Here it is, a new site for posting content related to powerful women (and men, if that's your thing). For the moment, this site will be focused on story content on the main page. The same way brawna served the female muscle community and overflowing bra serves the breast expansion fetish, I would like this site to become a haven for those who like to take all of those related "improvement" kinks to their most extreme. Stories need not be focused around ascension. Any content with one person growing better than their peers will do. Submissions are open to all users and I encourage people to contribute. The only way for this fetish to grow is content. I know it's rather barebones right now. We don't even have a banner yet - I don't know any artists and I don't want to take someone's art without permission. Expect changes to be coming as I work on the layout and other site features.


I think the most important feature would be pre-set story tags. Tags are essential, because you need people to be able to find stories in their niche. If you let up-loaders make their own tags, it will only fracture the community as people come up with infinite terms that all mean the same thing. But, crafting the right tags will be paramount. If this idea works the way I hope, it will be defining the terminology for an entire fetish. I should also use the same terms used in other overlapping sites. Only then will you get the maximum snowball effect.

The idea would be to set a definition for things that do not have a proper definition yet. Putting those ideas into the fetish lexicon will also solidify them, making a structure in people's minds they can build off of.

I cannot stress highly enough how important I feel standardized story tags will be.