Island of naked beauties


Ten years have passed since Derrick received Dick for his 20th birthday, both him and Hazel now being 30 years old. Hazel had always been admiring the mighty 2 meter meat he is packing. But now things are not going great.

The couple has two daughters already, with a third child on the way, coming to the world soon as the due date is counted to be soon. Derrick wants to pass Dick down to the next generation as the meat never goes soft without the use of a Potion but the daughters, Reese and Bella, are terrified of the monster and never would imagine them carrying a human sized meat on their crotches.

Not only that, when Hazel had given birth to boys three times, they were still-born. This tore both Derrick and Hazel's mental health apart, but Derrick was more devastated. No one but his male offspring would be able to carry Dick on.

The lust couple is at the hospital, getting ready for the baby. "I really hope we finally get a son!" Derrick says, looking at his crotch. With the help of potion Dick is soft but anything sex related can make it hard again.

"That would be nice indeed. I would love to see him destroying pussies with Dick and…" she shuts her mouth as Dick starts bulging and almost comes out of the pants but luckily Derrick had Softening Potions with him so he just drinks the light grey vial and it calms down immediately.

Then Hazel squints her eyes. The baby is coming out. Midwives rush to her immediately. Derrick looks at his mate with excitement, but it turns to shock quickly. Baby is not white like his parents. The baby boy has dark skin.

"You… you cheated on me!?" Derrick asks loudly. He's shaking in both anger and confusion. How could Hazel do this to him? He has a monstrous meat and his look is decent. What could possibly have been the reason for this betrayal?

Midwives look at him with wide eyes, but Hazel's look is cold and she clearly doesn't care. "Your meat is good, and you are handsome, don't get me wrong. Sex is good too. It's just that… I got bored of waiting for a son to be born alive. And hey, this one…" the baby has started crying and Hazel raises it on her chest "is alive! Maybe he could inherit…"

But Derrick wasn't listening anymore. He didn't care that the baby was alive; it wasn't his child. All his sons were still-born, but he still had hope. And now, all that was crushed by a cheating girlfriend. He had even thought about proposing to her finally!

"I don't care if it's alive. It's not mine! You cheated on me and I will never forgive that! Our relationship is done!" Derrick says in rage and storms out of the room. He didn't care what Hazel has to say for herself, he wanted nothing to do with that cheating slut anymore.

Derrick had developed a habit that every time he was angered by something, he would go rowing on a boat to the sea to calm down. This time however, he wants nothing to do with this city anymore. He wants to row as far away from the US coast as he could, away from all the cruel humanity.

As he rowed at least 1 mile off the shore  he realizes if he was getting away from humanity, he wouldn't have an inheritor. Dick would die with him and the Longinus legacy would end, at least for the male side.

*Fuck it. At least the sea view is nice* he thinks to himself as he looks around the clear water. Multiple colorful fish swim and hop off the water. Derrick even manages to catch one and eat it. It tastes wonderful.

He starts getting bored eventually, having rowed at least 10 miles now. From the Potion effect buffed Dick he had inherited, aside from a 20 inch monster cock, quite a bulk. He feels like he could row to the border of the planet. He takes off his clothes and starts massaging his softie.

*I may not have a fuck buddy anymore, but I can always work myself.* Derrick closes his eyes and moans as Dick slowly starts growing to the ultimate erect size. The balls are swelling to a much more massive size too. Derrick tosses his clothes to the sea and starts jerking off.

As he masturbates he thinks of being surrounded by exotic naked girls, lusting for Dick. Their eyes are glued to the massive size of the monster and they all try to climb up to reach the tip. The bustiest of them all, the one with at least K cup tits, manages to reach the top, but can't even take it in her mouth.

This activates the cum in Dick and it erupts in sperm. Derrick lets out a loud as the whole boat soaks in white stuff. He keeps going and covers the entire boat and himself in cum. Eruption keeps going, it spills into the ocean.

Then a storm arises. This wakes Derrick up from his fantasies and he tries to look for a dry land with no result. There is water everywhere. Derrick grabs the oars and starts rowing onward. He just keeps going, Dick throbbing painfully on his crotch. He keeps going until the boat stops moving. *Land!*

Derrick turns around and notices a beach. He looks around for a place to hide from the storm, but stands in place for too long and a lightning strikes on Dick. Giant electric shock travels through his entire body and he falls on the sand.

As Derrick lies in place, eyes closed, Dick pulsates and swells to a much bigger size. Now reaching 2.5 meters and the girth of elephant's circumference, officially being longer than Derrick is tall, it throbs happily as the storm ends, revealing a bright night sky.


Part 1

Derrick knows he isn’t dead, but cannot wake up. The strike of a lightning that hit his Dick has given him guite of a shock. He knows he can’t stay asleep forever though and tries to open his eyes. Nothing is working until he feels something pushing through Dick and entering his body, giving him an energy boost and waking him up finally.

Derrick bounces up and almost falls back to the sand on his stomach. He looks up and notices Dick has gotten quite a lot bigger, pulsating and throbbing with a massive amount of precum flowing out. *What the fuck? When did this happen? Did that lightning cause this?* He can’t believe his eyes.

“Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” a voice of a girl shouts behind him and tackles him to the ground. Derrick is too slow to react and the whole Dick gets buried in sand. He has no idea what attacked him but it’s fighting him pretty hard, punching and kicking his backside.

The attacker keeps going, but Derrick can feel she is not very heavy. He stands up, which clearly surprises the girl, who falls on the ground. Derrick is in full awareness now, no signs of being tired as he turns to face his opponent and is in for quite a surprise.

The girl is half a meter shorter than him, has red hair and emerald green eyes and freckles on her face. Not only those, she is completely naked, showing her flat chest and red landing strip decorated pussy. The girl sneezes.

“What the hell was that all about!?” Derrick asks in confusion. He thought this island would be isolated. And if there were people, they would be hospitable towards visitors to their island. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with this island.

The girl stands up and shakes her head. “Get out of this island while you still can! We don’t need men around here! You go and get your filthy...” the girl tries to sound intimidating but her sentence cuts as her eyes glue to Derrick’s monster dick. “Holy shit where did you get that…?” her voice is now full of lust, intimidating tone gone.

Derrick raises his eyebrow. What is this girl? First she attacks him, then tries to threaten him and now she’s lost in lust. *Has she never seen a monstrous dick like this before? Has she ever seen a dick?* He starts wondering.

The girl licks the shaft and slurps. “You’re the first man to enter this island in years. Our leader does not want any male business on this island. I’m just following the orders, but your member...” She can’t stop staring at his shaft. Then she starts crying.

Derrick starts panicking. He has no idea what he did to this girl, but he already feels like he needs to apologize. “I’m leaving as soon as possible! If your leader doesn’t want me here, it’s probably best I’m not seen! I’m sorry I made you cry...” He puts his hand on the girl's shoulder. 

She doesn’t brush it away. “I-it’s not your f-fault...” She sobs. “I’m actually h-happy we have a man h-here.” She can’t stop her crying. “I-it’s just that… The leader is a big dictator! She wants to kill every man in the world! I was supposed to become the leader after my mother but then came Agatha and...” she looks at the ground.

Derrick lifts the girl up in the air and brings her to the base of his penis. Then he hugs to comfort her. While he doesn’t know anything about this island, he assumes Agatha is the name of their leader. “Go on” he encourages the girl.

The girl calms down a little from the hug. “Agatha was the puniest, oldest and ugliest of us. We use Shaman’s herbs to keep ourselves beautiful regardless of age, but her effects ended sooner than expected. So she broke into the herb containment room, shoved the herbs inside her wrinkled pussy and transformed. Then she started destroying our people...”

Derrick nods. He doesn't even know the name of this girl but he still wants to know as much as possible from this place. "Go on. I'm listening."

The girl wipes her tears. "She first ordered her henchmen to hunt down every single animal on this island. Her stomach is bottomless and she ate everything in seconds."

Derrick is about to ask if they were allowed to fish, but she read his thoughts. "Fishing is prohibited. If we fish, everything goes to The Asshole. Our second choice of nutrition would be our men's cum, but…"

Dick pulsates in excitement. The girl yelps in surprise and looks at the tip. "Oh how rude of me to tell all of this to you without introducing myself first!" She raised her legs on the base of Dick and kisses Derrick on the lips. "Elisa is the name."

Derrick smiles and accepts the kiss, wrapping his arms around Elisa and hugging tightly. It feels warm to feel a woman's hug after a cheating girlfriend. "That's a lovely name. I'm Derrick Longinus. You were saying…?" He waves her to continue.

Elisa sits down on the shaft again. "Yeah, our second choice of nutrition would be men's sperm, but Agatha killed them all! She is afraid of being dethroned so she threw them into the volcano in the middle of the island! She doesn't want anyone to give birth in fear that she'd be going down even though she can hold her cum for 365 hours!"

Derrick is now even more confused. To become a leader here you have to make the sitting one cum and that this dictator could hold in for 365 hours. He counts a little in his head. "That means she can hold in for over 15 days!"

Elisa nods, lowering her head. "And the worst thing is, it has to be constant in that timeframe. No pauses or everything will restart. No one can last that long… and we're starving in the meantime!" She complained with a roaring stomach.

Derrick grabs her by hips and lowers her back to the sand. "But I can feed you! This cum cannon has endless amounts of seed! It can feed all of you more than enough times!"

Elisa's eyes shine. "You can?! Thank you!" She immediately starts climbing towards the top of the shaft and Derrick wonders how this monster would ever fit in her mouth, let alone pussy.

At the top Elisa opens her mouth wide and starts sliding down the shaft to about halfway. *How?* Is the only thing Derrick can think of as she starts moving herself up and down on the monster with the help of her hands.

While Elisa gives the blowjob Derrick thinks in his mind what she would look like as an Amazonian. Same red hair and facial features but much taller and of course much bustier, having a gargantuan ass and at least K cup tits. This image makes Derrick grab onto the base of his shaft and he starts jerking off.

Elisa's eyes are closed and so are Derrick's as they give pleasure to Dick. Ten minutes pass until Dick thickens and Derrick moans "Cumming…" Elisa doesn't pay attention and the huge shot of sperm sends her flying further to the shore.

"Are you ok?" Derrick asks as he arrives next to Elisa. She doesn't seem to be physically hurt any bit, but her whole body is covered in cum. Having the mouth full of sperm she only nods and swallows.

"What is going on here?" A much older woman's voice shouts behind them...


Part 2

Derrick and Elisa turn around to face a group of much older women. The one standing in front of the group is almost an exact copy of Elisa if it weren’t for three factors: taller, more mature and much bustier, having what Derrick assumes to be at least J cup tits and even though she looks at them face-to-face, he could see the outline of a much fuller ass. Elisa gulps, stands up and bows down. Derrick imitates her, even though he has no idea who this woman is.

“Elisa! You’re covered in white stuff all over! You should know by now that all kinds of men are not allowed to enter this island! Think about the people who have to suffer from this! Now wash yourself immediately!” Woman says sharply, looking Elisa straight in the eyes. Elisa blushes and looks at the ground. Then she walks and takes a quick swim in the ocean.

Derrick puts his fists up. He has the assumption of Agatha being the bossiest bitch on this island and this woman seems to fit that category pretty well. Dick throbs angrily, almost making him fall on the ground. “Stay away from her!” He says sharply, voice shaking a little.

Every other woman gasps loudly at the tone of his voice. Elisa looks embarrassed but stays quiet. But the busty woman only laughs. “Ah, I see my daughter has already told you about The Dictator and having not been here before makes you weary of everything. I can understand that” she says with a wide smile.

Derrick’s mouth drops to the floor. He now notices the more sharper details between Elisa and this woman: same emerald eyes, hair color and length, even the same landing strip. “This woman… is your mother?” He asks Elisa, turning to her with raised eyebrows as she walks back to the shore.

Elisa only nods as the woman starts speaking again. “I’m Kirla, the previous leader of this island. Agatha is the unofficial successor of me, as you were told. This beautiful daughter of mine” she pats Elisa’s head “was going to challenge me to a cum competition one day, but...”

Derrick nods. He doesn’t need the same story to be told twice. “I heard you are starving because of no nutrition. May I offer you?” He pushes Dick with his hands to lower it to the sand as the tip lands right between Kirla’s tits. She first smiles lustily, but then shakes her head.

“It’s nice that you’re willing to help our dying population, but I’m going to have to refuse. The Dictator can smell each of us having sperm on our body thanks to all those herbs and if we return to the village with stomachs full of...”

Elisa bumps her mother with her elbow. “Come on mom! You know we’re all hungry and squirt is definitely not enough to keep our stomachs full! We all need nutrition of the seed!” Kirla’s stomach gurgles from hunger, same with other women.

Derrick offers Dick to Kirla. “Come on now, Your Milfesty. Listen to your stomach and daughter!” he laughs. “Dick has infinite cum stored inside these majestic balls” he pushes Dick forward and balls swing in the rhythm “so I can feed everyone easily!”

Kirla sighs. “Fine, we’ll have one meal each. Elisa has already eaten so the oldest one goes first.” A slightly tanned woman with E cup tits and quite a nice ass walks out of the crowd and starts sucking him off. Then comes another one. And another. And another. The line of women consists of maybe 20 women but it feels like 100. Even after everyone gets their seed meal and Dick throbs happily, Derrick is exhausted. But there is one more woman left, Kirla.

She looks at Dick carefully and climbs swiftly to the tip and slides it in completely. “How the fuck do you do it?” Derrick asks mouth wide open as Kirla gives his balls a squeeze while lifting herself up and down with no trouble breathing.

Elisa giggles next to him. “After we lost every single man here, we secretly started using a lot of objects as “dildoes” as you call them on the mainland. The biggest object we have are the trees.” Derrick is even more confused but Elisa continues. “Yes, it did hurt at first but our pussies are very strong and flexible so we got used to them quickly.” She smiles as Derrick groans and sends Kirla flying a couple meters forward.

“Wow! I saw your cum cannon’s power while watching others sucking you off but I didn’t expect this kind of force!” She gasps mouth full of cum. Everyone starts licking all the sperm they can from their bodies. Then they go for a quick swim in the ocean.

*They must be washing the scent off so The Asshole doesn’t suspect a thing...* Derrick thinks as Elisa grabs his hand. They look each other in the eyes, Derrick curiously and Elisa lovingly. She is reaching on her toes when one woman shouts:

“Watch out! The flood is coming!” One of the women shouts and everyone hops into the bushes. Derrick runs with them but Dick sticks out as a large wave of transparent liquid flushes over it, shrinking it in size back to the original 2 meters in length. Then, after some throbbing, it falls soft, 1 foot long.

Derrick looks at his softie in disbelief and takes some of the liquid dripping from it on his finger and tastes it. "This is… squirt!?" He asks in disbelief, staring at Kirla and Elisa. Never before had Dick shrunken in size, let alone gone soft from girl's cum.

"What the fuck was that…?" Derrick asks in confusion but he soon heard groaning from the distance and loud stomps coming from behind them. Right over them appears a giant foot that walks right beside the bush. As the figure walks further, Derrick notices it's a giantess: over 20 feet tall, blonde hair, red eyes and gigantic tits. She turns around and Elisa pushes his head down.

"Ah, it's always nice to come to the beach and admire the sea view after flooding!" The giantess says, enjoying the sun glittering on her skin. Her voice is low for a woman, but there is a small elderly tone to it. Derrick now realizes she must be The Dictator Agatha.

Her nostrils open wide to smell the scent of the sea, but then she suddenly turns around and glares towards Derrick and girls’ hiding place. “Why do I smell an odour of a man when I killed all of them a whole year ago?” she asks in confusion.

Elisa turns to Derrick in shock. “She can smell men thanks to those herbs! I forgot it completely! Crawl as fast as you can, stay quiet and don’t look back until you can’t see her anymore!” Elisa whispers to his ear and pushes him to his back.

Derrick nods, turns around, gets on all fours and crawls away from the spot. It takes a while though as Dick gets in the way a little. He hears the giantess brushing the bushes. “Where is the man?! I can smell the filthiness from far away!” She asks loudly from the women.

Derrick can’t hear what they answer but he’s too panicky to care.He keeps crawling as fast as he can, wondering how that tall figure didn’t see Dick and when he finally looks back, he can only see the blonde hairline on top. Then he stands up and runs until he arrives at some sort of village.

The houses are made entirely of leaves Derrick has never seen before. There are no people in sight and he lets out a sigh of relief. The easiness doesn’t last long as a woman with a darker skin than most other women and DD cup tits walks out of one of the buildings and he freezes.

The woman looks at him with wide eyes first but then she waves at him to come into her house. Derrick is unsure at first but then walks in. The woman waits for him at the back end of the house. Dick barely hits the ceiling as he walks in.


Part 3

Derrick leans on the wall as he tries to catch his breath. The encounter with Agatha was scary and he would not be ready to meet that monstrous woman again. Not until he gets Dick at least 3 meters bigger. The thought alone makes Dick throb and churn.

The woman watches him and smiles carefully. "You're the man that entered this island in yesterday's storm. I'm Dahlia, the shaman. I assume you already know about Agatha."

Derrick nods and looks at Dick. It's hard again thanks to seeing Dahlia, but slightly smaller in size than before. "Are you hungry? Do you want some?" He smirks and pushes it down a little.

Dahlia shakes her head. "I'm not allowed to eat sperm even if I wanted. It's the rule of shamans. I'm allowed to eat normal food though!" Dahlia sighs. "But only because I can help Agatha in her plans. Every time I try and give the food to others, she commands her henchmen to torture me!"

Derrick feels bad for everyone except the giantess on the island. Then he realizes. "If women were allowed herbs to enhance in sexuality, what was given to men? Or were they given anything at all?"

"I know!" Elisa says cheerfully as she runs in. "We have, or at least had, dragons that would boost the libido and make the cocks permanently hard. But of course Agatha released them immediately after she got rid of our men…"

Dahlia nods and lowers her head. "Herbs are named Sex Herbs, dragons are Booster Dragons. We have a summoner for them, but Agatha broke it. It used to summon one per every hour, but now it does it only one per day…"

"Can it be fixed?" Derrick asks curiously. He feels the need to help these poor villagers. "I want to help you defeat that asshole! You have been suffering for long enough!"

Elisa smiles and Dahlia nods. "Very well, but it's turning night and you said that Dick is permanently hard and can only be softened by potions…"

"And Agatha's cum, apparently" Elisa adds.

Dahlia sighs. "Follow me. I'll show you where you can sleep without getting caught" and she starts jumping in place until the floor lowers and reveals a bunch of stairs leading down. "Be careful with that, the roof is low" Dahlia warns Derrick as he pushes the monster down forward.

Elisa follows his footsteps and they arrive in a small leafbed in five meters depth. "This is the spot I suppose…" Derrick says and lies down, Dick pointing towards the ceiling after he takes his hands off of it.

Elisa lays down next to him. "Fuck it's so big… how?" She eyes it like a small kid at a big pack of sweets.

"Well, it's a long story. Shortened: it's a family treasure, if you could call it that. I was 20 inches erect before I received this and with the help of chemicals, I'm now the proud owner of Dick." Derrick laughs and wraps his hands around it. "Bet this won't fit in you!"

Elisa smiles mischievously. "Is that a challenge? I did mention we have used trees as dildos!" Elisa starts climbing to the top and reaches it, but then goes silent. Derrick understands as he faintly hears three voices from above: Dahlia and three others.

"We know there is a man here! Where is he!? He can't be hiding far away from here, the island isn't that large!" One voice says.

"Believe me, you've got the wrong girl to ask. I have no idea what you're talking about, but Agatha might be wrong with her smelling. Go bother her for it"

"Her senses are never wrong! Tell us where he is or else!" The other voice grunts.

"You know I've become immune to pain thanks to your extreme torture methods. You will only tickle me." Dahlia laughs and the others leave angrily.

*My God that was close…" Derrick gulps and lets out a quiet moan as he feels Elisa sliding down the shaft towards him. Dick has impaled her and her pussy is extremely wide, but Elisa doesn't seem to mind.

"Well, how do you feel?" Derrick grins and grabs the tiny girl by waist and starts sliding her up and down. Elisa only lets out muffled moans and after maybe ten minutes Dick is ready to shoot. Elisa clearly feels it as she starts dragging herself up again just in time for her to get a shot of cum into her pussy. She then falls back next to him, whole lower body covered in goo.

"You're… amazing!" Elisa pants and kisses him. Derrick doesn't push her away. His heart is pounding hard on his chest. Even though she is tiny, her sex techniques have made Derrick fall in love with this girl. They both fall asleep right after.


Part 4

Derrick wakes up before Elisa, who seems to have grown overnight. Tits are now B cup, she was 5'0 tall and flat ass had some shape to it, but not much. *When did this happen? Did my cum do it or is it something else?* He wonders as his companion wakes up.

"Good. You're awake already!" Elisa jumps up and starts heading towards the stairs. Derrick follows a little more hesitantly, as he is not sure if Agatha's minions would be there. Nothing seems to be out of place so they lift the rock covering the hole and walk to Dahlia. Dick throbs happily in its permanent state.

Dahlia clears her throat and starts talking in a quiet tone. "In order to fix the dragon portal, you need to head to the volcano and talk to the Dragon Royalties. Agatha can't do anything to them when they arrive here and fix this."

Derrick raises an eyebrow in uncertainty but Elisa jumps in place excitedly. "Awesome! I have never met them before so this'll be exciting! Let's go!" She grabs Derrick's hand and starts heading to the door but Dahlia stops her.

"Hold it right there, young lady! I have to give our hero one thing first." Dahlia waves at Derrick to follow and he does.

They walk towards a stone wall and as Dahlia pushes against it, it slides off, revealing a secret room. Inside is a shelf with different colored tiny dragons inside jars. Some of them sleep at the bottom of them, others fly in a circle.

"I will give… these ones to power you up for this journey." She picks three orange colored ones and opens their lids. Derrick winces as they head straight for Dick.

"Hmm… your member is too close to the ceiling. Lower it and they can enter.

*Why is this a good idea…?* He rolls his eyes and pushes Dick lower. Dragons see this and each of them pushes into the urethra.

Derrick feels a high amount of pressure in his gigantic member. Never before had he experienced something like this. The pressure winds down and he immediately feels more energetic. The pressure made him groan as Dick got thicker, now being over a meter. Elisa, who stood behind the wall, now comes in and admires the monstrosity in front of her eyes.

"There. Now you're ready. Just be careful and try not to be seen" Dahlia smiles as she opens the back door and Derrick and Elisa head out.

Agatha is luckily nowhere to be seen, but her yells of pleasure can be heard from miles away. "Let's hurry up!" Derrick whispers and Elisa nods as they crawl in the bushes and head towards the forest.



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