An Emperor's Mistake

Requested by General Tommy, in part to serve as a promo for his second book, in which Wolf is the antagonist. If you're interested, send him a message and let him know--he'd be happy to point you in the right direction for updates!

Emperor Okami "Wolf" Takeshi is an original character owned by howlofthewolf, who is part of General Tommy's Astridian Chronicles. The locations and species mentioned and depicted in this story are also owned by General Tommy.

Thanks to General Tommy, howlofthewolf, and OmniScribbler for beta reading and additional contributions.


Emperor Okami “Wolf” Takeshi of the Bouzaculan Empire, Demigod of the Sword, traveled across the Terra Ancoran nation of Gulanga, hunting down and squelching attacks by yokai-type Ferals. The yokai motivations varied, but Wolf tranquilized them all the same. They really didn’t stand a chance against the emperor, given his Holy Blood and jet black Orichalcum katana.

One particularly large yokai, an oni, spotted him and roared. Unfazed, he held his sword at the ready and waited for the beast to come to him. The oni barely had a chance to swing his club before being sliced in half, giving him about as much resistance as a spider web.

The oni appeared to be a straggler from a village just up ahead. He smirked as an idea came to him. All the village’s inhabitants were presumably out fighting somewhere, giving him plenty of opportunity to... ‘borrow’ certain effects from their homes to aid in his mission. A couple ha-uchiwa fans, a basket, a few knives, a pouch of apples with what looked like oni handwriting on it--nothing of extraordinary value, but enough to get the villagers’ attention.

Why hunt them down when they can be wordlessly convinced to do the hunting for you? Wolf, you are a genius!

He continued taking things arbitrarily, making a deliberate effort to leave indications of his presence: muddy footprints, disheveled furniture, and most blatantly, literal calling cards, reading ‘Don’t mind if I do!’

After a little while, yokai from the first village he raided noticed the stolen items and issued a warning over the radio to the nearby villages. In less than an hour, practically the entire country was up to speed and hunting down the thief. Before long, Wolf found himself surrounded by a few hundred thoroughly angry and armed yokai.

Good. Even odds.

Before he could ready his katana, everything became noise and dust. There was an enormous shockwave. It seemed like something like a meteor fell from the sky, caused a moderately intense quake, and produced a thick layer of dust and smoke. No one could see further than their arm’s length, but that was only a minor inconvenience for the emperor. He unsheathed his katana and gave a mighty swing, left to right, thoroughly clearing away the dust cloud.

As it turned out, most of the yokai present were annihilated. The remaining few either were retreating or met a quick end by a new arrival: an Ancoran warrior. She, like her whole species, was stunningly beautiful--accentuated by her truncated armor--but he didn’t let that distract him.

“Checking up on me?” Wolf asked her. “I’m perfectly capable of completing the job your goddess assigned me; I don’t need your help.”

“Indeed,” the Ancoran chuckled, winking and putting an armored hand on her hip. “You definitely have things well under control. Please, go ahead and continue robbing these people--I’m sure they’ll be delighted to turn you into a pincushion.”

“What, did the mission change somehow?” Wolf asked. “The least your omnipotent goddess could do is let me know. Or is sending a carrier pigeon beyond her capabilities?”

“No, nothing has changed on our end. You strayed from your mission and decided to set up a prelude to a Gulangan civil war.”

“Civil war? What are you talking about?”

“Many of the yokai here have no idea who stole their effects. There are a few dozen more mobs like the one I just spared you from spread across the country, eager to find the thief and spread their entrails across their territory. As a result, they’re accusing their neighbors, family, friends, other villages, you name it. Now, I could leave you to them, but Astrid believes you’re too much of an asset to dispose of... for now.”

“Ooh, don’t tell me--you’re going to defeat me and drag me back to Her Majesty! Oh, I can’t wait to see you try.”

The Ancoran simply smiled. “Alright then. If you’re so sure you can defeat me, then slice me in two with that big sword of yours.”

Wolf was all too happy to comply. He readied his blade and charged at the arrogant woman, aiming for her head... only her head didn’t fly off like he expected. In fact, it didn’t even move. Upon lowering his blade, he was shocked to find he only gave her a paper cut.

He stood there in silence for a long moment before chuckling. “Very funny. Send an automaton to taunt me.”

“There’s nothing artificial about me. Why don’t you give it another go, champ? Maybe you just had a fluke last time.”

Enraged at being treated like a child, he swung again. Her head remained very much attached to her body, which only made him more furious.

“Oh, you almost had me that time!” she chirped. “Come on, you got this!”

His rage caused his aim to waver, resulting in a diagonal cut across her chest, save for her small breastplate. Ordinarily, someone cut by an Orichalcum blade wouldn’t survive the first moment the blade met their flesh. And yet this arrogant warrior somehow managed to withstand three strikes that should’ve been lethal!

“Alright, that’s enough,” she said, summoning a bit of healing magic to erase the small nicks on her neck and breasts. “There’s only so much amusement I can derive from watching you swat at me like a piñata.”

“A what?”

“Never mind. I’m taking you into my custody now.”

“Like hell you are!”

Wolf turned around and ran for his life, but she teleported into his path, leaving him swordless and in a tangled heap in her arms.

“Hey, not bad! It’s almost like you wanted to make my job easier. ... Oh? No witty remarks left? You know, I think deciding not to act has been your first wise decision today.”

Wolf was now quite close to her absurdly fertile tits, but had a strong feeling that attempting to feel them up would only result in more humiliation. Maybe he could get some leniency from Astrid....


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