall to a towering goddess of seven and a half feet.

If it gets inconvenient, I can always shrink later. Dezerea thought, smirking.

Dezerea’s breasts swelled, filling out her formerly tiny buds into heavy, juicy melons. Her butt, hips, legs and thighs also got a boost, plumping up until her proportions were cartoonishly exaggerated.

Then Dezerea started adding muscle. Layer on layer, band on band, girding her like armor, Dezerea’s physique swelled as she brought herself up to the peak of her strength potential for her dick size.

Now Dezerea truly looked the superbeing she knew herself to be. With a laugh that echoed inside the bubble of air that enclosed her head, she gripped her titanic cock in both hands and poured forth her seed across the earth.



“What? Impossible!” Ms. Tracy exclaimed, holding a hand to the commbud in her ear.

“What is it?” asked Zhi and Chance together, huddling around their teacher as if to eavesdrop on the transmission.

The color drained from Ms. Tracy’s face and she slowly turned to look out at the San Futas bay, her eyes wide with fear.

“Space command reports a second cumrope just appeared out of nowhere in low-earth orbit. The tip is due to touch down fifty miles off the west coast of San Futas,” Ms. Tracy told them in a stunned monotone.

Zhi and Chance both turned to follow Ms. Tracy’s gaze. A blazing thread had appeared in the sky to the east, tracing a line that faded to invisibility as it left the atmosphere. A hundred-foot-wide column of super-semen a thousand miles high and weighing over one point two billion tons was plunging towards earth at mach speeds.

The flash of impact was blinding even from over the horizon, and the three futas had to shield their eyes from the sudden blaze of light as billions of tons of water were flash-boiled into steam over the course of a few milliseconds. Even Tawnya, still fixated on the mountain behind them, had to close her eyes from the glare of reflected light off the mountainside. The shockwave hit them a little under a minute later, blasting them with hurricane force as every window in the city below them was shattered.

A miles-high mushroom-cloud of steam rose into view over the horizon, driven higher and wider by the sheer volume of Dezerea’s jizz pouring down to earth.

“Is it just me, or is that cloud getting closer?” asked Chance, shouting over the gale-force winds whipping around them.

“It’s definitely getting closer,” agreed Zhi, too stunned to contradict her rival.

“That’s not a cloud…” said Ms. Tracy, squinting at the swirling white mass spreading out from the top of the expanding mushroom cloud.

The white mass twisted and stretched, defying the normal laws of weather and convection. What should have been a circular cloud took on an elongated shape, stretching out toward San Futas.

“Are those… birds?” asked Zhi, peering up at the white specks now taking shape as the leading edge of the white mass drew overhead.

“No way! Those look like…” Chance’s words trailed off and her jaw dropped.

“Dezerea?” Ms. Tracy couldn’t believe her eyes. Thousands —no, millions, maybe even tens of millions of winged, white Dezereas were descending on San Futas. Their alabaster bodies glinted in the sun as they swooped overhead, gliding on broad wings that morphed like living liquid to give them the most optimal shape for their maneuvers.

“Have no fear, citizens! Ultra-Dezerea is here!” millions of Dezerea-copies spoke in unison.

The winged army swarmed over the city, breaking off into squadrons to seek out, extricate and carry off to safety any citizen still menaced by the spreading tide of jizz. The ultra-medical substance of the cum-golems’ bodies mended the wounds of the injured, closing wounds and knitting together broken bones in mere minutes.

The swarm of Dezereas was as thick as snowflakes in a blizzard, blocking out the sun overhead and cutting visibility down to only a few hundred feet. Ms. Tracy, Chance and Zhi all watched in awe, spinning themselves around so as not to miss a single moment of the impossible spectacle. The stench in the air was thick and sweet. The four futas had no trouble at all maintaining their erections in the cloud of aphrodisiac musk.

In fact, every futa within miles of the swarm found herself growing harder than she ever had before as Dezerea’s chemical concoction hit their nostrils. Reinvigorated with energy, the flagging futas redoubled their effort in the rescue and reclamation of the city.

One of the Dezreas peeled off from a nearby formation and circled down to the quartet of hovering futas.

“Hello, friends!” the winged cum-golem called to them.

“Dezerea? Is it really you?” asked Chance, reaching out to prod the shoulder of the flapping cum-creature.

“Yes and no,” answered the golem. She bobbed up and down, swaying from side to side as she flapped to stay roughly level with the four girls hovering in midair. Dezerea’s goo-golems might have looked like futas, but had none of their powers. “This is only a simulacrum formed from my ultrajizz. A ‘Jizzerea’ if you will. You are speaking to the real Dezerea via conductive telepathy, though.”

“Are you controlling all of these… simulacra?” asked Ms. Tracy, gazing around at the millions upon millions of flying Jizzereas.

The Jizzerea shook her head. “That would be a needless waste of my mental capacity,” she answered. “I’ve assumed direct control of this unit to communicate with you. The other Jizzereas are semi-independent drones. I give general directions to the swarm and it is intelligent enough to carry out my orders.”

“I see you weren’t worried about flattering yourself when you designed these things,” observed Chance, looking down at the pendulous cock dangling from Jizzerea’s groin.

“Oh, I assure you my proportions are even more impressive than this.” The Jizzerea smirked.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Zhi. “Could you have really gained so much?”

“You’ll see!” the Jizzerea winked.

“These constructs are amazing,” said Ms. Tracy. “How intelligent is each Jizzerea by itself?”

The Jizzerea waved a hand. “It depends on the biomass but by itself a simulacrum like the one before you is barely more than twice as intelligent as your average human. Hardly any brains at all.”

Twice as intelligent?” Ms. Tracy repeated in disbelief.

“But nearly fifty-times as strong,” said Jizzerea, making a bicep that inflated to a huge size before popping. Cum flecked the faces of the gathered girls.

Ms. Tracy was still fixated on their intelligence. “You mean these things are sentient?” She asked, wiping jizz off her face.

“Not in the way you or I understand it.” Jizzerea seemed dismissive of the question.

“Their individuality is fluid. They can merge or split as needed to accomplish any task. They have no real sense of ‘self.’”

Below them, a swarm of Jizzereas descended on the cum-smothered streets, merging together and morphing into a large dam to block the flow of spunk before it could flood a nearby side street.

“You see? They work together perfectly, growing more intelligent as they link up,” said Jizzerea, watching the Jizzereas below as they pushed back the tide of Katie’s baby batter.

More Jizzereas dropped from the sky to help, merging with the others to form a sort of membrane that would contain Katie’s super-spunk.

The Jizzerea-based disaster relief to be going perfectly. The entire city, down to the last tunnel-worker, lost child, and goldfish was evacuated within ten minutes. From orbit, Dezerea’s psysight allowed her to pinpoint every living thing in the city down to a depth of three hundred feet and it was barely the matter of the slightest whim to divert a few thousand gallons of Jizzerea to the scene for rescue.

Even with over a dozen Jizzereas to each man, woman, child, puppy, and goldfish in San Futas, there were still tens of millions left over to clean up the cum. Squads of Jizzereas would encircle a flooded segment of the city  and envelop it with their bodies, sealing it off into building-sized white blobs that resembled gigantic condoms full of spunk.

“I’m about to pass over the horizon,” announced Jizzerea suddenly. “I’ll lose telepathic contact with you for a bit. I’ll give you a shout when I get back. You for should go find someplace to relax and watch the show. I’ve got it from here.”

“Girls, I believe she does,” said Ms. Tracy, looking around at the swirling, diving swarms of Jizzereas attacking the cum below.



Back up in space, Dezerea cut off her cum stream, satisfied she’d unleashed enough jizz golems on the globe below to cover all the areas affected by Katie’s gigarope.

“Now to take care of the spunk still falling to earth!” said Dezerea, clapping her hands together with an imact that —had it been inside an atmosphere, would have leveled buildings for blocks around. She was fully in control of her powers now, operating on a level that made demigods look puny. With a flick of her fingers she could summon a plasma burst that would level an entire city, her muscles could crush coal into diamonds, but she didn’t need to do anything so crass when her telekinesis was strong enough to compress atoms to fusion ignition. And speaking of explosions that could level cities, her forcefields could shrug off atom bombs with ease.

But all of her physical powers paled in comparison to the mental expansion Dezerea had undergone. Apart from Katie, Dezerea was now the smartest being in the solar system. Before she’d been put in a sex coma, Maxine had boasted an IQ of close to thirty two hundred on the Futa Adjusted Scale. That is, she wielded the combined brainpower of thirty two hundred average humans.

Dezerea estimated her brain power now exceeded a hundred and forty six thousand points. They would have to make up a whole new scale just for her! If she wanted, she could slow her relative time to a whopping two days per second. In her newly enhanced state, most of that brainpower was still idle, but Dezerea was already filling that space with new ideas beyond the comprehension of even Maxine’s wildest imaginings.

“Enough self-aggrandizing!” Dezerea giggled. “There’ll be plenty of time for that later when everyone below is worshipping me like a goddess!”

Dezerea manifested a forcefield shaped like an enormous curved funnel. Bending the smaller end so that it pointed away from the earth, she accelerated toward the near end of the tightening cum-spiral at hypermach speeds, slamming into it with the full force of her strength. The gooey liquid was diverted from its descending orbit and blasted out toward space at a velocity that would take it well beyond the edges of the solar system.

“Ha ha!” Dezerea laughed and whooped with joy as she circled the earth in an outward spiral, following the trail of Katie’s cum until every drop was fully expelled from earth’s orbit.

“I hope Maxine wakes up from her coma soon, cuz when she sees me, she’s gonna be so jealous it’ll blast her right back to dreamland!” Dezerea gripped her monster cock in both hands and unleashed another torrent of spunk just for the sheer joy of doing so. She was pleased to see her output had doubled yet again.


End of Chapter 10



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