The Holly Report: Super Goddesses

By yearends


Holly Winters and Nicole Urbina are original characters of Darin Satre

The "Super Goddesses" universe was created by Akane

With contributions from CrypticCollaborator, delta7447, and entropy232


Nicole Urbina sat in the back office of what was in theory Holly Winters' studio. Given how little she used it, though, Nicole wondered why she even bothered to maintain the reality warp that let it fit in the small apartment the two shared.


She still wasn't sure if it was good or bad fortune that had made her Holly's roommate their first semester in college. Holly had decided that she would rather just reveal who she was and what she could do to her early on, preferring to be open about it than constantly go through the process of hiding it and making Nicole forget and all that, but it soon became apparent to Nicole that her omnipotent roommate didn't exactly have a great handle on her powers and just what she could do. She'd often say things about Nicole that might or might not have been true at the time, but simply by dint of Holly's claiming that they were true, they became so.


For instance, after Holly had told her that she was "the best roomie ever," Nicole had noticed her behaviour changing. She became more conscientious about keeping their dorm room clean, and was more willing to support Holly in her endeavours. Of course, she was still at college more for the dating and party scenes than she was for actual studying--she'd always had a passing interest in chemistry, but nothing serious--but that had changed one day, too.


"Front page with only your fourth story?" Nicole had said upon seeing Holly's report on how Awesome Girl and Power Man had put aside their long rivalry to stop an assassination attempt on the Governor, including an exclusive interview with the pair, one for which she had already received offers from major newspapers for the rights. "But why didn't you just do it yourself?"


"Because I'm a reporter, Nicole. I don't make the news; I find out what's going on and inform the public."


"Well, I think you'd be an amazing superhero. Maybe you could call yourself something like 'Infinity Girl.'"


"I don't want to be an amazing superhero; I want to be an amazing journalist. One of these days I want to report on your amazing scientific discoveries, the sort that will put you in the history books with Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. And I'm going to write the articles."


Nicole had given her a nervous smile.


But since then she'd found herself understanding her classes far more readily. Her intuitive insights impressed her professors even in that first semester, and by her sophomore year she had earned a research grant. It kept her incredibly busy, but never too busy to keep her from supporting Holly like a good roommate. And, of course, it helped that Holly showed plenty of interest in her research, too.


In their senior year, not long before graduation, Nicole had asked, as Holly flitted intangibly about her lab, using thought-controlled drone cameras to record everything, "Why are you so interested in this stuff? Don't you just know it all already? For that matter, can't you just decide what's true and what's not about this?"


Holly had just waved it off. "Science is your field, not mine. I like reporting on it, not actually doing it."


Nicole shook her head. Apparently she'd given quite a bit more thought to the implications of Holly's omnipotence than Holly had.


"Anyway," Holly had continued, "I'm thinking of starting my own show once we graduate. Something I can broadcast to every reality I can find, news reports on the most interesting things I come across, interviews with anyone I can get, all of that."


Nicole had tweaked a dial. "Sounds right up your alley. I look forward to watching it as I can."


"Well, I was hoping you'd do more than watch. I bet you'd be the greatest producer of all time."


"I've already got a career, Holly," Nicole had said, waving her hand around her lab.


"Don't worry, you'll have time to do this, too. I'll even make you a great lab. Come on."


"Can't you just do that all yourself anyway?"


"Every reporter needs a great producer, and you'd be the best, I know it."


So after graduation, Holly had found a small apartment for them to share, and she'd promptly expanded it to include her studio (which she almost never used, preferring to do her reports and interviews on site, teleporting from place to place as necessary), and the lab she'd promised Nicole.


"This is basically magic," Nicole had complained upon seeing it and starting to use it, finding that she could simply produce any lab equipment or chemicals she needed. "I can't use this. My results will be biased and unduplicatable."


"'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,'" Holly had reminded her.


"And vice versa," Nicole had muttered.


"Besides, maybe it'll take a few hundred years for people to recognize your genius and duplicate your results. I promise I'll keep submitting your papers and that I'll be there to report on it when you're finally published."


Nicole sat in the office and sighed to herself. Whatever Holly had inadvertently done to her, she found that she didn't really care about recognition in her own lifetime. And she trusted that Holly would keep her word. She was too excited to report on it, if nothing else.


Of course, being Holly's producer didn't leave her much time to actually do science. Thankfully, when she'd brought that up with Holly, her friend had given her a solution for that, too, automating the lab and, not only that, but allowing Nicole to change the rate at which time passed in the room when she wasn't there. She could slow down a process that took five minutes to take three weeks if that's how long it would be until she had a break from producing The Holly Report. It was just as well that she took as much satisfaction from producing as she did from doing lab work, or she would have really resented how little time Holly's schedule left her.


And at least becoming Holly's producer had also removed her need for sleeping or eating, or she wouldn't have had any lab time at all.


An alarm went off in her brain from the implant Holly had put in there to enable her to do what she needed to do as producer: coordinate interviews, track transmission quality, monitor Holly's position and communicate with her, and so on. Inter-reality incursion, as she'd expected. After Holly's interview with Infinity Girl--or Angela, as everyone now knew--a few weeks prior, both she and Holly had been waiting to see if any other omni-scale beings would want to be featured. There had been no immediate uptake, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, since it gave Holly plenty of time in which to report on any number of other interesting events, but only a few hours ago Nicole had received a request from a pair of omni-scale beings who called themselves "Super Goddesses". Naturally, Holly had cleared her schedule for it, allotting herself a full fifty nanoseconds to wait at the spatial coordinates where the two said they'd be showing up.


"Incoming," she broadcast calmly to her friend.


"I know." The reply came back completely undistorted despite being from another reality where Holly was inside a black hole as it devoured the last remnants of one of the greatest civilizations ever to exist.


Nicole was just in the process of starting to sit back when three omni-scale beings converged from different multiverses to a single point in her own.




Holly Winters floated in the void of space at the designated coordinates. Right on schedule, reality twisted, and two other omni-scale beings emerged into it. She recognized them from the descriptions she and Nicole had been given: the shorter Caucasian was Jennifer Martinette, and the taller Asian with the universes on her arms and abdomen was Park Ha-neul.


She began the show. "Greetings and hello, everyone! Everyone, everywhere, regardless of your home town, planet, universe, dimension, reality bubble, or other such place or non-place of existence or non-existence!" She smiled about how she'd changed up her intro since her interview with Angela. One thing she'd learned in the backgrounder she'd been sent about the Super Goddesses was how they could exist in the absence of anything anyone might recognize as some sort of "reality".


She'd tried it herself, and while she, too, could exist in such a non-place, it wasn't an experience she was especially eager to repeat.


"I'm very pleased today to introduce you to two more omni-scale beings, Park Ha-neul"--the Asian waved, the universes dancing on her arms as she did--"and Jennifer Martinette!" The Caucasian's breasts threatened to pop her shirt's buttons as she waved. "They call themselves 'Super Goddesses,' and after seeing my interview with Infinity Girl--or Angela, as we now all know--they decided that The Holly Report was the best venue in which to introduce themselves to everyone outside their own multiverse!"


Holly sat down on nothing in the middle of deep space, and Ha-neul and Jennifer copied her.


"So, I noticed you used the plural in how you refer to yourselves," Holly began. "Does that mean that there's more than one of you, or even two of you? You're not just, say, different manifestations of the same omni-scale being?"


"Not as far as we know," Ha-neul said. "We're pretty sure we're all separate beings, each possessed of omnipotence to the greatest extent someone can be when there are other equally-empowered beings around."


"All?" Holly queried.


"There's more than just two of us!" Jennifer said, chuckling. "I was the fifth Super Goddess to be born, and Ha-neul the fourth. Right now, there's fifteen of us. Well, one of us thinks there's only fourteen. But it's fifteen."


Holly's eyebrow shot up. "Fifteen omni-scale beings? That seems like a lot. Don't you all get in each other's way, trying to change things only to have them changed back right after?"


Ha-neul shrugged. "We all mostly get along really well, so that pretty much never comes up anyway. And fifteen's not that many, really. We're counting on a few thousand more, at least."


Jennifer chimed in. "And depending on how broad your definition of 'omni-scale being' is, there might actually be well over fifty. None of us keep that close an eye on it."


Holly wanted to ask more but knew she had to move on to the next question. "So what do you all do with your powers, anyway? Fight crime? Explore? Unravel the mysteries of existence?"


Jennifer smiled. "A little, but mostly we fuck."


Thankfully, Holly instantly knew, neither Jennifer nor Ha-neul had any objection to her real-time censorship strategy, whereby anyone whom she knew wouldn't care about the use of such language would hear it, but those who would instead heard--and saw, for those who could read lips--a more inoffensive term.


"What?" was all she could think to ask.


"Yeah. I mean, we're pretty much all top-tier scientists, doctors, singers, actors, writers, athletes, basically anything you care to name we're the best at it," said Ha-neul, "but most of the time we use our powers to fuck. And most of the rest of the time when we're not screwing each other silly we're thinking of new ways to do it."


Holly's mind twinged, but she shook it off. "Singers?" she asked. "Mind providing a live performance for the audience?"


Jennifer and Ha-neul looked at each other, both smiling widely. Music started from nowhere.


"I can see the love in your eyes," Jennifer belted out.


The twinge returned repeatedly over the next few minutes as the duo sang, growing slowly but steadily stronger.


When the song finished, Holly needed a moment to compose herself. While she was doing so, Ha-neul said, a note of complaint in her voice, "That song's perennially number one on all the charts where we're from. Jennifer had the idea before any of the rest of us did to make a song that it's literally impossible to dislike."


"Surely there must be other things you do with your powers," Holly managed, feeling decidedly irritated with herself for asking such a weak follow-up.


"There's a few things," Jennifer said, shrugging. She paused for a moment, mentally querying Holly for permission to switch the camera feed to her own eyesight. Holly returned a telepathic nod, and instantly everyone saw through the Super Goddess's eyes as she held her hand out in front of her, lengthening her arm a bit until it looked very much like she was holding a distant galaxy in her palm.


The camera switched back to the wide view and Jennifer withdrew her hand to reveal that the galaxy rested in it, and was nowhere to be found in the sky.


Holly's eyes popped out of their sockets on stalks at least a foot long while her jaw dropped to her cleavage. She held the expression for a few seconds, catching a definite smirk on Ha-neul's face, before returning her face to some semblance of normalcy.


"A little trick I picked up once from a few green-masked friends of ours," Ha-neul said, still with a slight smirk. "Or maybe friend. Even I get confused as to exactly what they are these days."


Holly took another moment to settle herself. "What was that?"


"Simple perspective trick," said Jennifer. "It looked like the galaxy was in the palm of my hand, so it was. You could do it yourself."


Holly shook her head to clear it as Jennifer blew on the celestial object she held gently cupped, and it vanished, returning to its proper place in the universe.


"So if you can do stuff like that," she said, growing more flustered with how far the interview had gone off the rails she'd intended for it to go, "why do you spend all your time..." She trailed off.


"Fucking?" Jennifer asked. "Because it's fun."


"And because every time we use our powers, we have a massive orgasm. We're pretty much constantly horny," Ha-neul added.


"Where we're from, the more powerful you are, the more aroused you are. Constantly," Jennifer continued.


"Not only that," said Ha-neul, "but we have that effect on everyone around us, too. And it's amplified by the fact that just by our being here, the underlying laws of this multiverse are changing just a little to come closer to our own. In fact, you should be feeling the effects right... about..."


For the first time in three years, The Holly Report went off the air.




Holly woke up between two other women at least as powerful as she was, sweaty, disheveled, and feeling better than she ever had in her life.


Looking around the bedroom--clearly not the one in her shared apartment that was nominally hers, and she wasn't sure which of them had created this one--she spotted Nicole, naked and masturbating frantically.


And far more curvaceous and beautiful than when Holly had seen her last.


"Niki?" Holly said, alarmed, passing her body through the bedsheets to rush over to her friend.


"Hols?" Nicole replied, ceasing her manual stimulation out of a mixture of shock and relief. "Hols, what happened? The feed just cut out."


"Don't worry about it," a new voice said, the friends looking up to see another woman in the room, head almost brushing the ceiling, fiery red hair hanging to her massive ass, huge breasts riding high and firm--Holly shook her head to try to clear it. "Maria Sánchez López at your service," she continued, shapeshifting into an exact body double of Holly while at the same time projecting into their minds an image of her copious awards for journalism. "But call me Bianca," she went on, changing back to herself.


Holly was completely lost and Nicole even more so. "What?" the reporter asked. "Are you another Super Goddess? And what was that about universal laws changing?"


"Nah, I'm not a Super Goddess," said Bianca as Jennifer and Ha-neul sat up in bed. "I'm an ultipotent."


"Ultipotent?" Nicole asked.


"Every so often we find someone who can handle having powers like ours," Ha-neul explained. "We can't make them equally as powerful as us, but we can get them pretty much as close as makes no difference. We can still override them and take away their powers, but that's about it. Other than that, Bianca can basically do everything we can."


"Are these the other omni-scale beings you mentioned?" asked Holly.


"Yeah," said Jennifer. "There's around forty or so of them. When we find someone who can handle having omnipotence, we ask them if they want it. There's three in this room, in fact."


"Three?" Holly and Nicole asked in unison.


Bianca waved, then gestured to Ha-neul's haphazardly discarded clothes, which began to melt and reform into a petite, extremely feminine but athletic man with a huge cock--penis--dick--phallus. The sexual and technical terms warred in Holly's mind.


"I'm Blake Carmichael," he introduced himself, hopping up into the bed to rest where Holly had been.


"Only man we've found who can handle it," said Ha-neul, just a hint of pride in her voice, snuggling him closely.


"Why, can men not handle infinite power the way women can?" asked Nicole.


"Course they can," Jennifer said, "but, well, we're all women, so we were a little biased. Looked at women more closely than men." She shrugged. "Ha-neul and I at least are keeping a closer eye out now."


"You said three," Holly said, a bit hesitantly, her mind scanning the room to see if any of the other innocuous objects lying about was actually an "ultipotent" in disguise. She found that while Jennifer's and Ha-neul's minds were thoroughly opaque to her--she was curious to know if the same was true in reverse--Bianca's and Blake's were not, and she was pretty confident she could detect another "ultipotent" if she knew what to look for.


"I did." Jennifer smiled. "But Nicole's your friend. You should be the one to do it, if she wants it."


The pair were simply stunned. Holly recovered first. "But--what--I don't know how to give anyone powers. I don't know how to do half the stuff you've shown me!"


"Sure you do," said Ha-neul, creating a holographic image of an event from Holly and Nicole's past. "See here, when you said Nicole would be the best producer? Watch closely."


Holly Winters watched her past replay itself, and this time she saw it: some inner part of her, activating without her conscious knowledge upon her declaration that Nicole Urbina would be the best producer a reporter could have, making the statement true--even to the point, she realized, of making Nicole as immortal as she herself was.


Holly banished the image with a wave of her own hand and turned to her friend, burying her head on Nicole's shoulder.


"I'm sorry," she whispered into Nicole's mind. "I'm so, so sorry. If I'd known what I was doing, I..."


"I know," Nicole whispered back. "I'm fine with it. If I wasn't, I'd have told you when you did it."


"You knew?"


"Greatest scientist in history, remember?" Nicole massaged Holly's shoulders. "Just promise me that if I ever want to die, you'll oblige me."


The thought of losing Nicole made Holly break down further, but she managed to choke out a mental promise.


Nicole looked up at Jennifer and Ha-neul. "What's with the body, incidentally?"


"Oh. That. We make everyone around us sexier, just project it subconsciously. So in your case, since we came back here and had a wild, fun night of sex with another omnipotent being, it did a serious number on anyone nearby who couldn't resist our powers, and that happened to be you. I can reshape you however you like. Holly could, too."


Nicole nodded, lapsing into silence as Holly continued to sob and Ha-neul fellated Blake.


After a time Holly had calmed down enough to sit against the wall next to Nicole. "So what was that about Nicole being ultipotent?"


"She could be, if she wants. She can handle it," Jennifer said confidently. "As for how, well, there's a few ways. You can go for the flashy way." Another image appeared: Bianca, at the centre of a circle of Super Goddesses and ultipotents, power roaring out from them and into her in an outburst of energy to put any supernova to shame. "There's the quiet way." This time the image showed Jennifer in bed with three other women, giving them infinite power with a quiet thought. "Or there's the fun way." A third image, Ha-neul's hair cocooning Blake as Jennifer sliced it open to reveal the petite ultipotent. "Really, take your pick."


"What do you think, Nicole?" Holly asked.


"About being ultipotent or how to become ultipotent?" Nicole replied. "I think I need to think about it."


"What's to th--" Not only did Bianca abruptly shut up, her words were wiped from history as Ha-neul rewound time ever so slightly so that Nicole wouldn't hear the emotion behind the ultipotent's words. Bianca glared at the Korean and vanished.


"By the way, I never did ask," said Holly. "What's with the universes?"


"Well," said Ha-neul as Blake slid into her pussy, throwing the covers back to expose her arms, abs, breasts and ass, "basically, these are universes that I've made a part of myself, or adjacent to it, for various reasons. Naturally being so close to me means that everyone in them is incredibly sexy. And depending on which one you're in you develop in certain ways, including all the fetishes you'd expect." She smiled widely. "All of them."


"I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what that means," Nicole put in.


"Good plan, Niki, because after last night I'm pretty sure I do," Holly said.


"Oh, trust me," Jennifer said, "you've got no idea."


"You should probably keep it that way, Hols," Nicole advised.


"Your loss," Ha-neul said as Blake switched from one hole to the other.


"I should get back to my show," Holly said, standing up and dressing herself with a thought. "Bianca's probably a touch irritated right now and I don't want her messing up my ratings."


"Don't worry about Bianca. She's too much a professional to deliver anything less than her absolute best," Jennifer assured Holly. "But I think you and Nicole have a few things to talk about. See you!" Jennifer, Ha-neul and Blake vanished, and Holly could sense the underlying reality of her universe snapping back to normal, though to her irritation her sexual arousal did not.


"So, ready to get back out there?" Nicole asked, hopping up, showing no signs of awkwardness, discomfort or strain with her new body. A side effect of whatever magic Jennifer and Ha-neul had applied, Holly realized. "Bianca might be able to be a dead ringer for you but there's only one Holly Winters."


"I am," Holly said, "but I need to know one thing first." She looked Nicole straight in the eyes. "Please tell me that you don't have any footage of... that."


Nicole grinned. "You did make me the best producer."




"And I would hardly be a great producer if I didn't get as much juicy behind-the-scenes content as I could."


"You didn't."


"And I would hardly be worthy of the title of 'best' if I didn't make sure to squirrel away a copy or two where my reporter can't get at it."


"You know I know a lot more about what I can do now," Holly reminded her.


"Don't worry, Jennifer and Ha-neul promised to keep it private, too."


Holly shook her head. "Guess I've got to stay in all of your good graces now."


"I wouldn't worry about that," Nicole said, shrugging. "I'm pretty sure Jennifer and Ha-neul don't have a bad side and I could hardly be the best roomie if I had one for you, now could I?"


Holly smiled, relieved. "So, about the body. Do you want to keep it?"


"No," Nicole said. "But... keep it in mind. I think, the way you are now, we might end up doing a little more than we ever did in college."


"I'm a reporter first," Holly said, a touch sternly.


"Oh, of course!" Nicole agreed. "But I'm sure Bianca will always be willing to step in whenever you need a little break. After all, it's not like she has a show that penetrates everywhere that exists and doesn't."


"She could if she wanted to."


"Well, another thing the best producer is good for is arranging to make sure that her show never faces any real competition," Nicole reminded Holly.


"A few idle words, and I changed the course of both our lives," Holly said, a bit wonderingly.


Nicole led Holly into the back office of the studio and they sat down. "Hey, don't be too hard on yourself. You know how Jennifer said I could handle having powers like yours, if I wanted them?"




"Well, don't you think that maybe, if you couldn't handle having them, you might not have them, either?"


"I don't know, Nicole," Holly said. "Jennifer and Ha-neul... what we did... they couldn't keep secrets from me. Nor I from them. And there are definitely beings out there who have powers like these and can't handle it. Shouldn't have them. But they do anyway."


"And you're not one of them," Nicole Urbina told Holly Winters with absolute confidence. "After all, I'd hardly be the best producer, or the best roommate, or the best scientist, if I couldn't conclude, based on my observations, that you absolutely, positively, can handle having these powers, and are meant to have them."



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