All for One

I was running incredibly late. The first test of the RIFT device (Reality Inversion and Fluctuation Technology) was going to begin any moment now. I’d been hired for this top secret project because I apparently had ‘a high level of desire and passion’ that they thought could be used to improve the device. Something about how it’s scanning and operating systems worked. I don’t fully understand what they meant by that, but I doubt I was supposed to. After all, I’m just a low level researcher who helped build the code while the real eggheads managed to theorize the technology. I slide my keycard through multiple security doors with the strongest magnetic locks tax payer money can buy.

As I ran as quickly as I could, I did pass by some of my fellow coworkers who would not be there to witness the beginning of mankind’s greatest achievement. But none of them paid me much mind. I was a pretty average joe: dull black hair, green eyes, stocky average build, standing 5’8” and really not all that imposing. It did sting my pride a fair bit. ‘Come on,’ I thought, ‘I’m at least important enough to actually SEE the RIFT be activated, unlike you.’ But I had much more relevant things to be doing, so I bottled up my impotent rage.

After maybe another ten minutes of rushing through long winding hallways and passing other people who apparently had more necessary things to do and couldn’t spare a moment to even say a quick hello to me, I reached the most secure door in the building. It had multiple layers of security: retinal scanner, voice authentication, palm reader, keycard lock, and about a dozen more on top of that. It wasn’t a surprise, this device was supposed to help improve all of mankind, and if anything happened to it there was no telling what might happen. A device capable of rewriting the fabric of reality was a dangerous tool that should only be handled by those who could be trusted, despite their personal desires.

Once I finally got the massive bank vault style door open, I was welcomed to the sight of about two dozen other researchers, technicians and programmers strewn about the room. I approached my boss, the lead researcher on the entire project who ran this top secret facility. “I’m sorry I’m late, Dr Calten. I was-“

She immediately cut me off with a wave of her hand. She spared me an indifferent glance, looking down on me with her 6 foot height. “It doesn’t matter. Just get into position. The device is priming to activate.” I gave a quick nod, biting down even more rage at being so casually dismissed as I got into position at my terminal.

The device itself didn’t appear as anything particularly special at first glance. It had a sleek, solid stainless steel casing, cylindrical in a way not dissimilar to a bullet. A single screen was on the face, along which the word SCANNING scrolled by on repeat. It was scanning with a dish antenna that was coming out if an opening at the top of the device. And, sitting on a low table right in front of the device, was an apple. The RIFT worked by scanning its immediate area for the strongest source of desire, and then by using processes even I didn’t completely understand it used an unknown energy source to rewrite the fabric of reality and space-time to make that desire true. Dr Calten had given us all the simple task: “I want everyone to desire the apple to be an orange.” It was easy enough, and as long as everybody was focused on the same thing the RIFT should work.

However, I wasn’t trying to want the apple to be an orange, or a banana, or any other fruit. I just couldn’t shake my anger at being dismissed and ignored for most of my day. Yes, I wasn’t any high end researcher or even head of the project, but damn it I worked hard to get here!!! I worked my ass off through college and studied programming software to help build high grade computers. I may not have had a Master's Degree or anything, but couldn’t anyone recognize me as ‘somebody.’ I didn’t even realize I was mumbling out loud, not that anyone would be paying attention to me as usual. “What do I have to do to get some goddamn respect around here.”

As soon as those words left my mouth, the RIFT stopped scanning, its antenna folding in on itself and sinking back into the hatch on top. The screen displayed: SCAN COMPLETE, BEGINNING REALITY ALTERATION. Everyone was practically leaning out of their seats as they watched the apple with total concentration. I was probably the only one who didn’t as my arms were crossed in front of my chest and I watched with a flat expression. The RIFT hummed with energy, the metal was actually heating up enough to glow red hot. A small hatch slid open in the face of the cylinder, and something built up.


I had to rub my eyes a bit from the sudden bright flash. It took at least a minute before I or anyone could see again. When my vision came back to me, I looked to the RIFT. It’s display now reads: ALTERATION COMPLETE. When I looked at the table though, it was still an apple that sat on there. Sighing, I stand up and speak to everybody. “Alright, it looks like we still have a fair few kinks to work out everyone. Let’s try to figure out where we went wrong and run test two in a week.”

I hear a chorus of “yes sir” from the assembled group of people. As lead researcher I’m in charge of this project and the entire facility. It is my job to make sure this stuff goes the way it is supposed to. After all, seeing as I have a PhD in programming and software engineering, of course I would head up the facility. As we are all preparing to leave, I do stop in front of Calten. “Calten, make sure everything is in working order for next week. We may have all the time in the world for this project, but the people paying us are going to demand results at some point.”

She nodded in understanding, as my second-in-command, so to speak, she understood better than anyone else the necessity of making this project work. “Of course sir. I can promise you, whatever went wrong before we will have it ironed out and operational for the next test.” I nod, then give Calten a dismissive wave of the hand to go do that. Being in charge of the facility is hard work, and I have a lot of things to do. Besides, everyone here is smart enough to know what they have to do. I do however, spare the RIFT one more look, it’s display still reading that same thing: ALTERATION COMPLETE. But ultimately I shrug; first tests rarely ever work the way they are meant to, it just means we will have to work harder for next time. As I step out and head to my office, I am greeted to many professional and friendly greetings. It’s something I’m used to, as everyone tries to be on halfway decent terms with me. I haven’t fired anyone yet, but there is no telling when or if I may need to. Besides, the respect is nice, it’s what I deserve...even if I could do with more of it.

(one week later)

The last week had been rather intense for all of us at the site. After looking over the code in the RIFT, I had noticed a slight deviation that may have explained why the device failed to change the apple into an orange. It had taken a bit of working on all our parts, but we did eventually get it sorted out. Calten made sure to give me regular progress reports. She had been nervous that I would fire somebody, possibly her, because of the failure. I didn’t, I wasn’t cruel like that, however I couldn’t help thinking how it would feel to fire somebody for a tiny mistake.

I calmly walked the halls of the facility back to the testing room. I was in no rush, why would I be when this was my facility to operate. The men and women who worked for me all gave me pleasant greetings, a ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ or ‘good morning.’ I liked the respect, it made all the hard work getting my PhD worth it. It was why I was taken on as head of the facility, because I had the most knowledge on machine processes and how to prepare the code that the RIFT used to function. Calten had been the next choice to have my job, and I just barely beat her out there; she certainly was smart, not much of a looker as she didn’t have all too many curves. But I was a professional, I wasn’t supposed to be staring at my female employees like that; one wrong look taken the wrong way and I’d be out of a job.

I arrived in the highly secure room to the sight of everyone just as they were last week. Calten seemed to be typing something up when she heard the doors open and she looked my way. “Oh sir, great timing. I was just finishing up some last minute touches that should fix the glitch the RIFT had. Just making sure everything is in working order,” she told me with a few final keystrokes.

I nodded, trusting her with her job as I took my place at the head desk reserved for me. “Alright everyone, time for test #2. Fire it up!” A nod from one of my male technicians, and the scanner dish popped out of the top of the large metal cylinder. SCANNING appeared on the screen again, the same table sitting in front of it with a brand new apple. “Alright guys and girls, let’s get it right this time. Focus on the apple being an orange.” Nobody said a word but I could see the looks of concentration on their faces as they tried to think of the apple being an orange. As they did though, my mind couldn’t help wandering just a little like it did last time. My eyes settled on Calten: she had a rather pale face, a bit taunt with slightly sunken blue eyes, her red hair tied up in a tight bun to keep it out of her face. Her lab coat did nothing to hide her body, because she really didn’t have one worth looking at all that much. In fact, all the women who worked for me here had similar body types. Certainly very professional women, but the biggest out of all of them was a very tiny B-cup and no ass to speak of. I know it’s wrong and unprofessional, but I am still a man and it would be nice if the girls here showed off a bit more for us guys. We are all trapped down here together, I don’t see why not.

Far faster than last time, the RIFT suddenly displayed SCAN COMPLETE, BEGINNING REALITY ALTERATION. As the antenna sunk back in and it began to power up, I was actually pretty excited. That had been a lot faster than last time. Hopefully that meant whatever issues were present were fixed. The device rattled and rumbled, the hatch slid open and…


When my vision cleared I saw the ALTERATION COMPLETE message, and I had a scowl on my face. The apple was still an apple, not an orange. I stood up to my full 6’6” height, tight and lean muscles allowing me to spring up far faster than anyone expected. “Alright, which one of you ladies wasn’t trying hard enough?!”

There was dead silence in the room as all those present stared at each other but refused to speak up. The women were a bit frightened, which I couldn’t blame them for. I cut an imposing figure when I wanted too, after all I had worked very hard to look this way. Going to the gym for 3 hours, 3 days a week had left me with a very nice swimmer’s build that hid my true strength. Least of all my intelligence, what with my 4 PhDs in programming, engineering, mathematics and chemistry. I had been the top student at Harvard University every year I had been attending, and was their most distinguished alumnus. Nobody doubted I deserved the position I had. Because of that I ran a very tight but fair ship. My people were allowed to wear just about anything they wanted, which is why despite being scientists it was usually jeans, t-shirts, short skirts and frankly just not much in the way of dull attire.

Granted, I did this mostly for myself and the other men on the payroll; counting myself there was maybe 1 man to every 8 women in the facility. We were all stuck down here because our employers wanted the facility and project to remain completely top secret. So allowing the women to show off a bit more extra skin and cleavage and leg certainly helped. But maybe I was being too lax, causing everyone to get distracted.

My eyes drifted to Carrie, my second. She was the next closest person here who could have had my position if I wasn’t so overqualified for it. She let her long red hair fall freely behind her to the middle of her back, her soft pale face showing nervousness as her blue eyes stared into my piercing green ones even as she looked like she wanted to look away. She was wearing a blue skirt that matched her eyes, cut just above the knee to show off her legs a little, her blouse open to reveal a bit of her rather substantial F-cup tits. I ogled her for a bit, which allowed me to see a rosy pink blush flare up on her cheeks. But I swiftly got my act together as I stared down at her, towering over her even when she was standing at full height. “Carrie, you better have a good explanation for why the machine failed.”

Carrie was nervous, babbling a bit but seemingly unable to find a reason as to why. “I…..I d-don’t know sir. I was positive….it should have worked. I...I d-don’t…”

I cut her off with a firm look that had her trembling, and all the other women were nervous too. When I was displeased, I tended to fire people. Half the male staff had been fired the very first day because of their own incompetence. I was more than reasonable, but they clearly didn’t see it that way, and so were replaced (mostly by women). There were dozens and dozens of people who would kill to be a part of this project, so I didn’t care about firing a few people to make sure we got the job done correctly. “Let me make this clear to you Carrie: we are running a third test in one week. If I don’t see an orange on that table when that happens, you can kiss this job goodbye and I will find someone more qualified to assist me. I don’t need you, do you understand?!”

Carrie had tears in her eyes but she nodded in understanding. Then I faced the rest of the team here, the most important ones at the entire facility, who were all just as expendable. “That goes for all of you here. I can replace any of you in a heartbeat, don’t disappoint me again.” Without another word, I stormed out of the testing room to return to my private office/living quarters. Being the boss had perks, like my own private room while everyone else had to sleep in barrack-like rooms. As I did, I passed other people. Only about 2 other men, who each gave me a polite greeting but avoided eye contact with me. The rest were all women who gave me cheerful and happy greetings and kind smiles. It helped my rotten mood a little, especially when I got to eye them up. Most of the women here had rather large breasts, and firm, tight asses you could bounce a quarter off of. It helped a little, bit not by much. “For god’s sake, I could get more done with a team of total bimbos. At least then they’d just follow orders easily, unlike these simpletons,” I muttered as I slid my keycard into the scanner for my private elevator.

(one week later)

It was a particularly tense week as word quickly spread about my reaction to the RIFT failing again. Looking back on it I could have handled that situation better, but I wasn’t going to apologize to anyone. I had to make it clear to them that failure would not be tolerated and swiftly punished. That should get their fat asses moving and thinking of ways to make our mission a success.

Carrie especially was constantly nervous around me, whenever we were together she would give me shy and fearful looks and always she would look away when she caught me looking back. I liked that, liked that sense of fear I instilled in her pretty little head. I also made a habit of regularly ogling her whenever possible, as despite my warning she hadn’t stopped dressing the way she always had been. In fact, she seemed to take my threat to heart and was working doubly hard to please me and make sure everything went right this time. That kind of obedience, that subservience really got to me.

One thing I always struggled to find in high school and college was the right girl. The problem I had was that I had a very specific type: beautiful, airhead, and submissive. If all three boxes were checked off I wouldn’t even give them the time of day. And if I did find a girl like that but she ever said ‘no’ to me, for any reason, I’d dump her on the spot. I was a man, so any girl I dated had to obey without question. One look at me and anyone could understand why that should be the case.

Sadly, Carrie only checked off one box on that list. She was just too smart for my liking, and she did follow my orders but she wasn’t completely subservient like my ideal type of woman should be. Not that it mattered, I’d find that kind of woman eventually.

Carrie wasn’t the only one though. The entire facility was working overtime to the extreme and desperate to find what went wrong. According to the multiple daily reports, someone may have entered an extra few 1s or 0s in the binary sequence that caused the RIFT to be unable to pick up on the necessary signals. No matter, it should already be fixed by now for our third (and final) test.

I was the first to arrive at the testing room. I was always first on sight, so I could make sure everyone who needed to be here would be here on time. As I waited, I began to type in my state of the art keyboard and run a few diagnostics on the device. Everything was coming back green, the code looked correct from everything I could see. For all intents and purposes, the machine was in perfect working order and should work completely.

Just as I was setting up to activate the RIFT when everyone was in position, I heard the doors slide open. And the first to arrive, stacks of papers clutched tight to her ample chest, was Carrie. Her eyes widened when they landed on me, and then she shyly looked away as she scurried to her desk. “S-Sir...I’m sorry. I should have been here sooner. I don’t m-mean to keep you waiting,” she scrambled to apologize for a slight she had not committed. Truly, the power I held over her was intoxicating. With just a few words, I could ruin her life and destroy her forever.

But, for now at least, I offered her a small smirk. My shining white teeth had a delicate sheen to them as I smiled at Carrie. “Don’t worry Carrie, you have not done anything wrong this time. In fact, I’ve seen how hard you’ve been working to fix your mistakes.” My words had her soft blue eyes widening in shock, the papers in her arms almost dropping and scattering across the floor. “I’ll expect this level of productivity going forward, so you best not disappoint me.”

Carrie barely managed to squeak out a, “Yes sir,” when the doors opened again and the rest of the operators and technicians and programmers began to file in. Each one booted up their respective terminals and double checked their sections of system functions that I had already looked through completely. Nobody wanted a repeat of last week, as my threat still hung heavy in the air of the secure chamber. Once everyone had finished their redundant checks, I strolled up to the table in front of the large metal cylinder, and pulled a fresh polished red apple from my own jacket pocket. I set it on the table in the dead center. As I walked back to my terminal I spoke again to the assembled team. “Okay everyone, we are not wasting time on pleasantries this time. Start up the device!”

And just like last week, the fish extended out of the top and the familiar SCANNING ran across the screen. Nobody needed me to tell them for a third time what to do. They all knew what had to be done and what was riding on this if it failed again. While the team focused on apples being oranges, I let my eyes wander over to Carrie’s amazing ass. Both cheeks were hidden by her skirt, but still firm and round enough that I could make out the contours with ease. Like two fresh baked bread loaves, those cheeks were begging to be felt up by a man’s strong grasp. Just like her rocking F-cups, and her cute face, and trim waistline. Really, any man would kill to date a girl who looked like this, but I just shook my head. ‘She just isn’t my type,’ I thought simply, ‘Not nearly submissive enough. If she were a bit more like a typical airheaded secretary then maybe I’d…’

SCAN COMPLETE, BEGINNING REALITY ALTERATION suddenly flashed across the screen, catching everyone off guard. Even me, as my eyes followed the antenna and dish sinking into the bullet-like casing. “What is it moving this quickly?” I questioned, not expecting an actual answer. And I didn’t get one, as nobody would have been able to provide an explanation anyway. We all could only watch as the RIFT heated up again, the hatch opening up and the same event that had happened twice already went off again.


This time it took a bit longer to get my bearings as I put a hand on top of my desk to steady myself. “Sir, are you okay,” a familiar soft, slightly high and feminine voice spoke from directly behind and to my left. I looked to see Carrie, my personal assistant, staring at me with concern in her eyes. Concern...and also clear arousal. It made perfect sense why she would be. I was the only man working on this entire site, every other man who tried to apply almost immediately became too intimidated by my mere presence to stay more than a day, if that. I was a hulking 6’11” tall, 400 pounds of nothing but rock hard, solid muscle. I looked like I had been working out in a gym every day for my entire life, though in truth I’d never so much as set foot in a gym. My face was like chilled stone, my jaw hard and firm, while my arms were larger than boa constrictors with enormous biceps that looked like bowling balls under my arms.

Carrie meanwhile looked like a walking wet dream. Big baby blue eyes, radiant red hair that fell in waves to her lower back. Massive KK-cup tits that she showed off in a tight fitted blouse and bra two sizes too small, and her pencil skirt that showed off her amazing legs and all of her soft and creamy thighs, as well as her amazing bubble butt pushed up by her 4 inch heels. Plus, I could see a snail trail of pussy juice running down her legs, as her eyes were glued to a certain something. Which I could never blame her for. After all, my cock was definitely something any woman would marvel at.

I gave my assistant a once over, which made her shudder as I did before I spoke. “Yes Carrie, I’m just fine.” I looked to all of my assembled team, each lovely lady looking at me with nervous expectation, but also barely concealed lust. Again I couldn’t fault them for it, given I WAS an amazing specimen of a man physically, and mentally was their complete superior in every way given I had 14 PhDs in multiple different fields of study. But I wasn’t here to marvel at how much the women in my employ idolized me, or to leer at their amazing bodies (not too much at least). I turned my attention back to the RIFT, ALTERATION COMPLETE once more reading on the screen. And, once more, the apple was still an apple. The air was heavy with intense dread as my threat from last week rang through everyone’s minds. Carrie barely managed to convince me not to fire everyone and get a completely new team last week.

“Someone, please explain why I am NOT seeing an orange right now,” I spoke in a dangerously calm voice. There were trembles coming from many of the girls, a few even had tears welling up in their eyes at the fear of being fired. Though, from what I could tell at least a few of those seemed more scared because they wouldn’t be able to see ME anymore rather than lose a job that offered a 7-figure salary.

“I……..I d-don’t know sir…” a shy looking brunette in a low cut top with spaghetti straps that left a very substantial strap gap to show off her acres of cleavage spoke up. “We, like, all checked the work super closely all week. We were sure everything would be, like, completely right like you wanted.” Several others nodded in agreement here, positive that she was correct.

I looked at that brunette, a baby faced beauty who could have won any number of beauty pageants and even been a model if she wanted. And I spoke two short and simple sentences. “You’re fired. Get out.” My words were simple, short, and held zero room for argument or to plead for reconsideration. The brunette babe went wide eyed for a moment, and then I watched as her eyes welled up with tears as she bolted out of the room sobbing. My cock throbbed in my pants at this, and I turned to Carrie. “Come with me Carrie, there is something I’d like to discuss with you.”

Carrie offered no argument, no resistance. She gave a soft and gentle, “Of course sir,” and followed me obediently. I gave none of the other girls a second glance and walked out with Carrie right behind me. I was furious, I wanted to punch a hole into the nearest wall. But I had a much more useful way to blow off my frustrations. I led Carrie to the private elevator that would take us down to my office/personal suite, scanning my keycard; it was the only one that could open the elevator from this side. I stepped in, followed by my assistant. There was a moment of dead silence, right up until the elevator doors closed completely.

As soon as they were shut, I spun around, and grabbed Carrie by the shoulders. She moaned at my tight, powerful hold that we both knew she couldn’t break free of. Her arms, previously holding a clipboard that had my personal agenda and other important information, fell limp as it clattered to the floor with a loud rattle. I forced her down to her knees, a few wet drips falling into the ground under her; her pussy was so wet that she was leaking through her panties! “What the fuck went wrong Carrie?! Answer me!” I yelled at her as I began to unzip my straining pants.

Carrie was trembling, both from fear and arousal, as she tried to answer. “I don’t know Sir. I did everything you asked me too, I spoke with all the girls, passed on all your orders and notes. I made sure everyone knew what you wanted. But...but you know I’m no good at all this complicated stuff. I don’t even know how the machine works. I’m just your assistant…” she trailed off, unsure of how to respond. And it was true, Carrie was just an assistant, a completely average high school graduate not even qualified to be in this building.

But I had insisted on a secretary, assistant, whatever you wanted to call the position nowadays. To help me with the more menial tasks someone of my position should not have to waste time on. “That’s right,” I spoke in a hard tone as I got my pants down around my ankles, and my massive cock and balls sprang out in front of her. “You’re my assistant. And right now you are going to ‘assist’ me with relieving my stress at the utter incompetence you bitches are showing. Now suck me off,” I ordered in a dead serious tone.

Carrie moaned at that, and immediately sprang forward as she latched her thick and pillowy lips around my turgid meat log. My dick was a staggering 2.5 feet long, and thick around as Carrie’s wrist. And my balls were the size of apples, filled with more semen than most men could make in a week. Carrie wasn’t deterred, this was far from her first time sucking me off, though she still had yet to get used to my length or girth. Even still, she slipped her lips over the fat head of my cock, and her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked with gusto. Moaning and trembling with lustful need, I watched as a hand slipped under her skirt and she began to finger herself while blowing me. I let it happen, watching indifferently as I watched her suck. Her head bobbing up and down, tongue dancing along my length and teasing the gigantic cock head that rested on her tongue and occasionally slipped into her throat.

I knew her enthusiasm truly spiked when she got her first taste of my precum. Her eyes dilated, her cheeks hollowed just a bit tighter, and she would force as much of my 2.5 foot long monster down her throat as she could. All the while she jacked off the part not lodged in her esophagus with her tiny hands, now slick with her own pussy juice, as well as caressing my sperm factories like they were priceless jewels. Again I let it happen, but eventually I got bored just watching her suck and moan and drool and gag on my monolith. I put my giant hands on the back of Carrie’s head, and let my fingers tangle into her waves of red hair. And then I began to skull fuck her like her mouth and face were a fleshlight. Her eyes bugged out and dilated further as more precum splashed onto her tongue and her breathing was cut off. This was why I had demanded a secretary: just so I could fuck her. And Carrie was a woman I actually considered worth fucking. She had a killer body a man like me should have hanging off his arm, she was nowhere near as smart as me, and she always obeyed my orders without question.

All in all, the entire blowjob only lasted around 2-3 minutes, about as long as it took the elevator to go down to my private quarters. But it felt like hours as I fucked Carrie’s face with the ruthlessness of a man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. Not that that seemed to bother her any, given a huge puddle of her honey was splattered all over the elevator floor, her entire body trembling and eyes glued to my uncaring expression. I didn’t say a word or make a sound until the end. My gigantic balls tensed up, and with a heavy groan of primal desire I blew my load down her throat. Carrie didn’t even attempt to pull off, granted she couldn’t anyway with how I was holding her head, but that didn’t matter. She guzzled down my cum like it was divine nectar, her mouth like a mini vacuum as she sucked down my baby batter. When I finally released my grip on her head, Carrie pulled off and began to sputter and cough due to her lack of air. My meat missile was still hard as a rock, and just then was when the elevator chimes and the doors opened to a well furnished hallway that led deeper into my quarters. “You’re gonna be spending a lot of time helping me ‘relieve stress,’ and then you will go and tell the rest of those useless idiots what it is exactly I want them to do. Do you understand?!”

Carrie barely managed to squeak out a gargled, “Yes,” before I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her forcibly to her feet. She stumbled in her heels, but I didn’t care. I was gonna fuck her on every piece of furniture I owned before I let her deliver any kind of news to the rest of those brainless bimbos.

(three weeks later)

The last three weeks went by mostly in a blur of rage enduced fucking. As soon as I got Carrie into the hallway, I forced her up against the wall and shoved by raging cock into her drenched and quivering pussy so hard I tore through her ruined silk panties. She was a moaning, crying mess of pleasure as I fucked her over and over again. I had been so infuriated at the test failing yet again that I just had to take it out on something. And Carrie was always more than happy to offer up her body to be my cum dump and pleasure doll when I needed it.

I fucked her against every single wall, on the couch, my king sized bed, the kitchen counter, the bookshelf. If it was or if it had a surface, I fucked her on it in one way or another. It took 18 days of near constant fucking before I was in a mindset where I could order Carrie to go and tell the rest of my airheaded workers what to do. And even still it took her multiple hours to even try standing up. I had filled her stomach to bursting half a dozen times, fucked her ass so brutally that she probably couldn’t sit down for at least two weeks, and her pussy was a drooling cum fountain as I had blasted her womb open with my vicious load; she was going to be walking bowlegged, showing everyone what a total slut she was being fucked by her boss. And I loved that because it made my total control of her feel all the greater.

Those last three days had everyone scrambling as they had not known what to do. I hadn’t said anything to anyone since the last failure, so Carrie suddenly announcing a maintenance check caught everybody off guard. Carrie later told me how everyone was asking her if she was okay. Apparently she had been getting a lot of looks because she was walking so awkwardly, legs bowed out as they were. And also, more than 80% of those looks had been jealous ones. Everyone knew Carrie and I were fucking, and from what I could guess most, if not every woman in the building wanted a piece. But Carrie was surprisingly firm on this topic alone, apparently she didn’t want to share me, even if she knew it made me hard as iron thinking about having a harem of busty beautiful babes on my dick.

But, regardless of my deep seated desires, those things I know I deserve for all the hard work I’ve put in to better myself and my life, I bottle it up. We have way more important stuff to be worrying about right now. Now that I’ve been significantly calmed down after a near constant three week fuck fest, I arrive in the test chamber and triple check everything. The reports I had been given over these last few days all day the same thing. They quite literally say: ‘everything’s okay’ or ‘nothing’s wrong.’ I’m not too surprised, all the women in here with me are great eye candy and all, but most don’t have the greatest intellect. Which is just as well, I could probably do all this work by myself. But my employers had been so desperate to have me head the project that they agreed to nearly everything I asked for. Which did include a staff of about 150 women who, by all rights, shouldn’t even be on this project to begin with.

Only when I was totally satisfied that the RIFT was in working order and the girls hadn’t damaged it somehow in their bumbling, only then did I announce over the intercom for the main team to come to the test chamber. Carrie, despite her pained and awkward walk, was first to arrive. She strives never to disappoint me, and that meant being first to whatever meetings I announced no matter what. One by one the group assembled, and every single one of them were batting their eyes at me, using an overly breathy tone to greet me, one was even bold enough to go for a hug that I did not stop. Carrie was giving every one of them the evil eye, but she held her tongue; far as she was concerned these sluts could look and feel, but only she got to know the truth that was my dominating and powerful self.

Once they were all settled, I went and placed the fourth apple so far on the table, and got into position. “Now ladies, I know it’s hard but please, let’s get this right this time,” I say in a firm and condescending tone. I don’t have any respect for these women, they are just my eye candy after all. Just like Carrie is my personal whore. Despite that, all I hear is a wave of, “Yes Sir,” through the entire room, mostly in those soft and breathy tones again.

With that, I hit the start button. The same process as last time is once again playing out. The RIFT is scanning for the strongest desire in the room, but I don’t even pay attention anymore. It does this the same way every time, so I just let my mind wander. Despite how great my position is here, I can’t help wanting so much more. I deserve more, I deserve to be my own boss. I really shouldn’t have taken a job for a bunch of greedy fat-cats. I was smart enough to build the RIFT all on my own, and with my knowhow I could have gotten the money in a few years at most. Plus, if I ran the show completely, then I really could do anything I wanted. Including nothing but eye candy bimbos for employees. And speaking of, I definitely deserved a harem of willing and able bodied sluts. No way one woman was good enough for me, no matter how hot she was. I mean, it took me nearly three weeks of practically constant fucking before I could tell anyone what to do, and most of that was because Carrie kept getting exhausted throughout it all. That just wouldn’t do. Really, I just wanted everything here to be about me, it’s what I deserved.

The RIFT once again finished scanning, same as last time. The dish sunk into the cylinder, and trembled as it heated up. We all watched, the girls with bated breath while I had a semi-bored expression on my face as the small hatch popped open.


I wasn’t even phased by the flash, just as usual. I stood, towering over all of the bitches I basically owned. After all, seeing as they lived and ‘worked’ in MY building, of course they were mine. I looked down at myself, wearing nothing but my special custom made boxers that did less than nothing in trying to hide my always present bulge. None of the sluts were even looking at the RIFT, those dozens upon dozens and dozens of empty cow eyes all fixated on the only thing that their brains seemed capable of thinking of. “Girls,” I spoke in my deep, masculine, authoritative and commanding voice. Instantly, all of them had their eyes on mine as they watched my Adonis shaming face with rapt attention. “Can you tell me what you see?!”

Almost immediately, a hot blonde with bowling ball sized tits in nothing but a teddy spoke in a squeaky, girly voice, “Like, I see a total stud hunk.”

Another, a beauty with hair dyed purple answered, “Yeah, with those gi-gig…..those big muscles.”

A third with bubblegum pink hair cheered, “Plus that super huge Master cock!”

They were all correct of course. I was a massive specimen of what being a man meant. Standing at a solid 8’3” tall, my body was 1500 pounds of pure, solid muscle. Veins pulsed and throbbed all over my body, which was purely a result of genetics that had bodybuilders and Olympic athletes crying in jealousy at having naturally what they had to train years, decades, even entire lives for. With biceps large as monster truck tires, pecs like pure iron slabs, abs you could grind stone with, and legs thicker than tree trunks, I was undeniably the strongest man on Earth. I was also the smartest, having graduated from all the best colleges in the world, with such complete mastery over every subject imaginable that the World Education Organization wished they had something more than just a bunch of PhDs to give me, as I clearly deserved something far better.

On top of that, I was insanely handsome. Adonis himself would have looked plain next to me as I had a frighteningly sculpted jaw, intimidating eyes, and a look that could make even the most devout nun in the world abandon her faith, strip naked, and beg to allow her to worship me with her body (which I had done at least four dozen times before I started this project). And finally, there was my massive, gargantuan, almighty BEAST that was my throbbing cock. 5 feet of unstoppable cock meat, thick as a full grown oak tree trunk, and balls bigger than county fair pumpkins, nobody would dare question my masculinity. I was the ultimate man.

And that was the problem, as I still looked the exact same. “For god's sake, can’t any of you empty headed fucking whores think about anything but my cock for 2 minutes?! You are SUPPOSED to be thinking about me being even more of an alpha male, and you can’t even do that right?!”

Nearly every girl in the room had tears welling up in their eyes, but not because I was yelling at them. They were too stupid to understand that concept. No, I knew that the reason they were crying was because they had disappointed me. I had allowed them into my private facility, housed them, fed them my cock and cum, clothed them in bikinis and other skimpy outfits, and ALL I ASKED was that they help me become MORE of what they wanted and what I was SUPPOSED TO BE!!!!!!!

My eyes swiveled onto the first girl I had practically enslaved: Carli. Now, every single one of my women were hot as fuck. Every one of them could have been a supermodel if I hadn’t graced them with my mere presence. Each one of them had huge tits, the smallest of them having to wear a custom tit harness for udders the size of beach balls. Each one had hips at least twice the width of her shoulders, and phat asses made to be smacked and fucked without remorse. And each one had trim and tiny waists that only an emaciated anorexic could hope to achieve. Carli though was better than all of them: tits the size of two yoga balls each, hips so wide babies would just fall out of her, an enormous pair of bean bag chair ass cheeks, a minuscule 8 inch waistline, radiant red hair that flowed over her taunt and plush bubble butt to brush her ankles, and completely vacant and adorably innocent cow eyes that told any man ‘I’m a fuckdoll meant only to be owned and used.’

She, like a few of my cum holes, was wearing just a micro string bikini and nothing else to totally show off her body for me just how I liked it. If every one of the 5000 women down here with me were my slaves, Carli was my top cock sleeve. When she finally realized my gaze was on her, her mouth fell open into a drooling ‘O’ shape and she began to wet her huge sausage lips with her tiny pink tongue. “Is Master gonna fuck Carli’s little cunny super duper hard?” She asked in third person, so air headed she couldn’t speak much better than this.

I didn’t answer right away. Instead, I stomped my gigantic feet over to her, and with no difficulty at all despite her curves which must have weighed hundreds of pounds more than the rest of her, I lifted Carli up with one hand and forced her body to bend over my console. Carli’s body wasn’t made for walking in mind. Most of my slaves could walk with some difficulty. But some, like Carli, were so weak and emaciated that they had to crawl everywhere they went in the gigantic, apartment style complex. I found it hot as all fuck, knowing that some of my cock sleeves were so pathetic and weak they couldn’t even STAND UP without some kind of assistance. I considered maybe making some kind of exosuit for the really weak ones, but decided against it since most of my fuck sluts could actually walk.

Anyway, I forcibly bent Carli over my console, making her stand on her tiptoes to make her ass really push up and out. Though she would have done that anyway. “You’ve all disappointed me, you brainless bitches. And when bitches fail me, they get the Bitchbreaker,” I roar before slamming my titanic shaft into Carli’s quivering little asshole. I press the intercom button on my console, and the entire complex is filled with Carli’s moans of utter pain and rapturous pleasure. Her asshole is so tight, insanely so, but I don’t stop as I force my cock forward until I hit my thighs against the massive wall of ass in front of me. A bulge is visible in her tiny waist, my cock way thicker than her and so it forces her body to stretch around it. I just keep going forward, Carli moaning and crying and screaming and begging and cumming over and over and over again. And then, her moans and pleas stop. Every girl in the test chamber, and likely every cock addicted cum slut, knows exactly why. My cock is so gargantuan, so utterly ginormous, that it is lodged in Carli’s throat! I am FUCKING one of my living pocket pussies in the ass and throat at the same god damned time!!!

I begin to spank and smack Carli’s enormously phat ass, leaving bruise marks with my outlandish strength as I ass/throat fuck her for 4 straight hours. When my meat missile pulls out of her throat long enough to make a sound, she will either scream, moan, beg, cry, or praise me. But it is always short lived as I drive my monolith back into its tight and constricting home. She has to have cum at least a few hundred times throughout this ordeal, and while I could keep going I think I have gotten my point across. My overwhelmingly massive sperm factories groan all on their own, tightening as my cock suddenly swells inside of Carli. Any chance of breathing is destroyed as my girth doubles, the sperm traveling the agonizingly long 5 feet it takes to get to my cock hole. But when they do, my amazing swimmers burst forth in waves. The first dozen or so are so strong that they blast clean out of Carli’s mouth like a fountain, while the other cum dumpsters who had been just watching and fingering themselves non stop here, all fight to dive and be caked in my baby batter. After that though, my next hundred or so waves of cum stay in Carli’s throat. And as I release, I pull my cock slowly out of her body. I am filling her body with my sperm the same way one might fill a sausage casing. Carli almost can’t even breathe, my spunk so thick it is clogging her airway. I don’t give a shit and just keep going. Her waist deflates for a moment, but swiftly expands back out as my cock cream fills her. Her once tight and puckered asshole is left wide and gapping from the brutality I have unleashed, her cheeks layered with bruises from my obscene strength at having abused her. Her body is inflated with gallons of the thickest cum on Earth. And with a sickening pull I pop my pulsating and angry red cock head out of her asshole and begin to cake the rest of her body in my jizz.

When all is said and done, Carli has slumped off the console, supported by her fuck balloon tits. Her asshole is wide open, gapping as my sperm pours out. Her empty cow eyes are glazed over even more from the overwhelming number of orgasms I’ve given her, and she can’t even speak as she is on the verge of passing out. All I hear around me, and just outside the massive bank vault door, are the moans and pleas and cries of thousands of horny bitches who both want and fear what I just did to my top fleshlight. My monstrous meat log is still as hard as ever, veins pulsating along the shaft and feeding it with more blood than any of these useless bimbos had in their entire bodies. Before any of them can speak, try to beg forgiveness or plead for me to rape them into oblivion, I’m already moving. I grab a baby faced brunette with her own outlandish hourglass body, and some of the biggest and most expressive innocent doe eyes I’ve ever seen. “Your next on my Bitchbreaker. Now I want to hear you scream.” I lift her up bodily, her entire form a rictus of overwhelming lust fueled joy and unstoppable soul consuming fear, as I slam her flooding pussy over my whore smasher!!!

(six months later)

The orgy which followed in my rage went on for a literal month. I was fucking bitches nonstop the entire time, my raging cock never once going soft. Even now, after the whole ordeal, it was still completely erect. Not surprising, as the living representation of what a man should be my cock was always hard and ready to tear through a swathe of cum sluts. When every single throat, ass and pussy had been raped and their owners either unconscious or a gibberish mess of lust drunk haze, I ordered them to get back to work and stormed out of the room. All the while carrying Carli by her ankle as I had her slung over my shoulder.

The reason it took another 5 FUCKING MONTHS after that short fucking session was because the women were so god damned useless! I had to threaten never to fuck them again when they kept begging and pleading for me to just keep drowning them in my cock cream. And even then they were so focused on me and my dick that the RIFT almost broke at least 18 times! That was how useless they were. Now I could have easily finished all the repairs and modifications by myself without any difficulty at all. I was ME after all, but that wasn’t the point. These slaves were here to help me become even more powerful and closer to total perfection, and if they didn’t do their job then there were literally millions and millions of other women who would do anything to have this position. I should know, because those morons who nearly broke the device had to be replaced after I sent them down to the Mines. The Mines were an underground network of tunnels dug out beneath this base where all the precious metals and gemstones I used to fund my lifestyle and this project. And for the whores it was a fate worse than death.

Up here in the complex, they always knew I was nearby. They could hear my heavy footfalls, see my magnificent muscles, smell my thick and heavy musk in the air. They tasted my precum every meal, and got to feel my mighty mammoth fuck stick in their bodies. And all they had to do was obey me unquestionably to enjoy this lifestyle. But the Mines had none of that. It was so far underground they could not ever hear or see me. I didn’t allow a single molecule of my musk to enter, and not a drop of my precum leaked down below. And of course, those pathetic wastes of existence never again got to know the pleasure of my meat log ramming into them at every angle possible. I didn’t know what went on down there, I hadn’t been down in the Mines for decades. All I knew was that the bitches had to mine resources using equipment they could not even lift off the ground with their weakness. I wouldn’t be surprised if every single one of them down there killed themselves for having failed me. That thought made me laugh. Good, they should be dead for failing me!

During the months in which my whores and trophies were busy trying to figure out how to put screws into my machine, I was making use of them too. I fucked whoever I wanted, whenever and wherever I pleased. None of them ever questioned me or tried to escape, they welcomed my decimation of their bodies. Sometimes I’d grab one of the cock holes working to repair he RIFT and rape her against the wall, forcing all the other cum starved bitches to watch me fuck. Other times I would pass by a girl in the hall, lift her up with one hand, and slam her drenched pussy over my raging cock and just continue walking like she was a fleshlight before I’d drop her cum soaked rag of a body on the floor in a puddle of my pre. Some of the girls were so weak they could barely crawl around the facility, so instead they had the honor of being living art pieces in my mansion styled chambers. These girls in particular were so weak and pathetic that walking was not possible even before their interviews. Besides, I found it entertaining to have hundreds upon hundreds of girls, splayed out on pedestals with their enormous tits and fat asses hanging over. And every single one of them pleading for me to rape them to death!

Most of the time though I was fucking Carli. As top cum dumpster, Carli was constantly being used by me and drowning in my semen, while the art could only watch on their hands and knees, whimpering and praying I’d bother to give them a few thrusts in their gaping holes. Carli could barely string two words together 99.99% of the time, which was fine by me. I didn’t need her for any kind of brain power, I WANTED HER as a fuck slave who was only meant for three things: stand around looking pretty, get fucked by me whenever I wanted, and always BEGGING ME FOR MORE!!!

But, between all the yelling and fucking and replacing, eventually those brainless bimbos managed to get things back into working order. I immediately made a mass order to have everyone go to the test chamber so they could finally do their jobs right. I walked in first, Carli slobbering on my dick as I used my hand to hold her in place while she tried so hard to blow me, her jaw broken even as she continued to suck with completely hollowed out cheeks like a fucking vacuum cleaner. I didn’t waste any time checking the device, knowing my worthless dick holsters they did something wrong and I wasn’t going to waste MY time and energy fixing THEIR mistakes.

As wastes of existence I called my slaves came walking/crawling in, they were already moaning as they watched me casually getting a blowjob from Carli. Looking at me you’d think I was completely disinterested in the act, even as I kept my top pet pinned to my dick. “Alright, I am going to make this simple for you empty headed, cock obsessed bimbos. You will imagine me as a masculine GOD. And if it works then MAYBE I won’t send you all down to the Mines!” That got them all acting, as over three quarters of the sluts started trembling and crying in fear at the idea of not being able to see or smell me anymore.

I started up the machine, and absently used Carli like a tube sock while I watched the others try to think with the three or four working brain cells they all had. It was almost funny in a pathetic kind of way, seeing them try to think harder than they probably ever had in their lives on making me into more of what I already was and what I knew I deserved to be. I was focused though on how far my influence had gone. Women all over the world sent in applications every hour to work in my facility, all of them poorly written as the global intelligence of women was abysmal. Men, the very few who were left, were turned away immediately. I only allowed women to work for me. As far as I was concerned, I was the only man in existence, and all else were brainless, cow eyed women just waiting for me to own and fuck them into total submission.

I didn’t even notice when the RIFT finished scanning and started opening its little hatch.


All around me, cries of fear and desperation could be heard. Pleas came from every slut who had dared to disappoint me. A massive hole was open in the floor of the testing chamber, leading to a shoot where already thousands upon thousands of the worthless slugs had fallen and were headed down into the Mines forever. “I GAVE YOU ALL ONE JOB!!! MAKE ME MORE THEN I AM, AND YOU FAILED!!!” I was unfeeling for the fate of my slaves, as I used my massive walls that were my hands to shove them all into the hole. It was easier than lifting a feather with my 11’11” tall body. I was over a dozen tons of pure rage and muscle, my body so strong that no force in the world could stop me if I didn’t want it too. So I had no problem knocking bitches aside and into the hole that may as well have been their personal Hell.

The Mines were a place deep, DEEP below the Earth’s crust. Over 45 miles below the lowest point of this mega facility, it had been entirely insulated against intrusion. No sound or smell from anywhere outside could enter the Mines. This of course also meant, by design, that the place was void of my presence; the only place in the world where I WASN’T! Legends were likely told by my sluts of how horrible the Mines were. Women were impossibly weak, their bodies had evolved and grown exclusively for the purpose of getting fucked and raped by me. So having to do hard labor was impossible, and yet that was what they had to do as they dug for precious stones and metals. They were completely deprived of my musk and scent, which after only about 10 seconds they would realize and likely go berserk in horny desperation. Of course they could not see or hear me, nor would they ever again feel my enormously muscular might using them as pocket pussies, which after being so accustomed to my magnificence would drive any woman to the brink of sanity. They were even denied the taste of me, of my precum and semen and sweat and musk. They had essentially two things they could do: work hard labor with a body that made it impossible until they died of starvation or exhaustion while begging uselessly for me to save them, or kill themselves. I made a trick down into the Mines once a year to empty it of dead bodies (or rather, the cum dumpsters did that for me while I continued to fuck dozens of holes), and on record only 5 had ever died of exhaustion. Every single other one had committed suicide because they knew they had failed and disappointed me. Just as well, why should I care about them at all if they had already failed me once.

The utterly useless slugs had one job, just one. Use the device I ALLOWED them to use to turn me into their personal GOD!!! And yet I was still the fucking same. Still this measly height, no stronger than I was this morning. I was not any more mind bogglingly handsome. And my 9 foot long, skyscraper thick monstrosity of a fuck log was not even a nanometer bigger, nor were my elephantine ball sack that groaned and writhed with a need to release my hyper powerful seed. My senses had always been unparalleled. I was able to see all forms of light on the electromagnetic spectrum, I could hear every single potential cum slut outside my country sized ultra-mansion facility as they moaned and begged me to let them worship my dick. I could feel every individual air particle touching my body, as if each one wanted a chance to touch my flesh and refused to let go. So of course, I could see and feel how much I was NOT MORE THAN I WAS FROM THE START!!!!!!!!!!

They had failed to make me more than what I already was, and so they were now even less than slugs to me and utterly useless. It didn’t matter, there were quadrillions upon quadrillions of cum rags waiting for the once in a lifetime CHANCE to either be my newest piece of wall art, to try and do what their predecessors couldn’t, or ultimately just end up lobotomized because they couldn’t handle my presence. Being the only man in the entire universe, it wasn’t even a remote concern of mind that entire camps of women waited outside my continent sized facility, waiting for me to ‘test’ them on if they would be of any minuscule use to me.

Once the last of the useless old slugs had been knocked crying and pleading down the hole, a panel slid over it and locked into place. I couldn’t go anywhere near the planet though, as any surface less than 100,000 inches thick was caved in under my immensity; even then, my own compound could barely handle my own presence. “USELESS, EVEN THE ART WASN’T WORKING HARD ENOUGH! OTHERWISE I WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE BY NOW!!!,” I spoke in a voice so subsonic and bass it made the walls for 30 miles tremble and nearly collapse.

Cali was the only one who remained, the very first of my slaves and ironically enough the only one I was merciful enough to keep when everyone else kept failing. Frankly, the fact she was even walking shouldn’t have been possible. Women had evolved solely to please me. As such, their bodies were not designed to even move: tits and asses far too big, waists so small they had no room for even the tiniest organs, and nearly no muscle mass at all. On top of that, they weren’t capable of thinking for more than about 20 seconds on any given topic, other than me and my muscles and cock, before completely forgetting it. The only thing their bodies could consume was my precum, and it was all they needed for sustenance so I permitted them to drink it.

Cali fit all those descriptions for women to a T. But, there she stood because of the leather straps that criss crossed her weak and emaciated figure. The bondage gear was actually an exosuit that allowed my sluts to move without having to crawl along in puddles of their own pussy juice like slugs (though their pussies were always leaking those juices anyway). As a result though, it forced them to walk on their tiptoes like they were in 15 inch stiletto high heels, pushing their gargantuan tits and mega phat asses out to where seeing in front of them wasn’t possible. I didn’t give a shit, they had to figure out how to move like that or they could crawl like the slugs they were. She just stood there, giggling inanely and licking her bratwurst sized lips as drool fell into her miles and miles of cleavage, her body only able to handle my voice because of the exosuit. Cali could only say two words, a miracle for most women: Master and Cock. I doubt she even understood what just happened to the cum dumps.

Those useless things were likely going to all be dead within the hour. I doubt a single one could go even that long before the withdrawal from my musk destroyed their bodies. I only allowed my actual worker slaves to wear exosuits, the art was always naked unless they were strong enough to handle wearing micro string bikinis and thongs without being crushed to death. Once they hit the Mines though, the suits would all pop off their bodies and they’d be unable to move without shattering their brittle and obscenely weak bodies. That was more than they deserved for disappointing me.

I groaned in outrage, another base tremble going through the structure as a massive fracture split along the walls of this room. I grabbed Cali, and slammed her down on my skyscraper dong. I had over 500 billion bitches to fuck to find my replacements, but if I didn’t fuck Cali first I’d probably kill them all. It wouldn’t be the first time, but that always made things take so much longer, and I HATED always having to wait between uses of the RIFT. I ignored Cali’s slutty cries of, “Master Cock,” as I walked, every footfall grinding tile under foot and gigantic fractures to appear all around me. “THE NEW BIMBO BITCHES HAD BETTER BE MORE USEFUL THAN THE LAST BATCH!!!!!!!!!!!

(five years later)

It was such a long and tedious process to get more fuck holes into my complex. Being that I was the only male in the world, and the object of worship for all the women lucky enough to exist in that world with me, it was extremely hard to find ones who were actually functional. The way I figured out who I could use was simple: I fucked them like the cock sleeves they were. If they couldn’t go even 5 seconds before their minds broke, I lobotomized them and sent them back to the thrall of whores outside. That didn’t really accomplish much, as just my presence left an imprint, and 99.9% of the time those worthless girls relapsed and died without me.

Of the billions and billions of pussies I decimated, 90% of them had to be lobotomized. They were worthless, useless, and barely managed to squeeze 5000 gallons of cum out of my massive semen factories! Of the 10% who did make it though, 40% of those ones were too fragile and delicate to do any real work; those ones would be the replacement art pieces for my private quarters, things I looked at while fucking Cali or some other brain dead slut. The remaining 60% of the girls were given an exosuit and ordered to work and slave away on building the RIFT to do what it should have been doing from day 1.

Just getting a new team of fuck sluts took almost 2 years. So many had to be tossed aside, and it took far too long to get the new ones ready when all they could think about was my dick. The remaining time was spent fucking the shit out of these new cow eyed dolls. They couldn’t follow the most simple of simple instructions, not even able to figure out how to put a screw into the RIFT even after I ordered them to do it TWICE!!! THEY SHOULD HAVE ONLY NEEDED TO HEAR IT ONCE, IF THAT!!!!!!!!!! Fucking useless brainless cock sleeves! If these ones couldn’t do their fucking job I’d just do what I’ve always done and replace the lot.

After five agonizingly long years though, stuck in this useless body when I should already have been so much MORE, finally the device was ready again. I stormed my way into the chamber, Cali impaled on my meat monolith through her ass and came out her throat and mouth like a kebab. My thunderous foot falls were enough on their own to have every single whore following, even my art pieces dragging and sliding along the floor in their snail trails of pussy juice like the slugs they were. “THIS HAD BETTER WORK, OR ELSE ALL OF YOU ARE GOING INTO THE MINES!!!” I warned them all. It seemed like it processed this time, as every single one of them knew what would happen if I didn’t become MORE!

Cali, gurgling and attempting to moan through my ruthless fucking, reached a delicate foot to a button on my console, and pressed it with a toe to activate the machine like she always did. All I cared about was that this time the RIFT should fucking work for once since I built the fucking thing. It would be so much simpler and easier if I could just do what it did on my own.


I was all that had ever mattered for every living thing in existence. All energy in the universe was devoted to my existence. And if something wasn’t already mine (which was impossible) then I WILLED IT TO BE!!! With but a mere whim I bent reality to fit MY perception, just as it always had been and always would be.

Currently, as I had 872 quintillion utterly brain dead cum dumpsters working on my skyscraper sized cock (just a warm up for me), I was seated in my solar system sized - FLASH - galaxy sized palace. Every cum hole was bloated, one after the other, into a useless cum balloon only meant to pop out trillions of more slaves for me to use up and dispose of. It was all they had known, all they needed to know, and all they would ever know.

And whenever I demanded more, which was always, I just had to will it to be and so it would. My pair of - FLASH - quad - FLASH - my eight mountain dwarfing testicles boiled and raged with a nigh infinite amount of cum EACH! To empty even 1 was impossible, and all eight - FLASH - 16 was so beyond impossible that to even mention it was ridiculous.

My seed was the source of all life, and so the thousands of trillions of planets, each teeming with nothing but hot and permanently horny cum addicted whores worshiped me. They could not even dream of something else, why would they when I was the only MALE they could even conceive of. I never ran out of slut worshipers, the quintillions - FLASH - octillions - FLASH - duodecillions of them who existed now always being bred by me to make more and more just as I deserved. My existence gave them all the meaning they needed, and as thanks for existing they did all they could to please the unpleasable.

Because, if I was ever truly pleased, that would mean I was satisfied. And if I was satisfied, then I wouldn’t want to be MORE! AND I ALWAYS WANTED MORE - FLASH - AND MORE - FLASH - AND MORE!!! ALWAYS MORE, ALWAYS WITHOUT END! BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I DESERVED!!!!!!!!!!


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"tits the size of two yoga balls each, hips so wide babies would just fall out of her, an enormous pair of bean bag chair ass cheeks, a minuscule 8 inch waistline, radiant red hair that flowed over her taunt and plush bubble butt to brush her ankles, and completely vacant and adorably innocent cow eyes"

Dark but fun.