Zayn's Perfectly Ordinary Day part 3 (Eelskin & Dissonant)

The following is an RP log in which Eelskin played a submissive male genie and Dissonant played his dominant mistress. Though we both also took on other characters as well. It contains: *takes long deep breath* beauty augmentation (both male & female), mind control, extra arms and breasts, women with giant dicks, other gender mixing & switching, femdom, cruelty & sadism, putty women, long prehensile tongues, incest, clones, muscle growth, alcohol & weed, petplay, giantess, demon TF, vore.


(22,120 words)



Popping the bottle of champagne, Zayn takes a drink straight from it once it stops bubbling over. She's about ready to leave before realizing that Asmodeus is following behind, hovering in the air in his diminutive size.

She grins. "Asmodeus, go back to your previous height. Hmm, and how about a little makeover to match your new butt? Feminize your body a bit, except keep the dick and the flat chest. And the muscles. Oh, and fix your voice, but make it girly to match the rest of your new look."

Zayn pauses, seeing the state of the group. "Then clean all of us up and give everyone a bunch of sexy clothes to wear. Except for me, I want my previous outfit back, resized to fit my new body."

Asmodeus descends to the ground, and begins getting taller before he lands. He sprouts up to his previous height of 7 feet, which now actually makes him quite a bit shorter than Zayn. Sara takes a step back in surprise.

Asmodeus' face changes shape, becoming softer, more feminine, his lips becoming fuller, his nose smaller, his jawline rounder. His shoulders and legs become more slender, though, as commanded, he remains muscular. "As you require, Mistress," he says, raising a manicured eyebrow, though his deep baritone is now replaced by a soft, feminine alto. 

The group is suddenly clean, refreshed, caked-on semen vanished, spilled food gone, and they're all dressed like they're ready to go to a club, wearing tight, revealing clothing. Zayn, as stated, is wearing the same outfit she had been wearing previously.

Alexandra walks behind her girlfriend, while Alexandra and Alexandra walk on either side of her out of the restaurant. She holds both of Melody's hands while her two more hands rest on the small of her back.

Melody has a seemingly permanent silly grin plastered on her face as she holds two of her girlfriends' hands. Yasmine walks slowly, leisurely, enjoying the feeling of her legs brushing up against her cock.

Cheryl and Naomi trail behind the group, whispering to each other about how hot they look now, about how lucky it is that they met a real goddess tonight, and what to do with Bill. Cheryl has him clenched in one of her fists.

Meanwhile, the group passes a man sitting on the sidewalk with a long, messy beard, wearing old, ripped clothing. He's got an empty soda cup with a few coins in it. "Got any change, folks?" he asks automatically as they approach.

Looking down with pity at the ragged man, Zayn smiles. "You're in luck, I do have some change for you."

She snaps her fingers. "Genie, give this guy a bank account with ten million dollars in it. Make it so he now knows implicitly how to access his money. And then give him a new form, one of his favorite sexual fantasies."

“As you desire, Mistress.” Asmodeus answers in his new, highly feminine voice.

Alexandra stops and whispers into Melody's ear. "What's Zayn doing, babe? She's been acting kinda strange tonight," she says, while Alexandra walks over to get a closer look.

Melody leans over to Alexandra. “Yeah, I… think Zayn’s going to be strange from now on. Like… even more than before. Just… run with it, I guess.” She shrugs. “That’s what I’m doing.”

The man jerks and shivers as his facial hair falls out, the hair on his head turns a vibrant orange, his body swells in some places and shrinks in others, and his features soften and change until he resembles exactly Milla Jovovich as Leeloo. He stares at himself, stunned into silence as the rest of the group walks by. “Th- thank you!” he calls out in the actress’ voice.

Zayn raises an eyebrow at the homeless man's transformation. She smirks. "You're lucky you have good taste," is all she says. She wonders briefly if Asmodeus included the abilities of the character into the man's transformation. Then she loses interest just as quickly.

While the group stops in front of the homeless man, Cheryl has a spark of inspiration. She holds out her hand and ignores her tiny husband's protests. "Bill, make sure you can't die. Not unless Naomi and I allow it."

As soon as that command leaves her lips, she carelessly drops him in the bottle of wine she's been drinking from. She swirls the bottle around in her hand lazily.

"Ooh, mom, can I try some?" Naomi asks, giggling to herself. Her cock is already re-inflating underneath her short dress. She takes a long drink after her mother passes her the bottle.

Bill desperately treads wine to keep afloat inside the bottle, but the constant motion means that he’s submerged again and again as the wine is tossed around. He knows Cheryl has told him that he can’t die, and he knows that that makes it true, but his self-preservation instincts are too powerful, and he cries out in fear. “Help! I’m drowning! Let me out of here!” Another swig, and he’s turned upside down, and he inhales a large amount of wine. He coughs and sputters and tries to breathe.

After taking a drink, Naomi holds the bottle up so that she and her mother can see Bill flailing helplessly inside. Bill can see their laughing faces through the tinted glass, though it's hard to hear them over the sloshing of the dark liquid.

As the group keeps walking, Zayn reaches for her cigarettes and holds one out to be lit. The alcohol is starting to kick in even with the additional tolerance that her large body affords her. Riding the pleasant buzz, she sways her ass in front of Yasmine as she walks, giggling at the telltale sounds of stretching fabric that she can detect behind her.

Yasmine can’t help but stare at Zayn’s ass – it’s nearly at her eye level, after all – and her dick starts to swell, yet again, at the sight. She inhales deeply, catching a whiff of Zayn’s scent, and her dick continues to rise. Several people from across the street stop and stare; Yasmine ignores them, engrossed by Zayn’s body.

"Oh my god, mom, your dick is totally hanging out," Naomi says, giggling drunkenly. She eyes the toned body of Cheryl and the large penis that is tenting her club dress.

She laughs, pulling her dress a bit to try to cover it up. Seeing it fail miserably, she shrugs. "Honey, I don't think our Goddess wants us to cover up her gifts. Besides, I can't imagine how hard it's going to be to fit into all of my clothes with this beast! It's so much bigger than your father's tiny little thing." A look of disgust crosses her face at the mention of her husband.

Naomi laughs harder, taking another drink from the bottle of wine that contains her father before passing it back to Cheryl.

Sara glances over at Cheryl and Naomi. “Look, I gotta say… I don’t really get the whole ‘women with dicks’ thing… but you’re fucking rocking it, so… yeah! Show it off!”

Cheryl beams. "Thank you, dear! You know, you've got quite the gorgeous figure yourself. You must have to beat all the boys away because of those things you've got on your chest!" she says, leering at the plush spheres that Sara has barely concealed behind her small tube top. Her own penis begins to stir as she stares.

"Oh my god, you should totally ask Zayn to give you one! I never really thought about having one before today, but it feels amazing!" Naomi gushes, daintily stroking her own erection with two fingers.

Alexandra, who was in stunned silence after witnessing the homeless man's sudden transformation, whispers to Melody. "Babe, did she just... change that guy?" she asks quickly. She pulls Melody closer to her twin bodies, a bit unsure about the situation she found herself in.

Melody looks at Alexandra, not fully comprehending her question, forgetting some of Zayn’s mind-controlling effects in her inebriated state. “Yeah…” she gives her a lopsided smile. “that’s… kinda what she’s been doing all night. Right? To you, to me, definitely to herself. It’s, uh, her new thing.”

She slides her arms around Alexandra's and Alexandra's waists, pulling them both in closer to her. She leans in to whisper in the ear of the Alexandra who hadn't spoken, " I mean... I’m definitely not complaining~," and gives her ear a nibble.

Alexandra tries to smile, but the one of the things that Melody said lingers in her mind. "Wait, she changed me? And you? You look the same to me as you did since we first met," she echoes in two voices. She tries hard to think about what might have changed.

Melody stares for a moment before she realizes her earlier mistake. She smirks. “Well… okay, do you think it’s weird that you’re the only person in the world with four arms? I mean, your parents had two each. Right? Or -” she turns and indicates Alexandra, on her left. “That there are three of you?” She gives her a moment to think about what she says, then points to her own enormous ass: “Do you think I'm shaped like this because of my fucking genes? I assure you, I am not. I am because of her."

All three Alexandras gasp. "B-but, I've been this way since I was born! And I just met Zayn this year, I don't understand. I mean, yeah, I'm weird and stuff, but to me it's normal. This is... it's a lot to take in," Alexandra breathes, her tails swishing nervously.

With her third body, she approaches the towering figure of Zayn. She never felt nearly as intimidated by the tall goth beauty before, even after Melody mentioned that she can eat people when they were first introduced. But her being able to warp reality to her whim... Well, Alexandra supposed it made sense. Everything about the group she was in screamed weird, yet it all felt so normal. Like the way things should be.

"Uh, hey Zayn! Just wanted to ask you something. By the way, sorry about that dinner thing from earlier! I'm glad you at least got to eat Greg if the food wasn't that good. He was kind of a dick, anyways, umm," she stutters, wondering how to phrase this. Two of her hands play with some of her red hair while two fidget nervously at her sides.

Zayn giggles at Alexandra's obvious anxiety. "Yeah, Greg or whatever his fuckin' name is was delicious. And I got to learn about food and shit too. So I'm happy with my meal. But yeah, spit it out, babe!" she says with a grin, taking a puff from her cigarette.

"Well, I just wanted to know. Did you change me without me knowing? Melody said that I didn't always have four arms or three bodies. Is that true?" she asks, looking all the way up to Zayn's face.

The goth mistress grins. "Oh yeah, I totally did that. Sometimes I make people not notice my changes so they don't freak the fuck out. But yeah, that was me. You like it?" she asks casually, alternating now to sipping her champagne from the bottle.

Alexandra's eyes widen. "O-oh! I mean, yeah, I guess so? This is how I always remember being, so I mean sure, yeah. But like, if it wouldn't be too much to ask, can I notice the changes from now on?"

On both sides of Melody, she hears in stereo: "She did change us, holy shit. That's so... weird."

Zayn shrugs. "Oh, yeah, sure. Look, all of you are friends, so you don't have anything to worry about. Here, let me prove it. You trust Melody, right?" she asks, leading Alexandra's third body back to her other two and her girlfriend. "Hey Mel, just so Alex gets a taste of what I can do, now that she's in the know, I'll let you make a change to her. Anything you want."

The Alexandras give a nervous smile. "Okay, that sounds kinda fun. Just be nice to me, love," she says to Melody. Her dozen hands are shaking.

Melody grins, showing all of her teeth. “Ok, this is something I've been thinking about since we met up in the park, but I just… couldn’t say it then. I didn’t have it in me.” She looks Alexandra up and down. “I want Alexandra to be malleable. And- and stretchy. Like silly-putty. And it should feel really, really good to her to be mani- to be manipplelated.” She pauses and giggles at her mispronunciation of the word.

Alexandra rolls all six of her eyes and chuckles. "Oh my god, I should have known. Yeah, fuck it! Let's try it!" Alexandra cheers, still trying to overcome her nerves. She notices the goofy smile of her girlfriend and gives her a kiss on the cheek with one of her bodies.

Zayn raises an eyebrow. "Stretchy huh? Yeah, sure, I can do that. Hey Asmodeus, make Alexandra's body malleable and stretchy. Make sure that she doesn't get hurt being stretched and manipulated. Make sure it feels really good for her to get stretched out and stuff too." Zayn rambles, waving her hand.

Alexandra closes all of her eyes and waits for something to happen.

“As you wish, Mistress,” Asmodeus says, walking silently, slightly behind the rest of the group.

Alexandra doesn’t feel anything at all except a brief, faint tingle, like a mild electric current, throughout her whole body. She looks over at Zayn, questioning.

Melody, eyes wide, holds Alexandra’s hands in her own, and slowly starts squeezing them. Alexandra gasps, and Melody opens her hands to see that Alexandra’s appear crushed, deformed. Melody exhales softly, raising her hand to Alexandra’s upper arm and giving it a playful squeeze, digging her fingers into it. Alexandra gasps again at the sensation of her girlfriend’s fingers protruding into her flesh.

Melody pulls her fingers out of Alexandra’s skin, and Alexandra steps up from behind to examine Alexandra’s shoulder. She touches it gently, and watches as it slowly reforms itself into its original shape. She squeezes it more firmly, and watches as she slightly deforms her own shoulder.

As Alexandra experiments on Alexandra, Alexandra walks up to Melody and kisses her strongly on the lips. “Oh my god babe, this is really fucking hot," she whispers in her ear.

“Mmm…” Melody moans. “Let’s get to Sara’s place quick.”

Curious, Zayn walks up to the two Alexandras. "Don't mind me, just want to see how it works," she says, grabbing one of her arms and giving it a hard pull. It stretches forward quite a bit, and Zayn lets it fall down to the ground.

She grins, watching Alexandra's arm start to pull back up into her shoulder. "Fuck yeah, that's so fuckin' cool. Okay, so before you two start fucking each other right here, Alex gets her turn too. And she gets to make three changes, one for each of her," Zayn gives Melody a devious grin as she waits for Alexandra's choices.

Alexandra looks surprised, then laughs. "Oh my god, three? I can barely think of one! Melody's already exactly my type. Hmm..." she thinks, as Melody squeezes her third body.

Cheryl takes another drink from the bottle, finishing it off and tilting it back down to reveal a wine-drenched Bill sputtering and gasping for air from within. "Oh look, Naomi! I found him," she giggles.

Tilting the bottle towards her, she looks inside. "Go back to your normal size, daddy," she commands, her voice echoing inside the bottle.

Bill immediately starts expanding inside the bottle. Very soon, he's tall enough to reach the neck with his hands while his feet are resting on the base, and his growth continues.

Alexandra says to her, "You know what... love... okay, don't be offended, please, but there's one thing I think I'd like to change, and that's... I want you to be better at eating me out. I just... I know I'm the first woman you've ever dated, and..."

Melody, hearing the commotion from behind her, glances over and looks at the bottle in alarm. She holds up a finger to indicate wait to Alexandra. "Uh, Naomi, I don't know if you thought about this, but that bottle's going to explode."

Bill is now large enough that his shoulders are pressed against the neck of the bottle and he's got to hunch over to make room for himself. "Stop! Please!" he shouts. Naomi, her eyes widening, sets the bottle down on the ground and takes a step back.

Bill now fills up the bottle completely; he's pressing against the glass with every part of his body, and he's stopped shouting, as all of the air has been squeezed from his lungs. Still he grows, and it's impossible to tell how big he is, because the glass is still constraining him. A series of soft, muffled pops can be heard as several of his bones pop out of joint.

Melody steps into an alleyway. Alexandra sees her go and follows her, all three of her. Yasmine ducks behind a mailbox, and Sara, Naomi and Cheryl hide behind a parked car.

Suddenly, with a loud bang sound, the bottle explodes. Shards of broken glass fly out in every direction like shrapnel, breaking windows and setting off car alarms. Someone on the other side of the street, who'd been staring at the group of sexually transformed women, cries out in pain as a piece embeds itself in his leg.

Zayn stands still, watching the man burst out of the bottle while her friends hide. The shrapnel blast of glass explodes, many pieces rocketing towards her, yet they all seem to either pass through her or bounce off her skin harmlessly. She laughs at her invincibility, not paying any attention to the body of Bill on the ground in front of her.

Asmodeus stands as the rest of the group, excluding Zayn, hides. He gets struck with several pieces of shrapnel, and several more punctures appear on his body instead of on Zayn's. He seems not to notice. 

When the women emerge, Bill is lying on the sidewalk with hundreds of shards of glass, gasping for breath, arms and legs splayed out at unhealthy angles. But they watch, his injuries heal themselves and his limbs find their right places. He slowly, cautiously, starts feeling his body to make sure it's all still there.

Cheryl and Naomi both gasp at the sight of Bill's mangled body beginning to re-knit and heal itself. Cheryl's eyes roll back in her head as she begins painting the side of the car with her cumshots, the sight of her husband's suffering too much for her to take. Naomi is furiously rubbing herself as well, gasping and biting her lip before she brings herself to the same climax as her mother.

Alexandra shields her eyes from the sight. "Oh my god, Melody, what the fuck was that?" she whispers, shaken and disgusted by what she witnessed. She hugs Melody with her three bodies, feeling her them compress around her girlfriend like dough.

"Yeah..." says Melody, overwhelmed briefly by the sensation of being enveloped by her girlfriends. "Don't wish for that for me. Cause... she'll probably do it."

Sara gapes at Cheryl's and Naomi's pleasure at Bill's pain. She watches them shoot their loads, right there on the street, turned on by the twisted and crushed body of the man who'd been their husband and father, and lets out a low whistle. "That is sick, girls. You're clearly gonna fit right in here."

Bill starts to stand up, his wet, naked body exposed to the night air. He shivers. He tests his limbs to make sure they're all working properly, and is confused and surprised to find that they are. He looks over at his wife and daughter, and from his demeanor, he seems to have actually learned something from the experience. "Do you have any clothes for me? Please?"

Cheryl gets up, her softening cock dripping cum onto the street. "No, Bill, I don't. You don't need them anymore. Now, go lick up our cum. And be quick about it." Cheryl demands, pointing to the car behind her.

Panting, Naomi gives Sara a nonplussed look. "Look, it's part of Zayn's gift. And I'm not complaining, she obviously knows what's best for me and mom. My daddy needs someone to put him in his place," she justifies. Her eyes linger on Sara's body, and she subconsciously licks her lips. "Hey, what's your name again, by the way? You're pretty hot," she says with a sheepish grin.

Bill immediately moves to get down on his knees and lick up his wife’s and daughter’s spunk from the side of the car and the pavement. Sara watches him with fascination. “Hey, I’m not judging,” she says, holding her hands up in defense. “I think this suits him way better than… whatever the fuck he was doing before.” She looks over at Naomi. “Sara,” she smiles.

Watching Bill lick up her cum has a predictable effect on Cheryl, whose dick starts to harden once again, not even making it back to flaccid. "Do it faster, Bill, you're holding everyone up! Faster! And don't miss a single drop!" she barks at him.

Zayn continues to smoke, walking over to Yasmine behind the mailbox. "Hey, Yas, check it out. Not a fuckin' scratch," Zayn brags, posing. "Pretty cool, huh?"

Yasmine examines Zayn’s body, then glances over at Asmodeus, whose wounds are slowly closing and healing, though he seems not to notice. She looks back at Zayn. “It’s fucking amazing,” she says genuinely. Her wig retracts into her head and is replaced by dozens of small coloured papers, folded into origami animals and trees. She looks down at the mailbox and sees the damage done to it. “You’re pretty indestructible, huh?”

Zayn shrugs. "Haven't tried it out that much. My genie pet takes all the damage for me, and I'm pretty sure he's fuckin' unkillable so..." Zayn says, hiccuping at the end of her thought. She takes another puff. "Cute hair, by the way. How's the dick treating you?" Zayn makes casual talk as she waits for the group to reconvene.

Yasmine blushes; despite the non-stop absurd sexual experiences she’s had tonight, talking to Zayn, this sex goddess, the most attractive person Yasmine has ever seen, about her dick is making her nervous. She laughs and plucks a piece of origami from her head; it melts into smoke in her hand. “It’s, uh, it’s treating me good. I like the way it feels and I like the way it looks.” It starts to press against her pants and she blushes harder. “Oh, shit, it’s, uh, here it comes again.”

Seeing Yasmine's cock strain against her pants again brings a smile to Zayn's face. "Not gonna lie, it's super hot seeing you walk around with that thing. And how it constantly demands your attention and shit. You haven't fucked anyone yet, have you?" Zayn asks, not noticing the effect she's having on her origami-haired friend.

Yasmine shakes her head. “I mean, I’ve already come three times and it’s been fucking amazing, but… no, I haven’t actually fucked anyone yet.” She shrugs. “But I mean… I have a feeling that I can find someone at the party.” Her dick continues to swell and she reaches down to free it from her pants. “I don’t know why I’m wearing these pants, I need to keep taking it out every time I get hard, which is every 15 minutes apparently.”

Zayn snorts. "Yeah, true. Oh hey, one sec. Asmodeus!" she calls out, not having to wait long for her genie to answer her call. "Make it socially acceptable for Yasmine to have her cock out and do whatever the fuck she wants with it." she commands. "Pants are overrated, anyways," she adds with a grin.

Alexandra looks back once Melody tells her it's safe to look. "Mel, look, those two girls are starting to freak me out. Is Zayn okay with them doing that? That's so fucked, babe. Maybe we should just go home tonight?" she suggests.


Melody laughs. “Is Zayn okay with it? If Zayn weren’t okay with it, it would not be happening. What’s the matter? They’re not gonna do anything to you. Well, anything bad anyway. Zayn likes you. And that makes you a very lucky person.” She thinks for a moment and laughs. "People. It makes you three lucky people."

The tripled woman looks at Melody with a hint of suspicion. "Mel, are you okay? Seeing that should have made you nope out so hard. But now it's like barely phasing you," she says, staring at Melody really hard. "I'm glad Zayn likes me, but... that's still super awful right?" she asks, pointing at the bloody mess left on the sidewalk.

Melody shrugs. “Awful for him, yeah, I guess. You know, I think a couple of hours ago, yeah, I might have noped out. But… Zayn wants what Zayn wants, right. And she wanted me to be cool with whatever she does, so… I am. I mean, the three of us were kind of being buzzkills before. Anyway, you didn’t even know me a couple of hours ago, so.”

Alexandra blinks, then lets go of Melody and backs away. "You... I... what? W-what do you mean?" she whispers, her voice wavering. "Melody, what the fuck is going on!? This is really freaking me out! What the fuck do you mean, I didn't know you?"

“…Oh. Right.” Melody grimaces. She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it. “Fuck. That was- ok.” She looks over at her panicking girlfriend’s other two bodies, who are looking equally spooked. “Look, babe, let’s go talk to Zayn. Alright? We can still have fun. I mean, like I said, yesterday I probably would have been reacting just like you are right now, but Zayn’s helped me to chill out. And I’m having a great time! And she can do that for you, too. We’re going to a party that’s gonna be awesome! Come on, let’s go see what Zayn can do for you.”

The words coming from her girlfriend’s mouth do nothing to ease the panic that Alexandra feels at the situation. The idea of having her mind reformatted to go along with whatever Zayn decides to do, just like what clearly happened to Melody, is a terrifying prospect for the three-bodied waitress.

Slowly, she backs away from Melody, and then she breaks into a sprint. With her focus split between three places, one of her bodies trips over and falls on the sidewalk.

Zayn notices the commotion and leaves Yasmine for a moment. "Hey Alex, what's going on?" she asks, walking over to the prone woman. Her near eight-foot height and imposing body does nothing to ease Alexandra's nerves.

"Oh god, please don't do anything! I'm sorry!" she pleads, backing away from the empowered teenager. Her eyes dart around frantically, looking for a place to hide.

Zayn eyes Melody in the alley and facepalms. "Gods, Melody, what the fuck is wrong with you? Ugh. Asmodeus, give Alexandra the same thing as my friends here. To calm her down. Both parts, I can't remember the words. Fuck." She rubs her temples with one hand while she finishes her cigarette.

“Right away, Mistress. It is done,” Asmodeus responds. Yasmine looks over at him.

Melody bristles at the harsh words. “Nothing’s wrong with me! I was trying to calm her down, ‘cause she was flipping out at Bill exploding out of the bottle. Which, come on,” she points at the shards of glass with her finger, “that was fucking nuts. Can I just say that it’s super weird to see something that I know is completely fucked up and not have a reaction to it? And I’m not complaining! This is what I was trying to tell her, I’m having so much fun! But it’s a very weird fun, and I don’t blame her for flipping out, cause she hadn’t been, uh prepped? I don’t even know what word to use.”

She sighs. "Yeah, but like you're alone with Alex for like two fuckin' minutes and she's already freaking out. Whatever, it's all good now right Alex?" Zayn asks, offering a hand to get her up.

The four-armed redhead blinks and takes a deep breath, and her other bodies turn around and slowly walk back to the group. "Yeah, sorry. I don't know why I was so worried about all this." She takes Zayn's hand and gets back up to her feet, barely scuffed from her fall due to her body's stretchiness.

Zayn grins. "Cool. Let's get going. You still have three changes to make to Melody by the way! You should totally get back at her for scaring the shit out of you," she suggests with a grin. She reaches into her cleavage and offers Alexandra a cigarette.

Accepting this offering, she examines it for a second before asking: "So, do you have a light- oh," she stops short, the cigarette seeming to light itself from her perspective as Asmodeus rushes over to do his duty. "Okay, cool! So, real quick, is it true that I didn't actually know Melody until a few hours ago?" she asks, curious but not upset.

"Hah, yeah. I made you her girlfriend because she was super into you at the restaurant. Before then you were just doing whatever the fuck we told you to do. But now you're one of us!"

Alexandra blinks, taking a drag with one of her bodies. Another body approaches Zayn and smiles warmly. "Oh, well thank you so much!" she says, wrapping Zayn in a stretchy hug.

"I suppose I'll have to treat this party as our first real date then, huh baby?" her third body says to Melody, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "But this time, I get to change you," she adds, giving her girlfriend a playful look.

Zayn laughs, feeling Alexandra compress around her body. "Fuck, that feels so weird! Okay, I'll grant your first wish from before though. Asmodeus! Make Melody the best in the world at pussy eating and sucking dick. And make it so her tongue can be as long as she wants it to be, but make sure she has total control over the whole thing."

After her command, she is able to pry Alexandra off of her. "Kay, you get two more. I want to get to Sara's place and stop fucking around, so I'll give you the other two once we get there." Pausing and turning to Naomi, Cheryl, and Sara, she sees what's happening. "Hey girls, we're gonna keep moving. Make your slave hurry up!"

Naomi nods, and goes over to kick Bill in the gut. "Daddy, you're taking way too long! Finish it all up within the next five seconds!"

Bill’s eyes open wide and he suddenly starts moving faster, and faster, applying his tongue over the entire area. For a few seconds, he’s a blur, and then suddenly, abruptly, he’s sitting still on the sidewalk, still naked and panting, his tongue raw and hanging out of his mouth.

Yasmine steps over to Asmoedus. “Hi.”


He looks over, surprised at being spoken to by someone other than Zayn. “Hello.”

Yasmine examines the strange combination of masculine and feminine traits exhibited by the seven-foot tall genie, the four arms, the tail, the horns, the cock, which resembles her own perfectly. He’s completely healed, and has no scars. “So you’re protecting her?”

“I am. She has commanded me to.”

“How did she get you?”

He pauses. “I do not know. I was asleep.”

“Are there more genies out there?”

Asmodeus thinks. “On this world? I do not believe so.”

Yasmine leans against the destroyed mailbox and continues making small talk with Asmodeus as they wait for the group to move on.

Melody smiles at Alexandra. “You feeling better, babe? I knew you would.” She smiles at the kiss, and whispers, “You better think of something good. I’m excited to… well, to get to know you.” She smirks and sticks her tongue out at her – and out, and out, and out. Alexandra instinctively moves away, laughing, and Melody follows her with her tongue, licking her face from two feet away and retracting it into her mouth.

Seeing the impossible amount of tongue that Melody controls now, Alexandra chews on her bottom lip. "Fuck, that's gonna come in handy for later. I bet you give super good kisses now," she whispers, coming back in to share a tongue-filled kiss with her girlfriend. She gasps as her mouth is suddenly full of tongue.

Cheryl shares a moment with her daughter as they watch their slave disregard physics to fulfill their requests. Without giving him a moment to rest, she steps up in front of him and spits in his face. "Bill, you're a fucking eyesore. All you've done since I had Naomi was get fat and disgusting. Turn yourself into a tall, sexier, even more muscular version of our neighbor. The one that I always thought of while you were utterly failing to please me. Then make yourself useful and carry your daughter and I the rest of the way."

Naomi's cock throbs at seeing her beautified mother abuse her father. "Ooh, and give yourself a cute pussy instead of a cock! You don't deserve one anymore, daddy." Naomi adds, stroking herself gently.

Bill stands up, his body growing, flattening, tightening, swelling, until he looks like a completely different person. He’s young, handsome, and has muscles that pop out of his arms and chest. His dick starts to lengthen, but at Naomi’s command, it reverses its transformation, shrinking until it disappears into his crotch, the head still poking out above a newly created pussy, reformed as a clitoris.

Without a word, he crouches down and puts one arm around Cheryl’s thighs and the other around Naomi’s, then straightens his legs and lifts them both effortlessly off the ground. He turns to Zayn, waiting for the group to leave.

Naomi looks ecstatic at the treatment she's receiving. "Oh, and grow two leashes out of your neck, one for me and one for mom. And make sure they really hurt to be pulled on!"

Zayn giggles at Bill's treatment at the hands of his own family. "Love it, that's hot. Kay girls, let's move! I'm all out of champagne already!"


The group enters the lobby of Sara’s building, and Sara is practically bouncing with excitement. The main floor of the building is currently a bank, an entirely unremarkable space with high ceilings, desks, wickets, a waiting area with chairs, all in the most muted, drab colours.

“Okay, so, this is it? This is my building? I can do whatever I want with it?” She looks around and takes a deep breath. “Alright – how does this work? Can I just…” she extends her arms and draws them toward her, and as she does, the entire far wall advances, crushing a row of desks and computers. Sara doubles over in laughter. “Oh my god!” she screams as loud as she can. She pinches the air above her head and pulls it downward, and the ceiling starts to sag in the center, forming an upside-down point that dips lower and lower until it touches the floor. “Oh shit, this is… okay, give me a minute.” She closes her eyes. “I can see the whole building, too, not just this room…” she waves her hands in the air, pushing, shaping, pointing, molding with them. She does this for several minutes and then opens her eyes.

“Okay folks. I think we’re ready to go upstairs.” She walks forward, past the point where the ceiling touches the floor, toward the elevators.

The elevator doors open onto a club occupying the 34th through 36th floors of the building. Bars and dancefloors cover the entire floor, and there are glass elevators on each wall to carry people up to the higher levels – looking up, everyone sees that there are floating platforms with more dancefloors, tables & chairs, bars, and doors on each level leading off to other rooms. Neon lights and smoke are everywhere, and the music is loud enough that you have to shout to be heard. There’s nobody there, however, except for one man standing behind the nearest bar.

Sara saunters over to the bar, and her face falls when she realizes that the bartender is wearing a janitor’s outfit. “Oh, no,” she says to herself. “No, no, no.” She turns and looks sheepishly at Zayn, then back to the overweight, middle-aged, unshaved man staring at her out from behind the bar.

“What the fuck happened?” the man shouts over the music. “Who are you? I was just cleaning 3403, and then… I don’t really…”

“Oh, shit, I forgot…” Sara mutters, and shouts back, “You’re a bartender now. So get me a rum and coke.”

He stares at her for a moment more, and nods. “Sure thing.” He turns around and grabs a bottle from the wall behind him and a glass from under the bar. As he works, Sara watches him. She then starts tracing her finger through the air, concentrating, and the man’s clothes suddenly fall off. He crouches and looks around in a panic, but Sara just yells “Bartender!” at him, and he immediately gets back to making the drink. Sara starts making more gestures; the man’s body is reshaped by her movements until he’s young, handsome, clean-shaven, and very fit. She grins, and waves her hand once more, and suddenly the man seems to grow a pair of pants and a bow tie, and in a moment he’s dressed exactly as a Chippendale’s dancer. He hands her a rum and coke. “Here you are, Miss.”

She smiles brilliantly at him. “Thanks,” she says as she sips her drink and heads back to the group. “So…” she says to Zayn. “We just need people now.”

Zayn’s phone buzzes.

Alexandra cheers with all three of her bodies, running over to the bar to get drinks and dragging Melody with her. Meanwhile, Naomi and Cheryl hop off their mount and lead him painfully over to one of the L-shaped couches next to a bar.

Zayn examines the rest of the group. "Yeah, no problem. I got that covered. Let me know if you want me to bring anyone else here too," she slurs, the drunkenness starting to set in. "Genie~, bring all my subjects here, and make sure they know they're here to party for their goddess! Oh, and finish up the transformations, a day is way too fuckin' long. Shit, except Antonio, he can get tele- teleportered here when he's done fucking my five new subjects," Zayn commands.

While Asmodeus does his duty, Zayn looks over at Sara with respect. "This place fucking rules, Sara, good shit. Keep fucking around with it though as much as you want. It's fun watching people mess with stuff!"

Sara beams. “Thanks Zayn!”

Asmodeus closes his eyes. “As you require, Mistress.”

And suddenly there are about 75 people all around the group. Highly attractive, tall, young, healthy people, showing off their tits and pecs and bulges. They look around, disoriented for a moment, but regain their composure quickly. And within a moment, their ongoing transformations speed up, 20 hours of improvements compressed into a few seconds. Taller, more muscular, more rugged, smoother, softer, firmer, each one’s particular attributes being amplified and expanded. Some of them are almost as tall as Zayn at the end of the transformation, some of them have tits almost as big as Sara’s, some of them have hips almost as wide as Melody’s, but none of them actually surpass the core friends’ attributes.

As they spread out, the club still looks empty. “Shit!” exclaims Sara. “Did I make the place too big? We need a lot more people than this!”

Melody speaks up. “Well, not really. I mean…” she motions to Alexandra. “There’s three of her. We could fill the place up with clones.”

Zayn considers this. "Clones, hmm... nah, not right now. Three bodies is kinda Alex's thing. Besides, I deserve more loyal subjects!" she giggles. "Asmodeus, my pet! Bring 300 people from across the city here at random and give them the same blessing as my other subjects. Make them all want to worship me. And make sure they know why they're here. Oh, and- and only choose ones that I would find deserving! I don't want any Bills accidentally getting rewarded for being a crusty old bastard."

Asmodeus nods. “As pleases you, Mistress.”

And suddenly, people are popping into existence all around, and immediately undergoing a sexual transformation. In the span of about twenty seconds, the club is full of people, spread out all over. The bartenders are busy and the dance floor is full, and the party gets started.

At the bar, Alexandra flashes the bartender a smile. "I'd like a raspberry daiquiri please!" she shouts over the music. Alexandra comes up to the bar next to her. "And a Long Island iced tea for me please!" Squeezing in between the two of them, Alexandra brings Melody up to the bar. "Get me and my girl a Sex on the Beach!"

Cheryl and Naomi lead Bill back to the couch, ogling the ultra-sexy bodies that their goddess shunted into the club. "Go get us some drinks, slave," Cheryl orders him, as she wraps her arm around Naomi and they kick their feet up on a table. "And be quick about it."

"Yeah daddy, and ask everyone you walk by for a spanking! If they ask, tell them that you've been a bad boy," Naomi adds. The two women laugh, their dicks standing at attention from under their short dresses.

Bill makes his way over to the bar, stopping every few seconds to ask random strangers to spank him. Some of them ignore him, but some oblige him. He finally gets to the bar and orders two drinks.

After Zayn makes her command, she sits down in a chair nearby to look at her phone. A smile stretches across her face as she reads Miranda’s message:

Just left my husband. Told him the orgasm I had this afternoon was better than all of the sex I've had with him rolled together into 1, and showed him my new tattoo. I don't think he was impressed lol

Laughing drunkenly, she turns over to her waiting servant. "Genie, show me how Miranda left her husband! I want to see it for myself."

“As you wish, Mistress.”

Suddenly Zayn is no longer in the club; she’s in an apartment building hallway, and Miranda is walking ahead of her. She doesn’t seem to notice Zayn at all, as though Zayn is experiencing a recording.

Miranda takes out her keys and opens a door and enters. The apartment is filled with smell of cooking food. Miranda goes to the bedroom and grabs a suitcase from the closet and immediately starts filling it with her clothes, whistling to herself.

After a few moments, a man comes to the doorway. He observes silently for a moment, then clears his throat. “Uh, hi Miranda.”

“Hi Dave!” she says cheerfully. She continues packing.

“…what’s going on?”

Miranda bites her lip and smiles, looking at him. “I’m leaving. I met someone. Someone really special.”

Dave stands for a moment in stunned silence. Then: “Can we… talk about this?”

She shrugs. “Not much to talk about.”

What? Can you tell me why at least?”

She stops packing and looks at him, and the joy in her face makes him take a step back. “The orgasm I had this afternoon was the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.”

He steps back.

“No offence, Dave. You’re not a bad guy. But… you’ll never be able to make me come the way she does. Never. You can’t. You don’t have it in you. All of the orgasms you’ve ever given me – which, by the way, is not that many – if you put them all together into one super-powered orgasm, it wouldn’t be half of what Zayn gave me this afternoon.” He stands in stunned, hurt silence. She turns to get something out of her closet and winces. She removes her jacket, revealing the bandage covering her tattoo.

His eyes pass over it. “What happened to your back?”

She smiled again. “Oh, here, let me show you.” She starts to pull the tape off, but can’t. “Uh, can you help?”

Stunned, he steps forward to pull it off. He stares at the flowery, ornate text before him that reads ‘Mistress Zayn owns this shit’ across her back.

“Hon, is this a real tattoo?”

“Yup! You like it?”


She shrugs and winces again, then pressed the tape back onto her skin. “Well. It’s not for you anyway. It’s for Zayn.”

"What about... we just put a down payment on a house!"

"Not important."

“Hon, what the fuck has come over you? What happened? This isn’t like you at all!”

She puts a few more items into her suitcase and closes it. “No, this is me. You wouldn’t understand. You can’t. You can’t satisfy me, because you aren’t strong enough, you aren’t sexy enough, and you don’t know how to please me. I’m done with faking orgasms to protect your ego. I’m done with going to sleep unsatisfied. I belong to Zayn now. I’m giving myself to her, because she makes me feel fucking good, and that sucks for you, but…” she shrugs. “I don’t really care.”

A dog wanders into the room. Miranda looks down at it and gasps. "Oh! I almost forgot!" She bends down and unclasps the dog's collar, then straightens up and attaches it to her own neck. She smiles and admires it in the mirror.

Zayn mentally rejoins the party and sips from her champagne glass, noticing the stares that follow her from the crowd of dancers. She grins, winking at her many admirers as she uncrosses her legs to reveal her pussy. "Asmodeus, have Miranda come and find me," she says, her voice ringing out clearly over the loud music and crowd.

“Right away, Mistress.”

It only takes a few moments before Miranda stumbles her way through the crowd. The crowd is thicker around Zayn, as most of the people there want to be near her, but she manages to push her way through the throng until she’s right in front of her.

Like everyone else, she’s hotter. Miranda is now 6’10”, with the physique of a bodybuilder. She’s still wearing her cop uniform, and it’s grown to accommodate her new size and shape. Her muscles bulge out all over, but she carries herself very timidly, looking down, holding her limbs close, trying not to take up too much space. Her brown hair, previously down to her shoulders, now falls to the small of her back. Any beginnings of wrinkles that were starting to show on her face have been smoothed over, though she’s still clearly in her 40’s. She’s wearing the dog collar she took from her dog, and is hurriedly attaching the leash to it as she moves, some of her hair getting caught in it as she does. She blushes as soon as she sees Zayn. “Mistress! Thank you so much for bringing me here!”

Zayn admires Miranda's new body, rubbing her dripping pussy between her pale thighs. Before today, Miranda might have been the sexiest person Zayn had ever seen. Huge breasts bulge out of the skimpy cop uniform she had given her, sitting unnaturally perky due to the incredible musculature that her body now possesses as well. Her face is an idealized version of the already markedly attractive one she had encountered earlier, with plush lips, long lashes and a perfectly proportioned nose.

But not only was she the new normal amongst the hundreds of people in the club tonight, Zayn had easily surpassed Miranda with her supernaturally large and beautiful figure.

Zayn's lips part to flash her dazzling smile, and she pushes her legs together. "Come sit, pet," she says, her red eyes capturing Miranda's with their intensity.

Miranda’s breath catches in her throat, and she cautiously, timidly, sits down in a chair next to her goddess. She places her hands on her thighs, looking awkwardly around her. One of the dancers sees her and stops, and nods in recognition, and Miranda realizes quickly that the crowd that witnessed her subjugation are all here, now. Her face goes red, and her pussy starts to get wet at the embarrassing realization.

Asmodeus' ears prick up as Zayn calls Miranda "pet." His skin darkens several shades toward a reddish-brown and he stares at Miranda with jealousy. Like an obedient servant, however, he says nothing. A dancer bumps into him, and Asmodeus decides that the dance floor is too crowded; he jumps up, beating his huge wings, and perches on a light fixture, watching the scene from above.

Nearby, Zayn shakes her head at Miranda. "I meant on my lap, puppy," she slurs, pulling the near seven-foot woman onto her thick thighs without much trouble. "I think I did a good job with your body, babe. You're just hot enough to be worth- deserving of my company. And I love how you handled your husband Dave. The look on his face was priceless, oh my gods! I want to see that tattoo, now, pet," Zayn rambles, stripping the shirt off of her subjugated servant.

Miranda gives a small “eep!” as Zayn pulls her effortlessly onto her lap, the noise comical coming from a woman as tall as she is. “Th- thank you, Mistress!” she blushes at the compliment. “And… yeah, my new body is… just incredible. Here, yes!” She twists to make it easier for Zayn to remove her shirt, and reaches her arm around to pull the bandage off her back. The skin is still raw and sensitive from the damage done to it, but the letters appear clear and stark on her back.

Zayn traces the letters with her finger, giggling a bit. "Nice, but I can make it better," she whispers. "Asmodeus, make Miranda's tattoo a lot nicer and more pretty," she commands, her hands roaming around the front to fondle Miranda's enlarged chest. "Mmm, and give her dog ears and a fluffy dog tail, because she's my slutty puppy," Zayn adds, laughing as though she just told an amazing joke.

"Of course, Mistress," Asmodeus says. As Zayn watches, the letters on Miranda's back grow thinner, cursive, more flowery and delicate, and an image of Zayn's face, complete with red eyes, actually producing light, appear below it. Her ears move upwards along her head and reform, growing brown fur and becoming triangular, then flopping over once they reach the top of her head. She gasps as she feels them, and a brown-and-white poodle's tail emerges from her tailbone, about six inches long, wagging enthusiastically. Miranda twists around to look at it and squeals in delight.

"Babe, this party is crazy~" Alexandra says in one of Melody's ears. "I haven't seen so many gorgeous people in one place, like, ever!" Another Alexandra is busy making out with Melody, making it hard for her to answer. "Oh shit, I still need to have Zayn change you more!" she realizes, sending one of herselves out to find the goth titaness in the sea of sexy partygoers.

As one of her leaves, Alexandra sees the transformed form of Bill squeeze up next to her, her, and Melody. "T-two of your best cocktails, please," he stutters in a rich baritone. Noticing the eyes of the Alexandras and Melody, he bends over across the counter. "C-can I get a spanking, please? I've been a bad boy," he says in a hoarse voice, presenting his muscular ass for punishment. It's already red and bruised from the previous slaps he received from the empowered party guests.

Alexandra breaks into laughter, causing her to pull away from Melody's kiss with her other body. About two-feet of tongue flops out of her mouth as she withdraws, gasping with laughter with both bodies now. "Oh, we can make sure you get a good spanking," Alex promises, holding up eight hands to emphasize her point.

Back on the couch, an argument breaks out between Naomi and her mother.

"Nah mom, I think Goddess Zayn made me bigger," Naomi observes, as the two ladies compare their identical erections.

Cheryl scoffs. "As if our goddess would make my own daughter bigger than her mother! Besides, honey, I'm still taller than you," she points out, her eyes glued to her daughter's body.

"Oh, I know!" Naomi says, before swinging her body around and sitting on Cheryl's lap. She presses her erection against her mother's, trying to get them to even out. The feeling of rubbing her dick on another one makes her bite her lip to keep herself from moaning.

With a drunken laugh, the older woman wraps her hands around the two erections. "See, they're the same size, dear," she says, breathing heavily. "I never thought... that this would feel so..." she sighs, before snapping back to the current moment. "Where is that useless father of yours? I could get him to settle this in an instant!" she deplores.

Naomi grins. "Probably getting fucked by a muscly stud that he begged to spank him," she jokes, bringing her hand down to clasp around the footlong members above her mother's. "Can you imagine that? Especially after how much shit he gives me for being friends with Scott," Naomi says, mentioning one of her gay friends.

"Honey, I don't think either of us gave him permission to get fucked. Even if he would hate it. We might have to punish him when he gets back," Cheryl suggests, now using both hands to masturbate. Her lips curl into a sadistic grin.

Her daughter moans, feeling an orgasm building up. "I need to fuck something, mom. We should fuck him when he gets back. A-and make him shrink while we're fucking him, so our huge cocks rip him apart!"

"Mmh, that's fucking hot, baby. I'm going to find a nice, big cock to plow me, and make sure that Bill knows how much better it is than anything he could ever do. And then maybe I'll keep him as another slave and let him dominate your father," the muscular matriarch fantasizes, smearing her pre-cum over both shafts.

Naomi groans. "Oh, that sounds amazing, mom. I hope Brian doesn't mind me having my own harem. Not that he's going to get a say in the matter! Especially with how tiny he is now," the younger futa giggles, gasping as she imagines owning some of the dancing, statuesque bodies behind her. She wonders if her goddess would mind.

"Oh fuck, dear, I'm-!" Cheryl gasps, before Naomi shuts her up with an aggressive kiss. One after another, both dicks begin coating their dresses with cum, shooting up and painting their upper bodies and breasts white. They continue to stroke themselves together until Bill finds his way back to the women.

Naomi and Cheryl see Bill making his way back through the crowd, holding their drinks. She sees him ask a random dancer to spank him, and the woman grins and strikes him with her powerful, muscular arms as hard as she can. As she does, Bill spills the drinks on the floor. When he finally gets back to his family, he presents the drinks he’s brought them, each one only about two-thirds full.

Naomi breaks free from the kiss, not paying any mind to how sticky and coated her and Cheryl are now. "Daddy, you couldn't even bring us drinks right! You may speak. What do you have to say for yourself?" comes the angry voice of his daughter.

A look of fury comes across his wife's face. "Bill, you fucking disappointment! Somehow, you manage to prove your uselessness even when you have to do what we tell you to do. Fix this now, you worm! Open your mouth and have it pour out the rest of our drinks into the glasses. And pray that it's good enough for us, or your daughter and I will have to make things even worse for you," she spits at him venomously.

Bill is about to respond to Naomi’s demand when Cheryl speaks up and gives him another command. Unable to resist either one, he grabs their glasses and starts speaking into them, pouring cocktails out of his mouth, blowing bubbles in the falling liquid as he tries to speak. “I’b lo blorry, I on’ loo i’ agai’! I’ll blee ‘ore ‘arehul!”

The cocktails refilled from his mouth, he takes a deep breath and offers the drinks, once again, to his wife and daughter, hoping desperately that they’ll accept them this time.

Laughing at their servant, Cheryl and Naomi both get up and take a drink. "To our new goddess!" Cheryl toasts, raising her glass before pounding the drink back.

Naomi does the same, but takes a slow sip before splashing the rest in Bill's face. "Gross! Daddy, I'm all sticky too! Clean both of us up and make me a drink I'll actually like," Naomi demands, crossing her arms under her breasts.

Cheryl laughs uproariously at her daughter's abuse. She thinks back to how he had to split his effort between multiple tasks at once and gets an idea. "And while you're doing that, bend over so I can fuck your worthless cunt while you whip yourself for your disobedience!" she commands, her cock surging again in response to her dominance.

Bill goes cross-eyes for a moment, overwhelmed by the number of things he suddenly had to do. He grunts in exertion, then shouts, and seems to stretch sideways until he splits into two identical copies of himself. One of them rushes off back toward the bar, while the other one looks at his daughter, swallows and says, "Of course, Naomi. He's... I'm... coming back." In his hand appears a whip, and he immediately gets on his knees and bends over in front of Cheryl while using the whip to strike himself on his back, leaving long red marks on his skin. 

In a moment, he comes running back with a warm, wet cloth, and starts rubbing it over Naomi's skin, wiping the come off of her body. A minute later, a third copy comes carefully through the crowd, holding another cocktail, and sets it down on the table in front of his daughter. He then moves into the Bill cleaning his daughter, merging with him until there are only two left.

Higher up in the room, platforms extend from the walls, a couple of feet wide, and statues form on them. As the statues take shape, they start to resemble Sara in different poses, all around the room, at different altitudes, dozens of them.

While her husband self-flagellates in front of her, Cheryl grabs his muscular core and thrusts into his pussy. She gasps in surprise at how good it feels, especially with how tight her husband is around her cock. "Fuck, so tight," she breathes, pulling back and thrusting into him again, her sizeable testicles slapping his toned ass with each stroke.

Naomi takes the glass of the table and watches the two Bill's finish merging into each other with intrigue. She takes a sip, and true to her command, it's one of the best drinks she's ever had. "That's better. But you're still going way too slow. Move three times faster!" she demands, stroking herself while her mother has her way with his clone.

A sizable number of partygoers gather around the couch at this point to witness the oddities that Cheryl and Naomi are creating, cheering and shouting praise at the women. When the statues form out of the wall, a few lose interest to go get a closer look at the beautiful recreations of Sara. One of the more popular of the nearby statues has her posing with her tits squeezed together between her elbows.

Cheryl continues her merciless fucking of Bill, holding the twin leashes that stem from his neck like reins as she pounds him again and again. "Mmm, Bill, from now on, whenever someone is -ah- fucking you, you will slowly make their dick grow in-s-side you. And their balls will grow at the s-same rate. Make sure anyone will a-always fit inside you. Painfully," his wife commands him, grunting with pleasure.

Her daughter gasps. "Mom! No fair, you're totally trying to get bigger than me!" she protests as Bill picks up the pace around her.

"You'll just -ah- have to wait your turn, dear," she tuts in response, not slowing down her ministrations.

Walking up to her father's face on the body that's being fucked, she shakes her head. "Daddy, turn your mouth into a pussy," she demands.

Bill moves as though he’s in fast-forward, rubbing down his daughter’s body. The cloth had started to cool down, but at the speed he’s moving, the friction against her skin causes the cloth to warm up again. He’s finished cleaning her in less than a minute, and, no longer having anything to do, he merges with his other self.

His eyes open wide as his daughter’s demand, but he has no choice; his lips turn sideways and the interior of his mouth reforms to create a pussy on his face. He tries to speak, but the only things that are produced are a wet flapping noise and a spray of vaginal fluid on the floor.

Amidst the gathering crowd, Naomi begins to fuck Bill from the front, spitroasting their shared servant. "Oh my goddess," Naomi moans, feeling the same tightness that her mother is experiencing on the other end.

With each thrust, they seem to fill him more and more, his insides working his magic on his wife and daughter's huge dicks while he is pounded on both ends. Their relentless fucking continues for a long time.

Meanwhile, one of Alexandra pushes her way through the crowd, trying to ignore the sexy bodies that want to grind up against hers. Finally, she reaches Zayn, who is busy making out with a beautiful woman with dog ears and a tail. Alex rolls her eyes, almost not surprised anymore after what she has seen today.

Getting close to the two super-tall ladies, Alex clears her throat. "Zayn! Hey, sorry if I'm interrupting!" she shouts over the music. "I totally forgot to have you do the other two changes to Melody!"

Zayn stops kissing Miranda for a second, pushing away the over-eager policewoman with one hand. "Shit, yeah, you have two more," she says, grinning. "What do you want?"

Back at the bar, Alex whispers in her girlfriend's ear. "Get ready babe, you're gonna be super hot," she promises, groping her expansive figure with four hands.

The Alexandra talking to Zayn nods. "Okay, so when I'm fooling around with Melody, I always wish that I had more to grab onto and play with. So would you be able to give her another pair of boobs for me?" Alex starts. "And then I'm kinda turned on by how stacked everyone here is, but Melody is so short and scrawny. Can you make her taller than me, and buff?"

Still fondling her pet, Zayn thinks for a moment. "Yeah fuck it, sure. I'll do all that." She starts to look around for Asmodeus, unable to find him in her stupor. "Genie, where the fuck did you go? Genie!"

Asmodeus simply responds, “I am above you, Mistress. I can hear you perfectly.” Zayn also hears Asmodeus perfectly, despite the volume of the music and the crowd.

Zayn breathes a sigh of relief, having located her all-powerful servant. "Heh, shit, why'd you go up there?" she asks, looking up at the lights.

"My presence was obstructing your guests," Asmodeus answers. "They cannot see me and could not avoid me."

"Oh, you saw those statues too? Sara's been busy," Alex says, looking in the same direction Zayn is. She focuses on the statues cropping up on the walls, unable to see the seven-foot djinn perched above the dancefloor.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sure," Zayn slurs at both of them. "Okay, I'm gonna do it now."

Zayn raises both hands dramatically. "Genie, give Melody two extra pairs of titties, and make each pair smaller as they go down. And then make her taller than you are and really strong. Mmm, more jacked than the strongest person here," Zayn commands, clapping her hands together.

"Oh, then come down here and give me a massage, my lovely pet," she adds on at the end, noticing his current inactivity. Her ringed hand plays with Miranda's fluffy tail while she reclines in her seat, a dumb smile plastered across her face.

He shifts to the colour of ocean water, excited at the prospect of touching his Mistress again. He leaps down, landing deftly in one of the few spaces on the dancefloor that is unoccupied by partygoers, and strides over to her, placing his four slender, feminine hands on her shoulders and arms, and starting to rub. His skin lightens again at the contact.

Miranda leans in to Zayn, her head resting on her shoulder, as Zayn plays with her tail. Getting this close to her Goddess is pure bliss; she forgets, for a moment, everything else in the world.

Over at the bar, Melody waits in anticipation, looking into her girlfriend's eyes. Alexandra stares back.

“Oh come on," Melody says. "I'm get- woah!" She shouts as she feels her flesh on her chest and belly start to rearrange itself, swelling, forming nipples, becoming more sensitive under her clothes. "Aahhhh, what did you do?" She grins as she hastily removes her top and laughs when she sees her new tits. 

Alexandra's eyes open wide. "I only asked for one extra pair..."

Melody waves it away. "Yeah, Zayn kinda does whatever she- oh hell!" She shouts again as she gets bigger, growing out of her seat, and her muscles start to bulge out all over her. Her legs and arms become hard, her veins visible on top of her solid muscles. She stands up as she continues growing, slowing and stopping at a height of seven and a half feet tall, towering now over Alexandra. "Did you ask for this?"

Alexandra and Alexandra laugh and clap, reaching forward to run their eight hands all over Melody's lower breasts  and thighs, giggling, one in front of her and one behind her. "Yeah, this I asked for."

Melody reaches forward and grabs the Alexandra in front of her, pressing her face against her body, effortlessly squishing her out of shape with her increased strength.

Alexandra's third body squeals with excitement. "She's perfect, Zayn! Thank you so much! I uh- I'm gonna need all three bodies for this now," she says, grinning from ear to ear. She heads back into the crowd, shouting a quick, "You're the best, Zayn!" over her shoulder as she leaves.

"I am the best," Zayn repeats to herself, enjoying the incredible hands of her djinn while her police-puppy clings tightly to her body. "Miranda, baby, go get your goddess another drink. And when you get back, my pussy needs some attention," she purrs into her ear, running her hand gently along the hourglass curves of the policewoman's improved body.

“Mmm… okay, Mistress…” Miranda kisses her arm and runs her magically extended tongue up and down her body before standing up and disappearing into the crowd.

At the bar, Melody's sudden growth spurt and subsequent destruction of what she's wearing draws a lot of lustful stares and applause from the other people in the area. At least one person yells out a lewd proposal from nearby.

"She's taken! Get your own," echo the two Alexandras, sticking their tongues out at the jealous admirers. One of the two is more successful in their taunt, as the other is currently being pulverized by Melody's strong embrace. Even if Alexandra hadn't become malleable, the sight and power of her improved lover would surely turn her to mush anyways. The immense curves that Melody has are now multiplied with the three sets of boobs running down her torso. But covering the rest of her body and competing for attention are the massive, blocky muscles that seemed equally unattainable.

Alexandra struggled to reach her lover's padded shoulders with her second body, needing to reach up and over the still immense rear and bulging, pumped up back muscles to get a handhold. Eventually, her body's new ability kicks in and her arms lengthen and stretch in order to meet their target.

It's challenging, navigating all of her bodies while one is being stretched and squished so effortlessly, causing her so much pleasure. But she needs to explore Melody's new body, just like how she needs Melody to use her new strength to test the limits of her own flexibility.

With a jump, Alexandra pounces on her girlfriend's back, using her immense rear to support her weight. She brings her lips to her ear, wrapping her four arms around Melody's enormous two. "Babe, I'm so fucking turned on. Find us a room, you beast," she moans, kissing Melody's muscular neck. "And then I want you to fucking rip me apart."

Melody lets go of Alexandra, allowing her to reform her head and upper body. Melody doesn’t even realize that she’d also squashed her upper body until she steps back, but her beefy arms had clearly left a round imprint in her back and upper chest.

Melody grins. “Oh yeah? You mean like this?” She grabs the barstool she’d been sitting on in one hand and lifts it up to in front of her face. Taking it with her other hand, she bends the legs of the stool into the shape of a U with no strain whatsoever, then pulls them apart. The metal groans and rips apart easily in Melody’s powerful grip. She drops them on the ground and takes a moment to rub her lowermost nipples. “Mmm… okay. Alright. Let me go find Sara.”

It takes Melody a few minutes to find Sara; she’s dancing on one of the floating platforms, looking down at the crowded floor twenty feet below. Sara walks over to the bartender, a young black woman with green hair. “Jump down to the floor,” she yells over the music. Obediently, the woman walks over to the edge of the platform and jumps down. She lands hard, but seems completely unhurt.

“Hey Sara,” begins Melody.

“Hang on,” insists Sara. She turns her palms up and raises them above her head, and the bartender grows taller, wider, bigger, destroying her clothes, and in a matter of just a few seconds, she’s thirty feet tall and looking Sara right in the face. Melody laughs as the giantess looks around in amazement. Sara smiles and shouts at her, “You’re fucking horny now.”

The giantess moans and immediately starts rubbing her nipples, and moves to sit down in the middle of the dancefloor. Everyone scrambles out of the way to make room for her gigantic ass as she sits down and begins masturbating. The dancing resumes almost immediately, everyone crowding around her. 

Sara turns back to Melody, grinning. “Yeah! What’s up?”

Melody forgets for a moment what she was going to say, but then: “Oh! Where can I get some privacy?”

Sara makes a face. “What do you want privacy for? Do whatever you want, I promise you’re not gonna get kicked out.”

“I just want it! Did you make any private rooms or not?”

Sara smirks. “Sure, Mel.” She points at a door twenty feet off the ground, accessible by a walkway. “Go through there, you’ll find some rooms.”

Melody nods and smiles. “Thanks Sara!” and runs off to find Alexandra.

Melody finds Alexandra right where she left her, making out with Alexandra in front of the bar. Both bodies are gripping each other tightly, visibly compressing each other's forms as they snog. One Alexandra has a hand in the other's pants, masturbating openly in front of the excited onlookers. Their tails intertwine with each other while they wait for her partner to return.

"Ooh, I love how easy it is to find you now, babe!" Melody's third girlfriend says, tugging on an ultra-strong arm with all four of her own. "Hope you don't mind me playing with myself while I'm waiting~" she teases, moving in front before stretching herself up to wrap around Melody's front.

"After you, my love," she says, kissing the massive amazon hard on the lips.

Melody takes a moment to admire her girlfriend’s multibody masturbation, then, without warning, reaches forward and grabs Alexandra and Alexandra and holds them under her right arm, then does the same with Alexandra under her left. She lifts all three of them off the ground, crouches slightly, and jumps up to the second level, landing right in front of the door that Sara had pointed out to her, startling one of the other partygoers and making him spill his drink. “Sorry,” she says, putting down her slightly deformed girlfriends and brushing past him through the doorway.

Melody and Alexandra find themselves in a hallway with more doors on either side. There’s writing on the walls, but the girls have no idea what it says because it’s all in Korean. There’s a waving good-luck cat and red banners decorating the hall. It’s strangely quiet; they can hear each other very well despite the music that was pumping just on the other side of the wall. A burst of laughter comes from one of the doors; Melody tries to turn the knob, but it’s locked. She accidentally crushes the knob between her fingers; she shrugs sheepishly and walks down the hallway until she finds an open door.

The door leads to a medium-sized room with no one in it; there’s a large couch and a huge TV screen, a fully-stocked bar, plenty of finger food, a very complicated-looking remote control with all the buttons labeled in Korean, and a large binder. When Melody opens it, she finds a list of thousands and thousands of songs. She laughs. “Sara made a goddamn Korean karaoke bar!”

Melody turns back around to find her girlfriends quickly stripping the clothes off of one of her bodies. "Babe, you can sing to me later. I need you to fuck me now," she echoes with all three voices.

As the last garment falls to the ground, she shoots Melody a seductive glance as her bodies head to the couch. The nude one sits in the middle while one kneels on each side of her, hands roaming across the body. Two hands grab and spread Alexandra's legs out, her body showing no resistance as her legs are bent around her other forms. Two more hands hook inside her pussy, spreading it wide enough for her to fit two fists inside.

"So are you just gonna stand there?"

"Are you gonna come here and stretch me out, babe?"

"You made me like this, now come and play with me."

Alexandra's three voices beckon Melody from across the room simultaneously, looking at her with longing. "Melody~" they moan in harmony.

Melody steps forward, breathing heavily, and kneels down behind one of the kneeling Alexandras. She puts her massive hands on Alexandra’s waist and licks and kisses her neck. She runs her hands down her body, inserting her hand into her shorts, and then pulls it out again. She puts both hands around Alexandra’s waist and squeezes, very lightly at first, but applying more and more pressure as the seconds tick by. Her hands get closer and closer to each other, squeezing her waist, displacing her mass until she can touch her thumbs and middle fingers to each other.

She brings her hands up to her shoulders and clenches her fists, watching Alexandra’s flesh protrude out from between her fingers. Alexandra’s upper two arms flail wildly as her shoulders are harmlessly crushed, then flop down on the ground, connected to her upper body by thin strands of skin-coloured putty. Melody lifts one of the arms and examines her hand; Alexandra waves at her from her nearly-disconnected arm. Melody gently clasps her fingers with her own, then slowly increases the pressure, squishing her hand until all of her fingers droop down to the ground under their own weight. 

Grinning, Melody lets go and moves behind her again. She grabs her shirt in both hands and rips it into pieces, exposing Alexandra’s breasts, then throws it against the wall; she then does the same thing with her shorts and underwear. She reaches down, past her torso and puts her arms under Alexandra’s thighs; she then stands up, cradling her girlfriend’s body in her arms so that she’s facing away from her. “You ready for this, babe?” she whispers in her ear from behind. Then she tightens her grip, bringing Alexandra’s knees into her chest, and squeezes more, and more, pressing her thighs into her belly, folding her in half in her arms. Her lower legs kick uncontrollably up in the air as her body is compressed into an indistinct shape of human-coloured goo. Melody drops her on the ground and grins at the other two Alexandras.


Back in the club, Miranda approaches Zayn from behind. She extends her tongue, running it along her ear and then snaking her way into it. She reaches over her shoulder with a glass of wine and offers it to her goddess, then moves around the couch to position herself between her legs. “I’m ready to give your pussy all the attention it needs, Mistress,” she says, looking up at Zayn.

Asmoedus continues to massage her, moving his hands slowly from her shoulders, down the length of her arms and down her back.

Zayn swirls the glass of wine in her hands. She takes a long drink and smiles. "Good, babe, now get to work," Zayn demands, spreading her legs wide open. Holding the leash in one hand, she pulls Miranda into her salivating pussy.

Once she feels Miranda's tongue go to work, Zayn's hands begin to tremble from the stimulation. She manages to set the glass down on the table next to her, before reaching behind her and pulling Asmodeus's head down for a deep kiss.

Miranda gets to work quickly on Zayn’s pussy. The leash attached to her neck is a constant reminder of how she’s owned now, and the thought turns her on even more. She has to stop herself from masturbating, knowing that her Mistress requires her full attention.

Asmodeus is shocked – too shocked to respond or resist. The touch of her lips on his is the most incredible bliss; he stops massaging her, forgetting entirely what he was supposed to be doing. Reflexively, he kisses her back, using his lower pair of hands to steady himself against the couch. His dick starts to swell, pointing into the back of her seat.

Zayn's hips buck uncontrollably, Miranda's magically enhanced tongue skillfully hitting just the right parts every time. She lets go of Asmodeus for a second, choking for air as Miranda brings her to her first orgasm. "Genie," she gasps, "d-don't cum until I tell you~," she tells him, before bringing her black lips back to his own plush pair.

She pulls him down further, leaning over the back of the couch so his face is even with hers. With her leash-holding hand, she grabs a fistful of Miranda's hair, keeping her firmly in place between her mistress's creamy thighs.


The Alexandras are in a similar state of bliss, the two untouched bodies screaming in pleasure from Melody's experimentation. The sight of her own body on the ground, reduced to a flesh-toned quivering blob of pleasure, is so much more than what Alexandra could have expected.

Her hands are feverishly masturbating her remaining bodies while her third one shakes on the ground like jello, slowly reforming itself.

"Oh fuck, Mel, use your tongue on me~"

"Turn me into a fucking pretzel, baby~"

The two bodies moan, helplessly aroused on the couch as their girlfriend uses her like a toy. Her third body, sightless and shapeless, begins to slide across the ground towards Melody's leg, eager to be used some more.

Melody smiles down at the slowly reforming blob of Alexandra on the ground and steps on it, making an imprint of her foot. She then turns to her two girlfriends on the couch. “A pretzel? I can do that,” she grins.

The impact of Melody's foot causes the two girls to scream again, and Alexandra offers no resistance as she's picked up and tossed back onto the couch. The blob slowly begins to shift, rising up around Melody's bulging calf and up her leg.

The ultra-buff girl reaches over and grabs one by one of her left hands and lifts her off the couch, holding her up easily over her head. Alexandra’s body slowly descends as her weight stretches her arm out, but only for a moment; Melody positions Alexandra face-down on the couch, then grabs one of her right arms, and pulls the two of them behind her back, passing one over the other, forming a loop and passing one through the loop, then pulling - hard - to form a knot. She then pulls each of her other arms and both of her legs, one after the other, until all six of her limbs are twisted and knotted in with all of the others.

As each one of her limbs is stretched and knotted behind her, Alexandra bites the couch cushion to muffle her cries. Next to her, Alexandra stretches her arms over to attempt to reciprocate with any of the pleasure that Melody is giving her, weakly rubbing at Melody's new sets of breasts and crotch with her four arms. "Keep going, baby," she breathes, as her body is completely knotted and lifted off the couch.

Finally, she lifts her up above her head, upside-down, almost to the ceiling, puts her mouth on her pussy and begins to lick.

The upside down Alexandra, her face reforming after being flattened by the couch cushion, gasps for air before groaning with pleasure at the feeling of her girlfriend's tongue beginning its work. Her long red hair dances wildly, clinging to Melody's bulk while her neck stretches a bit every time Melody jostles her.

"Fuckfuckfuck oh my fucking god~"

"So fucking big..."

The shapeless form of Alexandra has now stretched over most of Melody's thick leg, homing in on her target between those massive thighs.

"More!" she yells with her two remaining mouths. "Fill me up, you stud!"

Melody’s tongue snakes its way into and around Alexandra’s pussy, running along her clitoris and delving into her cunt, making Alexandra scream. She retracts her tongue and then extends it again, running it along her back, wrapping around her torso, sliding over her breasts, playing with her nipples. It then turns to slide down her belly and back to her pussy, flicking her clitoris again and again, stimulating her nipples and pussy all at once.

Eventually, she retracts her tongue and looks the knotted Alexandra in the eyes. “I’ve got an idea,” she says musically before starting to compress her girlfriend with her hands, pressing her limbs into her back and her shoulders into her chest. She pats and presses her all over, digging her fingers into her, grabbing fistfuls of her flesh, kneading her like dough, forming her into a ball. Just for fun, she forms a fist and hits her, hard, just to see what it feels like; the impact puts her fist right through her and out the other side, but she laughs and simply kneads her into a ball a second time.

Once her form is completely undefined, she starts to shape her again, making her longer than she is wide, creating a very crude oblong shape. She carries it in one hand and points it at the only still-recognizable Alexandra.

“Open your legs, babe,” she winks.


Meanwhile, Sara, sitting at the bar to give her feet a rest from dancing, throws back a shot and giggles to herself. "Privacy. Hah. She wants privacy."

She turns and observes the walls around her, taking a moment to pick a good spot. She makes a parting motion with her arms and the platforms with statues are shunted to the sides, creating a large blank space on the wall. The surface shimmers and turns reflective, and illuminates, becoming a huge television. She concentrates again, and a closed-circuit camera forms, unnoticed, on the wall of Melody's and Alexandra's room, and soon their fucking is displayed in the dance hall, on a screen thirty feet high, with the volume turned up. A cheer erupts from the partygoers as they turn to watch.

Down below, Asmodeus’ skin goes lighter in response to the passionate kiss, turning a pale blue. He gasps in pleasure, and manages to pull his face away from hers, and says, in a trembling, feminine voice, “Mistress… this is most unwise.”

Miranda follows Zayn’s cunt with her face; having her hair pulled isn’t necessary but each tug makes her wetter. She moans and inserts two fingers into Zayn’s pussy while she licks her clitoris.

Zayn smirks at her genie's hesitancy. "What's -ah- wrong, pet, am I too much for you?" she taunts him, riding Miranda's face to another orgasm. "Miranda's doing a better job than you~" Her crimson eyes study his face for a reaction.

Asmodeus struggles to maintain his composure. “It is not safe for me to ejaculate here.” As Zayn breaks off the kiss, he closes his eyes and breathes heavily, torn between frustration and relief. He looks at Miranda as Zayn pats her head, painfully aware of the ways he will never touch his Mistress, wondering how much of the affection his Mistress is showing her is meant to arouse and excite him.

She tugs on Miranda's leash, moving her away from her crotch. "That's enough, girl," Zayn orders, grabbing her glass of wine and finishing it. "Fuck, I need a cigarette after that," she mumbles to herself, retrieving her never-ending carton and holding a cigarette up to be lit.

She pauses, taking a drag from her cigarette and running a hand through Miranda's hair as if she was petting an animal. "Good puppy," she purrs.

The pounding music of the club drones on in the background, echoing through her hazy mind with each pulse. It's hard to think straight, but an idea manages to come to her while she relaxes. "Genie, I want control over orgasms. I want to be able to make people have them or prevent people from having them. And I want to be able to choose how strong they are and how long they last. Make it happen, pet," she orders, twirling her fingers around Miranda's chocolate locks.

He barely hears her command, but reflexively, automatically, he responds: “As you desire, Mistress.”

Giddy with excitement, she casts her influence out towards a tall, chesty partygoer that has been trying to get her attention for a while now. Zayn hums to herself for a second, imagining the woman drop to her knees with an earth-shattering orgasm.

And then she does.

The dancer screams in pleasure, falling to the floor and frantically rubbing herself as Zayn's power causes her to have the strongest orgasm she has ever experienced. It seems to go on for almost a minute before she stops. The dancers in the area stop for a moment to watch her, clapping and cheering as she does.

Zayn smirks looking back down towards her collared pet. "Miranda, for being such a good puppy, your goddess will reward you," she promises, before testing her powers out once again. She focuses on Miranda this time, imagining her having an orgasm that lasts for five minutes, and slowly increases in intensity over that course of time.

Miranda gasps and smiles with her mouth open and her eyes closed. She closes her teeth and starts rocking back and forth softly and slowly. “Mmmm…” she moans, “this is… very nice, thank you, Mistress…” then moans loudly as the orgasm intensifies, just a bit. She lowers her head until her face is resting on the ground, and stays there for a while, whimpering in pleasure.

As she does, the club shifts to display Melody and Alexandra's bodies engaged in their extremely kinky and strange sex. Zayn watches with rapt attention, her hands travelling back down to her well-fucked pussy. Seeing Melody dominate Alexandra and use her like a toy is the hottest thing she'd seen all day.

She wonders if- Yes, she can sense Melody with her ability! Grinning mischievously, the goth mistress waits for a few moments before sending multiple powerful shock waves of pleasure in her friend's direction.

The giantess on the dancefloor rolls over and extends her arm, grabbing the leg of a random person from the crowd. He shouts and tries reflexively to yank it away, but she drags him effortlessly toward her, rolls over until she’s lying on her back and places him on her belly, facing her crotch. “Get to work,” she says. He crawls forward over her skin and starts rubbing her clitoris.


On the screen, Melody picks up the oblong Alexandra and holds her with both arms, then thrusts her forward into Alexandra’s waiting cunt. Alexandra shouts in ecstasy as she’s jammed into herself, bit by bit, more and more. The two deformed Alexandras jiggle with pleasure, while the human-shaped Alexandra breathes heavily from the physical sensations, using her upper arms to support herself and her lower pair to guide her inside herself.

Melody tries to push her in, and Alexandra is soft enough that her mass starts to get spread around, but gradually, she fits more and more of herself inside.

“Okay babe, I think we’re just about there,” says Melody, when the first shockwave hits. She moans and clenches her fists involuntarily, squelching bits of Alexandra through her fingers again. She takes a deep breath and is just about to resume her pushing when she feels another shockwave, this one stronger. She falls to her knees, again squashing the Alexandra oozing her way up her leg. “What was – aaahh!” she screams as the third shockwave makes her fall forward, and she’s on her hands and knees, facing the floor, not knowing what’s causing this pleasure – or how long it’s going to continue.

Alexandra sits up and tries to see what's happening but is knocked down by another intense orgasm from her girlfriend flattening one of her. "B-babe, whaaaat happened," Alexandra barely is able to make out with her remaining mouth through the insane pleasure. "You didn't f-finish, and I'm starting to run together," she whines, feeling her second body beginning to be absorbed into her current main body.

The mass shifts and quivers as the oblong Alexandra sticking out of her distended pussy slowly continues to pull inward, but this time of its own accord. Her girlfriend is too busy dealing with her own pleasure to hear her, as a fourth intense orgasm rockets through the muscle-bound blonde.


Zayn giggles, groping the plush rear that Miranda's sticking up into the air as her own orgasm continues to escalate. The whimpering police puppy's tail is wagging back and forth wildly as if to illustrate her current state. Taking another drag while she pleasures herself, the ruby-eyed amazon turns back to her femboy genie.

"Holy fuck this rules," she states plainly, watching many of the party guests stop dancing and join in on the masturbation. She thinks for a moment on how to mess with the two of them some more. "Okay, okay, fuck. Asmodeus, I want you to give Alexandra two more bodies. And make them identical to Melody's, but still malleable and shit. And then give Mel a huge dick. Like fucking massive, even on her. Make sure she can cum as much as she wants too like Yasmine. Got it, pet?" Zayn demands, chewing on her bottom lip.

With her command issued, Zayn puts her cigarette out on one of her huge tits and carelessly tosses it aside. With two hands, she scoops up the shaking policewoman and cradles her on her lap. "How's my little police puppy?" she patronizes, giving her a rough kiss on the neck.

“Oh, Mistress, I’m… aahhhh… I’m doing… just great. Uhnf!” She clenches her jaw and squeezes her eyes shut as her orgasm enters its second minute and intensifies just a little more. She gasps at Zayn’s kiss and curls up a little bit, feeling very comfortable, very warm, and very safe in the arms of her goddess.

When she leans in, Zayn licks her lips subconsciously. Miranda tastes delicious. Was she hungry again already?


Finally, Melody pulls her gaze up from the floor and looks over at Alexandra, watching the two of them merge, but not really understanding what she’s seeing. Through her orgasmic haze, it's hard to process, and she opens her mouth to speak when another orgasm causes her arms to give out. She moans wordlessly and drops her head, resting her forehead on the floor, trying once again to get her bearings.

“Wha- what the hell?” she hears in a voice that sounds very familiar, though she can’t place exactly why. She manages to lift her head and she sees right in front of her, a hugely muscled, powerful lower leg. She follows it up to an equally impressive thigh, which leads to the body of what could only be the largest competitive female bodybuilder in the world, with six breasts going down her chest. That gives her pause. Finally, craning her neck up, she sees… her own face on top of the body, looking down at herself in shock and surprise. “The fuck…?” Melody wonders aloud.She hears something behind her and turns and sees herself, again. And before she has a chance to think about that at all, she feels a tingling, a strange but very pleasant stretching sensation coming from her clitoris.

She looks down and sees her clitoris extending, getting longer, fatter, thicker. When it’s as long as her hand, the tip forms a mushroom shape, and veins pop out from the shaft. Still it grows. Melody can’t keep her eyes from it; it’s hypnotic. It continues to grow until it’s as long as her arm, and the tip of it starts oozing a viscous, milky, translucent liquid. Melody starts to laugh. “Oh, fuck, Zayn, alright.”

From a different point of view, Alexandra is suddenly looking down at her girlfriend's orgasming body from a high elevation. She looks around, disoriented, and focuses on another copy of her girlfriend that is examining her. But she sees it twice. At the same time, she sees two Melodys pop into existence on either side of her Melody, staring at each other.

It takes her a moment to put two and two together.

"Oh. My. Goddess." The Alexandra-in-Melodys gasp, understanding what just happened. She approaches her new selves, running her fewer but vastly more powerful hands across her new bodies; across her broad, padded shoulders, her multitude of breasts, and her immense asses. The feeling of inhabiting her girlfriend's body - not just once, but twice-over - is a fascinating and pleasurable experience.

Alexandra squeezes her double's bicep, surprised to find out that it reacts much the same as her body. Instead of feeling a rock-hard muscle like she felt on Melody, her hand crushes the arm with minimal effort. It seemed as though Alexandra has all the strength in her new bodies, but with the same malleability that she's started to grow accustomed to.

As she looks back down at Melody Prime, her eyes bulge at the giant tool that she's now sporting.

"Oh babe," the Melodys say to their lookalike. "You'll never guess what Zayn just gave me," she sang with all of her bodies this time, Alexandra's mixed chorus of voices echoing off the walls. The remaining Alexandra continues to mix with her other mass on the couch, slowly swelling in size as it's absorbed into her body.

The two doppelgangers lick their lips, staring at the throbbing, nearly four foot long erection that erupts from between her girlfriend's thighs. The veiny beast is thicker than one of her original legs, and is spitting out an oddly tasty looking liquid that streams down from the bulbous tip. The smooth, hairless set of balls beneath it are easily as large as the amazon's biggest pair of breasts.

Grinning playfully, the Melody-shaped Alexandras effortlessly spin the original around and push her back onto the ground with their combined Herculean strength. Kneeling on either side of the phallic monument, the two briefly maintain eye-contact with her girlfriend while her bodies give the enormous erection a twelve-breasted titjob. Leaning around the head-sized tip of the erection, the two Alexandras give the visage of their girlfriend a kiss with their tongues, eyes widening as they realize just how much tongue they now possess.

The orgasmic shockwaves have subsided, but Melody is still reeling when she’s turned around by two pairs of very strong hands; their strength catches her by surprise, since at her current height and mass, she now weighs almost 700 pounds. When she’s confronted with two copies of herself, smiling down at her, speaking in tandem with the Alexandras, combined with the incredible tool she now sports between her legs, it’s too much, too different, too weird to react to.

“Alex? B-babe? Is that you?”

Her cock reacts unconsciously; it’s like a diamond, pointing at the ceiling, oozing out gobs of precum, quivering with her need; but she herself does nothing other than lie back and watch as her twin-girlfriend-inside-her rubs her shaft with all of her tits, the sensations from her male organ overwhelming in their strength and weirdness. She flails her arms, slapping the ground in her pleasure, accidentally bringing her hand down onto the Alexandra that had been climbing her leg and mashing her onto the floor.

Zayn watches this unfold, momentarily forgetting the pit in her stomach. Her hand reaches back down to masturbate her drooling cunt, maneuvering around the quivering body of her pet. Masturbation seems to be the norm now on the dancefloor as the partygoers stop to admire the impossible porn that was being streamed to them live from Melody and Alexandra.


"Fuck yes," Zayn cheers, furiously working herself to the display until her stomach gurgles defiantly, unwilling to be overlooked. She looks back at the woman cradled on her lap. It would be so easy to just unhinge her jaw and...

She stops herself, her maw returning to a natural shape. She enjoyed having her pet around too much to eat her now. And besides, if she was going to absorb someone, it might as well be someone better than Miranda. Someone worthy of becoming a part of a goddess like herself. As the scene played on, the goth amazon began looking around the party at her subjects as if she was instead at a buffet.

Miranda whimpers in Zayn’s lap, her orgasm continuing to build. She looks almost as if she’s in pain, but the occasional smile and peal of laughter reveals the truth.

As Zayn looks around at her dancing subjects, she’s struck by the availability of everyone. Everyone is available to her, at her whim, for her pleasure. For whatever purpose or use or fancy. Men, women, slim, stacked, muscled, every variety she might want is there for her choosing. And she knows that if a particular flavor isn’t there waiting for her, she can simply create it.

Sara, back on the dancefloor, reaches up to a large, beefy man who’s currently watching the screen and jacking off. She picks through his thoughts until she finds his name; she then indicates that he should lean down so she can speak in his ear. He does, and she speaks calmly, “Jamie Jamie Jamie.” He pulls back and stares at her, smiling, and she immediately leans over to the man standing right next to him. “Sean Sean Sean.” Then she reaches out and grabs a man walking by with two drinks, pulling him over: “Francis Francis Francis!”

The three men stare at her in lust, and she takes one of the drinks that Francis is carrying; he gives it to her immediately. She smiles at them, taking a moment to decide, pointing at Sean. “You first.”


The two doppelgangers on the screen break their kiss and look back at the original Melody as they rub their huge, perky breasts up and down the immense shaft. "Do I look like our girlfriend? I'm Melody, duh!" the two say simultaneously, winking at the real Melody.

"Yeah babe, it's me," comes a familiar voice whispering in Melody's left ear. "Your body feels so good to have, it's amazing," Alexandra moans in her other ear. "You made me cum so much, but now it's my turn," they both say this time, wrapping two, four, six arms around Melody's head and shoulders and caressing her chest.

The Melody-Alexandras open their mouths, letting loose a quickly lengthening tongue that they flick around in the air experimentally for a moment before bringing it to the shaft between them. The two endless tongues begin to twist and coil around the shaft, sliding between the multitude of breasts to completely wrap around the entire length from base to tip.

Then they continue some more, extending the tongues further to climb up her girlfriend's torso and stimulate her breasts, while another licks her balls and dives between her immense ass. The entire time, the tongues lick and rub against the masculine monument, constantly moving and swirling around the entire length. The two clones of Melody don't even need to use their massive arms to pleasure their girlfriend; instead they are busy groping each other and masturbating their identical sexes.

"Cum for me, baby," the two voices of Alexandra whisper in Melody's ears, coming at her from both sides with a pair of passionate kisses.

Melody, lying on her back, watches herself and herself – kind of – wrap their prehensile infinite tongues around her cock. The feeling of the smooth, slippery, wet organs covering every square inch of her is almost painful in its intensity, but it is the most wonderful pain she could imagine. And slowly, as their tongues extend to wrap around her, licking and wrapping around her breasts, her muscled arms, her legs, she begins to wonder whether they could hold her, whether she could actually get out of their embrace if she wanted to. She’s strong, but… so are they. And the tongue is a muscle…

But it’s a purely hypothetical thought. She doesn’t make any attempt to get out; she needs to come too badly. She writhes on the ground, allowing her girlfriends to wrap her up more and more tightly, all the while licking and massaging her mighty cock, bringing her closer and closer to her first male orgasm. Her dick, completely covered except for the tip, spits out gobs of precum which flow down Alexandra’s tongues and get spread around as the tongues pull and lick.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus, oh my god, oh, don’t – don’t stop, don’t - nnngggghhh" Melody grits her teeth as she tips past the point of orgasm. The Alexandras can feel her orgasm through the shaft of her cock; it bulges slightly as her come travels up its incredible length and fires out of the tip like a weapon. Her jizz splatters against the ceiling, and a long, sticky white rope hangs there, connecting the ceiling to her dick, until the next burst of come splashes out and lands in Alexandra’s hair, then another, sticking to the couch. Melody isn’t aware of any of it; her eyes are closed and her jaw is clenched as rope after rope of come is released, until finally she runs out and the last couple of spurts simply dribble out. 

She lets out a long, slow breath and laughs drunkenly. “Okay… babe… babes… can I get out now?”

From underneath a blanket of Melody's jizz, the two saturated clones stop their tongue-coiling and shake some of her girlfriend's seed from her heads. Their insanely long tongues taste just how salty Melody's cum is, each doppleganger easily having a hundred feet of prehensile length wrapping their girlfriend up like a mummy.

The karaoke room is absolutely destroyed under the deluge of spunk, dripping off the walls and ceiling and covering nearly everything in sight. An inch deep pool of jizz sits on the ground, making squelching sounds as the massive women move around.

The two Melody-clones look down at their girlfriend, grinning as they take a brawny hand and pull on their immense organ near their lips. It doesn't have the intended effect, however, it only succeeds in pulling more endless tongue from their mouth. The two Alexandras behind Melody giggle to themselves as they come to this realization.

Trying again, they instead use two hands to grab their tongue and pull apart. The length of tongue stretches quite a bit, getting thinner and thinner until it snaps apart. They withdraw the rest of the tongue into their mouths, before looking down at Melody and saying, "Let yourself out, stud."


From the bar outside, the crowd erupts into cheers and cries of ecstasy as Melody is set off on the big screen, erupting like a geyser and spraying her load all over the room. As the orgasm continues, the camera eventually is caught in the cross-fire and the screen goes white. The crowd cries out in disappointment as the scene is cut short.

Zayn laughs, having brought herself to climax watching the two new Alexandras use her girlfriend's tongue against her. Her pet is still trembling on her lap, reaching the final bits of her own Zayn-induced orgasm. She sighs with contentment. "Genie, make it so Melody can clean up her messes by thinking about it."


Melody takes a minute to catch her breath, a stupid grin plastered on her face. Finally, she takes a deep breath and flexes out all her muscles, loosening the length of tongue binding her.  She then wriggles her way, slowly wearing away at the tongue holding her on the floor. The Alexandras laugh and start raiding the fridge.

It takes her a solid five minutes, but she finally gets out, stands up, and stumbles; a Melody-Alexandra catches her in her arms to stop her from falling; her muscular arms sag and droop under Melody’s weight, but she reels them back in and holds Melody up. Melody looks into her eyes – her own eyes – and kisses her on the lips.

All of the Alexandras exhale simultaneously.

Melody breaks the kiss and looks down at her arms. “So… you too, huh?”

Melody-Alexandra nods and flexes her bicep, then pinches it, touching her fingers to each other and creating a small hole through her muscle. It then slowly fills back in.

Melody looks around at the incredible mess they’ve made. She takes a step and accidentally puts her bare foot into a puddle of come. She makes a face and laughs. “Oh my god that is a lot of come. I mean…” she shrugs. “I assume. I’ve never actually seen come in real life before tonight!” She puts her hands on her hips. "I kinda wish I could…”

And it’s gone. Melody abruptly stops talking for a moment. “Oh! Well!” she turns to face her girlfriends. “I guess I can.”

Melody turns to see her girlfriends and gets a look at her original Alexandra for the first time since her new dick grew in. Standing between her Melody bodies is a two-headed Alexandra, sharing a broadened set of shoulders. No less than four breasts and eight arms run down her torso, and her extra wide hips lead to four legs with a slick vagina between each pair. Two barbed tails swing from side to side behind her shared body.

The two Alexandras smile, as one of the Melody-Alexandras gathers up the rest of her third original body on the ground. A flattened head sticks out of the blob, reforming itself while the rest of her amorphous body vibrates.

Clapping with four sets of hands, Alexandra and Alexandra grin from atop their shared shoulders. "Guess we should thank Zayn for being so thoughtful," the left one says.

The right head simply smiles, ogling the slowly shrinking mega-cock that hangs between Melody's legs. The oblong limb juts out at an awkward angle, still burping out the rest of its load from atop the melon-sized balls hanging underneath. The latter spheres sit within taut, hairless skin and rest in the grooves of her bulky thighs.

"Babe, not gonna lie, that was fucking amazing. I didn't think I liked dick, but that thing," Alexandra pauses, tracing the angry veins that travel down the length of it with her eyes. "Well, I can make an exception for you, love."

The blob-Alexandra speaks up. "I'm just starting to get a hang of this whole putty thing too! I would love it if you played with me some more, babe. I know how creative you can be, let's get real weird," she says sticking her tongue out.

The other Melody-Alexandra kneels down on the ground, gathering up the discarded length of her tongues between two arms. She kneads a bunch of it, watching it become flesh-toned and lose shape. "Looks like we have a bunch of extra me here to play with, too," this Alexandra says.

"And if we run out, I can always make more," her other Melody body teases, extending an arm-length of tongue and waving it in the air.

"Play with me, love. Mold me." the five Alexandras beckon with their eerie chorus of voices.


Turning her attention back to the club, Zayn had come to a realization during Melody and Alexandra's fun. It was ridiculous that she should have to make a decision on who to eat. She was a goddess, after all. In a club full of her devoted worshipers, surely they could make her decision easy for her. The haze clears from her mind as the mental cogs begin to turn.

Maybe it was the liquor, maybe she was just feeling impatient, but Zayn was getting bored of holding back. She told herself that she wouldn't have too much too soon, but the allure of power was becoming difficult for her inebriated mind to ignore. Uninhibited and no longer willing to hold back, she turns to face her all-powerful servant.

"Kay, genie, I don't feel like moving. Turn this area here into a raised pedestal that everyone in the club can see. Make it worthy of my importance. I want a big ass throne, I want lights and effects and shit. I want my voice to carry through the club and everyone here to pay attention to what I have to say."

Her scarlet eyes glint with ambition as she continues. "And I need to look the part too. Genie, you're going to improve my appearance once everyone's eyes are on me. I want you to make me look fucking evil. And I want to look like the divine-empress that I am, too. Give me a bunch of massive, demonic horns and wings. I want a fucking epic head of hair, silky and huge and beautiful and way longer than I am. I want to be covered in the most beautiful, expensive, awe-inspiring jewelry and adornments to emphasize my beauty and power. But make sure my body is on display; I shouldn't need to hide my perfection anymore. I want all of that and more, Asmodeus. I don't want to be confused for being human any longer. Make it so, genie!" she commands with a snap of her fingers, the emerald ring on her finger beginning to glow.

Asmodeus listens carefully to Zayn’s instructions. When she’s finished speaking, he considers his task carefully before answering, simply and concisely: “Yes, Mistress.”

The ground under Zayn’s feet trembles and rises up, and the couch she’s on shifts and transforms into a huge throne, larger even than what she needs. The throne, high-backed and hard, features images of golden skulls and diamond weapons, and the seat is covered with pillows and cushions, blood-red. 

Then Zayn feels herself begin to transform. As she requested, a set of ram’s horns sprout out of her forehead, smooth and curled. A pair of membranous wings, much like Asmodeus’, grow from her back and extend to a span of nearly twenty feet long. Her scalp itches terribly as her hair grows out, black, long, silky, beautiful, voluminous, and pools on the floor around her feet. Her outfit simply falls off her body, leaving her completely naked, but revealing a number of emeralds, rubies, opals, lapis lazuli, and amethysts embedded in her skin and flawlessly carved into perfect geometric shapes. The band of Asmodeus’ ring falls off, but the emerald embeds itself into her finger.

In addition, she grows taller, another foot, then another, until she’s just over ten feet tall, and the throne now fits her perfectly. Her muscles swell and grow so that her strength is obvious, but she remains feminine. Her fingernails turn bright red and sharpen. She notices, every time she exhales, a thin wisp of grey smoke emerges from her nostrils. If she exhales forcefully, the smoke becomes thick and black, billowing out.

Her skin, starting on the finger with Asmodeus’ ring, turns grey, and the colour spreads up her arm, across her chest, until her entire body is grey. Her feet extend and reform so that she’s standing on the balls of her feet and her heels are halfway up her legs, and her toes transform into a pair of cloven hooves.

Finally, she feels something she’s granted to several other people this evening, but had yet to experience herself: her clitoris grows, getting longer, larger, growing grey skin, reshaping itself into a cock - not even a human cock, but a horsecock that passes six inches, one foot, two feet, and finally stops growing, standing straight out at three feet long, pointing at the crowd of partiers and dancers who are all staring in silent awe at their goddess, waiting eagerly for her to speak. Even the thirty-foot giantess is staring at her in lust, awe and reverence.

Zayn opens her eyes, now completely scarlet and glowing with energy. A smile breaks on her further beautified face, revealing a sharp set of teeth peeking out from between her luscious black lips.

She stretches her muscled arms, her massive wings unfurling and stretching as well in the same motion. Everything feels so good. Even as she inhales and exhales, the smoke billowing into her lungs and out of her nostrils feels the same as a drag of her fine cigarettes. Or better.

And the horsecock between her legs is no exception. Having a phallus of her own is everything that Zayn imagined and more. Zayn uses one hand to scoop up the policewoman and places her gently on the ground next to her throne, on top of her river of dark hair . With her other, she runs her sharp ruby nails along the base of sheath, noting how impervious she is now even without Asmodeus's protection. Her cock surges in response, dripping a dollop of shimmering pre onto the pedestal below.

As her eyes move back up to examine the rest of the club, she is delighted to find every pair of eyes trained intently on her throne. The newly-minted demon finds Sara from atop her platform, giving her a vicious looking grin.

She clears her throat, reclining in her padded throne and giving the room a powerful flap of her immense wings. The cascading strands of black silk running down her body are whipped up in response before settling back into place. There's so much of it; it covers much of her immense form and still pools up around the sides of the throne in a number of dark coils.

Satisfied with her new look, she speaks up. As requested, her voice echoes through the silent club, reverberating off the walls and platforms. "My subjects, your goddess is hungry," she declares. Her voice carries with it a strange haziness, each word conveying her unnatural power and allure. The words echo in the minds of her subjects, resonating and imprinting each syllable into their heads.

"And so I have decided: I will allow volunteers a chance to sate my hunger. Only the best will be allowed to become one with my perfection, an honor that most mortals can only dream of. Now, which of you will offer yourselves up to me?" she asks, licking her lips with a long, black tongue.

The club is silent for a moment while the crowd digests the information. People look around them, watching to see who has the nerve to step forward.

Finally, one does: a young woman with curly blonde hair and enormous tits takes a step forward. “Mistress!” she calls out. “My name is Jessica, and-”

“Mistress!” comes a shout from the other side of the room from a tall, thin man with a shaved head and tattoo sleeves. “Please! Take me!” 

And the room erupts into a cacophony as dozens of people all try to be heard over each other. People shouting their names, moving forward, begging to be eaten. Someone pushes someone else out of the way, and then the room descends into physical chaos, as these same dozens of people are now all shoving each other, scrambling to present themselves to the base of Zayn’s platform.

Three people are all racing toward it at the front of the crowd when a twelve-foot long arm grabs them all and flings them to the side, and the thirty-foot tall giantess attached to it steps forward, kicking two other people aside as she does. Completely naked, her dark brown skin contrasting against her spiky green hair, her hard abdominal muscles glistening with sweat, she is the second most impressive person in the room. “Mistress Zayn,” she shouts from above everyone, “My name is Tatiana, and I offer myself to you.”

Zayn gets to her feet, grinning widely at the masses fighting over the opportunity to become her meal. Her equine cock pulses, splattering the base of the throne with a liberal amount of lubrication.

She raises an eyebrow as the green-haired giantess kneels in front of her throne. "That's enough!" Zayn's voice booms, silencing the room and bringing everyone to a halt.

With a powerful flap of her enormous wings, Zayn is suddenly airborne. She quickly learns how to use these new appendages as she hovers in front of the face of the massive woman. Her massive cascading mane of hair is easily long enough to reach the subjects watching from below her.

"Tatiana, huh? I approve of your eagerness, but I have already made my decision," the demonic mistress tells her. Zayn's voice ripples through the air and comes in waves, echoing with itself and impossible to ignore. "Your continued service to Sara and I will make me happier than you could ever make me as my meal. So instead, I will grant you eternal bliss for your devotion," Zayn says, moving close and planting a kiss on the billboard-sized forehead of Tatiana. The three-foot horsecock drags across her cheek and smears smoldering pre onto her face.

When Zayn backs up, she focuses on Tatiana and gives her a weak orgasm, causing pleasure to stretch across her immense form. Nothing more than a drone of pleasure that is constant and noticeable. Enough to linger in her thoughts without becoming overpowering and demanding her entire attention. Then Zayn imagines it lasting forever, the pleasure becoming ceaseless and unending. Satisfied that she achieved her desired goal, Zayn flies back to her pedestal.

Tatiana's face goes through first disappointment, then curiosity, then finally, as Zayn's power takes effect, a lazy, silly smile. "Thank you, Mistress Zayn," she says as she shifts her legs so she goes from a kneeling position to a sitting one. She hugs her knees and hums pleasantly to herself.

Already, a muscular figure is back to trying their hardest to scale the sheer pillar that her throne rests upon. Zayn lets out a radiant laugh, amused by his persistence.

As she settles back down onto her throne, Zayn turns to her genie. The way her body has surpassed Asmodeus's in nearly every aspect isn't lost upon her. "Asmodeus, bring three people up before me. The first two that spoke up from the crowd, and the one that is still trying to climb up to me. Then come and sit with me, my pet." The titaness points to her lap and immense erection. She makes sure that her power is exerted over the djinn, preventing him from reaching orgasm until she decides otherwise.

"Right away, Mistress," Asmodeus replies. With a thought, the three people Zayn indicated are lifted into the air and deposited lightly onto the dais. Jessica, the bald tattooed man, and the man who was climbing. He's bulky and muscular, with red hair and a goatee, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, and he's visibly trembling with excitement.

Asmodeys approaches Zayn and lowers his mostly-feminine body onto her lap; even though he's seven feet tall, he's now dwarfed by her stature. He sits on her massive thigh and folds his wings behind him, pleased to be able to be in such physical contact with his mistress.

Zayn easily shifts Asmodeus over onto her lap, allowing her dripping cock to rise up in front of him once he's centered. Her hands grab his waist and cock, groping both while she addresses her subjects.

"Now, the three of you. Why do you deserve to be eaten and added to my perfection? Tell me what I stand to gain from digesting you," she asks, casually flapping her powerful wings to whip up another gust of wind. Powerful enough to stagger the smaller humans but not strong enough to throw them off the pedestal.

The three people brace themselves, stumbling slightly. They look at each other, unsure of how to proceed. What attributes could they possibly have that Zayn would want?

The man with red hair steps forward. “I’ve fucked over a hundred people. I am a goddamn expert in fucking.”

Jessica looks around nervously. “I’m a surgeon… I probably know more than anyone here about the human body, and how it works, and how to save someone’s life.”

The bald, tattooed man shrugs. “I can play about fifteen musical instruments. And I can sing, and I have perfect pitch. It’s what I do.”

Zayn grins, licking her lips again. None of these things were particularly important to her, really. But they were important to the three subjects in front of her. The act of feasting was Zayn's main desire, and absorbing their knowledge and strengths and adding it to herself was the cherry on top.

Though, maybe it was her recent transformation, but it felt like her appetite just doubled.

"Hmm. Acceptable," she decides, giving Asmodeus's balls a squeeze. "Genie, give the three of them another dose of my blessing. I'm really hungry," Zayn orders.

The three of them jump slightly as their bodies begin to swell and throb once again, the same feeling they had before, but stronger. They all look down at themselves, at each other, and touch themselves, rubbing their new muscles, breasts and cock, looking down at the crowd of people watching in rapt fascination.

As she watches them grow further, she asks them another question. "And why is it that you desire to be eaten? Tell me truthfully, or I may change my mind."

The musician speaks first. “Because I want to get close to you, and… I can’t imagine getting closer than inside you.”

The surgeon looks her up and down, appreciating her body. “Because I want to be a part of your body. It’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, and I… want to be it. I want to be you. And I… actually can! Kind of!”

The red-haired man speaks up: “If I’m a part of you, I think that one hundred people is going to be just… a stupid small number.”

The three subjects' bodies stop swelling, allowing Zayn to admire the supernatural beauty and allure now possessed by her soon-to-be food.

The thin, bald man was granted elven grace, with a lean yet completely toned figure that easily towers over the rest of the hundreds of subjects watching. A sizable bulge travels down a leg of his tight pants, what would have been one of the largest cocks in the world before being put to shame by Zayn and her friends.

The busty surgeon was made more-so, with a pair that rival even Sara's in size. Her gorgeous, doll-like face is framed by a wild mess of lovely blonde curls, enough to reach her thick, toned thighs. Barely visible from under her twin peaks was a shockingly narrow waist, before leading to an impressive pair of hips and a shapely rear. Her long, beautiful legs had gotten a boost too, making the formerly short blonde one of the tallest ladies in the room.

Then was the muscular redhead, further inflated with strength and virility. He, too, had surpassed the seven-foot mark, barely shorter than the musician. However, his body had gotten a much larger boost in width, boasting mountainous shoulders that would get stuck going through most doors. His form bulged with immense muscles that could compete with Melody's for size and strength. But that wasn't the only thing that bulged. His boxer-shorts were bursting at the seams with a thick pipe and orange-sized balls.

Zayn nods, running a hand through her genie's black locks. "Asmodeus, make it so that I can choose when I digest someone to keep their consciousness alive within my body. Those people can feel my pleasure and inhabit the physical part that they contributed to the most. Allow them to communicate with each other too, and allow me to hear what they are saying if I desire to listen," Zayn commands.

Facing the three again, she smiles. She then points to the muscle-bound man. "You, state your name and approach the throne. You will be first."

Focusing on the other two, she inflicts them with a building orgasm like she gave Miranda earlier.

Zayn looks at the mountain of a man, and then realizes that she's going to have to get him inside of her. Even with her new strength, it would likely be far too much effort for someone as important as herself. As much as she would love to have his hyper-masculine form rubbing against her as he climbed into her maw, there was a much easier way available.

"Genie, I want powerful telekinetic abilities. Make it so I can move mountains with a mere thought, but make sure I can control my abilities perfectly." The demigoddess grins, satisfied with her solution.

The man smiles widely, a look of lustful excitement coming onto his face. He flexes his muscles, pleased with just how huge he now is, in every sense of the word. He stands up straight, fully conscious of his new size; his dick stands up at attention from his observation of his own body.

“My name is Mark.” He glances over at the other two as if to gloat, but they aren’t even paying attention to them; both of them are fully self-absorbed in the minutes-long orgasm Zayn has granted them. The man has already started oozing precum, which is showing through his pants.

The goddess’s smile fades as she watches the man try to gloat with his powerful form. Her eyes narrow as she gives him a look of disapproval. "Mark, my subject, remember who allowed you to grow so ripe and juicy. Those muscles and that strength are mine, you are merely a vessel to deliver them to me. Now, what do you have to say to me before I bestow upon you the honor of becoming a part of your goddess?" Zayn asks, her voice firm and condescending.

“Uh…” The man gapes, taken aback at the reaction he’s produced in his goddess. “Thank you, Zayn, for eating me! It’s all I want, and I’m so lucky for it! I.. I know I’m just a vessel for you, but there’s nothing else I’d ever want to be!” He gulps, hoping that the display of contrition will placate her.

She sighs. "Good enough. Now, come here."

And with a theatrical wave of her hand, Mark flies into the air. She holds him there for a second, grinning at her new power, before slowly bringing him towards her. The muscular man obeys her thoughts, floating helplessly towards him despite his own strength. And when he's directly above her, Zayn opens her mouth wide and lowers his feet into waiting maw.

With another hand, she pushes Asmodeus off of her lap to make room for her stomach to expand. Slowly, steadily, she envelops more of the muscular man's calves, then his trunk-like thighs and cock. Zayn's mouth and throat massively distend to fit his stocky frame. While she eats, her hands are busy stroking her own member, the familiar powerful sensations of consumption sending ripples of bliss throughout her entire body.

Mark watches himself disappear in fascination, but also in horror. No amount of lust or reverence could completely suppress the self-preservation instincts of someone being literally eaten alive, and he starts to panic. He starts to squirm and writhe, but Zayn's telekinesis holds him fast as he descends down her throat. "Oh god, what am... what did... fuck, fuck!" He starts to shout.

The other two snacks watch, still in a blissful orgasmic haze. Jessica, the surgeon, seems kind of troubled by Mark's panic - but not enough that she seems like she might actually have second thoughts.

Zayn continues to feast, but notices Mark's sudden hesitation. With another thought, she gives him the most powerful orgasm of his entire life. His arms remain pinned to his side under her strong mental grasp, twitching helplessly.

Another thought, and Miranda is lifted off the ground and scooted towards the tip of her dick. Zayn points at it with one hand while the other massages her bulging neck. Mark's immense biceps just made their way between Zayn's lips, as she feels him begin to fill and pleasantly stretch her stomach.

Mark throws his head back as his senses are overwhelmed with the orgasm Zayn is giving him. He stops shouting, but grunts through clenched teeth as he ejaculates into the inside of Zayn's gaping mouth.

Miranda, with some effort, pulls her eyes away from the spectacle and rushes to Zayn's cock. The head of it bobs in front of her face slowly, and she wraps her arms around it, rubbing the shaft and running her tongue around her head, ignoring the flowing sticky precum spurting out onto her face.

As Mark's shoulders are enveloped now, Zayn places a powerful hand on the top of his head and gives him a firm push. She continues to swallow again and again until the musclebound titan's head vanishes within her body. She shudders, feeling how good it is to be stretched out by such a large portion of food.

Licking her lips with her long black tongue, Zayn licks the fingers on one of her hands. Her first meal's gasping face can be seen passing through into her esophagus as her other hand massages her neck again, and eventually he fully reaches her bulging stomach. With the faintest of efforts, Zayn keeps her growing belly telekinetically held in the air, so as to not crush her dutiful cock-attendant. Zayn would surely have erupted into orgasm by now if she hadn't been keeping herself on the edge with her powers.

Zayn eyes the other two, kneading the bulging flesh of her distended stomach and breathing heavily. "Mmm, I hope you morsels are going to be as delicious as Mark, here," she comments, patting her bulk contentedly. "Now, who would like to be eaten next?"


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