Punishment Time! - Giantess Commission


        Note: This story has no relation to Owning a People Farm beside the fact that Lassic is in both stories. 


        There was a teenager, unlike other teenagers. This bratty teen with blue eyes was named Madison Viola. She wore her black hair with two braids.  Maddison love to, as she saw it, play with her gray-haired older brother named Lassic. What kind of genetics could cause someone so young to have gray hair? The answer is simple. Madison was born with the powers of a goddess and making her brother have gray hair was only the first of many undeserved punishments he was given. She used her powers to torture and kill each and every person that annoyed her in even the smallest of matters. Maddy had microphilia and due to that fact, she often tormented people using size powers as well as her body. However, she never killed Lassic because deep down she loved him in some twisted way. She would simply torture her brother until he was on the verge of death. Like the time she made his body act like gum and she chewed him up throughout the school day, only to torture him in a different way once she got home. 


        Maddison Viola came home from school one day and saw her brother playing a video game on the couch. She quickly materialized on a yellow sweatshirt, blue jeans, and pink converse sneakers to try to get comfortable. “Punishment Time!” She yelled out to Lassic as he let out a groan. Before he knew it, he was shrunk to the size of a speck of dust. Maddy grabbed the now free controller and started playing the shooter game from where her brother left off, but with a little twist. Every time she shot a computer-controlled character in the game, Lassic would feel like he was shot by that same bullet. He screamed in pain as he yelled out “Make it stop!” Maddison simply continued to play and as she shot down a few characters, Lassic's wails of agony would grow louder. She could clearly hear the sounds her brother was making due to another power of hers. The screaming was music to her ears, but she decided to take a break after a bit.


        “My feet are sore from running in gym class today. How about giving them some licking?” Viola whined as she made puppy dog eyes. “Or I could just go back to gaming…” Lassic felt like he did not have much choice as he did not want to go through the experience of dying anymore so he agreed. Maddison Viola took off her shoes to briefly reveal her white socks, which she proceeded to take off as well. Before he knew it, the brother was assaulted by the terrible odor of Maddy’s bare feet. It was stuffy from being in the sneakers the whole day and was covered with sweat. He was forced to lick her disgusting left food along with the putrid liquid. Lassic used one hand to cover his nose to help. However, this only helped at first, as he had to use both hands to get his minuscule body high enough to reach all the spots to lick. He felt like he was in hell, but at least this hell was better than the last one he was in. It felt like it went on forever and he was only halfway down. During the time he was forced to listen to a girly show that his sister was watching, with the volume being feeling insanely loud due to his tiny body. Eventually, he managed to finish the other foot as he felt like he would rather have died permanently than finished, but that was never an option for him. 


        “Should I play some more video games?” Madison wondered out loud only for her brother to scream “No!” In the past, he would never have imagined he would be terrified as something like video games. “Then more lickies,” She said with an evil laugh as she picked up Lassic and pushed him into her right armpit. Lassic was forced to do the whole licking torture again, but this time it being the musty, hairy place of an armpit. Once again, he had to go through the hell of not just one body part, but both armpits. At least with this, he could manage to grab one hand on the strands of hair and cover his nose with the other, causing it to be less of a hellish experience. 


        A few moments later Lassic found himself falling what felt like hundreds (but was only a couple) of feet through the air towards to land with a splat on the coffee table, breaking several bones in his body. “Punishment Time!” She said as she proceeded to unladylike pick her nose. “Oh I think this is a good one!” the sister exclaimed as she took out an unusually big piece of mucus and dropped it right on top of Lassic. The piece of snot weighed him down as he was stuck. It then started to absorb his arms, legs, hair and other nonvital body parts. The brother was in excruciating pain yet again as he felt his body slowly being digested. Once Lassic was almost killed, Maddison snapped her fingers and just like that the mucus had disappeared and her brother was back to his former self. 


        “Punnnnishhhhment timmmme!” Maddy would say with a giggle and before Lassic had time to react, she spat right on top of him sticking him to the table once again, but this time in a gross liquid. He could not feel himself being absorbed this time so he thought the “Punishment time” was over, but he was wrong. Maddison Viola proceeded to play the shooter game once again as she happily got out chips and soda to eat, while her brother was screaming like he was dying every time she got a kill. Maddy did not even need to listen to the game volume with the beautiful sounds of pain going on next to her. She decided to leave her brother this size for the rest of his life. He was less annoying that size anyway.


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