Amaryllis' first victim


Amaryllis is at the library surfing through the herb books. Glasses fall on the tip of her nose as she opens and quickly reads through everything, not getting the results she wants. *Darn it! I already know these things! I want something I'm not familiar with! My dick expansion needs to be perfect!* She curses in her mind.

As she skims through different books the other girls gasp as a boy walks in the library. And he's not just an ordinary boy: his pants make quite a bulge. No one knows his name as he never talks to anyone. The boy ignores everyone and goes to sit on a table close to the end of the hall.

Amaryllis reaches up to the books higher on the shelves, but can't get them as she's too short. *I fucking bet those books contain the most valuable ones! Curse you mother's side of the family!* She stomps the floor and walks to the back of the library. 

Amaryllis' mother was unusually short and that was passed down with the genes. Not only that, while her mother was a busty bimbo, she was a puny nothing. Her chest and butt were both completely flat, and having glasses made her look nerdy. Because of these she was bullied constantly by everyone in school.

As she walks closer to the end table she notices the boy. "Oh, hi there" she greets and notices a little bulge underneath the coat. "Oh, hi there..." She says more lustily, noticing the bulge is much bigger than what you see usually. From what she had heard, this boy was rumoured to be so big he couldn't have sex with anyone.

The boy looks up from a book that he was skimming through, the book in question being about naturally occurring chemicals and their usages. "Oh...H-Hi there." He squeaks out softly. "Do you need some help? I....heard you stomping the floor." He says, ignoring Amaryllis' lustful tone completely.

Amaryllis shakes her head to clear her thoughts and smiles. "That would be nice. I can't reach the upper books on the shelf right there" she points towards the herb and plantology section she just came from. "I'm just too short..." She kicks the ground angrily and takes a lot of quick glances at the boy's bulge. *Holy shit! I wonder what he's packing there! I've got to see it with my own eyes once the time is right!* She says in her mind.

"I can get it for you if you'd like." The boy says, walking over to the plantology books. He starts to reach up, stretching himself to try and reach the book. The coat flaps as he stands on his tiptoes. The bulge is now on full display for Amaryllis now as it is stuck out from his coat. She could clearly see it filling up almost a full pant leg and going as low as the boy's knee.

The outline clearly shows that it's not hard. It's soft and only reaches down to his knee. Amaryllis' eyes widen and mouth drops to the floor. *What the fuck!? He's not even hard? The glans would make a much bigger bulge but being that girthy already!?* She then remembers she did not tell this boy what she's looking for. "You should look for a book that says "help with improving your body"" she says.

"T-This one?" The boy asked grunting, his body shivering as he tries to stretch himself further. Fingers just barely touch the book when he pulls it down off the shelf, and tumbles down with it. The book smacks itself into the huge bulge, bouncing off of it and onto the floor as the boy bites down his lip, trying to not moan.

Amaryllis rolls her eyes and sighs as she walks to pick the book up. This is just an excuse to get another look at that member. *My God... I'd so love that to be my first experiment...* She bites her lip as two girls, Rachel and Mira, whisper loudly "there's the scary monster! He will only destroy us!" They grab onto each other and shiver.

Ama looks at them confused. This pant tree would be any guy's dream. Girls would scream to the sight of this monster (literally) and start begging for the destruction of their pussies. Then Ama remembers the sight of the boy biting his lip.

The boy blushes brightly as he looks around the room, praying that no one heard his moans. He looked like he was thankful for his long bangs that covered most of his face and one of his eyes. What Ama could see of his face was a bright red. "Y-You're not going to tell anyone about this are you?"

Ama raises her eyebrow in confusion. "What the fuck are you talking about?! Having a monster like that" she gently squeezes the bulge "is a huge blessing! You should be proud! I know every guy wishes they would have your meat!" She smiles "innocently", having lustiness in it too.

"No! No it's not. Every guy wishes they could be this big but it's not everything they say it is. It is heavy and it gets the way!" He yells quietly, not wanting to scream in the library. Ama could feel the cock throbbing and slowly growing erect under his pants, it swelled, bloated even as blood pooled into it.

Ama gasps as the meat grows bigger and bigger. *Those girls don't know what's up. This guy needs to be bigger!* She watches the pants bulging even more, thinking of ways to get the boy to come with her. "I have an answer to this "problem" of yours." She says, trying to sound professional. "And I'm sorry for being this rude and not introducing myself. Amaryllis is the name, but Ama is fine too" she bows down.

"C-Could you let go of me then Amaryllis?" Boy says, trying to not moan even more as Ama's hands squeezes and strokes his cock through the pants which creak now, the seams ready to pop and rip apart to unleash that cock. "Can you really make it smaller? Fix it? Nothing too small but just not so, big!" he asks, excitedly. "Oh, I should say who I am." I stuck out my hand,  "I'm Ryder."

Ama shakes the hand softly and smiles. *Awesome, he fell for it immediately. God this is going to be exciting!* She grabs Ryder's hand and walks them out of the library. School time is over so the science lab is out of use from lessons. Her uniform always has more than enough spare keys and she opens the door. They then walk to another room behind the lab and as she opens the door, multiple colorful liquids in vials can be noticed.

"Do you know how long it'll take to shrink down?" Ryder asks once they're in the lab. Inspect all the beakers and test tubes, looking at all the colorful liquids bubbling and sloshing around. He takes off his jacket seeing how it is just the two of them and Ama already knowing how large he is. The outline of his fat balls that made the front of his pants bulge out as they are filled with cum can be seen clearly now.

Ama laughs. "Almost immediately! This will make you worthy of every pussy you can get!" *God, it's a Shame my cock endurance potions are out. I would so fuck him right here, but I can't take it...* The Cock Endurance potion was a Potion that made the girl take any size in the world. Girls of her school had been asking for them when they were about to lose their virginity, which lead to empty vials of everything.

Ama bites her lip as she walks to grab two vials, one with white, almost transparent and then deep sea blue liquid bubbling in them. *effect starting and Penis expansion!* She walks to Ryder. "Drink this first" she gives him the white one.

Ryder closes his nose as he tilts his head back and drinks the white vial. "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. What is the blue one for?" He asks, wondering if he had to take both parts in order for it to work.

*Now the fun begins!* "That white one is needed in order to start the effects. Then the blue one will help with shrinking. Though it might be a bit slow at first. Oh, and you need to splash it on your cock, which needs to be hard!" Ama says strictly as she now forces Ryder's pants down and finishes erecting his monster with mouth and hands. Once she's convinced it's completely hard her eyes widen as it stands at 5 feet long. "What the fuck have you been eating?!" She asks in disbelief.

Once it is fully hardened, Ryder's body looks pale, and he's shivering like he's cold. Ama analyzes it takes so much blood to make this beast of a cock hard, so he's now freezing from it. "D-D-D-Do it quickly" he stutters out through chattering teeth as he rubs his arms together. The monster cock almost towers over his own head as it is so long and huge. "I haven't eaten anything strange, I just was born this way!"

Ama smiles innocently. "Be patient, dear Ryder. There's no need to rush. We can stay here all day, as this is basically my home." She says calmly and starts pouring the expansion potion all around the monster. It's barely enough to reach the tip as it ends. "Oh, one more thing" she quickly grabs a black liquid vial. "Permapotion, so it won't come back." She laughs and pours everything in it on him right before the effect starts taking place.

"Thank you, it would be silly if we did all this work and then it just grew back to this huge size huh?" Ryder says, getting a tingling feeling in his cock and balls. Ama touches them and they feel like they're warming up, growing hotter and hotter. Pain fills Ryder's face as he starts rubbing his monster. "I-Is it supposed to get this warm?" He starts to get distressed.

*Yes, jerk off! The more you do it, the bigger you're going to be!* Ama smiles sadistically. "Oh it's perfectly normal! Your dick just needs one more thing to get to work." She grabs one more vial, filled with citron yellow. "Drink this and it will happen faster" I say calmly. *Non stop Potion. Growth, jerking off and cum will continue even if he doesn't want it!*

Ryder lets go of his cock for a moment to grab the vial to drink it, then starts jerking off once more, moaning loudly. "When will it start?" He gasps, hands starting to slide up and down faster, huge cock now wet and slick with precum. "Help me!" He says breathlessly, hands too busy with the cock to rub his balls.

Ama smiles evilly. "Now!" She gasps happily as Ryder's monster starts getting even more hard and horny. Veins get bigger, cock stretches longer and balls swell bigger. "Now that's what I call a cum cannon!" She laughs as she looks at his panicky face.

"W-What did you do to me?" He yelps as the huge cock has now started to surge out in front of his eyes. Its size growing even larger, and his legs starting to tremble from fear and the growing weight of his cock and balls as they became heavier.

Ama laughs. "I'm just improving it. You see, I can speak to dicks. I understand them perfectly. Your friend here" she grabs and twists his growing monster "enjoys it when girls are scared of it. It also loves being damaged by hard things and rough handling..." She lets her fingers wander around Ryder's shaft.

The monster throbs in Amaryllis' hands, veins swelling up under Ryder's skin, making the cock become quite bumpy and textured from the tangle of veins. Not only is the monster big, the shaft is literally hard as a rock. Ryder looks at Ama with begging eyes.

Ama looks deep into Ryder's eyes and smiles. "No words to say, have you? Looks like I chose the right words. You hate this spear so much you want to hurt it in every way possible, but that only has turned you on even more! You are terrible at hiding things like these!" She laughs and kicks his swollen balls hard.

Her foot hardly sinks into the bloated balls. It felt like she was trying to kick a fleshy wall as her foot bounced off, but she still gets a reaction out of Ryder as he unleashes a long, painful, but with a hint of pleasure filled moan as his cock learches up. Pre-cum shooting out of his cock to coat the ceiling.

Ama looks at his insane length of 7.5 feet. "Hmm, I don't want to pay for the destruction of this school. Maybe we should head out of here and go somewhere else so we don't tear this school down." She grabs the tip of the monster and tries to drag Ryder out of the lab but with no success.

"E-Even if I could move with how heavy this thing is!" Ryder said, trying to mask the bliss in his voice, "I don't think I'd even fit through a doorway now!" He said, his dick sliding out of Ama's hands, springing back up to smack one the ceiling tiles.

Ama walks around in circle deep in her thoughts. "You're right, you won't fit through the door..." She sighs in slight anger and grabs a rainbow colored vial from the table and pour it along Ryder's schlong. "Reverse potion. I hate using it but it's the only solution. And no, it won't remove your big dick problem as it's not enhanced, but at least you'll be able to move." She sighs again, rolling her eyes as his monster shrinks back to its original size of 5 feet and softens, however, his balls swell slightly.

"Well, now that I'm not going to grow endlessly. Could you actually shrink me this time? You've had your fun, haven't you?!" Ryder says, slightly upset that she had tricked him into growing his monster meat even more.

Ama turns to him with flaming eyes. "And where would the fun be in that?! Of course not! You know what, I think you're trying to escape from me! Rachel!" The blonde with a very revealing skirt and DD cup tits walks into the lab. "Take care of him!" Rachel is unsure because of Ryder's size but attacks regardless and pulls him in for a deep kiss.

Ryder yells trying to cover himself, like that could happen, as Rachel comes in. "Who is this? I don't want anyone else to see me like this!" He yells until he's forced to shut up by the new girl's deep kiss.

Ama rolls her eyes. "Oh shut up already, like that dick would talk to our pussies... Oh wait!" She laughs. "Rachel is a "friend" of mine. She is one who bullies me for my puniness but I've learned to cope with it as she doesn't take it to the extreme!" Making sure Rachel doesn't let go of Ryder she opens a hatch on the floor and pulls him by force towards it.

"What is down there, what are you doing to me?" Ryder yells, voice growing weak from all the yelling and moaning he was doing. He could hardly put up a fight to stop the pair from kidnapping him as he was now just too weak to do so.

"You weakling moron keep your mouth shut!" Rachel kicks your balls hard and pushes you in. They walk down a lot of stairs slowly as Ryder's mega balls are constantly in the way and they finally arrive at a large area with a long (yes, long, not big) bed and as he looks up everyone can see that the roof is far up in the seeing distance.

"What is this place?" Ryder whimpers, balls starting to ache now for release. It feels like he's holding two water balloons ready to pop at any moment within his sack and being kicked isn't clearly helping them one bit.

Ama waves at Rachel to get out and she leaves. Then the small girl pushes Ryder down to the bed and ties him swiftly to the bed without him being able to do anything. "If I had Dick Endurance potion with me I would so fuck you..." She says lustfully and jerks his half hard monster to its original erect size of 5 feet.

"P-Please, all I want is to be smaller! Your things work, they made me bigger please! Just make it smaller and use them on someone else. Anyone else, any guy would love to be this big, just not me please!" Ryder begs as she jerks him and his mega cock off.

Ama laughs evilly. "Oh please! You just love beating your mega meat over and over. I heard you moaning with every kick when we walked!" She looks around the room. "This is a special room for cases like you. Your growth is so absurd I had to take you here. The more you grow, the lower this room sinks!" She says greedily and pours every single Expansion Potion (20 exactly) on his monster and it starts growing at a much faster pace.

Ryder's eyes bulge out of his head as Ama pours them all on him, seeing just how one affected me. He couldn't possibly take all 20 of them. "No! No! That's too much! You'll kill me!" He wails, feeling the growth already starting to take place.

She just laughs whole heartedly. "Oh don't worry, it will not kill you! It's just getting better!" She continues jerking him off, kicking the absolute balls in the process. "You'd be a very lovely cum factory with this package..." She bites the rock hard skin and nibbles with it as the monster is now 30 inches long and thick as a car tire.

"It will! I'll die from blood loss, or or...or it'll explode!" Ryder can't help himself but moan as Ama bites into his cock. Her teeth sinking only a little bit as it's so stiff and hard, it's like trying to bite into a brick.

Ama lets out a little "oh?" as she stops for a moment. Then she turns on the most twisted, sadistic, evil smile anyone has ever seen in their lives as she jerks off now even faster than before they began. "Well, isn't that what you want? You wanted to be smaller? Having no monster is the same technically..." She says hungrily.

"No, no no, no that's...that's not what I said!" Ryder's face flushes a deep red, veins bulging out along his cock. It surges in growth. Groaning deeply as a huge glob of precum shoots out of it. He was saying one thing, but his body was clearly screaming another. "I just wanted it smaller, I still want to have a dick! I don't want it to explode!"

Ama completely ignores his pleas. The more she jerks off, the faster the monster grows. "Yes... Yes. Yes!" She gasps as it reaches 50 inches and the thickness of a tree. She can hear loud and clear his balls churning painfully as they are now the size of Kinballs, aching for release. "Fine, go on, release your load" she sighs as she admires the ultimate monster.

"If I cum, will you stop this?" Ryder asks, his voice muffled behind his cock and the rising sound of cum churning away within his swollen balls. They look like they are about to explode.

Ama walks in place for a moment. *There is going to be so much cum coming out of him. It's going to be impossible for him to walk out of here anyway and the shrinking potions are upstairs. We're 5 miles underground and I'm too tired to walk up and down again. Maybe if it turns soft I'll let him go...* She thinks deeply and then turns to face her test subject. "Fine. Now, you can release."

Ama looks at his balls churning. She sees the monster bulging even thicker. Every part of his penis gets thicker. However, the tissue is just enough strong to not rip apart and the tip erupts in cum. And wow does it release a lot! "Ho... Ly... Shit..." She gasps as her whole body gets covered.

Once the cum starts to flow out from Ryder's cock, it doesn't seem to stop. Like both of his balls are an endless well of cum. It just shoot out, high into the sky before raining back down around the room.

The room gets filled up quickly even though it's multiple square miles large. Once the eruption finally stops, only Ama's head can be seen now. She keeps admiring the absolute monster pulsating, which is still hard.

It only seemed to grow from cumming, the farthest away from possibly going soft. "Oooohhhhh, it hurts!" Ryder groans. His face tells he'd rub it if he could, but being tied still makes it impossible. 

Ama turns the evil smile on again. "Well, if you had gone soft from this, I would've let you go. But it looks like we're far from being done!" She says lustfully and starts jerking off again.

"I can grow bigger!" He sobs, cock pounding in her hands, veins larger than other men's penis snake up and down the cock, they bulge through his paper thin skin now as it's forced to stretch every last inch over his inhuman sized cock.

Ama hungrily keeps rubbing. The longer she goes, the bigger and thicker the monster becomes. They reach unbelievable lengths: 60, 70, 80 inches! Balls swell even bigger than anyone can imagine. But then, at 100 inches long, thick as a truck garage and balls of soccer goals, something happens: the monster turns purple. Its veins are extremely thick and hard and they're popping. It has stopped throbbing completely. Erection has lasted for way too long now and Ryder's breeding cannon has died completely.

Ryder yells and groans with each new inch added, the pain coming to new heights until the dick starts to throb less and less, the feeling growing dull as it starts to become starved for fresh blood. Once it has grown to its monster size he can feel and know it's dead. "No! It can't be! You can save it right? You wanted it huge, you can't let it die!"

Ama's eyes widen at the sight of his dead monster. "Oh my, you were actually right for once..." She says half to herself. Then she sighs. "Seems like I have a lot more to learn about sex advancements. For now, I can only do one thing." She takes a dark purple vial and pours it right at the base of his monster. It cuts the monster off slowly and then falls on the floor with a loud *thump*.

Ryder only sobs loudly as his penis lays there on the floor, dead. Now starting to be crushed by its own weight, crumbling into dust and then disappearing completely, leaving no traces behind.

Ama releases the robes and looks at Ryder's empty crotch. "Well, at least you don't have a tree trunk slowing you down anymore. I both am and am not sorry for your loss but I think you could try living as a girl, don't you think?" I wink. "Pussy might suit your not-so-manly figure better."

"What about my balls? What will happen to them?" He asks. Ama looks at the crotch again and sees they are still massive and hung on him. "They could be saved right? And I could get a fake penis!"

Ama shake her head however. "You're doing nothing with them. Fake penis would only make it worse as your balls wouldn't be able to release from it. It's better to get rid of them too." She uses another Potion of Cutting and your massive balls roll out of the bed, crumbling to dust as well. "Let's get out and change your gender status. I have no Potion for regrowing genitals but I can change you to girl"

Her subject sniffles, body clearly feeling much too light for him now that his huge junk has been removed. "I-If I have to live the rest of my life being a girl....I need...I need that weight back. I don't care if you give me huge tits and a huge ass, but I need that weight. I can't live without it."

Her eyes widen as Ryder says those words on their way back to the lab. "If you say so..." She walks to another table and gives him the pink vial as well 5 skin colored vials. "Pink is for sex change, skin is for tits and ass together" she says shortly as she offers them to him.

Ryder nods and chugs them down his throat. His body heats up as his chocolate brown hair grows longer, reaching his chest, face turns more feminine, ass swells up to a more massive size and breasts swell to massive H cups. Changing the name to Riley now she starts her new life as a girl.


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