James the god (Part 1)


James is your typical teenager just getting started with college. Having just parted ways with his girlfriend (as both were moving to separate states for school), and moved into a dorm with 3 strangers, the 19 year old sighs as he lies in the bed of the overpriced dorm room that his his new home. Staring at the wall and reminiscing on the good times and memories with friends, as well as worrying about his physics and english homework due the next day. James considering heading to the gym, but ultimately deciding against it in favor of playing league with friends later

Unpacking the last of his things, he opens a box of memorabilia, and finds something that he *definitely* didn't pack himself. Underneath the tassle from his high school graduation cap, a magnificent silver ring glows in the light of his cheap desk lamp; more than it really should have in the low light. "What the hell?" He mumbles to himself, as he reaches to grab it, and makes contact. In an instant, James feeling a MASSIVE rush of energy. Like the thrill of adrenaline from going down the drop of a roller coaster, but with all the sharpness of his senses remaining intact. Letting out a yelp, and stumbling back in shock

"You alright man?" One of his dorm-mates calls from the next room

"Y-yeah, I'm good" James says. The sensation fading, as he looks back into the box, to find that the enigmatic ring had vanished. Shaking his head, and thinking that he must be thirsty or underslept, he gets up and walks across the decades old dorm, and sits down on the toilet to do his business. As he sits there, his train of thought wanders from what he should eat for dinner later, to considering getting into his confortable pajamas, to his weird, macrophilia themed fantasies that he masturbates to regularly. Looking down at the floor tiles below his feet, and thinking about how hot it would be for there to be a city right there. When suddenly, with no effort or fanfare, it just is. A tiny, bustling metropolis having been spawned in next to his big toe. A little society complete with all their memories, thinking that they've always lived on the floor of the well-used bathroom, despite only existing for a second. Now in complete dissaray and squeaking up in panic at the giant boy; at the dropped pair of shorts and bare feet that suddenly dwarf them all

"...what! Oh my god! Did I just..." James blinks. Hardly believing his eyes. Not yet believing that it's real, he raises his foot off the floor, shifts it over a few inches, and slowly lowers it down. His eyes going wide as instead of feeling nothing as he expected, he feels a gentle, delicate crunch as 3/4ths of the massive city instantly cave to the pressure of his bare sole. "Oh dude, that's fucked up! I'm sorry! Uhm..." and then just like that, the little metropolis never existed. James suddenly back in his room at a few minutes ago, as he willed that the morally nightmarish sequence of events would undo themselves. Once more needing to use the bathroom as he launched time itself backwards 5 minutes. Still in disbelief that this is actually happening, he pinches himself on the arm, just to test if he's dreaming, before proceeding to will a hamburger into existence; from his local favorite burger joint in his hometown. James not even taking a bite of it, as he then instantly wills his girlfriend to come back to him, just to see if he could

Julie, who was in the shower at that very moment, lets out a panicked yell! Covered in soapy suds and holding her loofa; scrambling to cover her breasts and privates at the sudden change in environment. James panicked at this as well, subconsciously willing his roomates to be gone for a while. "Jules! It's okay it's me! Uhm... something happened..."

"JAMES! What the hell! Why am I... How...." She stammers. Not even asking as she grabs his blanket off of his bed to cover up

"A-ah.. I had to see if it would work jules! I touched a ring and something happened. It seems like I can do anything now.... hey you had a fetish for shrinking right?~" he boyishly giggles, as he makes her shrink! One moment she's standing there, and the next she's in the palm of his hand, completely naked and helpless. "Haha, that worked too! this is so cool!~"

Julie blushes immensely. In the span of 1 minute, her life going from another ordinary day, to her deepest sexual fantasy suddenly fulfilled. "J-james.. can you really do anything? This is all just so... sudden! How am I in your dorm? What did you do.." she says up to him in her now soft and quiet voice, crawling across his palm, and touching her tiny hand to the tip of his thumb. Feeling the now very noticable ridges of his fingerprint against her tiny hand

"Uhm, I think so! I'm not sure exactly what happened but... lemme try something~" he says, and a split second later, James is absolutely enormous! Grown to such an immense size, that the entire earth is like a softball to him. Completely and utterly dwarfed by the cosmic teenager, and his now enourmous, but still tiny girlfriend in the palm of his hand. The pair of them miraculously not instantly destroying it all with the gravity they should be generating, as the growth plays out exactly how James imagined it would. The pair of them then just stare at the earth for a moment, admiring the pretty blue and green hues, the swirling white clouds, and the web of city lights springing to life as it's suddenly night everywhere in his shadow

Seeing the curiosity in his eyes, and his other hand beginning to rise up, Julie pipes up "James noo! You're going to break.... it.."

But it was too late. James' thumb and finger pressing down on the poles of the earth, but somehow not damaging anything. As though the entire world were surrounded by an invisible force field as he lifts it up to his face, and twirls it about with his fingers. "Uhm... I'm not dreaming, am I julie? This is so cool! Look, you're bigger than it~" he giggles, as he takes the earth, and presses it into his naked girlfriend. The sky being filled with her tits, stomach, and vagina as he nuzzles it into her.

"James nooo! So embarassing! Stop it >\\\<" she whines, futily trying to push the orb of a planet away from herself, when suddenly everything is like it never happened. James once more sitting with her in his palm, in his bedroom. Julie blushing as she looks up at her god of a boyfriend. "Dude!!...." she sits, speechless at the overload of events that just happened. "...could you give me something to cover up with? I'm cold"

James lets out a little laugh at that, and pats her tiny head with a fingertip. And in the blink of an eye, Julie was in a stereotypical black and white maid outfit. Complete with a short skirt, feather duster and all. "Does this work? Haha~"

"Y-yeah! This works! Gosh..." she giggles, doing a little twirl on his soft, large palm. "So.. you can change the size of things, make things teleport, cause things to appear out of nowhere... and even undo things! have you tried changing anything yet?" She wonders out loud. Coming around to embracing the situation despite the absurdity of it all; as having a cute boy be god was kind of a dream come true for her

"Oh! I haven't! Now that you mention it~" he smiles at her, with a playful look in his eye. Causing her to look up with concern

"Oh no don't you dare! James try something else first not me--- Hi master!! Is there anything you need cleaned? I love cleaning you feet! Step on me and play with me! ❤❤❤" With just a playful thought from James, his girlfriend's entire personality was destroyed. All of her memories and life experiences completely erased, with his vision of how she should be pressed to the forefront of her mind. Filled with nothing but thoughts of absolute submission and awe of James

"Wow! That was so easy! Everything is so easy... uhm, yeah! Can you clean my shoe? I stepped in a puddle earlier..." he says, dropping her down to the dirty, dusty, grimy underside of his sneaker, and giggling as he sees her get to work on it with pleasure. Julie thoroughly enjoying cleaning the muddy, filthy underside of the shoe as though she were fulfilling her life's purpose in that moment. Getting so incredibly aroused at obeying him (because that's how he wanted it), that were she not under his orders, she'd drop to the ground and masturbate in a second. Being left there for a solid 5 minutes, as James teleports himself to use the bathroom. "Hah, okaaay, that's enough~" he says as he returns, gripping her up in his fist like a doll, with only her head poking out the top

Just like that, she was then restored to her former self. Fully remembering what he just did to her, and how immensely she enjoyed it, as she's firmly held in place by his fingertips. "Jaaames!... A-ah.. so.. tight!" She whines, squirming a bit in his grip, and looking longingly up into his eyes. Not really afraid as she should have been, but incredibly flustered and excited. As this boy that she met during her sophomore year, took to his first dance, talked through his insecurities with, spent long nights talking to about the most random of things, and lost her virginity to... now held not only her life, but the lives of at LEAST the entire planet in his grasp. "James I---"

"This is so awesome! Hey Julie... Tell me I'm the best!" He says, opening up his palm for her to sit on

"You're the BEST! ❤❤--- James... wait.." she says, blushing as control of her own voice was stolen by him. Just the thought of him using her for whatever silly thing he wants, like a toy, causing her heart to well up in excitement

"Tell me I'm hot.. and that I have a huge dick!"

"You're so hot james! Your dick is so huge and awesome ❤❤--- Stop it you dork~" she giggles, feebly hitting his pointer finger with her fist

"Uhm... tell me that pineapple is good on pizza! x3" he says. Laughing as she's forced to obey..

"Pineapple is good on pizza!--- Heyyy! That's just wroong~" she laughs along with him. Holding onto what skin she can as James gets up, and plops down on his bed. Setting her on somewhat ruffled fabric of his t-shirt, as he reaches to briefly check his phone. Happy to see that the world was completely unaware and carrying on as it always had, just like he wanted. With no news stories about giant men or women playing with the planet

Julie stands up, and smiles as she looks up at him. Walking down his chest just a few inches, to were his shirt ran up, and plopping down on her hands and knees. Her butt, clad in only a black g-string, being visible to james as her skirt rides up. Julie smiling as she plants a kiss on his bare skin, right next to his belly button

"Love ya dude~ ❤"



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