Power of Pink - Part Four


Kim returned home excited to take her sister to dinner and show her around town. When she saw the note Katie had left she frowned at first, but then broke out into a wry smile. 

“Little sister gettin’ some!” she said, chuckling.

Well shit. What was she going to do tonight? After a quick dinner of leftover chicken from the fridge, Kim decided to visit the women-only gym. She walked into her bedroom, looked under the bed, and grabbed the pink weights from right where she had left them. 

When she got up, Kim noticed the closet doors opened and several outfits out of place and shook her head exasperatedly.

“Ah Katie, always borrowing my stuff! Probably wanted something nice for her date.” She shut the closet door and left the apartment for the gym.

On the way, Kim passed a Fitness Pro, and looked in. There were all sorts of preening meatheads pumping iron along with their fawning scantily-clad bimbos watching. Katie was just about to go by when she saw Tim sitting at a bench press rack, talking to someone blocked from view by a pillar. 

Her heart skipped a beat. Damn, he looked great in a tight blue tank top that showed off the bulging pecs he had worked so hard to attain. Each of his arms looked as if cut from stone, bulging and strong, and his shorts were wrapped around his thick meaty thighs like sausage casings. Kim let her eyes wander to Tim’s crotch and the one thing she truly missed about him: his monster cock. As he talked with the other person, his tool began to grow stiff, slowly snaking down his leg, soon in danger of its head emerging into the light. 

Kim’s face reddened, and she was just about to go in and confront him, when the person blocked by the pillar stepped forward into the light to spot Tim. Person? More like a monster or a goddess, Kim thought. 

The spotter was a brunette with curly hair that cascaded down to shoulders that looked as round and hard as bowling balls. She had to be almost seven feet tall, Kim thought, with Tim’s bench press bar not quite coming up to her waist. The woman’s shoulders were wide enough that they nearly spanned the distance between the plates on the bar. Below this her torso narrowed to a waist thick by any normal standard, but almost comically narrow compared with her shoulders. The girl’s legs were like tree trunks, bunching and pulsing with muscle with every movement. Every square inch of the girl was covered with huge bands of meat, and the pink leotard she wore did nothing to hide any of it. If anything it served to accentuate every fiber of the girl’s strength. 

And then there were her tits, each half again as large around as her bowling-ball shoulders, with stiff nipples like the ends of Kim’s pinkies threatening to tear the girl’s leotard to ribbons.

Kim watched as Tim struggled with the overloaded bar, completing one press and on his way to a second, when his shaking arms seemed to collapse. Like lightning, the girl’s right hand shot out and caught the bar an inch from Tim’s neck. Effortlessly, she curled what must have been over three hundred pounds with one hand and placed it back on the rack. Her bicep exploded into a vascular symphony, bigger even than her tits. The girl quickly lifted Tim from the bench, kissed him with relief, and then nested his unresisting head between her titanic breasts in a hug. Tim’s stiffening dong finally cleared the hem of his shorts, its head popping out smooth and glistening.

Kim stood shaking, staring at the scene. The pure scale and power of the girl was nearly incomprehensible.

The girl looked up and caught Kim’s eye and smiled a wide grin as, not breaking her gaze, she drew Tim closer and caressed his monster sausage with her free hand. Kim reflexively jerked away and ran the rest of the way to her gym.

Holy shit! That girl was huge! Just…Her mind boggled. The feat of strength she had displayed was…impossible, right? She had manipulated the mesmerized Tim like a toy. 

Kim hurried to her gym, replaying the scene over and over in her head, imagining it was her and not the mystery girl with Tim, ripping his shorts from his body and shoving his erect tool deep into herself. Ramming him bodily against herself like a jackhammer and coming over and over as her muscles exploded. She was slick with lust when she arrived and stopped to compose herself, then entered the ladies-only gym.

Kim walked to a secluded corner, an area set off from the rest of the gym by an odd angle of the walls. She was alone, the gym nearly empty with most students gone for the summer. Two of the walls in the alcove were mirrored with a window on the other facing west overlooking the ocean.

The image of that woman was still running through her head as she looked down at the pink weight beside her on the floor. That little thing would never allow her to build muscle like that goddess. What she needed was some real iron! 

Suddenly, the pink weight expanded, its middle section elongating into a thick bar and its ends into wide circles of thick metal, all pink in color. Kim, startled, fell on her ass and sat on the mat staring at the transformed hand weight.

Kim looked around, but no one could see her in the isolated alcove. She stood up and tentatively reached down to touch the weight. It felt just as it had when it was a hand weight. She stood in thought. If the little hand weight had given her her current athletic figure, could this thing maybe give her a figure to rival Tim’s new girlfriend? She imagined herself standing next to that girl with Tim, naked, standing near and stroking his cock. In her imagination, Kim towered over them both, ten feet tall with bulging muscles that threatened to explode from her clothes, twice as thick as that girl’s.

Kim licked her lips and reached down to the bar, grasping it with both hands, and pulled it up in a deadlift. The bar was heavy, but manageable, and she could feel her back and legs humming with a pleasant tension as she rose from her crouch. She stared in the mirror, as she repeated the move and watched her thighs bulge larger with every thrust. As her confidence built she decided to try to curl the bar, confident that it would adjust to the appropriate weight. Sure enough, the first curl was a challenge, but not impossible, and the second was even easier. She looked up to watch her biceps bulge larger and larger with every repetition.

Soon she was repeating every exercise in her repertoire, all the time imagining herself growing bigger and stronger, and the weight becoming heavier and heavier in response. She watched as her body grew continually thicker and taller, the loose sleeves of her sweats filling with more and more meaty muscle with every rep. Soon the sweatshirt wasn’t long enough to cover her elongating torso, exposing cobbled abs each now the size of her fist. For over two hours she pumped, her energy never flagging.

Kim turned to watch the sun go down over the ocean as she worked her ever-improving body, doing a combined squat-lunge-curl-press over and over imagining becoming a ten-foot goddess who could win Tim back. She imagined picking up Tim’s girlfriend, a terrified expression on her face, and hurling her into the sea, then turning on Tim and lifting him with one hand. Panting with arousal, if not exertion, Kim imagined ripping her sweatpants from her body and ramming his huge cock into her pussy, grunting with the sensation of him filling her, and using him as a sex toy as she pleasured herself. She felt it building as she pumped, the waves of pleasure slowly growing higher and higher until they crested and washed over her. She stood silently in her alcove and shook in orgasm, head thrown back, mouth open and eyes squeezed closed, her body shivering with sensation. A pink barbell loaded with over a thousand pounds was held over her head by one hand while the other clenched rytmically over her sex.


The sound echoed through the room, and Kim felt a chill. She opened her eyes and looked down, the barbell still above her. Her immense torso had fully ripped free of her sweatshirt. She turned to look in the mirror.

Kim stared at her reflection, completely at a loss for words. There, surrounded by the tattered remains of her sweats, was the most immensely muscular creature she had ever seen. Like the Hulk from the movies, but way more feminine, with just a hint of subcutaneous fat to smooth things out. Her waist was thick with pulsing muscle but looked wasp thin next to the immensity of her chest and hips, all bulging with power. And her height! She must have been nearly ten feet tall. She could easily touch the twelve-foot ceiling if she tried. It was just like her fantasy, almost.

The only thing missing was boobs. Tim’s new girlfriend had some immense knockers to go with her muscles, and while Kim had pecs, there was no hint of jiggle, no pillowy breast tissue of any kind to soften the hard edges of her chest. Her nipples, long and hard and still tingling from her orgasm, sat on flat slabs of muscle incongruously. She wished that the pink weights could have somehow transformed that part of her too.

Suddenly, the weight in her left hand disappeared, and she looked up to see she was now holding an immense pink bra. Kim smiled and slowly strapped it around her chest. The tingling in her chest intensified as she stared into the mirror. Kim brought her hands up to caress her breasts and imagined them inflating with huge, natural, bowling balls of perky sensitive chest meat, willing it to come true. Slowly, erotically, her breasts complied, growing ever larger under her gaze, soon rivaling and then surpassing those of her adversary. Soon they were as large as bowling balls, perfectly formed and perky, but it wasn’t enough.

“More,” groaned Kim, and her breasts continued their magical growth. Kim tweaked her erect nipples, peeking over the rims of the now-inadequate bra cups, just as she imagined. She bit her lower lip as her breasts swelled and she pulled on the tingling nubs.

“More!” she groaned again, and her breasts pulsed larger than basketballs, each nipple now the size of a thumb and radiating pleasure with every pull of her fingers.

“MORE!” she almost shouted, and her titanic breasts doubled in size, growing well past the diameter of beach balls, the magic bra now just an afterthought, barely supporting their teardrop majesty.

At last, Kim felt the familiar tide of orgasm wash over her as she came again, gripping her mammoth tits with her bulging arms as she shivered and gasped. 

Finally, after minutes of aftershocks had passed and she had caught her breath, Kim stood straight and admired her new form in the mirror. What looked back was still recognizably her, just a version of her that was ten feet tall and immensely muscular while still being completely feminine, and with the two largest breasts she could imagine. They jiggled and swayed naturally as she turned, but did not sag a bit, like they belonged to a teenager or something. Perfect!

“Let’s see Tim ignore this!” she said to herself. 

Realizing she had totally destroyed her clothes, she fished out the pink bra from under her new assets and imagined it became a track suit of appropriate dimensions. The pink bra immediately flowed over her skin to become a perfectly-fitted pink tracksuit that accentuated every curve and muscle, the top low cut enough to show expansive cleavage and high enough to show off her bare muscled abdomen.

Kim smiled, and walked from her alcove to the front door, maneuvering through the gym’s weight machines and catching the eyes of the other two patrons, now staring wordlessly at the giantess in their midst. 

“Have a good even…” The girl at the front desk trailed off as she looked up from her work to see what Kim had become.

“Oh, I will,” she said as she left through the door.







































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