Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash (2019) (5,259 words)

(omnipotence, various physical & mental transformations, recreational drugs, lack of control)


“So this guy showed up outside my house this morning, right, and he’s all like, ‘Today is your 18th birthday!’ And I look at him, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know…’ and he got all confused, and was all, ‘Well, today you come into your powers,’ and I go, ‘What the fuck are you talking about,’ right?”

Ashley was in her room, getting dressed, and her friend Thanh, on speakerphone, was listening to her while she decided what she was going to wear to the pub that night. She turned, looking at herself in the mirror in the long floral dress that she had picked out. She frowned and ran her hands down it, from her chest down to the legs; as she did, the floral pattern disappeared and was replaced by solid purple.

“Wait, wait, this guy shows up outside your house?” came Thanh’s response from the phone.

“Yeah! Total creep, right! And he wants to talk to my mom and dad, so I go, ‘There is no fucking way you are coming inside my house.’ But, like, Dad heard me talking and he came to the door to see what was up, and he’s like, ‘I’m her dad,’ and he looks at my dad, and he’s like, ‘No, you’re not,’ and I’m all, ‘Yeah, he is,’ but like apparently he was looking for my bio dad? Which, what the fuck? and also, sorry guy, he’s long gone.” Ashley was a young white woman with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. 5’3” and 190 lbs, she was shaped like a pear, and she had a wardrobe that complimented her shape well, but she was experimenting with creating her own clothes. She turned to observe herself from a different angle. She drew her hands across her body, from left to right, and created a series of black horizontal stripes on the dress.

 “Wait, your bio dad…”

“…died when I was really really young, I was like a baby. Anyway, so apparently there’s this hereditary thing that I have, where, when I turn 18, I… get these powers. Like, really awesome ones too. I can just… make stuff happen, it’s so cool. And this guy was super pissed off that my folks never told me about it, because apparently there’s like this years-long training and preparation thing that I was supposed to go through. But, I mean, not my mom and dad’s fault, guy, they didn’t know.” She took hold of one of the stripes and rotated it, which altered the pattern on the whole dress so the stripes were now diagonal instead of horizontal.

 “Woah. What did the guy say?”

“Oh, he started flipping the fuck out. Started going off on how he needs to report this to some council or other, I dunno, he wasn’t making much sense. Then he just, like, left.” Again, she frowned, and reached down to hold the hem of her dress. Carefully, she lifted it up, and as she did, it shortened so that instead of falling just past her knee, it now went only to her mid-thigh.

“So… what are you gonna do?”

“I dunno, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.”

“So I guess we’re not going drinking tonight.”

“What? ‘Course we are, it’s still my fucking birthday.”

“Really? I just figured you’d… like, have some stuff to take care of.”

“Tomorrow. Tonight we’re getting drunk.” She smiled at the mirror. She’d settled on her outfit.


“So what else can you do?” Tyler asked.

Ashley and her friends – Thanh, Marlon, Steve, Donna and Tyler – were sitting in a booth at their favourite pub, not far from the university that Ashley, Donna and Tyler attended. A variety of pint glasses and shot glasses covered the table.

“Pretty much anything? I think?” she laughed. “Here. Watch.” She held up her right hand and snapped her fingers. A flame erupted from between them, and a burning sphere about the size of a marble floated above her palm. She spread the fingers of her left hand, and the flaming globe expanded until it was about the size of a grapefruit. She slowly closed her fingers, and it shrank again.

“Cool, huh?” Still supporting the flame, she brought up a cigarette with her left hand. She used the evocation to light the tip, then closed her right hand around it, forming a fist and extinguishing it. Her friends applauded while she smiled and took a drag on her lit cigarette.

“So, uh… let’s drink to that!” She raised a shot glass and everyone else around the table did too. “So!” she cracked her knuckles. “Any requests?”

“…What kind of requests?” asked Donna. Donna was a tall, thin, almost lanky light-skinned black woman with a small afro. She was dressed casually, in jeans and a t-shirt.

“You didn’t hear me before? Anything.”

“Yeah, but like… okay, could you… make it so that I’ve memorized the entire textbook for the intro to biology course I’m taking?”

Ashley scoffed. “I’ll do you better than that. Hang on.” She brought her fingers to her temples and started to massage them.

Donna twitched a few times, and squeezed her eyes shut. “Aah! That’s – what – aah!”

“Done!” Ashley smiled. “You’ve now got in your head the entire reading list of every course offered by the biology department.” She raised her hands in a “ta-da!” gesture.

Donna stared off into space. “That’s… oh my god. Oh my god! There’s so much!” Her eyes focused on Ashley. “Thank you!”

Ashley looked at the others around the table. “Who’s next?”

Steve spoke up. “Can you correct my eyes?” Steve was a white man, stocky, with short brown hair, also dressed casually.

“Aw, but you look cute with glasses!” protested Thanh.

“I really don’t like them!”

On it, my dude.” Ashley blinked a few times and wiped her eyes. “Done. You now have the visual acuity of a hawk.”

Steve seemed not even to be listening to her words; he was completely absorbed at how different his perception was of the pub. “I can… I can read the fine print on those bottles all the way over there,” he said, pointing.


“Hey,” said Marlon, “can you make it so I’m not allergic to peanuts?” he asked excitedly. Marlon was a tall, fit, dark-skinned black man with dreadlocks, well-dressed in a button-up shirt.

“Piece of cake.” She thought for a moment, then placed her hands on her throat and took a long, deep breath. Then she smiled. “You are now not allergic to anything! Peanuts, ragweed, poison ivy, mosquitos, whatever.” His eyes lit up. “Next!” she shouted at the ceiling.

Thanh opened her mouth to say something, then stopped. A short, thin Vietnamese woman with spiky bleached hair, she wore a floral dress that hugged her body. Finally she said, sheepishly, “I kinda feel bad for this, but what I really want is bigger tits.” The group burst out in laughter, Ashley included. Thanh went red.

“Babe,” Ashley said, “don’t feel bad! We all want stuff and it’s no good being ashamed of it. Besides,” she said, lifting up her own DD breasts, “speaking from experience, big tits are great. Allow me.”

Ashley cupped her hands over her own bust, and slowly pulled them away from her body. Everyone watched Thanh’s chest expectantly, and when her breasts started visibly growing, there were gasps and cheers from everyone.

“Woah! Okay, that’s good, that’s enough!” Thanh cried as her breasts swelled from an A-cup to a C-cup.

“That’s it? Not bigger?” Ashley teased.

“This is good! This is fine!” Thanh cupped her breasts joyfully through her dress. “This is so cool!”

Ashley turned to Tyler. “Just you, now.”

Tyler was a tall white man, thin and gangly. He had short-cropped brown hair and wore a baggy shirt. He got red before clearing his throat and saying, “Uh, I’d like some… muscles. I wanna be muscular.”

Ashley took a sip of her beer and wiped her mouth with her napkin. “Excellent choice!” She shouted at him, a bit more loudly than she needed to. She lifted her arms and struck a muscle-man pose, flexing her biceps, and as she did, Tyler gasped; his arms started to swell larger and firmer. Ashley brought her arms down in front of her stomach and flexed again, and Tyler’s abs and pecs became better defined and heavier. Ashley flexed each muscle group in turn, and within a few minutes, Tyler had the body of an athlete. He laughed, feeling his arms and his chest. He grinned at her. “This a really cool birthday surprise you got! Thank you!”

Ashley raised her pint glass once again. “To my bio parents, whatever the hell happened to them!”

“Cheers!” her friends yelled, and drank.

For the next hour, the friends drank, and laughed, and drank more. They didn’t order any more drinks; every time someone finished their drink, Ashley would point at the bottom of the glass, and slowly, slowly, raise her finger, and the glass would fill, right before everyone’s eyes. She could conjure any drink, and did often. As time passed, the group got louder and drunker, and the euphoria of the Ashley’s magic, combined with the alcohol, made the time pass very quickly.

“Okay folks,” Ashley said, draining the last drops of her pint glass. She let out a loud belch, then giggled. “I’m ready for another round of requests.”

“Ooh! I wanna have bigger tits too!” Donna exclaimed.

Ashley smiled. “Can do.” She placed her hands in front of her chest, as she had before, and started to move them slowly away from her body. Donna gasped as she felt her own expanding bust, but Ashley hiccoughed and her hands jerked away from her body. Donna breasts suddenly exploded in size so that in the span of half a second, they covered half the table, knocking over all of the glasses and spilling everyone’s drinks all over the table and floor.

Donna stared at her tits, which must have weighed half as much as she did. “Uh…” she managed to get out, as a chorus of shouts of surprise and drunken laughter erupted from her friends.

“Oh shit!” Ashley laughed. “Hang on.” She extended her arms in front of her and made a motion as though she were gathering something to her chest. As she did, Donna’s breasts shrank and became more manageable. Donna drew a breath of relief as her boobs settled into nice, firm C cups, and she felt them cautiously. Satisfied, she grinned back at Ashley. “Thanks, birthday girl!”

“No prob. Who’s next?” No one spoke up. Ashley looked around, surprised. “What? Come on. Her tits are – I fixed her tits,” she slurred, stumbling a bit on the word fixed. “It’s all good! Come on, someone gimme another request. It’ll be fun.”

After another awkward silence, Tyler spoke up. “Well, uh…” everyone’s eyes turned to him, nervous but also oddly expectant. “…could you fill my drink again?”

Ashley glanced around the table at the overturned glasses and puddles of alcohol. “Oh, hell, you’re right. I did kinda waste all your drinks. Alright, everyone, stand up your glasses.”

She extended her fingers and placed her hands palm down on the table. She raised her hands slowly and, as before, all of the glasses now filled with liquid. She lifted her hands too quickly, though, her hands shaking, and all of the glasses overflowed, dumping alcohol onto the table. “Oh, shit!” she shouted, as all of her friends jumped out of their seats at the splashes on the table. It stopped after only a second, but it was enough to soak the table, the floor around it, and all of their clothes as well.

“Oh, fuck me, sorry! Hang on, I can clean that up…” she stammered. She closed her eyes and concentrated, and suddenly all of their clothes were dry, as well as the table. Like it had never happened. All of the glasses were still full of alcohol, though.

Ashley reached for one of the shot glasses, filled this time with rum, and threw it back, exhaling loudly. Steve’s eyes opened wide. “Uh, Ashley, don’t you think you…”

She hiccoughed, and Steve’s next word was a bark. He stared straight ahead for a moment, then barked again. Everyone stared at him. He sat motionless, not knowing what to do. A long moment passed, and finally Ashley burst out laughing. No one else did. “Oh, my, god! I’m so sorry!” she laughed, putting her hands to her mouth. He barked again, several times. “Oh my god, I did that, didn’t I? Here, let me-” she got up from her seat and walked over to him. She leaned over the table, reached forward and touched his throat gently, and pinched him, and he jerked back.

“What the-” he said, but not in his voice. “Hello?” he tested. He was now speaking in Ashley’s voice. “Ashley, this…” He cleared his throat. “This is super weird.”

Ashley laughed again. “Oh my god you sound like me! That’s so rad! Say something else!”

Steve, taken aback, said, “Uh… the rain in Spain falls…”

“Mainly on the plain!” Ashley recited with him, their identical voices creating an echo effect. She laughed uproariously again. All of her friends stared at her uneasily, shifting in their seats in uncomfortable silence.

Donna stood up to her full height of 6’ and put her hand on Ashley’s shoulder. “Ash, maybe you oughta… slow down a bit.”

Ashley looked up at her and made a face. “Why?”

“Well, you’re starting to do stuff by accident, it looks like…”

“Oh, calm down. Steve’s fine.”

“Yeah, but what if you do something more serious next time? We don’t know what the limits of your powers are, or if you’ll be able to fix the things you’re doing now, or even what happens if you use your powers too much! Don’t you think…” she trailed off as her perspective started to shift. Her eyes widened and she put her hands to her mouth as she shrank. Normally she would look down at the top of Ashley’s head, but within a few seconds, she was staring straight ahead into Ashley’s eyes, and she continued to dwindle until her eyes were at the level of Ashley’s shoulder. Ashley just grinned down at her, and no one spoke for a moment until Ashley let out a sudden gasp.

“Oh my god, I actually just shrank you! I didn’t think you’d actually shrink!”

“What?” Donna cried. “What do you mean?”

“That’s just…” Ashley smiled sheepishly. “That’s something I imagine sometimes. When you’re pissing me off, when I feel like you’re talking down to me, I… imagine you shrinking.” She shrugged. “I couldn’t help it! I didn’t think it’d actually happen!

“What? Do you imagine that often?”

Ashley thought about it for a moment. “Maybe once or twice a week?”

Donna looked up at her in horror. Quietly, she asked, “what else do you routinely imagine happening to us?”

Annoyed, Ashley blew a raspberry. “Calm down, everyone! This is fun! Everything’s gonna be fine, everyone just fucking chill out about this. You should be happy for me!”

Her friends stared at her in horror.

Ashley rolled her eyes. She closed them, and took a long, slow deep breath inward through her nose, bringing her hands up to her chest. All of her friends breathed in with her, simultaneously. She held it for a moment, and, turning her hands so they were palms down, exhaled through her mouth, which all of her friends also did.

And, suddenly, everyone visibly relaxed. Tyler and Thanh started laughing, Steve started smiling at the bizarre dissonance of speaking in Ashley’s voice, and Donna looked around her, admiring her new perspective. She turned back to Ashley, looking up at her. “Sorry about that, Ash. I guess I was just kinda scared. But your powers are super fucking cool, I’m really happy for you!”

Ashley smiled down at her and patted her on the head. She pressed down ever so slightly, and Donna shrunk by another six inches. “Hey!” Donna laughed, ducking away from Ashley’s hand. “Don’t shrink me too much!”

“Ok, you guys, I’ll be back in a sec, I gotta go to the bathroom.” Ashley stepped away from the table and walked, swaying slightly, toward the back of the bar.

“This is so wild!

“Yeah, I’m really happy for her!”

“I wonder what she’s gonna do next.”

“You know what I’d do…”

Her friends chatted excitedly for a few moments, everyone talking at once, each one with their own opinion on Ashley’s newfound powers- and then, abruptly, everyone stopped talking as each one of them felt a warm wetness spreading out from their crotch and down their legs.

“What the fuck!” Tyler yelled, which was immediately followed by a chorus of similar curses and laughter from around the table as everyone stood up and stared at themselves, and at each other. Marlon and Thanh started grabbing napkins and stuffing them into their underwear to stop the flow of piss, but it did very little; they were already completely soaked.

The door to the bathroom opened and Ashley walked out, humming to herself. She stopped when she saw that everyone was standing up, totally wet, and staring at her. “Hey, Ashley, a little help here?” said Steve, still in her voice.

Ashley stared for a moment, trying to understand why all of her friends had pissed themselves. Then her eyes went wide. “Oh shit! Sorry! I didn’t think… ok, I already cleaned everyone’s clothes once tonight, I can do it again, no problem.”

She concentrated, and suddenly all of her friends were naked from the waist down.

Everyone burst out laughing, yet again. Ashley refilled everyone’s drinks, spilling another generous amount onto the table. She grabbed her shot glass and drained it, then smiled lazily at her friends.

She hiccoughed, and suddenly Marlon had a pair of G-cup breasts, pressing out his shirt, threatening to pop the buttons. A round of raucous laughter filled the room as everyone, including Marlon, started poking and prodding his new tits. He winced as the tightness of his shirt bound his chest uncomfortably, and started undoing the buttons. Finally, he managed to open the shirt, and breathed a sigh of relief as his tits spilled out into the open air, no longer constricted by his clothes.

Ashley hiccoughed again, and Tyler suddenly found himself with bright green hair, long, curly, and very feminine, extending past his shoulders and down his back.

Another hiccough, and Thanh suddenly packed on about a hundred pounds of muscle, as well as a foot of height. She gasped and turned around, trying to get a good look at her body, as the rest of the group whistled and cheered.

Ashley’s eyes drifted over to Marlon – specifically to his tits, full and round. Her eyes wandered over them, admiring them, and as the open flaps of his shirt brushed against his large, dark areola, they stiffened and swelled ever so slightly. Marlon, surprised, looked down and felt one with his fingers, and gasped at the sensation. His dick now started to harden as well. Ashley smiled, her gaze drunkenly drifting down to his package, which was slowly becoming engorged.

“Mmm,” she moaned to herself, getting turned on by the sight of her friend, and slowly, though she hadn’t consciously willed anything to happen, her lust started to infect everyone else at the table. The conversation faded as everyone began eyeing Marlon’s body.

Marlon looked from one to the other, wondering why everyone had suddenly stopped talking, and didn’t understand why everyone was so focused on him. “What’s… everyone looking… at?”

Thanh leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, bringing her hand down to his dick, running her fingers up and down his shaft. Tyler, breathing heavily, got on his knees on the floor and started licking Marlon’s shaft, from the balls right up to the head. Thanh, licking her lips hungrily, got on her knees next to him, sucking on Marlon’s balls while Tyler worked his shaft, eventually moving up and taking the head in his mouth. Steve and Donna moved closer, filling the seats that Thanh and Tyler had just vacated; Steve bent down to lick and suck Marlon’s nipples, while Donna, at 3½ feet tall, stood on the seat and leaned in to kiss him on the mouth.

Ashley watched her friends for a few minutes, masturbating. A lopsided smile crossed her face, and she paused her jilling off to place both hands in front of her; her right hand in the shape of a backwards C, positioned right over her crotch, and her left hand flat, palm down, a few inches above it. Slowly, slightly, she raised her left hand, and she watched as Marlon’s dick lengthened, growing from 6 inches to 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and finally stopping at 13 inches.  Then, she started opening the C formed by her right hand, ever so slowly, and gazed as his cock grew thicker, meatier, until its girth was such that Tyler could no longer fit the head in his mouth. It was now thicker than a can of soda, and Tyler and Thanh found that they could now both lick up and down the shaft without crowding each other.

The bartender approached their table angrily.

“What the hell! You can’t be doing this in here! All of you have to leave.”

No one paid him any attention except Ashley, who made a face. “Whatever. This pub sucks anyway.” She raised her arms, preparing to do something. “We’re all going to my place,” she declared, and then started waving large circles in the air.

Suddenly they were all sitting at her living room table. But they weren’t in her living room. The wallpaper was the same as in her living room, and the lights, and the furniture, but the shape and size of the room was unchanged from the pub. There were a number of identical table and chair sets throughout the room, arranged in the same way as at the pub, and a series of bookshelves over to Ashley’s right was arranged in the shape of a bar. The far wall was now a large bay window that occupied most of the wall. Bottles of alcohol still lined the wall behind the bar, and the bartender still stood there, looking very confused. The other patrons of the pub were still sitting at the other tables, looking around, seemingly not bothered by the sudden change in environment.

Ashley looked around. “Whoops,” she muttered. “I kinda…” she shook her head. “Did it halfway.”

“What just… happened…?” the bartender asked, not at all sure he wanted to know the answer.

“We’re at my house now,” Ashley slurred, then waved her hand. “Kinda. Whatever. Close enough.”

“What the hell did you to do my pub?” the bartender started to shout. “This is-”

Ashley hiccoughed again.

“-заполнение письма,” the bartender finished, then stopped and thought about what he’d just said. “что я говорю?” he asked, his voice rising in a panic. “что сейчас произошло? На каком языке я говорю?” Ashley and all of her friends laughed and laughed at him as he looked from one to the next, uncomprehending.

Ashley eventually stopped laughing long enough to say, “Look, we’re in my house now, so we can fuck if we want.”

“Ни за что! Я не знаю кто ты или как ты это делаешь, но …”

Ashley picked up her pint glass and drained it, then stood up and, wobbling, took a step toward the angry bartender. He stopped speaking and got a frightened look in his eye before Ashley placed her hand on his shoulder and gripped him tightly. She held up the pint glass to his face and shoved his head into the glass.

He didn’t shrink, and the glass didn’t get any bigger, but she somehow managed to cram him bit-by-bit inside, like a wadded up cloth. When he was completely inside, except for one foot sticking out, she placed the glass on the bar, then turned back to her friends. His eyes, visible through the dirty glass, moved back and forth, looking at the group of young people, unable to move.

Her friends hadn’t even noticed, all of them focused intently on Marlon’s body. Marlon was moaning and gasping with this eyes closed, four of his friends all working his cock and tits enthusiastically. Ashley looked around and she could see the other patrons of the bar – there weren’t many, only three other couples in the whole place – were now all fucking as well. She smiled – she hadn’t even realized how contagious her lust would be, but she was very amused.

She smiled and made a handjob motion in the air with her hand, biting her lip. Marlon immediately started spasming and arched his back, crying out in ecstasy, shooting his load out, hitting Thanh and Tyler in the face, gobs and gobs of spunk erupting from his enormous cock. Thanh and Tyler didn’t try to get out of the way; they knelt on the floor, laughing and moaning in pleasure themselves.

Everyone stopped and stared, and the lustful fog slowly started clearing from their heads. They looked around at themselves, at each other, at Ashley. Marlon mostly took deep breaths, recovering from the orgasm he’d just experienced.

“Hey,” said Ashley, getting their attention. “I have an idea. I was saving this for later, but… it’s… it’s later now.” She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a joint. “Who wants some?”

At that, her friends hesitated again. When no one responded immediately, Ashley shrugged and snapped her fingers, creating a fireball the size of her head that exploded almost in her face. “Woah!” she cried in surprise. Then she laughed. “Gotta be careful, I guess…” and slowly, deliberately, snapped her fingers again. This time the flame was once against the size of a marble, and it didn’t explode, but hovered in the air above her palm. She lit the joint with it, then dismissed it, and inhaled deeply from the joint.

Immediately she started coughing, and suddenly, the table in front of the transformed into a building. A small building, no taller than the table had been, but it was clearly a building, with lights shining out of the windows.

Tyler jumped. “What the hell?”

Everyone turned to look at it. “What… is that…?”

“It’s the pub,” observed Tyler.

“No, it’s my house,” said Ashley.

“It’s… sorta both?” suggested Marlon. Indeed the building was strange and irregular, some parts of it clearly a residential house and other features taken from the pub they were at.

“What’s it doing here?” asked Thanh, inspecting it closely.

“Hey there are people inside!” shouted Donna, pointing at one of the windows.

“Lemme see!” said Ashley, pushing past Donna to see what she was talking about. Sure enough, when she looked into one of the windows she could see… herself, and all of her friends, crowded around an even smaller version of the same building on the floor. “Oh my god that is so fucked up!” she shouted. She reached into the window with her hand, and Tyler screamed as a giant hand, with fingers larger than tree trunks, suddenly entered the room through the bay window and pinched him around the waist. Everyone except Ashley turned to look, just in time to see him disappear out of the window.

“Oh my god!”

“What the fuck!”

“Where did he go?”

“He’s right here, guys,” calmly replied Ashley, holding an inch-tall Tyler between her fingers, grinning at him. She turned her hand so he was sitting in her palm and she held him up for everyone to see.

Steve was the first to break the silence. “Ashley…” he looked uncomfortable again; this new series of effects was starting to be worrisome. “Are you sure he’s okay?”

Ashley rolled her eyes yet again. “Yes. God.” She set him down on the roof of the miniature house, and took another long draw from the joint; the tip glowed brightly.

Thanh looked at the joint uneasily. “Hey babe, do you mind if…” she reached forward tentatively, asking Ashley to give it to her.

Ashley looked at her, then, smiling, leaned down to the building and place her face directly in front of the bay window where she’d taken Tyler. Everyone turned around to see her gigantic face, ten feet high, grinning at them from outside the window. She looked at each of them in turn, opened her mouth, and blew softly. A huge cloud of secondhand pot smoke entered the window, filling the room. Ashley stood up, facing all of her friends. “Now that’s a fucking hotbox!” she shouted.

She stood tall and inhaled deeply, the air in the room opaque with pot smoke. She grinned for a moment, but then a coughing fit overtook her. And with each cough, something changed; Ashley grew a sixth finger on her left hand; the table nearest her was suddenly carved out of potato flesh; one of the other couples fucking on a couch became frozen in time; all of the colour in the room faded quickly to grey, then returned, highly saturated, and then went back to normal. She waved her hands back and forth to disperse the smoke, and instantly the smoke disappeared from the room. Her coughing subsided and the started laughing again. “Okay, that’s… that’s enough of that.” She laughed again, and her laughed echoed around the room unnaturally, getting louder with every repetition until it faded abruptly.

Steve stood up from his seat, but as he did, he stumbled and fell sideways, gravity pulling him to the wall, where he landed with a thud. He stood up, sideways on the wall, but looking around the room made him dizzy and he sat back down.

Donna started to speak, but as soon as she opened her mouth, a torrent of water poured out and continued until she closed her mouth again.

Marlon also tried to get up, but pushing against the surface of the sofa made him sink into it as though it were made of pudding.

“Woah…” Ashley’s voice seemed to come from everywhere, and her mouth moved out of sync with the sound of the words. “You guys… this is wild. I’m getting kinda… I think maybe I had too much.” Everything seemed to get farther away; Thanh reached out to grab the edge of the table to steady herself, but she wasn’t able to reach it; she extended her arm as far as it would go, but the table was somehow simultaneously right next to her and miles away. The room grew until the ceiling was as far away as the sky. The light was all wrong. And from an impossible distance, Ashley’s voice was heard: “You know what, guys, you know what I think this party needs? Some cocaine. Anyone want some? I’m pretty sure I’ve got some coke somewhere…”

Time became dilated, and the room changed shape. The floor became vapor and the air became liquid. Gravity started pulling people in several directions at once, and the smell of music was overwhelming. The room was suddenly filled with Ashleys. An infinite number of her. A sea of her, extending off into

Abruptly, everything was very still. Everyone was back in the bar, sitting around the table, as they had been at the beginning of the evening.

Everyone looked around at everyone else; everyone was clothed, everyone’s body was as it had been, the pub was as it had been. Everything seemed completely normal, except for Ashley, who lay face-down on the bar, the left side of her body hanging over the edge, completely naked, snoring loudly.

No one spoke for a long moment. Then the bartender, holding an empty pint glass in his hand, stepped to the center of the room and announced in a trembling voice: “We’re closing up for the night.” With a pointed look at the five friends at the table, he added, “please leave.”



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