Poison Paradise

By yearends

Set in the "Super Goddess" universe made by Akane

With contributions from delta7447

Ellie Kare is an eponymous original character of Ellie Kare, used with permission.


December 4, 2174


Britney Atwater rode Ellie Kare's objectively perfect dick while her green-haired futa lover mauled her sensitive breasts.


For all that omnipotent beings like her could normally force reality to fit their perspective, there were a few things they couldn't do. For instance, it was simply an inescapable truth that a Super Goddess was necessarily better at anything she did or was than anyone else could be, which meant that no matter what anyone--Enhanced, ultipotent, or even Super Goddess--thought, it simply wasn't possible to make Ellie's cock objectively better than a Super Goddess's.


That didn't stop all of them from perceiving Ellie's as being better, though.


Even as Ellie's shaft hit Britney's pussy in all the right places, at exactly the right moments, however, Britney found herself growing a cock of her own. She was no stranger to having one, of course. Just about every Super Goddess and ultipotent--and even those Enhanced who could shapeshift--enjoyed it. She just wasn't all that used to having the change forced upon her.


Though given that it was swiftly followed by her new appendage being engulfed in a hot, wet cunt, she wasn't about to complain.


"Sorry," a nondescript voice, but clearly that of a Super Goddess considering Britney couldn't tell at all who was producing it, boomed around the room, "but I figured that if I can't enjoy Ellie's dick myself, I can at least do so second-hand."


Judging from how the unseen being's body was pushing up against her own, Britney wrapped her hands around what she estimated was its waist and began to tickle, moving around slowly to search for the belly button.


The booming voice giggled.


Britney smiled and moved her hands upward some more, soon coming across the undersides of a large pair of breasts. That, of course, told her little about who was currently enjoying her shaft, given that every Super Goddess loved having huge boobs.


Moving her hands slowly along them, she made her way blindly to the nipples, while growing a second pair of arms in order to creep those toward her unseen partner's clitoris.


The giggles turned slowly to moans as Britney played with the newcomer's erogenous zones, getting into a rhythm of thrusting into her even as Ellie did.


Getting an idea as the omnipresent moans intensified, she focused and found she was not prevented from giving the invisible lover a dick of her own. Growing a third pair of arms, she began jacking it, stretching her neck out in order to tease the tip with her tongue.


"F-u-u-u-ck," the room said.


Britney took the tip into her mouth entirely.


The Super Goddess lost concentration some more, and latex boots and gloves appeared, hovering in midair, apparently filled with something solid. The gloves reached backward and began to play with Ellie's rack.


Slowly Britney took her unseen partner's long, thick phallus into her mouth, teasing as she went, growing a fourth pair of arms to play with the invisible but inevitable balls. She could feel the invisible ass squirming around on her lap even as hers did on Ellie, all three swiftly approaching climax.


The unseen testes pulsed in Britney's hand and cum shot into her mouth as the Super Goddess reached orgasm, the mental force of her release strong enough to force the others in the room to do the same, Britney and Ellie both firing their cum into the pussies they were fucking. The invisible goddess's growing shaft popped out of Britney's mouth, spraying semen everywhere, and as the Super Goddess finally lost all concentration in the power of her orgasm, she became visible, starting from the tip of her dick and spreading through her body, filling out in Britney's lap until she was finally revealed.


"Mmm, fuck me more, Mommy," Jennifer Martinette said.


"Maybe I should just cum myself right into you so you can be my mommy, too," Britney retorted.


"Would you like that... Mommy?" Jennifer teased.


Britney rolled her eyes and, sensing that Ellie was mostly spent, collapsed her body into her balls, shrinking herself down to her crotch, then firing the whole of her being through the shaft Jennifer had given her, shooting everything that she was into her "daughter's" womb.


Knowing that Britney had no desire to stay there for very long, however, Jennifer simply let her develop fully in minutes before arching her back and firing the ultipotent back out, Britney catching herself in midair and gently flying down to embrace the Super Goddess.


"Thanks... Mommy," Britney said.


Jennifer rolled her eyes as she realized her mistake.


"So what brings you here, Jen?" Ellie asked, cock still dripping cum.


"New project I want to try. Thought I'd get Britney's advice on it."


"Oh?" Britney asked. "What's that, then?"


"I want to try being a video game streamer."


"A what?" Ellie asked, baffled.


Britney too was astonished. "A streamer? Jen, video game streaming died out before you were even born!"


"I know," the Super Goddess said calmly.


"So what are you planning to do? Put some sort of irresistible compulsion on that makes people watch your streams?"


"Course not," Jen scoffed, the notion of considering using mind control in all but the most dire circumstances utterly anathema to a Super Goddess--and even then to be avoided if at all possible.


"So then what? How do you intend to draw people to watch you play video games when everyone's got access to essentially consequence-free copies of any world that's ever been conceived, in which they can take any role they like? They could just take whatever game you're playing and put themselves in it instead of watch you."


"Because if they watch me, they can laugh at how bad I am," Jen said.


"Bad? Jen, you're a Super Goddess, in case you'd forgotten. It's not possible for you to be bad at video games--you're necessarily perfect at them."


"I can be perfect at being bad at them," Jen pointed out.


"And then perfect at being mediocre," Britney said, drawing out the argument. "OK, fine, you can suck if you want, I guess. But still, how are you going to get people to watch?"


"Some things don't change, Britney," Jen reminded her, and with a snap of her fingers her body changed entirely, looking like a pretty peak human with some physical Enhancements, wearing a shirt that showed all of her cleavage and was tight along her toned midriff. Below that she wore shorts that appeared almost painted on, stretched tightly around a huge ass and giving her a prominent cameltoe.


Britney examined Jennifer, poking at the various bits on her shirt: the black plus signs over her breasts with an arrow at each tip, with a red button in the middle, the one on her left breast labeled "A" and the one on her right labeled "B". Over her belly button was a dash marked "Select", and inside her cameltoe was a second, labeled "Start".


"That isn't how that looked," Britney pointed out.


"Artistic licence," Jen reminded her.


Britney took another look at Jen's shirt, and experimentally poked one of the left-pointing arrows. Immediately both of Jen's breasts shot to her left before bouncing back to the centre.


"I wonder..." Britney thought.


She poked an up arrow twice. Jen's breasts bounced upward twice before returning to their naturally perky state. Poking a down arrow twice, the perfect orbs sank for a moment before rebounding. Alternating between the left and right arrows a few times made the boobs dance from side to side.


When she poked Jen's right nipple, the Super Goddess jogged in place. Tapping the left made her jump straight upward.


Slipping her hand through Jen's shorts, Britney fisted her.


Jen froze in place for a bare moment, then collapsed in a screaming orgasm. After a quick examination Britney teleported Ellie out of the room and knelt down next to her old friend.


"Well," she told herself, "it's not like I haven't survived these things before."


Touching her mind to Jen's, Britney too collapsed in pure pleasure.




Being able to withstand substantially higher levels of pleasure, Jen was naturally the first to recover from her climax. Not wishing to wait for Britney to finish on her own, she bent over and shared some of her mental fortitude with the ultipotent, allowing her to fully realize the pleasure induced by the infinitesimal portion of Jen's orgasm that she'd shared.


Britney shook her head and looked up into Jennifer's eyes.


"That was fun," Jen said. "Want to do it again?"


Britney was a bit woozy. "Was that a..."


"Super Orgasm?" Jen finished, knowing what Britney would naturally ask. "No. But it was probably the next best thing to."


Britney narrowed her eyes as she clambered to her feet. "Was that special for the shirt or is that something that works on all of you?"


Jen smirked. "I'm sure any of us would be happy to let you find out."


"Would they have to be wearing the shirt?"




Britney deleted Jen's shirt with a thought and swiftly moved her breasts around in a precise pattern, finishing as before with a fist up her twat.


Jen stood there, looking insufferably smug.


"You made it not work that time just because you could," Britney said, a note of accusation in her voice.


"Maybe," Jen said, recreating the shirt.


Britney reached out to touch Jen's mind and was immediately forced to withdraw to avoid being overcome by another near-Super Orgasm.


"Don't tell me that Super Goddesses come with a built-in cheat code," Britney said, rolling her eyes.


Jen laughed. "Britney, we're two women who can ignore and change anything and everything about reality that we want, as we want, without regard to consequences or contradictions, who are constantly on the edge of an orgasm that would leave any lesser being braindead, who are quite literally above even reason and logic itself, and you're complaining that a two-century-old cheat code that I'd have to let you get close enough to use on me will give me the second-most powerful orgasm I can have?"


"Does it work on us?" Britney asked.


Jen pointed a finger at the other's chest, and Britney swiftly grew a third breast between her usual two, and a second row of three breasts joined them. Jen strode up to her, lifted her boobs upward, then pressed in her lower-left nipple. A quick push of Britney's tits downward was followed by another poke of her lower-left nipple, as was shifting the stupendous rack to the left and then the right. That done, Jen simultaneously poked Britney's lower-right nipple and fisted her twat, and decided to once again share her friend's pleasure as the ultipotent's mind was overwhelmed.




"Did you just put that in?" asked Britney.


"Maybe," Jen said, once again looking incredibly smug.


"I wonder what mine does to you," Britney said.


"We can experiment later. Well," Jen corrected, "you can experiment later. I can just have fun."


"All right, so what sort of harebrained scheme are you planning here, Jen?"


With a snap of her fingers, Jennifer turned the bedroom into a decked-out studio. Cameras were positioned to catch every angle, and she could send her signal into her viewers' minds in perfect definition and infinite frame rate. Behind her ergonomically-perfect gaming chair were shelves of game cases and racks of old video game systems.


Britney scanned the shelves with her mind.


"Jen, some of these games were buried in landfills, as many copies as the developers could find."


"I know."


"And some of them had their code lost and eventually all the physical copies degraded beyond repair."


"I know."


"And some of them never even existed except as trademark applications."


"I know."


"And a good chunk of them are fan games that were only ever released as patches for existing games."


"I know."


"And some of those wouldn't even play on the actual system they were for!"


"Well, not until an omnipotent being decided she'd very much like to do just that."


"So what are you going to play first, then?"


Jen pulled a large, sticker-sealed cartridge off the shelves.


"I'd say don't open that, it's really rare and a valuable collector's item," said Britney, "but you'd just point out that you can make as many copies as you want."


"Well this one is a valuable collector's item. It's the only one left that hasn't been opened or destroyed at this point." Jen pointed at it and a copy appeared. She tore that open. "Your heart can stop palpitating now."


"So what do you plan to do?" Britney asked. "At least half the fun of watching streams was making comments about how terrible the streamer is."


"Yup," said Jen.


"So I take it you've changed how you look so that people won't know you're a Super Goddess," Britney continued.




"Jen, whatever else has happened since you all appeared on the scene, I'm not sure how much people really have changed. If you make someone think they have anonymity and an audience..."


"They become a complete fucktard," Jen said.


"Fuckwad," Britney corrected.


"That's what I'm counting on."


"What?" Britney was baffled.


"I went back in time. People were awful, especially to women who played video games. I want to see if people have changed."


"And if they haven't? What are you going to do, ban them from reality for a while?"


Jen smiled. "Nope. I'm going to indulge them. And you're gonna help me."




Britney had never tried existing purely as part of a video broadcast. She monitored the channel quality (never anything short of perfect) and kept an eye on all the comments. Jen--or, as she was going by now, Control--hadn't even started so there wasn't much yet, but Britney figured that would probably pick up soon.


Jen hadn't put any sort of compulsion on her advertisements for her stream, but she had imbued in them a sense of curiosity, so that people would at least be predisposed to take a peek.


She'd also put out a blanket command to make sure that nobody would notice any supernatural goings-on while the stream was taking place. If people figured out that there was a Super Goddess involved, she was afraid that would bias things as nobody would assume they were anonymous.


In addition to the full 3D capture, Jen was also broadcasting two normal images, one of her face and upper chest, capturing most of her cleavage, and a second of her crotch to show her controller, which she carefully positioned also to show how tight her shorts were.


"Hi!" she said as she started the stream. "How are you all doing today? Anyway, this is my first stream, so please be gentle. I thought for today I'd start by playing some really old classics." She bent over, camera moving to look straight down her cavernous cleavage, and put in her first cartridge. Firing it up, she was immediately greeted by howls of complaint about how terrible the graphics were.


Glancing over the text feed, Jen said, "Hey, if you sacrifice gameplay for graphics, you end up with a bad game."


Naturally, Britney thought, that sparked a flame war.


Starting the game, Jen immediately died on the very first jump, running into an enemy.




"u suk"


"each death show tits"


"Sure!" said Jen, pausing the game and peeling up her shirt. The camera adjusted to take in their full expanse.


Monitoring every viewer, Britney could tell that a substantial percentage had taken a clip of that. Some had even logged out entirely and were simply replaying it over and over in their heads.


"Make sure to disseminate that one far and wide, Britney," Jen asked.


Continuing with her deliberate poor play, Jen cleared the level about ten minutes later.


Dancing in her chair at her success, her breasts jiggled and bounced, even flying up to hide her face.


"i wish i could motorboat those boobs"


Britney flitted across the broadcast and sent a blast of reality alteration toward the commenter, who found himself growing breasts equally as large as those Jen had adopted for her incognito persona.


When she deliberately missed the jump to take her to the part of the next level that would allow her to skip more than a quarter of the game, more criticism rolled in.


"leave the gaming to the gamers and put those hands on my dick"


That commenter's hands grew slimmer and softer, and gained something of a mind of their own, so that their possessor had regularly to force them away from his crotch.


A few levels later, Jen was facing a boss and biting her lip, looking for an opening to sneak past.


"those dsl would look better wrapped around my cock"


Britney sighed to herself and created a sensation on the person's cock of being given expert head.


The torrent of comments continued, Jen's command making sure nobody would catch on that the strange events many were experiencing might be linked to the comments they were posting.


When she beat the game, Jen stood up and did a small dance that made all her assets bounce and jiggle, before changing out her console.


"god i wish i was banging that last night"


Some percentage of the people who said that found their histories changing, Jen allowing Britney to make small alterations to the past so that their significant others did in fact look like Jen the previous night. Others, who were single, themselves changed for the night. A few even retained their changes, those whom Jen and Britney knew would welcome such.


Starting up the system, Jen said, "This isn't going to be quite an authentic experience, sorry. I just can't stand switching discs and dealing with load times. Also it's going to take a while. I won't be offended if you don't stick around."


When the main female protagonist showed up, instantly there were comments.


">when the streamer has bigger tits than the character"


Seeing that, Jen injected custom code into the game, causing all the female characters' breasts to grow substantially, while making her own grow to match those of the largest character.


As the game dragged on, new people entered the chat.


"dude i wish i was banging that last night"

"dude i banged ur mom last night roflmao gottem"


Jen's eye twitched. "Britney," she said, her mental voice overly calm and controlled.


The downside, Britney reflected, of excising someone from reality for a time was that from their perspective time simply jumped forward. On the other hand, it imparted a nice sense of visceral satisfaction.


During a particularly long cutscene, Jen took a moment to stretch, her massive breasts very nearly popping out of her shirt.


"god i wish that was me"


Jennifer had to hold herself back from saying, "Aw, thanks!" Instead Britney just changed the various commenters who actually meant it into body doubles of her friend.


"You sure it won't cause problems to have a bunch of people all looking pretty much identical going about?"


"Nah," Jen replied, "I just added a new product line of pre-built bodies to the Boutique. No need to tinker with getting it just right, just trust the infinite wisdom of a Super Goddess to know what's best for you."


After losing a boss battle, the torrent of abuse resumed in full force.


"u suk get into the kitchen and make me a sandwich"


Britney, giving herself a body that was a duplicate of Jen's, appeared in the commenter's kitchen, carefully prepared a sandwich that was exactly what he dreamed of having, and delivered it on a plate to him, making sure he got a very close-up eyeful of cleavage.


"Enjoy," she said before walking away and vanishing once out of sight, knowing that he'd enjoy it so much that he'd become frustrated with how every other one he had going forward simply could not compare.


"That was mean," Jennifer said.


"Look, you weren't around when this sort of thing was running rampant. If you wanted someone to be Miss Nice Ultipotent you should've asked Carol."


"I knew what I was in for," Jennifer agreed.


Jen and Britney had been careful to leak a few old memes and when she beat the final boss, the chat was filled with congratulatory spam.


































Each and every such commenter suddenly found themselves surrounded by buckets of a fad toy dating from around the same time as the game Jen had just beaten.


The stream continued. At one point someone said they'd donate $1,000 if "Control" would play naked for a time. She didn't need the money, of course, but Jen was never someone to turn down a little exhibitionism.


To try to lighten the general tone of the comments, Jen decided to put in a multiplayer racing game next, and told anyone who wanted to play with her to post to that effect.


Every single commenter posted.


Britney made copies of Jen's system and game appear next to each person watching the stream so that they could all join in. Jen decided not to override the normal limit the game put on the number of players, though, and since she'd promised to play with everyone who wanted to, she just made sure nobody noticed or realized that she was in millions of different games at once.


Britney had anticipated an increase in negative comments, given how much the game Jen had chosen was prone to random reversals of fortune and last-second wins and losses, but quite against her expectations the social nature of it led to more camaraderie in the chat, with most of the comments being good-natured jibes and promises to target someone next time--though certainly peppered with exceedingly vulgar language.


Jen had made sure that nobody wondered why she was able to give out her promised prize, a free full-body makeover at her Boutique, to anyone who placed ahead of her. Given that she was still deliberately playing far below the abilities even of the peak human she appeared to be, Britney pointed out, "I'll let Carol and Brigitte know we're about to get slammed."


"Nah," said Jen, "they won't all remember what they were promised. I'll space it all out so that we don't get a crush of customers. I know you start to lose focus after the first million bodies or so."


She next put in an older fighting game, and changed her clothing to match that of its sole female character, a green sports bra and leggings with a black headband, studded bracers, and martial arts black belt.


"Anyone who can beat me," she said, after beating the game without too much difficulty on its hardest mode, "gets a night with me."


Naturally this too had many takers. Jennifer carefully chose who got to beat her, with those she decided to reward (and therefore bring into her harem) receiving a mixture of congratulations and jealous shitposting from the chat. Once again, Britney found herself with little to do, owing this time to nobody wanting to get kicked out and thus not get to play against the streamer.


For her last game she took out a system that was a little more modern than the ones she had been playing on. "This game's going to look quaint given the world we now live in, but I think it's pretty fun." She fired it up and the title matched her screen name.


After beating that game twice--once legitimately, and once using numerous glitches to do so quite quickly, despite screwing them up repeatedly--she decided to end the stream.


Naked again after another large and unnecessary donation, Jen turned her back to the camera so that everyone could watch her pristine ass as she put away her equipment.


Another old meme resurfaced.




















With each such post, Jen's butt and thighs grew slightly larger, until nobody could see what she was actually doing. Not that anyone was complaining about it.


Turning back to the camera, titanic rear jiggling and bouncing, massive tits (she'd opened up a five-minute donation incentive for giving herself larger breasts--making sure nobody would question just how she intended to accomplish the feat--and got enough money for thirty cup sizes) standing proudly on her chest, she said, "See you next time!" Blowing a kiss that caused all her viewers--even those who had signed off--to have an instant orgasm, she ended the stream.


Britney appeared back in the room.


"You could've given me a little warning. You know how much I hate nonexistence."


"You worry too much, do you really think I'd have let you stay there?"


Britney sighed. "I know. But I still hate it." She shook her head. "And I really should practice bringing myself back."


Jen smiled and put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Hey. You did good. We did good. Yeah?"


Britney returned the smile and pulled Jen in for a hug. "Yeah. And, at least, you don't mind the abuse."


"Oh, don't worry about that," Jen said. "If I can get streaming to catch on again, I'll be modding every other chat... and I'm not going to be Little Miss Nice Super Goddess there."


"You? Not nice?"


"Well of course not. I'd have given a 'ur mom' crack twenty minutes."


Britney laughed. "Well, while you're taking a break from the stream, how about we try out a few more cheat codes."


Jen spread her arms wide. "Go nuts."


Creating a keyboard from thin air, Britney opened Jen's body up like a skinsuit and implanted it where her abs should have been. She struck A, 2, and Enter simultaneously--”gotta enable cheats in this game,” she muttered--then held F10 and pressed G.


"I'm already that, Britney," Jen pointed out.


"So it shouldn't do anything to you," Britney said.


"I'm not so sure..." Jen said, before collapsing to the floor. Britney could feel power spasming through her, and Jen moaned in clear discomfort. "Lab!" she managed.


Britney swept the Super Goddess up in her arms and teleported away.



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