Queenzilla and Biggest Blair (Unfinished)


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Biggest Blair swayed slowly in front of a giant glass tank housing a mysterious but relatively average-looking young woman. The vixen made a contemplative thinking sound, hovering her palm over a large "release" button next to the tank. Blair is an eccentric billionaire and a dangerous criminal. From her private mansion on a secret island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, she spent all of her time and energy on an experiment that could mean the end of the world. Blair is a calamitous power fetishist. She had the grand fantasy of a woman so powerful, so unstoppable, that she could rule the world with her at her side. With her vast wealth, she began funding the training of several dozen potential "rulers." From girls with mutations, to those that have fallen victim to various seemingly comic book-like experiments or disasters, Blair had gathered women who she thought might have the power or potential to rule the planet and did everything in her power to make them even stronger.. even bigger.. even BADDER. Now, with her resources, super powered girls roamed the world, searching for cursed artifacts, mythical events, and special training that could make them into ever more powerful beings. Blair even had some girls in her care so powerful that they roamed the stars, training, searching, and absorbing all the energy they could, only returning to give their caretaker updates or to request more resources. While Blair found all of these incredible, super-powered girls enthralling and exciting, she had yet to find the potential that she so desired. Furthermore, she was bored. The girls that excited her most were the larger ones, and they were always gone the longest, on the biggest searches for power. This whole process was taking too long. In her down time, she decided to try a new experiment. A new potential goddess, from first breath designed to have the potential to be Blair's ultimate dream. She endowed her Queen with a single power.. the ability to "absorb" various types of power from other people. She also gifted her with rudimentary knowledge of the world, as much as any normal human adult living in a first world country would know. She didn't expect the experiment to get far. Some of the supergirls under her care were ridiculously powerful and she didn't expect Queen to be able to contain the power she would eventually be given the opportunity to steal. Regardless, it was a way to fulfill her boredom and produce some sexy fantasies. With a determined smile, she pressed the "release" button, letting Queen take her first breaths in her world.



Queenzilla: I was floating. That is all I knew. I was floating in a fluid softness, warmth that enveloped me. That was the whole universe, just me feeling satisfied, floating in what I assumed was nothingness. Then, a sound, it hurt my ears, pain, a new sensation. Also, I have ears! Something other than satisfaction, horrible. I feel myself moving, my body is no longer warm. I no longer am in fluid, in nothingness, I feel that warmth slide off of me to be replaced with the harshness of air. I open my eyes, I realize I have eyes. I somehow know they're yellow. My whites are black, and my irises are yellow... but what does that mean? What is an "iris" and how do I know it's yellow? What is yellow? I open my eyes, and see yellow light, and know what yellow is. The light hurts, I squint. More pain, and I am cold instead of warm. Is this what life is? Pain? I want to go back to the warmth, but I know it is gone forever. I know I am lying on this cold floor as if I will never be warm again, never be satisfied again. How can I, now that I know life is more than just floating in a void. How can I know satisfaction now that I know there is so much "not me?" I see a strand of my metallic blue hair, and push it away, still squinting up with my never before used eyes. I see.... I see a woman, and I am filled with another sensation I had never known: Love. I love this person. I love her like I had been designed to love her, to imprint on the first person I saw. And, now I feel it wash over me. Is it real or artificial? Am I real or artificial? I realize it does not matter, I like love. Even if it is fake, its still real to me and I still like it. I love loving this person, whoever she is. I pull the breathing tube out of my mouth and use my lungs for the first time. More pain as cold air rushes over my never used nerves. They are raw and sensitive, as is my skin. No calluses as I have never worked. I am baby smooth, and everything hurts. Everything is new. But, I am breathing, my chest moves and my D-cups jiggle. I don't know what a "D-cup" is, but I know I have them. Maybe this woman that I love knows. She probably knows everything; she is so pretty. I will ask her. I fill my lungs again, they hurt a little less this time. I am still cold, but maybe "cold" isn't all that bad.

 I look up at the pretty woman and say in a squeaky never used voice. "A-Are you my mother?" My stomach rumbles as I realize I am "hungry." I voice this fact allowed. "I am hungry."



Biggest Blair: "Ooh dear. I am. Come here, darling angel.." She leans down and helps Queen to her feet, encourages her to walk for the first time. 

Queen will recognize that Blair is unnatural right away. The gigantic vixen is far larger than a normal human and her body is too exotic. Was she born that way? Unlikely.. It's more likely that her shape is due to years of personal body modification. She's so warm, so enticing. Her body is more inviting than Queen's tank was. Queen constantly feels compelled to brush against her. Even through her clothes, Blair is intimately soft and just for her. Queen will quickly start to feel extreme ownership and protective towards this huge vixen. Even the image of Blair's clothes.. a pencil skirt, a business top, or a white labcoat, will begin to cause great rushes of nostalgic pleasure. The imprinting process is extreme, causing Queen to feel more desperate and doting feelings with each passing second, especially when Blair is tending to her. 

"You're hungry.. Of course. I have someone visiting today that will feed you until you're completely satisfied. Does that sound good?" 

She spends the next hour watching over Queen as she gets steady on her feet, perfects her speech, and learns to put on clothes. They are in a relatively private lab room, but Queen will have the sensation that she is inside of an extremely large facility. Finally, after some time, the automatic doors of the room slide open to reveal Queen's first meal. One of Blair's super girls has arrived for a check-in.



Queenzilla: When the woman touches me and envelops me in warmth somehow different than what I new before, I shiver. I feel there is something different about this woman, who didn't tell me her name, or if she was my mother. But, I know she is my mother. I also know she has something inside that makes her special, more than human, more than me. I want it; I have never known "want," and now that is all I am, want, need, hunger. I want what this woman has that makes her special. I feel something inside of me reach out as our skin touches. I feel my eyes go pitch black as I reach to take what she has, what makes her better. But, that feeling is batted away. It is the love, the love stops me. I realize I will hurt her if I do this, if I take what makes her special. I don't want to hurt my mother. But, I am so hungry. My eyes return to normal, yellow and black instead of just black. The woman says she will being me to food. I let her take me, not that I could stop her. She is so much 'more' than me, I want to be 'more' too. The doors open and I see the other girl, a blond girl with long hair and a tight body. She is also "more," much MUCH more than me. I can feel she is even more than mother. My eyes go black again. Nothing stops me this time as I grab her. I feel what make her special. She goes rigged in my arms as I hug her and take it. I take what makes her "more" and I become more myself. She was super-strong, I realize, super-smart. I take that from her. I take all she has, she withers in my arms as I drain her dry. I don't understand what I am doing, I have no control, I only have need and want. My mind explains, but I gain no understandable knowledge from this, only potential. My body strengths. I have the strength of an "olympian" whatever that is. I realize it wasn't really "super" super-strength, but it feels good. It feels right. I moan a little from the sensation, but then I shriek as I see the husk of the girl on the ground. It scares me. I didn't mean to do that, I start to cry, falling to my knees to the ground. My DD-cups heaving with my my heavy sobs.



Biggest Blair had many girls that weren't quite superhuman, but borderline. These girls were part of what was making her so impatient. To take a person over the brink into full superhuman levels took a lot of work, time, and resources. Blair was no longer prepared to wait for that. As this beautiful blonde came in, Blair smiled at her, spoke to her as if she didn't know what was about to happen. She explained that Queen was just another potential in her care and that she would begin her training soon. She goes to introduce the girl to Queen, and it's too late for her to react. Queen seemed so small and regular. The girl doesn't even hesitate when Queen reaches out to shake her hand.. only to latch onto her arm. The girl dwindles fast, too fast. It makes Blair gasp out with delight. Perhaps that sound of happiness is what spurs Queen to go further. The girl shrinks down to the status of a regular person.. then less than that.. weakening.. until she falls to the floor, barely conscious. 

"My!" Blair exhales with absolute delight, coming to Queen's side as she leans over the sobbing girl. "What's wrong, beautiful? That was so good. You did exactly what you were meant to do, don't be upset! Look, she has more potential left in her! Don't stop! Go on, take some more. I know you can't be quite full yet, can you?" Blair pulls Queen's attention away from her panic, rubbing her back. "My big girl. Don't you feel better right now? You were hungry, weren't you? It was only natural. This is all natural. This is exactly how it's supposed to be and it feels good.." She strokes her fingers through Queen's hair while it steadily grows longer, processing all of what she just took from the potential super girl. "You can have even more. You deserve more.. Take it..”



Queenzilla: I am hungry. But, I don't want to hurt someone, kill someone. I know that's wrong. But, the woman, my mother, she says it's not. She saying I can. And, I am still hungry. I do still want more. I look at the once lustrous girl on the floor. I feel she does have more, and I want it. I do. Can it be wrong is mother says its wrong? I look at my mother, she tells me I deserve it, so I must. My eyes go black, two black holes, sucking in all light. They arc slightly with black lighting and, they reach out to the girl on the floor. I can feel something VERY special inside of her. Something that makes her more unique than just her powers, something that makes her, well, her. I reach for that, like a moth to a flame, like a black hole to a sun. I feel the light of this something. I bask in it and then I suck it down. I pull the woman's soul out into my eyes. It feels soooooo good. Mommy was right, I do deserve this! I see the girls body fail, and she dies. But, really, she lives on in me. I become more, which is better. I grow an inch to 5'7, my butt feels firmer and more muscular, as well as bigger, and my breasts have already gone from D to DD from my first draining of the girl. Now they fill out, not getting larger, but getting firmer and more feminine. In feel live, I feel like I am glowing with life. The life of the girl. She didn't really "die" she just fed me, as I deserve, as my mother says. I say, 

"Thank you, mother." My tummy growls again, "D-Do you have any more?"



Biggest Blair: When she filled Queen's head with the basic knowledge of the average adult, she gave her a basic understanding of the moral structures of the world. It's bad to hurt others. It's bad to kill. It's bad to steal. She wanted Queen to have all these concepts to begin with.. so she could crush them.. outgrow them.. see that she's above human moral standards. That process was already beginning. Blair looked a little shaken, even, by the great black voids that filled Queen's eyes as she took everything from the girl. She watched as Queen's budding greed took over.. let her release all of her inhibitions.. and absorb. What a sexy, dangerous thing to watch. Blair wants more. 

"Oh dear, of course I do. When you want something, you just have to ask me and I'll try to make it happen for you. Mhm? I want you to be happy and satisfied." She helps Queen stand again, and immediately she notices that she stands with a new confidence, her toned body in some part aiding her ego and giving her a better stance. "Let me fill you in with what I'm doing here.." 

She then proceeds to show Queen around the facility. Blair lives in a giant mansion. Just outside the front door is a tropical paradise furnished with expensive luxuries and dozens of beautiful personal servants. Underneath the mansion is a secret laboratory facility. It's immense.. and Queen could easily get lost in the maze of corridors and rooms. As they walk, Blair explains to her in explicit detail what she wants, why she's done what she's done, and what Queen is. "You are unique. Special. One of a kind. I have so many girls trying to become goddesses, but you're the only one like you." Whenever Blair talks about Queen, she somehow manages to stroke her ego a little. "I actually have a few more of my girls visiting today." They eventually seated themselves in the living room on a huge and comfortable couch. Much of the furniture in the mansion was immense.. so immense that they often seemed a little too big for even Blair. It's as if her company is usually even larger than she was. There's a knock on the front door. A servant rushes to answer the door. 

Queen hears a haughty, demanding voice from around the corner. "Out of my way, trash!" She might notice Blair instantly blushing at the heated exclamation. A massively busty blonde girl standing about 6'2" stomps into the room. She flips her hair over her shoulder as she turns and faces Blair arrogantly. "Miss Blair! I ran out of money again! Give me more, PLEASE." It's very difficult to ignore those giant breasts, STRAINING her top! Her eyes turn towards Queen for a split second. "Who's this flatty?!" 

Blair giggles, clearly blushing harder and wiggling in her seat. "Oh, Sarah. This is one of my new potentials. Her name is Queen. Please be nice to her. Queen, Sarah is an ESPer. Her psychic power is directly related to her bust size." She bites her lower lip, looking towards Sarah. “I... I see you've gotten a little stronger, huh?" Sarah immediately boasts in response, arching her back and BOUNCING her bust, a button exploding off her top. "Of course I have! I'm gonna rule the world, aren't I?!" Goodness, what a terrifying personality. This is the ego of a girl Blair has personally trained for some time. This is also the first person to have any real superhuman abilities that Queen has seen. Sarah is capable of lifting objects as large as the couch they are sitting on with her psychic abilities. She can also levitate for a limited time.



Queenzilla: As I was taken around this place, I realize I didn't care. It looked very nice, and I am sure it was. Mother says it was, and in all my times alive my mother had been correct about everything. If she said it was impressive, then it was impressive. But, I wasn't impressed. Maybe there was something wrong with me? I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to met the other girls. That was what I was interested in. That was what I found impressive. All these other girls. All of them having more. I needed to met them. But, I listened to mother. I listened to her talk about other topics that were not about me, or about the other girls. I didn't interrupt. I found my mind was very receptive to this information, it was making connections. I might not care about what was being said, about furniture and facilities, but I remembered it. I understood it. We sat down as mother kept talking. She did have a lot to say, and I didn't have anything to say, so I kept listening. Then, finally, I did met another girl. And, she was nothing but a disappointment. The girl was loud, and she was rude to mother. Yelling, hurting my ears. I didn't like that. I didn't like her. But, well, she was very bright. I don't know how to describe it. Whatever she had inside of her that made her special was so bright it hurt my eyes, my black eyes. I could feel the heat within her, the warmth. I wanted it. I needed that light. I needed what hurt my eyes. Mother is talking about what this big girl can do. I find this the most interesting thing said to me all day. I look up at this big girl. And, as if by instinct, I reach out and touch her hand, since I am not sure I can reach her face. I touch her, and steal her light. Like the other one, she goes ridge as soon as she does. She tries to sheik, tries to pull away. But she cannot; my eyes stop her. I drink from her, and she deflates as I swell. She goes down two inches and I go up two inches. Then I reach out with my other hand and I touch her face. It wasn't that far away after all. I slowly rub my finger down her locked jaw, feeling her skin. Then, with both hands, I take form her. I take her body, I take her mind, I take her size and strength. I take all that she was and ever will be. I take and take and take. I swell with power, real power, super power. I shoot up to 6'2, my breasts balloon outward passed F and G to H-cups. They would have knocked the shrinking girl over, but I grab her in a huge, squeezing her into my bosom. 

"Don't worry. I'll never let you go." I whisper as I crush the dwindling girl into my massive tits. 

I feel my mind reach our around us. This must be the psychic power. I know it will only grow stronger if my breast get bigger. I want them to get bigger. I search for ways to make them bigger. I sense the other minds near by. I will go to them. They are more, and I want to be more. I want to take their light too. I drop the husk of the girl. I didn't take that last bit of brightness. I'm not sure if I should. 

But, I remember mother. I look at my mother. "I-I feel the others... C-can I meet them to? Please?”


Biggest Blair: With each use of her absorption ability, it becomes stronger, more irresistible. Sarah isn't particularly powerful physically, but she should be able to push Queen away with her psychic powers. It's so fast, though… Queen's draining ability. Every last drop of psychic energy is stolen before Sarah can even think about pushing her away! As Sarah writhes, unable to escape, Blair watches with eager anticipation and awe as Queen starts to push out her chest. She shoves herself into Sarah, breast-to-breast, as if she's trying to draw more of her into her tits, as if she already knows that bigger tits will give her great increases in psychic power! Just before Queen drops the withered Sarah to the ground, it looked like she was trying to pull her entire body into her bust. Mmm, it looks like her hungry power isn't that strong yet, but Blair could see telltale signs that something terrible and sexy was escalating in Queen. As her new favorite potential turns her eyes back to her, Blair notices Queen's eyes constantly being drawn to her bust. Blair stands up, towering over her Queen. The giant vixen has tits that defy cupsizes. Z Cups.. more. They're immense… each far larger than Queen's entire torso. 

"Ooh, goodness. That was so amazing. Queen!" She instantly starts to praise her, perhaps drawing Queen's attention away from her greatness. "Look at your breasts! So impress-…" 

She stops talking. Looking at Queen closely, she can see the indentations of invisible hands slowly kneading and playing with her new breasts. Sarah, despite being fairly powerful, only had rudimentary control over her psychic abilities. Queen was using them now very specifically, exploring her new tits. She used invisible psychic hands to fondle herself as Blair stared down at her. 

“M-My..." Queen's power is already becoming much more than Blair had anticipated. The huge vixen begins to occasionally feel the slight brushing of fingertips over her own body… Queen might be exploring her as well. "Yes, I.. I do have a few more girls staying here overnight. Maybe we can go visit one of their rooms?" They two head off down a hallway, leaving the maids to clean up the remnants of Sarah.



Queenzilla: I didn't even realize what I had been doing. I had been making mother feel good with my mind. I was making myself feel good with my mind. My breasts were so... sensitive. It felt so good touching them with my power, playing with my nipples. 

I moan breathy. "Yessssss, morrrrrrrre," it turns into a purr. 

I feel I am making mother happy too. I would play more, but then mother says something i find every interesting, and I pull my mind back. Mother say I can visit other girls. 

"M-more?" I say. 

I want to become bigger. I wish I could have mother's breasts. She has the best and biggest ones. But, instead, I just reach out with my mind again and touch them. I like touching them this way, because I don't feel the need to try and drain them. I don't want to be batted away, and I don't want to hurt my mother. She said I can drain others, and it was good of me to take from them. Maybe she means it's good for me to take from her two? I shake my head, the thought hurts. I don't want to think it. I don't want to drain mother. She is different, different in a way I cannot take. I love her, that is enough. I only drain when I physically touch, so I can mentally touch my mother. Doing that doesn't make me think the painful thought. I can touch her with my mind all I want. And, I do want. I explore her body with my mind, every nook and cranny of her huge self. I rub her breasts and nipples, her flabby tummy, her butt cheeks. I feel her up and down, not knowing if this is right or wrong. I'm not REALLY touching her, right? But, I want the other girls. Mother seems to be really enjoying what I am doing. I can feel her mind to, and she loves it when I do this. I explore which parts she likes me to play with the best. She doesn't even need to say, I can just see. 

When she is in the throngs of pleasure I ask, "Can we visit ALL their rooms? Pppppplllllleeeeeeeeeaze? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!”



Biggest Blair: "A-Aauh. Mmnh, o-ooh.. Queen. My Queen.. Mmnhahh." 

With each passing moment, Queen's exploration grants greater and greater results. The more she explores Blair, the better she gets at pleasuring her. She responds massively when her ass is groped, squeezed, or played with in almost any way. Queen finds that Blair is much more receptive to her whims when she has her mind all over her ass. She loves having her breasts bounced and hefted as well. Blair is immense. Queen has to imagine that she'd kill most normal sized people with any sort of sex. It's probably not common for someone to be able to lift even a single one of those giant, sensitive, orb-like tits. 

"Y-Yess.. Ooh Queen. Of course we can. I told you I wanted to make sure you were completely satisfied, right?" With permission granted, Queen might allow her mind to reach out and really feel for all the lights in the building. Doing this, she feels a much greater understanding of the power housed around her. It's almost enough to make her drool. Soon.. She'll be MUCH more than she is now. Blair walks her directly towards one of the bright lights, swooning again and again as her ass is repeatedly rubbed over, the invisible hands reaching underneath her clothes. "Oooh, I've noticed you eying the maids, too. They don't expect anything strange to happen to them. You can have them too, but only in private, when nobody else is around to see.." She sighs with supreme bliss, swinging open the door to one of her girl's rooms without even knocking.



Queenzilla: In truth, I had forgotten about the maids. Their light was so shallow and dim compared to mother's. Noticing them would be like noticing the light of a candle in the middle of a sun-filled field. But, now I notice them. Well, I notice their breasts. Mother seems to have a type. That is what I want now. Sarah gave me such power so even this little candles could ignite me now. I drain 3 on the way to the larger light source. It was fun. These dim little candles don't seem to expect anything, and I make sure that the others don't notice what I am doing. I hide behind mother, and jump out to one, draining her so completely there is nothing left. She withers to dust, and I swell. My breasts grow larger and larger, pushing out. I realize, finally that I am naked. I have been naked this whole time. Which is good, because any clothing I had would be ruined. With the light of the first candle, I become 6'3 and my breasts become very very perky, if not that much larger. But, my power also expands. I reach out more forcefully to mother ass, and play with it in the way I know she likes. Harder and harder with my newfound mental might. As I do, I find another maid alone, and drain her to dust as well. I become 6'4, and I do go up half a cupsize. I need more, I want more. I find another maid. She is in sight of a group of them. I feel their thoughts. They want to know what happened to the other two. Like sheep, they sense something is wrong. Or, they did. My mind over powers their mind. I let them know nothing is wrong. They don't have to worry about the other two. And, as I do this, I drain the 3rd maid right in front of them. My bust becomes HH-cups, even as I stay 6'4, and with that power I force the other maids to be calm. There is nothing wrong, nothing out of the ordinary. Everything is fine. We reach the room with the brightest light I have seen yet. Even this far away and through a door, it feels warm and enticing to me.



Biggest Blair finds herself a little more than excited as Queen drains three women so fast and so quickly that they literally evaporate. Her draining power is growing monstrously. "Mmm.. Even if they don't fill you, they're good practice. Look at you go.. Ooh.." Blair is now being constant molested by Queen's psychic powers. They've grown even more dexterous. Blair felt two hands at first, but now she feels four.. One on each tit, one on each asscheek. The room they enter with this obscenely bright light is pitch black. After light is off and the curtains are closed. Queen can see the outline of an extremely curvaceous figure laying underneath the covers of a huge bed. Her body is long.. She must be at least 7' tall. Her curves are immense. Queen can make out the curvature of breasts several cupsizes above her own and an ass so big it gives her an hourglass shape. On the nightstand is stacked many empty plates, the remnants of a meal fit to serve at least a dozen people. Blair whispers, as to not wake the woman under the covers. "She has an extreme natural growth rate but eats far more than the average person. In many ways, she's like you. N-Nngh…" She feels Queen groping her harder, unconsciously getting rougher with her in her excitement. "She also grows much faster when she rests. Her growth is partially motivated by her dreams.. Listen." Blair goes silent.. and Queen can make the distant sound of something vibrating. Under the covers, the woman's legs constantly shift back and forth, rubbing together with a vibrating sex toy buried between her thighs. 

“M-Mmngh... Bigger…" She moans powerfully, commandingly in her sleep. The sheets shift, and Queen watches as the woman stretches slightly taller.. Her breasts gain an entire cupsize… Her ass displaces the blankets some. 

"Bigger.." She moans again, her body creaking and rumbling slowly larger after she utters the word. "When she's here, she spends all of her time either eating or sleeping with that vibrator.. Despite looking very feminine and slim outside of her huge curves, she's unnaturally strong. I would bet that her physical power is currently even stronger than the psychic power you got from Sarah.." The woman moans again, burgeoning a little larger…



Queenzilla: I drool at the sight. She is perfect. Maybe she will be enough. I look with such awe at the expanding woman, I forget to pleasure mother. My mind drops the 8 psychic tendrils I was using on her, and I just bath in the light of this woman. I realized probing mothers mind and the mind of the maids, that only I can see this light other have. But, it is so bright. I look at a mirror in the corner of this room, and i see myself. I am darkness, absolute darkness. She is light, and I am the void. I cannot even see any features of myself in the mirror. There is just a hole were I should be. This fighting sight snaps me out of reverence for the bright growing girl. I look to mother, and use my power to see myself in her eyes. I just see what I expected myself to look like. I see a 6'4 36-26-52 girl with Double-H breasts, black and yellow eyes. Not a gapping hole in the world, which is what I see when I look back to the mirror. I don't know what to make of this, but I look back to the glowing girl. I need her light. Maybe she will make me bright like her. Maybe her power will fill this void that I am. I don't wait a second more. I leap under the covers, joining her in bed. And, I drink deeply of her light. The bed shakes as I do. The girls growth stops, and quickly reverses. I explain, and she shrinks. The bed doesn't break as the mass it holds remains the same, but I expand and expand. The covers part over the 4 growing balloons of my body. Two huge beachballs for breasts and two huge beanbags for butt cheeks. The covers cannot hold me as I come 7'4, bigger than the big girl was. She shrinks to 5 foot nothing. My mind expands as my breasts do. A mental shockwave slams out of me as my breasts become larger than cup-sizes. I can see into the minds of all here without trying. I see mothers greed in her creation, I see the fear in the candles, and I see other, even brighter souls. This place is filled with suns, and I want them all. But, I feel this girls power in bed with me. She is paralyzed from the draining, and cannot open her eyes to see what is happening. Even at 5 feet, I sense so much potential in her. She is still so special. I want to be special to. I reach out with my darkness, and I reach for her burning soul. My eyes take in that searing light, it burns me but gives no warmth. Yet, I am hungry for it. I take everything this girl could be, all her vast potential to become more. I suck it down into my darkness. And, for the first time since I left my artificial womb, I sigh in contentment. The pain of her burning soul makes me feel, better. And, for the first time I experience a new kind of hunger. I realize this is the "normal" hunger others feel. Compared to the biting unnatural hunger I normally feel, it is pleasant. I still feel my unnatural hunger, but it has been greatly lessened by the burning. I want to explore the other kind of hunger, so I call out with my new towering mental might. I call out to the candles to bring me FOOD!



Biggest Blair: The maids and other staff within Blair's giant mansion facility have become quite used to strangeness. For the most part, they have been completely safe so far, often being able to witness some of the world's biggest, most beautiful, and most powerful girls as a reward along with their pay. Many of them have encountered ESPers before as well, but the wave of energy that suddenly quakes through much of the facility shakes even them. A giant rumbling wave of vibrations swells through the hallways and registers in the ears of all the staff. 

"FEED ME! BRING ME FOOD! NOW! NOW! NOOOOOWWWW!!" Blair shudders, stumbling backwards a bit, feeling like she's being blown away by her newest project's energy. She felt her hair whipping around as shockwaves were released again and again. "FOOD! FOOOD! FOOOOOD!" Chaos ensues out in the hallways just outside the room. 

"My goodness.." Blair gasps shakily, a huge smile on her face. "What's happening to you~?" 

She practically drawls, clearly looking on in bliss at what has just transpired. Her tits suddenly jiggle. "Mm." She reaches into her cleavage and pulls free her cellphone, which is blowing up with notifications. She answers them. "Yes, yes. Everything is fine. Please bring as much food as you can to the room I am in. Thank you." She hangs up and deposits her cellphone back into her cleavage. The starstruck vixen stands there, looking on in aroused delight as her Queen moves back and forth underneath the bed covers.. the former "project" still trapped underneath of her. Food arrives within one minute. Maids come into the dark room in a rush, shoving huge carts loaded with trays of five-star restaurant tier delicacies…



Queenzilla: "MORE MORE MORE!" I scream, both with my newly empowered voice, but even stronger with my overcharged mind. 

I would eat, I would grow! The food arrives quickly, but not quickly enough. I "push" on the candles, forcing them to work faster. They being in the first try of food, 6 already prepared chickens meant for some other girl. I DEVOUR them, and, at the same time, I do not spare those that brought them. I eat one chicken in my newly increased right hand, and with the other I grab at one of the three girls that brought them. The other two try to run, but I reach out with my mine "NO" I say, and they stop. I palm another chicken and throw it down my maw as I drain the first girl to dust. Her light adds little to me, but her bust was acceptable. "Yesss....." I moan as I eat a second chicken and my beasts surge outward. I don't feel like moving, so I command the other two girls to me as I eat the chicken like popcorn. I have them lick my bare feet, to make it easier to drain them while i pop the other four chickens in my mouth. I lean back as they do, they suck on my toes, but I suck on their souls faster. I grown on the bed, eating and draining. My body expands to 8'4 and the girls disappear into me. My breasts balloon until they're off the charts, V-cups, 10,000cc of boobs. My mental power follows suit. And, then the bed breaks, falling to the floor. I don't care, I just lie there moaning. Then, more girls come in. They wonder what happened to the first three, but then I break their little minds. "YOU WILL FEED ME, EVEN AS I SLEEP!" I command with my overwhelming mental might. I "PUSH" this into all of the minds of the maids. Then, lying on the floor, I simply open my expansive mouth. They start to spoon soft food into it. Buttery scrambled eggs, greasy soup, filling oat meal. I see they were going to feed this all as breakfast. It tastes so good I forget to drain these new maids. Don't really sleep, but I try to rest. Mother said the other girl grew more if she slept, but I had the stamina of everyone I had drained. I didn't really need to sleep, I felt so alive. Overflowing with energy, yet, the mirror in the coner still showed me as a black hole.... So, I used my mindpower to break it. "GIVE ME MORE!" I shout, hammering the minds around me. The bed long smashed into splinters under my expanding ass.



Biggest Blair: Hnngh! She's so… efficient! Blair's thighs squeeze together with desire every time Queen unleashes one of her terrifyingly sexy screaming mental demands. She doesn't speak with her lips. She's far too busy using them to eat.. eat as fast as she possibly can.. as MUCH as she possibly can. Blair's heart hammers as she watches the woman's rapidly increasing eating efficiency. She seems to chew less and less and the way she demands pleasure begins to become so much more dominating! *CRACK!* The sound of the bed being crushed catches Blair off guard and makes her snap to attention. Queen isn't that huge as to crush the bed like that so easily! Is she heavier than she appears?! Blair wants to know more. She wants to take her measurements and to have her scientist assistants read her vitals, but there's absolutely NO getting near Queen right now. Getting within arms reach is DANGEROUS! Not only is her eating gaining seemingly exponential efficiency, but the speed with which she evaporates maid after maid is growing too! After gaining so much, her stamina has increased to superhuman levels. For awhile, it seems as though she's draining the maids feeding her merely to top off her energy so she can eat more! Blair only briefly described to Queen the nature of the girl whose powers she just took for herself. Extreme natural growth, wonderful eating based gains, and an accelerated rate of growth while sleeping, while dreaming specifically. It's too hard to fall asleep with all of her burning energy right now! Does she stop draining the maids on purpose, to try to reach a point of exhaustion where she could sleep and test out her new ability? Regardless, Blair watches the maids move with increased passion and eagerness. Queen is in their heads.. energizing them.. filling them with thoughts that will motivate them to do this. They didn't seem to notice when many of their coworkers were devoured. Blair swallowed with disbelief. This is some incredible control she has over these women's mental settings. How many can she influence at once? Blair tries to count the number of unique maids moving about the room at the same time. A dozen? Two dozen? Just how powerful was Queen already? The vixen eyed those breasts, pulsing larger every few seconds, swelling with ever-more extreme psychic power. Several dozen minutes come and go as Queen attempts to bring herself to rest. The maids move faster and faster, running themselves ragged. How can she even process all of that food?! By now, it's enough to have fed many families! The servants begin to collapse around the same time Queen begins to finally tire…



Queenzilla: When I see one of the girls collapse, I have them brought to me. And, I drain them dry, but they're already basically used up. The maids give me so little, and a collapsed maid wasn't even worth the energy it took to keep the other ones from thinking about what has happened. I sense the prepared food in the kitchen is starting to run out. I wonder if I can just implant commands in their fragile minds so I don't have to expert myself further. 


I slam my thoughts DEEP into the maids, all of them, in the whole house. The mental blast does take a lot out of me. Luckily, I am lying on the floor. I had eaten 6 chickens, 12 plates of eggs, twelve sides of bacon, two full pots of oatmeal, 3 pots of soup, 40 muffins, and a flapjack. All of the food that was going to be used in the morning for the breakfast of the other girls. I don't care. I close my eyes. My stomach is taught as a rubber balloon, but I can hear my body starting to process everything. *Slosh, gurgle* my body works *creak stretch* my body grows. I lie on the floor. As I start to close my yellow black eyes, I see a piece of mirror. It makes me angry, and I lash out with my mind, turning it to dust. But, that enraged attack also does me in. I had blasted all the maids in the whole house with a deeply imprinted command, and I had vaporized a mirror. I fall asleep on the floor. My tummy slowly becomes flat again, my butt and breast rise as I stretch and stretch. I moan in my sleep with the pleasure of becoming more. *Slosh, gurgle* my body works *creak stretch* my body grows, all night and into the morning. I expand until I am 9 feet tall, my boobs are 300 pounds of fleshy fun EACH. My ass is smaller, but not by much. My tummy is totally flat, and its growling is what wakes me. I see my mother in the corner, she slept in my room. She seems so.... small now. 

"WHERE IS MY BREAKFAST?!?!" I blast out with my mind. 

Then, I start to explore my OWN body with my brain. I start to kneed my own ginormous breasts and smack my own jiggling. I play with the wetness between my legs. I do to myself what made my mother most happy yesterday. It feels AMAZING. I scream out "YESSSSSS, YESSS" shaking the house with my voice.



Biggest Blair would have described the experience of that night as the greatest of her life. The serious, startling gains Queen made in such a short time was beyond exhilarating. From a normal body to this in less than a DAY! Blair almost screamed like an excited schoolgirl as Queen finally fell into her slumber. Goodness, she had stuffed herself. The tautness of her belly was undeniably sexy in its own right as she lay there completely unconscious on the floor. She's still naive in so many ways. There are other powerful "lights" in this house that could threaten her while she was sleeping, especially because she had completely exhausted all of her energies. It's good she has already earned a very eager and adoring caretaker. After Queen finally passed out, Blair watched in fascination as the maids quickly got up and rushed off to the kitchen. There was a glassy look in all of their eyes. She tried to talk to a few of them, but they hardly responded. Queen had produced a huge problem with her loudness. There were quite a few other self-driven, powerful women currently staying in the house. After Queen finally fell asleep, Blair had to go and make a couple visits with the potential "problem" personalities. Queen had eaten all the food prepared for many of them for the next day. Blair had to call in additional help from off-island maid staff. restock the mansion's food supplies over night, and convince her other project supergirls staying in the mansion not to interfere or interact with Queen through threat of taking away their funding. She convinced many of them that Queen was an ESPer who recently discovered and couldn't yet control her powers, causing her to go a "little" overboard. The fact that Queen was a dangerous monster that could be a tremendous threat to all of them was left a major secret. After about two hours, Blair returns to the room Queen collapsed in, feeling totally exhausted. As she entered the doorway, she was taken by surprise as an uncountable number of invisible psychic tendrils grasped her body from all directions and lifted her off her feet. In an instant, they were under her clothes, feeling and "enjoying" every inch of her body.

 "Q-Queen!?" She gasped out, only to look down from her position suspended in the air to see Queen still in a deep slumber. 

Her belly was noticeably smaller by this point while the rest of her was alarmingly larger. Between gasps and moans, Blair managed to make out the indentations of similar invisible psychic tendrils kneading, groping, and squeezing at Queen's most sensitive areas too. Is she… She's doing this all in her sleep!? Blair begins to lose it, crying out as quietly as she could as she was pleasured beyond any experience she had ever had before. Queen gave her all the ecstasy she could ask for.. for hours.. while unconscious. The psychic sexual onslaught only ends after Queen had completely digested every iota of her immense meal. Blair was allowed to sleep for only three hours. She jolted awake to Queen's bigger, sexier, MUCH more powerful psychic CRY! The entire house quaked as she woke up and instantly voiced her tremendous hunger. The maids were ready. They spent all night preparing for her.. putting together exactly what she ordered. Many of them would go into comas shortly after she was delivered breakfast because of how hard and long they worked! The bedroom once again fell into chaos. Blair slowly managed to push herself up against the wall, her mouth falling open, a trembling exhalation of disbelief coming out of her lips as she took in the transformed, newly powered-up Queen… who was already beginning to eat while simultaneously exploring every part of her new and improved body.


Queenzilla: The growing Queen smiled like a predator as the first of the brainwashed maids enter the room, hauling a whole cooked cow. It had been slow roasted all night. And, it weighed 3,000 pounds and was heaver then the Queen, who was only about 2,500 pounds, ~1,500 of that just ass and breast. But, that was about to change. The Queen smiled and opened her mouth, and let the maids fork big chunks of the fatting meat into her. She barely chewed the soft meat that just seemed to slide down her throat. But, she did taste it. She felt each flavor of it, and revealed in that taste. She didn't need to use her mind powers on the broken maids, so she used them on herself. She messaged her breasts and felt herself up as she mentally fingered he snatch, which had grown with the rest of her. More and more of the fatting meat was stuffed into a huge girl that was still smaller than the massive cow. But, that ratio changed. When she had eaten about half of it, her belly looking like it was about to bust, she did exert herself. She forced three of the maids to go down on her 

"PLEASURE ME" she pushed into their already shattered psyche. 

They obeyed, and the Queen moaned through mouthfuls of meat. Of course, those maids didn't last, and soon they were dust, which caused the belly of the Queen to become a little looser. She seemed to be able to direct what she got out of a drain now. She started to eat the rest of the cow with gusto, until all 2,500 pounds of meat were in her, then she started chewing on the 500 pounds of bone. Moaning as her tummy, which was only slightly less massive than the rest of her, started to shrink. She expanded in all directions. Her body becoming 10 feet, her breast each becoming 750 pounds, and her butt following suit. The FLOOR started to complain from the expanding girl, and her ass made impressions in it. The Queens body, with the help of draining two more maids took about an two hours to process the meal. She was 10'5 feet and 4,000 pounds of tits and ass by the time it was finished. Then the maids brought in TWO cows. 

The Queen smiled: "I guess it's time for LUCH!" She cried.


Queenzilla: After the maids brought the two 3,000 pounds of slow cooked meat into the room, I didn’t hold myself back. “Yesss…” I moaned as my eyes become black holes again. I mind spiked all the sexy girls in the room. Half would pleasure me bodily, and the other half would feed me, let me grow, make me more. A dozen moved to message my massive body and 1,800 pounds of boobs. That would give my psionic ability a break as I didn’t need it to pleasure myself. The other twelve worked on the task of fueling my ever growing form, of making me more. I squirmed in pleasure as three maids went to work on my dripping snatch. Three went to each breast and the last three when to my tummy, which gurgled and sloshed as more meat was fed to it. The other twelve maids cut large slices of the succulent meat to bring to me. I slurped the greedy mix down my expanding throat. It was easier now that I was large, and I knew I would be larger still. I ate and my stomach expanded, filling with potential. Pound after pound was given to me, and pound after pound was storied, but not for long. My belly tied to keep up with processing the calories, but it was coming too quick for even its might. When I had finished 2,000 pounds of the 6,000, my belly was bigger than my breasts and starting to hurt it was so full. This was an easy fix, and two of the maids working on my beasts disappeared. My tummy SURGED as I experienced a jolt of growth, becoming 12 feet tall. The remaining maids redoubled their efforts. I could feel their weak minds thing to feel as I absorbed two more of them, but I would never let that happen. As I grew I pulled a few maids off of food duty to message me. As the first cow was finished, I draw 3 more maids into myself to allow room for the next one. 

“MORE MEAT!” I shouted, and the 21 remaining maids worked themselves to dead, literally. 

My body was getting more attention as my breasts grew to be 1,000 pounds each, filling 450,000 cubic centimeters. My breasts together literally weighed a ton. Because of that, my mental power was so great now my brain and breasts cracked with power. As the other cow was feed into me. As it dwindled, so did the remaining maids. I absorbed 6 more in one go as I expanded over the floor. My breasts were filling the place and even mother was being pushed back from their weight. I wasn’t even moving, but as they reached 1,500 pounds, a single one pinned her against the wall. I could feel her light, so tantalizing, but unreachable. My ass served back and pinned two maids against the wall, they were quickly absorbed adding their small amount of light to the raging inferno of my body. I grew and grew. My body becoming behemothic. Finally, the meat was all gone and the remaining maids followed suit. I had eaten 9,000 pounds of cow. I was 15 feet tall with breasts the size of cars. My huge body was cracking with psionic might, and my ass had blown out one of the back walls. I used that power to pleasure myself. I gave out a moan close to a growl, such was the force of my mind against my soft body. I hit every nerve. I was so deep I the feeling, it was a while before I realized I was effortlessly pinning my mother to the wall.
“Mother,” I said in a voice that was as much sound as thought. “I need more PLEASURE. Give me something to ADD to this feeling.” My will was a juggernaut, as heavy and unstoppable as my body.



Biggest Blair: The first cow was impressive enough. Blair was shocked to see that giant amount of meat and didn't believe for a second that Queen would be able to finish it, but she did. She ate until she was moments away from bursting and then used her feeding slaves to bolster her stamina and resilience, giving herself the ability to eat more. She reached points where he belly threatened to outsize its owner, but she managed to handle it all. Blair couldn't believe the depths of her hunger. The girl she had taken this power from didn't have an appetite even close to this level. She's beginning to realize the disproportionate nature of Queen's absorption ability. Goodness, she even ate the bones. When "breakfast" is finished.. there is NOTHING left. Queen devoured the ENTIRE thing. For two hours, Queen rested, getting worshiped and pleasured intensely by as many maids as she could fit into the room at once. Blair begins to realize even more about her "daughter." For her… This is all some bizarre form of training. The more she eats.. The more she uses her powers… the stronger they become. All her abilities seem to become more amplified with use. Last night's huge meal took many hours to digest, but this giant cow she had just swallowed takes only two hours. In just two hours her belly is once again completely flat.. maybe even slimmer before, while her curves have surged. She's so much taller, her body practically radiating energy. Blair can feel her incredible body heat. She basks in it, eager for Queen to start the day when.. The next meal arrives. Two more cows, a substantially bigger feast than before. Blair's mouth falls open in shaken disbelief. Queen's body seemed to throb with anticipation and self-satisfaction. Had she planned this far ahead? The scaling of her meals seems such that she had looked forward to this stage from where she was last night when she commanded the maids prepare the next day's food for her. The meat disappears even faster this time. Queen is more merciless. She eats more ravenously and simultaneously absorbs more maids. At one point, she puts all of her focus on eating, allowing her harem to focus on pleasuring her in her stead. Blair stood, so transfixed by Queen, that she didn't account for how fast she was growing. Her metabolism was rapidly growing stronger.. supernaturally strong. She had begun to grow steadily while eating, digesting steadily while she swallowed bite after bite. Blair is only snapped out of her trance when those tits suddenly SURGE towards her, roughly pinning her to a wall! 

"Nn-Nngh! Q-Queen, oh my god!" She cried out, feeling that huge, warm breast PULSING with terrifying erotic power. 

Blair had the wind knocked out of her by one of Queen's breasts… on ACCIDENT. The meal was over. Queen was satisfied for now with the level of her new eating-based powers and was now beginning to crave more abilities… more erotic delight. Blair could see tiny bolts of electricity jolting between Queen's tits, as if the deadly power swirling around inside of them could just barely be contained. How many souls had she fed herself now? How many people has she eaten for in just the last few hours..? Overnight, Blair had called in additional maid staff from off island to help care for the other supers that were staying in the mansion. Unfortunately, Queen's booming psychic demands had gotten to many of them throughout the morning. As a result, many of the supers were becoming increasingly disgruntled finding that their normal care staff were being distracted. Despite Blair's threats, some of them began to feel like they should confront this cocky new project that has been using up so many of their shared resources. One of them had just begun to become bold enough to come to Queen's room. An extremely curvaceous woman, around 6'8" with beautiful black hair and smooth flawless skin appeared in the doorway. She had a mask that obscured her eyes covering her face and she wore a strange bodysuit made of what looked like an incredibly thick material. Her breasts and ass were nearly on a proportional level equal to Blair's, which by normal standards is impossible for a human. Queen immediately senses a great amount of light coming from her soul. "Blair! What is going on in here?! The maids skipped out on lunch! Oof.. What is this.. presence? The heat is unbearable.." Queen would look down at the woman and realize that she was blind. Though.. She is beginning to look increasingly nervous, stepping back slowly, as if she had an inclination that someone truly dangerous was looming over her. "W-What is this? Who are you?" She backed up into the hallway. Queen's giant body had filled most of the room in front of her. "Mm-nnh.." The woman's knees knock together, her body begins to quake. "Nngh, oh.. G-God." Queen would see her "light" flaring up. Pleasure was coursing through this woman despite her not even touching her. This girl had a phenomenal power. Her non-sight senses seem to have been blown up to superhuman levels, maybe as a result of her blindness and some other mutations. Her thick bodysuit clearly was meant to stop her skin from being directly stimulated by the world around her. That overly curvaceous form mixed with her extreme sensitivity would probably be distracting were she not to dull her sense of touch with the suit. The pulsing Queen's remarkable body was causing through the floor was stimulating her regardless of the suit, however. "N-Nngh.. I'll be going back to my room!" The woman backed up further, clearly aware that she's made a massive mistake seeking out Blair despite her threats. Blair, meanwhile, doesn't even know the woman is even there. She's pinned, her entire body smothered against a wall in the room by one of Queen's massive tits. The mini-giantess' power, booming heart dulled any other sounds from Blair's position underneath her tit! 

"Sorry.. I didn't mean to intrude!" 

The super looked like she was trying to turn to run, but the pulsing coming from Queen's body was naturally hindering her movement. Every time her magnificent psychic power pulsed, the vibrations nearly took the woman to her knees. Her mind isn't strong enough to handle the pleasure her own powers are gifting her with! To Queen, those wonderful superhuman senses would look completely wasted. The dangerous, hungry girl's power pulsed even harder.. greed and hunger surging through her. More powers.. More ways to feel even better..! Queen had been momentarily distracted by her new hunger, but focusing her mind again, she would begin to once again notice all the fantastic, gorgeous lights within this mansion just waiting for her to come devour!



Queenzilla: I needed that light. It was so bright I couldn't even really see the mask or wonder why she was wearing it. I tried to reach out, but my body had grown too big. My arms were about 5 feet long and couldn't reach passed the nearly 8 feet of breasts before me. I tried to move, but my legs couldn't move a ton of breasts. I was bigger, but my muscles couldn't move this much weight. My powerful mind seemed to know something about the "root-square" law. My weight, a function of volume, was outstripping the cross sectional area of my muscles. On top of that, my breasts and ass were comically large, even for a person my size. To put it simply, I was stuck. Well, there was one muscle that kept pace. With great mental effort I used my mind to move. Slowly, I levitated. It took so much energy, but I did it. My ass shook in the room, by boobs jiggled and wobbled uncontrollably. I couldn't keep them from vibrating in huge waves of fat, that build on each other. I lost control and crashed to the ground. "MOTHER!" I screamed. "I NEED MORE STRENGTH! GET ME MORE!" But, that deafening command was an after thought. I needed that light. If I couldn't get to it, I would bring it to me. I reached out with my mind. Moving the 6'8 girl should have been a lot easier than moving my nearly 10,000 pound body, but for some reason it also took great effort. I realized it was because this girl was super. She had real power, like the big girl in the bed and the busty yelling girl. Not like the cows or candles. She was truly special, that is why she was so bright, like mother. But, my mind was as strong as my boobs were vast. She screamed with incredible sensation as I moved her. Something about her mind also made it hard for me to read, it was to... sharp. As if every sensation was a cutting knife or powerful explosion. It was like her mind was an exploding nuclear bomb going off again and again. It hurt more than trying to drain mother. Since I could not control her, I dragged her to my right breast, and pulled her in. My boob was so large and soft she was lost in it. She cried in pleasure, but she was mine! I moaned, "Yessss. oh, goddess.... wait, what?" She was totally covered. I couldn't touch her. Why was she liked that? I didn't care, I ripped off her covering while she was still totally covered inside of my tit flesh. And, I drained that light into my blackness. As I did, I screamed. It was SO MUCH. What she felt in a single millisecond was more than a normal person felt in a lifetime, and I was only hours old with a body that covered the room and half of the next. I had billion of nerves, and everyone of them caught fire. Her light was finally something I couldn't control. I wasn't at all ready for this. My mind thrashed out as my body couldn't. Every breath of wind, every cold touch of the floor, everything, I was drowning in it. I would have stopped draining her, but I could not, she was inside my extra-super sensitive tits, and I couldn't stop draining her as I lost all control of myself. I could only BE the feelings that rocked every inch of my meters wide body. I couldn't think, couldn't do anything be FEEL. My mind broke...... I was nothing but a giant nerve, screaming.... screaming.... SCREAMING….

I got out one more call before I was lost.... "FIX IT MOTHER!!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!!"



Biggest Blair found herself in absolutely immediate danger in the face of Queen's most recent absorption. Queen's thrashing and psychophysical overload posed great risk for Blair! She might accidentally crush her or.. worse.. absorb her! Luckily, Blair just barely managed to catch her bearing and scramble free from underneath her when she levitated her body to go after the blind super. There's no telling what would have happened to her if she was still caught up pinned by that breast when Queen started to lose it. Standing back and stumbling out into the hallway, it's clear to Blair that Queen isn't overloaded on power. She can definitely take more! It's just that her huge body mixed with that super's ridiculous sensitivity caused her to lose her mind at all the stimulation. Her screaming is so loud! Blair tries to cover her ears but there's no drowning out her cries. Giant psychic mental screams resonate within Blair's mind, along with everyone else in the mansion and the top floors of the facility! Everything had been going so well up until now! Blair had finally begun to think that Queen could be the final goal that she had been looking for! She can't have her break now! By the sound and volume of her screams, it's safe for her to assume that Queen won't last much longer. Her mind will be completely destroyed by the over stimulation soon! Blair rushes off into the house, looking for potential girls to throw into Queen, hoping that they'll be able to sooth her by "donating" their powers! Before Queen, Blair hadn't been very picky about the moral convictions of those she turned into super "projects." She preferred self-centered types that would ultimately rule with unbelievable power, but it was only natural that many supers weren't that way. Those with power often idolized the superheroes of comic books and movies, and strove to be like them. Blair frequently begrudgingly took these types into her care, hoping that they would become the haughty, power-hungry personalities she desired with enough spoiling. Today was the first time their righteous moral compasses would be useful to her. There were a few morally centered "heroes" in the house today. She came to their rooms in a hurry, explaining that an experiment with one of the other supers went horribly wrong and that she was hoping they could come and try to help calm her down! She managed to gather four.. five.. and then six girls into her "offering." They all came with their own various powers. Super strength, speed, and flight were there.. but there was also an extremely powerful ESPer, a woman who could clone herself, and another girl who had a Mind Control ability that caused she herself to have an extremely secure and strong presence of thought. Blair desperately hoped that the combination of all their power might be enough to steady her new favorite. They came to the doorway to the bedroom where Queen was still screaming. The ESPer and the woman with a Mind Control ability looked at one another in shock. They both could feel the extreme stress on Queen's mind with their powers. 

"What's happened to her?!”

The girls of super strength, speed, and flight looked to Blair with mounting concern. It's impossible to tell if Queen's cries are of pain, pleasure, or both. Some of the supers there had begun to shake a little as the vibrations from the sounds swelled through them. "I-I'm not sure!" Blair lied, taking a step back. "She just started going off like this! Please try to take care of her for me! I don't know what to do!" Blair slowly backed away from the doorway where they were all standing. The six super girls looked like a veritable team of superheroes. The ESPer and Mind Control girl had stepped forward, both of them beginning to tap on the psyche and powers of Queen, trying to understand the situation. That might prove to be a fatal mistake, however. As overwhelming as Queen's stimulation is right now, her ability to sense power is strong. All of those extremely powerful supergirls Blair had gathered were now standing right in front of her. To her, it would feel like a giant burning star-like beacon…



Queenzilla: I could feel the six suns as they paused at the door step to this room which had become my personal jail cell. The walls of my mind hand been closed; the raging torrent of sensation restricting me inside of freeing me. I needed the will to control this welling of feelings. As always, I needed more. And, mother had provided for me, as she always had since the moment of her birth. I could barely feel anything outside the Oubliette of my heavy body. But, I could feel what mother had brought for me. And, I was thankful for it. It was exactly what I needed, and I pulled them into myself. I was nothing if not strong in my mental attraction, and I pulled those suns to my black hole eyes. Those little stars tried to escape, tried to pull away. They were very very strong. But, with one mighty metal jerk they crossed my event horizon. Not even light could escape me after that. I could not see anything outside of my body, but I could feel. Oh, Mother Goddess, I could feel. And, they felt WONDERFUL. The six slammed against me. All that light, all that warmth, it flowed into me, making me MORE. Two of them had a will that was oh so strong. If I had first tried to drain them hours ago when I was born, I would have failed. I almost failed even now, such were the power to resist. But, one sip, two sips, and my strength grew as theirs ebbed. Their light fueled my darkness, and my will grew as their shrunk. Each sip making the next pull even easier. Each quaff making it easier to drink of them. It was AMAZING. I moaned with joy behind anything anyone else could every feel. With their mental strength, I could control my body and my mind. I could experience everything my hyper-sensitive hyper-size erogenous zones had to offer. Pleasure beyond words. Those two willful stars were a real snuggle, but the other four went down easy, like ice cream. I was filled with physical strength and I started to float. Light as air, my big butt free from the cold, cold floor that burned my sensitive nerves. I drifted up, breaking the ceiling with my mind as much as my body. I was a tempest, and I needed to make room for my enormity. I broke down walls to drift above it all. I was already so massive that draining six grown woman, over 30 feet combined, only added 3 feet of height to my mature blooming frame. My body was massive, and my muscles super-human, if still supple on my voluptuous frame. My tonnage of breasts now free from the sinking pull off gravity. They floated with me, two weather balloons. I opened my eyes and saw my shadow feel over the little woman below. She was about half my size. Why, it was mother. 

"You look so small down there, mother." I said with a new voice full of haughtiness. "Look at what your daughter had become!" I was in the eye of a slowly spinning mental storm. I was a GODDESS.



Biggest Blair had fully expected the worst. The wrong super had come to Queen at the wrong time and the new power had almost broken her completely! The vixen would have felt lucky if her favorite project had anything left mentally after all this was over! Fortunately, Queen surprised her yet again. The two mental powerhouses at the front of the pack of "heroes" were so focused on Queen that they didn't notice when the others began to struggle and strain against a strange and invisible force pulling them forward. Blair saw it, even the girl with superhuman strength was clearly gritting her teeth and gasping as her body began to get tugged forward. It happened too quickly, though. The girls behind fell forward into the girls in front and they all were dragged forward into the veritable wall of tit bulging just inside the doorway! Goodness, Queen's tits were soft and deep. Gasping out and flailing, trying to push away from one another, all six girls were simultaneously drawn into the softness. Blair had her hands over her mouth, her body swaying with anticipation and hope. The tremendous screams of her Queen slowly changed. The volume decreased, and the air of panic and chaos within them faded completely. Soon, Queen's billowing, psychic moans were all pleasure and joy. Blair's anxiety over the event had been so huge that her eyes became glassy as her favorite project began to rise yet again. The billionaire leaned back against the hallway wall, swooning as the walls and ceiling of the room housing Queen began to become undone. She didn't push through them with physical force. They were pulled apart board by board easily, being deconstructed by Queen's expanding psychic mind. With a devastating, powerful jiggle the six girls had finally and completely disappeared within Queen's cleavage. The room became completely undone, debris floating around harmlessly around the edges of the increasingly open space as Queen made more and more room for her vast, beautiful body. The floor above, along with bedrooms to the sides of Queen's, along with all of the open space in the hallway, was made into one giant room more befitting of Queen's needs. Blair's heart fluttered as her daughter righted herself and rose, her long and shapely legs coming into view, rapidly thickening and toning with her new and rapidly improving superhuman muscles. Her gorgeous, power-filled tits were now made to feel completely weightless as she developed the strength to lift objects many times their size with ease. The sheer volume of energy stored within her gave her an otherworldly, intimidating glow. Finally, the space was completely opened up and Blair found herself being leered out over the curvature of those gigantic tits. Blair's feet hovered several inches above the ground, boosting her to appear even taller than she already was. The voice that came from those lips was almost unfamiliar to Blair. Taking in that many delicious, bright souls at once has clearly caused a massive change within Queen. "H-Hi.. b-big girl!" Blair put a hand on her chest, taking a few deep breaths and steadying herself. "These.. These gains you've made! I'm so glad you're okay! Tell me how you feel?" She couldn't hide the elation in her voice. The power emanating from her Queen was weighing down on her like some artificial gravity. Being in her presence, even a non-super would feel her supernatural strength…


Queenzilla: I reach down with my mind and bring my now comparatively small mother up to me. The pieces of the room have formed a halo of sorts around my beautiful head. Moving the disrate pieces, making myself fly, and brining my mother up to me is so.... effortless now. One of those that I just absorbed must have been master of multitasking. I move my mother to me, and as I do I stimulate every one of her nerves. I give her more pleasure than any smaller woman could bare. And, just as I do this, I huge her to my massive, billowing chest. It feels so good, my soft, warm breasts totally covering her. I squeeze her into me as I give her enough pleasure to brake someone. I let he know that the bigger I get, the better I can make her feel. Then, I move her lower down in my super sensitive body. For, while she is experiencing a mind shattering amount, I am experiencing a hundred fold more. I move her all the way down to my huge clit, and keep her there. My body feels SOOOOO GOOD! I as I climax as none could have, my huge body and huge nerves on fire. I say "Oh mother.... I know what you have been looking for. Well, you have found it. I am all you could have wanted, and more. And, because of that, you're going to make me even greater. But, first, first, let us have this moment. What you have looked for all your life, you have found. I am here. But, what I want has only just started." I moved my hands down my body as I pleasure myself mentally with little Blair. I close my eyes in joy, My boobs squash around my huge hands as I run them down my 10,000 pound 19 foot length to squeeze my lushes ass, smacking each elephantine cheek with my powerful hands. "Mmmmmmmmm.... Yes, this perfectly massive body is just one step on a long, long journey." I open my yellow black eyes and look down at my mother laboring away on my massive clit. "And, u- oh, just like that, u-you're going to help me with ALL the other steps, mother.”



Biggest Blair is only just beginning to gauge Queen's mental state and new level of powers and abilities. As she is lifted through the air, the vixen's mind is buzzing trying to estimate what she can do and how strong she is. Though.. Queen breaks through all of those thoughts effortlessly. In a move Blair would have never expected, Queen draws her into her giant, perfect tits while beginning to stimulate every atom of the pleasure centers in her brain at once! It's like she's in her head. Under normal circumstances, Blair would be wondering if she were reading her thoughts! She would wonder if she's gotten enough control of her hunger to touch her without feeling the need to devour her! She'd want the data, to know every tiny little change that has happened to her project, but it was as if Queen was saying.. "Don't worry about the details anymore! You can't possibly imagine what I am now!" In that moment, Blair would realize that this woman is what she's been searching for, that her newest experiment was and would be the greatest success of her life. Blair's ultimate question, were she able to think, would have been if Queen was really becoming her fantasy. 

The answer, before she was even allowed to ask it, was "YES" and "So much more than you could have EVER asked for…" 

Time felt like it was slowing down for Blair. As she was squeezed lovingly, passionately between those dangerous, hungry tits, she wasn't allowed any fear of being devoured. Was it a reward? She could only feel pleasure. So much pleasure that she would be sure that she'd go insane if it lasted any longer. Queen lets her free of her breasts at the last possible second before she lost her mind. Lowered down between her legs, Blair was made to take in the sight of Queen's new clit for the first time. Round, swollen, and smooth. It had to be nearly the size of the vixen's own head. This… shocks her back into some semblance of rational thought. None of the girls she had absorbed had anything like this. Is her body beginning to change and develop independent of the powers and traits of the people she's eaten? Is this the result of several traits mixing together at once? Her thought processes are obliterated again as Queen talks, addressing her, answering the exact thoughts that had gone through her head so many times before, that had already been answered the second she smothered her so lovingly between her giant breasts. Now, Blair begins to be filled with unyielding, unconditional love and desire for Queen. All the other beautiful, powerful women she had been sponsoring and looking forward to for so long all begin to fall away in her mind. Only one person matters now. Blair begins to worship her. Her hands massage passionately along her unique and beautiful womanhood as she labors to bring her more orgasmic bliss with every fiber of her being. Queen would be able to sense Blair's passion for her growing and growing with no upward limit. She could ask whatever she wanted of her now. Blair's vast intelligence and seemingly unlimited financial resources swell out in front of Queen. Mother has now been totally.. wrapped.. around her finger…



Queenzilla: I had been feeding my mother love for me and pleasure. But, slowly, I started to take that pleasure back. I added it to my own raging torrent of feelings. Slowly, slowly, I took what I had given, and I replaced it with what my mother had given me: My Hunger. I would make my mother as she had made me, hungry. But, the hunger would be for ME to be fed, to be expanded. As I took back the pleasure, I moaned. My mothers pleasure might have been enough to almost break her, but complained to mine it was a tiny trickle next to a raging river. Still, every little bit helped. I watched my mother trying to figure out why her pleasure was stopping, why she was feeling this new, gnawing sensation. I saw the thoughts in her head, and with my inhuman will I didn't let her blame me for it. "Mother" I said with my new found confined as I watched her desperately rubbing herself trying to get the sensation back. "Mother, you know there is only one way to stop the hunger, don't you?" I pulled her up to my eyes, looking deep into hers. "You know what you must do, don't you? What you must find and create for me? When you do, you can feel like you just did. Only then, only then will you feel that way again." Then I pull her away from me, dropping her to the ground below. Eye level with my hovering feet, which are 3 feet long and one foot wide. With my mother set to her task, I close my eyes and just FEEL myself, my body, my power. I reveal in it. I no longer feel the hunger, mother feels it for me. I only feel PLEASURE, so much. More than any mortal mind could experience in a hundred life times, and I feel it every moment. I float on my own power, simply existing in air, feeling my body, feeling me. Without the hunger, everything is right. I am at peace with who I am.


Biggest Blair: Blair left the room in a hurry. She knew what she had to do. This left Queen to bask in herself, to enjoy and explore and master every part of her current self. As she floated, deep in the great relaxing torrent of her own pleasure, the debris floating about the room began to move. Her psychic power now had become immense, likely bolstered even further by all of the souls she had swallowed. While she relaxed, her most mild desires began to have an effect on the behavior of her ESPer abilities. The room she was in consisted of space that was previously many bedrooms and a hallway on both the first and second floors of the mansion. The leftover material floating about from when she had opened up the space began to shift around and repurposed itself, forming into proper walls and great imposing doorways on each side of the room. Without even really thinking about it, Queen recreated a "proper" bedroom for herself. Furniture might even begin to be formed from the materials surrounding her, properly sized and reinforced for her bigger body.. Mother worked in a storm of desperate want. Queen had imprinted in her such an extreme craving for her to be big, beautiful, and powerful as she could possibly imagine, which wasn't even close to what Queen's actually aspirations would soon grow to be. New maids had to be hired. A fully capable cooking staff, one devoted only Queen's meals. She began to arrange for every one of her former projects to come to the mansion as soon as possible. As the hours passed, the supers still remaining within the mansion or facility down below began to wander about again. They would come across the great doors leading to Queen's room, and would sometimes hear her moans rumbling from beyond the walls, but they found themselves unable to open the doors. When inquired about it, Blair would ecstatically tell them that a new experiment had allowed for a drastic increase in one of her project's powers. She promised them that they would soon be admitted into the mysterious room to undergo the same experiment. These girls had felt the psychic tremors and screams of Queen earlier, and were made giddy at the thought of having their powers increased as well. After a few hours of work, with many people, both new staff and supers alike on their way to the island, Blair rounded up the first few offerings to her absolute Queen... A beautiful, leggy blonde woman with many-times-braided Rapunzel-like hair that she was fully prehensile. A girl who could create semi-complicated objects such as weapons or simple machines from thin air.. A girl with unnatural luck so extreme that she had won three consecutive powerball lotteries. A girl who could alter the density of her body, making herself weigh several tons without changing how she looked physically at all. A girl who could teleport with an unlimited range provided she had previously been to the place she wanted to teleport to.. A girl that could control the weather.. and a girl who could clone herself up to a maximum of four times. They were all so eager to see how the experiment would grow their powers, dutifully following Blair to those huge, mysterious doors and being escorted inside.



Queenzilla: The doors flew open and these seven girls were greeted to the most magnificent of sights: ME, in all my naked glory. I had turned this room into a throne room. The massive seat was one I hovered slightly above, letting my huge soft ass form a perfect bubble butt instead of being squished. I would squish it, when I had someone to squish, but before now it hovered above. My ginormous, glowing breasts doing the same. My flat tummy still perfect, but no longer did I feel the bite of hunger, my mother did that for me. I was 19 feet of perfection, my legs the only part of me touching something, as they hung down to the ground. I looked at the seven my mother gathered for me, and licked my lips. "Oh girls, we are going to have such FUN together." They looked at one another, as if sensing something was very wrong. I decided to give them a little "push." I wanted to play. And, with a little mental tug, I got the result I wanted. They attacked me, like I was some story book villain. The first girl wrapped my leg with her flaxen hair, trying to pull me down. The second girl made twin katana blades and lept at me. The density one become super dense and had the teleporter teleport themselves over me, as the place filled with a storm cloud and the cloning girl became four. But, I knew there was only one girl here that matter. I used my flight and super speed to get out of the way of the falling hyper-dense girl and LUNGED at the lucky girl. My throne shattered and I pulled Rapunzel with me. Somehow, as luck would have it, that little bit of extra weight somehow made me miss the lucky girl. But, I splayed my arms wide, and my breasts even wider, and got her on the second pass. I wasted not a second, but ate her light, drawing all of her luck into myself. Then I turned on the remaining girls.


Queenzilla: "Got to get the luck girl first," I say "Or else nothing would go right for me. Now, everything will." 

As if to prove me right, as I spoke those words, the super-sense girl and the clone girl jumped on my naked form. And, as luck would have it, the hair girl fell on me. I decided to have some fun, so I just brushed their light, drinking shallowly for the first time in my life. I didn't feel the hunger, so I could control my power much better. One of the clones of the girl disappears and another one of me appears. We say in unison "Sweet." Me-2 uses her hair to tangle up the weather girl, while me-1 "fights" the 3 half drained girls. And, by 'fights' I mean me-1 just uses super speed to confound them while laughing. Me-1 lets them hit her once or twice, but becomes super-dense and isn't hurt, but also drains a little more of their power. They should realize hitting me is a bad idea, but I don't let the thought enter their head. Literally, if they try to think that I replace it with more anger. I love multitasking. Me-2 has tangled the weather girl up, and drags her into me-2. I drink deeply of her power. But, I don't drain her completely. I have a fun idea! I just drain her WILL. I make it so I can *effortlessly* and completely control her. Then, with my one stronger will controlling her dried up one, I send her against her friends. She lightening bolts the girl that can make constructs, and I laugh at the sight. The girl goes flying, and -as luck would have it- Me-1 had drained enough to make a Me-3, who the construct girl fell into. Me-3's massive body just enveloped the poor unfortunate. I decided not to hold back, and drained her dry. 

Laughing all 3 of me's say "Well, this was fun." 

Then we used our will to create a wall of force, and DRAG each of the remaining girls into ourselves. Laughing, we drain them all, except the weather girl. I become one again, and pat the weather girl on the head. "Good pet," I say, and then stick my foot in her month. 

It takes no effort at all to make her lick my foot like a dog. "Maybe I should keep more pets." I say to mother. I give my mother a spike of pleasure, and take back my hunger for a bit. 

It is uncomfortable, but I want her to know she did a good job. And, with my new found will, I can control it better than she can, or anyone. "This is your reward mother." And I overload her body with pleasure, enough to make it so she cannot do anything for an hour but cum in a corner. I spend the time letting my new pet pleasure me while I rebuild my throne. I use my hair, mind, and constructs. But, I don't do such a task using my physical body. That is beneath me now.



Biggest Blair: Luck could only take a person so far against such a superior and excessive force. Queen had defeated all of them the instant she laid the smallest touch on the super's Super Luck. Mmm, to drain each power, little by little, until she's drunken every last bit while her adversaries find their own abilities becoming weaker and weaker. It's exhilarating and arousing. Of course, this was all just play-fighting for Queen. She could have defeated them all instantaneously the moment they entered the room. By this point, her draining ability was nearly unbeatable. Her extreme speed coupled with the devastatingly fast nature of her power-stealing ability made her practically inescapable. Queen would hear Blair cry out with overwhelming delight as she cloned herself for the first time. Queen will find that the clones are quite powerful. She shares a mind with them. She can move them with ease and they have all the abilities that the original Queen had at the time of the use of the cloning ability. The entire "battle" only lasts seconds. Queen is left with seven new, powerful, fulfilling abilities and even an extra little bonus toy in the slave worshiping her beautiful feet. Blair comes forward quickly, eager to praise her Queen, but before she can even get out a word, Queen delivers her "reward." For the next hour, the vixen is left nearly comatose on the floor as paralyzing waves of pleasure wash over her body, nearly breaking her mind once again. When Queen finally lifts the effects of the pleasure overload, Blair doesn't recognize where she is. The entire room appears to have been remodeled. Queen is once again lounging in an even more elaborate, beautiful throne. Absorbing the powers of the woman who could create objects allowed Queen to summon more worthy materials for a throne room. The walls, floor, and gigantic throne were now entrusted with jewels and were often made clearly of solid gold. Blair finds herself laying on her back on the floor directly in front of Queen's throne. To her left, the girl who used to be able to control the weather obediently kisses Queen's heel again and again. Each small kiss visibly makes the increasingly powerful woman shudder and groan with ecstasy. 

"N-Nnhh.." Blair groaned, gaining feeling in her body again as the pleasure leaves her. 

Something was on its way to the island. Something big. Something that Queen needed Blair to answer her questions about. About fifty minutes into the hour over Queen's rebuilding of her throne room, she began to sense a bright "light" on the horizon. As it came closer, the totality of its brightness became more and more clear to her. It's immense. A person of exceptional, devastating, dangerous power was on her way to the island. Blair seemed to know what Queen wanted to ask before she even asked it. "Uuhn.. You look like royalty, Queen. Mmnh, I didn't have the opportunity to.. oh.. tell you.." She paused, catching her breath and starting to push herself to her feet. 

"I called one of my most important supers to the island as an extra special gift for you!”

She was on the island now, in the mansion. Her light is blinding to Queen. She was coming to the room now, escorted by several of the maids. The doors opened behind Blair, and Queen saw her. A simple, small-in-stature, raven-haired woman with beautiful pale skin and cat-like violet eyes that twinkled with her incredible special ability. Queen's prowess to gauge the powers of other supers had become more refined over time. This girl, albeit not powerful in her own right, had the fantastical ability to sharpen the superpowers of others. 

"Miss Blair!" She called, her voice ringing like a mysterious bell. "Oh my, you're naked..!" 

She came forward, not looking at Queen yet despite the fact that she was TOWERING over her. Yes, this girl had seen people like Queen several times before. She had seen girls on Queen's level so many times that she didn't even act surprised upon meeting her. This girl is one of Blair's most valuable resources. Queen would come to the realization that she was not yet at a power level beyond any women Blair had sponsored in the past.. and it was likely because of this girl right here! What the raven-haired girl didn't know was that, in a unique situation unlike any before, Queen was completely in charge. The women this girl had met in the past were probably totally loyal to Blair. Just like the maids, she overestimated her own safety in the presence of her sponsor.. She would never expect that Blair would sacrifice her. 

"Jessica!" Blair coos, catching her breath. She turns to the girl, looking down at her. "Thank you so much for coming!" She's putting on a normal face again, hiding the fact that the girl was in great danger. "This is Queen! She is my newest and current most favorite project!" 

Jessica glanced up at her. "Oh, hello." Goodness.. To act like that! It would probably feel so strange to Queen, not being immediately acknowledged with shock and awe the second a person enters the room. With her current level of power and size, that's what she expected of everyone… awe. 

"Queen, Jessica has a power that can grow the abilities of other supergirls like you. She could probably increase her own powers if she had any besides the one." Blair giggled and smiled innocently towards the towering giantess. 

Jessica speaks up, "Yes, I've actually helped Blair take a couple dozen women to your level. It's rare to see anyone reach those proportions without my help." 

She sounds a little cocky. Mm, not for long. 

Blair swoons, "Uhuh! I can't wait to see what you can do for Queen! Please give her everything you've got." 

Jessica rolled her eyes, swaying her slim hips. "Honestly, I don't like empowering girls your size. Personally, I think it's a little irresponsible giving someone so big any more power, but this freak pays so well." 

She called Blair a freak so openly? She's too disrespectful. She's done this so many times it seems that she doesn't realize just what someone like Queen could do to her. Blair must've been working professionally with her for a long time for her to be so smug and nonchalant around such a towering, powerful giantess. It's going to be so fun knocking her down.


Queenzilla: I smile at the small girl's rudeness. No one can be allowed to talk to THE QUEEN like that. She clearly needed to be educated. 

I would do so. I say in a voice that is more like the rumbling of thunder, "Oh, are you sure you don't like working on girls," I shake my 10 foot bust, "like ME?" 

Before she responds, I use my power on her. I take my hunger and give it to this "Jessica." I make her want to 'feed' me. And, I don't just give her my hunger, I slowly make it more and more intense. I watch the little girl like the insect she is, as I up the intensity of that WANT, the need, to make me more. To her credit, she seems to realize what I am doing. I see it in her eyes... and in her thoughts. 

"No," she says meekly, but we both know she is broken already. "Yessssss," I reply in a voice to shake the heavens, "Oh, yesss." 

The girl falls to her hands and knees as I increase the hunger a thousand fold. She starts to cry. She needs to make me MORE! Needs it more than she needs more than she needs to breath. And, we both know it. 

"Please," she says in a whisper. 

"Please what?" I ask back, and I give her a jolt as I ask. 

"Please, let me use my power on you..." She trails off. I wait a bit, letting her feel the hunger increase even more, "Beg me." I say after a time. Tears are streaming from her eyes now, as she clenches her first against the ground. "Pleaseeeeeee," she whispers again. "I SAID BEG!" I scream, and anyone hearing it is cowed by my rage and power. "CALL ME MISTRESS!" The girl takes a deep breath, and says "Please, please, mistress, I am begging you, please, let me use my power on you..." I float closer to the girl, and I move one of my feet out to her. But, we both wait. Finally, after a pause I say, "You may." The girl, still crying through the hunger, screams and grabs my foot, using her power on me. It is like.... it is like..... well, like nothing anyone but myself could understand. To not have to drain someone, to have them GIVE me power.... wonderful. Jessica and I scream together, mine of joy, she just screamed. I GROW as ALL my powers increase, magnify, and are enhanced. I grow bigger and bigger 20 feet tall, 25 feet. I break the room again with my power. And, with my power, remake it until everything is platinum, polished platinum. My breasts are 20 feet across and I can control anyone in the world; I can move father than thought; I can do a million things at once; I can teleport others without having to touch them; I can make 12 of my-selves; I can grow my hair and control it down to the atoms; I can transmute matter as well as create it... and... And, my original power... it also increases... I can drain from a distance, and gain MORE than the original has. I test it out on this "Jessica." I drain her light. I take all of her power through my foot as my "pet" weather girl cowers and my mother looks on. I surge up 30 feet, breaking the polished platinum (which was only reflecting my darkness back to myself anyway). And, I make 12 versions of myself. We all smile at each other. We pause a moment, and then we use Jessica's stolen and enhanced power on each other...

Queenzilla: Twelve of me using twelve power enhancing, all at one, all on each other.... indescribable. I EXPLODE in power. My moan of pleasure is a nuclear bomb blast. The building, the maids, random super-girls, and my mother all go flying from the explosion that is me. But, I cannot let them get away, even as I shoot up to 40 feet and 2 more of my-selves appear. My shoulders are 14 feet across, and my busts are 30 feet out, balloons in truth. I fill the island. And, even as my pleasure increases exponentially, I still have the presence of mind to grab the knocked back super-girls. The maids I drain with barely a thought, but the super girls I make watch. They form a ring around my-selves, as my-selves form a ring around the smashed building. As there are now 14 of me, I use the power on myself with more intently, but I only shoot up to 45 feet. I scream in pleasurable frustration, and move the circling super-girls in. I am too busy looking at my-selves, but I move the girls in between my ass cheeks, and drain them of their powers, their light. Extreme Intelligence, Hyper Productive Breasts, Dangerously Powerful Lactation, Shapeshifting, Emotional Aura, Voice Projection, Summon Illusion, Perfect Singing, Mind Erasure, Contagious Possession, Pheromone Control, Memory Control, Dream Control, Light Control, Gravity Control, Energy Projection, Explosive/Powerful Orgasms, and the ability to Raise the Dead. ALL these powers are drained into my body, and ALL of them are enhanced and enchanted again. Once when I drain them, and again when I uses poor Jessica's power... 15 times? Another one of me joins the other 14 as I shoot up... 50 feet. I try to go higher, but I cannot... 50 feet.. .... Just 50 feet? My breasts are bigger than I was at the start of this. My ass? room filling. ITS NOT ENOUGH! As all 15 of me float, I try to make myself more, but cannot. I even try draining myself in my hunger, but I just collapse back to one. I'm SOO hungry... what's wrong? I think has my power peels the island and pulls back the ocean. When I drained Jessica.... I got my HUNGER back too. And, I forgot to give it away. IT was magnified as well.... 50 feat, the power of a pantheon of gods, and ITS! NOT! ENOUGH! "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!" I scream



Biggest Blair had been totally desensitized to Jessica's smug attitude. She had been such a valuable asset in the past and Blair found arrogant personalities very attractive so she didn't seem to even notice the girl's rudeness. Queen does, however.. and with an ego and power-set like hers, she wasn't going to let it slide. One of the most terrifying aspect of Queen's mind-based abilities is how there's little physical sign of her using them. Maybe a slight glow of her eyes, and suddenly Jessica is on the floor, begging Queen to let her use her powers on her. It happens so quickly. To Blair, it feels like a bomb going off. As Jessica uses her power, Queen's body unleashes a shockwave that knocks Blair off of her feet. The room is shattered, but just as quickly reforms into glowing, pristine, solid platinum! Her ears are ringing from both the explosion and the volume of her daughter's scream of pleasure and might. She looks up to see Queen towering, larger than ever before. Her body is pulsing, and she has the most arrogant, hungry smile on her face. This terrifying look made Blair aware instantly that she was not finished. Before she could move even a single muscle, the room is filled with her giant, equally-curvaceous super clones. A chorus of orgasmic exclamations of bliss drown out all other noise as all twelve Queens explode at once. The blast feels cataclysmic. Debris is sent flying across the entire island, all the way out to the ocean on the far side several thousand feet away. Blair, along with many others, are thrown through the air, perhaps only protected from complete obliteration thanks to a mixture of Queen's new intelligence and even further enhanced psychic abilities. The rain of debris stops in the air mid-explosion. Blair's chest heaves as she takes in a huge breath, looking around and taking in her situation. She's floating, suspended in the air some eighty feet above the ground. She cannot see any maids floating about. They were absorbed instantly the second the growth-explosion went off. Other supers were floating in the air all around the ruined mansion. She could see some of them struggling, but none could break free of the psychic hold suspending them. Blair couldn't move either. She couldn't even cover her ears as Queen and her many clones sighed and moaned and screamed with frustration as they swelled just a little larger. Before Blair's eyes, Queen drew the remaining supers in between her enormous asscheeks. They were absorbed instantly. When she's touching someone directly now, regardless of how powerful they are, she can completely drain them in an instant. Nngh, still not close to enough. It looks like she's going to have a meltdown! Her scream would have blown out Blair's hearing permanently were it not for the psychic barrier suspending her body. 

"Q-Queen!" She cries out to her. "You.. You aren't thinking straight!" Her new and overflowing power, along with her even larger voracious hunger, is addling her mind and thoughts. "Let's just.. Let's just calm down! I can feed you, big girl! You.. You have to calm down!" 

Blair stuttered over her words, watching as Queen's breasts grew intimidatingly, threateningly.. Blair knew all the powers of every super that had been in the mansion. As a result, she knew that Queen's breasts had been transformed into unimaginably powerful superweapons. With the amount her new powers had been sharpened thanks to Jessica's power, there was no telling if Queen could completely stop herself from unleashing some of them if she got too worked up! 

"Please, I know how to satisfy you! Let's just calm down!" Blair called out, her heart pounding, knowing well that Queen could go nuclear at any moment. 

She's right though.. She does need to cool her head. The vixen suddenly hears a choked cry off to her side. She turns her head to see that the girl with the weather power, Queen's toy, gasping and trembling hard. Queen was glaring at her, stuffing her with all of her new hunger in an attempt to steady her vast mind and think clearly. However… It's a LOT of hunger.



Queenzilla: I had given that will broken pet my hunger. Someone had to take it, and I could not think all as even my unparalleled mind was somewhat overwhelmed by its immensity. Of course, my pet couldn't handle the hunger I STUFFED into her small mind, I had to give some of the spill over to mother to prevent from killing the hapless girl. Still, the hunger filled her completely, and she had no way of fulfilling its overriding command to make ME greater. So, the little pet had taken to humping my leg, and begging me, over and over, to drain her. I did not. I needed her as a receptacle of my hunger, even though it was clearly killing her. Mother was fairing better. Luckily for her, there wasn't much spillover, since I had ruined the pets mind I stuffed it so full. I gave mother juuuuussst a bit more, because I wanted her receptive to what came next. I hovered in space on the basted island, and I decided, now that I was in control of my self again, to make some of my-selves again. I created 3 of me, and we all got to work 69ing each other. The feeling was -again- not something a mortal could understand. To have three huge pussies and three huge clits, almost a foot across each, all being licked by three huge tongues, all over 2 feet long? I made sounds of pleasure that caused all within ear shot to explode in orgasm with me. My perfect enhanced voice, mixing with my overwhelming mind, made it all the way to the mainland. A city came at once, and didn't stop cuming. Cars veered off the road, and people feel to the ground, over 3,000 km away people were unable to do anything but climax. Poor mother, she was caught up in it so close. The pet would have been too, if er mind could hadn't been totally filled with hunger. Mother would have gone insane, but I didn't allow that. I still needed her. As three of me pleasured me, wrapping my hair around myself to add to the simulation of my skin, which was half an acre of super-charged nerve endings, I made another one of my-selves. All of use felt all of the pleasure the first 3 of me's were generating, but this one rose over mother, keeping her from going mad as she felt the pleasure I was generating. I used my hair to toy with one of her nipples, and made a vibrator for her while I told her what she would do for me. My 50 foot self hovering over the little 8'6 vixen. 

"Mother, I know you want me to be more. So, what are you going to do for me?" I rubbed my breasts and then my hands moved down to my flat stomach. Of course "flat" for me was still 20 feet around, but my hands were only about 6 feet each. "Can you FEEL my hunger, mother?" 

I gave her a spike of my hunger as I asked that question, the pet almost gained enough control of herself to feel pleasure as I did, but I gave her back the hunger too quickly for her to cum more than once from being so close to the ME orgy.



Biggest Blair writhes with passion as her Queen towers behind her. It feels though, with each passing moment, Queen is finding new ways to weaponize her monstrous sexuality. Blair had completely passed out for a few seconds as she unleashed three of her booming orgasm-inducing moans all at once. Being forced back to consciousness by Queen's psychic will, she realized that this girl could now devastate entire cities just by masturbating. Her cheeks darkened. Whenever Blair thought of things like that, all of her worries evaporated. Maybe it was because Queen was feeding her hunger, but suddenly she was fantasizing about giving her even more. What next? How much greater could she become? "I-I feel it! I know.. I know what to do! Queen!" The sensation of that giant presence, looming behind her, tits slowly and steadily swelling, overshadowing her as they fill up with their hyper over-productivity... Blair can feel her Queen's intention to threaten her. She doesn't need to. Blair once to do everything she can to satisfy this goddess. "Look.. Look there, please!" Blair glances down at the ground in a part of the ruined mansion. Part of the stairway to the "basement" was visible. Underneath the mansion was the secret facility where Queen had been "born." There were still many workers down below. They were all probably in near-comas from their proximity to Queen's orgy, but the lab hadn't been destroyed like the mansion was because it was underground. "I want to.. h-hhnnh!" The vibrator buried in her pussy turned up several settings seemingly on its own, rewarding her but also distracting her. "Ahaauhn.. I can make more artificial supers, like you! I think..! With a sample of your DNA, I could make girls would specially tailored super powers! I-I could feed you whatever you asked for! W-Within.. within reason.." She was trying to pass out again, but Queen wouldn't let her, jolting up her mind with pleasure or hunger whenever the stimulation began to become too much.



Queenzilla: "WONDERFUL!" 

All four of me boom in union. Passing plans fall into the ocean in a 6,000 km radius as I do, from the pilots spontaneously orgasm. My pleasure and sex is more powerful than a thousand nuclear bombs, if not quite as destructive, yet. Two more cities join the first in grinding to a halt as I create 9 more of my-selves to join the orgy. There is now a 7,000 km radius centered on this island of people being unable to do anything but cum for me, because of me. 12 of me are rubbing each other as one of me sets to work in rebuilding the island. Well, making it a GIANT 100ft tall throne for one of me, and a mile wide, super soft, bed for 12 of me. They toss around in pillows the size of football stadiums, while their hair and tongues rub every part of the now 2 acres of "me" flesh. The throne is as massive as the bed, made for beings that can float, is light. It is made from tungsten and decorated in diamond. So dense it causes the whole island to sink. But, I make myself even denser to sit on it. Bending the material to fit my massive 30 foot wide ass WITH my impossibly heavy 30 foot wide ass. At the foot, between where my legs would go, is the tiny opening to your lab. I couldn't get to it without destroying everything, so I have to "see" what you'll do though your eyes. I use my mind to pill the pet off of one of the me's, and I create a cage for the ravenous beast. She is so mind broken, she cannot even use her power, and just tries to get to me so I can drain her. 

"Here mother, take her with you." I say, giving her to you on one of my hairs. "If she dies... well, I don't think you want that to happen. Anyway, if you need me, I will be here on the surface, feeling more pleasure than all the human race has ever felt combined. If you do a good job, maybe I will give you a drop of that feeling. As much as you'd be able to handle without exploding anyway, dear mother." 

I give you a whip-slap to the buttocks with one of my hairs to get to scurrying into your rat hole, and this one of me just lounges in my throne in the sun.



Biggest Blair goes off into the lab, taking the broken pet with her. Queen is merciless and toys with her even while she's working. She makes no effort to withhold the volume of the orgy she's having with herself above ground. The lab constantly quakes as the tremendous weight of her many selves constantly move about and fuck. The whole time, Queen is watching through Blair's eyes with only a fraction of her mindspace and only a mild interest. She has passed off her hunger to her toy and Blair for the most part, which means she is free to explore all of the new pleasure her increased powers afford her. As the minutes pass, Queen becomes more and more proficient at getting her many selves off. The moans grow steadily louder, destroying coastal cities across the ocean. The lab is a super-reinforced bunker, but Blair has to worry about just how much more it can take. Queen is only growing more aroused up above. Her sexual stamina is limitless. The experiment takes less than a day. Queen's original making took Blair months. She's motivated tirelessly by Queen's presence in her head, and the other "staff" down below have become totally obedient pleasure-broken slaves to Queen's desires. Blair hadn't been up above even once since Queen sent her down to work for her. Almost twenty-four hours Queen had been left above to her devices, allowed to experiment with her powers, even train them.. A large mechanical opening cracks forth in the ground just in front of Queen's throne and Blair rises up in an elevator from below. Behind the tired scientist is a gigantic cylindrical chamber that looks very similar to the one that Queen had been born from. This one is much larger, however.. some 20' tall. "Q-Queen! I'm here, I finished your next meal!" Queen would be able to make out the features of a beautiful face behind the chilled transparent glass. The woman Blair has brought for her is astoundingly beautiful. She only knows what Blair designed her to know. Her light is astonishing. She's far brighter in Queen's view than whatever came before. Blair presses a switch on the container and the doors slide open, ominous fog billowing free. A nameless goddess takes her first and final breaths. She steps out of the container, already knowing perfectly how to walk. Her eyes sparkle and begin to glow as the bright Sun above beats down on her. 

"Mm-MMmMmm..!" She is 12' tall, but rather slim, with hardly any bust or butt to speak of. Her hair is short, black, but not unattractive. "T-This world..!" She gasps, her voice beautiful, trembling already with pleasure. "It's mine!" Immediately, Queen will notice her light beginning to grow even brighter. Blair had situated the experiment's container facing away from Queen's throne when she first came out. She somehow doesn't even see Queen yet, she hasn't realized her fate! 


 She moaned again, stomping forward from her container and THRUSTING her naked chest out towards the sunlight. The warmth of the sun seems to be fueling her. A hand drops between her legs and she begins to masturbate as she soaks in the light! Her power surges. Breasts begin to blossom on her chest. B-Cups.. C! D! E! F! G! They're expanding fast as she processes her multitude of powers all at once. 

"MORE! GIVE ME MORE!" She screams, growing into herself. 

Blair puts her hand over her chest, swooning with delight. The girl is so egotistical that she hasn't even noticed her creator or the even more important figure looming behind her! She has been born with immense potential! This girl is full of growth triggers! Ego-induced growth. Sunlight-induced growth. Destruction-induced growth. Worship-induced growth. Wealth-induced growth. Damage-induced growth. Pleasure-induced growth. Along with size, power simultaneously increases based on.. ego, sunlight-absorbed, level of destruction, amount of worship, amount of wealth, amount of pleasure, and damage taken. Bolts of electricity begin to spark off around her eyes as they begin to glow. Many of her growth triggers are being activated at once and for the first time! Her body begins to change to match her level of egotism, which has been made huge by default. Blair designed her to think from first breath that she should rule over everything! Her hips surge, ass filling out. Hair tumbles down her back, becoming longer and more luxurious. Super strength and extreme speed manifest as she absorbs more sunlight. Her feet begin to levitate off the ground! She becomes taller! She's gaining powers on her own just by feeding off of the sunlight, masturbation, and her own rampant egotism! This girl would've been DANGEROUS! It's too bad.. She isn't growing fast enough to contest Queen before it's too late. Blair looks up to her goddess, looming over the whole scene, and beams. She made this supergirl so quickly thanks to samples of Queen's own being. In a way, she only exists because Queen exists. It's only right that she be offered to her.



Queenzilla: "Goddess, keep going!" I say in a voice that cows all. "You're making me even hornier!" 

And, I make the 13 of me FEED this new girl more power. I used Jessica's power on her with all of my-selves. (except the two that are missing). I make her MORE AND MORE powerful. She love it, she shoots up from 20 feet to 100 ft, towering over me and my 13 selves. Waves spread out from her massive legs, as she stands knee deep in the ocean. We worship her, praise her, feed her ego more. As give her all 13 of our ability to enhance her powers, and she becomes 3 times the size of one of me. When she makes it to the dizzying hight of 150 ft, all 13 of me latch onto her, and start to drain her. My new draining abilities means I ENHANCE the power of whatever I drain. She goes down 50 feet, back to knee deep in the ocean, and all 3 of me shoot up 216 FT! I am MASSIVE. The ocean is like a wading pound for me. I become one again, and tower over the little super-girl. I laugh, and the sound breaks her ear drums. 

"You thought I would worship YOU? Pathetic!" I say to her. 

But, I don't have too much time to gloat. I didn't spend all that time fatting up her ego and body to let it go to waste. So, I kick the little 150 foot tall foot with mine and drain her of everything she has, magnifying it as I do. And, then I drain her of ALL her power, all of it. I shoot up ANOTHER 650 ft! I am 916 ft tall. My pussy is nearly as long as I was a few seconds ago. My clit is the size of a city block. My legs are 450 feet long. My breasts, oh goddess, my breasts. They would be PASSED J-cups on a normal girl, but on me they are over 500 ft wide, and float with my power of flight. I will never sag, even if I hadn't absorbed the girls beauty. They have twice as much mass in them than my massive throne did moments ago. A throne I now crush with a 150 ft foot. I am not going that fast from the sun, even if my body is so massive it sucks up so much light. I only shoot up to 950 feet and slow to almost a stop. I try to use my ego to grow, but realize I am ALREADY AT MAX EGO! No one could love themselves as much as I do, well... 

"Well," I say to myself, and my voice causes a tsunami to head to the city already buried in my pleasure. "I guess I can do THIS!" 

And, 13 of me, all 950 feet tall, all appear and use the power multiplier on each-other, on ME. I jump up to 5100 ft tall. I am so heavy, I break the sea bed and sink. My massive ass, over 2,000 ft of perfection, causes the ocean to be displaced. My breasts are 4,000 ft out, and still floating with my power. I laugh, and the Earth itself shakes from the sound.



Biggest Blair: Queen played it all out in a much more dangerous way than Blair could have ever anticipated. She didn't expect her to manage the power-increasing ability that she had gained earlier in such a spectacular way. At first, Blair even looks surprised as Queen seems to feed the new supergirl's blossoming egotism, growing her up so HUGE. Blair has to stumble backwards, rushing to get out of the way as the 12' experiment is blown up in no time to a 150' tall titans! If she were allowed to run wild, she surely would have become the doom of the entire planet. This girl's ego is blown up so quickly that she is on the brink of insanity. Unfortunately, there isn't any more time to explore what she might become. There is somebody much more worthy, much more capable of handling all that power and egotism. Before she could even process the threat, the many Queens are upon her, taking her power for themselves. The girl is reduced to a mere 50', and with a trembling lower lip, she looks up at Queen. 

"What is this?! This isn't how it was supposed to work!”

 She can't even fathom what's happening, born thinking everything would go her way. Queen makes her scream by destroying her eardrums with her laughter just before she takes everything she has and goes completely wild. An explosion of size and strength and power.. followed by an even bigger one. Queen reaches the limits of her new power, but using her cloning ability, goes even further. Blair is blown away by her explosive growth. She unleashes a shockwave that shakes the whole planet as she blossoms to her new and grandiose form. The new Queen is merely a little over a hundred feet short of being a mile in height. The girl that she has absorbed was a volatile monster, filled with powers. She had the ability to naturally manifest more superpowers as she grew larger. Now, Queen was feeling that ability.. multiplied many hundred-fold inside of herself. As she basked in the ocean, causing tsunamis around the globe with the great displacement of water.. Her eyes began to glow blindingly bright. All she need do was imagine herself with certain powers and they would now manifest. Blair found herself floating in the air as her Queen lay back in the ocean, trying to cool her gigasensitive body as she drank in all of her new self. She looked upon those glowing eyes and saw an ecstasy unlike anything ever before.. Queen's ascension had finally begun.



Queenzilla: I was 5100 ft tall. My breasts were 4,000 feet in one direction and my ass 2,000ft in the other direction. I was 5100 ft tall and 6,000 feet wide, the biggest object ever to walk the face of the Earth. I was behind massive. I was 1/6th the size of Mount Everest, my head in the clouds. My psychic power, because of the size of my bosom, was a palpable thing. It was in the air like yellow electricity and pink mist. The world was slowly being covered in it, and every mind it touched became mine. I was slowly filling the world with my thoughts, my needs, my hunger. Each mind that touched that moving cloud become filled with pleasure and need. The need to make me more. My yellow eyes arched with power as I stood in the ocean that now didn’t even come to my knees. Somehow, the island had been spared my devastation, as you had. There was a break in the pink cloud of my power, a parting in the yellow lightening that was filling the atmosphere. My energy flowed around you, leaving you safe from becoming part of my collective. My yellow eyes of lightening from 5,100ft above you looked around my 3,000 ft breasts that loomed like sexy clouds, and I saw into your soul. You could feel the spotlight of my attention like a burning fire. I spoke, and the words broke your body, literally killing you. Yet, in another instant you were brought back to life. Death wasn’t a reason to not serve me anymore, and my power was so great I could undo anything. No more mistakes when you could redo reality. I had killed you with a word, and now you were back alive. So fast, you couldn’t even be sure it had happened. I tried again. This time, a version of me appeared before you. It was a clone, and only 30 ft high. This angel was me with 20ft breast and 20ft ass; T-cups huge and ridiculously sexy. The avatar was imposing, but not destructively so. There was a parting of the pink mist around it as well, and it floated to you. When it reached you, it wrapped its arms around you in a soft, enveloping embrace. Holding you into its bosom. The feeling was beyond orgasmic. To call it “ultimate pleasure” would be a vast oversimplification of what this feeling was. You sank into the breasts and embrace of this mere facsimile of my godhead. And, this 30 foot tall version of me carried you like a doll to my true face, the face of a Goddess. The charisma in that vintage broke your will as my words had broken your body. You looked at that vast face which was beauty made real in the arms of a smaller goddess that was sex made true, and knew all that I required of you. You alone would be allowed to keep your mind, because I loved you. I could take what I needed from you, but I would not. You understood all this looking into the yellow-tinged black holes that were my eyes. Then, that 30ft avatar of me carried you away, covering your eyes so you could not see the orgy that was going to begin. Ten 5,100ft versions of me appeared around me, and you knew if you saw what was about to happen, not even my power could save you from going forever mad with pleasure. It would irrevocably break your psyche in a way not even my reality bending powers could fix. My angel brings you to the door of your lab. And, it’s soft warm body protects you from the sounds of the orgy happening behind you, working to dampen all sensations except for the indescribable bliss being in physical contact with it brought you. It ushered you into the darkness of the lab as the heavy doors close behind you, further protecting you from what I was doing to the planet and its people. 

Only then did the angel speak, in a voice that was like the one that destroyed you with a mere word, but bearable and even pleasant to hear it asks, “Are you ready, Blair? Are you ready to serve?”



Biggest Blair: Before the apocalypse even truly began, signs of the incoming disaster began to show all over the planet. Across the sky, all around the planet, the clouds began to grow dark, puffy, and very pink. A rain of the goddess' supreme pheromones rained down on every inch of every country. Perhaps she would allow a few to hide in bunkers or under roofs from the "rain." It was fun to toy with the mortals.. to see them struggle, not knowing that instantly she could have dominated this entire planet if she wanted to. Somehow, for one of the rare times, something was calling to Queen that was more demanding that her desire to grow even stronger. She's become horny. Hornier than she's ever been. Her libido had grown so immense that her entire being was turning into a burning disaster of sexual hunger. This desire needed to be sated, but what would it take to satisfy a goddess this big and needy? What sort of masturbation could she inflict on herself that would allow her to relieve all of her pent-up pleasure? Ooh, Blair might not ever get to see or know anything about it. What Queen was about to unleash upon herself would surely bring about the total end of the world. It's likely very few would survive this orgy that the goddess was about to induce. Mercifully, the Queen leaves Blair in her own care. Her own personal angel. Blair considered herself blessed beyond compare. 

"Yes~" She moans desperately, snuggling herself up against those giant 20' wide tits. "Mmnh, I'm going to give you all you desire and more. I will serve you forever!" 

Blair begins to work. She's going to create new supers.. dozens of them.. dozens of goddesses even more powerful and volatile than the last. She'll create an offering like an army to feed Queen once she is fully sexually satisfied. As she works, her angel is there with her, encouraging her, teasing her, toying with her.. At times, Blair is thrust against walls and over equipment so she can get fucked for hours by the overly horny angel. For a time, her life becomes a haze of nothing but work and sex with her gorgeous angel. Meanwhile, the unthinkable is happening in the world above.



Queenzilla: My power was remaking the planet. Around your lab my ability to remake matter wormed away at the Earth. Creaking into the mental and eventually into the very core of this planet. I tried to hold off in devouring the population as I did this. I wanted to keep the alive and I needed receptacles for my hunger. Yet, when my powerful mind touched a truly bright soul, I could not contain my gluttony. Many on this planet had powers you had not discovered. They were hidden, and most were weak. But, not all. I gained the power to control magnetism and magma as my mind found twins with such power in Tokyo. In Paris the pink cloud of my mine touched someone with an eidetic memory, and the ability to make poems to soften the heartiest of hearts. I ate their light in a second, magnifying their power as I did. In a backwater town in the Philippines there was someone with the ability to travel a minute back in time. I magnified it a million times as I ingested his light. Countless others were found and given over to myself. I made them enjoy it, and made others beg me. My weather witch pet for example I would never eat, and that knowledge was driving her mad as my hunger ate away at her bring. I loved. I broke the core of the planet, changing the iron to gold with a power I stole from a priest in Vatican City; he renounced his God for me as I imbibed his soul. My pheromones in that pink cloud made all worship me and my hunger in that arching yellow lightening made all want to serve me or feed me. The planet was broken apart as I remade it into an Earth size crystal palace. I lounged in the center of this labyrinth place, listening to a pleas of a populous begging to let me eat them. At the foot of my every growing crystal clear throne (for I was 30,000 ft tall at this point, the size that Mount Everest had been) was your lab. The only thing I didn’t break apart and remake. I was as gentle with it, and you had only been shaken around once or twice during the transformation of the world. Your lab an ugly black iron box at the foot of a throne made from diamond, in the heart of a palace made from spun glass.

The sun focused through the new palace-planet to help me grow.



Biggest Blair: Queen’s Angel, the projection of herself tasked with tending to Blair and protecting her from the devastation inevitably being caused by the goddess' ascension, was still a part of Queen herself. As a result, as Queen grew more demanding, more hungry, more horny, and more powerful up above, so did the angel, in some part. As Blair neared the end of her giant "offering" for her goddess, the angel continuously grew. As Blair sat at her desk and tapped away at her computer with all the efficiency she could muster, the giant breasts of the angel rested on her back. Blair's body was constantly molested by millions of tiny psychic hands. The angel whispered demands in her ears. 

"More. Make more clones. I want this power. That power. Give me this. Make this happen. I want this too. Fuck me. Watch me masturbate. Cum for me. Make another super like this. I want another like that. More.. MORE.." 

For a time, the angel trapped Blair's entire body between her giant breasts and demanded she work from within her cleavage. She was forced to tithe away with nothing but a tiny laptop in the unbearably soft, warm darkness of the angel's hungry cleavage. The time came quickly, however, that the offering was complete. To distract herself, the Queen had been undergoing an orgy with as many of her clones as she could create at a time. The entire planet quaked and was nearly destroyed many times by the violent cries of the many 30,000' tall giantesses. There was only one thing that could bring an end to the devastating, everlasting moans of the orgy. A sound Queen had been waiting for for some time. The mechanical hiss of Blair's laboratory doors opening. From them, the angel emerged, pushing an elephantine cart far too large for Blair to move on her own. It was a veritable train, filled with familiar looking containers of giant size, all organized and tightly packed side-by-side. There were 100 of them in total. They contained the individual supergirls that the angel had demanded Blair create. Blair had fulfilled every one of the angel's.. and by extention.. Queen's demands. This offering was considered satisfactory. Blair was there too, her torso just barely visible, held prisoner in the angel's giant cleavage. As they left the dark lab, Blair looked around, seeing shining translucent crystal all around. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor all seemed to go on forever. Blair couldn't see the end of it. The scale of this "castle" was beyond mortal comprehension. It is larger than a city.. larger than entire continents. 

"W-What.. What has she.. become?”



Queenzilla: I had taken all of the powers organically grown on this world, but they were not enough. Why have stunted natural powers, when I had my very own super-geneticist that could tailor make whatever I wanted. And, oh, how I WANTED. As my mind expanded, so too had my imagination for what Blair could create for me. Each time a new whim came into my perfect head, my angel whispered it in Blair's vixen ear. Others might think my demands ludicrous, but it was simply what the Queen deserved. I was the Queen, the Queen of Earth, and soon to be Queen of All Reality. Blair was my little pleasure toy, and I made sure the sounds, the moans, of my orgy had reached her in the lab. Forever spurring my pet to create more unreasonably powerful toys for me to play with. I felt it took too long, and I could have done it almost instantly myself. But, what would have been the point? A Queen should know how to delegate, and I was THE Queen. Finally, my presents were ready, and I tried to be magnanimous about how LONG it took. I did have to stop my orgy.... Well, no, I just needed to move it to a different room so as not to kill Blair when she emerged with my gifts. I also moved the focused sunlight to that other room so as not to blind her. My final self I greeted her on my throne as the train of goodies emerged.


Queenzilla: One hundred pods was what I had chosen for my first course as my sex-addled "mother" came out with my angel. The angel had really done a number on the old girl, and she was now so addicted to tits and ass it was comical. My angel carried her around like a keychain in her massive, soft bosom. But, this wasn't about Blair, this was about me. With a wave the first pod opened. And, the first genetically wrought being emerged. Her light was so bright, it blinded even me. This gene-wrought girl, who I hadn't bothered to name, was soaking in eldritch might. She was in touch with the mystic lay-lines of the universe. She had all of the spells I had found in the bellows of the Earth as I broke it apart downloaded into her forming brain. She had been trained as she grew to become the greatest mage in history. Merlin would be awed by her spellcraft and beg to become her pupil. I could have learned them myself, but without the correct power, I couldn't cast them. I had no magical aptitude, unlike this girl. She was magically attuned beyond anything that should be possible for a human. Since, of course, she wasn't human. She was MINE As her starry eyes opened, they saw the universe on a metaphysical level. They saw the true nature of all things. I was linked to her, and I saw myself as she looked at me. So, I also recoiled in total terror and utter despair as she did. The shock of that horrific sight was enough to make me forget myself, but I regained myself before she did. Without hesitation, I drained her as fast as my power could allow. I was going to savor this first morsel. I was going to toy with her and maybe increase her power before I devoured it. But, not after that sight I had seen in her eyes. I couldn't allow one more second of that view to exist. I even thought about rewinding time to erase it, but everything except pleasure was driven from my mind as I drained this first delectable bite of the massive feast before me. The power was indescribable, nothing less than I deserved. To drink so deep after having to survive on shallow organic powers.... I moaned, and even my other selves in the orgy rooms away had to stop in their love making. This feeling was beyond charnel pleasure, and all of my selves took full part in it, in becoming MORE than ever before. I was filled to bursting with the mystic secrets of the universe, my very soul expanding before turning back on itself. For, this power mixed with my draining one. Now, I could drink directly from the fount of all life. I could drain the magic from the universe directly. The light of reality filled my eyes like a succulent meal. But, I pulled back. There would be time enough to drink from that well. I wanted to see the second girl Blair had created for me.


To be continued?


Unfinished, and -now- likely never to be.
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