Ah! My Triple Goddess! Part 2

Commissioned by David Abramczyk.  Thanks to OmniScribbler and Ultra Bra for beta reading and additional contributions.


Following Belldandy and Keiichi’s honeymoon, Urd and Peorth took her to a hens’ night to celebrate. Belldandy became severely inebriated on root beer and unwittingly invoked the System Force in a drunken stupor, cause herself to merge with Urd and Peorth so Keiichi could love all three of them.

Despite the initial awkwardness of being trapped inside a body consisting of three heads, three breasts, six arms, and six legs, the trio grew to like their new form--particularly the additional power at their command and how it could be utilized to bring them tremendous pleasure.

After doing just that (and inadvertently getting their hotel struck by lightning and causing a power outage), the trio couldn’t imagine life apart from each other.

Urd said, “I think we’re all in agreement: this form is amazing, right?”

Belldandy and Peorth agreed.

“In that case, we should give it a name. It would be a lot quicker and simpler to just have a single word to refer to it, instead of trying to describe it.”

Mere seconds passed before all three goddesses came to an agreement.

“Freyja,” they said as one. They turned to their combined angels. “And as for you...? Heaven’s Eternal Bliss.”

“Well,” Peorth chirped, “now that we have the basics decided, I want to see the full extent of what we’re capable of!”

Urd smirked. “I like what you’re thinking. Let’s do it!”

Belldandy gasped a little. “Oh my, do you really think something that grand is even possible?”

“Absolutely! We’re at least as powerful as the Almighty One now, and you know as well as I do that he can do basically whatever he wants!”

“Well, if you’re sure, then I think it’d be absolutely lovely!”

“With that, we’re in agreement!” Urd snapped her fingers, teleporting them to intergalactic space. The points of light surrounding them were entire galaxies.

With plenty of room to work with, Freyja pinpointed Keiichi’s lucky star with the slightest thought. It had no planets orbiting it, so displacing it from its spot in the Milky Way had no repercussions. Even if it had, it would be child’s play to rewind time so they never even took place.

She then produced a tiny point of energy in her hands, which spun into a spiral shape and grew in size exponentially. Its increasing gravitational pull sucked in Keiichi’s lucky star. As the size and intensity of Freyja’s creation rapidly grew around her, she blessed it, giving it the same lucky properties as the lucky star. She had effectively upgraded the lucky star into a lucky galaxy.

“Excellent work, you two!” Belldandy giggled. Urd looked proudly at what they had accomplished.

“Hmmm...” Peorth examined the galaxy. “I dunno, it doesn’t feel like enough, you know?”

“Yeah, now that you mention it....” Urd produced swirling points of light with each of her fingers.

“How about this?” She flung them all into the space around the lucky galaxy, producing ten more lucky galaxies alongside the first.

“Indeed!” Belldandy exclaimed. “Keiichi-kun deserves much more than a single lucky star--even more than a lucky galaxy! What we need is a lucky galactic cluster!”

She followed Urd’s lead and created and threw more and more galaxies into the pile. Peorth telekinetically arranged them into the outline of a heart. Before long, they had accumulated a hundred.

“Ah, wait!” Belldandy added. “I know just what to add!”

She produced 39 more galaxies and arranged them to spell out “K1” inside the heart.

“Beautiful!” the three remarked in unison.

“I can’t wait to show this to Keiichi-kun!” Belldandy chirped.

“Ah, Bell?” Urd interjected. “We’re about 86 million light-years away from Earth. He won’t see it in our lifetime.”

“Oh my, you’re right! Then, we need to make the light from these lucky galaxies reach Earth faster!”

“That or make the speed of light faster.”

“I don't know, I feel like that would inconvenience a lot of people. Besides, I don't think I’ve ever accelerated light past lightspeed before--it’d be a fun challenge!”

Freyja reached out to her newly-created galactic cluster, feeling the very light it produced. A moment of concentration caused the light emanating from the galactic cluster to shoot off into a gigantic beam of light, streaming off into the serene stillness of the universe.

“Well done, everyone!” Belldandy chirped. “That light should reach the Earth in the next few minutes!”

“Wait, does Keiichi even own a telescope?” Urd asked.

Peorth smirked. “He will in the next few seconds, thanks to an ‘anonymous benefactor!’”

“Good thinking, Peorth!”


86 million light-years away, at Tariki Hongan Temple in Nekomi, Japan, a deliveryman approached Skuld, who was tinkering with some robotic invention. He warily handed Skuld a large, oblong box, quickly bowed and hurried away without a word, desperately hoping to avoid any trouble.

Skuld noticed the box’s label said it was for Keiichi, so she brought it to him inside. He was fiddling with the wedding gift she gave him: a pocket-sized touchscreen device that she claimed can act as a telephone, computer, clock, GPS, MP3 player, and then some. She called it a “smartphone”. Both the term and the device itself struck him as bafflingly futuristic.

Then again, she is the norn of the future. I suppose that only makes sense.

“Hm? What’s this?” Keiichi asked.

“I dunno. It’s for you, apparently.”

Keiichi opened it and was just as confused as his divine sister-in-law. “A telescope? Who sent me a telescope?”

“Maybe it was sent to the wrong place?”

“Could be. I’ll deal with it later.”

“Hey Keiichi, do you know when Onee-sama is coming back? I barely had a chance to congratulate her....”

“I... don’t know, actually. I didn’t know what a hens’ night even was until they left last night.”


Back in intergalactic space, Belldandy felt almost giddy. She couldn’t help but giggle.

“Who could have guessed an accident born from a lapse in judgement could result in something as wonderful as this? Now, what’s next?”

“All this power we have feels so amazing!” Urd moaned in delight.

She suffused their gestalt body with sexual energy, just to revel in the sensation. Peorth and Belldandy added more energy, turning Urd’s idle masturbation into a universe-shaking orgasm.

All the energy unleashed was enough to weave into another hundred galaxies. A momentary thought was all it took to add them to the K1 heart and make them just as lucky as the previous ones.

“Oh man...” Urd moaned, stunned by just how much power they had unleashed.

“I’m so glad we’re able to share this bliss with each other!” Belldandy chirped.

“Right? I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if one of you alone somehow got this kind of power!”

“This is great and all,” Peorth said, “but I want more. I’m feeling up for some score-settling!”

Urd replied, “Mmm! Great idea! I know just who to start with!”

Freyja teleported back to Earth, over Nekomi Institute of Technology. It was child’s play to spot Toshiyuki Aoshima from high above. He was suavely (and successfully) wooing a female student to go with him for a drive, despite her initial reservations.

“What do you have planned for him?” Belldandy asked.

Peorth said, “Well, let’s recap, shall we? He tried to assault you, then continued to lust after you after you made it abundantly clear you wanted nothing to do with him.”

Urd continued, “Then he tried to incapacitate me with his really bad enka singing, until I decided to use earplugs and whip him and his cronies good.”

Belldandy added, “And when Yggdrasil was malfunctioning and Skuld’s body matured to adulthood, he chased her down and was about to assault her too, until Keiichi arrived in the nick of time and Urd gave him a piece of her mind.”

“I do love messing with that pathetic little man,” Urd commented with a smile.

Peorth said, “I think it prudent to make this one really count!”

“He cannot be allowed to assault anyone again!” Belldandy declared.

“I think we’re on the same page here!” Peorth chirped.

In unison, all three goddesses added, “Let’s get to work, ladies!”


Aoshima pulled up to Hotel Flower. It being part of the Aoshima Conglomerate, he was allowed to keep a suite reserved for himself. Before he and his unfortunate date could enter the building, Aoshima encountered the last several women he had taken on one-night stands.

Thanks to a bit of retroactive manipulation of past events, Freyja saw to it that those six women had met and became friends in the weeks between their respective nights with Aoshima and today. They hadn’t realized they had all been past flings of the playboy until they saw him entering Hotel Flower with another woman.

To clarify, he saw them as one-night stands, but the various women were led to believe he loved them. Naturally, seeing him entering a romantically-oriented hotel with another woman was cause for some outcry, to say the least.

Disgusted, they all confronted and surrounded him.

“What are you doing with her, Toshiyuki-senpai?”

“You said you only had eyes for me!”

“I can’t believe you, Toshiyuki! You lecher!”

His current ‘one-night stand’ slapped him and joined the protest. In the end, she found herself attracted to one of the women in the group and they wound up going on a date of their own, bonding over their mutual disgust of Aoshima.

After being slapped several times and even spit on, Aoshima eventually managed to escape.

Okay, that was a... very strange occurrence... but surely it was just a coincidence! I’ll just head into another part of town and find another girl--one who isn’t a part of that circle of friends I... didn’t even know existed, actually. And what better place to find girls than the mall?

He started with his usual suave demeanor, but not one girl was interested in him. Getting frustrated, he became more direct, which didn’t do him any favors. Eventually, he tried a simple “Hi, I’m Toshiyuki Aoshima,” but even that got a beverage tossed in his face.

I don’t get it! I’ve improved my technique to perfection since I was in high school! How is it suddenly not working for me?! Have I somehow lost my touch?

Maybe this is fate--some higher power persuading me to seek higher ambitions than bodily pleasures. I definitely need to rethink my life. Maybe I should become a monk....


Urd couldn’t stop laughing. “I can’t believe it! He took a complete 180! He’s gonna be just like the guy at the temple!”

“Oh yes, Koshian!” Belldandy recalled. “Come to think of it, I’m not sure if he ever came back from his pilgrimage...”

“Maybe they’ll meet up one day on a mountaintop in Tibet!”

“That would be nice!”

“Alright, setting aside Aoshima’s new pursuit of spiritual enlightenment,” Peorth interjected, “I think we did a fine job with his apostasy. What’s--?”

She trailed off, sensing a demonic presence. Urd and Belldandy picked it up, too--it being enough to make Urd stop laughing. They teleported to the source, to find it was a familiar face causing a familiar brand of trouble.

Mara was stealthily removing parts from Chihiro’s motorcycle while she was repairing it. She wasn’t aware of the demon’s presence, as she was very much in automatic mode--noticing problems caused by Mara’s handiwork and fixing them without a second thought.

A quick gesture from Freyja was all it took to send the demon shooting up into the sky, until she was eye level with Freyja. Chihiro completely failed to notice Mara’s scream and the resulting gust of wind.

Freyja telekinetically kept Mara motionless before her. She was completely unable to break free.

“Well, if it isn’t Belldandy... a-and Urd... and, uh... the... other one.”

“My name is Peorth,” she interjected, unamused.

“Fine--Peorth. More importantly, I don’t... what happened to you three? You’re like some sort of goddess chimera!”

“We’ll ask the questions here,” Urd responded. “What do you think you’re doing, Mara?”

“What business is it of yours? I’m a demon! I don’t need to tell you goddesses anything, no matter what you’ve... done with your bodies, or how strong your telekinesis is!”

She attempted to budge out of her telekinetic restraints again, to no effect.

“I can tell there’s something bothering you, Mara. Please tell us. I think we can help you.”

She laughed. “You can’t seriously expect me to believe that, especially coming from you!

“You really should just comply,” Peorth commented. “I know Belldandy--she simply doesn’t give in. Ever.”

Belldandy clasped her hands together. “Please, Mara. We want to help. I want to help. It’s obvious you’re suffering. We’ve recently attained new, greater powers, and we can use them to help you!”

“This charade isn’t going to work! I... I...”

Belldandy stared into Mara’s eyes, and she into hers. Before long, tears formed in Mara’s eyes.

“I just... I don’t want to do this anymore! No matter what I try, I can’t increase Hell’s market share here! Hild-sama gave me a really bad review and threatened to fire me if I don’t improve soon! The pipes at that arcade I’ve been sleeping at started leaking and it’s just about driven me insane--assuming Senbei doesn’t do it first! And now, when I just want to make something miserable, you three come along and so effortlessly stop me! I’m sick of it all! I don’t want to be the demon Mara anymore!”

Her head dropped as tears fell. On the ground, Chihiro perceptively noticed the falling drops and moved her work into the garage.

Belldandy took Mara’s hands in her own. “I’m sure you did the best you could. It’s okay now. You should go make a life for yourself, on your own terms!”

Mara was stunned. “Wh-- what?”

“She means you’re not employed by Hild anymore,” Peorth clarified.

Urd added, “As far as she’s aware, you had a particularly painful death--to the point that even she’ll be hesitant about assigning a new demon to this city. You should get going before she realizes the truth.”

“I recommend you seek asylum in Heaven. You’re not a demon anymore, but you’re not a goddess either.”

Belldandy produced a folder full of legal documents in her hands and gave it to Mara. “I can’t make any promises, but I’m confident this will help. Be sure to change your name and appearance, and above all, behave.”

Mara floated there before Freyja. Tears fell from her eyes in earnest. Abruptly, she embraced the gestalt goddess tightly. Belldandy had anticipated it and released her telekinetic restraints a femtosecond before Mara started moving.

“Thank you. Thank you! I... I don’t know how to repay you for your kindness!”

“You can start by getting out of here,” Urd replied. “Nothing personal, of course.”

“Yeah...” Mara wiped her face dry. “Will I ever see you all again?”

All three goddesses smiled and replied in unison, “Of course!”

Mara flew away. It wasn’t until then that the goddesses realized the time.

“Oh my, it’s getting late!” Belldandy exclaimed. “We should get back to Keiichi-kun and show him all that’s happened!”

“Might it be prudent,” Peorth asked, “if we come back to the temple as individuals?”

“Good point,” Urd agreed. “Freyja... takes some getting used to.”


Back at the temple, Keiichi had contacted the local post office, who confirmed the telescope was indeed intended for him. The sender’s information was absent for some reason, though. Keiichi ultimately decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and instead set up and use the thing.

The night sky was clear and the air was comfortable--perfect weather for stargazing. He wasn’t into astronomy, so he never thought much of it, but the sky was very clear tonight--no light pollution at all. The beginner’s guide that came with the telescope said he wasn’t in a very good area for stargazing, given the light pollution.

Maybe I’m lucky! I gotta say, this is starting to intrigue me....

He followed the guide and set the telescope up behind the temple without any trouble. He aimed it north and above the tree line and peered through, making adjustments often, since he didn’t really know what to look for. With help from the guide, he identified the Little Dipper, Ursa Major, and the Big Dipper within. Apparently the Big Dipper was known as an asterism, not a constellation...

Keiichi soon realized astronomy was more interesting than he had thought. With some tweaking and apparently extraordinary luck, he identified a cluster of remarkably visible galaxies to the southwest. There was no mention of it anywhere in his guide. It did identify the Coma Supercluster, but that was above where he was looking. The Coma Supercluster was stated to be one of the largest ones known, yet this one he seemed to have discovered just then appeared even larger. He was about to adjust the focus when he heard a shrill “Onee-sama!” from inside.

Sounds like Belldandy’s back.

Keiichi headed inside. As expected, Skuld was eagerly hugging Belldandy while Urd and Peorth watched happily. Everyone’s attention (Skuld notwithstanding) shot straight to Keiichi as he approached the genkan.

“Hi everyone. Have a good time?”

The three goddesses practically squealed Keiichi’s name as they surrounded and hugged him.

“Whoa, I uh... did something happen while you were gone?”

Belldandy smiled. “It’s a bit of a long story.”


Belldandy made tea for the group and she, Urd, and Peorth explained what happened the previous night.

“Wait, so...” Keiichi stammered, “all three of you are in love with me?”

Urd and Peorth blushed and kept their gazes firmly in their laps, but Belldandy happily chirped, “Yes!”

“And you decided to... fuse together? I’m not sure I follow that part. You all look about the same as always.”

“Right,” Urd answered. “We didn’t want to freak you out. Freyja is a bit of an acquired taste, you see.”

“So we intended to bring you up to speed before unveiling her to you,” Peorth added.

“Well, you’ve more than piqued my curiosity,” Keiichi replied. “Let’s see her!”

The three goddesses gleefully complied, taking each other’s hands. A moment of silence filled the temple’s interior, then they began glowing--brighter and brighter until everything was light. A sudden gust of wind compounded Keiichi’s confusion and disorientation, but it quickly passed and he saw Freyja’s astounding form. The three goddesses who comprised her sighed in bliss.

“I didn’t realize just how good it felt simply being together like this until we spent a bit of time apart!” Urd commented.

Keiichi’s own instinctive feelings upon first seeing Freyja surprised him. By all rights, the strange amalgamation his wife, her sister, and her former rival transformed into should have weirded him out, and yet....

“Well?” Belldandy asked hesitantly. “What do you think, Keiichi-kun?”

Keiichi stammered, failing to find the words. “Uh... I...”

Freyja reached into his mind and determined he approved of the change on an internal level. In that particular moment, he was merely short-circuiting a bit--nothing they couldn’t fix. The goddesses breathed a sigh of relief and embraced him. “You have no idea how much this means to us, Keiichi-kun--thank you!

“Don’t forget about our little surprise, Belldandy!” Peorth added.

“Oh yes! There’s something we want to show you outside!”

Freyja floated toward the back door of the temple, taking Keiichi in their arms along the way. Keiichi was surprised by just how enthusiastic and assertive the three of them had become.

Once outside, they set Keiichi down. “Oh good, you have the telescope ready!”

“Wait, what? Did you three send me this thing?”

“Who knows? The post office makes mix-ups all the time... In any event, the timing is spectacular--there’s something in deep space that we want to show you! Take a look!”

Keiichi did so, despite being even more confused than usual. He peered in... and gasped. Over a hundred galaxies were arranged into a ‘K1’ surrounded by a heart. He didn’t know what to make of the display, especially considering the company he kept.

“What, ah... what am I looking at here?”

“This will require a bit of explanation. You see, people have lucky stars, and praying to them can influence their respective individual’s luck. We agreed that your lone star wasn’t nearly adequate for someone as amazing as you, so we made it into a lucky galaxy, and then made many more like it!”

“So... you’re saying these galaxies I’m looking at are all mine?”

“Not yours per se, but they’re your lucky galaxies!”

“If I have a hundred lucky galaxies...”

“139, to be precise!”

“Then, does... does that mean I’m the luckiest person in the world?”

“Well, considering the most powerful goddesses ever want nothing more than to make love to you right now... I’d say so.”

A brilliant flash of light engulfed Keiichi and Frejya, teleporting them to a private room outside space and time. The two were naked and lying on an enormous bed. Hearts formed in all six of Freyja’s eyes as her body radiated lust and desire in their purest forms. She reached a hand out to her lover.

“Please...” all three of her goddesses spoke in unison, “I want nothing more than to make love to you, Keiichi Morisato.”

At that moment, Keiichi couldn’t agree more--to the point that he literally couldn’t think about anything else.

Already quite erect, Keiichi practically tackled Freyja. A femtosecond of concentration on her part shortly before penetration ensured his dick went from impressive to superhuman--becoming harder and larger than it ever had been before. If Keiichi wasn’t overwhelmed with lust, he probably would’ve been in pain from the state the thing was in.

The moment of penetration alone was overwhelming. Any semblance of pain Keiichi felt evaporated as his entire universe became pure ecstasy. He actually came right then, but Freyja cast a spell to ensure his balls remained full and his libido raging no matter what. They would fuck until the spell wore off and Keiichi more likely than not passed out from exhaustion.

But that was days in the future--Freyja was far more interested in the now. Every powerful thrust from Keiichi sent tidal waves of pleasure through her body. She was also abundantly sensitive, though not quite to the same extent as Keiichi was. She was experiencing earth-shattering orgasms every few seconds.

Heaven’s Eternal Bliss appeared behind Keiichi and gently, seductively stroked his face, causing him to moan with even greater pleasure. In the blazing heat of the moment, Keiichi was too focused on Freyja and paid her angel no mind. She pouted, annoyed that she was being left out.

Utilizing her own power, she pulled a second Keiichi out of the original. The two Keiichis were linked the same way she was connected to her goddess. The second Keiichi needed a bit of nudging to turn his attention from Freyja, but quickly found the angel more than satisfactory.

This split caused the intensity of quartet’s collective ecstasy to skyrocket exponentially. Freyja and Heaven’s Eternal Bliss were effectively one being in two bodies. Sensations, desires, power--everything was shared with each other, which could result in feedback loops without any upper limit. The two Keiichis were identical in that regard.

As the goddesses and angels felt more and more pleasure, they increased the power going into both Keiichis, who thrust and came harder and longer. Meanwhile, Freyja and her angel pushed their vaginas’ muscles hard against their respective Keiichis’ cocks, while simultaneously pushing him in them harder with their surprisingly thick legs.

Freyja's minds were overflowing with lust and endorphins, to the point that she began unleashing the full extent of her powers even tapping into her power over higher dimensions. Her body swelled: hips becoming extra wide, breasts becoming larger and so full of milk that she began lactating, and her whole body all-around bigger. Her entire life had led to this eternity of unbridled ecstasy and unparalleled love. No force in existence could take it from her--she was just too powerful.

The idea of orgasms being a momentary surge of emotion and joy meant nothing to any of them now. For Freyja, her angel, and her lover, it was an unending stream of ever-escalating bliss beyond even divine comprehension.

Both Keiichis began drinking from both sets of lactating breasts before them, further stimulating the goddess. Every few seconds they breached the extent of their power, experiencing more pressure than previously thought possible. Freyja had to routinely cast spells on Keiichi to keep him from going insane from the pleasure, but the milk he was eagerly drinking more than did the job.

He was gaining extra benefits from both exposure to an unrestrained goddess and drinking her milk en masse. He became stronger, bigger, and of course hornier. Comparing him at any given moment to even ten seconds prior made him seem bland by comparison.

Days and weeks passed with no end in sight. Fatigue was only a distant memory for the three lovers, as Freyja was tapping into an unlimited source of energy--stemming from her boundless love, in fact. Eventually their orgasms were explosive, on par with gigantic supernovae.

Over time, an extremely pleasurable transformation began in Freyja. It was difficult to discern from the endless roar of orgasms permeating her existence. Eventually she became suffused with light and finally exploded, serving as the ultimate orgasm to end their sex triathlon and bringing satisfaction (and unconsciousness) to all involved.


Some time later, Keiichi came to. He had only vague recollections of what transpired.

Belldandy, Urd, and Peorth fused together into some kind of composite goddess form called Freyja, then we had sex for... man, I don’t really know how long. Weird. I guess I was really into it. Actually, come to think of it, where is Freyja?

Keiichi turned on the screen on the smartphone thing Skuld gave him. It took him a moment, but he realized something was amiss.

Wh-what? That can’t be right. Yesterday was May 10! How is it June now? Did I... could I have blacked out at some point? Could I have traveled into the future somehow? What’s going on here?

He was about to call out to Skuld to ask if his phone was malfunctioning somehow and displaying an inaccurate date, but before he could, a flash of light formed before him. He was expecting it to be Freyja again, but someone else appeared instead.

Upon first perceiving her, he was immediately reminded of all the lovemaking he had with Freyja. No, it was more than that... He could even feel that overwhelming rush of ecstasy again. He had to struggle to maintain any shred of his composure.

She was... beyond. Beyond beauty, beyond grace, beyond sexuality, beyond power. This woman was definitely a goddess, but on a much higher level than any of the others he had encountered before. It wouldn’t surprise him if she was a goddess compared to the other goddesses he had encountered before. None of them could bring him to a beyond-orgasmic state through their presence alone.

The goddess of goddesses before him was enormous: just shy of three meters tall with wild, long hair so golden that it was almost blinding to look at--albeit only for a moment. She was incredibly, supernaturally voluptuous, to the point that merely looking at her was orgasmic. She was the very definition of fertility--the last surviving man and she could repopulate the world in a single generation with ease. Gently glowing runes were sprawled all over her body--mostly nude, save for a pure white fur cloak. Her eyes seemed to promise Keiichi far more than he would ever had the courage to ask for.

In that moment, Keiichi felt better than he ever had before. Fighting the instinctive urge to worship the all-powerful being before him was quickly becoming a losing battle.


Her saying his name alone was enough to cause him to cum through his underwear, quickly soaking them.

“Wh-who are you...?” he managed to utter.

“When Freyja made love to you, she summoned immense power to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. Eventually all that power caused her to ascend to omnipotence, creating me. I am Frigga, and there is no measure of how much I love you, Keiichi.”

She placed her hands gently over her womb and added, “I’m pregnant. I’m going to give birth to an entire universe!”


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