James the god (Part 2)


James lounges on his bed for a minute, basking in the newly discovered power he has. With every trace of fatigue or weakness being banished from his body the moment he touched the ring, he simply looks around and perceives details that normally would be inconsequential. The color of the light blue walls, streams of sunlight filtering through the leaves of the tree outside his window, and the miniscule weight of his miniature girlfriend; still sitting atop his chest. James smiling, and tilting his head down at her as he says "You're super adorable! But I want you like this~"

Julie gasps as she's instantly changed! No longer in the maid outfit, and instead in a soft colored green dress with no underwear. She stumbles just slightly at the transformation, as the weight of her features changes to meet James' subtle boyish desires. Her boobs having grown a few cup sizes, and her butt being more rounded and defined. But the most dramatic change of all is the pair of large butterfly wings now protruding from her back, along with a couple of antenna poking out of the top of her head. Looking as though she were a combination of her former body, and tinker bell. "A-ah... james! Do... do these really work?" She says, before she lifts off from the bed, with wings that should never have lifted her whole weight. Like a little fairy to him, effortlessly flying about his room as though she had known how to do it her whole life. All thanks to a split second, passive desire from her boyfriend. Giggling as she flutters around the now massive environment, and playfully calls out to him "Bet you can't catch meeee~"

"Yes I caaaan~" james laughs, as he instantly teleports her! Going from flying underneath his desk above his computer, to being with him in bed again. Her ankle pinched between his fingertips, dangling upsidown in front of his cute face

"Hey! That's cheating! No fair~" she says, feebly fluttering her wings and playfully trying to escape. More to entertain him than anything, until he lets her go.

"Humph, I can do whatever I want!... Right?~" he smiles, as suddenly Julie finds herself naked again, with her wings gone. James playfully shaking her by her ankle, just to see her breasts bounce up and down

"Jaaames! Cmon man let me go--- SHAKE ME MORE! Squeeze my butt!~ ❤❤" she involuntarily says, as she's turned about by his fingers, and playfully flicked on the bottom a few times. His horny, boyish desires taking control of her for a moment, filling her with total arousal, before she comes to her senses a moment later. "You really are a dumb, stupid boy, you know that~" she teases up at him. Massaging her bottom after the powerful assault by his fingertip

"Well, this dumb boy can do anything now! So you'll just have to deal with it~" He says, as he simply tilts his head, and with a single thought, turns Julie into a pair of briefs. All soft, and draped over the open palm that she was sitting on an instant ago. "You know, I never really understood this fetish of yours. It's weeird~" James says with a playful grin, tilting his head as he stretches her, and flicks her to the ground. Resting his foot on top of her, and playfully twisting it back and forth as he talks; sliding her waistband between his toes. "It is cute though! I'm sure you won't mind if I keep you this way for a little while~"

Unable to move or do anything, Julie just sits there motionless, experiencing the weirdest sensation of her life. All 5 of her senses, instead of being focused in particular places, were now distributed evenly across all points of her fabric. Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and feeling every little thing as james presses his massive foot into her. The oils and sweat from when he worked out yesterday, the faint taste of fabric from the shoes he always wears, and the odd sensation of james' toe jam being felt in full force by julie. Unable to protest or suggest he do anything as he picks her up, and puts his legs through her. Feeling the sensation of every leg hair, the warmth of his skin, and grip of his fingers as she's raised up and up... until being snugly pressed up against his crotch. Julie in a constant state of extremely horny bliss (cause that's what james imagines she's probably feeling), but unable to masturbate or appease herself in any way because of her current state. The poor girl internally squealing in pleasure and begging for sexual release, as she's forced feel every movement of his dick, hold his ballsack, grip his buttcheeks, smell his asshole, and hug his waist all at the same time.

"Hey!... You're actually comfy jules! Is this everything you imagined it being?~" James giggles, as he pokes the tip of his dick through julie, causing a tiny unnoticable amount of precum to be absorbed into her fabric. "I think I'll keep you like this for a while, while I play with some stuff! I bet you're having a blast anyways. Haha~" And, because he thought that, she was! Having the best time of her life being her boyfriends underwear

And then james embraces his power a bit, and decides to toy with his new unlimited abilities. Smiling as he plops down into his chair (Smishing Julie hard into his butt) and makes his entire university be small! Panicked squeaks coming up from the inch tall complex of buildings, as everyone looks up at the monolithic teenager. Looking down on them and teasing "Hey uhm.. I don't feel like doing that english paper, and I don't want to pay tuition either~" he says, as he reaches down, and gently taps the largest structure. Watching in amazement as the familiar massive building, where he had his orientation some weeks ago, crumbled under his lightest touch. "Sorry guys, but... you won't remember any of this anyways so...~" he says, as he makes a game out of it! Chasing the crowds of people around with his fingertip, like a massive kaiju monster to them. When they get caught and crushed however, there's no blood or suffering, but instead they just stop existing; because james doesn't want or expect cruelty. Boyishly giggling as, once he has everyone corralled to the center of campus, he slams his palm down! Bringing the hundred year old school to ruin just like that. At least for a moment, until he undoes it all a second later. The university standing proud once more, but this time, the sky was rather different

The sun was still there, along with the blue sky. But the rest of the sky was all wrong. Instead of the starry sky, those on the night side of the earth could see impossibly large objects. A massive wall that is an anime girl mousepad, a collossal coffee cup, and an absolutely massive pair of less-than-clean boxers that puts the solar system to shame. Dwarfing it several times over as James had willed the entire solar system to be tiny above his anime girl mousepad; while he's somehow still in his dorm room. A tiny little speck of light floating in the center that is the sun, barely visible gas giants, and countless microscopic rocks (the earth among them), only having a brief moment to admire their god before everything is thrown into complete disarray. With a single exhale, not even near the tiny system, the sun is extinguished, and the gas giants dissolved. The rocky planets including the earth fared much worse, as the unimaginable force that is James' breath shatters them to dust in seconds

"Oh shoot." he simply says, and with a single whim, he goes all the way. All of creation, the entire universe that he once called home, was now sitting atop the image of anime girl mousepad. Being utterly dwarfed by one of her titties, which it faintly illuminates with the feeble light that it emits. Having learned his lesson from the solar system, james had encased the universe inside a glass marble that would protect everything from any action that he didn't intend to harm it with. Now, instead of seeing the void of space when looking out into the heavens, people see the outside of the marble, with the speed of light being ignored for all light streaming in; thanks the subconscious will of James wanting them to see him.

"Hey Julie, is THIS small enough for you?~" he says, as he holds the universe up to his crotch! Julie able to see and understand, but not really dwell on it as her consciousness was nearly entirely occupied on being her boyfriend's underwear. Thinking only of his dick, buttcheeks, balls, warmth of his skin, and every teensy little hair, as James above takes the entire universe and holds it up to his lips. Fogging up the outside and obscuring everyone's view with the humidity of his breath as he immaturely says in a soft voice "Titties penis~ x3". Still being the teenage boy that he is, despite it all~



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