From having no dick to being a dick to becoming a dick 2/2

(OOC: I realized that if I wrote the remaining parts with the plot additions, it would be one hell of a long read. So here the second half maybe. If the parts turn into too long of a read, I might add a third part. We'll see)

Part 5

Amaryllis walked right behind Disa. "The best part is that your mind will also start deteriorating with each cock: the more you grow them, the lower your sanity goes! You can not think about anything other than cumming gallons of cum back to back!" She laughed and lifted Disa up. "We're starting with me. And this time we'll be together forever! When speaking becomes impossible for you, I'll do the talk, but once 100 is up, I go quiet for the rest of my life!" She set Disa's pussy at the tip of her twitching monster and waited.

Everyone else cheered on as Ama took out a couple Potions but instead of drinking them she lubed up the dick with them but Disa shook from fear. *This is not what I was hoping for… being stuck with her as my dick for the rest of my life? Why can't she just give me a weaker one than hers?* Then she came up with the most believable answer herself: she had asked for her own dick back, but it will come with an extreme price.

Amaryllis smiled evilly. "Are you ready? I don't care!" She had to pulled her down with hands as the tip was so big Disa couldn't get past it. Disa screamed as the pain in her insides became so unbearable it felt like her body was going to explode. And somehow, maybe because of a Potion, the monster filled all of her body without pushing out of her mouth.

But Ama didn't care about her pain as she pushed and pulled the weaker one up and down her shaft, speeding up all the time. "You better be enjoying this! You wanted you dick back, so here you go! Be happy with it!" Ama hissed in her ear. "Even better, this one, the one you start with, will always be the biggest of all your upcoming cocks!"

Disa didn't say anything. She knew struggling would be impossible as the bonding would stuck her and her archenemy together. Then a thought came to her mind: who would be taking the ultimate cock? Who would have the biggest cock in the world stuck to their crotch. She didn't know if they would agree to her pleads but she asked regardless:

"When I do become the ultimate dick… Ah! please, when he time comes… Ah! give it to Derrick. I haven't been in his life since… ah! he was born and I want to bond with him… ah! at least in some way! Please…" she turned her head to Ama with a pleading look.

"We'll decide on that later, traitor!" Ama and Rachel said angrily at the same time. Speed kept going up, but Disa could feel Ama getting close to cumming. This was inevitable now, so she just closed her eyes and prepared herself for the trial as Ama moaned loudly.

"Oh yes! Fuck yes! I'm cumming for the last fucking time as a futa! From now on I will feel the ultimate orgasms while you take care of feeling the torture!" She moaned like a nymphomaniac she was as she arched her back and released a very powerful load in Disa's pussy. Disa moaned loudly with her as her pussy released it's juices for the last time as her own body started absorbing her archenemy. First was legs, then torso and last was head.

Then she started feeling pressure in her clitoris. It wasn't very painful, but it didn't feel good either. Then she pushed her hips forward as if she was fucking someone, threw her head backwards and groaned as the clit pushed forward. Inch by inch a pink shaft reached out of her, reaching up to 10 inches in length and thick as a glue tube. Then a pair of grape sized balls rolled out of her, completing the first form.

Disa's dick didn't feel normal though. Since Amaryllis was living in it, she could feel the dark energy emitting from it. "This… feels… awesome!" She exclaimed excitedly but knew immediately it wouldn't last long.

She jumped in surprise as Amaryllis started speaking in her dick. "Have fun while it lasts, bitch! This is not meant to be enjoyable. I would force you to go back to back fucking but not being able to cum while being full almost all the time is probably enough. Now get going!"

Rachel was the first one in line. "I've raised YOUR own child since you were too weak to do it, so of course I will go first." Disa was going to open her mouth for objection as she wasn't really weak when she gave her own child away but then shut it as Rachel wouldn't most likely listen as Disa alone killed Marion.

Rachel took a careful look at Disa's "new" shaft. "Doesn't feel the same as it was the last time… but we just have to deal with it I guess" she shrugged and took it in her mouth. Of course those words excited Amaryllis as she said:

"Let's not forget that 20 inches was not her original size! She only got it because of my help! If I wasn't there for her, she would've been stuck with 4 inches for the rest of her life!"

Rachel continued sucking, mumbling in agreement. *Why the fuck is she not going straight to fucking?!* Disa thought impatiently but soon she realized what was up: Rachel was making it so she would be full before she finally puts it in.

"Enjoying it, huh? Well not for long!" Rachel said commandingly and hit her hard dick with her fists, hitting them on the sides of it. This felt new to Disa as the pain felt weird, but also kind of pleasant. Her teeth gritting clearly messaged non-pleasant pain as she hit her again, now filling her shaft with cum completely.

"There we go…"  Rachel smiled mischievously and pushed her former best friend against the wall. Other girl stood aside from their way as Rachel gave Disa a deep kiss while sliding to the bottom of Disa's shaft. "Remember, you are not meant to enjoy this" she said with a dark face and started moving her hips.

Disa soon realized it wasn't indeed enjoyable a single bit: it felt like more and more pent up cum was gathering into her shaft. Rachel moaned from pleasure and possibly from her friend's suffering and came in only 5 minutes.

*Oh thank God!* Disa groaned as her dick released a decent amount of cum into Rachel's pussy. She then felt another wave of pressure in her crotch as she soon grew another penis next to its sister. She moaned as the original one, being the left one, stretched out to 11 inches with an orgasm-like growth spurt.

"Wow… now that was an experience…" Disa panted as the orgasm had drained her energy completely. She took the nearest bed and laid on her stomach as the two dicks didn't calm down and fell asleep almost immediately.

Other girls went away into different rooms of the storage except Rachel. She was left standing next to Disa's bed. "How did I do?" She asked. While Amaryllis in her ultimate form had scared her first, she quickly came over it because she wanted revenge for Marion's death.

"You fucking weakling!" Angry voice roared from Disa's dicks. Dicks cast an image of what futa Ama looked like without her cock: same looks except above her clitoris was a small brown tuft of pubic hair. Rachel winced at her angriness. "How the fuck do you think cumming in only 5 minutes and 34 seconds is torturing?! You should last at least half an hour!"

Rachel looked down at her E cup tits. "I'm sorry, mistress. I really am! But it was just that the cock brought back so many good memories…" Rachel couldn't forget how the 33 incher had destroyed her pussy before. Even though Disa/Dick had killed Marion, the memories of good fucks couldn't leave her mind. "Is there a way to get rid of those thoughts?"

Amaryllis sighed. "You can't make anyone forget the good memories you had with someone. There's no Potion for that unfortunately. But" she continued when Rachel stomped the floor "there is a way to make you last longer! Think about the thought of lasting in bed for half an hour, then grab one of the cocks."

Rachel raised her eyebrow but did what was asked for. *I want to last 30 minutes without cumming* she thought eyes closed and grabbed into the left dick. She held on for a while until there was a vial half full with crimson liquid in it.

"Drink it" Amaryllis said shortly. Rachel gulped it and waited. Half a minute later she felt a wave of energy flowing into her pussy. It was warm and she felt more powerful. "Thank you, mistress" Rachel bowed and started heading towards her room.

"Hold on just a second" Rachel turned as Ama commanded her back. "We shall not have mercy for this murderer. Jerk her off so she wakes up already full. And ask Heather to come here after you're done!" Rachel nodded and grabbed both of the penises in her hands, jerking with a fairly fast speed. Disa arched her back as her hands touched the glanses.

"Don't worry, she's in deep sleep. She will not wake up unless you throw yourself on her stomach" Amaryllis smiled evilly. Rachel smirked and took one in her mouth. Disa let out quiet moans as the sensitivity of one penis was now the same as in clitoris.

"That's enough. Thank you" Ama said after Rachel had jerked and sucked for around 5 minutes. "When she wakes up, she won't enjoy this anymore!" She let out an evil laugh and the image of her disappeared. Rachel was wet from the sight of Disa's cocks and decided to have her fun before walking up Heather. She climbed on the bed.

*I've always wanted to be penetrated in both holes* she set the tips of the dicks on both her pussy and asshole and slid down. *Oh it feels so good~...* She moaned in heaven and started moving. Since she didn't want to extend being here longer she put her hand on her clit and rubbed it vigorously. This way it only took her 7.5 minutes to cum. Disa moaned as she released her seed into both her ass and pussy. *Wow! I will definitely do that again…* she moaned, licked the remaining juices off her pussy and headed upstairs.

Heather's room was opposite to Rachel's room so she didn't have to walk much further from it. She opened the door carefully. Heather was asleep but woke up almost immediately. "Mistress Amaryllis wants to see you" she yawned.

Heather only nodded, stood up from the bed and left the room. Rachel watched her friend going and then headed to her own room. Since Disa had banned clothes from usage, everyone was naked in the building. Rachel was still wet from the double penetration.

"God that felt good! I will definitely do it again!" She whispered to herself and threw herself to bed. Her pussy was soaking. "I want it so badly…" she pushed her fingers inside her pussy and started masturbating, cumming in seconds. It was like the double take had broken her hormonal system. "Disa… please… Fuck… Me!" She moaned with each squirt. She fell asleep with fingers still in her pussy.

She didn't sleep long as she then remembered that Disa had to be full in advance for the next morning. She headed back downstairs but she got to realize Disa's bed was empty. She hid behind the wall as her former friend walked in, soaking wet. "Goodness, I came in my sleep? How could that happen if I can only cum when the one being fucked by me has to cum first?" She shrugged and laid back down and closed her eyes again.

Rachel looked at Disa's ever-hard cocks with a distant face. *She knows something's up. Goodbye multi penetration dream…* she sighed, made sure Disa was asleep again and walked back to her.

"Are you fucking stupid!" Amaryllis' angry voice made her jump. While her image didn't show up, dicks pulsated angrily at her direction. "You almost exposed my master plan! I'm very disappointed in you."

Rachel looked at her tits. "I'm sorry, mistress. Lust took over me and I couldn't control myself. I promise this won't happen again!" She truly meant her words. Her actions had angered her mistress, who was the only real voice of sense in this building.

Amaryllis sighed. "We got lucky that she just shrugged it off and thought it was a medicine error. She doesn't know my medicines always succeed in their tasks. Luckily it requires two different girls to fuck him in order to grow a new cock. Now you know what to do."

Rachel nodded and got back to jerking the murderer off. This time she only used her hands. "I'm really sorry about this!" She repeated. "I shouldn't have let my fantasies take over!"

Amaryllis sighed. "I believe your words but you'll have to be punished for this. You will not get the second fuck tomorrow. You'll have to deal with fantasizing her to fuck you if you want."

"Mistress…" Rachel was about to object but kept her mouth shut. If she resisted her mistress' punishment, it would only cause more problems. She stopped the jerking as the Dicks filled up again and stood up.

"Tell Mira to come to me" Ama commanded as the dicks turned back to their normal positions. Rachel walked upstairs, but this time a little further from her room where Mira slept. "Mistress" she said shortly and didn't wait if she followed her as she fell back to bed, crying because of her punishment and fell asleep while her pussy pulsated painfully.

When Disa woke up the next day, she already felt like she was going to explode in cum. *And I thought I came out of nowhere last night! Maybe it was just a weird dream…" she couldn't recall anything clearly from last night and didn't have much time to think about it as girls arrived from their rooms.

Her dicks started talking with Amaryllis' voice like last time. "Unfortunately Rachel is sick today so she won't participate in today's fucking. So Mira is taking her place instead." 5'5 tall redhead with B cup tits stood in front of her with Heather, who was a little taller and carried DD cup tits. Disa felt a little sad; Rachel had been her favorite fucker.

With her balls full and already feeling about to explode Disa stretched and her fuckers tied her to bed. Having her cocks' sensitivity doubled meant that they were as sensitive as a clitoris.

Heather took her left cock while Mira took her right one. They twisted her nipples as bonus to increase the flow of cum into her already full shaft. Of course they were going at very fast speeds as they moaned like crazy. *How much stamina do these girls have?!* She thought to herself confused.

Fast fucking and nipple twisting continued for a whole half an hour as Disa started wondering if Rachel was actually sick or just not feeling like fucking. Or was there something else in the play she didn't know about?

30 minutes passed and the girls came, moaning loudly. Because of all the pent up cum she had had since the morning Disa released so much sperm it sent Heather and Mira flying against the wall. Another feeling of pressure, another cock grown. This time it was to the left side of her main cock, making it clear that the middle one was her alpha cock.

"Now with that out of the way, we can all go and have something to eat!" Heather said confidently and everyone headed out of the house. *And because I'm the dickslave, they will leave me here…* Disa groaned in her mind.

Then she heard footsteps coming from the stairs as Rachel walked down to her. "Oh my, it's already over?" was the first sentence she let out of her mouth. Disa couldn't not notice Rachel's pussy was wetter than usual.

"Well, what does it look like?" She nodded at her crotch. Her former best friend opened her mouth as her hand touched the glans of the Alpha cock. The rush of pleasure was so strong Disa arched her back and roared, pushing her hips as much forward as possible.

To this Amaryllis answered in the cock "Do you have to announce the feeling of pleasure that fucking loudly!?" To which Rachel giggled. "Remember, the more you grow them, the less enjoyable being touched on them will become. No doubt it will be like that once you have 10 of them!"

Amaryllis was right. As 8 more days passed, Disa had 10 impressive cocks on her crotch; one 20 inches and 9 18 inch long ones. Her balls had now replaced her ass, making it non-existent and also giving her a fear that she might actually crush them accidentally in her sleep, them being only small mandarins now. Dicks were now so sensitive touching them felt more of an electric shock. But that of course wouldn't stop the torture from continuing.

Part 6

The more cocks Disa grew, the harder it was for her to not scream internally from all the cum she had to hold in. The girls also got rougher on her each time and each night she felt like someone jerked her off but the shockwaves of pleasure were too much for her to bear.

On the tenth night Rachel whispered to Disa in a very quiet voice: "Once you are done transforming, I'll make sure this evil bitch pays for your suffering! I don't care anymore if you killed Marion, you clearly don't enjoy any of this!" She wasn't sure if Amaryllis had heard her but at this point she didn't care.

On the eleventh morning Rachel was always there for her first. Her pussy was soaking wet every time they met and her face was always slutty as she stared at Disa's crotch. Disa wondered what Amaryllis thought about it.

As the girls came and came after them, her body parts started becoming new cock, starting with her right thumb. Then her index finger and so on. All the way until all of her fingers were replaced with dicks on the 20th day. "My God! All my penises have 4000*2^20 nerves now! It's absolute hell!" She screamed as the floor was filled with cum.

On that night Rachel came to jerk off the alpha cock and now Disa literally jumped in shock of nerve on her bed. "She is not waking up so we're good…" Amaryllis always said when that happened, but this time was different. Disa actually woke up this time.

"Wh… What? Who pleasures me all night and makes me full?" She raised her head and looked to the side of her cocks. "Rachel?!" She asked in a very surprised voice.

Rachel winced. Amaryllis had not prepared her for this situation at all. Hologram of the domina disappeared immediately. "I-I…" she started but it was clear to Disa what she did. "You know it's impossible to lie in this situation" she tried to sound as much Alpha as possible.

Rachel broke down to tears. "It's been me! I've been the one who jerks you off to full every time!" Rachel wasn't telling the whole truth; every girl that would come jerk Disa off to the point she's full of cum in order to drive her insane. She didn't want her friends suffer the same fate as she did the first night.

Disa sighed. "And that's because of Amaryllis. I know her that much." Disa tried to reach out to her former best friend but the Alpha cock got in the way and it touched the girl in the neck. Disa jumped in shock.

"I promise I'll try and figure out the way to end your suffering…" she whispered but Alpha cock throbbed angrily and Amaryllis appeared. Her face was red in anger and her fists were clenching as she looked at Rachel's direction..

"That is NOT what you will do, that's for sure!" She yelled at her. "You revealed yourself and our plan as well as fell for the sub! From this point forward, you're banned from coming to her" she pointed her middle finger at Disa "during the nights! Got it?!"

Disa looked at Rachel with wide eyes. Rachel had fallen for her? Every girl that had to fuck her did it because of Amaryllis' orders but Rachel did it because of love? "Rachel, I…" she started, but Amaryllis managed to speak before her.

"Leave! And we will never see each other during the night ever again! If you do come here, you'll be punished even harder!" Amaryllis pointed towards the stairs and Rachel stood up, walked to Disa's face and kissed her. "I'll find the solution, don't worry!" She whispered and left to the stairs.

From that day forward Disa was always full of cum in the morning because Amaryllis had made the girls invisible with Potions during night. Meanwhile Rachel tried to find the solution to remove Amaryllis from Disa's body without success.

Time passed and soon Disa's toes had become dicks, having now 30 dicks in total, alpha cock being 40" long and Ball ass was now the size of a watermelon.. But since Rachel had been fucked by Disa multiple times, they had a connection between their genitals. During the night they talked in their dream. Disa always asked how little Derrick was doing and Rachel always told her. She also mentioned how she also takes care of Amaryllis' daughter Poppy, which made Disa scared for her baby. Rachel's own baby with Disa Julie was also being a little rascal at times.

Disa tried hiring an exorcist on this problem. Unfortunately, even after trying for ten days, that didn't work as Amaryllis was not a demon. "I'm sorry, but this one is too tough of a case for me. Being possessed by another person is not my specialty" the exorcist said when she left.

This resulted in Disa getting 10 dicks on top of her head, giving her a crown of some sort. Sleeping on the bed while her crown touched the head end of it became painful to her as sensitivity of the dicks was off the charts. Ball ass was now the size of a bowling ball. While talking in dreams with Rachel Disa started talking about how she would cum millions of gallons of sperm, impregnating every girl in the world. Rachel had to be quick.

Next Rachel tried a priest. Blessed bodies couldn't be possessed if it was done by an expert. Unfortunately, that didn't work either as Amaryllis just laughed and said church was nothing against the power of science. So that was worthless.

Now Disa's hair became cocks and sleeping on the bed became torture in itself. Talking about cum became a regular thing but she still managed to speak normally. Rachel wasn't giving up though.

On the 51st day, on 1st of October 2031, Amaryllis showed up as a hologram from the alpha dick, laughing at Rachel's pathetic attempts of trying to get her off. But for their efforts Amaryllis had some mercy and moved the fucking days to once a month, every months first day.

Disa sighed, feeling a little more relieved. "This does not mean you'll be treated easier than usual!" Amaryllis said sharply to her. And she kept her word: Disa woke up each day with one or more cock ready to release.

Sixtieth cock finished Disa's back dicks, now making it actually impossible for her to sleep. Rachel had tried creating her own reversing potion without success as she didn't know where to start. The only one that knew about potions was Ama, and she was no use of course.

For her begs Disa was raised to a wire wrapped around her stomach to the height where her dicks dicks touch neither the floor, walls nor the ceiling of the building. She was even allowed to walk around the building as long as someone was watching her. Now walking was painful for Disa as the dick toes became sensitive over every step she took.

Dream talks became almost all about Disa's desire to cum. When Rachel asked how Derrick was made, Disa told her the whole story, although slowly as the cocks were replacing her mind: how she was still a man as she impregnated Ama, how Amaryllis stole her cock a month later, how the bad guy fucked her brains out, how she was forced to drink pregnancy speed up and how she gave birth with Ama at three hospital.

Rachel started thinking about how Amaryllis had sealed Disa's cock to herself. She also started wondering if Derrick had any connection to Potions as while the little guy looked like Dick, he also was a lot smarter than the other children.

70th cum day Disa was in pain. Her cocks ached to be milked as they were super sore, balls churned hard and Amaryllis kept saying to her in her mind how she was worthless and no one wants her.

Rachel had bought a book about herbs that enhanced humans' sexual experience. The book was over 1000 pages long and Rachel was not a very fast reader. She also tried to memorize every herb, taking the reading even longer.

The roughness of the girls didn't help Disa's situation: they bit her, kicked her ass extremely hard and twisted her dicks extra painfully. At first Disa was screaming, but later started enjoying the pain and electric shocks of sensitivity. By the end of 80th night she had her hands, legs and belly button replaced by dicks, while her fingers and toes moved lower down the shafts. She also grew five more dicks on her crotch.

Talking to Disa in dream and having a decent conversation was now much harder. She listened, but mainly talked about her cumming. What she did manage to say was that once this transformation is done, she wanted Derrick to have it as a birthday gift.

Rachel had finally finished reading the book and memorized everything in that book and she had also gone around the world to gather those herbs necessary for the Potions she needed. Other girls had their hands full with their own children so Rachel had to take care of three four-year-old babies at once. She took them on trips and gathered herbs with them.

By the time she came back, Disa was on her 90th cock, having now 20 crotch dicks and 15 head dicks. Time was running out. "You're a fool, Rachel!" Amaryllis laughed evilly. "This transformation can't be stopped and I cannot be removed from her body! Your attempts to free her are going to waste!"

To both Rachel and Amaryllis' surprise Derrick started talking. "You're right, she can't be stopped from transforming… But we can get you out of her, you evil witch! We know which Potions to use and mix together to make the ultimate reverse Potion!" Poppy looked at her half-brother with wide eyes. Disa groaned in painful pleasure as her dicks were so long the reached the walls and she was trembling.

"I see. You come from Dick Longinus' dick alone, but my seal mixed my genes to it too, huh?" Ama looked at the boy for long. "You are going to become a genius one day and it will show!" her hologram smiled. Rachel wrapped her arms around the boy to protect her.

Rachel didn't know how Derrick did it, but he knew exactly what herbs would make which Potions. This boy was a genius and he was only 4 years old! Poppy looked at her brother in amazement as the Potions were mixing up in the vials. "Now, Rachel, give me Black Ginger!" Derrick commanded.

Rachel gave the herb and he added it to the vials. "There. Now we have to wait a month or two before it dissolves in the rest of the liquid!" He said confidently. Poppy was jumping in excitement, but Rachel wasn't so happy. A month or two?! Disa would be too late in stage to be saved by then.

Derrick underestimated the time. It took 5 months to dissolve the Black Ginger and by then Disa had an 18 dick crown. Amaryllis had laughed and said there were only her ears, mouth and eyes left.

The girls were torturing Disa for real. Now they were inserting very big things in her asshole and sometimes pushed their hands in the urethras. Disa screamed as nerve endings were killing her, feeling like she was on fire. But Ama just laughed at her.

Rachel and the genius kids were done with singular Potions, however, potions being mixed together took another two months. *Why can't this be faster…" Rachel thought desperately. Disa now had her ears replaced. Alpha cock was 97.5 inches long and it would soon be over.

Torturous treatment kept going but Derrick had finally gotten the Potions ready. Poppy held sensitivity reduction Potion, Rachel cum unlock potion and Derrick body freeing Potion. "We're ready now. Let's do it!"

After 97th night passed Disa was still up as the stored cum was making her dicks bulge impossibly thick, especially the alpha one. Her ass was now a size of a car tire and she craved for release.

"Ok, on the count of three" Rachel said quietly. "One, two, th…" she was unable to finish her counting as Amaryllis' image appeared. She was absolutely furious and her face was twisted in anger.

"This body is my home! You will not get me out of it! And didn't I ban you from coming here at night?!" Amaryllis said angrily. Rachel grabbed the kids by hand and ran back upstairs. "We have to do it at a better time… she panted. Derrick and Poppy looked sad but nodded in agreement.

Amaryllis had changed the punishment back to every night, but only until the last week of November as there were so many dicks to stimulate. Disa was stimulated to the edge every night, she screamed in pain but couldn't do anything about it.

Following days her nose, tongue, mouth and left eye had become cocks. Rachel and kids had their last chance the following day, December 1st. That was the day they had a chance to strike.

Amaryllis and every girl except Rachel were waiting as impossibly thick dicked Disa was struggling but couldn't scream as her mouth was replaced by cocks. *Just… let… Me… Cum…!* She screamed in her mind, but Amaryllis had already started speaking. "Alright, bitches! It's finally fucking time to turn this bitch into a cock once and for all! We…"

"Three!" Rachel's voice screamed and she threw Derrick and Poppy holding vials with pitch black liquids in then at Disa from the stairs. Everyone gasped and Amaryllis was too surprised to react as kids bumped into the middle of the circle and threw the liquids at the alpha cock and then ran away to safer distance.

Disa struggled and trembled as the Alpha cock bulged hard and all of the cocks erupted in cum. The whole floor was soaked in it and everyone except the kids received a cum shower. Kids were allowed to be in clothes in the building and they were always locked in rooms while the torture happened.

When the eruption finally stopped after 5 minutes, the Alpha cock bulged as it pushed Amaryllis out of it. She fell out of her head first on the floor. "Ow my head…" was the first thing she let out of her mouth. She had reverted to her old self: 5'0, non-existent tits and ass. Glasses had not returned. Then Disa pushed forward as her right eye turned into a cock.

While other women pushed as much cum in their pussies, Rachel started speaking. "Amaryllis, you are responsible for torturing many of our minds with turning our Alpha into a dick!" Other girls nodded in agreement.

"She killed her own girlfriend!" Amaryllis grunted angrily. "Dick was being a dick to everyone, even his own friends! He tortured boys by kicking them in testicles. And even after turning into a girl she was an asshole! She acted like Dino all the time! She fucking deserved this!"

"I know, but the growth got into her head, just like with me!" A familiar voice said from the front door. Dino and other boys had returned. They looked much healthier than when they left the night when Disa killed Marion.

"What the… how did you…?" Ama looked at boys confused, but when she looked at Rachel again she realized what was up. "You! I shouldn't have kept you alive! I should've impaled you with the Alpha cock when I had the chance!" She ran towards Rachel but Dino managed to stop her.

"Yes, Rachel did keep me up to date with the torture. And while I was eventually going to apologise for my actions, I knew you wouldn't forgive me" Dino shook his head. "Dear Amaryllis, you have been the dick this whole time without even realizing it."

Amaryllis winced at his words. "Don't you fucking dare use that word with me! My family was always against Longinus and will always be! Isn't that right, Poppy?" She looked at the stairs where Derrick and Poppy had escaped.

Poppy walked to the circle and looked down at her mother with a disgusted face. "Maybe if you had raised me, but because your evil mind wasn't capable of that you let Rachel take care of me. And thank God she did!" She huffed and walked back.

"See now, Puny Slut?" Rachel teased. Ama glared at her as her former insult was brought up. "The revenge cycle has ended because of me! Derrick and Poppy are the best of the friends and haven't even considered harming each other! You lost!"

Then a loud gurgling sound flew through the air and everyone looked at dick-Disa. The rope had snapped and she was shaking on the floor. All the dicks turned to face Disa's head and they started fusing together. Hands, legs, crown and crotch formed an ultimate cock that bulged hard. 6 feet long, thick as a human torso and balls were the size of Kinballs. As it fell on the floor it spurted out a big load of sperm.

"And looks like Longinus agrees!" Dino laughed and walked to Ama. "Now, it's time to end things once and for all! We don't deserve an evil bitch like you on this land! Goodbye forever, Amaryllis!" Rachel nodded, smiling evilly as she, Heather and Mira picked Dick up from the floor and came closer to her.

"No… no! You can't do this!" Ama screamed and tried to run away but Dino and three other guys stopped her. "Fine, whatever, I'll take it with ease as I have…" her sentence was cut to a loud scream as the tip of Dick entered her.

"We mixed a permanent reverse potion into body freeing Potion. You have no Potion effects on you and will never have anymore!" Rachel laughed and pushed Dick further in. Girls around cheered her on as Rachel pushed even deeper into Amaryllis' pussy.

Ama couldn't stop screaming as the pain was unbearable until it finally came out of her mouth. Balls deep Dick impaled her archenemy and shot out another load from endless testicles, covering part of Ama's face, entering her nostrils so she couldn't breath at all. After a minute of struggling, Amaryllis' eyes rolled back to her head and stopped moving. Dick's torturer was dead.

Every girl and guy in the room erupted in cheerful hoorays. Derrick ran to his foster mother's hug, but Poppy stayed a couple feet away, looking at her mother's lifeless body. Rachel came to her and hugged her from behind.

"I didn't know her at all. All I knew was that she tortured father with this absolute hell that no one should go through. But… She's the person who gave birth to me…" Poppy said distantly.

"I get what you mean. But you have no idea what she was like before this day. It's better that she's not here anymore." Rachel whispered. Poppy just stayed quiet and sighed.

Heather came to Rachel. "What are we doing with him?" She pointed at Dick. "Are we keeping the promise and giving it to Derrick? Isn't it his birthday today?" This put Rachel into thoughts. She hadn't forgotten about Dick's request.

"No, not now." Rachel shook her head. "He's too young and carrying a penis that big would make it impossible for him to walk. We should wait until he's older." She lifted Dick on her hands.

"Where are we putting it then?" Mira asked curiously. Rachel luckily knew the answer. While looking around the storage house when they moved in she had ran into a deep frost room, where they stored all sperm of different people.

"We'll store it where everyone else is. It might take a while to cool down when the time comes but it's the only way." Rachel smiled and walked towards the cold room. She opened the door slowly and threw Dick in there. "You'll be out again when it's time!" Rachel said and closed the door. For the first time in years Dick went soft, foreskin retracted, balls deflated and it shrunk to its original 4 inch length, throbbing happily.


It was now 16 years to the future. Derrick woke up feeling good. No Nut November had just ended and it was December 1st 2035, his 20th birthday. His penis refused to go soft from being 20 inches long, thick as a used toilet paper roll and balls were the size of apples. However, something stopped him from jerking off and releasing the stored sperm.

He felt like he would receive a gift that day. Something big. Something that would feel more awesome than 20 inches of meat. His balls were churning but he ignored it. Rachel was making breakfast downstairs, he could smell the fried eggs to his room. He stood up, dressed up on his daylight clothes and walked downstairs.

Rachel looked at his crotch. "Oh my, Derrick. You're quite big. You were just 10 when November started!" Poppy and Julie giggled at his hard-on. Poppy had unnatural blue hair, green eyes and a little amount of freckles. Julie on the other hand looked exactly like her mother. Both had developed nice F cup breasts growing up, but Derrick wouldn't fuck her as they were siblings and all of them hated incest.

"Well, where's my present?" He asked, not minding her foster mother's comment. He had waited for this day in excitement as Rachel promised he would get something big.

"Well, you should eat first before we head to a special place, where you will get it!" Rachel commanded. Derrick nodded and took a piece of egg to his plate and ate it. His leg was twitching as he couldn't wait to nut hard into someone. And that someone was his 19 year old girlfriend Hazel.

After finishing the meal and throwing the plate in the sink he looked at Rachel. "I'm ready. Let's go!" He said shortly. Rachel smiled and they hopped into the car. "We'll take Hazel along. I think she'll like it too." She winked. The woman knew Hazel and Derrick had a very intimate relationship, having been together for three years now. Every weekend night Derrick's room was filled with moans and lewd sounds.

Derrick rang Hazel's doorbell. His girlfriend showed up in a very revealing shirt and a mini dress. She smiled at Derrick's big bulge and was about to grab it but Rachel shook her head. "Not yet. Wait until he gets his present." She said sharply.

Hazel dropped her head and sat next to Derrick at the back seat. They drove to an abandoned storage room. *I remember this! This is where father-mother got turned into a penis!* Chills traveled down his spine and Hazel hugged him, giving him some comfort.

The car stopped and everyone hopped out. Derrick's foster father and Rachel's husband Dino greeted everyone with a smile. "You're here to get the big one, correct?" He asked Rachel, who nodded in excitement.

Hazel and Derrick looked at each other confused. What was the big surprise they were talking about? And why was it in this storage room? Rachel walked towards the building and the young couple had no choice but to follow.

It suddenly turned cold and Hazel started shivering a little. "W-hy is it so c-cold in here?" She asked, teeth grinding against each other. "Isn't there any better place to get that gift?"

Rachel kept quiet and opened the door at the back of the hallway. "Behold: Dick-Disa Longinus!" She announced loudly and opened the door to the room. There were a lot of boxes around the walls, and at the back of the room was a soft 4 inch penis.

"M-my mother? Why is she so small?" Derrick stared at the penis while Hazel laughed next to him. He felt so embarrassed now. Last time he saw his mother was when he was 4 years old and his transformation had just finished, and there he was the size of a human. And now he was only 4?

"Hahaha! Wow! I've heard legends of Dick Longinus but I never imagined he would be this long!" Hazel laughed as Derrick picked Dick up from the floor. *Mother, what have they done to you?* Derrick asked in his mind.

But Rachel didn't flinch. Instead she was smiling. "We'll have to get somewhere warmer to wake him up." They walked out of the building. "Oh, and Derrick, drink this sealing potion." Rachel dug a vial with purple liquid in it from her pocket. "And Hazel, drink this" she handed the girl another Potion, this time white colored.

"What is this? Why are we…" Hazel asked confused as Derrick drank the potion. His crotch started glowing and his dick felt hungry, aching for release and to be partnered with something. Hazel was now even more confused but drank the Potion regardless.

"Now, take Dick and place him on top of your own" Rachel said calmly. Derrick nodded, dragged his pants down and held his father against the base of his shaft. Not long after his 20 incher absorbed the smaller one and disappeared.

"So… What now?" Coldness was still active in Dick so Derrick's monster started shivering. Rachel just smiled. "It's adjusting to the new home. Go in that other door and lie on the bed. Then it should appear. You earn some privacy." Rachel smiled as she took Dino with her and they drove away.

Derrick shrugged as his dick finally stopped shivering and they walked into the building's main room with a singular bed. Right as Derrick sat down he felt pressure in his monster and roared as it grew. It just kept growing, all the way to two meters exactly, thick as a human torso and balls swelled up to Kinballs. Hazel's eyes widened.

"Holy shit! So that is the almighty Longinus Alpha cock…" she gasped and eyed the whole thing up and down. Derrick smiled widely. *You're here mom, just like when we were separated!* Derrick hugged his new monster.

Hazel looked at this monster with a lusty face, but at the same time she was feeling unsure. "There's no way it fits in my pussy. That monster will destroy me! I can't do it…"

Derrick pushed his new monster to her mouth. "That's why Rachel gave you the Size endurance potion. It will help you adjust to this new monster!" He smiled as Hazel smiled back cheerfully.

"Well in that case, fuck me like a mindless nympho I am! Drain your balls into my wet nympho pussy! Fuck me til we're both exhausted!" She wrapped her arms around the monster and started climbing to the tip.

Derrick laughed. Hazel didn't know these balls were not drainable as they were infinite. No matter how many times he released, he would always be hard and never run out of stamina. "Let's fucking do it then!"

And they fucked til the beginning of the next day. As cum filled Hazel fell asleep next to Derrick he said a mute thank you to his mother. *The Longinus legend lives on with me and Dick. This is the best birthday ever!*

​​The end


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