Zayn's Perfectly Ordinary Day part 2 (Eelskin & Dissonant)

Zayn’s Perfectly Ordinary Day (part 2)

(22,998 words)

The following is an RP log in which Eelskin played a submissive male genie and Dissonant played his dominant mistress. It contains: beauty augmentation (both male & female), mind control, hair transformation, breast expansion, beautification, women with dicks, extra arms, voice manipulation, tail growth, alcohol & weed, vore, piss, shrinking, human dildo, partial gender bending, femdom, and cruelty & sadism.


It's a short walk to the public park, but when they arrive, there are two young women waiting for them already. 

"The usual spot" is a large tree stump, four feet in diameter, with several new trunks growing out of it in every direction, in a small clearing surrounded by trees. 

Yasmine interrupts what she was saying to Sara as Zayn approaches. She's Chinese, stocky, of average height, with short-cropped hair dyed in patches of green and purple. She's got about a dozen piercings distributed between her lip, nose and ears. She draws from her joint, making the tip glow brightly. "Well. Maybe we'll get some answers. Hey Zayn."

Sara hugs herself uncomfortably. She's a white woman with shoulder-length black hair, dyed from brown, and is tall, slender, and very beautiful, with small breasts. She's got a few piercings in her upper ear. "What are we doing here? It's cold."

Yasmine rolls her eyes. "It's not that cold."

Sara glances over to see another figure approach. "Oh good, Mel's here. Ok Zayn, what's this fucking amazing thing?"

Melody gets close enough to speak. She's a heavy set girl, white, and she's wearing her favourite coat, which hides her body completely. She's got long straight blonde hair and one modest earring in the lobe of each ear. "Sorry guys, my mom and dad were giving me a hard time. They're gonna quiz me after I finish studying and I had to tell them it was an emergency." She looks at Zayn. "So. What's up?"

"First," says Yasmine, holding up her cell phone, "what the fuck is up with this picture? Did you pay a sex worker to lick your boots? Because that's what it looks like you did."

Shrugging, Zayn goes over and sits on the stump, crossing her legs. "I was on my way here when two pigs pulled me over. One of them comes out looking like a stripper, tries to arrest me," Zayn recounts, using finger quotes. "Then she starts acting all slutty and shit while her partner jacks himself off in the car. It was kinda fuckin' hot. Anyways, I got something way more interesting to show you girls."

Melody stares at her. ”More interesting than the cop dressed like a sex worker that stopped you, and then started licking your boots… and let you take a picture of her? More interesting than that?”

Sara snorts. “As if,” she mutters.

Yasmine folds her arms across her chest. “Alright. Shoot.”

Zayn glazes over the whole scene, trying to move past what happened. She enjoys the feeling of superiority among her friends,  as she towers over them with her new body. Sara used to be the 'hot' person from their group, but it felt so good to be the one that everyone focuses on for once.

Asmodeus remains silent, hovering behind Zayn, examining the three young women. Zayn considers that she can now look down at the tops of her friends' heads, something she's never done before. Meeting them like this is oddly familiar after the utterly strange day she's had, yet... unfamiliar at the same time.

She giggles. "Yeah, my day's been fuckin' wild, trust me. I found this ring on the way home and it had a genie in it."

Zayn pauses for a second to show the antique emerald ring but doesn't give anyone enough time to interject. "And before you all act like I'm crazy, here. Asmodeus, allow these three to notice you." The seven-foot teenager folds her arms under her breasts and waits for their reaction.

Sara rolls her eyes. "Zayn, what are you..."

Her question is cut off by Melody, who begins screaming a high, shrill, piercing scream that echoes throughout the empty park. Sara looks at her, then looks where she's looking and begins screaming as well. Yasmine drops her joint and stares, mouth hanging open, and unthinkingly starts to walk backwards. 

Admodeus, standing with his arms folded across his chest, his ten-inch cock hanging flaccid and exposed, and his horns and wings on display, looks very much like their idea of a demon.

After a few moments, Sara composes herself, and glances at Zayn, trying to make sense of her nonchalance. Yasmine stops walking backwards, but remains several steps behind everyone else; she gazes up at Asmodeus' body, whispering to herself, "No... fucking... way."

Melody continues to scream.

"Fuckin'..." Zayn trails off, rubbing her forehead. "Guys, chill, he's totally harmless. Mel, can you shut the fuck up before people come over and wonder what's happening?" She gets up and walks in front of Asmodeus so that her friends can focus on what she's saying. In her boots, she towers even above the massive djinn.

Melody does in fact stop screaming, but is breathing very shallowly and quickly. All three of them are speechless for a long moment. 

It’s Sara who finally breaks the silence. “Zayn, what the fuck is that?” she shouts, just barely keeping a lid on her panic.

“It’s a genie, Sara,” responds Yasmine, also in shock, unable to look away, but in just enough control to manage a dismissive answer. “You weren’t listening?”

“No, no, it…” Sara begins, then pauses. “That was a joke. That was a joke you made, right Zayn?”

Melody stares silently, as if in a trance.

She blinks. "It's a fuckin' genie, dude. I don't know how else you want me to explain this. He's my servant, and I wanted to show him off to you guys. Because you three are like the least shitty people I know."

Walking around to his side, she grabs a handful of her genie's muscular ass, groping it for a moment before giving it a swat. "Here, Asmodeus, go ahead and introduce yourself. And make sure you treat my friends with respect," Zayn commands.

Asmodeus’s skin fluctuates, shimmering turquoise and blue, and he inhales sharply at Zayn’s touch. He bows his head. “It is an honour to meet the friends of my Mistress,” he begins, his rich baritone voice sounding very alien. “She has bestowed upon me the name Asmodeus, and I serve her at her pleasure.”

Melody finally recovers. “Why is he naked?”

Sara turns and stares at her. ”That’s your first question? Why is he naked? How about, uh, where did he come from? And, uh…”

“What are you going to do with him?” interrupts Yasmine, quietly.

The goth amazon looks shocked. "Come on, can you all lighten the fuck up? The whole reason why I'm showing you three is so that we can all have fun with his power and fuck with people! He can do anything. Who cares where he came from, and he's naked because I think it's hot. Any other questions?" She clearly intends this last part as a rhetorical, evident by the dryness in her voice.

Zayn taps her foot impatiently. "Okay, look, here. Mel, you're worried about that dumb exam tomorrow, right?"

"It's a really important exam, it's worth like 40% of the term!" She confirms.

The importance of the exam is completely lost on Zayn, who wouldn't have known about it if she didn't talk to Melody every day. "Cool. Genie, give Melody perfect knowledge of all of the topics that are being covered by her exam tomorrow."

"As you command, Mistress."

Melody gasps and her eyes open wide. "Oh!" she cries, and then says nothing, just stands there staring off into space.

"Well?" Insists Yasmine. "Did it work?"

Melody laughs. "Yeah! Yeah, I think so. I... yeah, I'm pretty sure I know the whole textbook by heart now. Oh my God, Zayn, that's amazing  thank you! Um. Asmodeus, you're amazing!"

Asmodeus bows his head. "I am but what I am."

Yasmine and Sara both look up at Zayn. Sara speaks up. "...Can I get something too?"

Zayn shrugs. "Probably. What do you want?"

Sara starts to get excited.

"Could I be like... Could you make it so that I could make someone really attracted to me? I could just, I dunno, say a word to someone, or something, and then that person would be really into me?"

This causes Zayn to smirk. "Oh yeah? Y'know what, fuck it. Asmodeus, make it so that Sara can make people extremely sexually attracted to her if she says their name three times in a row." She waves her hand at Asmodeus, waiting for him to grant Sara's wish.

Asmodeus nods. "It is done, Mistress."

Sara's eyes get very wide. "Really? Really? Oh my god, I... I don't feel anything, am I supposed to feel something?"

Melody asks, "So... who are you going to do it on?"

Sara looks up. "I dunno, I guess I'll think about it for a while and decide later... but, I dunno, I should probably test it. See how it works. I want to make sure I do it right." She pauses and gets a glint in her eye. "Hey, Melody."



Melody's eyes get as round as saucers. "Don't! Don't say it!"

Sara laughs. "I'm just kidding! I'm not gonna do it."

Melody lets out an angry huff.

Sara continues laughing. "Oh god you shoulda seen your face!"

Yasmine watches, but doesn't say anything.

Zayn laughs along with Sara. "Okay, Yas, what do you want?" she probes, shifting her attention to the last member of the group. "You want to ask for something that's actually interesting this time?" she teases, giving a cheeky smirk to Sara and Melody.

Yasmine is silent for a moment. "I want to think about it for a while. I want to make it good. Can I tell you tomorrow?"

She looks confused. "I mean, I wasn't going to limit you idiots to one. I'd be kinda bummed if you girls didn't want more shit. C'mon, what's the first thing you thought of?" Zayn moves closer to Yasmine, putting a hand on her shoulder. Her breasts are inches from Yasmine's face as she does.

"Well, if we can say more stuff later? Fuck, I don't..." she smiles. "Alright. I want to be able to change my hair however I want whenever I want."

Zayn's face lights up. "Oh, that's a fun one. Yeah, genie, make it so that Yasmine can change her hair however she wants at will."

"As you command, Mistress."

Yasmine grins. Her hair turns black all over, then lightens to blonde, almost white. It grows, sprouting out from her head, growing at a rate of several inches per second until it reaches down to the small of her back, and then it suddenly all falls out, tumbling to the ground, leaving her bald. She rubs her bald head, laughing, and a bright blue mohawk pushes out from her skin, standing rigid, three inches tall.

"This is fucking awesome."

Watching her friend experiment with her hair is a fascinating experience for Zayn. She picks up some of the near-white hair that fell onto the ground, holding it between both hands. "That's cool. But, you can change your hair however you want. This," Zayn says, running her hand through the blue mohawk. "is like novice shit. C'mon, Yas," she teases, clicking her tongue. She walks back over to the stump and sits down.

"Oh, no, am I acting too much like a novice on my first time ever using magic? Cut me some slack," Yasmine laughs. "Just because you're apparently fucking old hand..." she looks at you suspiciously and pauses for a moment. "Alright. Let's try this."

She closes her eyes and her mohawk turns dark green, and becomes a well-manicured miniature hedge, with leaves and roots digging into her scalp. "Aaahhh, oh my god that feels weeeiiird." 

Zayn gets back up, going over to Yasmine's hair to get a closer look. "That's way better, fuck yeah, Yas! And yeah, I've been practicing magic since the last fuckin' decade, of course I'm better at it than you," she brags. Experimentally, she plucks a leaf from the hedge, seeing what would happen. It comes off, like it would from a normal plant. "Huh." She backs up, letting the leaf fall to the ground. "Couldn't resist.”

"Oh yeah, Mel, you can have another one now too. Since I picked your first one and shit. I'm feeling generous today," Zayn says with zero modesty.

Melody barely needs to think about it. She stares off into space for a moment and says, "I want my parents to just get off my back. Just a little! I want that if they're on about something, I could just say 'Mom, Dad, back off!' And they just would!"

“Yeah Melody that's fucking easy. Watch." Turning back around, the goth mistress finds her genie. "My pet, make Melody's parents do whatever she tells them to do without question."

"Wha-" Melody begins. "No, no, that's not what I-"

“As pleases you, Mistress." Asmodeus interrupts her.

Melody blinks a few times. "Oh. Okay." Dazed, she too begins to imagine what she might do after she gets home. A smile flickers across her lips.

Yasmine's leaves start to fade slowly to red, orange and brown and fall out, leaving her with a bare collection of sticks and twigs on her head. Her mouth falls open as a realization comes to her and she unlocks her phone; she opens up the picture of the cop and shows it to her. "Zayn, is this an actual cop?"

Zayn giggles, and she gives Yasmine a devious look. "What do you think?" she answers cryptically. She pokes one of the twigs with a gentle finger.

Yasmine stares for a moment and then grins; Sara starts laughing uproariously. Melody, who had arrived late, looks over with curiosity. "What? Let me see."

Yasmine shows her the photo, and Melody goes a little pale. "What!" she shouts, more than a little horrified. "You can't do that, Zayn! To a police officer! That's... you could... what if she..." she begins to protest, but realizes halfway through each objection that it won't hold water. Self-defeated, she stares at the picture with wide eyes. "Did you change her back after?" she asks, not entirely sure she wants to know the answer.

Laughing along with Sara, she then watches Melody's reaction with annoyance. "Oh my god, Mel, you're overreacting so hard right now. They're cops. They fucking deserve way worse than that. Besides, I made sure that she enjoyed it more than I did! So no, I didn't change her back."

She walks back in front of the group, one hand on her hip and the other held up in front of her, showing the ring. A self-important look stretches across her face. "Let's get one thing straight. I can do whatever the fuck I want. I happen to like you three enough that I'm willing to share some of the wealth, but everyone else can get fucked for all I care."

Her head snaps over to Asmodeus. "And just to prove it... Genie, make it so that grass has always been purple instead of green. And make it so that the only people that remember otherwise are the five of us." She snaps her fingers, waiting for him to work his magic.

"As you desire, Mistress."

The grass shifts colour, much the same way Asmodeus' skin does; it only takes about a second, but it happens simultaneously to all of the grass. The park is suddenly a weird, unfamiliar place; everywhere the girls look the grass is wrong. It creates a bizarre illusion that is intensely distracting and disorienting. 

Yasmine laughs and holds up her hand in a metal sign. "Fuck yeah!" She shouts. 

Melody reaches down and picks up a blade, examining it. "Woah..."

Sara turns in a slow circle, silently looking at the landscape around them.

Zayn examines her work, mildly impressed yet completely unfazed. She crosses her arms under her breasts, not waiting for the three of them to finish taking in the scenery. "Just to make sure everyone's on the same page, can one of you three tell me why I turned that cop into my slutty police-bitch? Or why I decided that grass should be purple now?"

There's a pause while the three girls look up at Zayn. 

Sara and Melody look at each other. Yasmine answers. "'Cause you can."

Zayn grins. "Yeah, that's correct. You win another wish, what do you want Yas?"

Yasmine smiles widely. The branches in her head start to grow small pink flowers. "Fuck, this is... gimme a sec." Having had a taste, she's now much more enthusiastic and excited. "Fuck, I want to live without having to correct everything. I don't want to need to wear contacts, or take antidepressants, or iron supplements,  or..." she catches herself. "Shit, that's more than one, isn’t it?"

She raises an eyebrow. "Oh, shit, that's a good point. Genie, make the four of us all perfectly healthy. Perfect vision, not depressed, all that shit. Yas, you still get one, that one doesn't count because I should have thought of that myself." As she waits, the busty goth grabs the cigarettes from between her pale teardrops and takes out a cigarette, waiting for it to be lit. She holds the box out for anyone else to partake.

"Immediately, Mistress." The girls have almost gotten used to hearing that.

Immediately, Yasmine and Sara cry out in surprise and scramble to remove the contact lenses from their eyes. They drop them on the ground and look around, gaping at what they see with their new 20/15 vision.

Yasmine and Melody shake their heads; Sara accepts the cigarette. Asmodeus creates a fire in his palm for a light; once Zayn has lit hers, he extends his arm toward Sara so she can do the same. Sara, eyes wide, slowly and cautiously lights her cigarette by his flame, and he withdraws his hand and extinguishes the fire.

Yasmine watches with rapt attention. "Okay then, in that case..." she looks down at the half-smoked joint she dropped when Asmodeus first revealed himself, now lying soggy in the purple grass. "I want to never run out of weed. I want an infinite supply."

She shrugs again. "Sure, whatever. Asmodeus, make it so that Yasmine can conjure weed in her hands at will. And it can be rolled into a joint already if she wants it to be. And make sure it's top quality shit. Oh, and let her control how strong it is when she makes it, too. Got all that?"

"Of course, Mistress. It is done."

Yasmine closes her hand and opens it again, and in it is lying a perfectly rolled joint. She smells it and gives an appreciative grunt. "That is so fucking cool," she muses. She reaches in her pocket for a lighter, but Asmodeus extends his hand with a flame. Yasmine smiles. "Well, thank you, Asmodeus." Her hair morphs slowly into a hundred tiny black and purple squid tentacles that writhe and sway.

Taking a drag from her cigarette, she watches to make sure Sara is enjoying hers too. "So fucking good, right?" she verifies, grinning. "Mel, you should totally try it. It's not like you're gonna get cancer or something anymore."

Sara puffs on her cigarette and savors the taste. "That's really good. What kind are they? ...Nevermind, lemme guess, these are the only ones in existence, aren't they?"

Hesitantly, Melody reaches out and takes one, and allows Asmodeus to light it for her. She takes a drag and starts coughing. Sara smirks at her. "Th-thanks," Melody says unconvincingly as she catches her breath. "That's really good."

Zayn nods in agreement. "Yeah, I made sure that these are the best ones in existence. Why settle for anything less? And it's about fucking time you tried one, Mel! See what you were missing?" Seeing her friends enjoying the gifts that she gave them so effortlessly filled Zayn with a new type of satisfaction. It made her feel powerful, important.

Casually, Zayn reaches over and touches Yasmine's hair, watching with interest as some of the tentacles wrap around her finger. "Damn, Yas, that's cool. I think they kinda suit you." She continues to smoke her cigarette, putting the rest away for now.

She walks back in front of the group, addressing them once again as their de facto leader. "So, now that everyone's had a taste, what do you think? Anyone have anything fun they want to wish for? I'm open to more suggestions."

Sara speaks up. "I could use some bigger boobs. I was thinking of getting implants, but... this would be way better!"

Melody chimes in. "Can I be thinner? Please? Not super thin, but like... thinner than this."

Yasmine takes a long toke and says, deadpan, "I want a dick."

The other two girls stop and stare at her for a long moment. Sara eventually breaks the silence: "What!"

Yasmine looks back at her coolly. "I want a dick. I want to see what it's like. And I think it would be hot."

Melody interjects, "What about Jason? How's he going to like that?"

Yasmine looks back at Zayn. "I'd like Jason to be cool with it too."

Zayn giggles, relishing her friends opening up to her about their hidden, innermost desires. She gives Yasmine a look of approval. "I think that's hot too. I might give myself one still. Anyways, yeah, I got all of you."

Raising a hand theatrically, she gestures to Asmodeus. She starts by holding it out to Sara. "Alright, genie, give Sara a huge pair of tits, and make sure they're sensitive and don't cause her any back problems."

She then points towards Melody. "Transfer all of the excess fat from Melody's body into her boobs, hips, and butt. But make sure she's not too skinny like she said."

Finally, she settles on Yasmine, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "And genie, give Yasmine a dick the size of your own. Make sure her body can handle having a dick that size, and make it so that anyone she tries to fuck with it can stretch to take her full length. Oh, and make sure that her boyfriend Jason is now submissive and is super aroused and excited for his girlfriend to have a huge cock."

The goth mistress claps her hands together. "Hope you three don't mind if I made some other improvements, right?" she asks, innocently.

The girls all exchange uneasy glances. Sara and Yasmine look over at Asmodeus, as though an appeal to him would have any effect at all.


"That's not-"


"As you wish, Mistress." He says, smirking at the girls' reactions. 

Immediately upon his speaking the words, Sara's breasts begin to swell up, prompting a cry of surprise. She holds them in her hands, feeling them get larger and more defined as she watches.

Melody stumbles as her center of gravity changes drastically; she removes her coat and watches as her belly shrinks, but the mass simply shifts, most of it moving down to her hips, ass and thighs - all of which were already sizable - and the rest moving up, causing her breasts to grow larger and heavier.

Yasmine's eyes grow wide as she feels a highly unfamiliar pressure in her crotch, and she quickly pulls open the waistband of her pants to look into them. Her clitoris is extending and lengthening, so that it's the size of her pinky finger and growing rapidly.

Sara, trying to cup her breasts in her hands, starts to have trouble as they grow too large to hold them well, and they start to overflow her fingers. They grow until they're hanging down almost to her belly, her areola as wide as saucers and her nipples over an inch long.

Melody now has an exaggerated hourglass figure; her breasts are huge, not quite as big as Sara's, but almost; her waist has shrunk to a size that would be perfectly unremarkable on almost anyone else, but then her hips flare out dramatically, almost three feet wide, and her ass has grown to match it, creating a body that oozes an almost cartoonish sexuality.

Yasmine's dick extends further, faster, and longer, passing six, seven eight inches, and growing a pair of testicles immediately underneath, which swell and grow until they're the size of mandarin oranges; she has to pull down her pants to make room for all of her new body parts, leaving them open and exposed to the cool evening air. Her cock finally stops growing at a flaccid ten inches, the same size as Asmodeus'.

There's a long moment when no one speaks to each other, though there's a fair amount of shouting, moaning and admiring from everyone. Melody and Sara can't help but touch and grope themselves, feeling their new bodies and all of the sensations that come with them. Yasmine just stares. 

Then Melody turns and sees Yasmine's new package. She shrieks and turns away, but, unaccustomed to her new body, she falls over and lands on the purple grass.

Sara turns and looks and gives a gasp, then a grunt of disgust. "Yas, why did you ask for that? It looks so fucking weird on you!"

Yasmine doesn't look up. She pokes her giant dick gingerly with one finger, then traces her hand along its length. "Weirder than tentacles instead of hair?"


Yasmine shrugs, her eyes still glued to it. It starts to twitch. "I like it."

Melody stands up, using her hand to block the side of her vision so she can't see Yasmine. "Yas, can you... uh... put it away, please?"

Yasmine looks at her giant cock, and down at her pants around her ankles. "Uh... no, I don't think so. I don't think it'll fit in my pants."

Finally, she manages to look away from it and looks up at Zayn, her benefactor, standing over her and watching with pleasure.

Without asking, Zayn bends down and hefts the cock in one hand. feeling its weight. "Hope you don't mind me taking a look, Yas. It was my gift after all," she says as she does, tracing a vein back to the base. She grabs and hefts the balls in one hand, biting her lower lip. The sight of her friend with a cock was so uniquely strange. The way it contrasted the rest of her body was much hotter than she expected.

When Zayn grabs and strokes Yasmine’s new cock, even though it’s only for a few seconds, it has a predictable effect. The contact causes her blood to start pumping into her dick, making it stiffen and grow. Ten inches becomes twelve, becomes fourteen.

Giving Yasmine's sizable testicles a firm squeeze, she lets them fall and stands back up. "All three of you look fucking hot now." She appraises, taking a drag from her cigarette.

Examining her previously skinny friend, she examines the massive pair of tits that she now owns. "Sara, with a rack like that, you probably don't even need that first thing I gave you."

She then turns to her embarrassed, hyper-voluptuous blonde friend. Her eyes trace over the impossible proportions that she now has. "Mel, you look so fucking gorgeous now! You should see the way your face looks after slimming it down."

Finally, she looks back down at Yasmine, grinning with excitement. "And Yas, that cock looks so fitting hanging between your legs. Like you're supposed to have one."

Even once Zayn lets go of her balls and begins to focus on Melody and Sara, Yasmine doesn’t hear a word she says. She’s getting a boner. Her first boner, and it’s monstrous. The feeling of pressure and sensitivity, and the sight of a piece of her body expanding, growing, thickening, is hypnotic. She doesn’t need any more stimulation; the sight of her dick starting to become erect is so hot that her dick continues to harden without any more help. Fourteen inches becomes sixteen, becomes eighteen.

Placing her hands on her hips, Zayn looks overly proud of her boons. "So yeah, I guess you can all thank me or something," the towering goth comments.

Yasmine hears Melody and Sara speaking, but barely registers what they’re saying. “Thank you,” they’re saying.

Yasmine snaps back to the present moment and looks up at Zayn, this towering sexual being who has the ability to make all of their wildest fantasies come true. “Thank you, Zayn,” she breathes as her dick slows its growth, coming to its maximum size; at twenty-one inches long, it sticks out from her body awkwardly, trembling in the open air. She puts her hand on it gently to feel it and gasps sharply at the sensation it produces. She withdraws her hand quickly, breathing deeply.

Melody and Sara are tittering to each other about what they're going to do, who they're going to fuck, and thanking Zayn profusely and repeatedly. Yasmine's attention is fully occupied by her dick.

Beaming at all the praise, Zayn makes some conversation with Sara and Mel. "Yeah, Sara, we should go test your power out on people. And Mel, we can finally get you laid! To be honest, I don't really give a fuck what we do. And your suggestions are pretty entertaining. And hot." Zayn licks her dark lips. "Right Yas-"

She stops short, noticing the massive erection she's now sporting. "Pfft," she snorts. "Girls, I guess I should have been more careful. How do you like my gift, Yas? Need some help?" Zayn watches Yasmine trying to acclimate herself to the immense thing. "Gods, you can probably suck yourself off!"

"Suck myself off...?" Yasmine ponders. She adjusts her massive rod, angling it up toward her face, and is confronted by a glans the size of a grapefruit. She shakes her head, in awe. “No, no… I don’t think that’s going to work.”

Melody turns to Zayn. “What about you, Zayn? You’re doing all this awesome stuff for us, but you haven’t…” she stops mid-sentence and regards Zayn, thinking. “No, you definitely have. You must have. You didn’t look like that before… did you?”

Zayn gives Melody an impish smirk. "What, you really think that this body," she motions down from her chest to her hips, "isn't natural? What gave it away? Was it the fact that my tits have fuckin' hammerspace?" She fishes her phone out before dropping it back in.

Melody gasps at the acknowledgement of Zayn's magical tits. Of course they didn't do that before, she just... hadn't noticed.

Laughing now, Zayn shrugs. "I've already had a taste for myself. Made myself a little taller, did a few extra improvements here and there. I didn't really have to change all that much about my appearance," Zayn lies, lazily gesturing her hand with the ring on it. "Oh, and I made a bunch of people want to worship me and removed my bastard stepdad from existence. But yeah, I'm trying to savor the experience, y'know? It's no fun if I just skip all the way to becoming a fucking goddess, right?"

Melody thinks for a moment. "Wait a minute. You don't have a stepdad..."

"Oh, and Yas, you can totally fit that monster in your mouth. Anyone you try to fuck will stretch to accommodate, right? If it doesn't work like that, I'll just have to punish my genie for his foolishness," she comments offhandedly, extremely candid and casual with her musings.

Asmodeus has been mostly silent and still, and it's been almost - almost - possible to forget that he was there. But he says, "That effect does indeed apply to Yasmine herself."

Her eyes travel back over to Sara, who hadn't said anything. "Hey, Sara's tits could probably give you a fuckin' amazing titjob!" she suggests. "Maybe if you ask her nicely..."

Sara makes a face. "Ugh. As if. There is no way I'm letting that thing near me. Yas can figure that out with someone else."

Yasmine considers her giant dick, and experimentally tries to place her mouth around it. Sure enough, her jaw and lips stretch until they're wide enough to take the entire head into her mouth. She moans from the feeling, and withdraws; her mouth comes off with a soft, wet pop and her jaw reforms to its natural shape. She stares with wide eyes. "Everything is weirder than the last thing..." She pauses for a moment, then looks back up at her seven-foot-tall friend, smiling nervously, her hair-tentacles writhing.

"Actually, Zayn, what I'd really like to do with this thing right now... is stretch you out."

Raising an eyebrow, Zayn gives Yasmine a look of appraisal. "Oh, is that so? I mean I don't blame you, most people want a piece of this," she teases, giving her ass a playful swat. "Well, you can at least buy me dinner first, you fuckin' slut. Maybe if you're good, I might let you fuck me later. And maybe Jason can watch..." she trails off, leaving the rest to Yasmine's imagination.

She turns back to the rest of the group. "Actually, speaking of dinner, I'm fucking starving right now. You three want to go get some food?

"Uh... I've got an almost-two-foot-long boner over here," objected Yasmine.

"Oh, now you think it was a bad idea to ask for a dick," sneers Sara. "What's the problem?"

"What do you mean, what's the problem? Where am I supposed to put this thing?"

Sara waves her hand dismissively. "Who cares? Zayn can just like, I dunno, make it invisible or something. Right?"

"Yeah, but... I can barely walk over here. It's huge, like, if you think it's big to look at you should try having it attached."

Sara laughs. "Well, your problem now. Hey Zayn, this is cause to celebrate. We should totally go to Le Jardin Achard." Yasmine's and Melody's ears pick up at the mention of the fanciest, most exclusive, most expensive restaurant in town. "I'm pretty sure we won't need reservations."

Tracing her eyes from the turgid growth sprouting from between her friend's legs to the other two people present, she smiles. "Oh yeah, we can go to that fancy ass restaurant. If only to go fuck with some rich assholes while we're eating. But Yasmine has a point. So here's what I'm gonna offer: first person to get Yasmine to cum gets two wishes!" Zayn announces.

She goes and sits down once again on the stump behind her. "I'll make some 'reservations' while I'm watching, have fun~!"

Turning to her genie, Zayn begins to do just that. "Pet, make sure that when we arrive at Le Jardin Achard, they are expecting us and have a table ready for us. Make sure we have excellent service and are treated as VIPs while we're there."

Asmodeus nods. "It is done, Mistress. The four of you have a standing reservation."

Sara and Melody look at Yasmine's dick, then at each other. Sara looks pensive; Melody looks highly uncomfortable.

Finally, Sara huffs. "Fine, I'll do it. Let's see about these puppies..." Melody breathes a sigh of relief, and sits down to watch.

Sara walks over to Yasmine and lifts her shirt, which had grown and distended to fit her new assets. Her tits are enormous, and her skin starts to develop goosebumps from the cool evening air. Her nipples, almost right away, start to harden and become erect, sticking out like fingers. Sara inhales at the sensation, but steps forward, determined. 

Yasmine watches her approach, breathing shallowly, absent-mindedly running her hand up and down her shaft. Sara appraises the situation. "This'll work better if you're sitting," Sara says firmly.

"O-okay." Yasmine awkwardly sits down on the grass, her legs stretched out and her hands supporting her weight behind her. Her cock points almost straight up toward the sky. Sara gets down on her knees in front of Yasmine, puts her hands under her own tits and hefts them up, pressing them against Yasmine's cock. She then starts to press them together, squishing Yasmine's giant dick between them. Yasmine immediately begins moaning, the sensations unfamiliar but very pleasant, and tilts her head back, closing her eyes.

Sara starts out slowly and clumsily, but soon develops a rhythm. She grins: "Okay, these tits are awesome." Despite her complaints, she's clearly having fun.

Yasmine gasps and moans, but doesn't have a lot to say in return. Her dick shivers and her veins pulse, and she watches her friend rub her magically huge boobs all over her.

Watching the two over-endowed girls fuck was the hottest thing Zayn has seen all day. Wasting absolutely no time, Zayn slides the black and red cotton panties off of her statuesque legs and flings them at Asmodeus, hitting him squarely in the chin with her damp underwear.

"Oops," she says, winking at the genie as she spreads her legs, her dripping pussy easily visible under the ultra-short skirt she had on. Finishing the rest of her cigarette, Zayn tosses it away and starts to rub herself to the super-sized titjob that she was seeing. "Fuck yeah, Sara!" she cheers.

After a few minutes, Sara huffs again. "Usually it doesn't take this long. Are you almost there, Yasmine?"

Yasmine takes a few deep breaths. "Uh, I don't know... I don't know what it's supposed to feel like."

Sara scoffs.

"But you know what might help?" Yasmine asks, smirking. "If you suck it."

"I'm not doing that," Sara dismisses her suggestion.

Yasmine shrugs. "Do you want those wishes?"

Sara thinks about it for a few seconds while she continues to titfuck Yasmine. She looks her friend in the eyes, and Yasmine winks at her. "Fine!" she says finally. She repositions herself and hesitantly leans her head over her friend's incredible glans, opening her mouth. As she gets closer, her jaw opens unnaturally wide and she somehow manages to fit the entire thing into her mouth.

Seeing her friend go in and take the massive cockhead in her mouth makes Zayn bite down on her bottom lip. Hard. It was difficult to imagine what Yasmine must be feeling from the supernatural blowjob that Sara was providing.

The temptation returned, what if she gave herself a similar package? Again, she pushed the thought off. She wanted to make it a special occasion, something memorable. In the meantime, she rubbed her clit in anticipation of the cumshot.

And she didn't have to wait long.

"Jesus!" Yasmine shouts almost immediately; the sight of her friend's stretched-out mouth is enough to push her up to the edge, and past it. She digs her fingers into the grass, unable to say anything more. Sara bobs her head down once, twice, and then opens her eyes wide as she feels a hot rush of semen fire into her mouth. 

Yasmine's tentacles start to melt, becoming a thick, viscous dark purple liquid that runs down the side of her face.

Reflexively, Sara pulls her head away, and as her lips come off of Yasmine's cock, she coughs out several ounces of come, spraying it all over herself - and Yasmine. Yasmine doesn't even notice; the feeling coming from her new organ is eclipsing everything else. Her dick continues to pump thick strands of jizz up into the air, shooting several feet into their air and coming down in the purple grass. She collapses on the grass, laughing and finding her breath.

Melody is still hiding her face behind her hands and peeking out through her fingers.

Sara, having regained her breath, spits out a bit of her friend's spunk onto the grass. "O-kay," she smiles. "I think I've fucking earned those wishes now."

As the two catch their breath, Zayn withdraws her hands from between her thighs and begins to clap. "Good shit, Sara. That was so fucking sexy. Kay, what do you want? Maybe an ass to balance you out?" She doesn't bother to cross her legs, exposing her salivating cunt to the open air.

Sara stands up, laughing, wiping some of Yasmine's jizz off of her bare chest. She takes a deep breath. "Okay! One," she counts on her index finger, "I want to have an unlimited credit card. No credit limit, accepted everywhere, I obviously don't ever want to get any bills, just a card that I never have to pay off but that I can keep using forever to buy anything."

Yasmine is still lying on the ground, recovering from her first male orgasm. She's staring at Zayn's pussy as her cock slowly shrinks and softens.

"Two," Sara continues, counting on her middle finger, "I want a place of my own. I want it to be a penthouse, on the top floor of one of those towers in the middle of downtown, with a bunch of spare rooms and a jacuzzi and an arcade and balconies all around." She puts her hands on her hips, smiling. "How's that?"

Zayn sighs. "Really, Sara? Those wishes are kinda fuckin' boring. Whatever, since you did such a good job making Yasmine explode all over the park, I'll help make those more exciting."

She snaps her fingers. "Genie! Make it a well known fact that Sara doesn't have to pay for anything. Whenever she would try to purchase something that is for sale, it is given to her for free instead." Thinking again, she pauses. "Alright, and make it so that Sara owns the tallest building downtown. And she has complete control over its design. She can make it change to have whatever rooms she wants with whatever decorations she desires. And it comes fully staffed with a bunch of servants that Sara can also change." She ends her command, looking pleased with herself. "See? That's how you make a wish, dummy," she teases.

"As you command, Mistress."

Sara is taken aback. She stares at Zayn for a full five seconds before laughing uproariously. "Oh my god Zayn you're the best!" That's amazing! Can we go there right now?"

Yasmine stands up slowly, her come starting to cake onto her skin. "I, uh, need to use the shower, I think."

Zayn shakes her head. "Dinner first. Asmodeus, clean these two up so we can get going. Also adjust their wardrobes so that they fit their new bodies. But make sure that their clothes are tight and show off their new assets."

Getting to her feet, Zayn doesn't bother putting her panties back on. "Come on, let's go," she repeats. "I'm so fucking hungry I could eat someone," she says, giving the three of them a mischievous smile.

"Immediately, Mistress."

The girls blink and miss it: suddenly they're clean, refreshed, not a trace of sweat or come on either of them. The remains of Yasmine's tentacles are gone as well, leaving her completely bald once again. Their clothes look and feel like they've just come out of the dryer, and Sara's hair seems freshly washed. Yasmine's dick is at a much more manageable size, but stuffed down her pant leg, her ten inches creates an obvious bulge snaking its way down to her knee. 

She takes a step, feeling the way her dick is squeezed against the fabric. "Oh, boy, this is... gonna get uncomfortable," she grins. She raises her eyebrows and grows a male peacocks' tail from her head, bright green and purple feathers cascading down to her legs.

Sara sulks a bit, disappointed at not being able to see her new building right away, but cheers up when she admires the truly breathtaking cleavage she now displays. "I could fit a fucking person in there," she muses to herself.

Melody visibly calms down now that her friends are (mostly) dressed. She grimaces a bit at Zayn leaving her underwear in the middle of the park, but doesn't say anything about it. She just looks up at her seven-foot tall friend and says, "Ready when you are."

Spending a bit too long ogling her friends' bodies, she snaps back to the present. "Yeah, my bad. God, people are gonna fucking cum in their pants from how sexy we all are." She walks over to Melody and bends down to plant a firm hand on her ass, grabbing a handful and giving a playful squeeze.

Melody goes red and emits an "Eep!" of surprise at Zayn's grope, and takes a step back reflexively.

Zayn looks back to Asmodeus and also notices her discarded panties. "Genie, why are my panties on the ground? If you're not going to carry them for me, you will wear them instead," she orders, watching his body change colors in response. "Put them on."

Asmodeus' skin turns a shade darker, a shade toward purple. "Of course, Mistress." He bends down to pick up her underwear and, without hesitating or showing any kind of embarrassment, lifts his muscled leg to step into them. He slips his enormous penis into one of the leg holes, and tucks the fabric underneath his scrotum, so that it all hangs out. He straightens up and crosses his arms, looking very serious.

Sara and Yasmine burst into laughter at the sight, and Sara actually cries tears from laughing so hard. Melody does not look comforted.

Smiling, Zayn walks around to appraise his new underwear. "Hmm, I don't think those fit. They're a bit loose in the back. How about this? Give yourself a nice wide pair of hips and a juicy ass like mine."

Asmodeus nods. "As pleases you, Mistress."

His ass expands, becoming rounder, plumpier, fleshier, and his hips swell out, becoming fatter, more feminine. He now fills out the underwear so that the fabric is taut.

Melody's phone starts to ring and she scrambles to get it from her pocket. "Oh, shit..." she says as she answers. "Hi Dad. Yeah, sorry, I... no, I'm okay, everything's fine, I'm just... no, it's just that... yeah, I know I haven't finished studying, but... yeah but..."

She looks up at Zayn when she talks, making eye contact with her, and finally blurts out, "Dad, stop talking!"

There's a long moment of silence as she listens for his response, and there is none.

"...are you there? ...ok, so you don't need to quiz me tonight. Just trust me. Don't wait up for me tonight, ok? Just go to bed even if I'm not there." Her eyes open wide. "...okay. alright. Bye."

She hangs up the phone, stunned, smiling widely. She looks up at Zayn again. "That was sooo cool!"

Zayn nods with approval, both at Asmodeus's new figure as well as Melody's conversation. "Good job, Mel. They're basically your servants now. They'll do whatever you tell them, so I'd have some fun with it. Make them fight each other, make them treat you like a queen, tell them to buy you shit, tell them to go buy new clothes." She pauses, hoping Melody gets the idea.

"Oh, I don't know about... most of that, I just... let me think about it," Melody says nervously.

"Anyways, I'm done here. Asmodeus, take us to the restaurant now."

"Immediately, Mistress," Asmodeus responds, and in a very disorienting moment, the five of them are in the heart of downtown, standing in front of the front door to the restaurant. Sara grins and pushes the door open, leading the way.

She's greeted by the maître d, a young, very handsome and well-built man: "Good evening miss, and welcome to Le Jardin Achard. Do you have a..." he notices Zayn, and stops. "Mistress," he breathes. He grins widely and bows at the waist and Zayn recognizes him as someone who had been in the crowd while she was subjugating Miranda. "I'm honoured to welcome you. I... want to thank you for what you did for me. To me. Anything I can do for you - anything at all - please just ask."

A wide smile stretches across Zayn's face. "You're a lucky man, having the honor to witness me twice in one day." She walks past Sara and comes close to the sculpted man, pressing her body against him. "Now, me and my friends will be eating at this establishment. We have a reservation. Do make sure we have a wonderful evening here, would you?" she purrs at him, shamelessly groping his muscled body in front of the rest of the people at the entrance.

Casually grinding her knee into his crotch, she smiles at the large package that she encounters. An image comes to mind about what this man might look like after the full transformation takes course. It has only been a couple hours since she started the change and already this man was a statuesque Adonis. The thought of these people slowly becoming her beautified servants excites Zayn a great deal. "You know how generous I can be to my subjects that serve me well, don't you?" she whispers to him.

He gasps in pleasure at his Goddess touching him - firmly, aggressively, sexually - and Zayn immediately feels his dick become erect and press against her leg. 

The other people waiting in line, all of whom are dressed elegantly, expensively, formally, shake their heads, frown and mutter at the shameless lack of propriety, both on Zayn's part and also that of the maître d'. Especially since Zayn's miniskirt makes it obvious to anyone who looks that she isn't wearing any underwear. He seems not to notice the disgusted reactions of the other patrons in the slightest. 

The maître d' glances at Sara, Mel and Yasmine, and back at Zayn. "I think I have an idea of your generosity, yeah. And believe me - I want to serve you well." He looks into Zayn's eyes. "My name is Antonio." He holds her gaze for an extra moment, then looks at the four of them, and nods in pleasure. "Come in, please! Your table is ready and waiting."

Throwing a boastful look over her shoulder at her three friends, Zayn allows Antonio to escort her to their table.

As she moves, she notices Asmodeus trying his best to stand out of the way of people, barely succeeding. His dick hovers inches away from the face of an elegant woman talking on her phone, seated in the waiting area of the restaurant. She remains blissfully unaware of the massive djinn's presence, and would still not know if the flaccid dick was slapping her in the face. The thought made her giggle.

Zayn's newest servant pulls out a chair for her to sit at, finding her a nice table in the corner of the dining room. With a nod, she sits down and crosses her legs, waiting for her friends to do the same.

The restaurant is beautiful; from the art on the walls to the hundreds of bottles of wine on display in the far wall to the live jazz quartet on the stage, everything about the restaurant shouts money, exclusivity, elegance.

Melody and Yasmine look around, impressed, feeling just a little out of place, forgetting just for a moment the company they're in. Sara walks in like she owns it, grinning widely. All three sit down.

At the table nearest them, there's an overweight white middle-aged couple; the man, balding and wearing glasses, looks at the girls as they sit down; he leans in and whispers something to his wife, and they both start laughing at their shared joke.

Asmodeus moves deftly to keep the waitstaff from bumping into him, but he needs to constantly be moving; there's nothing for him to perch onto above them, and his bubble butt makes it even more awkward for him to stay out of everyone's way.

Almost as soon as they sit down, a young, very attractive white woman with long, bright red hair greets them.

"Welcome to Le Jardin Achard. My name is Alexandra- can I tell you about our specials today?"

Zayn laughs. "How about you bring one of each out to us, along with some hors d'oeuvres? Oh, and the most expensive bottles of wine you have. And be fast about it, we're very hungry," she says, not bothering to pick up the menu.

Alexandra's surprise makes her smile falter for just half a second, but she recovers immediately. "Of course. Excellent idea. Will the bills all be separate?"

Sara clears her throat. "No, no bills."

Alexandra smiles as though this is the most natural answer in the world, and starts picking up the unopened menus. "Very well. I'll be right back with your wine."

Sara smiles at Zayn. "That's badass."

Zayn looks over at Asmodeus, standing awkwardly behind the waitress. "Hey, Asmodeus, shrink yourself down until you're a foot tall. Then you can get on the table. This way you're not knocking people over with your giant ass, hmm?"

"Right away, Mistress," Asmodeus says, as he begins to dwindle. Sara, Yasmine and Melody gape at him as over the span of just a few seconds, he goes from a towering 7 feet down to knee-height. When he's about two feet tall, he starts beating his wings and flies up to the table, landing gently on it. The wind from his wings blows Alexandra’s hair into her face, but she doesn’t notice.  His giant ass and feminine underwear seem even more ridiculous at this size, but he seems not to care in the least. 

The waitress walks off toward the kitchen.

"Yeah, get as much shit as you want. It's on Sara, right?" Zayn says, laughing. She leans back in her seat and puts her boots on the corner of the table, stretching over into Yasmine's part of the table. "So, what do you girls think? Best fucking day ever, or what?" Her eyes settle on Asmodeus, watching the doll-like figure stand vigilant in the center of the table.

Sara smacks the table with her palm. "Best fucking day ever!" she shouts, and laughs, drawing a few irate glances from the other patrons.

Yasmine shakes her head. "It hasn't really sunk in... it doesn't feel real."

Melody is also watching Asmodeus, in awe at the fact that he just shrunk at Zayn's command. She lifts her hand as if to touch him, then lowers it again. "So, you can control everything about your genie too? Like, what he looks like and everything?"

She smirks. "Yeah, of course. That's why he's got the horns and wings. And huge dick. It's like my aesthetic." She pauses, examining him again. "Ooh, I have an idea. How about this? Each of you get to make a change to Asmodeus. The person who makes the change I like the most gets a wish. How about that?" she poses to the group. Holding out her palm like she did the first time she met her djinn, she gestures for him to step onto it.

Asmodeus hops onto her hand and balances as she lifts him up so that everyone can get a good look.

Melody looks at his horns and his wings. "He should have a tail, you don't think? Like, if you want him to look like a devil, he should have a long tail with like a barb on the end."

Yasmine ponders his appearance. "Hmmm. Know what'd be really cool? Another set of arms. Right under the first pair."

Sara thinks for a minute, then she laughs. "I want his voice to sound like he's inhaled a balloon full of helium."

Melody turns to Sara. "Why?"

Sara gives her an exasperated look. "Because it's funny."

Alexandra comes back with two bottles of wine in a bucket of ice, a red and a white, and four glasses. She sets them all down on the table and opens the bottles, pouring the wine for everyone.

Nodding, Zayn looks down at the diminished djinn. "Asmodeus, go ahead and make those changes to yourself. And... make those changes to the waitress here as well. Except make it so that everyone besides the five of us aren't aware that she looks or sounds any different. Actually, extend that last part to any future changes I make to anyone while we're here too."

"As you desire, Mistress."

All of the girls burst out laughing at his reply, because his voice is already a high-pitched distortion of what it was before.

He raises his arms and a new pair of limbs sprouts from his sides, extending out and growing fingers in the span of a few seconds. The same thing happens to Alexandra, but her clothes are modified to accommodate them, as though they'd been custom-made for a four-armed person. Likewise, a long red tail extends out from a newly formed hole in the back of her pants and starts twitching back and forth as she pours the wine.

"I'll be back soon with your food," she chirps, and somehow her helium voice is even stranger coming from a full-size person. Sara giggles at her. Alexandra politely ignores her.

Wiping a tear from her eye, Zayn's eyes follow the four-armed waitress' new tail as it swishes back and forth before heading into the kitchen. "That's too good. Alright, it's between Yas and Sara. Sorry Mel, but that tail thing was kinda predictable. Try being more creative next time, hmm?"

Giving it some more thought, Zayn grabs a glass of red wine, taking a sip. To her, it just tastes like wine. The fact that people would pay such a ridiculous amount for a glass made her think even less of the restaurant-goers that surround her.

Taking another look at Asmodeus, she comes to a decision. "Kay, Yasmine wins this time. Because Sara got the last two wishes, and that voice thing is probably gonna get old real fast if I have to listen to it every time Asmodeus opens his fuckin' mouth. I'll leave it for now, though." Turning her attention to Yasmine, Zayn moves one foot down to her lap, rubbing the heel against the long bulge in her pants. "What do you desire, stud?" Zayn says in a forced, breathy voice, giggling after at her own humor.

"Oh, shit, don't do that..." Yasmine groans, her dick starting to stiffen and her peacock feathers starting to rise up and fan out. Just a bit, though; she closes her eyes and takes deep breaths and manages to calm herself down, her feathers drooping back down her back. She opens her eyes and giggles. "Uhnf. Okay. Um..."

She looks over and sees two men sit down at a table for eight, ahead of the rest of their party. She points to one of the two at random. "I want that guy - the next time he shakes hands with any other guy - or, okay, anyone else with a dick," she smirks, "his dick will get an inch shorter and theirs will get an inch longer. And he'll know what just happened, and so will everyone else around, but he should be too embarrassed to acknowledge it, he should never refuse to shake someone's hand because of it."

Zayn puts her other boot back on the table, grinning. "Yas, that's a fun wish, but I was more talking about, like, something for you y'know? Because I'm totally down to fuck with everyone in this place. And that shit is free, because personally I couldn't care less about these rich bastards." Zayn says, not caring to lower her voice when talking about the other patrons around her.

She snaps her fingers. "But yeah, fuck it. I like that, it's creative. Genie! Grant Yas's command. Make that guy donate an inch of dick whenever he shakes hands with another person that has one. And all the other stuff Yasmine just said too. But make it so that when he runs out of dick to donate, he gets a vagina instead and his entire body except his head will feminize a little bit for each inch he gives people. Make it so," she says, raising the wine glass to her lips again. Zayn never really cared for wine, but stealing expensive wine from a snooty restaurant made it taste a bit sweeter.

"It is done, Mistress," Asmodeus squeaks.

Sure enough, at that moment, another man comes in and sits down, and both of them stand up to greet him. When his hands clasp the newcomer's, his eyes go wide, and so do the newcomer's. He withdraws his hand with a jerk, and wipes them nervously on his clothes. The newcomer grins at him widely, and takes a seat. The man glances nervously at the numerous empty seats at the table and slowly sits back down.

Zayn leans back in her chair, with her bare pussy in full view of anyone who looks. Especially Yasmine, who has a close-up view of her hungry slit, looking tantalizing between Zayn's statuesque and thick thighs. When she sees Yasmine look, she gives her a flirtatious wink.

"But yeah, Yas, think of a wish for yourself. I'm taking any suggestions on how to fuck with these idiots, too. The best ones may be rewarded," the goth beauty promises, swirling her wine.

Alexandra comes back with a tray of hors d'oeuvres: platters of charcuterie, escargots, fried mushrooms, and starts laying them in the centre of the table, with an empty plate for each of the girls. Asmodeus moves out of the way to avoid getting knocked with a plate.

Yasmine unconsciously licks her lips at the sight of Zayn's exposed cunt. She inhales, and she can smell it, and the feathers start to rise on her head, and her cock starts to bulge out through her pants once again. "Um... okay, well... it's getting kinda hard to think of... something..." she says. She looks around and sees other diners staring in disgust at her obviously growing tool under the table, and looks away in discomfort. She shakes her head. "Okay, okay, you know what, right now, what I really want is the ability to control when I get an erection. And I want to be able to control how big it gets too."

Zayn turns away for a moment, watching the four-armed waitress work. She clears her throat and gives the redhead a warm smile. "By the way - Alexandra right? - I love your look. You look so graceful with your four arms. I bet you get a lot of comments on them, right?" Zayn eyes the escargot, realizes she has no idea how to eat it, and instead puts some fried mushrooms on her plate.

Alexandra smiles pleasantly, genuinely. "Thank you, that's very nice! Um, no, actually, I..." she stops and thinks. "I think you may actually be the only person ever to comment on them!" She gets a bemused look on her face and thinks about that for a moment. "Um, anyway, I'll be back soon to make sure everything is meeting your expectations."

As Melody and Sara chatter to each other about getting stares from a table to their left, Zayn turns her gaze back to Yasmine. After the waitress leaves, she shakes her head. "What, you want to rob me of my fun? I don't think so, big girl. I can't help that your genetics blessed you with such a huge, virile girlcock," she lies, picking up a mushroom between her thumb and pointer finger and sliding it between her lips. It's far too hot to eat, but Zayn is barely able to tell. She licks her fingers afterwards, not breaking eye contact with Yasmine.

"Not granting that one, think of something else. And okay, it doesn't have to be about you specifically, I just didn't want you to waste your wish on shit I was planning on doing for free, right?" she elaborates.

Turning her attention back to Asmodeus, she gives the currently unoccupied djinn a glance. "Hey Asmodeus, make yourself useful. Your mistress shouldn't have to waste her time handling this food herself. Feed me, my pet." Zayn waits expectantly for him to follow her command.

Asmodeus starts to walk across the table to pick up some of the charcuterie; he folds it in his hands and walks over to where Zayn is sitting, then places it in her open mouth. He returns to the centre of the table to get something else for her.

Yasmine grunts in pain and frustration as her dick continues to pulsate and swell, growing larger by the second. "Fuck!" she curses, sliding her pants down to her thighs and pulling her giant cock out of her pant leg before it rips through by itself. It rises up and strikes the bottom of the table with a thunk sound, and Yasmine exhales in relief at no longer being constrained. The couple at the table to her right stare in disbelief. She shrugs sheepishly and waves at them; they look away.

Sara grins at Yasmine. "Guess you were feeling cocky before, weren't you?" She laughs uproariously and empties her glass of wine. Melody is blushing furiously out of empathy for Yasmine; she seems even more embarrassed than Yasmine does. She leans over and whispers, "it's okay, I think some of them are staring at me too..."

Yasmine looks around, and everywhere, people are staring at them, in lust, in shock, in horror. At her cock, in particular. She closes her eyes, but she can hear them. And she's horny, so horny. "Fuck it!" She exclaims. She leans forward on her elbows and stares at Zayn. "I want that waitress to give me a four-handed handjob."

Noticing the eyes focused on their table, Zayn swallows the last morsel Asmodeus gave her and sits up. "Hah, fine. I just love watching how flustered you get. I'll play nice... for now," Zayn says with a smirk.

She follows the stares of the crowd, smiling back in their direction. "Alright, here's what's gonna happen. First, Asmodeus, I want the general opinions and reactions of the other people in this restaurant to at worst be neutral or indifferent towards seeing our bodies or us doing anything sexual. Any positive reactions will not be changed. Got that?"

"Of course, Mistress. It is done."

And suddenly, everyone looks away, or looks on with mild interest, or smiles politely at them. Yasmine takes a deep breath and Melody goes slightly less red. Sara frowns slightly in disappointment.

Zayn raises an eyebrow at Sara, seeing her reaction to letting Yasmine off the hook. "Hey, maybe try winning next time and you'll get a wish instead of Yas," she teases, shrugging carelessly.

Asmodeus, standing with a mushroom in his hands, waits patiently for Zayn to finish commanding him so he can place it on her tongue.

Cracking her knuckles, Zayn spots Alexandra returning to their table with more wine. "Alright, now second thing: give that waitress a second and third body, totally identical to her first one. And give her control over all three at the same time. Make it so that she's committed to providing excellent service for us specifically, and will happily fulfill any of our requests without any reservations while she's working. Have her start by offering to get Yasmine off using all four of her hands on one of her bodies." She pauses. "Oh, and make her attracted to all of us, too."

With all of that said, Zayn points at her mouth and opens it expectantly.

“As pleases you, Mistress,” Asmodeus trills.

Alexandra approaches the table, and as she does, seems to step out from behind herself, and then a second time, so that there are three of them. They surround the table.

“More wine, ladies?” one asks, while another picks up the empty bottles and trays of hors d’oeuvres. The third one steps right in front of Yasmine and points to her giant erection under the table. “May I help you with that, Miss?”

Yasmine smiles and nods, and Alexandra crouches down to get closer. Yasmine turns so that her dick is no longer under the table; she glances around to see if any of the other patrons react; no one does. She smiles and leans back in her chair while Alexandra wraps all four hands around her shaft and, smiling, begins to pump.

Asmodeus carries one of the last pieces of charcuterie to Zayn’s waiting mouth while Sara takes the last escargot. Melody is trying to poke Asmodeus as he walks around the table, marveling at how he seems to move; he dodges her hand so quickly and effortlessly that it seems almost like an optical illusion.

"Gods, Asmodeus! Put Alexandra's voice back. I'm gonna go insane if I have to listen to it from three places at once. Actually, put it back but give her a sultry french accent to match the restaurant. How about that?" Zayn says between bites. Finishing her glass of wine, Zayn holds it up for Alexandra to refill.

“Immediately, Mistress,” Asmodeus replies, his voice still high, and feeds her another mushroom.

Alexandra refills Zayn’s glass, as well as Sara’s and Melody’s, while Alexandra carries the empty trays back to the kitchen.

“Ees zees to your liking, Madame?” Alexandra asks Yasmine, in her regular voice once again, as she continues to pump up and down. Yasmine moans and nods. She smiles and adds, “But… I think you should suck it too. And swallow.”

“Of corse, Madame,” Alexandra responds professionally. She positions herself, moves her long, red hair back, and her mouth distorts to envelop Yasmine’s entire cockhead. As Yasmine watches, she pushes her face down Yasmine’s shaft six inches, eight inches, ten inches, and then stops and starts to come back up. She repeats this long, slow deep-throating of Yasmine’s gigantic prick for several minutes until Yasmine goes over the edge and shouts out loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear. Thick gobs of white semen come out of Alexandra’s nose, and she pulls her face off of Yasmine’s cock, pulling a cloth napkin from her belt and wiping her face off with it. She nods to Yasmine, “Eef you need someting else, Madame, pleez don’ esitate.”

Several tables away, the man Yasmine had cursed is now sitting down, staring at his empty plate, looking dejected and confused. There are seven other men greeting each other now, all of them standing, laughing, smiling, and giving him pointed looks.

Giving a gentle tug on one of Alexandra's barbed tails, Zayn clears her throat. "Alexandra, would you have one of your bodies sit down on my lap and give me a massage? My muscles are so tense," Zayn asks, gesturing to her pale thighs. She drops her arms back and allows her cropped jacket to fall off onto her chair, revealing her slender arms and full-back tattoo.

"Oui, Madame," Alexandra says - the one who had just been pouring the wine. Without hesitating, she sits on Zayn's ample thigh and starts pressing and kneading her shoulders and arms with her fingers.

While the tripled waitress moves to comply with Zayn's request, she looks over at a post-orgasm Yasmine. "Was it worth the wish, Yas?" Zayn teases.

Yasmine, breathing deeply with relief, leans back in her chair, her cock starting to soften. "Yeah," she giggles. "I mean... if we're just gonna keep getting more wishes, then... why not?"

Sara, watching Alexandra suck Yasmine off, has brought her hand under the table and started pleasuring herself casually. She smiles as an idea occurs to her. "'Scuse me, ladies," she says. "I'm going to go scratch an itch."

Melody continues to sit there, looking uncomfortable. 

Sara walks over to the entrance to the dining room, where she finds Antonio greeting new patrons, and taps him on the shoulder.

He turns and brightens when he sees her. He glances just for the tiniest moment at her incredible cleavage. "Yes, Miss! What can I do for you?"

"Well, Antonio. Antonio. Antonio." She smiles as she sees the expression on his face change from one of professional coutesy to intense arousal, and she reaches up to place her hand behind his head and pulls him gently down so that she's breathing into his ear, "you can fuck me against this wall right here."

Sighing deeply from the massage, Zayn closes her eyes and leans her head back. "Gods, your hands are so good, Alexandra. By the way, I love your accent too. It's so pretty! Are you French? Or Canadian maybe?" Zayn says, trying her best to see how the four-armed waitress reacts.

"Ben non, Madame," Alexandra replies. "Ha'm from Neu Jairsy." She continues rubbing Zayn's arms, each one with two of her hands.

Zayn giggles at the waitress' ignorance. Peeking one eye open, the pampered goth finds her curvaceous friend sitting uncomfortably across the table. "What's wrong Mel? Something you want?"

"No!" Melody nearly jumps. "That is, uh..." she stumbles, shifting her gigantic ass awkwardly in her seat. "It's... a lot to take in all at once. I'm just gonna..." she takes a sip of wine. "Yeah. I'm good, thanks." She smiles nervously.

"Mel, it's fine, I got you. Asmodeus, help Melody relax and feel comfortable with what's going on, and make it so that she's never anxious anymore." She commands.

"Right away, Mistress." Asmodeus says, and Melody's eyes glaze over for a moment. She then takes a deep breath and visibly relaxes, looking around herself, at Sara fucking the maitre d' in the entrance, at Alexandra massaging Zayn, and smiles comfortably at it all.

Turning her attention back to the woman on her lap, she gives her an intense look. "Alex - can I call you Alex? - can you get the rest of my body now? Feel free to take off anything that will get in your way, love," Zayn says, sliding a hand onto Alexandra's upper thigh.

"Bien sûr, Madame," Alexandra says, and stands up. She lifts Zayn's top up over her head, and says, "eef you seet backwairds, ai can massage yeur back."

Zayn licks her lips, pushing her chest forward into her peripheral. "Well, I'll need you to undo my corset first," she purrs. "My chest is so sore, maybe you can use your amazing hands to help?" she suggests, pulling one of Alexandra's four hands down to the top of her impressive cleavage.

Across the restaurant, Antonio hastens to unbuckle his belt, freeing his already-hard cock from his pants. Sara hikes up her dress and pulls down her underwear, and Antonio moves directly to slide himself into her waiting snatch. He thrusts her against the wall, then again and again, as she pinches her nipples.

The couple at the front of the line starts to get annoyed. "Excuse me, we have a reservation. Can we get some service?" Antonio ignores them.

It doesn't take long for him to make Sara come. Zayn's command has made him highly skilled at wielding his seven-inch dick, and his talent and size are still slowly increasing; not to mention that Sara hasn't even been satisfied yet this evening. After just a few minutes of pounding, she cries out, "Fuck! Oh, motherfucker that's good!" Antonio grunts and continues thrusting, but Sara gently pushes him away. "Okay, I'm done," she says, out of breath.

Despite not having finished, Antonio, without complaining, puts his dick away and zips up. "Anything else I can do for you, Miss?"

"Yeah," she smiles. "Give me your phone number before we leave tonight," she says as she walks back to the table.

Alexandra and Alexandra come back to the table, carrying more trays of food. Lobster-filled ravioli, crepes with rabbit meat, elk steak, glazed root vegetables, all get placed in the center of the table. "Enzhoy yeur deeneur," Alexandra says, smiling at the girls at the table.

She eyes Sara walking back to the table with a satisfied smile. "Fuck, Sara, you barely lasted like ten seconds! Now Antonio's gonna have to walk around with that big dick tenting his pants all night. Unless... maybe you want a turn, Mel? Ooh, that reminds me. Hey Alex? There's something I want to know," Zayn starts. "Who's the hottest of the four of us? Is it Yasmine, with her huge dick," she asks, eyeing her peacock-feathered friend relaxing in her chair while her near-flaccid dick hangs off the end. "You seem like you enjoyed taking that fuckin' beast, right? Or Sara and her giant tits? Or maybe Melody, who's been eyeing you up this whole night?" Zayn lies, watching the plush girl's expression become calm. “Or maybe..." she pauses, leaning in close. "You like me the best?" she whispers in Alex's ear, taking a nibble.

Alexandra begins undoing the corset with three of her four hands, using the fourth one to continue to fondle Zayn's cleavage.

Alexandra, busy pouring the wine, opens her eyes wide at Zayn's question, torn suddenly between her sense of professional propriety and her compulsion to comply with all requests without reservation. "Well, Mesdames, all ohf you aire..." she swallows, "zat is..." a pause as she puts her professionalism down to rest and her eyes pass over Melody's enormous ass in the chair. "For me, Mesdames, I zink ze bum is ze best part. I like Madame Melody."

Melody's face goes red, but she doesn't look away, she just smiles at Alexandra. "Well, you should get acquainted with it then."

Alexandra's deft quartet of hands finish their work quickly and she slides the corset off of Zayn's body. Her hands return to their massaging, two on Zayn's pale boobs and two tracing her flanks and back. Her tail whips back and forth with contentment.

Zayn gives Alexandra a pout. "My ass isn't big enough, then? Fine, then maybe I'll fix that later. Go on, show Melody a good time. Make sure she cums at least twice. Shouldn't be too hard, especially if you can bury your face between her giant ass." she suggests, giving Melody a wink.

Breathing heavily, unable to disguise her arousal, Alexandra whispers, "Merci beaucoup, Madame." Alexandra finishes pouring the wine at the table, taking one cup and offering it to Melody before heading back to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alexandra comes up to Melody's other side and plants a kiss on her cheek, her four hands dancing over Mel's impossible hourglass figure.

Holding a finger up, Zayn stops Alex from groping her chest for a moment after feeling a vibration. She finds her phone and pulls it out, seeing a new text from an unknown number. Although she knows exactly who it is after looking.

When she checks it, she sees that Miranda has sent her an image of her naked back; there's a half-finished tattoo on it that reads Mistress Zayn owns this shit.

Then a text message:

taking a little break, going to get back into it in 10 min!

After adding Miranda to her contacts (under Police Bitch), she sends a message back:

decent start. be good and i'll take you for another one, pet.

It isn’t long before Zayn's phone buzzes again:

thank you Mistress!!!! 🤩😚💖💖💖

She then puts her phone back and motions for Alexandra to continue. "Hey, Yas, you gonna eat or you just gonna sit there with your dick out?" Zayn teases.

Melody accepts the glass of wine from Alexandra, then moans as Alexandra kisses her cheek. The sensation of her four hands feeling her body is so strange, partly because her body itself is so unfamiliar, and partly because she's never felt someone exploring her body in this way. She moans and wonders, very briefly, why she hadn't been allowing herself to engage like this, the way her friends had been. She kisses Alexandra on the lips, running her hands over her hips.

The Alexandra on Zayn's lap lets out a quick gasp as Melody pulls her other body in for a kiss. Alexandra leans into the kiss, her hands homing in on the abundant curves that Melody has.

Sara sits down at the table with a goofy grin. "Well! I don't know about you girls, but I'm hungry." She spoons some ravioli onto her plate.

Yasmine is staring off into space, still in her post-orgasmic haze. She grimaces. "It hurts! It's so sore this time- I feel like maybe I'm not supposed to come so soon again."

Zayn leans over to see Asmodeus and shoots him a glare. "Genie! What the fuck? Why's Yasmine's dick hurting? Fix it!" she barks. "Then get back to work, I'm hungry." She ignores the phone and instead looks around the room at the other guests.

Asmodeus is watching Alexandra fondle Zayn with intense focus and obvious envy, breathing heavily and slowly lightening to a bright teal colour, when Zayn snaps at him. His skin immediately goes darker, shifting toward red. "Right away, Mistress. Yasmine will be able to orgasm as many times as she likes in a row, and will not feel any soreness in her penis if she does."

Yasmine looks down at her cock and feels it with her hands. "That's way better, thanks Zayn." She starts to bring some food on her plate as well.

Sara accidentally drops a piece of pasta off her fork; it gets lost in her cleavage. She laughs drunkenly at it, then turns to Alexandra, who's refilling her wine glass. "Alexandra, be a dear and get that for me. With your mouth."

At this point, all of Alexandra is engaged with the girls in varying ways. Zayn is groaning from the practiced hands of Alexandra, while Alexandra breaks away from Melody's kiss and drops below the table to provide some oral pleasure.

Alexandra, blushing furiously, nods at Sara. "Ahn, ohf ceurse, Madame," she responds, as though her request is as natural as getting another glass of water.   As Sara stops eating and turns her chair to allow the waitress access, Alexandra places two hands on the back of the chair and two hands on Sara's jutting shelf of breast-flesh. Taking a breath, as though she's about to dive into a swimming pool, Alexandra plunges her head into the soft, creamy cleavage in search of the ravioli.

Asmodeus rips a piece of elk steak with his hands and brings it to Zayn, who accepts it in her mouth and starts to chew. Ugh, it's gamy - the gamiest meat she's ever had.

After chewing for half a minute, she spits it out onto the ground next to her. "Yeah, that tastes like shit. Give me a different one, genie." She tries the rabbit crepe instead, and it's milder, but still unpleasant. After another bite, she spits this one out as well. "Kay, Alex, what the fuck? This food tastes like dogshit, is this what you're trying to serve me?"

The flustered waitress looks mortified. "Je m'excuse, Mesdames! Ai-"

Zayn cuts her off. "Get up and go get me the head chef. I want to talk to them about their food." The goth mistress crosses her arms in front of her bare chest as Alexandra goes to comply.

Melody places her hands on top of Alexandra's head, running her hands through her long red hair while Alexandra pulls Melody's pants down over her ample ass. Sara also is running her hands through Alexandra's hair as she dives into her cleavage, as though she were bobbing for apples.

Alexandra, flustered and nervous, walks quickly to the kitchen and returns several minutes later with a fit, middle-aged man wearing an apron and a hair net, wiping his hands on a towel. He doesn't even glance at his cloned co-worker pleasuring two of the women at the table, nor at Yasmine's enormous cock. "Yes, Miss. What can I do for you." He says it like a statement, not a question; politely, but still in a way that suggests that he's very busy and would like to be on his way.

Zayn looks at him unflinchingly, her eyes narrowed. "Yeah, I just wanted to meet the guy responsible for this shit," she says, pointing to the crepes and the steak. "Go ahead, try it, tell me that's worthy of being brought out to me. Fucking disgraceful." She waits impatiently for the chef to oblige.

While this is happening, Alexandra and Alexandra are using their mouths to fulfill the other requests at the table. One head is pressed up against Melody's virgin pussy, shoving her tongue inside and sucking on her clit. Melody's ultra-thick thighs have her head pinned up against it, leaving her no choice but to finish her work. Melody is moaning and gasping, oblivious to everything else happening around her. She squeezes her thighs together, preventing Alexandra from pulling away - not that she'd been trying to.

Next to her, Alexandra was able to gain purchase with her teeth on the corner of the missing ravioli after using her hands to spread Sara's overabundant chest to her sides. She emerges from the dive, the ravioli caught between her teeth and leaving a mess of sauce and cheese all over Sara's cleavage and her own face. Sara leans forward and presses her lips against Alexandra's, taking the ravioli into her mouth at the same time. She kisses Alexandra forcefully, then pulls away, chewing her food and grinning.

The chef looks down at the exquisitely prepared food on the table, then back up at Zayn. He doesn't step forward to taste it. "Look, Miss, I'm sorry you aren't enjoying the food. If you want to talk to the manager, he'll probably comp your meal. But I can't help you with that, I've got three dozen people who are waiting for me to finish their meals."

Yasmine watches the interaction between Zayn and the chef with anticipation. She doesn't know what's coming, but she knows something is coming, and she waits with a mixture of excitement and fear.

All three of Alexandra's bodies blush after Sara's kiss, unprompted and sudden. The body she has been servicing her with gives a professional smile and straightens up to pay attention to what's happening at her table.

A devious grin stretches across Zayn's face as she thinks of something to do with the chef. "Asmodeus, give this chef the same thing as Alexandra where he'll comply with any request given to him by us while he's here," she commands, waiting for the confirmation from her genie.

Once she receives it, she examines the chef again. "Other people can wait, me and my friends are by far the most important guests you have here tonight. Now taste the fucking food, dumbass," Zayn orders him. As he does, she gives Yasmine a mischievous grin.

"Right away, Mistress," Asmodeus replies.

Making a face, the chef cuts a piece of the steak and eats it. He chews and swallows, and shrugs. "This is how elk is supposed to taste, Miss. It's a different animal, it tastes different. Not everyone likes it. I'm sorry you aren't enjoying it, but this steak is prepared exactly how it's supposed to be prepared."

Sara and Yasmine are now leaning forward, grinning. Sara empties her wine glass and holds it up for Alexandra to refill, not taking her eyes off of her friend and her latest victim.

Zayn looks over the food again, noticing a black curly hair in the raviolis. She points to it with her ringed finger. "And what the hell is that? You let some fuckin' hair come out on this plate."

Dramatically overplaying her displeasure, Zayn gets to her feet, her pale teardrops at eye-level with the annoyed chef. "Since you don't seem to care about me eating your hair, I think I'll just go ahead and eat you entirely. Sound fair?" Zayn asks, judging the reaction of people at the table.

She snaps her fingers again. "Asmodeus, my pet, make it so that my body can handle eating someone whole. Make sure the entire process is comfortable and pleasurable, and that I don't have any problems carrying them in my stomach. And make sure they taste good, at least better than this garbage," she says, gesturing to the near-perfectly plated food.

"As you desire, Mistress. It is done," Asmodeus replies. He, as well, is watching intently to see the upcoming spectacle.

Yasmine and Sara continue to stare. Yasmine's smile starts to falter. "Wait, what?" she asks, hoping that she's misheard Zayn's words. Sara narrows her eyes, not fully comprehending what's about to happen in her drunken state. "Huh? What'd you wish for?"

The chef seems embarrassed about Zayn's comment about his hair, and is just about to respond when she talks about eating him. He gets annoyed, clearly thinking that she's making a joke. "Alright, is there anything else I can do for you here? Would you like your servers to bring something else out for you?"

Zayn looks around the room, suddenly aware of how delicious everyone looks. Her eyes travel back to her new meal, who is still a bit uncooperative for her liking. Perhaps she needs to be more forceful with her demands.

"Oh, Asmodeus, make sure that only the usual people are aware that my ability to eat people is weird. As usual," she says offhandedly, pulling a chair out from the table and taking a seat. "Chef, stand right here for me," she tells him, crossing her legs and pointing to a spot on the ground next to her seat. "And Alexandra, I'd like you to help me with my meal," she adds.

What? Why?" the chef asks, even as he moves to the precise spot she tells him to. "Why do you want me to stand here?"

Alexandra, after several minutes of cunnilingus, has finally managed to bring Melody to orgasm. Melody grabs her head and squeezes it, gasping, still not paying the slightest bit of attention to what's happening right next to her.

Yasmine and Sara look at each other nervously. Sara makes a face. "What's... she's not gonna fuckin' eat him. Right?"

"I... don't know," Yasmine replies. She squirms in her seat, wondering whether she should do something, as though there were anything she could possibly do.

Zayn glances back over at the other girls. "Yeah, I am. Because I thought it would be fun, and I can do whatever the fuck I want, remember? Tell me how it looks. Hopefully hot."

With that, she looks over at the chef. "Kay, I'm gonna eat you now. Don't squirm or make things difficult, got it? Now sit on the table and take off your shoes. I don't want those filthy things going in my mouth." The busty goth licks her lips with anticipation, eager to satisfy the aching pit in her stomach.

"Uh..." the chef gapes, and immediately turns and sits down on the table. "You can't just tell me... to... uh..." he bends over and starts unlacing his shoes. 

"Yeah, but..." Yasmine starts, "you're just gonna... eat him? You... that's kinda... intense, isn't it?"

"What the fuck is going on?" the chef shouts as he removes his shoe and starts unlacing the other one.

Melody hears it this time. "What? Zayn's gonna eat somebody?" She lets go of Alexandra and takes a deep breath. She looks at the chef. "What did he do?" she asked, impressed.

The chef removes his other shoe and drops it on the floor, then sits up with his hands in his lap, staring at Zayn.

Sara lowers her glass slowly and puts it down on the table, not blinking.

Zayn smiles at him, putting a finger to her black lips. "Shh, dinner shouldn't talk. Now hold still! And Alex, help me get him in my mouth, okay?"

Alexandra moves to follow Zayn's orders, happy to be of service. She moves to the side of the still chef and waits for Zayn to begin.

Leaning forward, Zayn gets close to the man's feet and opens her mouth. And opens it more. And more. And more. Soon, her mouth looks as though it could easily fit a ripe melon inside without it getting stuck on her teeth.

Then she slides his feet in, moaning as they enter her mouth. The feeling of stretching, of her body ensnaring her prey was indescribable. And the taste of the man, even with his clothes in the way, made the experience so much more.

Alex slides him forward and soon Zayn has the man's knees passing through her lips, his feet fully past her bulging neck. She looks at the spectacle as if it's the most natural thing in the world. "Bon appétit!" she says, pushing the man further into the amazonian teen's distended maw.

The chef stares into her mouth, watching his feet disappear. "No! What the fucking Christ are you?!" he shouts, unable to look away from Zayn's gigantic maw.

Alexandra stands up from between Melody's thighs and wipes her face on her sleeve. She looks over at the table and, seeing Sara's empty wine glass in her hand, picks up a bottle of red from the table and starts to refill it. "So sohrry to keep you waiteeng, Madame."

Yasmine stands up. "Zayn, what the fuck! You can't do this! Yo, you can't fucking eat somebody!" Tther patrons start to look up and stare at Yasmine as she shouts in the middle of the restaurant.

Melody reaches over to her glass of wine on the table and takes a sip.

Quickly, Zayn's mouth widens further as she continues to eat the chef, his waistline crossing into her mouth. She notices Yasmine's outburst and flips her off with one hand. Her other is busy working on pleasuring herself. "Shuh th fuh uhp, Yath," she gurgles through her meal almost incomprehensibly.

The two Alexandras assisting have the chef by both arms and are slowly lowering him into Zayn's mouth, completely ignoring his protests. The immense indentation of his legs is visible through Zayn's throat and now her stomach.

"Zayn, stop it! You're going to kill him!" Yasmine shouts, and then she pauses and listens. She realises that the rest of the restaurant has fallen silent. She turns and looks at everyone staring at her. Even the jazz band has stopped playing and the members are staring at this strange woman shouting in the middle of a restaurant for no reason.

The chef is now shouting wordlessly, unable to kick or struggle but making as much noise as he can. No one else seems to care.

Sara continues to stare as though she were a statue.

Melody empties her glass, and motions for Alexandra to refill it. Alexandra, still holding the bottle, smiles and does so.

Sighing, the man half in her mouth, Zayn turns to Asmodeus. "Genie, tell Yasmine to stop making a fucking scene," the group hears in Zayn's voice, perfectly clear as if she wasn't halfway through eating someone.

"Of course, Mistress." Asmodeus looks up to her from the table. "Yasmine, stop making a fucking scene," he squeaks in his high-pitched voice.

Yasmine stares down at him, then collapses into a chair and puts her hands over her face to watch. She can't tear her eyes away from Zayn's bizarrely distended face and body, and whispers very quietly to herself, "Am I going insane right now?"

She continues fitting him in her mouth, enjoying the feeling of her belly stretching to accommodate her meal. Every part of the process feels like a constant swell of pleasure, the sensation increasing with each inch of her prey that she fits inside her.

As she gets up to the man's shoulders, the Alexandras release his arms and raise them up over his head, pushing his head down into the hungry Madame.

Melody leans over to Sara. "No, seriously, what did he do? I really wanna know." Sara doesn't answer. "I was distracted," Melody continues.

Without looking away, Sara replies slowly and quietly, "She didn't like the food."

Melody nods. "That's rough. That's a rough deal for him."

Slowly, the screaming chef is fully engulfed by Zayn's mouth. As he sinks further into the amazonian woman, Zayn's body seems to suck him in more and more with each swallow. Eventually, Zayn closes her mouth over his screaming head and massages her neck, her meal travelling down into her stomach. She shivers from the incredible sensations that she feels from weight in her belly.

Sitting up, she licks her lips and swallows one last time. "Fuck! That was so fucking good, oh my god. I'm fucking huge now, heh," she notices, looking down at the grossly distended stomach she now has beneath her large pair of breasts.

The eyes of the three girls are felt by her, as she looks back up at the horrified Sara and Yasmine and the curious Melody. "Don't fucking give me those looks. That was fucking hot, don't pretend like you weren't wondering how good it must have felt to eat him," she accuses, shifting her weight and resting her stomach on her legs as she leans back in the chair. The legs of the chair buckle a bit under the heavy weight.

Melody considers that. "I actually wasn't, but... I kinda am now."

The jazz band starts up again, and people start to turn away from Yasmine, back to their own tables. Conversations start to resume and soon the restaurant is filled with chatter.

Yasmine and Sara stare up at Zayn, huge and monstrous before them. Yasmine grabs Sara's arm and Sara grabs her hand. Sara finally speaks up, slurring slightly: "This is... this is really serious now Zayn. You just killed a guy."

She narrows her eyes and gets to her feet, her stomach sloshing and bouncing with the sudden movement. "Oh my gods, you two are so fucking boring. I can just bring him back to life or whatever the fuck later. Both of you are overreacting so fucking much right now, it's pissing me off," she says, rubbing her gurgling stomach. She gasps at the pleasurable sensation of the chef struggling fruitlessly inside of her gut.

Alexandra smiles at the table professionally. "Would ze Mesdames, ceure for deszaert?" she asks them. One of her bodies returns to Melody and begins to make out with her again, rubbing between her thighs. She hadn't yet fulfilled her quota of two orgasms yet.

Yasmine glances at the table. She jumps to her feet and grabs a steak knife, holding it like a weapon. She keeps still for several seconds, staring at Zayn, considering the wisdom of doing anything with it, and then, slowly, puts the knife back down on the table. She sits back down in her chair and puts her hands back over her face.

Sara watches this happen, and when Yasmine sits down, she turns and runs away, in the direction of the exit, nearly knocking over a server as she runs.

Melody grins and puts her glass of wine back down on the table, spreading her thighs to allow Alexandra to get to her pussy more easily

Zayn sighs again, watching Sara barrel into another server with her huge tits. She stands up, thinking for a moment while Sara scrambles to pick herself off the ground. Her immense gut feels weightless as she stands, almost as if it wasn’t there. "Fucking... Alright. Asmodeus, make it so the three of them aren't bothered by any of the things I decide to do, and give Sara and Yasmine the same command I just gave Melody," she says, frustrated at her friends and their sudden sensitivity.

Sara stops running. "Sorry!" she exclaims to the waiter who drops the food he was carrying, the plate shattering on the ground. She looks around at everyone staring at her, then turns to keep moving toward the exit, but simply stares at it instead, as though she'd forgotten where she was going. She shrugs and starts walking back to the table.

Yasmine removes her hands from her face and looks up at Zayn, towering over her. "That," she says, pointing up at her, "was wild."

Melody watches the other two girls' reactions, then looks back up at Zayn as well. "How was he?" she asks, genuinely curious.

Smiling once again now that her friends are on the same page, she sits back down in her seat, the chair groaning again under her immense weight. Her stomach hangs off the edge and halfway to the ground. "It was fucking incredible. Bet you three want to know how it feels huh?" she teases.

"Oh, by the way. Hope none of you mind, I messed with your heads a bit so you'd be less fuckin' squeamish and more fun. Everyone okay with that?" she asks, kneading the sides of her belly as she digests her food.

"Oh yeah, that's cool."

"No problem."

"For sure, I get it."

All three girls nod nonchalantly at being told that they've been altered mentally. None of them are bothered in the least. 

Alexandra watches the three settle down again, a bit worried at the possibility of an altercation between the girls for a moment. Seeing everyone calm down has the same effect on her. She moves her other two bodies over to play with Melody while she waits to be called on. Using twelve arms, she caresses every possible curve and swell of her figure, making sure she is able to use her skillful tongue as well.

Sara and Yasmine start spooning more food onto their plates. Yasmine tries the steak and the rabbit, but puts it back and sticks to the pasta and the vegetables. Sara and Melody eat the game meat with relish, and Yasmine and Sara titter about how cool it is that Zayn just ate someone and what they're going to do at school tomorrow.

Melody leans back in her chair, overwhelmed by all of the Alexandras dedicating all of their attention to her. She laughs and gasps and moans loudly enough for the whole restaurant to hear her, but no one cares.

Antonio hurries over to their table and addresses Zayn. "Mistress! I just heard about what happened. I'm so sorry that your experience here wasn't up to your expectations; please accept my most sincere regrets." He does look sincere.

Zayn shrugs. "Whatever, not like it's your fault that the food here sucked. I'm full now, anyway," she says, patting her stomach. She appraises Antonio, who is slightly sexier since the last time they spoke. A bit taller, a bit more rugged. "And you, my subject. You're coming along nicely, aren't you? Come and join us at the table. You can have the food that I'm not going to eat." Zayn decrees with regality.

Antonio stares in shock at Zayn, then turns to the exaggeratedly sexual woman eating at the table next to them. "Well... thank you very much, Mistress! Yeah, I'd love to!" He pulls up a chair from an adjacent table and sits down. He takes a business card from his pocket and hands it to Sara. "Here you are, Miss. As requested." Sara smiles and tucks it into her purse.

She turns her focus to Sara and Yasmine, who have done a complete 180 from just moments ago. "Hey, you two. Since you're so fuckin' concerned with the chef's wellbeing, you two can design him a new body. Make it be whatever you can agree on. Or, if you'd rather, you can both share a wish instead. What do you think?"

Sara and Yasmine turn to each other. Yasmine smiles and Sara shrugs. "I've already got a building full of people whose bodies I can design. Let's make a wish instead."

Yasmine turns back to Zayn, eyeing her distended, still-moving belly. "Okay..." She closes her hand into a fist and when she opens it, there's a tightly-rolled joint inside. She grins, brings it to her mouth and lights it. She takes a toke and blows smoke. "How about..."

"Ooh!" Sara interrupts her. "How about making it so we can read minds?"

Yasmine nods. "...yeah! Yeah, I'm down for that."

With Alexandra's mouths around each of her nipples and on her clit, Melody comes again. She slaps the tabletop with all of her strength, making the dishes rattle and spilling her wine glass. "Oh shiiiiiit, I have been missing out!" she closes her eyes and laughs.

A feeling of pressure makes its way up from her stomach and Zayn lets out a loud burp. "Heh, sorry, first time eating someone. Hmm, genie, make it so that I can digest people quickly, and that I gain the best characteristics and traits of the people that I digest. And then make it so that the rest of them goes into making me bigger and sexier."

With a burst of movement, Zayn leans forward and scoops up a glass of wine and brings it to her lips. Her other hand reaches between her tits for a cigarette, flipping the pack open and pushing one out. She holds it up in front of her, across her gigantic gut and towards the table.

"Yeah, reading minds is fine. Asmodeus! Make it so that Sara and Yasmine can both read people's minds by focusing on someone. Except mine, of course." Zayn adds, taking a long drink from the wineglass.

As Melody comes to another orgasm, Alexandra pulls away from Melody and gives her a simultaneous kiss with all three of her bodies.

"As you command, Mistress," Asmodeus answers, looking up at her from the table, stepping away from the spreading puddle of wine from Melody's spilled glass. He jumps up and beats his huge wings to hover in place in front of Zayn's cigarette so he can light it. Zayn knows that that kind of wing doesn't actually allow for hovering, but Asmodeus is doing it anyway.

And almost immediately, Zayn feels a heat and a churning from her stomach as the man inside starts to be incorporated into her. Her huge, overfilled belly starts to shrink slowly but visibly, and she feels her legs get longer, her ass get rounder, her tits get fuller, and her whole body stretches taller. It's hot. Not only that, but when she looks at the food on the table, she suddenly realises that she knows more about it; she understands how the meal was cooked, what kind of nutritional content all of the food has, and how to prepare it. The chef's extensive culinary knowledge - his best trait - has been absorbed and integrated into Zayn's knowledge.

Sara and Yasmine look at each other excitedly and start to gaze around at the different people in the restaurant. Yasmine notices two young men on a date, both of whom have been staring at her cock throughout the entire meal. She focuses on them and laughs as she learns that she's causing one of them to question his sexuality!

Sara, looking in another direction, laughs as well. "That guy over there is cheating on the girl he's cheating on his wife with! Wait... wait a minute." Her eyes widen as she realises that she can now know the name of anyone she likes. She smiles and surveys the room.

Once Asmodeus lights her cigarette, Zayn puts it to her lips. The act of smoking in such a high-class establishment is drawing a few angry looks that she relishes. As her distended belly continues to slowly dwindle in size and a wealth of knowledge fills her head, she looks over at Antonio. "So, my subject, I have a job for you to do." Zayn says, taking another puff from her cigarette.

Antonio hurriedly chews and swallows his bite of food. "Sure thing, Mistress. What would you like?"

She smiles. "Oh, it's simple. You will go and convert five people and show them the truth of your Goddess. I'll grant you the power to do so with ease. For each one you convert, they will receive the same blessing as yourself, while your blessing and faith will both become stronger. Oh, and they'll all serve you, as long as they serve me above all else. Prove to me your devotion, Antonio," Zayn commands, her scarlet eyes capturing his own.

Then she turns to Asmodeus. "Make everything I just promised him real. He can convert five people of his choosing by fucking them. For every person he converts, the blessing I gave him strengthens and he becomes more devoted to me. And all the other shit, too." Zayn finishes, waving her cigarette holding hand lazily.

Zayn looks back at the handsome maitre d'. "You may begin once we leave the restaurant. Choose the people wisely, make sure they are the ones that are deserving of my favor, Antonio." The growing goth mistress reaches out and drags a fingernail across Antonio's cheek, enjoying how the faintest touch seems to overwhelm him.

Antonio breathes heavily. "Thank you so much, Mistress. I already have people in mind. I'll get started as soon as you leave."

The three Alexandras stand up from servicing Melody. Two of them go to fetch some desserts for the table while one stays back and waits to be called on.

Yasmine looks over at Zayn's body, slowly swelling larger, her stomach slowly flattening, and starts to get an erection. "Holy shit, again?" she says to herself.

She removes her pants quickly, giving her dick room to expand under the table. She smirks and blinks, and all of her feathers fall out of her head, making a huge colourful mess on the floor. From her scalp sprouts a long, thin tendril, then another and another, which extend down to her lower body and grow hands. She starts to masturbate gently with her hand-hair, while she uses her normal two hands to continue to eat.

Sara's eyes settled on a middle-aged overweight couple sitting just a couple of tables away. The man has been staring at her all night, and Sara reads his thoughts just for the fun of it.

...and then I'd just sleep on them. Like pillows. I bet I could, I bet they're even more comfortable than the pillows I have at home. And maybe I'd...

Sara broke the connection and peered into the thoughts of his wife.

...fucking pig. I should have divorced him years ago. Any pair of breasts and he just stares shamelessly. I can't remember the last time he behaved in public. And that woman's breasts are obviously fake, there's no way someone has natural breasts that size. What must her parents think?

Sara pokes around a bit in that woman's mind to find her name, and speaks to herself, "Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn."

The woman's thoughts suddenly become contradictory and flustered. I mean... the breasts look very nice at that size, I just... can't imagine why someone would... well, no, I guess I do understand the appeal, but aren't they... well... I wonder what they feel like...?

Soon both of them are staring at her. She laughs and turns back to her meal.

There's a commotion now in the restaurant, as the waitstaff is informing a number of patrons that their meal is going to take longer than expected, since the head chef has been unexpectedly eaten. People complain loudly. Some get up and start to leave. A half-dozen from one table get up and walk over to Zayn's table, two older couples and one young couple, almost Zayn's age.

"What do you think you're doing?" says one, a man with greying hair and a paunch, wearing an expensive suit. "We've had these reservations for a month to celebrate my daughter's engagement, and now we can't even enjoy our meal because you've eaten the chef? You young people have no respect for anyone!"

Blowing a cloud of smoke into the man's face, she gives him a look of disdain. "Well, it's unfortunate that the chef was my meal, then. I'm far more important than you are, stupid. And all of this conflict is really working up my appetite again." Zayn licks her lips, eyeing up the six morsels that came to her table. Especially the elderly, overweight couple, who look like they would be awfully filling.

Alexandra steps in to try and diffuse the situation. "S'il vous plaît, accept mah must hombal apolozhees on be'alf of Le Jardin Achard. May ai intairest yor groupe in a vauchair for a free meal?"

The man bristles at Zayn. "You wouldn't dare. More important than I am? You haven't the faintest idea who I am." He turns to Alexandra. "Keep your voucher. We won't be coming back if this is the kind of behaviour you tolerate in your restaurant. But I need to finish with this young woman first."

The other people around him seem to have understood Zayn's threat, even if he doesn't. The young woman puts her hand on his arm, gently trying to pull him away. "Daddy, don't cause a scene. Let's just go somewhere else."

"I won't be spoken to like that!" the man insists. He points his finger in Zayn's face. "I can find out who you are - I can find out who your parents are - and I can make you regret talking to me like that."

As he begins his tirade, Zayn rolls her eyes, finishing her glass of wine and holding it out to Alexandra for another refill. She complies immediately, despite the confrontation. But when he gets to his last threat, Zayn begins to laugh uproariously. "Oh my gods, he's going to call my mommy! What am I gonna do, girls?" she cries, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she slaps the table. After a moment of laughter, Zayn stands to her feet. Now well over seven feet, courtesy of her last meal, Zayn towers over the man and his party, licking her lips. She stretches her jaw unnaturally as she does, trying to intimidate them further. "Keep pushing me, you old fuck. I just love it when I get to put ignorant little shits like you in your place." The giantess gets closer to the man, menacing him with her hugeness.

"Oh, I'm not going to call your mommy," he begins, "I'm going to call your mommy's boss. I will ruin you and your family in this town." But when her mouth enlarges, he hesitates and takes a step back. His wife now is whispering in his other ear, "Come on, Bill. It's not worth it."

But his anger and pride prevent him from walking away completely. "You think just because you're so tall and... and..." he motions to her overly sexual body, but doesn't actually say the words, "you can say whatever you like! No. I'm going to show you what consequences are, since clearly no one ever has."

Determined to get the last word in, he turns to his family. "Let's go," he says, starting to walk away.

The girls lean forward, watching intently. Melody nudges Sara with her elbow. "Is she gonna do it again?"

Sara shakes her head without looking away. "I dunno. Maybe. But whatever she does, it's gonna be good."

Yasmine extends two more tendrils from her head and leans back on her chair, bringing her cock up above the tabletop, masturbating now with five hand-tendrils. Her chair starts to tip backwards, and a sixth tendril shoots out quickly, extending to the ground and supporting her so that she can lean back as much as she likes. She makes herself comfortable, preparing for the upcoming spectacle.

Zayn laughs harder. "Ruin my family, that's hilarious. Fuck, I think I'm crying a bit," she says, wiping her eyes. "Genie, stop time for everyone except the two of us and my three friends here," she commands, seeing the six of them start walking away.

"Immediately, Mistress."

The restaurant is suddenly completely silent and still. Yasmine, Sara and Melody gasp and look at the motionless guests surrounding them. Melody gets up and starts poking the people at the other tables. Yasmine looks up at the ceiling, puts her hands behind her head and starts rubbing her cock more quickly.

The six people are frozen in place, mid-step, like statues.

Pleased with how her command was carried out, Zayn turns to the rest of the table. Her stomach, now merely the size of a full-term pregnancy, churns and shrinks as Zayn becomes more. "Kay, girls, how am I gonna punish this boomer fuck? I have my own idea, but I want to get your opinions. I love it when you give me suggestions," she purrs. "Oh yeah, and feel free to fuck around with the people here. They're toys for your pleasure."

As if to demonstrate, Zayn struts over to  a nearby table, her assets jiggling and swaying with each step. She grabs two plates of food and dumps them on the couple sitting at the table. For good measure, she splashes them each with a glass of wine, before tipping them back in their seat so they fall once time resumes.

"Okay..." says Yasmine, still rubbing her dick with her hair. She grins. "Make his wife a dom. Like, into humiliation, into piss, whatever. And make it so that he has to do whatever she says."

"Oh! And he won't ever be able to get an erection unless he's doing what she says!" Melody blurts out, her mouth full of ravioli. "And... his body should obey her, even if his mind doesn't want to!"

"I wanna see it, too." says Sara. "Make her get started on him right here in the restaurant. And..." she takes a look at the young man, the daughter's fiancé. "As for him... Make him shrink, except for his cock. Make him shrink small enough that he's basically going to be a dildo with a tiny man attached to it." She glances at the minds of the older couple and figures out that they're the aunt and uncle of the daughter. "These two should take turns fucking each other with him."

Zayn claps, proud of her friends. "Fuck yes, that's what I mean! Good shit, you three."

"Okay, my pet. Make him," she begins, pointing at the young man, "shrink, except for his penis. Do it until his dick is bigger than the rest of him. And then make those two," she says, pointing to the uncle and aunt, "super horny and want to use him as a dildo on themselves and each other. Right here in the restaurant. Ooh, and give them both the body of dildo-boy's fiancée below their head," Zayn commands, after a stroke of inspiration.

She pauses, now eyeing up the man being pulled on by his wife and daughter. "Now then. Make his wife twenty years younger. Then make both his wife and daughter taller, sexier, bustier, hornier, muscular, and very domme. And give them both a big 12 inch dick on top of that. With the same treatment you just gave Yasmine's. Then make it so they can make him do whatever they command him to do. Even if it's impossible, as long as it involves him. And then make it so both women get off on causing him misery and humiliation.

"And then I want them to all know about the changes I just made and that I'm the one that made them. Make sure the wife and daughter respect and revere me as a goddess, and would never think of standing against me or my friends. Then you can unfreeze time. Got all that, genie?" Zayn finishes, sitting down and spreading her legs to masturbate alongside Yasmine.

Asmodeus lightens a shade at being called ‘pet,’ and the faint traces of a smile cross his face. He listens attentively to the long list of commands, nodding after each one, and finally replies simply with “As pleases you, Mistress.” 

The changes all happen at once, and it’s impossible to watch all of them. The young man shrinks quickly and disappears into his clothes, until all that’s visible is a pile of fabric on the ground. The aunt and uncle, still frozen in time, swell and shrink and are rearranged until they look identical, from the neck down, to the young woman, including the tight red dress she’s wearing.

The wife and daughter, stuck in mid-turn, start to stretch taller, just passing six feet tall, and their muscles bulge out until they both have the body of athletes. Their clothes are resized to fit them perfectly and accommodate their new muscular shapes. The wife’s body becomes tighter, thinner, more supple, and smoother as the years fall away from her. And finally, a bulge appears at each one’s crotch, small for the moment but with the promise of becoming something much greater.

And then, everything resumes. The wife and daughter stop mid-turn and examine their bodies, gasping in pleasure. They both turn to look at Zayn with an expression of utmost gratitude and joy; “Thank you,” the daughter manages to say. They look at each other, then at Bill, who’s still walking away, oblivious.

“Bill, stop,” says his wife. He does. He holds still, facing away, not sure what’s happening. “Turn around,” she continues, and he does, slowly and looking very confused. He looks at his wife and daughter, and a long moment passes before he says, “Cheryl… Naomi… what happened?” But as he says it, he looks directly at Zayn. He knows what happened.

Cheryl – his wife – doesn’t answer his question. “You never listen to me, Bill. I told you. I told you it wasn’t worth it. And now look.”

Naomi considers for a moment what to do first. “Get down on your hands and knees, Daddy. And then crawl back over here.” Shaking, but without hesitation, Bill gets down on his knees and starts shuffling forward.

Meanwhile, Naomi’s aunt and uncle are running their hands over their new bodies. Her aunt crouches down to rummage through the pile of clothes until she finds what she’s looking for: her future nephew-in-law, two inches tall, shocked and bewildered, with a three-inch flaccid dick attached. She holds him by the waist between her thumb and middle finger, and holds him out for her husband to see. “Look at this, George. Not quite how we imagined, is he?”

George comes closer and examines him, smiling. “Not exactly, no.”

The nephew says something, but he’s far too small to be heard.

The aunt places him in the palm of her hand. “But this won’t do. We can’t do anything with him in this state, can we?” And she opens her mouth wide and lifts him up, enveloping his disproportionate cock in her mouth.

Zayn nods at the two ladies, watching the chaos unfold around her. The couple that she made a mess of in the corner falls to the ground, covered in their own food. The older aunt and uncle begin stimulating the would-be groom here in the restaurant with their new bodies. And the improved bodies of Cheryl and Naomi also draw a lot of attention as they exert complete control over the haughty father.

Zayn continues rubbing herself, reaching over and pushing Yasmine's hand tendrils out of the way to stroke her cock as well. "She's right, you dumb bastard. You should have listened to your wife and daughter. And from now on, you'll have to," she taunts from her seat. Her stomach is only slightly round now, having mostly digested her last meal.

Yasmine gasps and removes the rest of her hand tendrils to allow Zayn full access to her cock. As Zayn touches her, she reaches over with one of her tendrils and starts rubbing Zayn’s clit with it.

Alexandra gasps, watching the spectacle unfold and putting one of her four hands to her mouth. "Mon Dieu," she breathes, unsure of what to do.

The other diners in the restaurant stop eating and stare at the family. Bill crawls between tables of people who stare down at him, and Naomi’s aunt is getting a few stares as well from people near enough to see what she’s putting in her mouth.

Bill finally reaches Naomi, and looks up at her, like a dog, terrified at the expression his daughter has on her face as she looks down at him. She sits down in a chair, which seems smaller than it did a moment ago, and says simply, “Take off my sandals.” He immediately starts undoing the buckles.

Just a few feet away, Naomi’s aunt has brought her fiancé to his full length of six inches. There clearly isn’t enough blood in his body to fill his erect cock, but it somehow doesn’t matter; he’s fully hard anyway. George smiles at her and holds out his hand, and she gives the miniature man to him. He looks at him, and says: “You probably didn’t know this, Brian, but Mary and I have had our eye on you for quite some time. And this isn’t exactly what we pictured…” Mary leans over a table and pulls her dress up, exposing her naked pussy, “but it’ll do.” Again, Brian tries to say something, but is far too quiet. George ignores him.

George lowers Brian down and positions him directly under Mary’s waiting snatch, and pushes him in. Mary cries out and grabs the table forcefully, knocking over glasses and plates, while George pleasures her with Brian’s cock.

The other diners at this point start to shout and scream in disgust and indignation. Many get up and leave, others watch in fascinated horror.

Cheryl grabs a steak knife from a nearby table, ignoring the protests of the woman who had been using it, and bends down. She uses it to cut through Bill’s shirt and jacket, from his neck to his shoulders and down his sleeves, tearing the expensive fabric until she can yank it off from the bottom. Her bulge starts to grow, pressing out from her dress, starting to lift it up. Bill looks at it in horror.

“Cheryl… Naomi… think about what you’re doing. This is… you can’t do this to me, you… we’re in public, we…”

“Shut up,” says Cheryl casually, putting the steak knife back on the table. He stops talking immediately. 

“Lick my feet,” says Naomi, and he immediately does. Naomi’s dick starts to swell and stiffen as well, watching her father grovel before her. “You never had a problem with causing a scene before. It was embarrassing. Any time anyone – including us – did the slightest thing that you thought was disrespectful, you would make sure everyone knew about it. Well,” she looked at her mother. “Our turn.” 

Cheryl pulls a chair out from someone else’s table and sits on it. The man sitting there is too stunned to say anything, he just watches silently. Cheryl hikes up her dress, exposing her stiffening cock, currently at 7 inches and still growing. “Get up on your knees.” He does, his eyes glued to her new appendage. “Suck my dick.” He leans forward and takes her organ into his mouth, licking and sucking it silently. His eyes are clenched shut as he does.

Mary cries out in orgasm as George hits her most sensitive spot, thrusting with exactly the rhythm he knows she likes. Smiling, she turns around and takes Brian from him. “Your turn, dear.”

George looks down at his female body. “This is a new one for me,” he says.

Mary laughs. “I’ll help you figure it out.” She holds Brian by the shaft. “Bend over across that table over there.”

Naomi, from behind Bill, takes her dick in her hand and points it at him, and starts pissing on him, a long, steady stream. He stiffens as he feels the steaming hot liquid soak into his clothes and splash on the floor, but he doesn’t stop sucking his wife’s cock until Naomi tells him, “Now, Daddy, lick up my piss.”

Still under command to be silent, he removes his mouth from Cheryl’s dick and immediately gets down on all fours and starts licking the piss off the floor. Cheryl and Naomi laugh and laugh at him as he does. Cheryl looks over at George and Mary, and gets a glint in her eye. She looks down at Bill. “Bill, shrink to three inches tall.”

Bill stops licking up his daughter’s piss and looks up in horror, still magically silent. He quickly dwindles, though his clothes don’t – so that like Brian a moment before, he’s soon lost in a pile of fabric. Cheryl reaches down and picks him up, reaches down and inserts him gently into her cunt. She turns to Naomi, George and Mary. “Shall we go home?”

While Naomi's former fiancé is passed around between the two near-copies of her body piloted by her aunt and uncle, Zayn isn't sure whether to laugh or moan from the stimulation Yasmine is giving her. A trio of businesswomen are frozen in fear at a table less than ten feet away, backed into the corner of their booth together as they witness the depravity.

But even more delicious to Zayn was the comeuppance that Bill was receiving at the hands of his own family. Both were on their way to become Zayn's favorite amusement of the night so far. As the two newly-minted amazons whip out their huge dicks to humiliate him in front of the restaurant, Zayn is pushed over the edge.

"Don't stop, Yasmine, fuck~" she breathes, her left hand squeezing Yasmine's cock as she milks another orgasm out of her friend as well. Her own body starts quivering, shaking with the strength of the pleasure passing through her. She almost bites her tongue, but then remembers her control over the situation before letting loose a powerful groan.

When she regains control, Yasmine is just getting set off, and Zayn points her cock over at the couple who is picking themselves off the ground at a nearby table. The ropes have no trouble reaching the table from Yasmine's powerful cum-cannon, landing squarely in the face of the man before Zayn redirects it over to spray his date as well.

Seeing the two guests bending each other over and fucking on one table and two more guests having depraved sex nearby with their huge dicks, Alexandra drops the multiple plates of dessert she was on her way to bring out. Her current body stands frozen, watching the scene unfold in the restaurant while she brings her other bodies to get some help.

As Bill is shrunk down and put inside his wife's pussy, Zayn gets up from the table, causing Yasmine's hands to follow her body as it continues to caress her after the orgasm. They simply stretch further out of Yasmine's head to follow Zayn as she walks forward.

"Fuckin' bravo. Loved it," the nearly eight-foot tall teenager commends them, strutting forward in her heels. She claps her hands together casually as she does. "That was the sexiest shit I've seen all night. Antonio, my love, please inform the guests that the restaurant is closed for the night. And escort these folks out, surely they've seen enough," Zayn commands, looking back over her shoulder at the stunned maitre d'.

She walks up to Cheryl and Naomi, admiring their cut, busty figures. "But are you two really just going to leave without saying anything else to me?" she asks, frowning a bit.

Naomi and Cheryl both drop to their knees as Zayn approaches. “Oh my goddess, thank you…”

“Thank you! This was…”

“This has been the most incredible…”

“…amazing, just…”

They’re talking over each other, each one trying harder to show her gratitude and praise.

Antonio, flustered, begins ushering out the remaining patrons, those who haven’t up and left already. No one seems upset at having to leave.

Melody and Sara are laughing and clapping, eating the last of the food that’s left on the table. Sara cheers loudly and drunkenly, “You go, you big-dicked hot chicks!” 

Yasmine takes a moment to recover from her latest orgasm. The feeling of Zayn’s hand on her cock seems to linger, and she touches it gently, savouring the moment.

Zayn laughs, happy with her praise. She looks behind her at Yasmine, noticing the hands still groping her chest and massaging her cunt. "Yasmine, babe, you can stop now," she says.

She turns to her new subjects. "Okay, okay, get up. I get it, first time meeting a goddess, it's no big deal really. It was nothing. Now," she says, with some authority, "as a reward for impressing me, you are invited to my friend's party that she's throwing at her new place. Just you two and your slave, sorry girls," Zayn says, looking over at the aunt and uncle that are still going at it on a nearby table.

Yasmine, slightly embarrassed, withdraws her tendril-hands back into her scalp as her cock slowly deflates. She shakes her head and sprouts a large, bushy, neon green and black wig. "I'm ready for a party," she smiles.

"What - right now?" Naomi excitedly asks. 

Sara raises her glass of wine. "Party!" she shouts. "Whose place is it at?"

Zayn looks over at the three girls, rolling her eyes at Sara. "Your place, dummy. Remember, the one I gave you?"

Sara's eyes widen. "Ohmygod I get to see my place!" She balls her hands into fists and jumps up and down.

George and Mary don't even hear Zayn's comment; they're enjoying themselves far too much with Brian.

Melody glances over at Alexandra and Alexandra. "Can... can we keep them?" she asks, grinning, pointing with her thumb. "I like them."

She examines the Alexandras and shrugs. "Sure, they're hot, they can come too. Ooh, Melody, how about this? Asmodeus, make it so that Melody is dating Alexandra, and Alexandra remembers that they have been dating for almost a year now. Also, make it so Alexandra only talks in the french accent while she's working. I can barely understand what the fuck she's saying half the time," Zayn says with a lazy hand wave.

Turning back to Cheryl and Naomi, Zayn nods. "Yeah, right now. You can walk with us if you'd like. Make sure you let your slave out to breathe though, wouldn't want him to get too comfortable in there," Zayn teases, her eyes flickering down below the turgid erection of the former-housewife.

Melody stares in shock over at her new girlfriends and gives a brief but loud laugh. “That’s… so fucking cool.”

Alexandra looks over at you. “We get to come too? Thank you Zayn!” She looks over at Melody. “Thanks Babe.”

Melody laughs for about ten seconds, then looks up at Alexandra. “No problem. Babe.”

Cheryl nods thoughtfully and opens her legs to pull out her husband, sputtering and gasping for air. "You can talk now, dear," she says.

Bill glares at her. "I should have divorced you when I had the chance!" he growls.

Cheryl laughs. "And you still talk to me like that! You're going to regret it, but..." she nods. "Still. I'm impressed."

Naomi puts her hands on her hips. “So, should we put our cocks away, or does it… not even rally matter?”

Zayn shrugs. "Do whatever you want. Who's going to stop us? Certainly not you, tiny," she remarks, poking the diminished Bill with a rough finger.

"Hey Alex, go grab us a dozen bottles of wine and champagne for the road. Sara's buying, right?" she asks. Zayn teases a pierced nipple with one hand casually, enjoying the feeling of her new size.

The Alexandras grin. "Oh, good idea Zayn!" she echoes in her three voices. Two break off to do that while one lingers for a moment. "I should probably go get changed anyways. One sec!" she chirps, giving Melody a quick smooch before following her other two bodies to the back of the restaurant.

Zayn turns her attention back to Naomi. "Well, I hope you enjoy your wedding gift. Though, are you really going to marry a walking penis? Especially one so pathetically small?" Zayn asks, tracing a nail down Naomi's erection from base to tip.

Naomi inhales sharply at the sensation, but looks over to her aunt, uncle and fiancé. “Auntie Mary, I’m going out! Take good care of Brian, alright?”

Mary laughs. “Oh, dear, I will.”

She turns back to Zayn. “I think so! We’ll have some stuff to figure out, but… I’ll make it work!” She gasps. “Zayn, I know we just met but I have to ask, will you please please come to my bachelorette party?”

Zayn chuckles. "Sure, whatever. You can introduce your friends and family to your new goddess. It'll be fun."

Alexandra carries a bottle or two in each hand, passing them out to the girls. She approaches Naomi and Cheryl and gives each of them one too, blushing furiously at their nudity and trying not to look down.

Antonio comes back from escorting all of the guests out and sees Alexandra, Alexandra, and Alexandra carrying as many bottles of wine as they can. He immediately offers to carry some. When they all reach the girls, he asks: "Is there anything else I can do for you, Mistress?"

Striding over to the maitre d', Zayn presses against him once again. Her huge breasts envelop his vision as she places her hands around his shoulders. "No, Antonio, I think you can start your mission. Perhaps if you finish it soon enough you can arrive at the party. Be quick about it, love," she says.

With a catlike grin, she gently presses his head into her cleavage, smothering him a bit before releasing him. As he catches his breath, Zayn bends down and gives him a rough kiss on the lips. "Excellent service tonight, my subject," she purrs, before turning around and walking back to her friends.

"Kay girls, I'm ready to see Sara's new place. Sara, you better make sure it's fuckin' good, since it obeys your whims and shit."

Antonio stumbles backwards from the kiss, speechless. He touches his face and looks at his hand, and looks back up at Zayn. He’s now about six and a half feet tall, heavily muscular, and he’s tenting out his pants unselfconsciously.

The three girls holler and cheer and start walking toward the exit. Melody stops and surveys the chaos they’re leaving behind, the broken glasses, the plates and tablecloths on the ground, the giant puddles of come on everything. She pulls out her phone and snaps a picture of it. She uploads it to Instagram, then puts her phone back in her purse and follows her friends.

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