Power of Pink - Part Six

Katie woke in her bed, energized for the day. The previous night with Daniel had been fantastic, but when she had recovered from her orgasms she realized what she had done and had immediately become ashamed and self-conscious about sleeping with a guy after knowing him for only a few hours. Embarrassed, she had run down the hill to the beach, naked and a little freaked out. Then, realizing her nakedness, she had willed the ring into a t-shirt and jeans, ridiculously sexy in spite of her embarrassment.

She’d made her way to her sister’s apartment and had snuggled deep into the hide-a-bed’s comforter, swearing a little at the support bar in the middle of her back.

Katie sat up and realized she was once again naked, but still retained the athletic sexy body she’d developed the day before. She also noticed that she was sitting on a thick luxurious pink mattress that felt like she’d been sleeping on a cloud.

She jumped out of bed and willed the pink mattress back into a pair of pink jeans and t-shirt. Then she crept down the hall to see if her sister was there, eager to show her what she had become. She knocked on the door to no response. Looking in, Kim wasn’t there, and her bed was made. Did her sister even come home last night?

Katie quickly hit the floor to see if the pink dress was still there under the bed, but it was gone. So, her sister had come home, put on the dress, and left. Did Kim know about the power of the pink...whatever it was? Was she walking around transformed into the kind of sexy athlete Katie had become?

Katie sat on the bed in thought. This stuff seemed to transform into whatever its user wants. Further, it could transform the user herself into her fantasy. Hmmm...now she thought of it, Kim’s little hand weights were pink, weren't they? That’s definitely how she had gotten so cut!

Katie pulled out the shirt and felt it with her fingers. It felt just like cotton. She willed the ensemble back into a ring. Suddenly she was naked again, except for a bright pink ring. She stood and looked at herself in the closet mirror. She seemed taller, maybe five ten, with shining red curly hair cascading down her shoulders and back. Softball-sized breasts rode high on her chest, prominent pink nipples erect and at the ready. Her abdomen was flat and firm with a bit of muscle like a surfer girl, and her legs were long and strong. Below the neck she appeared essentially hairless. Katie turned slightly to show a tight firm peach-perfect ass. She slapped it lightly and giggled as she did a little jump, sending her tits bouncing. She was turning herself on despite herself.

Katie looked at the ring. What else could this thing do? The ring immediately turned into a long hard dildo. It was warm, eight inches long and veiny, and felt like a real dick. A minute later she was plunging it into her pussy groaning out her pleasure as she came. As she did so, she could feel the dildo buck within her and then fill her with cum, coming in buckets like Daniel had the night before.

Sighing she willed the dildo back into jeans and t-shirt and checked herself out in the mirror. Still beautiful. Despite rolling around in the sand having sex all night, and having just had another great orgasm, she looked fresh and clean, like she’d just come out of the salon.

What should she do with this awesome power? If she was right, this pink stuff could transform her however she liked. The thought of becoming ripped like her sister didn’t really attract her, so what did she really want? 

Well, being a gym rat wasn’t her style, but … being that strong, or stronger? That would be nice! And to never age. She could keep this body forever and still look this good! And immortality? But what about accidents? How about invulnerability too? Katie just let her imagination run wild. Super senses! Flight! Super strength! What she really wanted was to be…

Katie looked back into the mirror. Her jeans and t-shirt had transformed without her knowing it into a short pink skirt cut mid-thigh and a skin-tight pink top that showed five-inches of bare midriff. Over her breasts in a slightly different shade of pink was a shield, and on the shield was a stylized ‘S’. From her shoulders hung a pink cape.

Katie marveled at her new costume and spun around. Her skirt flipped up and revealed she didn’t have any panties on.

“This thing really doesn’t like underwear,” she thought. Whatever, as long as she could fly.

Katie concentrated on rising from the ground and was rewarded after a second by rising three feet into the air! It was as if she could feel gravity surrounding her but could grasp the lines of force with her mind to fly. Katie tipped over, one hand in front of her, and zipped around the room. Faster and faster she flew in circles until she’d satisfied herself that she had the hang of it. When she’d stopped, Katie surveyed the mess she’d made of her her sister’s room and chuckled. 

“Guess I’ve got to test out the super speed too!”

Katie whizzed about the room setting things right, folding and putting away clothes and making the bed. It was exhilarating. Time didn’t slow for her, exactly, but she was able to control her movements precisely, her brain working extra-fast to ensure she didn’t destroy anything in her haste. Within a couple seconds, everything was back in place.


Katie quickly left her sister’s room and bounded up the stairs to the roof. She was met with a locked door which she accidentally yanked off its hinges.

“Don’t know my own strength!” she said, excitedly.

Katie stepped out onto the roof and stood for a moment, hands on her hips and chest pushed out proudly, looking out over the town toward the beach. Grinning, she bent slightly and then shot into the sky like a pink streak.

Katie could feel the wind rushing through her hair, whipping her crimson curls about her like a tornado. Ha! She hadn’t thought of that! She flexed her buttocks and poured on the steam until her hair pulled straight back from her head. She looked ahead into the boundless ocean and felt a heat build on her face, from the friction with the air, she supposed. Despite supersonic air ripping at her, her eyes didn’t even water. This was awesome.

Really wanting to see what she could do, Katie tensed her buttocks even more and watched as the air in front of her started to glow red, and then white hot. Flying at an altitude of a hundred feet, she created a wide wake behind her. Curious to test the limits of her invulnerability, she descended. Now a rooster tail of water shot up behind her reaching a hundred feet. Katie reached out with one hand and gently touched the calm sea.

Immediately and unexpectedly, her entire body pivoted on the point where her hand had made contact, and slammed into the Pacific, ass first. The next minute was a chaotic tumble across the surface, sending up huge gouts of water as she violently decelerated.

A minute or two passed as the waves calmed themselves. Then Katie’s beautiful face emerged, giggling uncontrollably. Playfully, Katie took a deep breath and dove under the waves again. Thinking a little skinny dipping was in order, Katie had her costume turn back into a ring, revealing her perfect body to the denizens of the sea. Then she dove, swimming gracefully with a perfect dolphin kick, faster and faster, until she was just on the edge of forming cavitation bubbles. Her body thrilled to the cold sensation of the ocean’s deep water, just as it had the white-hot friction of the air earlier, intense but never becoming uncomfortable.

Within a couple minutes she was at the bottom. There was no light, of course, but she could still see, somehow. X-ray vision, she remembered. Even so, it was dark, with only shadowy forms on the seafloor visible. Katie reached down and picked up something round and knobby, about the size of a baseball and then kicked off back to the surface.

Minutes later, her beautiful naked form shot out into the sunlight and hovered above the sea. Katie spun like a top until dry and floated there, enjoying the sun beating down on her skin. She looked at her prize closely, eyesight zooming in and focusing on its crystalline structure. An x-ray diffraction pattern formed in her mind, and as a chemistry major she immediately recognized manganese. 

“Huh. A manganese nodule. Well, there’s plenty more where that came from!” She tossed the rock back into the depths, and then turned southwest, a wicked new thought in her mind. She didn’t even bother to cover herself. Why should she? She was a goddess now!

Soon she saw a land mass approach, and could smell sulphur dioxide in the air. She flew straight toward its source, a bubbling cauldron of flowing lava. She hovered over the lower east rift zone of Kilauea, watching the red-hot lava carving its destructive path to the sea. Smiling, Katie remembered one of Superman’s powers from the comic books and pursed her lips. She then blew out a supercooled stream of air right at the vent’s open breach. Lava quickly cooled and hardened until she had built up a rim to seal the main breach and create a large pool of molten rock. Then, giggling, Katie dove in. 

If she had thought her supersonic flight had been hot, the incredible searing blast that met her now was another matter entirely. She could feel every bit of the scalding liquid rock trying to burn, melt, or crush her beautiful body as tons of molten rock flowed around her, but nevertheless, despite her registering the increase in temperature in her mind, it felt like a soothing bath to her. Emerging from the depths, Katie floated over to the rim and lay her crimson locks on a pillow of congealed lava, laying back on the razor-sharp recently-cooled volcanic glass as if it were a featherbed. She had to consciously “push down” with her flight powers to keep herself submerged, only the pink perfect tips of her breasts bobbing above the roiling rock.

“God, this feels good,” she sighed.

Katie’s mind wandered to the previous night she had shared with Daniel, how his two-foot cock had pounded her for what seemed like hours, and how she had come harder than in her entire life, and she began to get horny again. Her sex drive must have become super too, she thought.

Absently, Katie looked over at a nearby outcropping of volcanic glass and scowled at it, cutely. Two red beams shot from her eyes and melted through its base and it toppled to the crater’s rim. Smiling, she reached over and grabbed the jagged shard, and brought it into the pool with her. Placing it between her legs, she began to undulate her hips, rubbing her hungry pussy against the rough impromptu dildo, her erect clitty gouging a channel into it. Her hips sped as the pleasure quickly mounted and soon her hips became a blur. Her free hand pinched her little pink nipples as she bit her lower lip with the sensations growing within her. The volcanic toy began to wear away, and then melt as Katie’s speed increased until, with a final scream of ecstasy, it ablated entirely and Katie’s hand met her indestructible clit and she thrashed in orgasm, sending a wave of lava spilling over the rim of her pool.

Instead of coming down from her high though, this orgasm only served to whet her appetite. Her eyes darted around and found a much larger jagged ridge of volcanic rock above her, the original rim of the crater. Katie squeezed her tight ass and shot from the roiling cauldron to land astride the razor-sharp outcropping and began to hump it wildly. Her thrusting hips broke off huge chunks of rock as she gratified herself. She lay flat so the sharp rocks could contact her bouncing breasts. Her cute ass bunched and flexed lightning fast as Katie rubbed her pink perfect pussy on the rapidly-degrading ridge. She scooped up armfuls of volcanic rock and rubbed her nipples hard in her mounting pleasure, until once again, even more powerfully this time, she came with a scream which temporarily deafened the people on this side of the island.

Sated for the moment, Katie let herself fall limply back into her makeshift bath. She lay in the magma and basked in her afterglow. She knew the reprieve was temporary, however. She could feel her carnal needs rising once again. And why shouldn't they? Her orgasms were super now too, and with no need to eat or drink, with no fear of injury or disease, with absolutely no reason to be ashamed of her body, why wouldn’t she just spend eternity masturbating? 

She soon heard a buzzing and looked up to see a drone hovering above her, cameras pointed right at her. It had USGS painted on its side. Katie’s first instinct was to sink out of sight, but then she realised that shame should now be a thing of the past for her. She was beautiful, sexy, horny, and indestructible. Nothing and no one could ever hurt her, and she knew that meant emotionally as well as physically. Katie felt a wave of calmness and self-assuredness wash over her. Any vestige of shame or shyness disappeared. Instead of sinking, she sent the drone a million-watt smile and waved genially, her floating boobs wobbling.

Suddenly, a rumble shook the volcano beneath her and the lava began to quickly drain away. The drone turned and raced away to the north, and Katie rose from her bath, literally glowing from the heat but otherwise clean as a whistle, and looked toward where the drone had gone. 

A mile away Katie could see a pillar of smoke emerging from what looked to be a field next to some buildings. Squinting a little, her vision telescoped until she could see that the building was actually a grade school. Children were crowded by the windows as they watched incandescent rock begin to burble from the ground. That burble quickly became a fountain, and she could hear the children screaming and crying as bits of flying lava bgan to hit the building and set it on fire.

Fast as a bullet, Katie flew to the disaster and tried to use her super breath to cool the lava and plug the hole. This only served to widen the crack as the lava always found new ways to emerge from the ground. Frustrated, Katie thought of an alternative.

Katie soared above the island to survey a good route to the sea, one that would avoid as many residences and roads as possible. Then, when she had one mapped out in her mind, she quickly flew to the three houses in her chosen path and used her heat vision to cut them from the ground. Then she flew under and used her immense strength to move the entire structures to safety. That done, she erected barricades of rock on the roads she intended to cross. 

Finally, Katie was ready. She flew back uphill to the vent and then plunged at supersonic speeds at the ground, ripping a trench to the sea that followed her chosen path. She spread her arms wide and stuck out her boobs, trying to maximise her plowing ability. Simultaneously, she used her heat vision to melt the rock before her to allow it to flow freely to the sides of the channel and allow her supersonic wake to do most of the work. After thirty or so passes, Katie had built a forty-foot deep one hundred-yard wide canal to the sea. Then she turned back to the fissure.

Gaining as much speed as she could, Katie rammed into the side of the canal near the fissure and ripped a gaping glowing hole to let the lava through. She stood there and used her heat vision and pounding fists to widen the gap. The lava poured through, soon burying Katie waist deep in the stuff. 

Satisfied at last with her handiwork, Katie hovered over the canal to make sure there were no problems. With just a touch of super breath here and there, the lava was flowing safely to the sea.

Eventually, she noticed a gathering of people nearby and a news crew, frantically waving to her. Katie floated over, naked as the day she was born, and proud of it. The cameras turned to follow her as she floated near.

“T-thank you for diverting the eruption. May I ask you who you are?” The reporter looked a little uncomfortable talking to the most attractive naked woman she’d ever seen. She was turned on quite a bit in spite of herself.

“I’m Katie!” She said cheerfully. The gaze of all these people staring at her, desiring her, was turning her on, making Katie horny again. Her nipples stiffened, and her hand began to absently rub her breasts.

“Um, Katie,” said the reporter, now a little weak in the knees,”where did you come from?”

“Oh, Chicago, but I’m visiting my sister in California now ... and I guess vacationing in Hawaii too!” Katie was now tweaking her pink nipples, pulling them out a couple inches and letting them free, her breasts bouncing sexily and her arousal building. She imagined all those people watching, here and watching their TVs, pulling their pants off in lust and beating off as they watched. Oh, to be worshipped like a goddess! A goddess of power. A goddess of strength. A goddess of beauty? No...not only beauty. Sex! She imagined herself somehow becoming more incredibly beautiful than she already was. Preternaturally beautiful, well beyond what was humanly possible. So beautiful people would have no choice but to fall helplessly in love with her.

Katie pulled hard on one nipple and let her other hand begin to rub frantically at her clit as she imagined it, and it happened. Within seconds, the reporter had dropped her microphone and was on her knees, one hand in her pants gripping her throbbing pussy and staring up at the glowing goddess above her. Everyone in the crowd began to groan, cumming again and again in their pants, unable to tear their eyes from the perfect girl above them. Katie came and came, orgasm upon orgasm, each a hundred times better than the best ever experienced by a human before. Her audience had no choice but to become her slaves, rewired only to think of her, to do anything to get even a glimpse of their goddess, and to come and come at the thought of her.

After her hundredth impossible orgasm, Katie chanced to look down at the mob. Their mouths were open and drooling. Their bodies lay there jerking with climax every few seconds, eyes rolled back in their head or staring at her blankly, blinded by her perfection. The camera lay on the ground next to a convulsing cameraman. His boner tented out his pants, a wide stain spreading across them. The camera was still pointed in Katie’s general direction and she could almost feel the thousands watching coming uncontrollably.

What was she doing? Another wave of pleasure crashed into her. She almost sank back into the endless cycle of climax, but she realized that if she succumbed it would never end. Humanity would just spend the last of its short life beating off to her beauty, and then she would just be left alone, endlessly masturbating until the heat death of the universe. She needed to stop. She needed...willpower.

Holding her hands out with whatever strength she had, she willed her libido under control. Slowly, the urge to stimulate herself faded, not actually diminishing, but her ability to ignore the compulsion increasing. Finally, when Katie felt she had herself under control once again, she opened her eyes.

The crowd was still thrashing and coming, their minds awash with agonizing constant orgasm. Catie concentrated on diminishing her otherworldly beauty, to no avail. Somehow, her mind could not even conceive of diminishment. She could not imagine an uglier version of herself, and thus she looked as beautiful as before.

“Hmmmm...it looks like improvements are a one-way street,” she said to herself, her musical voice sounding like a choir of angels and inducing still more groans from the crowd. She thought of another approach. Closing her eyes, Katie imagined reaching out into the minds of the people nearby, seeing what they were seeing and tweaking their perception so that she no longer spurred compulsive orgasm. 

The crowd’s eyes slowly cleared, and their thrashing subsided as each relaxed into a deep pleasant sleep, dreaming of her.

Katie smiled. It had been close. She had nearly lost herself to insane desire and had almost enslaved the world. It was only due to her quick thinking and her now much-improved willpower that the earth was not currently a seething mass of sex.

But... what about the other pink thingies? If it had been a close thing for her…

Katie immediately jumped into the air and headed east, pouring on such speed that the air around her ionized into a hyper-hot plasma. She left a 2,500 mile streak across the Pacific sky.


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