Dating God - Chapter 7


"Ughhhh..." Steve half-heartedly groaned, frustratingly tossing his controller on the coffee table from his place on the couch, cuddling next to Sabrina.

"What's wrong cutie?" Sabrina asked, shifting her attention from the book she was reading, in which she was so immersed that an identical clone actually appeared in the fictional universe to experience it first-hand, even going so far as to interact and change the story retroactively, magically altering the text on the physical pages.

"Well, ever since you fused my memories with the alternate universe Steve that's played every video game to 100% completion so that I would inherit his experiences and save the time, all these games have been so boring. I hate to complain about it, but I just haven't found a game I've been really excited about. Kinda takes the fun out of it, you know?"

"I know that feeling very well cutie. Literally knowing and seeing everything at the same time will do that to you too. I had to self-limit my future sight because it was no fun seeing the outcomes of everything hundreds of trillions of years in advance. I like surprises too, you know."

"Yeah, that's fair. How do you deal with it then?"

"Luckily my powers work both ways, I can just turn it off and erase the memories. And if there's something I want to know, I can just decide to know it, and there it is."

"Can you give me an example?"

"Hmmm... Okay, let me think of a random future fact... Since I erased my future visions, I don't know when humans invent time travel."

"So you're saying that you just choose to know it, and you know it now?"

"Yep. Aaaaand, done. It'll be exactly 74 years, 8 months, 12 days, 2 hours, and 41 minutes until the first prototype is completed. The inventor's name is Jeff Carmichael, born and raised in a suburb outside Denver Colorado, age 58, works at SciTech Laboratories, loves painting and going to art galleries in his spare time, type-1 diabetic, has a serious latex fetish, and a scar on his left elbow from a biking accident.

"That's amazing!"

"Heh, well what else would you expect from me?" She blushed. "Well if you wish, I can just erase your memories so you can enjoy them again, no problem."

"Is that the only way? I guess so, huh..."

"Well, there's something else I could do."


"Hang on a sec."

Sabrina closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, and no more than 2 seconds later, a flash of brilliant colorful light appeared in front of her, materializing a disk into existence.

"Here you go- I just made you a brand new game."


"Yeah- The world, the characters, the graphics, the gameplay, everything, just now. It's right here. I just imagined something that you'd think was fun, challenging, and sexy too. Programmed, coded, developed, composed writing and music, tested, and created, all with my mind just now. You've obviously never played it, since it didn't exist until now. Go ahead, put it in!"

Steve grabbed the floating CD, one side showing the regular reflective surface of the average disc, the other showing a portrait of Sabrina herself, in her current outfit no less, along with the title "OMNILET SLAYER" written in red lettering.

He put it in the game console and after a quick load, the same image on the disc appeared on the screen, with a "PRESS START" flashing.

A character that looked 100% identical to Steve, with pixel-perfect graphics appeared in the center of the screen, surrounded by what appeared to be some kind of combat arena that looked like a futuristic Roman Colosseum. Fooling around with some controls, Steve realized he had an inventory full of weapons and armor, and equipped the highest-stat armor, and then a 2-handed battleaxe.

"This looks pretty cool so far cutie." Steve said.

"You haven't seen anything yet." She smiled.

** LEVEL 1 - START! **

In multiple spots around the arena, a group of 3 naked human women materialized and appeared out of thin air, each with about 5'4" doll-like bodies and long blonde hair. As soon as they entered the arena, they instantly started to run towards Steve's character.

"STEVE I LOVE YOU!" One of the girls' voice lines played. "AAAAAAAAHHHH STEVE HAVE MY BABIES!" Another girl shouted.

"I love you? Have my babies?" Steve turned to Sabrina, hoping for some answers.

While the real Sabrina stayed perfectly silent, a rendered version of her appeared on the screen, sitting on a throne under a shaded canopy at the top of the arena as the king would have, and said: "Well cutie, they're your enemies- they're trying to steal you away from me! Come on now, you have to fight back!"

"Alright, here goes nothing." Steve said, preparing to start.

With a few swings of his heavy fire-enchanted steel battleaxe, he chopped and decapitated the first wave of bodies, leaving them laying motionless on the floor for a few seconds, before they simply just faded and disappeared.

"Okay, I think I've got the hang of it so far." Steve said.


"Ugh, damn it!" Steve yelled, dropping his controller in frustration.

"Stuck again cutie? I did make it pretty hard after all, you shouldn't feel too bad."

**sigh** "Yeah, I'm stuck. No matter what I do, I'm stuck on the supergirl level. I've tried every weapon, every playstyle, there's just too many things to keep track of- they can move so fast and their strength is insane!"

"Yeah, that one is pretty tough. I made the game beat-able, but it's extremely hard by human standards."

"Well... You know what? I'm probably not gonna beat it on my own, why don't you just play and show me?"

"You want me to show you how it's done, eh? Alright cutie, no problem." She said, sitting up from her place on the couch. "Here- I'll even speedrun it just to give you a real show."

"Alright then, here you go" Steve said, handing her the controller.

"Don't worry, I won't need it." She said with a knowing smile.

She walked over to the TV where the game was being displayed and reached out to touch the screen. Instead of making contact, it looked like her hand had slipped through the surface of the glass like it was made of water, even going so far as to make water-like ripples where she touched. Her arm had completely disappeared from the physical world, and in its place, was a 3D-rendered version of it inside the game! She looked back at Steve to give a sly smirking grin that silently said "yeah, I know it's fucking cool", then she grabbed the edges of the screen and climbed into the TV, until her body was completely digitized into her video game version, standing right next to Steve's avatar in the arena.

Once inside the game, she walked over to Steve's avatar and lifted him up to her lips, giving him a long sensual kiss, which meanwhile, he could feel in real life as he floated above the couch and felt the unmistakable feeling of Sabrina's tongue inside him for a few seconds before he was gently put down and the avatar Steve was sent off the screen.

Right before level 1 began, Sabrina turned around to look behind her, as if she was looking through the screen like a window- and she was, since she could see Steve through a floating rectangular portal about 10 feet behind her. "Here cutie, since this is a speedrun, I'll be going too fast for you to keep up with, so I'll slow everything down so you can see it at my speed. Your eyes wouldn't be able to keep up with it."

And it was true, if she didn't, the first level would have been over within a literal blink of an eye, but with the snap of her fingers, the camera started to show the game world moving in hyper slow-motion. Rather than the enemy spawns being instantaneous like they were before, Steve could now see each individual pixel begin to render into the game in a flash of blue light before changing to the proper color as the enemy girls began to appear.

In the top left corner of the screen, a black box and neon green text appeared, showing the following stopwatch timers, just like the professional speedrunners:

TOTAL: 00:00:00.000000
LEVEL 1 TIME: 00:00:00.000000
LEVEL 2 TIME: 00:00:00.000000
LEVEL 3 TIME: 00:00:00.000000

** LEVEL 1 - START! **

Sabrina instantly launched herself forwards from her starting place as soon as the "START!" text left the screen, leaving a huge cloud of dust and a small crater in her wake from the sheer force of her movements. She rocketed forwards at speeds that put light to shame, reaching one hand inside her jiggling breasts, unsheathing a 4-foot long katana out of the hammer space in-between her cleavage, and then making one clean horizontal slice in front of her in one fluid motion, leaving the 3 girls instantly decapitated.

A second, third, fourth, and fifth wave of these girls started to appear in the arena, increasing proportionally in their number from 3, to 10, to 20, to 50, to 100.

"Come on girls, you're gonna have to try harder! I'm not giving up my boyfriend to pathetic omnilets like you!" She mocked.

The game's camera began to start switching angles in real time as Sabrina started blinking around the battlefield, showing the coolest and most cinematographically beautiful shots possible, as if it was a AAA-budget movie with godly special effects, as she completely decimated wave after wave of the expendable girls like worthless fodder. In real-time as Steve watched it all happen, it had taken several minutes to watch the whole thing, but then he got an idea of exactly how "slow motion" Sabrina made the camera go.


TOTAL: 00:00:00.000001
LEVEL 1 TIME: 00:00:00:000001
LEVEL 2 TIME: 00:00:00.000000
LEVEL 3 TIME: 00:00:00.000000

"HOLY SHIT!" Steve exclaimed, looking at the ridiculous number displayed on the stopwatch. "Are you serious? That's the real time?"

"I don't need to lie cutie." She smiled.

As the minutes passed in the real world, Steve watched as the greatest action movie of all time was happening right in front of him, as his godly girlfriend completely decimated hundreds of enemies that came after her.

Over the levels, the enemies got stronger, higher stats, better special abilities like stuns and de-buffs, and even SUPERPOWERS that would easily be a formidable challenge for the highest tier players.

Level 2 was Supergirls. These were enemies that looked like blatant knockoff expys of everyone's favorite Mary Sue with super strength, flight, laser eyes, super speed, and the rest of the regular power-kit that came standard with any "totally-not-Supergirl" character. Sabrina stood still and simply let the waves of supergirls pile onto her. No matter what they could throw at her- laser vision, super-strength punches, streetlights, cars, even buildings, not a single thing even remotely fazed Sabrina, who didn't even flinch or feel a hint of pain the entire time.

"Remember supergirls..." She said, teleporting behind one instantly before they could even register her leaving.

"You will always be limited!" The supergirl's body split in half with a cut of her sword.

"I'll always be faster..." She began moving at such ludicrous speeds that Sabrina appeared behind all of the remaining supergirls at the same time and appeared to even be talking in sync like clones, when in reality she was just moving between those places THAT quickly.

"Stronger..." She said, as each "clone" grabbed the neck of the supergirls and began squeezing with barely any effort, starting to choke them out as they struggled and pathetically failed to muster enough strength to break out of her grip.

"And never forget that you will never..." She started squeezing harder.

"EVER..." Even harder.

"Bend reality."  


Hey guys, it's Sabrina! I know you were enjoying the story so far and anon here is a great writer and all that, but now it's time for me to take over for a while so I can teach these girls a lesson. Now, it's time to show this obnoxious omnilets which one of us has the inferior fetish- I'd like to see THEM break the 4th wall and start writing their own story instead of letting some pesky author decide what happens.

Anyway, don't worry- right now in my world, time is completely frozen still, everything in the game, Steve, and the rest of the multiverse is on "pause" while I figure this out.

Okay, let's see now... how can I utterly humiliate these annoying brats?


Hey, I've got an idea!

A comic book full of blank white pages appears in front of me with "SUPERGIRL" on the cover along with a picture of her and a label that said "ISSUE #1". I start having a vision of exactly I want to have happen, and the pages begin to fill up with beautiful gallery-worthy artwork, speech bubbles, and characters exactly the way I imagine it, straight to the page. Seconds later, the comic was finished, telling the NEW canon story of Supergirl.

In MY version of Supergirl, she gets the same powers as Superman, but this time she gets into a big fight and loses control of her temper over a petty insignificant jealousy of another girl looking prettier than her, so she starts killing innocent civilians, blowing up cars and buildings recklessly as her laser-vision and super-strength feats left the city in shambles. Her reputation is completely ruined and everyone in Metropolis began to violently hate her to a point where they would have tried killing her if they thought they could do it.

As a punishment for letting her powers get out of control, Superman created a concentrated kryptonite laser beam and blasted her with it head-on, with such immense force that it almost killed her entirely, stripping away all of her superpowers and leaving her as a pathetic husk of a girl in comparison to her previously angelic superwoman form- no super strength, no super speed, no bulletproof body or resistances, nothing; just back to a complete boring human nobody. Not only that, but Superman explains that the changes are irreversible and she can never get her powers back, and she simply has to live in fear with her mistakes for the rest of her life, trying to avoid all of the citizens of Metropolis who want her dead.

And then I included the most important detail on the last page- "THE END"

And all of a sudden, my comic replaced the original first issue in reality, telling the story of a girl who was briefly the second most powerful person next to me, and then lost everything. Retroactively, all of the hundreds of thousands of comic books, video games, and cameos lost all inclusion of supergirl in them- she just vanished from all of her appearances in media as if she was never there. It gained an infamous reputation within the comic book community to a point where even the fans hated it, and the countless gigabytes worth of fanfiction and porn made about her simply vanished from existence because it never even happened.

Okay, I should probably get back in there and finish up- I'm supposed to be speedrunning you know! I can't be creating comic books at a time like this!


Back inside the game, the flow of time resumed once more and the multi-verse turned off "pause" mode. Right before their eyes, The supergirls in the arena began to start screaming in pain as their bodies started experiencing the effects of the newly-canonized kryptonite laser, slowly losing their powers as it pounded and pounded waves of powerful energy through her body, bringing them within an inch of their lives, until they were no stronger than the human girls from level 1.

"Sorry girls, you might be super, but you aren't omni." She smiled, before crushing their heads with her heels.


TOTAL: 00:00:00.000006
LEVEL 1 TIME: 00:00:00:000001
LEVEL 2 TIME: 00:00:00.000005
LEVEL 3 TIME: 00:00:00.000000

"Awh..." Sabrina said, disappointed at herself for getting carried away and taking too long. "Oh well, I can always retry a perfect run next time. I'll just start having fun now."

** LEVEL 3 - START **

Now it was time to face the final boss. Steve's eyes were glued to the screen, looking around for the enemies to come out and appear like the previous ones, but strangely he didn't see anything, he only *heard* something.

It sounded like these huge planet-crushing explosions were happening in the background off-screen where he couldn't see, until the camera started to zoom out and pan upwards.

Those weren't explosions- they were footsteps.

Towering above the now-comically small looking Sabrina was this ridiculously tall hulking giga-giantess woman, at least 20 miles tall in height and bulging with gigantic throbbing muscles and thick pulsing veins the same width as a train car. A single one of her footsteps could easily demolish an entire city effortlessly just due to the ludicrous size of her body, but her muscles weren't there for show either- she was strong enough that she would easily be able to tear a planet in half with her bare hands if she wanted.

Sabrina lifted off the ground of the virtual arena and began floating directly upwards, zipping into the sky until she reached the stratosphere where her enemy's head resided, looking like a tiny insect in comparison to this absurdly oversized beast of a woman. And then when Sabrina made it to the top of her body (she floated up *slightly* more, about 10 feet above where her eye level is, so that the giantess had to look upwards at Sabrina), the two locked eyes for the first time.

"I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!" The woman's voice boomed, so loudly that the windows of every building 5 miles in front of her shattered instantly, and caused thousands of virtual NPCs to die immediately.

Sabrina didn't even respond, and simply floated there in front of her, looking down from her slightly higher altitude. She crossed her arms and placed them just under her beach-ball sized tits like a cradle.



That was all Sabrina could say- and all she needed to say.

The most disgustingly devilish, confidently cocky, utterly unafraid, positively pompous, viciously vain, and downright devious smile began to wipe across her face; a shit-eating grin so absolutely conceited it would take the consumption of the entire shit dimension to achieve- smugness that was eons beyond mortal comprehension... The forbidden technique so powerful it was incomprehensible to anyone outside of the realm of godhood-


It looked like a lightning storm of golden energy surrounding her body like a Dragonball character charging their ki energy, empowering herself even further as Sabrina finally revealed her true, ultimate, final form- one that was so absurdly powerful that it made her regular one look pathetic in comparison-

Sabrina (Forma de Cara Dorada).

Her whole body and even her clothes were now glowing with this brilliant golden color, but the brightest spot on her body by far was her face. It began to brighten even further still, until her face unleashed a powerful ray of blinding light in a hyper-concentrated beam of pure raw smug energy directly at the giant woman's face, looking down at her from a 45-degree angle.

"AAAHHH!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" The giga-woman screamed in pain, shielding her eyes from the golden light energy.

The concentrated smug energy penetrated into her skin and directly into her mind, phasing through her pathetic attempts to block the attack- this was simply unstoppable by any force in the universe because it didn't harm anyone physically (outside of the light output) because this wasn't meant to be a physical attack at all...

This is a metaphysical attack.

The smug ray ignored the unimportant mortal body and instead focused on the internal core of its target. The cross-section diagram would have looked like a layered defense wall not unlike the Earth's atmosphere layers- their self-confidence, their beliefs, their philosophy, and then finally the last layer, the soul itself. One by one, her internal core layers were slowly being degraded and melted through by the powerful energy beam like a laser cutting through steel.

As the first layer, self-confidence, was taking the brunt of the damage, the giantess' mind was assaulted with questions that began to change who she was as a person.

"How can she act so smug? I'm the most powerful force in the universe!!! It doesn't make sense at all! How can she be winning?!" The question echoed inside her mind, in a soul-searching dialogue with her own consciousness.

"... Am I NOT the most powerful force in the universe?"

Now it had truly begun. Her self-confidence had been eviscerated in seconds, like slicing through butter with the sheer power of the golden laser.

"But I'm so big and strong! How can this be?"

"... What if I'm not as strong as I think I am? Is she stronger?"

Instinctually she suddenly knew it, that Sabrina WAS stronger, as the image of Sabrina's insultingly degrading gaze burned into her memory- she wasn't strong at all- she was weak! How could she have thought anything else? She wasn't just weak, but *pathetically* weak. Her muscles meant nothing anymore, they were nothing but a gigantic lie.

Meanwhile outside of her mind, her muscles began to explode with a loud "pop" noise, before they all began to shrink and deflate like giant balloons, until they retracted back inside her skin, turning her into just a regular muscle-less giga-giantess.

"How can she look down on me? I'm the biggest person in the world! The universe! How DARE she do this to me!"

"... What if I really am small? It's like I'm no more than an insect to her!"

And suddenly it became true, as the giant woman began to shrink down, proportionally condensing and reducing her body size further and further down from 20 miles to 10 miles, to 5 miles, to 2 miles, to 1, until she was back into the realm of normal human size, at 5'4" tall, withering and collapsed on the ground in pain.

Sabrina floated back down to ground level, not averting her powerful gaze for even a moment, until she was hovering a few inches above the floor of the arena, with the pathetic husk laying down in front of her. Those few inches of space between her body and the ground along with her long flowing black hair down to her knees created such an imposing and threatening look that the woman was utterly terrified of her now.

"No, please have mercy! Don't hurt me please! I have nothing now! I don't have my muscles, my strength, my power, and now my size is gone too! I really AM an insect!"

And just like that, the process started all over again, shrinking her even further down and reducing her size to the size of a literal insect, no larger than a single inch tall- but that wasn't a problem with hyper-microscopic vision and true-sight omnipotence.

Like putting a magnifying glass under the sunlight to focus it into a laser, the 6-inch diameter ray was condensed into a hyper-focused one that turned the attack into a 1 millimeter laser, aimed directly at her insect-sized head.

"What am I without my size and my power? The only thing I could do was fight. What is my life without fighting and crushing my enemies? My only purpose was to kill whoever challenged me!"

"What am I doing here? What is this place?" She yelled, looking around at the arena surrounding her.

"...Is all of this even real?"

Just then, the computer-rendered world around both the girls began to fall apart, disintegrating and turning into tiny blue pixels before disappearing into empty black virtual space, followed by the arena itself, until everything in their surroundings had completely been erased, leaving nothing but an empty black void with neon green gridlines stretching onwards forever in every direction.

"This can't be happening- the entire world is falling apart around me, I was just part of some sort of simulation that someone else is controlling..."

"I've only been saying the same 3 things for as long as I can remember... 'I will crush you', 'Fear me I am the most powerful force in the universe', and 'prepare to die'. I've never had a single thought cross my mind other than those 3 things I say- are these thoughts I'm having even my own? Have I been controlled by someone this whole time?"

"... Am I even human?"

"... A-Am... Am I even real?"

Only a mere second after the words escaped her mouth, she got the answer to her question, as she looked down to see that her own body was pixelizing and disintegrating in the same way as the world around her did a few seconds earlier, until her entire body flew off and faded away into the nothingness of the empty virtual void, followed by Sabrina powering down and returning back to her regular self.


TOTAL: 00:01:26.000012
LEVEL 1 TIME: 00:00:00:000001
LEVEL 2 TIME: 00:00:00.000005
LEVEL 3 TIME: 00:01:26.000006


"Phew! I really did take my sweet time on that one- I could have shaved off a ton of time if I really tried. It was fun to let loose and show off a bit though!" She said as she looked up at the stopwatch in the corner of the screen.

Sabrina walked back over to the "window" and jumped up through the portal, transforming back into her regular non-digital self as she passed through the glass of the TV screen and back into the living room.

"So, what'd you think cutie? You like my game?"

"Uh yeah cutie, I'm just um... I'm not sure how to react to that last level, that was really something."

"Heh, yeah, I was really cutting loose since I had a space to really unleash my true power. Can't exactly do something like that in the real world, you know?"

"Right, yeah. It's just a video game and all, so nobody would get hurt, it was just... Wow."

"Hey wait- there's still something I didn't show you."

"What's that?"

"My smug power I just showed you?"


"That's not all it can do- there's another effect to that power that I couldn't really show there."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

Sabrina turned her head to look at Steve, giving him yet another devilishly smug smile as she stared down directly into his eyes, and almost instantaneously Steve could feel himself growing a massive erection that would have torn the fabric of his pants if it were any stronger.




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