Real Life With Cheat Codes Pt. 4


Colleen becomes S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

“I could spend an eternity just looking through all these menus filled of cool powers and cheats full of stuff for me to play with. Wait… CAN I do that? (Probably, she thought.) Alright, well let’s keep looking and see what we can find… Hang on, is this a stat-point screen? If I can control everything around me with this thing, who’s to say I can’t control myself just as well? Let’s give it a shot.”


>LUCK [1]

“Okay, what’s first… Strength. Sure, I could use some of that.” She said, looking at her biceps, recalling how many years it had been since her last workout (spoiler: it was 4). Clicking on the “strength” button, the screen displayed a slider scale going from “1” to “11”, with the arrow resting on “1”.


“It goes to eleven?” She thought. “Well, I’ve seen some crazy stuff today, maybe I’ll take it slow on this one…”
Colleen ran downstairs to the basement to see the results happen live. She turned on the light to find her dad’s weight set in the corner, and set to work. 

“Let’s see what a ‘2’ gives me.”

She walked over to the 300-pound deadlift weight and took a deep breath, wiggling her fingers in preparation. Now, normally Colleen struggled with even lifting so much as a heavy backpack to class, being as out of shape as she was. At the absolute limit, her regular body would MAYBE be able to lift the weight an inch off the ground, if she could even make it budge to begin with. But as she strained herself with nothing more than a “2” on the dial, she quickly found the weight becoming lighter and lighter, until she could hoist the bar up to her chest, and then thrust her arms upwards and hold the bar straight above her head.

“Holy shit, I’m really doing it!” her eyes and mouth opened wide in shock.

She gently lowered the weight down to the floor, still speechless, and looked at her hands as if she was doubting they were really capable of doing that.

“Alright, let’s take it up a notch.” She thought, sliding the dial up to 4.

Looking over at the rowing machine, she felt another surge of power rush through her arms, and walked over to it confidently. She put her hands underneath the base of the 1000+ pound 6 ft. tall metal and barbell weight exercise machine and lifted. Straining for a second, but then quickly overcoming the obstacle, picking up the refrigerator-sized contraption, lifting it over her head and putting it back down.

“You know, that was easier than I thought, I wonder if I can…”

Colleen flipped the lights off, headed back upstairs and into the garage, where the family car was parked. She bent down and gripped the bottom of the back fender with both hands, bending the steel as her fingers squished the metal like clay, and lifted the car off its rear wheels, before letting the rubber tires absorb the shock.

“Heh.” She smiled smugly.

She eagerly pulled her phone back out and turned up the dial to 6.

Feeling another surge, she started feeling more ambitious. She ripped a hole in the metal garage door like aluminum foil and set her sights on her next challenge- the whole house. Squatting down, she dug her powerful yet tiny fingers into the dirt and underneath the edge of the house, cracking through the bricks as her fingers crumbled them like a cookie. 


As if Colleen were opening a treasure chest, the entire house was torn straight off the concrete foundation, shingles began falling off the roof and windows cracking left and right, water pipes bursting and spraying everywhere, as she raised half of it above her head.


The house fell back down to the ground with a dramatic crash.

“Alright- I think I’m ready for the big time.”

This time, Colleen moved the dial all the way up to 11.

Waves of pure raw energy began surging through Colleen’s skinny wiry body- despite her unassuming stature, the infinite power of a god was pulsing through her veins. As if her confidence of what she could handle wasn’t already high enough, her self-doubt was simply just gone- she knew that anything the world could throw at her wouldn’t even stand a chance. She knelt down and stuck her arm into the ground, pushing through the gravel and dirt with absolutely zero resistance like dipping her hand into water instead of solid ground, and gripped her hands together, struggling not to immediately shatter the sheet rock with a light grasp. 

The ground began to violently quake as Colleen’s feminine little hands began to shake the entire planet Earth with just a mere fraction of what she knew what she was capable of. She had the same exact look of utter disbelief on her face, looking at her tiny fingers in shock, before she turned around to see that everyone in the cul-de-sac was standing behind her, speechlessly watching as their sweet little 20-something neighbor just dead-lifted her house and then single-handedly caused a global earthquake.

“Whoops- hang on.” She pulled out her phone and quickly found the “undo” button, fixing the house and the garage door with a few taps of her finger, and resetting time to a few minutes ago, back in her room but still filled with the same amount of power as before.

“I feel amazing!” Colleen thought to herself, smiling wide and soaking in all of the new power inside her new super-body. “And I never even set foot in a gym! Now let’s see what these others can do…”


“Alright, perception… let’s start with 2.” She thought, sliding the arrow up.

But as the dial moved upwards, she noticed that her vision was becoming blurrier by the second- in no time it felt like she was looking through a foggy fish bowl. She was getting a headache now- she had flashbacks to trying on glasses with the wrong prescription lenses.
“Wait- my glasses…”

She skeptically brought her planet-breaking hand up to her face and gently removed her thick black-framed glasses from her eyes, and watched in pure awe as she lowered them from her face and the world became crystal clear. It was like she was seeing for the first time all over again, as everything in the room became extremely sharp and vibrant. Her sense of touch was enhanced as well, as she began to feel twice as sensitive in every area of her body… every area. It was like her nerve endings were amplified, increasing the sensations of everything from digesting food to her heart pumping blood.

“No way…”

She bumped up the number to 4 and it got even crazier- her eyes were zooming in like miniature cameras on command, now able to focus at a microscopic level and see the individual cells in her body. Holding up her hand, she could see every little cell of her skin, glowing with a strange yellow energy that she certainly didn’t recall seeing in her high school biology textbook- these glowing cells were definitely superhuman, because this was pretty far off from normal. Even her sense of smell was getting to this level now- all of the miniscule nuances and smells of her entire house were getting into her nose. The fresh air outside, musty cobwebs in the attic, laundry detergent from the basement as the washing machine is working, and her mother’s home cooking were just a handful of all the new smells Colleen was experiencing at once. She could even smell the little details of her mom’s meal- Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, green beans, and asparagus- even right down to the individual seasonings and spices, and from behind the walls in another room 30 feet away!


Her eyes became like a slide show of different filters, able to pick and choose at will which kind of super-lenses she wanted- thermal vision, X-ray vision, black & white grayscale, and countless more. She noticed there were a lot of gag filters as well- some that made her see every person like a cartoon, another one that turned everyone into anime characters, and a “mommy-vision” setting, where she could see only women who identified themselves as “mommies” floating in an empty white void, as the rest of the world became transparent. The walls around her seemed to disappear on her command; every single house in the neighborhood- no, the town, were no match for her cute little bright blue eyes, as she mentally “undressed” all the buildings in a 5 mile radius so that it looked like people were floating inside see-through glass structures. Nothing more than the desire itself was all it took for her to see something miles away with perfect clarity. She opened her bedroom window and the world became much louder. Her sense of hearing had exponentially increased, by at least 1000-fold; she was clearly hearing individual conversations from people in the city 20 minutes away.


When you have your eyes shut, and you begin to slowly open them, the world reveals the visual information in front of you vertically. Now Colleen’s eyes began to give her brain precise visual information *horizontally*, expanding her range of sight from the 45-degree angle of the normal eyeball to a complete 360 degrees, as if she had 8 eyeballs circled around her head that would open sideways. Nothing left on planet Earth was a secret to Colleen’s eyes now- it was like she had turned “wallhacks” on for the game of life. There was no longer such thing as a “horizon” to Colleen anymore- every single angle, crevice, nook, and cranny, was all in her sight. It didn’t matter how near or far away something was, or how many miles of solid rock, metal, or lava blocked her line of sight- it simply didn’t obey the rules anymore. All of her senses blended together into one all-encompassing one; as long as you experience something in one of the 5 ways, the other 4 will experience the same exact thing. Hearing a piece of music allows you to vividly imagine what it tastes like and replicates it in your mouth, what it appears like visually, or even what it smells like. Overhearing the noise from someone’s apartment 6 states over, she not only heard, but smelled and tasted Beethoven’s 9th, which by the way, tastes like a nice red wine and smells like cigarettes for some reason.


Colleen’s all-seeing eyes began to illuminate with a bright blinding light, as every known and unknown piece of visual information entered her mind simultaneously. Every single atom across every room, house, street, neighborhood, town, city, state, country, continent, planet, star, solar system, galaxy, and universe was implanted in her brain, like trillions and trillions of security cameras were all sending a live HD video feed into her line of sight at any given moment. Colleen was hearing the heartbeats of every child in Tokyo while glancing over casually at Neptune, easily seeing every little bump, crater, rock, and atom on the entire rock with perfect accuracy. Colleen had achieved complete omniscience- infinite perception. Her sense of touch was going wild, exponentially increasing further and further beyond their limits with each notch upwards on the dial. Even the tiniest touch of a finger felt like being hit by an avalanche, and the more she pushed herself, the better it got. Colleen began to slide her hand down her pants and slip a few fingers into her dripping wet omni-sensitive pussy; every single cell in her body going wild with lust for her touch. The sensation of her finger sliding into her juices felt like being washed away in a monumental tsunami, and the feeling of her fingertips jamming against her G-spot was like the same level of force as hitting the bottom of a cliff. She went faster and faster, flicking and twisting her heightened erogenous zones on her nipples, pushing herself harder as she let out a deep sensual moan. Even though in reality it wasn’t much, it felt like her pussy was the nozzle of a fire hose, spraying out enough cum to put out a burning building, even though it was only enough to soak a spot on her panties with her cum.

“Aaahhhhhhh~~~” She sighed, coming off on an indescribably amazing orgasm- her first true god tier one.

“I’m just getting started- More… MORE!” She pleaded herself to push further.


“Let’s start with 3.”  She thought, turning up the dial. Already feeling very confident as she felt her skin firm and tighten up, Colleen decided to act a bit more bold. Her mind immediately went for the classic supergirl strength check- trying to cut yourself. It was like the universe replied to her brain waves, and her eyes instantly registered where the closest knife to her was. It was like someone held up a magnifying glass to her eye, and through the small window of the glass was an X-ray of the walls around her, allowing her to see through the furniture and walls and drawers, to find a thick cutting knife inside the kitchen drawer a few rooms away. 

“Alright, here goes nothin’.” She said, carefully trying to make a single slice against her arm so that even if she couldn’t take it, the damage wouldn’t be so bad.


It sounded like a metal sword being unsheathed, as the steel of the knife met a surface that was even harder than it- Colleen’s skin. She pushed harder, this time using a decent amount of her strength and trying to stab herself with it, but it was useless; the tip of the blade would bend like a flimsy spoon the harder she pushed down. 

She put the knife down and put her left hand straight down her kitchen sink’s garbage disposal, turning it on. 


The most unsettling guttural noise you’ve ever heard filled Colleen’s house as the blades of the garbage disposal unit simply broke on impact once the motor turned on, shattering against her skin that felt soft as a pillow, and still harder than diamonds.

“Fuck, that’s kinda hot” She thought, getting a very confusing lady-boner.

She turned up the dial to 5 and ran upstairs, raiding her dad’s gun safe. Now that she could shatter buildings by accidentally poking something too hard, cracking it open was like opening a can of soda. She checked to see that his pistol was loaded, and aimed it right down at her left foot.

“Here goes nothing.” She took a deep breath, pulling the trigger.


The bullet ricocheted right off of her foot like hitting a steel wall with a pebble.

“I’m bulletproof!” She beamed, a wide smile running across her face. 

“Well, I guess putting this one up to max wouldn’t hurt… literally…”

She cranked up the dial straight up to 11 now. She didn’t feel any different physically, but unbeknownst to her, she was becoming completely invincible in every sense of the word. Nothing left in existence could possibly hurt her body, whether it was guns and weapons, or even biological dangers; poison gas, harmful drugs, even sperm couldn’t even last a second in her bloodstream- her body was truly a temple that no foreign invader could hope to penetrate without her giving permission. Despite her velvety skin being so soft and smooth, it was now the hardest substance in the known and unknown universe, right down to each strand of hair. 


“Charisma, eh? Well, let’s see if anything changes when I bump this up to 3.”

**knock knock**

“Colleen? Are you in there?” A familiar voice came from behind her bedroom door. Her X-ray eyes disintegrated the door to reveal her little brother Jason home from school.

“Uh, yeah, come in.”

“Hey Coll, could you—WOAH!” Jason began to open the door, but stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a totally different person standing in front of him.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Colleen asked, confused of what exactly just happened.

“Coll… You look… so uh… different!” Jason, half-speechless, tried to censor himself before he admitted to having the biggest erection of his life. In front of him was no longer his frumpy older sister, frequenter of worn-out jeans, baggy flannel shirts, glasses, and messy red hair, but a woman who looked like she came straight out of a Playboy magazine. In fact, she looked exactly like a specific Playboy model, Faye Fallic, the covergirl of Jason’s first porno mag that he dug up from his dad’s stash in the attic a few years ago. Faye (and now Colleen) was basically the real-life equivalent of Jessica Rabbit, a red-haired bombshell body that oozed with pure sex appeal and a gorgeous body. Faye had a special place in Jason’s heart, and would always remain the hottest woman he had ever seen- and now he was staring her right in the eyes in her sister’s bedroom.

“What are you talking about Jason?” Colleen asked. “I don’t look any different!” She pleaded, turning to look at her full-body mirror.

Sure enough, she looked exactly the same as always, same old Colleen.

“I’ll show you.” Jason pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture, and then showed it to her. In the picture, she looked exactly like Faye Fallic, but the mirror next to her proved otherwise. 

Colleen’s hyper-senses heard the rush of blood going from Jason’s head to his other head, and her X-ray vision quickly confirmed that he was indeed still a horny pre-teen.

“Jason you gotta go, I uh, have to leave.”

“You read my mind!” He quickly snapped back, darting through the door and down the hall to his bedroom, not remotely upset at the request now that he had a picture of Faye up close. Luckily having super-senses like Colleen’s allows you to mentally block and drown out hearing and seeing certain things at will too. 

“Didn’t need to read your mind for that one…” She thought.

“It must be something with this charisma thing, but what the hell is it?” She wondered, still not exactly sure how this worked. She turned it up to 5 and went downstairs.

“Honey, is that you? I’m just about to get started on dinner, could you set the ta- JOHN?!”

She turned around to where Colleen was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. To Colleen, she wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, but apparently she did something to her mother. 

“John?” Colleen asked.

“John, you look incredible today… Have you been working out, you stud?” She purred, brushing one finger down his chest and giving Colleen a mean set of bedroom eyes.

“Oh shit shit shit, my mom is hitting on me. What the fuck did I do?!” Colleen panicked.

*ahem* “What are you talking about Jane, I haven’t done anything differently.” Colleen tried to act along, pretending to be her dad.

“You must have not looked in the mirror, beefcake. Here, let me show you.” Her mom said, snapping a picture with her phone and showing it to her.

“Oh my god.” Colleen thought to herself as she looked at the picture that was just taken of her.

The picture looked like her father in his peak physical form plus a few extra enhancements, as if he had lost 10 years overnight- he had a chiseled set of 6-pack abs and a beautiful tanned beach body, with a bulging cock that looked ready to rip out of his pants.
Suddenly it all came clear to Colleen exactly what this charisma scale was doing: it was turning her into the object of desire for whoever was looking at her. The most beautiful person the person could imagine was projected onto Colleen’s body, even in pictures, so that no matter who she was speaking to, she would always look like the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

Colleen quickly hit the “pause” button to freeze time, and re-wound it back to a minute before Jason arrived.

“So if that’s what a 5 does, let’s see what 11 can do.”

She wasted no time in sliding the dial up to the maximum level, but once again didn’t really feel any different. What the hell was up with this thing?

**knock knock**

“Colleen? Are you in there?”

“Yeah, come in Jason.”

Jason walked into her room and immediately fell to his knees, bowing before her like a powerful monarch.

“I AM NOT WORTHY!” Jason shouted, moving his arms up and down repeatedly.

“Jason, what the hell’s gotten into you?” Colleen asked.

“My queen, how may I serve you today?” Jason asked. 

Colleen started to suspect what was happening now- her charisma was so ridiculously strong that other people were now worshipping her, either as a queen or as a goddess. Frankly the whole idea terrified her, because that seemed like it could easily go south, but she stopped for a second to consider that all those years of Jason being an annoying brat little brother were about to pay off. For now, she wanted to see exactly how it worked.

“Alright… I want you to go downstairs and ask mom what’s for dinner, then come back.”

Silently nodding, Jason bolted out the door and downstairs, and returned a few seconds later, this time with her mom there as well. As they both entered the door, both Jason and her mom were now bowing to her, on their knees.

“My queen… Your dinner is prepared for you. I have made your favorite dish, as I do every day. Would your majesty like me to throw it out and do something else? Whatever will be good enough for you, please tell me!” Her mom said, desperate to please her as if she was afraid of her daughter’s punishment.

Silently, Colleen walked past them and down the stairs, turning the corner into the kitchen where she saw it was no longer the regular kitchen she grew up in. It looked more like a regal dining room, where there was a gold and red throne at the head of the table labeled “Her Majesty”, with numerous plates of lobster, salmon, and mussels all laid out for her like a feast.

“Hey everyone, I’m home!” She heard her dad walk in the front door, coming home from work. As the door opened, Colleen heard a crowd of people on the front porch causing a commotion. 

Upon seeing Colleen, he dropped his coat and suitcase to the floor and fell to his knees, bowing to his daughter.

“Greetings my queen. How was your day? Did you enjoy your 8 hour mid-day nap? Oh, and here’s my paycheck- I worked an extra 50 hours of overtime just for you!” He said, handing his fat paycheck to a speechless Colleen, wondering where this was when she was a broke teenager. 

Colleen focused her senses on the group of people outside. Behind the front door was a 50-person crowd surrounding the perimeter of her house, trying to peer in every little window and crevice, equipped with pounds and pounds of bags and camera equipment, taking every little glimpse of a shot they could see.

She picked up the remote and turned on the news.

The breaking story was about how the international church of Colleen Kirkpatrick was now the most popular religion worldwide, beating out Christianity, Islam, and Judaism combined.


“Alright, this is getting a little weird.” Colleen thought. “I think I can live without super charisma. Maybe I’ll keep it at 2 for now.” She said, rewinding time and changing her charisma score back down.


“Alright, let’s give this one a shot. I’m sure it can’t top that on the weird scale.”

She turned it up to 2 and Colleen could feel her brain instantly become a bit sharper. She couldn’t decipher exactly what she was feeling, but all she knew now was that she had a strong desire to read a book and learn something- it was almost like being horny, but instead of a quest for jizz, it was knowledge.

She walked over to her bookshelf, looking for something she hadn’t read before.

“Let’s see… Oh, here’s my programming textbook from that class I dropped- I really wish I stuck with it, but it was just so hard I had to drop during the first semester so I wouldn’t hurt my GPA. *sigh.* Well, I guess it’s never too late to try again.”

She opened the first page and realized that she had already read this page before. It was like she had a flashback to studying this page for a test, memorizing all the words and details. She even found herself predicting the next words from memory as she read along. 
Next page.

This one looked very familiar too. “How far did I get in this thing anyway?” She wondered.

She started flipping through the pages like a deck of cards, finding the exact same thing for each and every page- she didn’t notice her own speed, but her “casual reading pace” was equivalent to one millisecond per page, despite it feeling like a healthy 5 minutes to really absorb all the information and comprehend it. In no time, she was already done with the book, and she was furious! 

“I don’t get it!” She mentally yelled, frustrated with her past self. “I remember literally every word in that book, how the hell did I not pass that class? That stuff was so EASY!”

In truth, Colleen  never made it past page 24. But her new enhanced brain was now reading and comprehending so quickly that her own mind couldn’t even keep up with own speed. By the time she had flipped to the next page, she was already 100% familiar with it, as if she had memorized every word down to the punctuation marks!

“Alright, well let’s see what a 5 gives me.”

Her eyes began to glow again, as Colleen’s brain was met with a flood of new information, quite literally absorbing all of the information in the room around her. All of the books on her bookshelf were getting mentally read cover-to-cover in seconds, without her even needing to move, since her super-vision can penetrate exactly as much or little visual information as she wanted, letting her see through the pages as if transparent, focusing on that particular page of black text. In a matter of 2 minutes, every book on her bookshelf burned into her memory forever as if she had just taken a mental image of every single page, and this was only the beginning. An blue magical glowing aura (exclusively visible through the “intelligence aura” lens, in her new eye lens array) penetrated the physical world surrounding her in a 30-foot radius of where she was sitting, quite literally absorbing the information of everything around her, as it looked like she was draining the life force of all these inanimate objects. Floating text was now hovering next to whatever she was looking at and focused on, giving an “overview” of statistics for whatever she was looking at, organized in a helpful list.

She glanced over at her desk chair-

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“Holy shit, this is so weird, I’m gonna—huh?”

Her super-hearing picked up Jason listening to something in his bedroom a few walls away. She focused in and listened, and as she began to acutely pick up the sounds with her ears…

>YEAR: 1969
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3.    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? DVD Copy (New)

“No way! I’m a walking Shazam!” I wish I didn’t have to learn that with THAT song, but this is awesome!

She reached for her phone, and turned up the dial again. 

“Let’s see what an 8 gives me.”

Another surge of intelligence flowed into her brain, at this point so powerful that it made the best of Earth’s supercomputers look like Fisher Price toys with the sheer memory and processing power of anything she could throw at it. The screen of her computer began glowing bright green, beckoning her to touch it, a message she received almost instinctually. She cautiously touched her finger to the monitor and the green began to ripple and even feel like water.

“I theorize that the magical force controlling my phone, and therefore my powers, is beckoning me to further interact with this computer somehow. Well, I’m invincible, right? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Her mind quickly answered her own question, formulating thousands of possible outcomes based on a well-kept catalogue of photo and video evidence from her computer brain’s (literal) memory files.

“Listening to this thing hasn’t harmed me yet. Good enough for me.”

She touched her open palm to the computer screen, and was instantly met with a jolt of electrical energy shooting through her veins like she was hit by a lightning strike, and her body began to deform from a solid into a gooey green liquid-like substance, before getting sucked inside the computer screen like a vacuum. 

Before she had to adjust to her new life as a living slime girl, her body began re-forming back to normal, digitizing her body as pixels… 

Inside the virtual world.

It was surprisingly similar to how it was depicted in the cartoons actually- a dark blue void with neon green tubes and wires interconnected everywhere around her- it looked like she was looking at a diagram of the nervous system in biology class, with all of the tiny little strands of green interweaving into this spiderweb-like grid. The green wires were the physical culmination of the internet’s connection, she deduced; gigabytes worth of information, pictures, emails, videos, and more were all flowing through those little green tubes and ending up on the other side of the world in seconds. 

“I wonder where they all start and end…” She thought to herself, while glancing around the room.

She noticed that beside her was a row of filing cabinets, right below the back side of her desktop screen, that now appeared to be 15 feet by 20, rather than the 20 inch one she was used to. It was like looking at a flipped image of the pleasant rolling meadows picture she used as her background, with the text and icons backwards as well, and a faint image of her bedroom, if you squinted hard enough, sort of like looking through tinted windows.

The filing cabinet wired to the giant screen was, in reality, password protected, so the cabinet here had a big fat padlock on all of the drawers- luckily it was no problem for Colleen, who crushed the steel locks like potato chips in her hands, and began digging through.

“Oh yeah, here’s that thesis paper… and here’s my junior year group project… oh, and those are my photos from my first day at high school!” She spoke out loud to herself, rifling through her own computer files physically.

But out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that those green wires all over the room weren’t just there for show, but they all were placed purposefully. Following them a few feet down the hallway, she noticed that they starting coming closer together and intertwining with other big bundles of the green cables, gathering and collecting into one dark hallway. It was like looking at the roots of an overgrown tree as she walked down the pitch black corridor, illuminated by the glowing neon green of the vein-like cables covering almost every inch of the hallway, all leading under a door at the end of the hallway. 


As she got closer to the door, a huge wall of pixelized orange erupted from the floor and blocked Colleen’s path.

“Ah, a firewall… Must be something important in there.”

Suddenly she heard the mechanical grinding of a thousand different parts grow nearer to her, and approach her position- computer viruses! They looked like robotic bugs, about a foot long each, and covered in black metal and wires. They began crawling in unison, right past Colleen and right for the door, but only found themselves walking into a suicide- they were all instantly incinerated by the powerful digital fire- not just “burned”, but closer to the realm of “vaporized”. Her super-eyes picked up the information on the firewall, giving Fahrenheit temperature estimations close to that of the sun’s fiery surface.

“Good thing I maxed my endurance first- you might be hot enough to melt those bugs, but you’re no match for a goddess.” Colleen smirked, waltzing right through the fire like a ghost walking through a wall, and safely to the other side.

“Uh… knock knock?” Colleen said, gently tapping the 50-foot tall door, only to have the behemoth piece of metal topple over like a felled tree.

Standing before Colleen’s eyes was what she didn’t know she had been looking for until now- the central hub of the internet. Inside a massive cylindrical room stood a central core where every single green wire connected, with a brilliant glow of neon green being emitted from the very center, and then holes all over the room leading to other doors like the one she just entered, and eventually all over the Earth, if one followed the trails for long enough.

“I think I’m gonna like this.” She said, with a devilish grin on her face.

She took a running start and jumped head first, colliding with the central core of the internet. There was an explosion of bright light as Colleen’s cosmic forces interacted with the energy stored inside. The biggest of the green cables started coming to life, and slithering their way up Colleen’s legs, inserting themselves into any orifice they could find, and began super-charging her with unimaginable energy. All of the information on the internet began to flow through her body- decades worth of research on every catalogued subject known to man, music, videos, pictures, news headlines, and so much personal information collected from social media sites that she felt like she had found 3 billion soulmates with how personally she knew them now. 

“mmmmpph~… MMMMPPH!~” The green wires were pumping themselves inside her, rhythmically thrusting as they implanted the seed(s of knowledge) into her bottomless pussy and mind. Colleen’s previously mentioned lustful desire to gain more knowledge was now truly at full force- learning a new fact felt like a miniature orgasm in and of itself already, but could you imagine ALL of the facts known to mankind, on top of Colleen’s new and improved hyper-sensitive super body?

“AAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhh!~~” Colleen finally burst in ecstasy in a fireworks-like display of green neon light, as every computer and internet-connected device on the planet simultaneously displayed:


Thick white globs of Colleen’s cum began pouring out of every single computer and cell phone around the planet, whether through their charging ports or out of their CD drive slots- confusing millions of people and arousing millions more, now learning that apparently their computers were capable of jizzing.

After Colleen cooled down from her intense afterglow, she made her way back to the screen she came from, and jumped out, finding herself growing back to size instantly and turning back to normal.

“Well… After that, I think I’m ready for the last step.”

She wasn’t.

As she clicked the dial up to 11, all of the information she had just learned paled in comparison to the new torrent of insight and knowledge she had gained with a flick of her finger- true omnipotence. The secrets to the universe and philosophy’s unanswerable questions were no longer a mystery to Colleen. In fact, literally nothing was a secret anymore. Hyper-detailed visions of alternate universes and timelines showing the outcomes of every single permutation of every human’s decisions, thousands, and even millions of years into the future, all started entering her infinite mind at the same time- everything that ever was, is, and shall ever be, up until the heat death of the universe itself and the infinite void of eternity afterwards, was now burned into the brain of the woman now worthy of the title of “goddess.” Being able to wish to know anything, she wished to know how to limit her own mind and erase these excessive memories so that she would be purposefully ignorant of the future unless she chose to know on her own. And so it was, millions of years of future knowledge now deleted (or at least temporarily hidden) from the infinite supercomputer inside her head. Now her mind was self-limited to everything up until the present moment, with no information of the future whatsoever. But as soon as she asked a question, it would immediately be answered, taught to her by her own brain, hidden away until she wants to access that information.

“Phew…knowing everything is exhausting. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that- oh wait, yeah, now I know I will. That’s gonna be a weird habit to make, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. Yep, I will. Right now, I just want to do something to get my mind off of this stuff- oh, I know! I’ll go for a walk, that always helps me clear my head. Will it clear my head? Yes? Nice.”
She looked down at her phone and noticed two stats were left untouched, Agility and Luck.

“Well, if I’m going for a walk, might as well boost my agility stat. Sounds like it would be fitting.”


She bumped up the dial to a 3, and instantly felt another rush of energy, this time a physical one. It was similar to the one she felt when getting stronger, sort of like the moment when your morning coffee or an energy drink “hits you” and you feel energized- that was Colleen to a ridiculously higher degree.

She changed her clothes into a cute pair of black short-shorts and a pink tanktop, and put on a pair of her cutest running shoes. Then on second thought, she didn’t want to disintegrate the shoes. Better leave them off and go barefoot- not like it matters, she could have stepped into a pit full of acid-covered spikes and broken glass, and still walk out without a scratch.

As she walked outside the front door, she soaked up the beautiful sunshine while listening to the sound of crinkling leaves from miles away and subconsciously counting the blades of grass in the neighbors’ yards, taking a big whiff of fresh air- or at least it was fresh when it was filtered through her body’s hyper-powerful lungs and immune system. 

“Alright, here we go!” 

She started off with a light jog, going one step above walking. For any normal person, a light jog like this would be equivalent to 3-5 MPH, but as Colleen was casually strolling down the sidewalks and breezing past other people, she noticed that she was actually matching the speed of a passing car- whose speedometer she could see with her super sight, reading 35 MPH. Already, her casual jog was putting Usain Bolt to shame.

“Heh. This is gonna be fun.”

Getting a new plan in her head, she took a hard hairpin left without losing any momentum, and darted towards her next stop: the highway. She began to pick up speed as she ran up the inclined exit ramp, breaking out into a full sprint as she hit the pavement of the 3-lane highway. She was easily keeping up with cars going 60, 70, even 80 miles an hour, occasionally running alongside the driver’s side of a passing car and giving a smile and wave before leaving them in the dust on foot. 
She pulled out her phone and turned up the dial to 5.

To the naked eye, Colleen looked like a ghost-like blur of pink flowing in the wind as she breezed past cars on the highway at a light jogging pace. She eventually stopped to “pull over” and noticed she was in Pittsburgh, normally a 2-hour trip from her house BY CAR, and it had only been 5 minutes since she started running! 

“Pretty good.” She thought. “But let’s keep going.”

She cranked it up to 8, and already she could feel a tremendous difference. But at this point, she was no longer sure if she was getting any faster, or if the world around her was getting slower. 

It was both.

Cars passing her that were in reality going about 70 MPH looked like big metal turtles to her now, trudging along pathetically slowly. If she didn’t know any better she would have said they were stopped entirely, but a closer look showed they were in fact moving, if she waited long enough to notice any progress; they might as well have been parked.

Collen decided to test out her new abilities. She began with a light jog, just as before, a few steps above regular walking pace, and then shortly turned it into a full sprint, pushing her body to its limits. The world seemed to fade out around her like a racing horse’s tunnel vision as she ran straight in front of her as fast as she could go for about 30 seconds, nearly straining herself with exertion as she finally stopped to take a breath.

“Alright, let’s see how far I got.”

She stopped to look around for landmarks to locate her position. She found herself at a rest stop area, looking at a sign that read “Pittsburgh City Hall – 3 Miles”, exactly the same as the one she saw before her run.

“Oh my god…” She thought, unwilling to believe it was true. “I ran around the earth.”

But indeed it was- she had not only rounded the entire Earth’s equator in an inconceivable time, but she had done it THREE times, running over water like solid pavement due to the sheer speed of her body and treating mountains like tiny pebbles in the road, easily ignoring them.

“This is insane” She thought, and then recollected it was nowhere near the craziest thing she saw today. “Okay, maybe it’s less insane than I thought- but still insane.”

There was a brief pause, as she was wrapping her head around the fact that she could literally go anywhere on earth in seconds.

“…let’s go faster.” She thought, pushing the dial straight up to 11.

As if the world didn’t look different enough to Colleen now with her new-and-improved goddess-tier body, it somehow managed to get even more ridiculous than ever. The speed of light might as well have been the speed of molasses to Colleen now- quite literally everywhere in the universe was only one step away. Colleen’s essence now penetrated every atom of the universe simultaneously, achieving total omnipresence as she was now so fast that she was literally everywhere at once.

Imagine if you will, marking two points on a map. Let’s say for example, New York City and Los Angeles. There is a red dot on both of the cities. Now fold the map in half, so that both of the dots are touching each other.

This was the distance between Colleen and any destination she wished to go, at a fraction of a moment’s notice; “Instantaneous” was an understatement now.

She took one step to the right. 


One more.


One more.

Nebula #37591 – coordinates 96.492 x 4924.21 in the Kirkpatrick galaxy. (She had decided to name it after herself- she decided to know the fact of when this galaxy would be discovered by humans, and she figured it wouldn’t hurt to have it named after her until year 40,491 A.D.

The entire universe was within walking distance now- why not go see some sights?

“Well, that was one hell of a road trip!” Colleen thought to herself, literally 1 second after, having seen every major tourist destination on Earth with time to spare. 

“Only one more stat to go.” Colleen thought to herself as she looked at the “luck” stat, struggling to come up with how things could get any better for her now that she had the powers of a goddess at her fingertips.


“Luck, huh?” She thought. “How could I get more lucky than this?” 

She brought the “Luck” stat dial up to a 3.

Suddenly, a notification popped up on her phone screen.


“Huh? Drop rate?”

She heard some screaming coming from outside the window, and immediately walked over to see what it was.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” A woman screamed from down the street- Colleen didn’t need super-hearing for this one. 

The shrill screams of horror kept piling on and on, building on top of each other, until Colleen finally found a reason to get sick of omnipotent super-hearing- every single person on Earth who wasn’t asleep let out a similar scream.

When Colleen opened her eyes to see what happened, she zoomed in on the first girl she had heard.
She was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, completely naked- her clothes had fallen down to the ground unconsciously, as well as every other single person on Earth, simultaneously stripping naked magically and involuntarily.

“Oops- let’s undo that one.” She said, quickly hitting the “undo” button and setting things back to normal.

“Okay, let’s try that again, but we’re going to turn the drop rate OFF this time.”

She set the dial to 6 this time.

Nothing felt particularly different this time- she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be feeling. In fact, even with infinite knowledge, she wasn’t entirely sure what “feeling lucky” was supposed to feel like.

There was an awkward silence, the first time today where she genuinely had no idea what was supposed to be happening, even an idea. 

What the hell did “luck” do?


Her phone started vibrating.


“What the hell?” She thought, squinting her eyes at the phone in disbelief. 

But lo and behold, she turned to look at her mirror and saw nothing but the rest of her bedroom- Colleen was nowhere to be seen.



“Animal communication?” She wondered, trying to thing of who even had a pet she could test this out on. 

She focused her hearing on her neighbor Jane, who she knew had a dog-

“… FOOD! … FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!” The dog started barking, as Jane was sitting down on the couch.

“Awh, are you hungry buddy?” She said, getting up to fill the dog’s food bowl.

“food, food food, food, food…” The dog’s mind rambled.

“Okay, this power sucks.” She thought to herself, trying to concentrate on something else. 



“Instrument Mastery?” She thought. 

She directed her attention to the electronic Casio keyboard her mom bought her for Christmas years ago and never touched, taking a seat at the bench. She took a deep breath and set her hands on the keys, and what happened next was nothing short of magic. It was like an instinctual reaction, her fingers began caressing the ivory keys with both delicacy and precision, playing advanced classical compositions from memories she didn’t even know she had as if she had been practicing for years. Her new and improved brain also happened to double as an endless songbook of sheet music for every composition known to man. 

“Alright, now we’re talking!” She smiled.

At this point her mind put two and two together- the more she increased her luck stat, the higher her chances were for new power discoveries.

“So let’s see… The higher this thing goes, the more powers I discover… Let’s try *all* of the powers.”

Setting the dial to 11, she felt another surge of energy rush through her as the power discovery stage was skipped completely, as if fast-forwarding her own life.

All of the supernatural reality-bending powers that didn’t come bundled in Colleen’s new goddess body began to seep inside her as if her skin was soaking up powers like a soil does water, absorbing the divine supernatural abilities to achieve true godhood- a complete control over everything. As if physics wasn’t defied enough in this one afternoon, the laws of physics themselves were nothing more than suggestions to her now. Her body seemed to naturally follow suit, overwhelmed with raw power and pleasure, it began to adjust to her new godly status and instantly sent her into the throes of an orgasm on an entirely new level. Feeling a rumbling sensation in her hips equivalent to a stage 5 earthquake, Colleen quickly leapt upwards, bursting through the roof of her house like tearing through paper and skyrocketing into deep space where nobody could stand in her wake of the destruction that she sensed was about to happen. 

With her newfound shapeshifting abilities, she began to sprout new sets of infinitely-stretchable rubber arms all across the sides of her body until she looked like a human-sized centipede, each set of hands and fingers transforming into individual 3-foot long living functioning cocks, as holes began forming all over her body like swiss cheese, transforming into similarly functional vaginas. Her centa-cock limbs began penetrating every orifice of her body in the most intense masturbation session known to mankind, as her hyper-perception was driving her indescribably wild with visceral lust and pleasure. Every single nerve ending feeling like the equivalent of earthquake force with a mere touch, let alone a full penetration, amplified infinitely in a sort of feedback loop with her own pleasure from the nature of her new form having both sets of genitals. Her body began to grow larger, doubling, tripling in size to keep up with its demand for more satisfaction; more sets of arms and more vaginas began appearing all over her body until she became a horrific abomination of degeneracy; it looked like a surrealist painting coming to life, of this singular round mass of protruding limbs. Her body, now about the size of the Earth’s moon, was sporting thousands of miniature cock-fingers that dug inside her the same way her extendable tongue had shapeshifted into one large, slimy, massive, ribbed tentacle that proceeded to plunge itself inside her with planet-crushing force. For every 5 thrusts each mini-cock would make, this one would make one massive one, millions of times more powerful.

*pump, pump, pump, pump, pump…*


To the naked human eye it wasn’t even visible- each of her hyper-dexterous limbs were moving fast enough to make light speed look pathetic, amplifying and siphoning each cock’s individual pleasure into one massive amalgamation of Colleen’s satisfaction.

Colleen’s normal body was quite literally incapable of even dreaming about this level of pure erotic pleasure- our human minds couldn’t 
even begin to comprehend just how otherworldly and godly this feeling truly was.

“Aahhh~” She began to moan, finally finding herself getting close to the edge of an orgasm.

The rumble inside of her that let her know she was nearing the edge was stronger than even she expected- that little gurgle of pre-cum before an orgasm typically would give you an idea of just how strong this orgasm is going to be, but it was far beyond even her own estimations. She flew out even further into the deepest recesses of empty space, but still found herself worried that it was going to be too much to handle.

But she didn’t care either.

The horny degenerate desires of this college kid were piloting the body of someone capable of destroying the earth with a misplaced sneeze. But it was too late- Colleen had allowed herself to give into her temptations and keep going, no matter what the consequences were. Nothing else in the universe mattered right now- it was her and her 52,934 vaginas screaming in beautiful agony, begging for release, and she was going to give it to them.

Her body kept on growing and growing to meet her own ridiculous desires- a girl who was no more than 6 feet tall a few hours ago was growing to the size of the Earth… the solar system… the galaxy!
“MORE! I NEED MORE!” She yelled, and rest assured, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE could hear it- her booming voice was heard in every species’ native tongue across the multi-verse.

The laws of nature obeyed her, doing the only thing possible to satisfy a hunger of Colleen’s proportions. All of the moons, planets, clusters, galaxies, and stars began to break off of their pre-determined orbit and align into one straight row, in order of their size, ranging from the smallest asteroids to the largest superclusters billions of times the size of our own solar system.
Colleen began to bend over.

The entire string of planets, stars, and galaxies began to move in unison, thrusting itself inside the endless infinite hammerspace of the blackhole-like portal known as her butthole, driving her further and further over the edge as it suddenly became pitch black to everyone living on Earth.   

“Ahhh~… AHH~~….” She titled her head back, closing her eyes, nearly crying from the sheer amount of raw pleasure and sensitivity at work, not to mention literal galaxies penetrating her like a sword.

As the string of galactic anal beads came to its end, getting to the largest of the multi-verse’s superclusters, she contracted her muscles inwards, causing the planets to shatter and the stars to supernova inside her, exploding with a force so powerful that it could tear the fabric of reality apart. 


Her body shook like a jackhammer as her comically large internal cum storage was unleashed into empty space. It poured out like a broken flood levee, sending a torrent of her magical cum into the vast emptiness of space, and quickly filling it up. She just kept cumming and cumming as each individual cock amplified the pleasure of the others, releasing simultaneously as her primary vagina did.

It lasted for about 700 years in normal human years, (about 10 minutes for Colleen) but there was nothing to worry about now; her singular orgasm had exterminated all life in the universe during the last climax. 

But when it finally subsided and the feeling began to die down, Colleen opened her eyes, to find herself swimming in a universe-sized pool of her own pearly white cum. Suddenly the gravity of exactly what just happened hit her- humanity and all biological life were entirely eliminated in the course of a few minutes because she got a little horny. Millions of lives across multiple species of life forms across galaxies worth of planets, all dead because of her selfish desires for a simple masturbation session…

“Shit- where’s that undo button?”



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"Her eyes began to glow again, as Colleen’s brain was met with a flood of new information, quite literally absorbing all of the information in the room around her."

Good stuff. Always thought videogames stats had a lot of potential.