One hell of a No Nut November


Derrick Longinus' sex diary. October 31 2035 23.00

So, there is this challenge called No Nut November, where you cannot cum for an entire month. That's something I'd never tried before, having jerked off and released every single day ever since I turned 18. But Longinus never turns down a challenge, that's what Rachel always says.

I called my lovely girlfriend Hazel and told her what's up. "Are you fucking serious?! You know my pussy can't handle not being fucked by your 10 inch meat spear for even a day!" She screams and moans, clearly pleasuring herself while we talk. She's a sex crazed nymphomaniac.

"You know, this might be good for both of us. No sex for a whole month! Might be good for you to have a sex free time for once." I chuckled to her. We're not in an open relationship as we fuck every day and don't need other men or women. "But we still have an hour before it begins. I'm coming there!"

So I went to her house and we fucked in every position we knew. My balls were completely drained as it came 23.55 and just to make sure Hazel didn't try cheating I put a chastity belt on her. "I'm banning masturbation from you too! No cheating" I say as I leave her house.

November 1 2035

So it begins. First day of No Nut November. This will be interesting. I'm waking up with a softie 4.5 inches. "This will be easy!" I said determinedly and headed to grab breakfast and head to school.

Only 10 hours passed since I met her but I can tell Hazel is not enjoying her chastity at all.

November 2 2035

I had a wet dream where I fucked Hazel with a human length cock and destroyed her completely. With that I woke up with a morning wood. *Well fuck…* Poppy and Julie giggled as they looked at my crotch.

At school Hazel complained about her chastity to her friends but they ignored her. Everyone knew she was a sex addict and thought this was good for her.

I can't seem to get my hard on down so I'm stuck with a big bulge on my crotch all throughout the day. I've read that cold shower helps with killing erections so I'll try that before I go to sleep. 

November 3 2035

The shower helped but only little. I feel my balls aching. They are so used to being milked by either myself or Hazel. It also doesn't help that Rachel is so damn hot… a real Milf… what the hell am I thinking?!

Anyway, the day went by without much happening other than Hazel trying to get her chastity belt off by force without success. She turned to me and asked desperately "why did you have to make me suffer from this too?"

No erection this time, luckily! But we are only half a week in…

November 4 2035

Another fucking wet dream! And now I'm up with a morning wood. And of course I can't kill it! This time even the cold shower doesn't help! Fuck my life… I have to hope it goes away by time.

November 5 2035

I have a feeling my dick's grown longer. And I was right: I'm now half an inch longer, 10.5. Balls seem to be the same size still though…

November 6 2035

I'm not sure if it's on purpose but Rachel has started acting weird lately: she talks to me offering her breasts, makes sure I look at them while she talks and when she faces away from me, I can't not stare at her ass. What is wrong with this woman? She's my foster mother for fucks sake!

November 7 2035

My balls have started to hurt. Blue balls are nothing to joke about guys! They are a serious condition that needs curing as quickly as possible! Although, not that they could be in November… And the fact my dick has reached 11 inches now is even more mind boggling!

Hazel smiled when I told her my balls ached. "You have to let me help then!" She keeps demanding. As much as I'd love to, I can't do it. I still had to try killing my hard on before I explode!


November 8 2035

I don't know what it is, but my balls keep swelling. Putting on underpants makes a slight bulge. What the hell am I going to do?! Girls will keep staring at me and boys will be even more jealous than before!

At least today's cold shower killed the hard-on. So that's good news. If I want to stop this nonsense I'm gonna have to buy a chastity belt of my own… well, at least I'll know how Hazel feels a little.

November 9 2035

I did it, I bought the cage. I'm keeping the key as much far away from my hands as possible. I put the cage on me and hoped she prayed that it stops these ridiculous hard-ons. I hoped.

November 10 2035

That's it. My balls are too big for any of my underpants now. Wearing jeans was impossible so I'm going to have to put on college pants. My God they are huge now! The bulge is noticeable easily.

Hazel didn't help me with this at all. She smiled and felt my balls with her silky, soft hands. I had to resist the urge of releasing. My pants were wet from all the precum I'm leaking.

November 11 2035

Rachel was not helpful at all! She was acting even more slutty from the sight of my impossibility! And the fact that I'm leaking so much pre makes things a thousand times worse! I'm starting to hate this challenge…

November 12 2035

Not only people at school, even strangers on the streets have started to stare. I feel so embarrassed by all this. Some even stopped to say I should go to the doctor. They might be right…

November 13 2035

It was weekend so I had all the time in my hands now. So I visited the medical office to get my impossibility checked.

They said this was the most extreme case of No Nut November. None of the clients before me had had balls as huge as mine. No one has my watermelons. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

November 14 2035

Two weeks of this hell has passed! But my balls definitely are not getting any better. Rachel would love to relieve my pain, but I'm declining as always. What the fuck is wrong with that woman?

November 15 2035

Halfway through! If I could celebrate somehow, I would. But the only thing that comes to mind is jerk off and release all this pent up cum. And that's forbidden of course.

This school day was crazy. Never before have I seen so many topless girls at once. I asked if they were aware of that and they nodded. My cage was starting to feel uncomfortable. The last straw was Hazel, the biggest tits. I roared as my cage broke and my hard on came back. I had to run off before anyone could catch me.

November 16 2035

My cock was now 15 inches and balls way too big for any pants to fit in. I've stopped going to school completely as I would fail instantly.

There was only one solution I had left: tying this monster from the base. It might be painful, but I'll have to deal with it.

November 17 2035

There it is. My cock is now tied and I can't cum! I can finally go on with my life completely free! I so I thought…

Rachel figured out I'm out of school so she has stopped wearing clothes completely. She even commanded my (half) sisters to do the same! What the fuck is my foster mother up to?!

November 18 2035

Since it feels dumb being naked waist down, I've stopped wearing shirt completely as well. I'm fairly well built, but not extremely muscular. A small six pack and toned arms, but nothing else.

I'm tempted to watch porn, but I also knew I would cum instantly if I did. But the thought only has filled my balls and I'm now 16 inches long. My God do they feel heavy now!

November 19 2035

Hazel has started visiting me. She tells me how she's craving for my attention and how her pussy can't stop getting wetter. She is really desperate, and so am I. But I really can't do anything right now. 11 days left.

November 20 2035

Things have not gone good. Hazel is grinding against me while we sleep as she refuses to leave my side now. Rachel is acting like I'm her master now and pushes her tits and ass everywhere. Can this hell please end already?!

November 21 2035

I don't know why I haven't thought of this earlier! I could do some potions to ease my torture! And that's what I did. Adding watermelon seeds to my secret ingredient filled water and voila!

Drinking that Potion didn't help though. My guess is that I'm so full of cum that the effect can't take place. Fuck my life… I'm 17 inches now!

November 22 2035

So… Hazel has gotten me a special kind of cock cage after browsing rule 34 No Nut November tab. It's like a spring that is wrapped around the cock. However, it arrives at the beginning of 24th…

November 23 2035

My balls are now so big walking has become impossible. So Rachel or Hazel brings food to me occasionally. I wonder if my mother/father felt like this when recieving the torture...


November 24 2035

Finally, the cage is here! And it apparently extends in the rhythm of my monster's expansion! I immediately put it into use and it suits me like a glove! But from the look of my girlfriend's face she seems to regret giving it to me.

November 25 2035

My God I'm getting huge! I'm now 18 inches! The amount of precum I'm leaking is impossible and my balls are aching like crazy! There is a tighter part at the very end of the cage that squeezes the base of my penis so not a single drop of cum would get into me. Maybe that's the worst part.

November 26 2035

I'm actually so fucking desperate now! I want Hazel to fuck my brains out! I want Rachel to join in and do whatever the fuck she wants! I want to fuck every fucking girl in the universe! The wet dreams make my balls churn more and more! I can't wait 4 more days!

November 27 2035

This is too much! I give up! With an immense force I tear the cage open, roll the sleeping Hazel on her back and push myself deep into her. She screams but I don't care. I fuck her brains out and cum with an insane force, overflowing her pussy! I've failed and my cock shrinks to 6 inches soft, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 inches until it completely disappears and there is nothing left.

The end…?


November 28 2035

I wake up gasping for air and look at my monster. It's still there, now 19 inches in size and balls aching for release still. Thank God it was just a dream!

Hazel is still sleeping but I can hear her sleepy mumbles and moans as she tries to fit her hand through her chastity belt without success. *Just hang in there, babe. Two days left…*

November 29 2035

Rachel keeps bringing food to my bed. Her slutty acting has stopped and she explains it was only to test my endurance. That was not a nice trick but I guess she wants to test if I'm a true Longinus.

Hazel is now really desperate. Every step she takes make a wet sound on her crotch; her nympho pussy has not stopped soaking at all. I'm also on the breaking point, but I want to show I'm the Longinus! I'm going to make it to my birthday!

November 30 2035 23.50

This is it. I've made it to the very final minutes of NNN. I'm very glad the torture is finally coming to an end. 

Poppy has given me her Ball shrinkage potion so my testes are finally back to the usual mandarin size like at the start, but it hasn't stopped the churning.

Hazel is lying next to me, hand wrapped around my cage. I have the keys ready for freeing of our breeding parts. We both stare at the digital clock on the wall.


"Have you enjoyed this no cum month?" I smirk at Hazel.

She looks at me with flaming eyes. "Enjoying!? You know it's impossible for a nympho to enjoy not being able to cum for even a day, let alone being fucked!"


"Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't enjoyed this either. Not being able to go to school, balls being on the verge of explosion all the time… I can somewhat relate, even if I'm not a sex addict" I sigh.


Hazel lies down, still holding onto my cock. "Well, I guess it's been a little relieving, but not much. Pussy being wet all the time, nipples rock hard 24/7, constant wet dreams… this has not been easy whatsoever!"


My monster pulsates in the cage, making it a little uncomfortable, even if it was designed to be stretchy. Hazel is eyeing it with a determined face.


I look at Hazels naked torso. Nipples are pulsating and the chastity belt is leaking as her juices drip out. I decide to tease her these last minutes.


I slowly reach out to the keys on my bedstand. Hazel looks confused.


I grab the keys and open the first lock of the belt. Hazel is squirming.


I unlock the second lock and take the belt off. Hazel is exploding to moans as her clitoris is all swollen. I have to calm her down.


I grab the key of my cage and put it on the keyhole, but don't turn it yet. Hazel stares at the clock and counts. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1…!"

December 1 2035 0.00

I turn the key and yeet the cage off as the door opens. It's Rachel. She's smiling mischievously.

"Sorry, lovebirds, but I don't allow the release yet. I've got something planned for Derrick's birthday this afternoon. Hazel, I'm throwing you home now.

Hazel looks at me with pleading eyes and I have a very confused face. What could be something more important than releasing a whole month worth of stored cum?

Since Hazel is grabbing my cock Rachel grabs her shoulders and drags her out of the room. "It'll be more fun if you both don't cum until the present is gotten!" She says cheerfully as the door closes.

I shrug, look at my hard dick, now double the size of what I started with, and go to sleep.

The end


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